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Hugh McWhorter
of York co., SC

Updated 12-Aug-1998

The following article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources   about Hugh McWhorter of York co., SC was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4 (November 1997).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #3227 for HUGH of York co., SC) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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Hugh McWhorter of York co., SC

Hugh McWhorter [db#3227] was born in 1757 in Ireland and it is assumed that his wife Mary ? [db#3228] was born there as well. Hugh and Mary removed with five children from Ireland to York County, South Carolina between the birth of their son William [db#3232] in 1792, and the birth of their daughter, Mary [db#3233] in 1797.

Hugh may have been a brother of George Gray McWhorter [db# 252 ] a Presbyterian minister in York and Edgefield Counties, South Carolina and later Alabama. At least one source [see reference #2 ] alleges that Hugh purchased a plantation from George in 1813 and also named a son after him. Both Hugh and his wife Mary died in York co., SC; Mary on 5-Apr-1825 and Hugh about 12 years later on 12-Feb-1837.

Hugh’s occupation is not known with certainty, but it is likely that he was a farmer. A South Carolina deed indicates that he gave a plantation to his son, Thomas [db#3230], with the stipulation that Thomas take care of " daughter, Mary McWhorter [db#3233], for the whole period of her natural life".

Seven children of Hugh and Mary are known: Andrew J. [db#2041]; Margaret [db#3229]; Thomas [db#3230]; John [db#3231] and William M. [db#3232] were all born in Ireland and came to America with their parents. Mary [db#3233] and George Grey [db#3234] were born in South Carolina.

York County, South Carolina census records for 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830 list Hugh and appear to confirm the existance of five sons and several daughters.

Hugh and Mary had seven children as follows:

Andrew J. [db#2041] was born in Ireland and came to America with his parents. He married four (4) times; 1st Elizabeth McDowell Watson [db#3235]; 2nd Mary Ann Davis Wallor [db#3243]; 3rd Margaret Riddle [db#3244] and 4th Hannah J. Wiggins [db#3245]. In 1839 Andrew, his 3rd wife, Margaret, and children removed from York co., SC to Texas. Some descendants claim that he lived near Oxford co., MS before coming to Texas. They lived near Midway, TX until 1842 when they moved to a settlement on North Bedias Creek in what was then Montgomery co., TX. In 1856 this part of Montgomery co. became part of newly formed Grimes co., TX. Andrew was the first elder of the Bethel Presbyterian Church and taught the first school in the area in a log house with an earthen floor.It is said that "He had, in accordance with the culture in which he lived, a splendid education. He wrote a beautiful hand and was Clerk of Court in York County, South Carolina. Evidently he had some knowledge of law, for he drew up some of the land conveyances which he recorded". [see reference #3]

Margaret [db#3229] was born about 1785 in Ireland. Nothing else is known.

Thomas [db#3230] was born about 1787 in Ireland, came with his parents to South Carolina and was given his father’s plantation in South Carolina which Thomas sold in 1833. By 1840 he was living in Hot Springs co., AR. In the 1850 census there Thomas is found living without his wife Delilah ? [db#6906]. Nothing is known of Thomas thereafter but he is said to be buried in Hot Springs co., AR.

John [db#3231] was born in Ireland and came to America with his parents. It appears that he removed from SC to Tennessee by 1834 as his daughter Margaret [db#3262] was born there. By 1845 the family had removed to Hot Springs co., AR where his son Andrew [db#2035] was married at age 17. Sometime after 1850 John died in Grimes co., TX.

William M. was born in Ireland 15-Jan-1792 and came to America as a child. William removed from South Carolina to Tennessee about 1830. He appears in the 1850 census of Gibson co., TN. The 1860 census shows him in Hot Springs co., AR. He is said to have removed shortly thereafter to Willowhole about 12 miles from Madisonville, TX. William died in Grimes co., TX 11-Jun-1877 and was buried in the Old Bethel Cemetery there.

Mary [db#3233] was born about 1797 in York co., SC. She died sometime after 1830 possibly unmarried as she is mentioned as Mary McWhorter in a deed of property from her father Hugh to her brother Thomas in York co.

George Grey [db#3234] was born about 1800 in York co., SC and appears to be the only one of Hugh’s sons who remained in South Carolina. He died sometime between the birth of his daughter Mary [db#6914] about 1827 and 1850 when his wife Mary (Lockridge or) Loughridge [db#6912] was listed as a widow in the York co., SC census.

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)    The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. Hugh McWhorter #3227 born 1757, Ireland, married bef1783, in Ireland, Mary ? #3228, born cir1757, Ireland, died 5-Apr-1825, York co., SC. Hugh died 12-Feb-1837, York co., SC.


.......+ 2. i Andrew J. McWhorter #2041 born 15-Apr-1783.

..........3. ii Margaret McWhorter #3229 born abt1785, Ireland.

.......+ 4. iii Thomas McWhorter #3230 born abt1787.

.......+ 5. iv John McWhorter #3231 born abt1789.

.......+ 6. v William M. McWhorter #3232 born 15-Jan-1792.

..........7. vi Mary McWhorter #3233 born abt1797, York co., SC, died aft1830, York co., SC.

.......+ 8. vii George Grey McWhorter #3234 born abt1800.



Second Generation



2. Andrew J. McWhorter #2041 born 15-Apr-1783, Ireland, married (1) 11-Feb-1806, Elizabeth "Betsy" McDowell Watson #3235, born 1790, pos Lancaster co., PA, (daughter of Samuel Watson Jr. #3278 and Deborah Hanna #3279) died 1825, York co., SC, married (2) 28-Nov-1826, Mary Ann Davis Wallor #3243, born 17??, died abt1828, married (3) 13-Jan-1829, Margaret Riddle #3244, born 1790, died 1-Oct-1853, Grimes co., TX, buried: Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX, married (4) aft1853, Hannah J. Wiggins #3245, born 1815, LA, died 22-Aug-1865, Grimes co., TX, buried: Bethel Cem. near Bedias, Grimes co., TX. Andrew died 10-Nov-1868, Grimes co., TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem. near Bedias, TX.

.....Children by Elizabeth "Betsy" McDowell Watson:

..........9. i James H. McWhorter #3236 born 1807, married -Sep-1826, in NC or SC, Catherene Louisa McKnight #3246, born cir1800.

..........10. ii John Richie "Ritchie" McWhorter #3242 born 26-Mar-1808, York co., SC, married Sarah H. Parks #14418, born 1814, died 1897, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX. John died 1856, TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........11. iii Martha Caroline McWhorter #3241 born 1809, York co., SC, married (1) 15-Sep-1831, in York co., SC, John B. Quirl #3250, born cir1805, died bef1839, married (2) 27-Dec-1842, Jeremiah Lee #14394, born 25-Dec-1814, TN, died 9-Dec-1868, Bastrop co., TX. Martha died 8-Dec-1868, pos Bastrop co., TX.

..........12. iv Mary Brown McWhorter #3237 born -May-1811, York co., SC, died yng.

..........13. v Jane Selena McWhorter #3240 born 18-Jan-1813, SC, married in SC, William Walton (or Walter) Byers #3249, born 1810, died 15-Jun-1881, buried: Old Bethel Cem. near Bedias, TX. Jane died 24-Jul-1866, buried: Old Bethel Cem. near Bedias, TX.

..........14. vi Hugh Alexander McWhorter #3239 born 13-Oct-1816, York co., SC, married in SC, Mary Harper #14426, born abt1819, Ireland, died aft1850. Hugh died aft1850.

..........15. vii Amzie A. (or Anderson?) McWhorter #2043 born 17-Apr-1818, York co., SC, died 1866, Grimes co., TX, buried: Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........16. viii William Parks McWhorter #3238 born 3-Dec-1819, York co., SC, married -Jun-1850, Nancy Emeline "Miney" Barry #3248, born 1818, SC, died 1869, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX. William died 1863, TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........17. ix Andrew Francy McWhorter #2044 born 27-May-1822, SC, married (1) 5-Jul-1850, Sarah E. McNair #2045, born abt1835, Mississippi, died abt1866, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX, married (2) Christina Kaiser #7631, born 18??. Andrew died 1885, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

.....Children by Margaret Riddle:

..........18. x George R. McWhorter #2050 born abt1846, SC, died aft1860.



4. Thomas McWhorter #3230 born abt1787, Ireland, married Delilah ? #6906, born cir1800, died bef1850. Thomas died aft1850, Hot Springs co., AR, buried: Hot Springs co., AR.


..........19. i Hugh McWhorter #3253 born abt1822, SC, married 15-Oct-1854, in Hot Springs co., AR, Mary J. Riggan #3256, born abt1837, NC. Hugh died aft1850.

..........20. ii Margaret McWhorter #3254 born abt1835, SC, died aft1850.

..........21. iii (?) McWhorter #3255 born cir1830.



5. John McWhorter #3231 born abt1789, Ireland, married Sarah McWhorter? #3260, born abt1808, VA, died aft1850. John died aft1850, Grimes co., TX.


..........22. i Andrew McWhorter #2034 born abt 1828, York co., SC, married (1) 23-May-1845, in Hot Spring co., AR, Mary "Marie" Mariah Yates #2035, born abt1829, TN, died aft1856, Grimes co., TX, married (2) abt1859, Louisa (Mrs. Barrow) ? #3264, born abt1825, PA, died aft1860. Andrew died aft1860.

..........23. ii Martha McWhorter #3261 born abt1832, York co., SC, married 9-May-1848, in Hot Springs co., AR, James Dickens #3265, born abt1824, TN. Martha died aft1880.

..........24. iii Margaret E. McWhorter #3262 born abt1834, TN, married 2-Jul-1850, in Grimes co., TX, John A. Byford #3272, born abt1825, SC. Margaret died aft1850.

..........25. iv Sarah Louisa McWhorter #3263 born 17-Sep-1842, Hot Springs co., AR, married cir1860, in TX, John Alexander Currie #3273, born abt1828, MS. Sarah died 5-Mar-1885, Wilson co., TX, buried: Stockdale City Cem., Wilson co., TX.



6. William M. McWhorter #3232 born 15-Jan-1792, Ireland, married Masinia ? #3280, born cir1800, NC, died bef1850. William died 11-Jun-1877, Grimes co., TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.


..........26. i Sarah O. McWhorter #6907 born 1829, SC, died -Oct-1868, buried: 30-Oct-1868, Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........27. ii Joseph McWhorter #6908 born cir1830, TN, married bef1860, Mary ? #7651, born cir1835, died aft1860. Joseph died aft1860.

..........28. iii Elizabeth "Eliza Jane" McWhorter #6909 born 1837, TN, married 8-Jan-1857, in Gibson co., TN, James Dowell #7652, born 23-Mar-1827, TN, (son of Lewis Dowell #7798 and Nancy ? #7799) died 13-Jan-1877, Willowhole, Madison co., TX, buried: Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX. Elizabeth died 20-Oct-1868, Willowhole, TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........29. iv David William McWhorter #6910 born 1837, TN, married E. J. ? #14456, born cir1840. David died 22-Sep-1894, Willowhole, TX, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.

..........30. v Frances McWhorter #6911 born cir1840, TN, died aft1850, Gibson co., TN.

..........31. vi James Monroe McWhorter #3281 born 1844, TN, married Sarah M. Cammack #7655, born 1844, (daughter of J. L. Cammack #14452 and M. ? #14453) died 1886, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX. James died 1927, buried: Old Bethel Cem., Grimes co., TX.



8. George Grey McWhorter #3234 born abt1800, York co., SC, married Mary (Lockridge or) Loughridge #6912, born abt1803, died aft1850. George died York co., SC.


..........32. i Ellen McWhorter #6913 born abt1825, died aft1850.

..........33. ii Mary McWhorter #6914 born abt1827, died aft1850.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes)   References for Researchers of Hugh McWhorter
of York co., SC

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