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From the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter

All Name Index
Volume 2 (1998)

Volume 1 Issue 1
(February 1997)

"How Do You Spell McWh*rter"

Volume 1, Issue 3
(August 1997)

"Origins of the Surname"

Crwth (1742)

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Volume 1, Issue 1
(February 1997)

"Journey Back to Colmonell"

Volume 1, Issue 2
(May 1997)

"The Kirkyard at Colmonell
Gravestone Inscriptions"


North American Progenitors

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John McWhirter (abt1830-18??)
of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY

Featured Web Connection

new3.gif (144 bytes) The Web Site of Karen McWhorter Wilhelm.

Fascinating stories and recollections concerning the descendants of
John McWhorter of Albemarle co., VA (cir1710-1757)!
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McWhorter Lives & Times

The Counties
of Scotland

(Visit GENUKI-Scotland)
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home1.jpg (7170 bytes)   Welcome to the McWh*rter Genealogy Web Site supporting genealogy research on the following surnames.


This website serves as a Surname Resource Center for the
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There is much that is   new3.gif (144 bytes) (posted in the last 90 days)!

There is a
McWh*rter Surname DNA Project underway!

Click here to link to the project's website.

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A NEW section of the website is
"Under Construction"

Visit Family Profiles

The Families of the McWh*rter Database
300 Family Profiles are now posted.

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McWh*rter Gathering
in Ayrshire, Scotland

in June 2003!

Day Three of the Gathering
is Now Posted!

This site is designed to assist and support
all those who find or seek a McWh*rter in their ancestry.
Check out the following tools

designed to assist you with your research.

McWh*rter Database - Much of the research already done on McWh*rter families has been compiled into a database which may be able to assist you with your search. The database now includes over 35,500 persons! (updated 5-Feb-2005)

McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter - This quarterly newsletter begun in January 1997 serves as a repository for new research and a means of keeping McWh*rter researchers in touch. (updated 6-Jul-2004)

new3.gif (144 bytes)   Family Profiles - Profiles of the over 640 so far unconnected McWh*rter Families of the McWh*rter Database, including information on researchers and DNA findings. 300 Family Profiles are now posted. (updated 1-Jan-2005)

Queries - Queries related to persons bearing a McWh*rter surname are posted here as a service to all. 192 queries are now posted. (updated 5-Feb-2005)

Links - A growing number of sites on the internet contain information of interest or assistance to McWh*rter researchers. As many as possible are identified here. (updated 19-Dec-2004)

Publications - A list of books, pamphlets, articles etc. containing information on McWh*rter families. Information about the availablity of these publications is provided where known. (updated 13-Jul-2004)

Announcements - Family reunions, gatherings, books in progress etc. (updated 17-Jul-2004)

North American Progenitors - The 18th century "founding fathers" of North American McWh*rter families are the subject of a series of articles being published in the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter. As each article is published in the newsletter it is reprinted here along with the 3-generation register report that accompanies the article. (updated 5-Feb-2004)

John McWhorter (cir1710-1757) of Albemarle co., VA
(updated 15-Apr-2001)

Hugh McWhorter (cir1690-1750) of New Castle co., DE

David McWhorter (1741-1789) of Lancaster co., PA
(updated 23-Jan-1999)

Hugh McWhorter (1757-1837) of York co., SC

Moses McWhorter (cir1700-cir1756) of Lancaster co., PA (updated 12-Jul-2004)

Mathew McWhorter (abt1725-1804) of Washington co., NY (updated 20-Sep-2000)

John McWhorter (1739-1813) of Washington co., NY (updated 20-Sep-2000)

Thomas McWhorter (cir1710-17??) of New Jersey.
(updated 5-Jan-2000)

Hugh E. McWhorter (cir1705-1784) of PA and DE.

Hance McWhorter (cir1730-abt1773) of Rowan co., NC

George Gray McWhorter (1762-1829) of South Carolina and Alabama

William McWhorter (abt1745-1823) of Pennsylvania and Ohio

Gilbert (1794-1874) & John (1801-1883) McWhirter of Scotland and Canada (updated 25-Apr-2003)

John McWhorter (cir1695-1768) of Greenwich, MA

Thomas McCargo McWhirter (1793-aft1840) of McNab twp., Quebec, Canada

Samuel Mehorter (cir1795-bef1861) of Philadelphia, PA
(updated 15-May-2004)

Samuel McWhirter (1824-1909) of Saratoga co., NY

Thomas McWhirter (1804-1867) of Middlebury, VT
(updated 7-Jan-2002)

John McWhirter (abt1830-18??) of Scotland, England & Staten Island, NY (updated 28-Jul-2004)

Scotland/Ireland/England/Australia/New Zealand - Although much of the information on this site concerns McWh*rter families of North America, most roads lead back to Scotland. Information and research concerning McWh*rter families outside North America are presented here. Visit the village and kirkyard of Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland and discover the story of The McWhirter Family of Blairquhan Castle, Straiton, Ayrshire(updated 4-Feb-2004)

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African Ancestry - A number of North American McWh*rter families are of African ancestry. Information about these families, some of which can also trace their lines back to Scottish roots, is posted on this page. Learn about Frank McWorter (1777-1854), a slave by birth, and how he gained freedom for himself and 16 members of his family! (updated 15-Feb-2004)

E-mail List - Subscribe to the "rootsweb" McWh*rter E-mail List. Post your own notes and read what other McWh*rter researchers are talking about! (updated 12-Aug-1998)

Researchers - Here you will find a Roll Call of McWh*rter Researchers; their particular areas of interest; and how to contact them! (updated 5-Feb-2005)

Photo Album - Here you will find photographs of interest to many McWh*rter researchers. Photos recently added include old postcards from Ayr & Maybole Ayrshire, Scotland and photos of the family of James Shelton McWhirter (1823-1892) of SC & TX. (updated 9-Sep-1999)

McWh*rter Mysteries - More than queries! Here you will find McWh*rters that no family seems to claim. Can you help provide them with a home? (updated 7-Aug-2004)

new3.gif (144 bytes)   Gatherings & Reunions - Stories and pictures from the 2003 Gathering of the Clan in Ayrshire, Scotland plus other reunions and gatherings of the various McWh*rter families. (updated 7-Aug-2004)

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