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McWh*rter Mysteries

Updated 7-Aug-2004

Sometimes, during our research, we come across bits and pieces ("tidbits") of information that leave us mystified about the individual bearing the McWh*rter surname we have discovered.

Sometimes we uncover a McWh*rter about whom neither descendants nor ancestors are known. No family seems to lay claim to him/her and noone seems to be looking for him/her!

These McWh*rter Mysteries belong, not to anyone McWh*rter family, but to all of us. At least until a home can be found for our lost relative!

On this page you will find some of those McWh*rter Mysteries. If any visitor can shed any light on the McWh*rters mentioned below, or help us find them a home with their own family, please contact Alan D. McWhirter.

Mystery #1
Where did William McWhorter disappear to in 1771?

Mystery #2
To whom do these Union soldiers belong?
(updated 26-Aug-2000)

Mystery #3
Do You Know These Football/Soccer Players?

McWh*rter Mystery #1

Jessie O. McWhirter of Fayetteville, TN reports having found
the following notice in:

The Pennsylvania Gazette

"Fourty Shillings Reward - RUN away, in the night of 9th of July last, from the subscriber, living in Mill creek Hundred, New Castle County, a servant man, named WILLIAM MCWHORTER, born in Scotland, and came in the ship Philadelphia, Captain MALCOM, from Belfast, the beginning of said month; he is about 18 years of age, five feet five inches high, squint-eyed, pitted with small-pox, and has black curled hair; had on, and took with him, a new broadcloth coat, jacket and breeches, one dozen or more good shirts, one pair of tow trousers, and a shoe and a pump. He said he had some relations in Philadelphia of the name SHEPPERD, who would set him free, and it is supposed he is gone that way. Whoever takes up and secures the said servant in any of his Majesty goals, so as his master may have him again, shall have the above reward, and reasonable charges, paid by MICHAEL RANKIN."

Does anyone know what happened to OUR William?

McWh*rter Mystery #2

On 30-Aug-1862 a
residents of Middlebury, Vermont, enlisted in
Company E of the 14th Vermont Regiment of the Union Army.
They were mustered in on 21-Oct-1862
and mustered out on 30-Jul-1863
during which time the regiment fought at Gettysburg.

Does anyone know to which McWhirter family these soldiers belong?

Neither parents nor any descendants are known.


On 23-Aug-2000 the following message was received from JEANNIE HALVERSON ([email protected]) which helped shed some light on Mystery #2!

Dear Mr. McWhirter,

     Samuel and James belong to my family. Samuel is my GGgrandfather.He married Almira Blake sometime after the Civil War. They had one son, Harry Blake McWhirter, born July 4th, 1869 in Holland, Orleans, VT. Both Samuel and Almira were killed in 1874 in VT. I found a record of death for Samuel listed as Nov 18, 1874 in Derby, Orleans, VT.

     Their only son Harry went to live with Almiras younger sister Eleanor Blake and her husband Charles S. Barrett in PA. They adopted him and he then went by the name Harry McWhirter Barrett. He then married JessieEdwards in 1896.

     They moved with their family to Boulder Colorado. They had 3 children, Hugh Edwards Barrett, Almira Barrett, and my grandfather Charles McWhirter Barrett...I have no idea what happened to James. I only know that they are brothers. I have been searching for their parents. The only other McWhirter listed in VT at that time is a ThomasMcWhirter. I haven't been able to establish relationship to that family.


In Volume 5, Issue 2 of the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter (Spring 2001)
further info on this branch of the clan was published.

The article and 3-generation register report from the newsletter is republished in the North American Progenitor section of the website -

See Thomas McWhirter of co. Ulster, Ireland & Middlebury, VT

McWh*rter Mystery #3

Do You Know These Football/Soccer Players?

     I hope you'll forgive an enquiry from a non-genealogist. Rather I've been engaged for the past 23 years on the project of constructing biographies for every player to have appeared in senior football for Leicester Fosse/City, and have indeed published developing drafts of this work in each of 1989, 1995 and last August ('Of Fossils & Foxes', Polar Publishing). I'm nonetheless still utterly enjoying the detective work, and still have some way to go to satisfactorily cover the 850-or-so relevant lives: which just happen to include two McWhirter's.

    I'm appending the texts of the most recently published entries, and appealing for any assistance you may be able to give in fleshing out the portraits further. In terms of Douglas McWhirter, I'm keen to discover anything of his post-football life: even with his death date available, I've yet to track down a published obituary. I'd also love to know whether the middle initial  S' is genuine or an inherited error.

    With regard to Peter McWhirter, the same applies, but I don't even have a definite death date (I have no note of the source for the vagueness of 1943), and no idea whether he expired in England, Canada or Scotland.

    Any assistance you may be able to furnish would be most gratefully received. I hope the brief details that follow may also be of some use to your more  usual researchers.

Sincerely          Paul Taylor      [email protected]         

b. Erith, Kent, 13th August 1886
d. Plumstead, London, 14th October 1966

Career: Bromley; Mar 1912 FOSSE; July 1914 Southend United.

 Fosse debut v Bradford Park Avenue (H) 30.3.12

   A regular Trojan for work, quietly but firmly putting a spoke in the wheels of the opposing left wing, and a fine feeder of the forwards': the local Mail clearly implied that right-half Douglas was one of the few stars of Fosse's pre-war years of steep Second Division decline. He was a newly-capped amateur international when Jack Bartlett signed him, and went on to accrue mementos of three more England appearances at that level, plus an Olympic football Final victor's medal from the United Kingdom's eclipse of Denmark in Stockholm in July 1912. He additionally already held a winner's medal from Bromley's 1911 FA Amateur Cup Final encounter with Bishop Auckland, and he would also assist Bromley again in a Cup tie in March 1913, before Fosse persuaded him to sign professionally that summer. He played a supplementary quartet of Southern League games for Southend with that status, and was later refused reinstatement as an amateur by a rather narrow-minded FA in 1921.

Apps: Football League 58; FA Cup 2.

Goals: Football League 2.


b. Glasgow, 23rd June 1871

 Career: 1887 Toronto Scottish; Chicago Thistles; Dec 1893 Morton; 1894 Clyde; Oct 1895 FOSSE;
Aug 1896 Freemantle; cs 1897 Warmley; cs 1898 Brighton United; Aug 1899 FOSSE.

Fosse debut v Darwen (H) 26.10.1895

    An outside-right who'd had six years in North American football, and a six-game record with Morton, Peter was plucked from Clyde's reserve team for Fosse's second assault on Division Two, but only briefly held his position in mid-season. After joining the Southampton-based Southern League club Freemantle, he was next heard of sailing for Canada in December 1896 to rejoin his emigrant family, but he was soon back again to link up with former Fosse inside-forward partners David Manson and Willie McArthur at promotion-bound Warmley and newly-formed Brighton respectively. Peter's second stint with Fosse was then played out entirely in the reserves, and spiced only with an outing in Jack Walker's benefit friendly against Everton.

Apps: Football League 17; FA Cup 1.

Goals: Football League 1.

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