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Roll Call of Researchers

Updated 5-Feb-2005

   On this page you will find the names of  McWh*rter researchers who have submitted their names and information for posting here on the website. This information is also reprinted in the McWh*rter Genealogy Newsletter for the benefit of the many who are not yet computer connected.

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McWh*rter Ancestors

Area(s) of Research

Alan D. McWhirter

223 Wood Pond Rd., Cheshire, CT 06410

[email protected]


John McWhirter (b. cir 1750) & Jean Sloan of Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland
Alexander McWhirter (b. 1771) & Agnes McClymont
Alexander Sloan McWhirter (b. 1809) & Margaret Campbell
Alexander McWhirter (b. 1851) & Sarah Hamilton
James McWhirter (b. 1886) & Helen McKellar
Alexander McWhirter & Ruth Roberts
I am researching and compiling  ALL McWh*rters everywhere! All spellings! All origins! All countries!
Thomas L. Mewhirter Chapel Hill, NC


Descendant of John Barr Mewhirter (b. 1797; d. May 1826 in Harrison co., OH; m. 30-Jan-1821 to Mary Ann Reed Searching for parents & ancestors of John Barr Mewhirter of Van Wert co., OH - Harrison co., OH - possibly Westmoreland co. or Washington co., PA.
Darwina S. Michael Avon, NY


Descendant of Thomas McWhorter of New Jersey, Orange co. and Seneca co., NY
Jesse O. McWhirter 61 Ellis Childress Rd., Fayetteville, TN 35750


Descendant of William McWhirter (b. 17??; d. 1802) & Elizabeth Ferrier. They lived in PA>Mecklinburg co., NC>Sumner co., TN>Logan co., KY>Davidson co., TN. Researching the descendants of William McWhirter and Elizabeth Ferrier
Leslie K. Seich 366 Jackson Mills Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527



David McWhirter (b. 1741; d. 1789) & Mary Posten of PA; NC; SC.
David McWhorter & Elizabeth Cherry
Jeremiah Barnett McWhorter & Jane Gray
Sarah Jane Rebecca McWhorter & Samuel Cherry McWhorter
Julius Gray McWhorter &Maude Roseman Pickens
James Garnet McWhorter &Anna Charlotte Binder
Barbara Anne McWhorter & Harold Leslie Wilcox
Researching this direct line and spouses. Currently researching Jane Gray, wife of Jeremiah Barnett McWhorter.
Douglas A. McWhirter [email protected]

79 Otter Crescent
Toronto, Ontario,
M5N 2W7, Canada

Believed to be: Andrew McWhirter (d. 1758) & Martha McCluer (d. 1794) of Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland
Known to be: John McWhirter (1744-1827) & Jean Sloan (b. 1750)
Alexander McWhirter (1771-1818) & Agnes McClymont (b. 1774)
John McWhirter (1796-1878) & Elizabeth McClelland (1786-1876)
Andrew McWhirter (1831-1915) & Elizabeth Rowan (1841-1928)
Gilbert Rowan McWhirter (1864-1939) & Jean Hay (1872-1962) of Shelburne, Ontario, Canada
McWhirters outside of USA.
Brenda Bennett

Robert McWhirter & Margaret McConnall (m. 1779 at Barr by Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland)
Robert McWhirter & Sarah McCrindle (m. 1820 at Barr by Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland)
John William McWhirter jverne
David McWhirter (b. cir 1825, Scotland) & Margaret McCall
John McWhirter (b. 1853, Befast, NI) & Rebecca Jane Wilson
John McWhirter (b. 1884, Glasgow) & Grace Myrtle Allen
Harold John McWhirter (b. 1918, Northfield, MN) & Olga Jessl
I am researching a George McWhirter, a son of David and a brother of John. He remained in Scotland when John left with his family in 1888. George married Elizabeth Marlin and had a child named Henry. Henry had several children. As of 1935 they still lived in the Glasgow area.


David McWhirter (1741-1789) & Mary Posten of PA; NC; SC
John McWhorter & Elizabeth Willson
William McWhorter & Margaret McElroy Kyle
William David McWhorter & Mary Jones Lee Millan
Pinckney Turberville McWhorter & Mary Nell Dismukes
Mary Madeline McWhorter & William Raymond Brown Jr.
Visit my home paage for more detailed information!
Dalton Royer daltonroyer
Moses McWhorter (cir1700-abt1756)
Henry McWhorter (cir1730-aft1785)
Aaron McWhorter (1761-1837)
Moses McWhorter (cir1793-cir1860)
Aaron Elihu McWhorter (1814-1880)
Henry Nimrod McWhorter (1841-1928)
Clarence Homer McWhorter (1893-1974)
Mary Frances McWhorter (1922-1998) & John Charles Royer
Dalton Royer (1947-    )
Grover H. McWhorter ghmcwhorter
I am working on Hugh McWhorter from York Co., South Carolina.
Wanda Duke [email protected] Moses Allen McWhorter born about 1750 died about 1797, South Carolina and Georgia
Brian G. Boucher [email protected] Looking for relatives of Emaline McWhorter, probably of either MA or NJ who married Willaim Shaw and had a son Joseph Ashworth Shaw, b. Paterson, NJ 1842.
William Ramsay bill@
John McWhirter (1744-1827) & Jean Sloan (b. 1750)
Alexander McWhirter (1771-1818) & Agnes McClymont (b. 1774)
John McWhirter (1796-1878) & Elizabeth McClelland (1786-1876)
James McWhirter (1828-    ) & Margaret McWhirter (no relationship)
David McWhirter (1866-1943) & Ann Armour
Barbara Hansen Blackfoot, ID

[email protected]


William McWh*rter who m. Jane Boyd & Jane Barr
Henry McWh*rter who m. Margaret Burns
John McWh*rter who m. Charlotte Inbody
Looking for info on all but especially parents of Jane Barr & proof of Wm.'s par. supposedly William then Robert. Area of research - Washington co., PA; Noble co., IN; Marion co., OH.
Brenda J. McWhorter Burks RR 4 Box 156-T
Paris, TX 75462

[email protected]

Clyde McWhorter of Channelview & Houston, TX My ancestors settled in Bedias, TX

Patricia (Trish) McWhirter Cosulich
4183 Cypress St.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 3P7  Canada

[email protected]

Daniel McWhirter (1835-1920?) married Margaret Hamilton in N. Ireland, County Antrim. Looking for ancestors or other connected McWhirters. Many of this branch settled in various parts of Canada. (B.C., Alberta, Ontario)
Lauren Snellgrove 122 LaRue Street NE
Huntsville, AL 35811


Descendant of Samuel Mehorter (b. cir1795, Ireland) & Mary Wall (b.1798, Ireland); children:
  Samuel Mahorter (b.cir1830, Ireland; d. 1883, PA) & Sarah Gregg
  Elizabeth Mehorter (b. 1834, Ireland; d. 1913, PA) & Thomas Simpson
  John Mehorter (d. 1876) & Mary Hill
  Sarah Mehorter later Patchell
  Matilda Mehorter later Paul
  Rebecca Mehorter later Robb
  Hugh Mehorter
  Rachel Mehorter (b. 1842, Ireland) & John Henry, later Amer
Researching Mahorter/Mehorter in the Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey area.
Peg McWhertor [email protected]    George Oliver McWhertor & Anna Nightingale
   Joseph Oliver McWhertor (1900-1961)
Kimberly Dawn Garland [email protected] Lewie, "lewy", "louie" or "louis" Alexander McWhorter (b. 1912-16; d. 1980/81) & Ella
Richard Buryl McWhorter (b. 1933-36; d. 1969)
Lynette Sue McWhorter
Lewie died visiting relatives in Macon, GA
Rich Pettit 3062 Mockingbird Ct.
Clearwater, FL 33762

[email protected]

William McWhirter & Jean Gibson, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland. Children born in Maybole: Anthony, 1764; John, 1766; Elizabeth, 1768; William, 1773; Jean, 1776; Margaret, 1782.
William McWhirter (b. 1773) & Agness Newal. Children born in Maybole: Jane, 1802; Agness, 1804; William, 1808; Margaret, 1810; Anthony, 1812.
Researching my McWhirter ancestors in Ayrshire, Scotland; site administrator for
Will do look ups for all McWh*rter name variants inThe Hearth Tax for Ayrshire 1691. You must specify a town or village as it is a large listing.
Charles McWhorter St. Albans, WV

[email protected]

Henry M. McWhorter (b. 26-May-1883) Looking for information on parents, ancestors and descendants of Henry M. & Matie Marie McWhorter.
Candace McWhirter 6549 Longacre Drive
Vernon, BC V1H 1H9

[email protected]

Robert Neil McWhirter & Minnie Tessier. Robert was born in Ardlough, Ireland and moved to Sudbury and then to Sandy Falls. Children: Robert, Edith, James, George, Richard, Clifford, Boyd, Reginald, Margaret & Edna. Robert had a brother James of Timmins and four sisters, 3 who lived in Ireland. Any info would be helpful!
Audrey Viola Ambrose Dye 275 Jefferson Ave. #B-11
Canandaigua, NY 14424

[email protected]

William McCargo McWhirter from Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland
Mary McWhirter (Stringer) of New Carlow, Hastings co., Ontario, Canada
Helen McWhirter Colquhoun 3/61 Jersey Ave.
Mortdale, NSW
Australia 2223

[email protected]

John McWhirter (b. cir1800) of Ballmalloch, Barrhill, Scotland
William McWhirter (1831-1918) & Christina McQuaker of Barrhill, Scotland
William McWhirter (b. 1864) and Mary Milroy of Barrhill, Scotland
Researching ancestors of John McWhirter.
Jamie Robson 7 Chauncey Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M8Z 2Z2

[email protected]

James McWhirter (abt1798-bef1881) & Margaret ?, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
Robert McWhirter (1829-1895), Apple River, Nova Scotia
Ida McWhorter (1864-1914) & John James Robson, m. 1-Jan-1884.
Looking for ancestors of James McWhirter & Margaret ?.
Karen Gower C/- Post Office
Marian, Queensland
Australia 4753

[email protected]

John McWhirter & Margaret Forgie
James McWhirter (abt1812-    ) & Mary Morrison of Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland
John McWhirter (abt1843-    ) & Ann Allan
Isabella McWhirter (1866-    ) removed from Ayrshire, Scotland to Australia between 1881 and 1886.
I am looking for info re: John McWhirter & Margaret Forgie; James McWhirter & Mary Morrison; and, John McWhirter and Ann Allan.
Mary Richardson 9605 George's Bluff Rd.
Richmond, VA 23229

[email protected]

Elizabeth McWhirter (1800-1875) & HughMcCulloch (1799-1846) removed from Wigtownshire, Scotland to Saginaw, MI probably by way of Canada.
Children: Margaret, James, Elizabeth, Mary (m. Robert Fawcett), Agnes (m. Colin McBratnie).
Looking for Elizabeth McWhirter's ancestors!
Gary Curtis [email protected] Alexander McWhirter & Susan McCauley of County Cavan, Ireland.
Children emigrated to NY became MOHURTERs -
Sarah, Mark, David, Susan, Samuel & Elizabeth.
John did not emigrate.
John McWhirter's children emigrated to NY 1850 and became Mahurter/MAWHIRTER - Alexander, James, Mark, Ann & Elizabeth.
Several married Harwoods who were from County Cavan also.
Helen Westmoreland P. O. Box 96616
Durham, NC 27708

[email protected]

Myrtle Odessa McWhorter (b. early 1900's) of GA/AL area. Looking for information on the descendants of my grandmother Myrtle Odessa McWhorter. I only have bits and pieces of her lineage.
Marcia Kincaid 4530 Nakoma Dr.,
Okemos, MI 48864

[email protected]

Richard Edsell McWhorter (1800-1870) of Warwick, Orange co., NY & Mary Smith Searching for Richard's parents: Richard was b. 11-Sep-1800 in Warwick, Orange co., NY and d. 1-Feb-1870 in Havana, Huron co., OH. He m. Mary Smith on 22-Jun-1820. Also researching John McWhorter (Jr?) of Orange co., NY, d. 1816; m. Ruth (1773-1850).
Robert Leon McWhorter 827 Placido Way NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

[email protected]

Reuben/Reubin McWhorter (b. Dec-1868 in MS) & Dora Rose (m. 1888 in Lee co., MS) Searching for ancestors of Reuben  McWhorter.

Lucy Vickers Grisham
1400 Ace Lane #163
Lewisville, TX 75067

[email protected]

Agnes "Nancy" McWhorter (b. 8-Jun-1766) & Robert McGough Agnes is supposed to be the daughter of Elbert McWhorter, son of Hugh & Jane of New Castle, DE. Robert McGough was 3rd son of Robert McGough & wife Matilda Carson of co. Down, Northern Ireland. Would like to find out more about Elbert and who his wife was.

Jean Webster
Unit 4 / 8 Memorial Ave.
Carlisle  6101
Western Australia

[email protected]

John McWhirter (b.cir1745 in Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland) & Margaret Galloway.
Gilbert McWhirter (b. 18-Apr-1786) & Ann Logan.
I located an individual record on the LDS records...that someone has been researching John McWhirter born on 20-Oct-1744...but no details were submitted as to who submitted these details. Can anyone help me to find out who the researcher was?
Terri K. Emelander Jenison, MI

[email protected]

James Arthur McWhirter (b. 8-Jan-1874) & Mary Elizabeth Caldwell
Ola Pauline McWhirter (b. 17-Oct-1910, d. 28-Jul-1992) & Arthur Danial Webb - Flintville, Lincoln co., TN
I'k searching for the parents and ancestors of James Arthur McWhirter.
Mary-Ann Baker Wattle Glen, Victoria, Australia

[email protected]

Robert McWhirter (b. abt1824) & Sarah McClure/McClune
Jane McWhirter (b. 13-Jul-1845 in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland) & Edward McQuat (d. 1907 Penbrech, Ayrshire).
Ancestors and descendants of Robert McWhirter and Sarah McClure/McClune
Stephen P. H. Frakes 321 South Franklin
Salem, IL 62881-2120

[email protected]

Moses McWhorter (b. cir 1700)
Henry McWhorter
Jeremiah McWhirter
Hugh Barnett McWhirter
Charles McWhirter & Nancy Griffin of Wilson co., TN
My main interest and research is on the Marion, IL branch - the 5 children of Charles and Nancy (Griffin) McWhirter (all born in Wilson co., TN) and their descendants. The 5 children are: 1. Charles (b.1824); 2. Sarah C. "Sally" (b. 1824, m. James H Eagan); 3. James S. (b. 1825); 4. Samuel Hugh (b. 1827); 5. Frances Elizabeth (b. 1829, m. Jesse Sullens). All 5 moved to Marion co., IL and had families.
Anita Jones Adler 419 Bond Street
Hillsboro, TX 76645

[email protected]

Hugh McWhorter (New Castle co., DE abt1730
Agnes McWhorter & Alexander Osborne
Delores Polderman 3471 East US 224
Ossian, IN 46777

[email protected]

Hugh McWhorter (York co., SC  to AR)
Marcus McWhirter Kansankatu 1B24
15870 Hollola, Finland

[email protected]

Thomas McWherter (b. cir1815 in Ireland) & Letitia
In the late 1830's removed to Manchester, England
I am interested in any info on the McWhirters of Manchester, England. I wish to trace the descendants of my Great-Grandfather, Rueben McWhirter (b. 25-Dec-1878 in Mount Street, Ancoats, Manchester, England).
James Meyer [email protected] Keziah McWhorter (b. 10-Dec-1830 in IN; d. 14-Oct-1918 in Fort Wayne, Allen co., IN). She m. James Perrin 10-Feb-1850 in Plymouth, Marshall co., IN (son of Hiram Perrin & Catherine Cain). James was b. 31-Aug-1824 in Perrin Mills, Clermont co., OH; d. 4-Mar-1873 in Fayette, Boone co., IN.
Denise Oberlies [email protected] Samuel McWhirter (1767-     ) who m. Elizabeth Barr (1772-    ); and had a son
Robert McWhorter
(1791-1872) who m. Elizabeth Taylor (1807-1874); and had daughter
Rebecca Caroline McWhirter (1851-1925)

They resided in NC, PA, OH and IN. I am interested in all their connections.
Frank Fuqua 8701 S. Kolb Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706

[email protected]

____ McWhirter (b. abt1820; d. bef1870) who m. Mary E. Hale (b. abt1827; d. 7-Oct-1892), and had 3 known sons;
David James McWhirter (b. abt1846; d. 25-Jul-1902);
Lorenzo Dow McWhirter (b. 18-Mar-1856; d. 27-Aug-1935);
Hubbard Guillespie McWhirter (b. 6-Jan-1860; d. 21-Feb-1950)
Searching for the name of Mary McWhirter's husband. She was born in Alabama. The sons were born in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Patti Heath 1827 Mill St.
Conway, AR 72034

[email protected]

Jane or Jean McWhorter (b. abt1725; d. 1800) who m. John Brevard (b. 1714; d. 1790) Researching any of their well as those of Hugh McWhorter because they connect to other parts of my family tree. I am a descendant of John Brevard's father, John Brevard, & Katherine McKnitt who are my 7th great-grandparents.
new3.gif (144 bytes)
Tracy McWhirter McMillan
606 E. Main St.
Delta, OH 43515

[email protected]

Harold Dillard McWhirter (b. abt1915) who m. Betty Smoots Massey Searching for information on grandfather, Harold Dillard McWhirter. Married and divorced Betty Smoots Massey. 2 children, Harold Dillard McWhirter and Effie Ruth McWhirter. Last known address in Ohio.
new3.gif (144 bytes)
Carol (McWhirter) Halmans
[email protected] Thomas McWhirter (1842-1920) who m. Janet Hanning (1838-1910) The McWhirter family is from Scotland. My grandparents came to Canada in 1926. Looking for info about earlier ancestors.
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