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David McWhorter
of Lancaster co., PA

Updated 23-Jan-1999

The following article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about David McWhorter of Lancaster co., PA was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 3 (August 1997).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #118 for DAVID of Lancaster co., PA) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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David McWhorter of Lancaster co., PA

The earliest known reference to David McWhorter (db#118) is when he signed a marriage bond of a William Robb and Alice McClure in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 27-Dec-1763. David is found thereafter listed as a "freeman" in West Fallowfield township, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1765 ("McWhorter"); 1766 ("McWharton"); and, 1767 ("McWhurter").

On 31-Mar-1766 David married Mary Poston (db#119) in St. James Episcopal Church , Lancaster co., PA. David is reported as a "blacksmith" in West Fallowfield, Chester co., PA when on 2-May-1767 he and his wife Mary sold 186 acres of land in Derry Township, Lancaster co., PA (now Dauphin co.) to a Mathew Wilson of that place. Thereafter, from 1768-1770 David "McHorter" was listed as living in Derry Township.

In 1769 David and his family removed from Lancaster co., PA to Rutherford County, NC where he lived until 1775-6, when he removed to South Carolina settling on a tract of land on Hurricane Creek in Abbeville County.

Despite the many different ways that David’s last name was spelled in various records, almost all, if not all, descendants of David and Mary spell the surname McWhorter.

According to Bible records David and Mary had nine children, one (1) born in Pennsylvania, four (4) born in North Carolina and four (4) born in South Carolina. David and Mary had no less than fifty-two (52) grandchildren, including thirty-one (31) grandsons to carry on the surname. Their grandchildren carried the surname from South Carolina to such places as Walker, Chatooga, Hall and Clarke cos. in Georgia; Wilcox co., Alabama; Washington co., Arkansas; Scott co., MS; Henderson co., KY; Effingham co., IL and Texas.

Sources differ as to the extent of David’s participation in the Revolutionary War. What is known for sure is that in September 1781 a voucher was issued from the United States of America to "David McWhurter for shoeing horses". And on 3-Apr-1786 he received a South Carolina land grant for 250 acres on Hurricane Creek, in the old 96 District (which plot had been surveyed in 1784).

At least one source, however, [see reference # 10] alleges that David served under General Marion, took part in the battle of King’s Mountain, NC, and died in 1789 "from the effects of a round wound received in a skirmish with Tories in the hills of western South Carolina".

It is not known whether David was born in Ireland or Pennsylvania. It seems likely, however, that David had close connection to other McWhorters who settled in Coleraine township, Lancaster co., PA prior to 1750.

By the year 1729 nine of every ten immigrants arriving at the port of Philadelphia was Irish or Scotch-Irish, and by 1730 townships called Derry and Coleraine were established in what was then interior Pennsylvania. Coleraine Township, on Octoraro Creek, east of the Susquehanna, is located less than two-tenths of a mile from West Fallowfield , now part of Chester co., where David was listed as "freeman" in 1765.

A Henry McWhorter [db#3678], served in a militia company from Coleraine Township in Lancaster, PA during the French and Indian War (1754). This Henry is generally assumed to be the son of Moses McWhorter [db#3677] who between 1750 and 1752 obtained a land grant on Octoraro Creek, Coleraine Township, Lancaster co., PA.

David’s daughter, Mary [db#5071] married John McWhorter [db#5131], the son of Moses Allen McWhorter [db#3801]. Moses was the son of Henry McWhorter [db#3678].

David’s son, David [db#2209], married Elizabeth C. McWhorter [db#2210], the daughter of Jeremiah McWhorter [db#3802] who was also a son of the same Henry [db#3678]. In short, two of David’s children married grandchildren of Henry McWhorter of Coleraine.

The parents of neither David nor his wife Mary are known for sure although one source [see reference # 11] asserts that Mary’s parents were John Poston [db#16583] and Margaret Baldridge [db#16584].

David and Mary had nine children as follows:

John (db#120), was born in Pennsylvania and is said to have served as a soldier of South Carolina in the Revolutionary War when only a boy. He married Elizabeth Willson [db#121] about 1795 and eventually settled in Walhalla in what is now Oconee co., SC on a tract of 1,000 acres granted by the state for his services during the War. He was a founder (1805) and elder in the Bethel Presbyterian Church near Walhalla. He was known as "John McWhorter of Cane Creek" to distinguish him from his brother-in-law called "John McWhorter of Little River".

Robert (db#106), was born in North Carolina. In 1796 he married Elizabeth Cherry (db#107). By 1800 he was living in Pendleton co., SC (which had been Abbeville District in 1790). By 1830 this section was in Pickens co. He and his wife are both buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery in Liberty, Pickens co., SC about 15 miles east of his brother John’s place in Walhalla.

David (db#2209), born 1773 in North Carolina can be found in the census records of Abbeville District, SC in 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840. By 1850 this area was in the Western Division of Pickens co., SC. David was a farmer. He married in 1803 to Elizabeth C. McWhorter (db#2210), daughter of Jeremiah McWhorter (db#3802). Elizabeth was a first cousin of John McWhorter [db#5131] who married David’s sister Mary.

Samuel (db#2166), was born in North Carolina and by 1810 was living in Lincoln co., NC near Rutherford co., NC. In 1830, 1840 and 1850 he is found in the Eastern Division of Pickens co., SC. In 1800 he married Margaret Cherry (db#5128).

Solomon (db#5070), was born 2-Oct-1777 in North Carolina. Nothing else is known.

Mary (db#5071), was born in 1779 in South Carolina. On 16-Dec-1800 she married "John McWhorter of Little River", son of Moses Allen McWhorter (db#3801). She and her husband are both buried at Bethel Church, Oconee co., SC where her husband was an elder.

William (db#5072), was born in 1782 in South Carolina. In 1820 he and his wife Susanna Sigman (db#5132) were living in Jackson co., GA. By 1830 they were in Butts co., GA and in 1840 and 1850 they were living in Scott co., Mississippi where he was a "constable".

Isaac (db#5073), was born in 1785 in South Carolina. Although sources caution that "there is no proof" it appears quite likely that the Isaac McWhorter in the 1810 census of Henderson co., KY is the son of David and Mary.

Sarah (db#5074), was born 5-Sep-1787 in South Carolina. Not much is known but it is suggested by one source [see reference # 1] that she "may have married a Henderson".

tree6.gif (2816 bytes)    The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. David McWhorter #118 born 1741, Ireland or PA, married 31-Mar-1766, in Lancaster co., PA, Mary Poston #119, born 11-Jul-1750, Lancaster co., PA, (possibly daughter of John Poston #16583 and Margaret Baldridge #16584) died 1846, Pickens District, SC. David died 1789, Pickens District, Abbeville co., SC.


.....+ 2. i John McWhorter #120 born 30-Oct-1767.

.....+ 3. ii Robert McWhorter #106 born 22-Oct-1770.

.....+ 4. iii David McWhorter #2209 born 12-Oct-1773.

.....+ 5. iv Samuel McWhorter #2166 born 30-Sep-1775.

..........6. v Solomon McWhorter #5070 born 2-Oct-1777, NC.

.....+ 7. vi Mary McWhorter #5071 born 27-Nov-1779.

.....+ 8. vii William McWhorter #5072 born 14-May-1782.

.....+ 9. viii Isaac McWhorter #5073 born 30-Nov-1785.

..........10. ix Sarah McWhorter #5074 born 5-Sep-1787, SC.



Second Generation



2. John McWhorter #120 born 30-Oct-1767, PA, married cir1795, in SC, Elizabeth Willson #121, born 15-Mar-1776, SC, (daughter of James Willson #5129 and Martha Calhoun #5130) died 10-Jul-1840, Oconee co., SC, buried: Bethel Church Cem. near Walhalla, SC. John died 19-Feb-1855, Walker co., GA, buried: Fairview cemetery, Walker co., GA.


........11. i James McWhorter #1197 born 9-Mar-1796, Pickens co., SC, married 22-Jan-1818, in Pickens, SC, Temperance "Tempi" Rogers #1586, born 14-Dec-1798, Pickens co., SC, (daughter of James Rogers #5284 and Nancy Ann Camp #9190) died 25-May-1885(6), Walker co., GA, buried: Chickamauga Cemetery, Walker co., GA. James died 2-Jun-1841, Bronco, Walker co., GA, buried: Walker co., GA.

........12. ii Mary "Polly" Elizabeth McWhorter #5065 born 20-Aug-1798, Pendleton District, SC near Walhalla, married 12-Sep-1809, in Bethel Church Cane Creek, SC, John McClure #5298, born 3-Jan-1783, SC, (son of Charles McClure #9184 and Catherine Houston #9185). Mary died aft1836.

........13. iii David McWhorter #5068 born 1800, SC, married Mary "Polly" Wardlaw #5306, born cir1800, (daughter of William Wardlaw #10113) died bef1840?. David died aft1869, AL, buried: Snow Hill, Wilcox co., AL.

........14. iv Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" McWhorter #5310 born 1801, SC, married Samuel Depru McClure #5311, born 12-Feb-1795, York co., SC, (son of Charles McClure #9184 and Ruth Martha Henry #21636) died cir1876, Walker co., GA.

........15. v Martha "Matilda" McWhorter #5066 born 5-Jul-1802, Pendleton, SC, married cir1822, in SC, Hugh Rogers #5324, born 7-Mar-1797, SC, (son of James Rogers #5284 and Nancy Ann Camp #9190) died 13-Mar-1873, Prairie Grove, Washington co., AR. Martha died 13-Mar-1872(3), Prairie Grove, Washington co., AR.

........16. vi John Bayles McWhorter #1207 born 11-May-1804, Pickens co., SC, married 25-Dec-1823, in SC, Sarah Ann "Sallie" Rogers #1598, born 24-Feb-1804, SC, (daughter of James Rogers #5284 and Nancy Ann Camp #9190) died 17-Jun-1890, Walker co., GA, buried: Fairview cemetery, Walker co., GA. John died 23-Jul-1874, Walker co., GA, buried: Fairview Cemetery , Walker co., GA.

........17. vii Ezekiel McWhorter #1206 born 2-Jan-1807, Pickens co., SC, married 4-Jun-1829, Rebecca Armstrong #1605, born 3-Jan-1806, SC, (daughter of Benjamin Armstrong #10434) died 16-Apr-1869, Walker co., GA, buried: Fairview cemetery, Walker co., GA. Ezekiel died 23-Oct-1891, Walker co., GA, buried: Fairview cemetery, Walker co., GA.

........18. viii Samuel McWhorter #5064 born 2-Jan-1809, Pickens co., SC, married 5-Nov-1846, Margaret Anne Knox #5295, born 30-Sep-1820, Chattooga co., GA, (daughter of Samuel Knox Jr. #5296 and Mary Montgomery #5297) died 27-Aug-1879, Chattooga co., GA, buried: Alpine Cemetery, Menlo, GA. Samuel died 12-Dec-1886, Chattooga co., GA, buried: Alpine Cemetery, Menlo, GA.

........19. ix William McWhorter #122 born 16-Mar-1811, near Walhalla, SC, married 1837, Margaret McElroy Kyle #123, born 7-Mar-1809, Abbeville, SC, (daughter of James Kyle #581 and Nancy Waugh #582) died 6-Mar-1898, Batchelor's Retreat, SC. William died 9-Feb-1884, Batchelor's Retreat, Pickens District,SC, buried: Presbyterian Churchyard, Retreat, SC.

........20. x Sarah S. McWhorter #5067 born 1813, SC, married Jess Langston #5341, born cir1810. Sarah died Chattanooga, TN.

........21. xi Andrew Brown McWhorter #1209 born 15-Jul-1815, Pickens co., SC, married 18-Aug-1835, in SC, Frances Right Gaines #1593, born 15-Apr-1816, SC, (daughter of Robert Gaines #10699 and Frances Featherstone #10700) died 24-Jun-1895, GA, buried: Trinity Cemetery, Walker co., GA. Andrew died 12-Apr-1895, LaFayette, Walker co., GA, buried: Trinity Cemetery.



3. Robert McWhorter #106 born 22-Oct-1770, NC, married 27-Aug-1796, in Lincoln co., NC, Elizabeth Cherry #107, born 10-May-1775, died 13-Jun-1843, buried: Baptist Ch. Cem., Liberty, SC. Robert died 22-Aug-1857, Pickens co., SC, buried: Baptist Ch. Cem., Liberty, SC.


........22. i John McWhorter #108 born 1800(1), SC, married 11-Mar-1824, Dorothy Gant Major(s) #109, born 18-Oct-1803, SC, died 6-Mar-1863, Pickens co., SC, buried: Liberty Bapt. Ch. Cem., Pickens co., SC. John died 18-Oct-1857, Pickens co., SC, buried: Liberty Bapt. Ch. Cem., Pickens co., SC.

........23. ii Elizabeth McWhorter #5342 born 1812, SC, married 1833, in SC, Cyrus Earl Hamilton #7809, born cir1800. Elizabeth died 1879, GA.

........24. iii James McWhorter #2190 born 3-Feb-1806, SC, married Judith Ellis #2192, born abt1811, SC, died 15-Jul-1885, Pickens co., SC. James died 31-Jul-1862, Pickens co., SC.

........25. iv Mary "Polly" McWhorter #5343 born cir1810, married Joshua Ellis #11316, born 18??. Mary died GA.

........26. v Robert McWhorter #2191 born 1819, SC, married Jane Matilda Odell #2202, born abt1820, SC, died aft1850. Robert died 1878, Pickens co., SC.



4. David McWhorter #2209 born 12-Oct-1773, Rutherford co., NC, married 17-Aug-1803, Elizabeth C. McWhorter #2210, born 21-Jun-1780, NC, (daughter of Jeremiah McWhorter #3802 and Sarah (Barnett or) Bennett #3806) died aft1850. David died aft1850.


........27. i John McWhorter #2156 born 25-Aug-1804, SC, married 24-Aug-1827, Rachel Beam #2157, born abt1803, SC, died aft1850. John died aft1850, TX.

........28. ii Loving C. McWhorter #5346 born 6-Feb-1806, SC, died GA.

........29. iii Jeremiah Barnett McWhorter #5347 born 21-Jan-1808, Abbeville District, SC, married 24-Jan-1833, in Abbeville co., SC, Jane Gray #5360, born 1810, Ireland, died 13-May-1877, Easley, Carmel dist., Pickens co., SC. Jeremiah died -Feb-1844, Pickens co., SC.

........30. iv James Baxter McWhorter #5348 born 26-Dec-1809, Abbeville District, SC, married 18-Jan-1833, Nancy McAdams #5353, born 1815, SC. James buried: Little River Cem., Abbeville co., SC.

........31. v Sarah Cherry McWhorter #5349 born 5-Dec-1811, Abbeville District, SC, married James Rogers #5356, born cir1800. Sarah buried: Little River Cemetery.

........32. vi David C. L. McWhorter #5350 born 1-Jul-1814, Abbeville District, SC, married Ellen ? #10944, born abt1820, SC. David died Abbeville District, SC.

........33. vii Elizabeth Ann McWhorter #5351 born 22-Sep-1816, SC, married 17-Jul-1839, Green Massingill #5354, born 18??.

........34. viii Mary Camel McWhorter #5352 born 24-Jul-1818, SC, married 2-Dec-1841, Sotting (or Stanley) Strickland #5355, born cir1815.

........35. ix Susanna C. McWhorter #2211 born abt1820, Abbeville District, SC, died aft1850.



5. Samuel McWhorter #2166 born 30-Sep-1775, NC, married 1800, in Pickens co., SC, Margaret Cherry #5128, born 17??. Samuel died aft1850.


........36. i Elizabeth A. McWhorter #5361 born cir1810, SC, married Coleman C. Gassaway #5363, born cir1810. Elizabeth died aft1851.

........37. ii Sally McWhorter #5362 born cir1810, SC, married David Gassaway #5364, born cir1810. Sally died bef1851.

........38. iii David McWhorter #2167 born abt1814, SC, died bef25-Aug-1851, Pickens co., SC.

........39. iv Mary (or Polly?) D. McWhorter #2168 born abt1815, SC, died aft1860.

........40. v Jane McWhorter #2169 born abt1817, SC, died aft1860.

........41. vi John McWhorter #933 born abt1819, SC, married Harriet E. McWhorter #934, born abt1826, SC, (daughter of John McWhorter #108 and Dorothy Gant Major(s) #109) died aft15-Feb-1867. John died 1862, prob. Pickens co., SC.

........42. vii Samuel Cherry McWhorter #2170 born 2-Feb-1826, SC, married 4-Jan-1854, in Abbeville, SC, Sarah Jane Rebecca McWhorter #5357, born 11-Sep-1835, SC, (daughter of Jeremiah Barnett McWhorter #5347 and Jane Gray #5360) died 10-Mar-1918, near Easley, Pickens co., SC. Samuel died 30-Dec-1902, Easley, Pickens co., SC, buried: Little River Cemetery.



7. Mary McWhorter #5071 born 27-Nov-1779, SC, married 16-Dec-1800, in SC, John McWhorter #5131, born 17-Jul-1774, (son of Moses Allen McWhorter #3801) died 4-Feb-1839, Pickens co., SC, buried: Bethel Church, Oconee co., SC. Mary died 17-Feb-1863, SC, buried: Bethel Church, Oconee co., SC.


........43. i David Washington McWhorter #5368 born 6-Nov-1801, married 21-Apr-1828, in Hall co., GA, Elizabeth Nichols #5552, born 1-Feb-1799, SC, (daughter of John Nichols #5547 and Hannah ? #5548) died 26-Nov-1871. David died 6-Mar-1874.

........44. ii Moses Edward McWhorter #897 born 18(19)-Sep-1803, South Carolina, married bef1830, Hannah Nichols #898, born 6-Jan-1806, South Carolina, (daughter of John Nichols #5547 and Hannah ? #5548) died 16-Jun-1856. Moses died abt1862, Clarke co., GA.

........45. iii Sarah Love McWhorter #5370 born 5-Apr-1807, died 12-Nov-1890.

........46. iv John Newton McWhorter #5371 born 28-May-1809, married 14-Jun-1838, Caroline Brock #11002, born cir1810. John died bef1840?.

........47. v Mary Matilda McWhorter #5372 born 9-Aug-1811, married Henry Myers #5551, born cir1810, died 31-Mar-1897. Mary died 27-Jan-1892.

........48. vi Isaac A. McWhorter #5373 born 12-Oct-1815, married -Dec-1838, Eliza Hill #5550, born 1816, SC.

........49. vii Andrew Poston McWhorter #5374 born 25-Sep-1817.

........50. viii Belinda Adeline McWhorter #5375 born 23-Aug-1820, died 23-Jun-1848(9), Pickens co., SC.

........51. ix Elizabeth Ann "Eliza" McWhorter #5376 born 5-Feb-1823, married Robert M. (Batey or) Beaty #5549, born cir1820.



8. William McWhorter #5072 born 14-May-1782, Pickens District, SC, married 19-Jun-1804, Susanna Sigman #5132, born 20-Jun-1787, SC, died 27-Nov-1872. William died 5-Jul-1872, Scott co., MS.


........52. i Isaac McWhorter #5377 born 29-Dec-1804, GA, married 13-Sep-1825, Eliza H. Lee #11004, born 18-Nov-1808, SC, died 1-Aug-1868. Isaac died 8-May-1880.

........53. ii John Poston McWhorter #5378 born 9-Jun-1806, Pickens co., SC, married Rhoda C. (Hamwell or) Hamill #11034, born 1812, GA, (daughter of Hugh Hamill #11374 and Rhoda Colley #11375). John died aft1860.

........54. iii Abraham G. McWhorter #5379 born 11-Jan-1812.

........55. iv Samuel Andrew J. McWhorter #5380 born 16-Jan-1815, GA, married Mary "Polly" Futtrell #11054, born 1814, GA.

........56. v Sarah Glenn McWhorter #5381 born 29-Apr-1817, married Matthew D. (Derrixson?) Callaway #11066, born cir1815, died 1879. Sarah died aft 1880.

........57. vi William C. Davis McWhorter #1161 born 23-Sep-1819, GA, married 7-Jul-1842, in Butts co., GA, Catherine F. (Mangham or) Hamwell #1162, born abt1822, GA, died aft1850. William died aft1850.

........58. vii Martha Ann McWhorter #5383 born 4-Apr-1824, GA, married Nehemiah Harvey #11067, born cir1820. Martha died 12-Jun-1907.

........59. viii Ezekiel McWhorter #5384 born 30-May-1829, married 28-Sep-1854, Mary Ann E. Weems #1103, born 1-Dec-1835, (daughter of Joseph J. Weems #1099 and Elizabeth Ann Mellard #1100) died 30-Mar-1923. Ezekiel died 30-Sep-1911.



9. Isaac McWhorter #5073 born 30-Nov-1785, Pickens District, SC.


........60. i John McWhorter #11105 born cir1810.

........61. ii Alexander McWhorter #5134 born 1813, Henderson co., KY, married 12-Jul-1836, in Summit Twp., Effingham co.,IL, Margaret Tillman Loy #5135, born 10-Sep-1815, AL, (daughter of John Henry Loy #5146 and Mary "Polly" Hodges #5147) died 30-Jul-1895, buried: Loy Cemetery, Effingham co., IL. Alexander died 12-Dec-1896, Effingham co., IL, buried: Loy Cemetery, Effingham co., IL.

........62. iii Nell McWhorter #11106 born cir1815, married Robert (Ward or) Word #11107, born cir1800.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes) References for Researchers of David McWhorter
of Lancaster co., PA

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