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John McWhorter
of Albemarle co., VA

Updated 13-Apr-2001

The following: article3-generation register report  and  list of research sources about John McWhorter of Albemarle co., VA was originally published in the the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1 (February 1997).

If new information has come to light since the date of first publication, additions or corrections made to the original text are indicated in red.

Care should be used in crediting the information presented here. What has been compiled in the McWh*rter Database, from which these articles and reports are drawn, has been contibuted by many different researchers - some more careful than others.

The numbers following each name below (i.e. #708 for JOHN of Albemarle co., VA) are the numbers assigned those individuals in the McWh*rter Database.

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John McWhorter of Albemarle co., VA

ecords are so far silent as to the origins of John McWhorter [db#708] of Albemarle County, Virginia. It is generally assumed, however, that he was born in Ireland. A few researchers assert that John of Albemarle County was the same John McWhorter who came to America about 1733 and settled a land grant on Yellow Beeches Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This assertion, true or not, appears based on speculation rather than evidence.

What is known is that John McWhorter was in Albemarle County, VA by 23-Aug-1745 when a petition he filed against a Daniel Latimer was dismissed. On 14-May-1747 John became firmly established in Albemarle County when he purchased from a James McCanne 120 acres of land in that part of the county which is today Nelson County, VA.

The land was adjacent to the present site of the Presbyterian Church of Rockfish which is located on the east side of Route 151, about � mile south of the junction of Routes 151 and 6. The land was located near to, and within the fork created by, the confluence of the north and south branches of the Rockfish River. On 11-Feb-1752 John McWhorter sold the 120 acres to a John Patton with the exception of one acre which was set aside for the building of the Presbyterian Meeting House.

John remained in Albemarle County after the sale as records show that on 30-Jul-1752 he purchased from Alex Henderson 237 acres on both sides of the north branch of the Rockfish River adjacent to the Pounder Branch.

John McWhorter died prior to 10-Nov-1757 for on that date an inventory and appraisement of the "deceased" John McWhorter was returned. The last record related to John McWhorter of Albemarle County, VA is dated 28-Oct-1758 when Eleanor McWhorter [db#709] and James McWhorter [db#710] sold the 237 acres purchased by John in 1752.

It is generally conceded that Eleanor was the wife of John of Albemarle County and that James and a Robert McWhorter [db#366], who witnessed the sale in 1758, were John’s sons. At least one account, however, asserts that Eleanor was the wife of James and that a John McWhorter [db#266] and George McWhorter [db#712], usually listed as sons of John of Albemarle County, were instead the sons of Eleanor and James.

The family of John of Albemarle County appears to have removed completely from Virginia as early as 1767 for on 20-Dec-1766 Eleanor was granted a 300 acre tract on both sides of the Packolate River in what was then "deemed" Mecklinburgh County, North Carolina. The grant from William Tryon, Governor of the Province of North Carolina, was located in what subsequently became the Old Ninety-Six District of South Carolina and is now Union County, SC. Eleanor was alive as late as 28-Aug-1786 for on that date she conveyed 50 acres of the original grant on the north side of the Packolate River.

It appears that John & Eleanor had at least five children:

James, perhaps the eldest, remained in Virginia after his father’s death for on 7-Mar-1763 in Amherst County a Robert McWhorter, assumed to be his brother, posted bond to become administrator for James’ estate. That part of Albemarle County in which the McWhorters settled became part of Amherst County in 1761 and is now part of Nelson County, VA.
Robert who witnessed the sale of his father’s land in 1758 and served as administrator for James’ estate in March 1763 was probably also the Robert McWhorter who received a Land Bounty Certificate for lands in Albemarle County. Such certificates were issued to soldiers of Virginia who fought in the French and Indian Wars of 1753-58. As late as 10-Jun-1763 Robert witnessed the sale of property in Amherst County, VA, but by 1774 he was a "planter" along the Packolate River in present day Union County, SC.
Daughter, first name unknown, appears to have married a John Portman [db#1370] and died in Union County, SC. John Portman and his son George McWhorter Portman [db#1371] removed from South Carolina to Casey County, Kentucky at about the same time that other members of the McWhorter family made the same journey.
John, born 1749 in Albemarle County, VA, removed to present day Union County, SC with his family about 1767. He served in the North Carolina Line during the Revolutionary War having enlisted in 1778. By 1796 he removed to that part of Lincoln County, Kentucky which became part of Casey County, KY in 1806. Although there exists some confusion over the composition of his family in Kentucky, it appears that he married at least twice, perhaps three times, and had at least eleven children.
George, born 1752 probably in Albemarle County, VA, removed with his family from VA to the Packolate River about 1767. By 1796 he too removed to Lincoln County, KY. Subsequently George found his way to Pulaski County, KY and Lincoln County, Tennessee.

tree6.gif (2013 bytes)The Modified Register Report which follows relates information currently in the MCWH*RTER DATABASE.
Anyone with additional information to offer or who believes that a correction to some of the information is justified should feel free
to offer their assistance.

1. John McWhorter #708 born cir1710, Ire.? or PA?, married Eleanor ? #709, born cir1720, died aft 28-Aug-1786, prob. Union co., SC. John died 1757, Albemarle co., VA.


..........2. i James McWhorter #710 born cir1735, died 1763, Amherst co., VA.

.......+ 3. ii Robert McWhorter #366 born cir1740.

.......+ 4. iii (dau.) McWhorter #711 born cir1750.

.......+ 5. iv John McWhorter #266 born 1749.

.......+ 6. v George McWhorter #712 born 1752.


Second Generation

3. Robert McWhorter #366 born cir1740, died bef14-Jun-1783, 96th District, Union co., SC.


..........7. i James Robert McWhorter #723 born 1760, Rockfish Creek, Albemarle co., VA, married (1) Winifred "Winnie" Hames #738, born 9-Apr-1762, (daughter of Charles Hames Sr. #782 and Catherine Krugg #783) died bef 3-Apr-1828, married (2) Teresy Coleman #786, born 17??. James died 1843, near Jonesville, Union co., SC, buried: unmarked grave, small cemetery.

4. (dau.) McWhorter #711 born cir1750, prob. Albemarle co., VA, married John Portman #1370, born cir1750. (dau.) died Union co., SC.


..........8. i George McWhorter Portman #1371 born 1772, died 1859, Casey co., KY, buried: Middleburg cemetery, Casey co., KY.

..........9. ii John Portman #1497 born cir1775.


5. John McWhorter #266 born 1749, Albemarle (now NELSON) co., VA, married (1) Elizabeth Jasper #267, born cir1755, died bef1784, prob.Union co., SC, married (2) 14-Apr-1784, in Union District, SC, Elizabeth McClure #268, born abt1763, died abt1841, prob. Ray co., MO. John died 7-Jun-1833, Casey co., KY.

.....Children by Elizabeth Jasper:

..........10. i George McWherter #713 born 1775, married 23-Feb-1800, in Lincoln co., KY, Agnes Anne Simpson #2607, born 8-Jan-1773, (daughter of Reuben Simpson #2613 and Sarah Sherrill #2614). George died 1840.

..........11. ii James McWherter #714 born 17??, married 4-Jun-1804, in Lincoln co., KY, Nancy "Milly" Pigg #2615, born 17??, (daughter of William Pigg #11170) died aft1822. James died 1815, Clay co., KY.

..........12. iii Elijah McWhorter #716 born 1790, SC, married 13-Jun-1811, in Clay co., KY, Mary "Polly" Pigg #2619, born 1795, Madison co., KY, died aft1860. Elijah died aft1860. [NOTE: If ELIJAH was indeed born in 1790 as indicated by census records of 1850 & 1860, then he should be listed as a child of JOHN by his 2nd wife ELIZABETH MCCLURE. Adjustments have been made to the McWh*rter Database.]

..........13. iv Jesse McWhorter #717 born 17??.

.....Children by Elizabeth McClure:

..........14. v Sarah "Sally" McWhorter #1380 born 23-Jan-1786, married 21-Jun-1805, in Lincoln co., KY, Lewis Pigg #1381, born 8-Feb-1783, (son of William Pigg #1101 and Mary ? #1105). Sarah died aft1839, pos. Casey co., KY.

..........15. vi Wilson McWhorter #720 born cir1800.

..........16. vii Willis McWhorter #721 born cir1800.

..........17. viii Virginia "Jinsy" McWhorter #722 born cir1800, married John Riffe #8972, born 17??.

..........18. ix John McWhorter #1275 born 1802, Kentucky, married 7-Apr-1825, in Casey co., KY, Elizabeth "Betsey" Hight #1276, born abt1804, Kentucky, died aft1880. John died 1866, Casey co., KY, buried: Middleburg cemetery, Casey co., KY.

..........19. x Richard W. McWhorter #719 born 3-Nov-1803, prob. Lincoln co., KY, married 6-Jan-1828, in prob. Casey co., KY, Elizabeth M. (Sutherland or) Southerland #2557, born 31-May-1810, prob. Casey co., KY, (daughter of Owen Southerland #2560) died aft1882. Richard died 10-Sep-1878, Adair co., KY.

..........20. xi Robert McWhorter #1265 born abt1807, Casey co., KY, married 30-Dec-1829, in Casey co., KY, Julina (or Julia) (Hite or) Hight #1266, born abt1810, Kentucky, died aft1860. Robert died aft1860.


6. George McWhorter #712 born 1752, prob. Albemarle (now Nelson) co., VA, married (1) Elizabeth ? #724, born 17??, and Juda ? #12924, born cir1755, West Africa, died aft1777. George died bef10-Aug-1815, Lincoln co., TN.

.....Children by Elizabeth ?:

..........21. i Abner McWhorter #725 born cir1775, married 19-Aug-1801, in Pulaski co., KY, Polly Spencer #726, born 17??. Abner died aft1815.

..........22. ii John McWhorter #1406 born bef1780.

..........23. iii Eleanor McWhorter #1407 born cir1775, prob SC, married 27-Jun-1796, in Lincoln co., KY, Adam (Morris or) Mounce #2961, born 17??.

..........24. iv Levina McWhorter #1408 born bef1785, married 8-May-1800, in Pulaski co., KY, Amos Morris #2962, born 17??.

Children by Juda ?:

..........25. v Frank McWorter #12867 born 1777, Union co., SC, married 9-Mar-1839, in Pike co., IL, Lucy (Denham or) Free #12868, born 1771, VA, died 23-Aug-1870, Pike co., IL, buried: New Philadelphia, Pike co., IL. Frank died 7-Sep-1854, Pike co., IL, buried: New Philadelphia, Pike co., IL.

res1AY.gif (10045 bytes)   References for Researchers of John McWhorter
of Albemarle co., VA

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