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McWh*rter   Genealogy

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Hugh McWhorter
of New Castle co., DE

Updated 12-Aug-1998

  The following: article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about Hugh McWhorter of New Castle co., DE was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 1997).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #1 for HUGH of New Castle co., DE) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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Hugh McWhorter of New Castle co., DE

Hugh McWhorter [db#1] of Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware may not have been the first McWh*rter to come to North America, but he is the earliest whose appearance is presently supported by records. He was born, probably in Ireland, cir1690, became a linen merchant in County Armagh, Ireland and came to the colonies about 1730.

He settled on farmland in Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware where he resided until his death. He came to Delaware with his wife Jean/Jane [db#2] and at least three children, Agnes [db# 4], Jane [db# 694] and John [db# 5]. An older son, Alexander [db# 693] is reported to have trained for the ministry at the University of Edinburgh, remained overseas and died about 1734.

In 1734 a third son was born, also named Alexander [db#3] in remembrance of his deceased brother. This second Alexander is the first documented McWh*rter born in North America and the first McWh*rter to gain a degree of fame in the new world. Alexander, son of Hugh, became an outspoken supporter of the patriot cause during the Revolution.

Hugh was of a strong religious persuasion as evidenced by his role as elder in the church of which the Rev. Rogers was the pastor. It is reported that "The first time that Mr. Rogers...assembled the catechise them, it was at the house of Hugh Macwhorter, a wealthy and respectable farmer in his neighborhood." [see reference list #1].

Hugh died in February or March 1749/50 as his will was written in Pencader Hundred 17-Feb-1749/50 and proved in New Castle County, Delaware on 6-Mar-1749/50. Although Hugh’s wife is most often referred to as Jane, her name in both the handwritten and typed copy of Hugh’s will is spelled "Jean". Jean’s maiden surname is unknown although the noted McWh*rter researcher, Davis L. McWhorter [db# 6234] thought that she was likely a Gillespie.

In Hugh’s handwritten will the surname is spelled McWhirter, but in the typed copy and the later inventory of the estate the surname is spelled McWhorter. Hugh is said to have had eleven children , but only five are certain from the records and only four, Agnes, John, Jane and Alexander, are mentioned in his will.

It is likely that Hugh was closely related to one or more of the McWh*rters who were early settlers near Octoraro Creek in Lancaster county, PA. Octoraro Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River, lies a mere 17 miles north of Pencader Hundred, DE. Among the early settlers there was Hugh E. McWhorter [db#6859], also referred to as "Hughey" who in 1740 removed from "middle octorara", Lancaster co., PA and purchased land in Delaware from a James Kerr. At least one McWh*rter publication [see reference #5] alleges that Hugh E. made an agreement in 1749 to purchase the farm of Hugh of Pencader Hundred and that this was confirmed by Hugh’s wife Jean after Hugh’s death.

The actual relationship of Hugh of Pencader Hundred to Hugh E. or other Lancaster co. McWh*rters such as Moses McWhorter [db#3677] who located at Colerain Township on Octararo Creek between 1750 and 1752 is not known.

Hugh and Jean are reported to have had eleven children, but the five listed below are the only ones presently identified by the evidence:

Alexander, perhaps the eldest child, never came to North America. It is reported that he was educated for the Presbyterian ministry, spending two years at the University of Edinburgh. At least one McWh*rter resource [see reference #4] has suggested that it was at the "solicitation" of Alexander that Hugh came to North America. It is said that he died just prior to the birth of his younger brother in 1734 and that this brother was named Alexander in his memory.

Agnes, b. abt1713, probably in Ireland, m. cir1740 Alexander Osborn [db#6]. They removed to Anson co., NC by 1749 where Alexander was a Justice of the Peace. That part of Anson co., became Rowan co. in 1752 and he was appointed an Indian Commissioner to the Catabaws there in 1754. Their home called "Belmont" was on the headwaters of Rocky River about a mile south of the home of her sister, Jane, and brother-in-law, John Brevard. Belmont was a home for early traveling missionaries to the south. Both Agnes and her husband, Alexander, are buried at Centre Presbyterian Church in what is now Iredell co., NC. Her gravestone reads " lies the body of Agnes Osborn, who deceased July 9, 1776, aged 63 years...".

John, b. cir1725, probably in Ireland, removed to Rowan co., NC by 1752 as in that year he was granted 615 acres adjoining the the lands of his brothers-in-law Alexander Osborn and John Brevard. In 1759 he served as a Lieutenant in a militia company whose Captain was Alexander Osborn. On 2-Jun-1761 John and his wife Mary [db#32] conveyed to "Hans" (probably Hance) McWhorter [db#476] a tract of 300 acres adjoining the lands of Alexander Osborn and John Brevard. (The relationship of Hans to John and Mary is still unclear.) John, son of Hugh, is probably the John McWhorter listed as head of household in the 1790 census, Salisbury District, Iredell co., NC.

Jane, or "Jean", b. abt1725, probably in Ireland, m. 1740 John Brevard [db#695]. Prior to 1752 she and her husband settled about two miles from "Centre Church" in what is now Iredell co., NC. Her husband was born presumably at the Brevard family plantation called "Charles Camp" on the Elk River in Cecil co., MD less than a mile from Pencader Hundred, DE. Her husband was an avowed Whig during the Revolution and their family home was burned to the ground by the soldiers of Lord Cornwallis. Jane "attempted to rescue some of the furniture from the flames - but the soldiers would throw it back as fast as she could take it out. Everything was lost". At the time no less than eight of Jane’s sons were in the "Rebel Army".

Alexander, b. 15-Jul-1734 in Pencader Hundred, New Castle co., DE, removed to North Carolina with his mother after his father’s death in 1750. He returned for schooling in both Newark, DE and West Nottingham, PA before entering the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) from where he graduated in the fall of 1757. He was ordained a Presbyterian minister and became the pastor of the church in Newark, NJ. He married Mary Cumming [db#9] in 1759. He was an outspoken patriot of the revolution. In 1775 he was sent by the Continental Congress to North Carolina to try and win over the loyalists. In November of 1776 when the British invaded Newark he was forced to flee and the British ransacked the parsonage. When George Washington was encamped opposite Trenton Alexander "advised with him" concerning the safety of New Jersey and was present at the counsel which recommended the crossing of the Delaware. In 1778 he served as Chaplain of General Knox’s Brigade. In 1779 he accepted a call to pastor the church in Charlotte, NC and became the President of Charlotte Academy, but Cornwallis entered the town shortly after his arrival and chased Alexander from his home for the second time in the war. In 1781 he resumed his pastorate in Newark. From 1772 until his death in 1807, Alexander served as a trustee of what is now Princeton University. His portrait, painted by John Copley, hangs in the gallery of Yale University.

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)   The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. Hugh McWhorter #1 born bef1690, prob. Ireland, married Jean (or Jane) ? #2, born cir1690, prob. Ireland, died abt1757, prob Rowan co., NC. Hugh died abtFeb1749/50, prob. New Castle co., DE.


..........2. i Alexander McWhorter #693 born bef1715, pos Ireland, died abt1734.

.......+ 3. ii Agnes McWhorter #4 born abt1713.

.......+ 4. iii John McWhorter #5 born cir1725.

.......+ 5. iv Jane "Jean" McWhorter #694 born abt1725.

..........6. v ? McWhorter #1580 born 17??.

..........7. vi ? McWhorter #1581 born 17??.

..........8. vii ? McWhorter #1582 born 17??.

..........9. viii ? McWhorter #1583 born 17??.

..........10. ix ? McWhorter #1584 born 17??.

..........11. x ? McWhorter #1585 born 17??.

.......+ 12. xi Alexander McWhorter #3 born 15-Jul-1734.


Second Generation


3. Agnes McWhorter #4 born abt1713, Ireland, married cir1740, Alexander Osborn #6, born 1709, New Jersey, died 11-Jul-1776, Belmont, NC, buried: Centre Church. Agnes died 9-Jul-1776, Rowan co., NC, buried: Centre Presbyterian Church, NC.


..........13. i Jean Osborn #1665 born abt1742, married 1760, Moses Winslow #1667, born 1733, died 1-Oct-1815, buried: Centre Churchyard, Iredell co., NC. Jean died 16-Mar-1795, Iredell co., NC, buried: Centre Churchyard, Iredell co., NC.

..........14. ii Adlai Osborn #1560 born 4-Jun-1744, prob. Lancaster co., PA, married 30-Jan-1771, Margaret Lloyd #1668, born 1755, died 23-Sep-1830, buried: Centre Churchyard, Iredell co., NC. Adlai died 16-Dec-1814, buried: Centre Churchyard, Iredell co., NC.

..........15. iii Mary Osborn #7 born 1746(7), married cir1765, in NC, John Nisbet #8, born 1738, PA/NJ, (son of John Nisbet #560 and Sarah ? #561) died 18-May-1817, Statesville, NC, buried: 4th Creek Burying Ground, Statesville, NC. Mary died 10-Feb-1788, NC, buried: 4th Creek Burying Ground, Statesville, NC.

.........16. iv Rebecca Osborn #876 born cir1747, married Nathaniel Ewing #877, died NC, buried: 4th Creek Burying Ground, Statesville, NC. Rebecca died NC, buried: 4th Creek Burying Ground, Statesville, NC.

..........17. v Margaret Osborn #1666 born 17??, married 1774, in Rowan co., NC, Richard Armstrong #1669, born 17??.

..........18. vi Agnes Osborn #6854 born 17??, died aft1776.


4. John McWhorter #5 born cir1725, married Mary ? #32, born cir1730, died aft -Jun-1761. John died 1795.


..........19. i Moses McWhorter #6855 born 17??, died abt1819, Logan co., KY.

..........20. ii James McWhorter #6856 born 1750, Rowan co., NC, died aft1819.

..........21. iii Jean McWhorter #6857 born 17??, married Henry Dobson #13067, born 17??, died aft1819. Jean died aft1819.

..........22. iv Alexander McWhorter #6858 born 17??, died bef1819.

..........23. v John McWhorter #21 born 1759, prob. NC, married Margaret "Peggy" Potts #22, born 17??, (daughter of Stephen Potts #5063) died 1837. John died 16-May-1827, GA.


5. Jane "Jean" McWhorter #694 born abt1725, prob. Ireland, married 1740, John Brevard #695, born 1714, pos. Cecil co., MD, (son of John Brevard #1561 and Katherine McKnitt #1562) died 13-Sep-1790, Iredell co., NC, buried: Centre Church. Jane died 25-Mar-1800, buried: Centre Church.


..........24. i Ephraim Brevard #1564 born 1744, Cecil co., MD, married 1772, Margaret (or Martha) Polk #8558, born 1744, NC, (daughter of Thomas Polk #8557) died 1780, Charlotte, NC. Ephraim died -Jul-1781, Charlotte, NC, buried: Charlotte, NC.

..........25. ii Mary Elizabeth Brevard #1563 born 16-Jun-1746, Iredell co., NC, married (1) 10-Dec-1767, William Lee Davidson #1575, born 1-Feb-1746, Lancaster co., PA, died 1-Feb-1781, Cowan's Ford on the Catawba River., married (2) Robert Harris #12813, born 1742. Mary died -Jan-1824, Logan co., KY.

..........26. iii Nancy Brevard #1571 born 1746, Iredell co., NC, married 27-Nov-1779, John D. Davidson #1577, born 17??, died 1782, killed by indians on the Catawba River. Nancy died 1781, killed by indians on the Catawba River.

..........27. iv Hugh Brevard #1566 born 1748, Iredell co., NC, married 1768, Jane Young #12814, born 17??, died 1790. Hugh died 30-Jun-1781, Lincoln co., NC.

..........28. v John Brevard #1565 born 18-Feb-1751, Iredell co., NC, married 22-Dec-1783, in Rowan co., NC, Hannah Thompson #12815, born 23-Aug-1765, died -Jun-1833, Smith co., TN. John died 9-Nov-1826, Smith co., TN.

..........29. vi Adam Brevard #1567 born -Mar-1753, Iredell co., NC, married (1) Sally Harper #12816, born 17??, married (2) 4-Jan-1780, Sarah Maria (aka Mary) Winslow #12817, born 11-Aug-1758, died 19-Oct-1822, Charlotte, NC. Adam died 2-Oct-1829, Charlotte, NC.

..........30. vii Alexander Brevard #1568 born -Apr-1755, Rowan (now Iredell) co., NC, married 27-Apr-1784, Rebecca Davidson #1576, born 20-Mar-1762, Mecklenburg co., NC, died 24-Nov-1824, Lincoln co., NC. Alexander died 1-Nov-1829, Lincoln co., NC, buried: Lincoln co., NC.

..........31. viii Robert Brevard #1569 born 1759, Iredell co., NC.

..........32. ix Benjamin Brevard #1570 born 1761, Iredell co., NC, married 1790, Mary Winslow #12818, born 17??. Benjamin died 183?, Hunphries co., TN.

..........33. x Rebecca Brevard #1574 born 1763, Iredell co., NC, married John Jones #1579, born 20-Oct-1760, died 1823, TN. Rebecca died 1833, TN, buried: Hopewell cemetery, Giles co., TN.

..........34. xi Jane Brevard #1573 born 22-Jul-1765, Iredell co., NC, married 4-Nov-1791, Ephraim Davidson #1578, born 17-Jan-1762, Iredell co., NC, died 22-Sep-1814, Iredell co., NC. Jane died 28-Sep-1833, Iredell co., NC, buried: Centre Church, Mooresville, NC.

..........35. xii Joseph Brevard #1572 born 19-Jul-1766, Iredell co., NC, married 17-Mar-1793, Rebecca Kershaw #8559, born 1775, died 1802. Joseph died 11-Oct-1821, Camden, SC, buried: Quaker cemetery, Camden, SC.


12. Alexander McWhorter #3 born 15-Jul-1734, New Castle, co.. DE, married -Oct-1759, Mary Cumming #9, born cir1735, (daughter of Robert Cumming #547) died 2-Apr-1807, prob. Newark, NJ. Alexander died 20-Jul-1807, Newark, NJ, buried: 1st Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ.


.........36. i Mary McWhorter #10 born 1759, married 1782, Samuel Beebee #13, born 1757, died 1812. Mary died 1797.

..........37. ii Ann McWhorter #11 born cir1765, married aft -Mar-1781, George Ogilvie #16, born 16-Oct-1758, New York City, NY, (son of John Ogilvie #1418 and Catherine Sims #1419) died 3-Apr-1797, Rye, NY.

..........38. iii Alexander Cumming McWhorter #12 born 1771, Newark, NJ, married 7-May-1792, in Newark, NJ, Phoebe (or Phebe) Bruen #17, born 24-Dec-1771, Newark, NJ, (daughter of Caleb Bruen #540 and Anna Wheeler #13062) died 9-Aug-1834, Newark, NJ. Alexander died 8-Oct-1808, Newark, NJ.

..........39. iv John C. McWhorter #696 born 17??, married Martha Dwight #697, born 17??. John died 1807, Essex co., NJ.

..........40. v Hugh Robert McWhorter #1505 born 17??, died yng.


res1AY.gif (10045 bytes) References for Researchers of Hugh McWhorter
of New Castle co., DE

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