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Mathew McWhorter
of Washington co., NY

Updated 20-Sep-2000

The following article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about Mathew McWhorter of Washington co., NY was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 2 (May 1998).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #204 for MATHEW of Washington co., NY) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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Mathew McWhorter of Washington co., NY

[Since the date of publication of this article and register report NEW information has come to light that adds much to the story of Mathew McWhorter [db#204] of Greenwich, MA and Washington co., NY. Readers should be sure to refer to the article and register report on Mathew's father, John McWhorter (cir1695-1768) of Greenwich, MA, to obtain a clear picture of this family.]

It appears that Mathew McWhorter [db#204] came to America in 1764 as part of the migration of a Presbyterian congregation from Ballibay, Ireland. About the year 1748 some 200 Presbyterian families "in and about Monaghan and Ballibay" in the north of Ireland petitioned the Associate Burgher Presbytery of Glasgow in Scotland soliciting a preacher. On 27-Jun-1749 Thomas Clark "probationer" was appointed as missionary to the petitioning families of Ireland. Dr. Clark preached his first discourse at Ballibay on 3-Jul-1749 and was ordained on 23-Jul-1751.

During his tenure as pastor Dr. Clark was imprisoned for his beliefs and "the several months of imprisonment to which the arbitrary laws of the country had subjected him....served to wean him and a large portion of his flock from their attachment to the land of their birth, and induced them to seek a new home in the wilds of America, where they could enjoy their religious sentiments free from the strong arm of civil authority... " [See reference # 1, page 6].

On 10-May-1764 the pastor and 300 of his congregation sailed from Newry and arrived at New York on 28-Jul-1764. The congregation’s original plan to settle at Stillwater near Lake George was supplanted by a new plan. The new initiative brought most of the flock by 1767 to what was first called New Perth and in 1788 became Salem Township in present day Washington co., NY.

Mathew McWhorter seems to have been among those who came with Dr. Clark in 1764. He was titled an "Elder" of the congregation and the first funeral in New Perth was from the home of Matthew who is referred to as "kinsman" of the deceased, Solomon Barr.

Mathew is listed in the land records of White Creek [another name for New Perth], Albany co., NY on 23-Nov-1770; New Perth, Charlotte co., NY on 7-Jan-1783; and Salem, Washington co., NY on 30-Dec-1789, 3-Jul-1792 and 13-Mar-1795. Mathew possessed lot 162 of the Turner Patent and at some time also lot 163. Both lots are in or near Salem Village.

From 1780-1782 Mathew was a member of the Assembly of Salem, NY and is said to have been a member of the State Legislature at Albany, Kingston and Poughkeepsie during those same years. He was "active" in the Revolutionary War (Charlotte co., New York Militia) and received a soldier’s land grant. He was a "fenceviewer" in Salem in 1788 and owned a pew in the United Presbyterian Church in Salem in 1792.

"Mathew" is listed as a head of household in the 1790 census of Salem Town, Washington County, NY. His household at the time included four (4) white males age 16 or older; one (1) white male 15 or younger; and, three (3) females.

He died in Salem, NY on 19-Dec-1804 and is buried in the Old Graveyard there. His tombstone states his age as 79 giving us a date for his birth of about 1725. His will [Book 2, p. 57] dated 6-Mar-1798 and recorded 24-Dec-1804 makes no mention of a wife, but names his childen and a sister, Jane. The name of Mathew’s wife is not known although one researcher reports that Mathew was mentioned as "son-in-law of James Turner".

Mathew may have had a brother John who came with him to New York. A John McWhorter had lots 14 and 16 of the Turner Patent at a time when Mathew’s son John would appear too young to hold property. A John McWhorter [db#73] was living in Hebron, Washington co., NY in 1786. This John married a Bethiah Hall [db#74] and removed first to Granville, Washington co., NY and later, in 1807, to Warsaw, Genesee co., NY. Several origins are reported for this John. DAR records alone provide two different versions. Version 1 suggests that John was born in Scotland and served in Col. Thomas Marshall’s Massachusetts Regiment in 1777. Version 2 suggests that John was born in Brookfield, MA and served in 1777 as a sergeant in Col. Hawthorne’s regiment of New York Militia (Orange co., NY). Neither version suggests a connection to Mathew despite the close proximity of their residences.

Six children of Mathew are known:

Mary [db#5042] born circa 1760 married in 1779 in Salem, NY Hugh Harsha [db#5043]. Her husband was born in Ballibay, Ireland in 1753. Both may have come with the congregation from Ireland when only children.

John [db#701] studied medicine and settled first in Unadilla, NY where in 1793 he was appointed surgeon of a branch of the Tioga co. Regiment. In 1795 he removed to what is now Cincinnatus, NY. His marriage there to Catherine Young was the first marriage in that town. He was appointed "surrogate" in 1802; a "member of the assembly" from 1804 to 1808; and surgeon of the Cortland County Militia in 1811. In 1802 he built the first frame house in Cincinnatus.

James [db#702] died 1-Oct-1832 in Hebron, Washington co., NY at age 78 according to his gravestone, giving an approximate date of birth of about 1764. He could have been the first of this lineage born in America or the last born in Ireland. He enlisted in the Charlotte County, New York Militia during the Revolutionary War and was granted 500 acres in Land Bounty Rights.

Isabell [db#703] mentioned in the will of her brother Matthew. She married George Williams [db#15192].

Rebecca [db#704] married Andrew D. Simpson [db#15191]. They removed first to Aurora in Cayuga co., NY and by 1812 became among the earliest settlers of what is now Troupsburgh in Steuben co., NY.

Matthew [db#206], listed in land records of Salem, Washington co., NY 8-Sep-1800 as "Matthew McWhorter Junr", appears in the census records of both 1800 and 1810. He died in 1812 and his will [Book 3, p. 46] mentions wife, Mary ? [db#15190]; children George [db#1707], Sarah [db#1709], John [db#1708], Jane [db#1710], Alexander [db#1711], Matthew [db#1712] and William [db#1713]; sister Isabell [db#703]; and "aunt Jane McWhorter".

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)    The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. Mathew McWhorter #204 born abt1725, prob Ireland, m. Maryann ? #205, b. cir1730, Mathew died 19-Dec-1804, Salem, Washington co., NY, buried: Old Graveyard, Salem, NY.


.......+ 2. i Mary McWhorter #5042 born cir1760.

.......+ 3. ii John McWhorter #701 born cir1760.

.......+ 4. iii James McWhorter #702 born cir1761.

..........5. iv Isabell McWhorter #703 born cir1760, married George Williams #15192, born 17??. Isabell died aft1812.

.......+ 6. v Rebecca McWhorter #704 born cir1760.

.......+ 7. vi Mathew McWhorter Jr. #206 born abt1767.


Second Generation

2. Mary McWhorter #5042 born cir1760, married 1779, in Salem, NY, Hugh Harsha #5043, born 22-Jul-1753, Ballibay, Ireland, (son of James Harsha #5046 and Esther Reid #5047) died aft1798, Argyle, NY. Mary died Washington co., NY.


..........8. i Thomas Harsha #5044 born 19-Jan-1795, NY, married Lorena Beers #5045, born 6-Mar-1802/3, CT, died 3-Mar-1861, Union co., OH. Thomas died 7-Dec-1857, Union co., OH.


3. John McWhorter #701 born 1768, Salem, Washington co., NY, married in Cincinnatus, NY, Catherine Young #20014, born 1781, (daughter of Nancy ?) died 20-Feb-1859. John died 26-Aug-1847, Cinicinnatus, NY.


..........9. i Nancy McWhorter #20015 born 1797, married David McWhorter #15195, born cir1795, (son of James McWhorter #702 and Jane Simpson #15189). Nancy died 17-Feb-1820.

..........10. ii John R. McWhorter #20016 born 1798, married Betsey ? #20022, born cir1800. John died 1824.

..........11. iii Sally McWhorter #20017 born 1799, married Munson Wakeley #20024, born cir1795. Sally died 1823.

..........12. iv Adeline McWhorter #20018 born 1801, married John Beckworth #20029, born 18??. Adeline died 1824.

..........13. v Zurial McWhorter #20019 born 1803, married Polly Fairchild #20030, born cir1805, (daughter of Benjamin Fairchild(s) #20034 and Sally Blackman #20035). Zurial died 1884.

..........14. vi Samantha McWhorter #20020 born 1809, married Giles Chittenden #20031, born cir1800. Samantha died 1838.

..........15. vii Rebecca McWhorter #286 born 1811, married David Burton Wakeley #285, born bef1823. Rebecca died 1864.

..........16. viii Jane Louisa McWhorter #397 born 28-Apr-1814, Cincinnatus, NY, married 31-Aug-1834, in Cincinnatus, Cortland co., NY, Oliver Lord Sterling #398, born 29-Sep-1812, Sterling City, NY, (son of Lord Sterling #1487 and Polly Palmer #1488) died 8-May-1891, Kalamazoo, MI. Jane died 6-Oct-1878, Cleveland, OH.

..........17. ix Mary Ann McWhorter #20021 born 1817, married Giles Chittenden #20031, born cir1800. Mary died 1846.

4. James McWhorter #702 born cir1761, perhaps Ireland, married Jane Simpson #15189, born cir1764, (daughter of Alexander Simpson #18627 and Patty Martha Turk #19378) died 1-Oct-1832, Hebron, Washington co., NY, buried: East Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY. James died 1-Aug-1839, Hebron, Washington co., NY, buried: East Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY.


..........18. i Mathew McWhorter #15193 born 21-Feb-1788, married Martha "Patty" ? #15204, born abt1797, died 7-Sep-1858, buried: Old Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY. Mathew died 10-Feb-1848, buried: Old Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY.

..........19. ii Alexander McWhorter #15194 born cir1789, married Sarah "Sally" E. ? #15214, born abt1793, VT, died 27-Jan-1861, buried Old Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY. Alexander died 28-Nov-1856, Hebron, Washington co., NY, buried Old Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY.

..........20. iii David McWhorter #15195 born cir1795 married Nancy McWhorter #20015, born 1797, (daughter of John McWhorter #701 and Catherine Young #20014), died 17-Feb-1820.

..........21. iv (dau.) McWhorter #15196 born cir1800, married ? Rau #15200, born cir1790.

..........22. v Martha McWhorter #15197 born cir1800, married ? Townsend #15202, born cir1800.

..........23. vi Mariah McWhorter #15198 born cir1800, married ? (Gilly or) Getty #15203, born cir1800.

..........24.. vii Minerva McWhorter #15199 born cir1800, died 6-Sep-1858, buried: Old Hebron cemetery, Washington co., NY.


6. Rebecca McWhorter #704 born cir1760, Ireland or NY, married Andrew D. Simpson #15191, born 11-Jun-1761, Pique, Lancaster co., PA, (son of Alexander Simpson #18627 and Patty Martha Turk #19378) died 11-Aug-1845, Jasper, NY, buried: Mt. Hope cemetery, Troupsburg, NY. Rebecca died aft1812, buried: Mt. Hope cemetery, Troupsburg, NY.


..........25. i Polly (or Martha) Simpson #19379 born cir1780, NY, married in Elmira?, Samuel Greggs #19389, born 17??.

..........26. ii Minerva Simpson #19380 born cir1780, NY, married Jeffrey Smith #19390, born 17??.

..........27. iii Jane Simpson #19381 born cir1785, NY, married Ira Smith #19391, born 17??.

..........28. iv John Simpson #19382 born 27-May-1789, married (1) Lucy L. Reynolds #19392, born 17??, died bef1830, married (2) Fanny Lamb #19393, born cir1800, died 1872. John died 22-Feb-1871, Troupsburg, NY, buried: Mt. Hope cemetery, Troupsburg, NY.

..........29. v Darius Simpson #19383 born cir1790, married Hannah Kinney #19394, born cir1795. Darius died aft1852.

..........30. vi Hiram Simpson #19384 born cir1795, married -Jan-1820, in Troupsburg, NY, Nancy Caslar #19395, born cir1800, died aft1880. Hiram died 22-Jan-1867, Pembroke, NY.

..........31. vii Alexander Simpson #19385 born cir1800, married (1) Hannah Smith #19396, born cir1800, married (2) Elizabeth Denning #19397, born cir1800, died aft1842.

..........32. viii Mary Simpson #19386 born cir1800.

..........33. ix Ira Simpson #19387 born cir1805.

..........34. x Hernando Cortez Simpson #19388 born cir1806, married Charlotte Kenney #19398, born cir1810. Hernando died cir1879.


7. Mathew McWhorter Jr. #206 born abt1767, married Mary ? #15190, born cir1770, died aft1812. Mathew died 15-Feb-1812, Salem, Washington co., NY, buried: Old Graveyard, Salem, NY.


..........35. i George McWhorter #1707 born bef1794, died aft1836.

..........36. ii John McWhorter #1708 born cir1797.

..........37. iii Sarah McWhorter #1709 born cir1797.

..........38. iv Jane McWhorter #1710 born cir1797.

..........39. v Alexander McWhorter #1711 born cir1805.

..........40. vi Matthew McWhorter #1712 born cir1805.

..........41. vii William McWhorter #1713 born cir1805.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes)References for Researchers of Mathew McWhorter
of Washington co., NY

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