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E-mail List

McWh*rter   Genealogy

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E-mail List

Updated 17-Feb-1999

email28.gif (1209 bytes)   The E-mail List for McWh*rters is an electronic mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the McWh*rter surname and its variations in any place and at any time.

Subscribers to the list receive by e-mail  all messages posted to the list. Only subscribers to the list can post messages to the list.

The mailing address for postings is - [email protected]

To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the message to - [email protected] (for mail mode)

or [email protected] (for digest mode)

You can unsubscribe just as easily so why not join in on the discussions!

If you need more detailed information about the list or help with any problems then read on. What follows is reprinted from the web site of Tricia Petitt, "owner" of the list, with her permission.




A Mail-List for the discussion of MCWHORTER (McWhirter - MacWhorter -McWurter - McWhurter - and all other variants) Genealogy and History is now available. This is not a monitored list, BUT, you are responsible for not going too far off-subject. Remember, if you send your message to [email protected], it will go to everyone on the list. If you stay on-subject then most of your responses should be of interest to the whole list. But, you can keep personal responses... Personal, by replying only to the sender.

Since there is sometimes confusion as to which e-mail address to send "SUBSCRIBE" & "UNSUBSCRIBE" information to and sometimes the copy of the List Welcome Letter gets lost, I will try to make it as easy as possible. You can even save a copy of this whole page to a folder on your hard disk and send messages through your browser.

If you are familiar with subscribing and unsubscribing to Mailing Lists, you may skip down to the bottom of this page.

Would you like to "subscribe" to MCWHORTER-L now ??

If, YES, .......first, please remember to turn off all signatures, tag-lines, etc. If you are required to put something in the "Subject" area then just put a ( . ) period.

Have you turned off your signature, taglines, etc. ??

If, YES, then just click here and type only the word... subscribe ... in the body/text area of the message. Don't type your name or anything else in the body/text area.

Your subscribe message will be sent to: [email protected]

These same steps apply to all other commands.

Discussion/Mail List for MCWHORTER and all Variants

First, Turn Off your signature and tag-lines, etc.
No Subject necessary, but allowed.

I Want To.....
( just click on the word below )

I Type...
( in Body/Text area )


It Goes To...



[email protected]


[email protected]

my message

[email protected]
GET A LIST of MEMBERS No Longer Available Due to "SPAMMING" of RootsWeb
STOP MAIL Repeat above "unsubscribe" [email protected]
RESTART MAIL Repeat above "subscribe" [email protected]


To receive MCWHORTER-L in a Digest Mode (several messages grouped together) you will need to do the following. If you are already receiving MCWHORTER-L in regular Mail Mode you may wish to subscribe to MCWHORTER-D and wait to get your auto conformation letter, then unsubscribe from MCWHORTER-L as described above. You must "unsubscribe" or you will be receiving it both ways.

I Want To.....
(just click on the word below)

I Type...
( in Body/Text area )


It Goes To...

First Turn off signatures or Taglines if applicable.



[email protected]


[email protected]

If you have any problems using any of the above commands, not receiving your messages, etc. please send Tricia Petitt an e-mail.


  1. Be sure to include your name and email address in the signature or text of each message. It's a good habit for all Email.
  2. Make your messages as specific as possible. Examples:
    Where is John McWhorter buried?
    What was Mrs. Mary McWhorter's maiden name?
  3. If you are going to change ISP's or Email addresses, always remember to UNSUB from all "LISTS" before you change. You cannot "UNSUB" from the new address. After your change is completed, then Re-SUB to the LISTS'.
  4. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS THROUGH THE LIST!! Always contact the person you wish to send an attachment to and get permission first.

Please feel free to make respectful comments & suggestions to make the MCWHORTER-L list better and more useful for everyone.

One last thing: The only FLAMES allowed around here are from a warm, cozy fireplace or the hot sun. If you receive any "flame," please forward a copy to Tricia and please do not respond to it. She will take care of any problems. Tricia reserves the right to remove anyone detrimental to the purpose of this list. Let's all have fun, make new friends, find new relatives and enjoy this wonderful media.

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