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John McWhirter
of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY

Updated 28-Jul-2004

The following article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about John McWhirter of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY was originally published in the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 4 (November 2001).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #151 for John McWhirter) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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John McWhirter
of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY

    John McWhirter [db#151] was born abt1830 somewhere in Scotland. He married Sarah Turner [db#152] and had at least seven (7) children.

     He engaged in the boat building business on the River Clyde a little above Glasgow building wooden sailing vessels. In 1863 he removed the business to Erith, Kent, England (about 12 miles south of London Bridge).

     In 1883 John came to the United States with his sons John McWhirter [db#154], William McWhirter [db#155] and Robert McWhirter [db#157]. He is said to have started a boat building business at Staten Island, NY.

     Here the mystery begins for further track of John and these three sons is lost. John may have married a second time and/or returned to England.

     John’s son, Henry McWhirter [db#158], remained in England when his father and three (3) brothers emigrated to the United States in 1883. Henry served as a member of the Royal Navy for 22 years and found himself in San Francisco at the time of the great earthquake. Henry’s adventures didn’t end in San Francisco as during World War I he found himself in the midst of an historic naval battle and the subject of a visit from the King and Queen themselves. (see the article from The Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham News [below] and the article concerning the naval battle [on the next page]).

     Henry’s grandson, Alan David McWhirter [db#164], son of Eric [db#161], though born in England, removed to the United States where he married and where several more generations of this branch of the McWh*rters now reside.

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)    The Modified Register Reports which follow relate information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1.  John McWhirter #151 b. abt1829, Greenock, Scotland, residences: Scot.; co. Kent, Eng;.; Staten Island ,NY, m. abt1850, in Scotland, Sarah Turner #152, b. cir1825, residences: Scotland; England?, died bef1879, Erith, Kent, England, John d. aft1910 pos. NY, USA.


      2.  i  Mary Ann McWhirter #153 b. ch. 3-Nov-1851, Gorbals, Lanarkshire, Scotland, residences: Scotland; ?England.

      3.  ii  William McWhirter #155 b. cir1855, Scotland, residences: Eng.;Staten Isl.,NY.

      4.  iii  Jane Adams McWhirter #17440 b. 29-Jul-1855, Tradeston, Glasgow, Scotland, residences: Glasgow, Scotland.

      5.  iv  John McWhirter #154 b. 2-Dec-1857, Huchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland, residences: Scot.;Eng.;Staten Isl.,NY.

   + 6.  v  Robert Adam McWhirter #157 b. 11-Dec-1859

   +  7.  vi  Henry McWhirter #158 b. 10-Apr-1862.

       8. vii Thomas W. McWhirter #29165 b. abt1865 in Greenwich, Kent, England, d. aft1881, resided in Erith, Kent, England.

       9. vii  Sarah E. McWhirter #29166 b. abt1871 in Greenwich, Kent, England, d. aft1881, resided in Erith, Kent, England.


Second Generation


6.  Robert Adam McWhirter #157 (1.John1) b. 11-Dec-1859 in Huchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland, resided in Scotland; England; Staten Island, NY.


      10.  i Robert McWhirter #29108, b. cir1900, resided in London & Sheffield, England


7.  Henry McWhirter #158 (1.John1) b. 10-Apr-1860(2), Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland, residences: Scotland,England, m. 2-Nov-1891, in Chatham, England, Emily Swift #159, b. 1-Sep-1873, England, (daughter of Charles Swift #531) residences: England, d. 24-Aug-1951.  Henry died 10-Apr-1940.


      11.  i  Kathleen Doris McWhirter #160 b. 4-Apr-1892, Harwich, co. Essex, England.

      12.  ii  Harry Roy Swift McWhirter #162 b. 7-Jul-1899, Gillingham, England, d. 14-Feb-1957.

      13.  iii  Eric McWhirter #161 b. 24-May-1901, Gillingham, England, residences: Eng.; NY; Simsbury, CT, m. 27-Dec-1926, in Chatham, England, Mabel Ethel Sly #512, b. 11-Nov-1902, London, England, (daughter of Charles Sibley Sly #532) residences: England, d. -Jun-1994.  Eric died 19-Aug-1991, Fall River, MA.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes)References for Researchers of John McWhirter
of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY.

Many thanks to Eileen McWhirter Farris of Washington, NC & Alan David McWhirter of Belhaven, NC for the information they have contributed to the McWh*rter Database on this family.

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