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Moses McWhorter
of Lancaster co., PA

Updated 12-Jul-2004

The following article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about Moses McWhorter of Lancaster co., PA was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 1 (February 1998).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #3677 for MOSES of Lancaster co., PA) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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Moses McWhorter of Lancaster co., PA

Moses McWhorter [db#3677] was born probably in Ireland around 1700. He is said to have obtained a land grant located on Octoraro Creek in Colerain township, Lancaster County, PA between 1750 and 1752. The most well known source of information on this family [see reference #1] states that "Moses and his son Henry fought in the French and Indian War which began in 1754. They served in a company of militia formed in Colerain Township. Moses died during the war and may have died as a result of this service. No records of him have been found after 1756".

The name of his wife is not known with any certainty, but noted McWhorter researcher, Davis L. McWhorter [db#6234] has suggested that her last name may have been MARLIN. The name appears in the family for several generations and a Margery Marlin of Chester co., PA in her will dated and probated in 1769 left a bequest to Elizabeth Ferrier [db#3779] the wife of William McWhorter [db#3768], son of Moses.

Whether or not all of the children presently assigned to Moses are indeed his is still not certain. Although Anna Harman Bowman [see reference #1] concludes they are, Davis L. McWhorter as well as Frances Small and Mary Starnes [see reference #2] are less emphatic. In Davis’ words "He appears to have had these children: Henry, George, William Aaron 1st, Moses 2nd, James and three daughters".

It also appears almost certain that there existed a familial relationship between the family of Moses and that of David McWhorter [db#118] who removed first from Lancaster co., PA to Rutherford co., NC and later, after the Revolutionary War, to western South Carolina. [See McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Summer 1997, p. 5-10] Two of the grandchildren of Henry McWhorter [db#3678], son of Moses, married children of David.

If past researchers are correct Moses had at least nine children, six sons and three daughters. These children resulted in at least twenty-four grandchildren, fourteen of them grandsons to carry on the surname. The descendants of Moses comprise the largest family in the McWh*rter Database with over 3000 persons connected therein including some 1885 direct descendants of Moses.

The children of Moses were:

George [db#787] was born cir 1730 and married Elizabeth Walkup [db#788] Her surname has been spelled many ways including "Waughop". George found his way to Mecklenburg co., NC where he appears as a head of family in the 1790 census. He appears on the subscription list for the Waxhaw Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church on 9-Sep-1800. His will written 30-Nov-1805 and proved Jan-1806 in Mecklenburg co., NC mentions sons Moses [db#789], George [db#790], James [db#791], John [db#795] and Aaron [db#796; and, daughters Elizabeth [db#792], Rose [db#793] and Agness [db#794]. Another son Samuel [db#797] is said to have died "while a prisoner of the British" during the Revolutionary War.

Henry [db#3678], the son of Moses, is said to have served with him in the Colerain militia during the French and Indian War. He is said to have lived in Lancaster co., PA from about 1750-1770; lived briefly in Chanceford township, York co., PA (1770-71); and then removed to Mecklenburg co., NC and in 1784 to Abbeville co., SC. Records from the bible of his grandson Allen Marlin McWhorter [db#1106] state that he was born in Ireland.

William [db#3768], supposedly born in Ireland as early as 1706, was married first in Chester co., PA to Elizabeth Ferrier [db#3779]. It is she who received the bequest from Margery Marlin. According to one source William lived in both PA and Mecklenburg co., NC before removing to TN where he received a land grant of 640 acres on Goose Creek in Sumner co. According to other sources he was "born in South Carolina". He was both a farmer and "physician" and died in 1802 in Davidson co., TN. By that time he appears remarried to a Mary ? [db#3780] who’s will in 1817 leaves her estate to a William Dorris.

Aaron [db#3769] gave his residence as Colerain township, Lancaster co., PA in deeds recorded in Cumberland co., PA in 1767 and 1774. Both a William McWhorter and a Moses McWhorter, a shoemaker of Chanceford township, York co., PA, are also mentioned in these deeds. Aaron is called "trader". In his will dated and probated in 1799 in Mecklenburg co., NC he names his wife Fanny ? [db#3778] and children. It is said that the original copy of the will at Raleigh is signed with the "o" in McWhorter crossed out and "i" inserted.

Moses [db#3770] provides us with many questions. A Moses McWhorter of York co., PA served as a "Ordl Sgt" in the Revolutionary War. He is also mentioned as "shoemaker" of Chanceford twp., York co., PA in several deeds. According to one source [see reference #4] Moses had studied law at the University of Glasgow and following the Revolutionary War settled with his wife Jean in Washington co., PA. A Moses is found there as head of family in the 1790 census. Whether this is the son of Moses [db#3677] is quite uncertain although the name "Moses" is extremely uncommon among McWh*rters and is found almost exclusively among descendants of Moses of Lancaster co., PA.

James [db#3771] is a mystery as next to nothing is known of him. There is some speculation that he is the James McWhirter who settled in Washington co., TN and had at least two daughters there.

Daughter [db#3772] may have married a William Scott [db#3775].

Daughter [db#3773] may have married a ? Byrd or Boyd [db#3766].

Daughter [db#3774 is said to have married a ? Calhoun [db#3777].

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)    The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. Moses McWhorter #3677 born cir1700, Ireland?, married pos ? Marlin? (#13247, born cir1700. Moses died cir1756.


.......+ 2. i George McWhorter #787 born cir1730.

.......+ 3. ii Henry McWhorter #3678 born cir1725.

.......+ 4. iii William McWhorter #3768 born abt1706?.

.......+ 5. iv Aaron McWhorter #3769 born cir1740.

.......+ 6. v Moses McWhorter #3770 born 1744.

..........7. vi James McWhorter #3771 born 17??.

..........8. vii (dau.) McWhorter #3772 born 17??, married William? Scott #3775, born 17??.

..........9. viii (dau.) McWhorter #3773 born 17??, married ? (Byrd? or) Boyd #3776, born 17??.

..........10. ix (dau.) McWhorter #3774 born 17??, married ? Calhoun #3777, born 17??.


Second Generation


2. George McWhorter #787 born cir1730, married Elizabeth Walkup #788, born cir1730, (daughter of Samuel Walkup #798 and Nancy Alexander #799). George died abt1805, Mecklenburg co., NC.


..........11. i Moses McWhorter #789 born cir1765.

..........12. ii George McWhorter Jr. #790 born 9-Feb-1762, VA, married Violet McElroy #800, born 17??, (daughter of John McElroy #7944 and Martha ? #7945) died bef1802. George died 4-Feb-1841, Mecklenburg (now Union co.), NC.

..........13. iii James McWhorter #791 born 17??.

..........14. iv Elizabeth McWhorter #792 born cir1775, married 26-Feb-1798, in Mecklenburg co., NC, Robert Lackey #801, born 17??. Elizabeth died aft1802.

..........15. v Rosannah "Rose" McWhorter #793 born 22-Apr-1774, North Carolina, married 26-Feb-1800, in Mecklenburg co., NC, James Denton Smart #802, born 17??. Rosannah died 3-May-1846.

..........16. vi Agnes McWhorter #794 born cir1760, married 16-Oct-1781, Stephen (Billue or Belew or) Blue #803, born 24-Sep-1756, Carswell co., NC. Agnes died abt1795.

..........17. vii John McWhorter #795 born cir1760, Shenandoah Valley, VA, married Sarah Shy #804, born 1790, died cir1855. John died abt1854, Hancock co., GA.

..........18. viii Aaron McWhorter #796 born 17??, married Jane ? #805, born 17??. Aaron died 1818, Mecklenburg co., NC.

..........19. ix Samuel McWhorter #797 born 17??, died cir1780.


3. Henry McWhorter #3678 born cir1725, Ireland?, married Marge (Mary?) Beall #3800, born 17??. Henry died 1807.


..........20. i Moses Allen McWhorter #3801 born cir1750, prob Lancaster co., PA, married Elizabeth Puckett #5408, born 17??. Moses died 1797, Edgefield District, SC.

..........21. ii Jeremiah McWhorter #3802 born 12-Jul-1756, Bedford co., VA, married (1) 26-Mar-1776, Sarah "Sally" (Benett or) Barnett #3806, born 26-Dec-1757, (daughter of Margaret Craig #18522) married (2) Elizabeth Gore #3807, b 17??, (daughter of James Gore #25950). Jeremiah died 1828, Gibson co., TN.

..........22. iii Aaron McWhorter #588 born 2-Aug-1761, Lancaster co., PA, married (1) Ruth Barnett #589, born cir1765, married (2) Rebecca ? #590, born cir1765. Aaron died 6-Jun-1837, TN (Lincoln co.?).

..........23. iv Henry McWhorter Jr. #3803 born cir1765, died aft1806.

..........24. v George McWhorter #3804 born cir1765.

..........25. vi Sarah McWhorter #3805 born cir1765, married William Love #3815, born 17??, died 1797, Abbeville District, SC.


4. William McWhorter #3768 born abt1706, Ireland?; SC?, married (1) in Chester co., PA, Elizabeth Ferrier #3779, born 17??, died aft1769, married (2) Mary ? #3780, born cir1750, died 1817, TN. William died 1802, Davidson co., TN.

.....Children by Elizabeth Ferrier:

..........26. i (dau.) McWhorter #3781 born 17??, married George Pirtle #3783, born 17??, died aft1799. (dau.) died pos bef1799.

..........27. ii George Marlin McWhorter #3782 born 9-Oct-1758, Mecklenburg co., NC, married 29-Aug-1782, in Mecklenburg co., NC, Martha (Mrs. Balch) McCandless #3784, born 29-Nov-1752, Wilson co., TN, died 21-Feb-1835, Davidson co., TN. George died 21-Sep-1836, Davidson co., TN.


5. Aaron McWhorter #3769 born cir1740, married Fanny ? #3778, born 17??. Aaron died abt1799, Mecklinburg co., NC.


..........28. i Moses McWhorter #5214 born cir1770, married Agness (Sims or Jenness or) Jones #5215, born 17??. Moses died aft1830.

..........29. ii Jannett "Jenny" McWhirter #6764 born 17??, married James Leggett #6765, born 17??.

..........30. iii Elizabeth McWhirter #6766 born cir1784, married 26-Feb-1798, in Mecklenburg, NC, Aaron Thompson #6767, born 17??.

..........31. iv Fanny McWhirter #6769 born abt1783, NC, married (1) ? McWhirter #6770, born 17??, married (2) ? Williams #6772, born 17??, died 18??. Fanny died aft1850.

..........32. v Henry Marlin McWhirter #6779 born aft1779, married 1816, Eliza McCorkle #6780, born cir1800, died aft1829. Henry died aft1829.

..........33. vi Kesiah McWhirter #6781 born aft1781, died aft1799.


6. Moses McWhorter #3770 born 1744, PA?, married Jean (Mrs. Morrison) Finley #270, born 17??. Moses died 24-Jan-1832.


..........34. i Jean McWhorter #6782 born 1777, married cir1804 in West Finley twp., Washington co., PA, James Roney #6783, born 1778, died 1842, (son of Hercules Roney #269 and Margaret Buchanan #9892). Jean died 1843.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes) References for Researchers of Moses McWhorter
of Lancaster co., PA

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