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Updated 5-Feb-2005

(There are currently over 35,500 persons
in the
McWh*rter Database)




Who is included in the database?

How do I inquire of the database?

Can I contribute to the database?

List of contributors


res2AY.gif (10762 bytes)   The McWh*rter Database is a collection and compilation of the efforts of dozens of McWh*rter researchers and descendants. It is maintained on computer using Brothers Keeper, a shareware genealogy program.

The database is not currently available for distribution, nor as yet available online, but it will be searched upon written or email request for information that may be helpful in your research.

The information in the database should be used as a guide in your genealogical research not as an end to the journey itself. Much of the information was compiled from secondary sources such as Family Group Sheets. Without doubt the database includes errors. The database is a joint effort of many researchers and some researchers are more careful than others. Particular care should be used when viewing abbreviated data reports such as the modified register reports included on this web site.

Researchers interested in particular individuals should request more detailed register reports which include linked text files (over 8,000 of them). These files provide both biographical and source information about many of the individuals in the database. Researchers are then in a better position to judge the value of the information for themselves.

The McWh*rter Database was created to be of help to all who care to use it. There is no charge for the assistance, although users may be asked to offset the cost of printing, copying or mailing that might be involved.

All that is asked in return
is that those with McWh*rter information
add their knowledge to the database
so that in the future
it can be of even greater assistance
to others.

Who Is Included In The McWh*rter Database?

Although the McWh*rter Database originated from mere curiosity, its current purpose is to serve as a tool to assist any and all who find a McWh*rter in their ancestry, or think that there may be a McWh*rter in their ancestry. The McWh*rter Database, therefore, is primarily a repository of genealogical information about persons who carry or bear the surname MCWH*RTER in any of its variant spellings.

The database does not include all descendants of all McWh*rters, but is intended to include all persons no more than one generation removed from the surname McWh*rter. In this respect, the purpose and scope of the McWh*rter Database differs greatly from the work of most family associations whose efforts are devoted to identifying and recording ALL descendants of a common ancestor, irrespective of the descendant’s current surname.

Although different in both purpose and scope, the McWh*rter Database and those maintained by individual family associations, share much in common and compliment the efforts of one another.

Consistent with the purpose of the McWh*rter Database the following persons are included within its records:

ALL persons who bear the MCWH*RTER surname in any of its variant spellings. Such persons include those who carry the surname by reason of birth, adoption, name change or for any other reason.

The spouse(s) of ALL persons in (1) above and the parents of those spouses.

The children of ALL persons in (1) above and the spouses of those children.

The McWh*rter Database does not include the grandchildren of persons in (1) above UNLESS the McWh*rter surname has been passed to a succeeding generation and those grandchildren either bear the surname themselves or one of their parents bears the surname.

Females are listed in the database by their maiden surname and are not double listed under their married surname. No doubt some persons are listed more than once in the database where two persons have not yet been recognized as the same individual.

Although the database was originally focused on the McWh*rter families of North America it now includes McWh*rter information from all over the world. Whenever McWh*rter families of North America are able to trace their ancestry beyond the New World’s shores the database will include whatever information is known, as far back as can be determined. In addition, much information from Scotland, Ireland, Australia and elsewhere has been added as the internet has opened up channels of communication between the continents..

Readers are encouraged to forward information for inclusion in the database. Please include sources (where known) as a list of sources is maintained for all persons in the database bearing the McWh*rter surname.


How Do I Inquire of the Database?

Requesting information from the McWh*rter Database is as simple as placing an e-mail message! I am not always able to respond as quickly as I would like as work, family and other obligations do most often come first. However, I will search the database and provide you with whatever I can turn up from the compiled information that others have provided.

To request a check of the database simply e-mail me, Alan D. McWhirter, at [email protected]
Please begin your request with the words
"Database Inquiry"
so that I can distinguish such requests from other inquiries that I receive.

When you inquire, please provide as much information as you can. Some inquiries are difficult to answer even if the sought after information is in the database. Often the information provided by those requesting help is insufficient to distinguish one John McWh*rter from another. There are literally hundreds of John McWh*rters now in the database, many born about the same time or near the same place. Inquiries of the database are always welcome, even if you have but meagre information available, but please provide all the info that you can. The bigger the database becomes, the more difficult it is becoming to sort out the inhabitants!


Can I Contribute to the Database?

By all means, yes! The success of the database in helping McWh*rter researchers is based on the willingness of others to share the fruits of their own research efforts. Information of all kinds, whether in the form of family group sheets, register reports, GEDCOMs, hand-clipped obituary notices or merely photocopies of handwritten notes, are acceptable.

Information for inclusion in the McWh*rter Database can be mailed to Alan D. McWhirter, 223 Wood Pond Road, Cheshire, CT 06140 or electronic communications and attached files can be sent to me at [email protected].


A Partial List of
Those Who Have Contibuted Their Research
to the
McWh*rter Database

The McWh*rter Database, which now includes over 34,500 names,
would be rather small indeed were it not for the generosity of many researchers
willing to contribute their findings, both great and small, to make
the search easier for those who follow in their footsteps.

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Those acknowledged below are among the many who have helped to build the
McWh*rter Database
by their contributions.
To these and others are owed -

Many thanks!


Virginia McWhorter Freeman - Decatur, GA

Phyllis Neubauer Goff - Eau Claire, WI

Jerry R. Kennedy - McLean, VA

Penny Cooper - Greenville, SC

Joan McWhirter Matteson - Duncanville, TX

Grover McWhorter - Sherman, TX

Martha Ricks Bond - Knoxville, TN

Robert Gibbs - Portland, OR

Ruth Stultz - College Park, MD

Fran Waggener - Mobile, AL

Glenda McWhirter Todd - Winchester, TN

Georgia Kinney Bopp - Kailua, HI

Heidi Palmer - Colorado Springs, CO

Leslie Seich - Edison, NJ

Ron Eagan - Mahomet, IL

Roger Helm - Clovis, CA

Tricia Petitt - Kensington, MD

Cathy Southworth - Escondido, CA

Laura McWhirter Harker - Mabank, TX

Thomas L. Mewhirter - Chapel Hill, NC

Douglas McWhirter - Toronto, Canada

Brenda Rogers - Mission, TX

Rich Pettit - Clearwater, FL

Debbie & Alistair McWhirter - Cheltenham, England

Alan David McWhirter - Belhaven, NC

Jesse McWhirter - Fayetteville, TN

Mary Negvesky - Mechanicsville, VA

Walter and Marj McWhorter Jones - Spokane, WA

Peter McWhirter - Abingdon, England

Laurette and Philip Macwhirter - Victoria, Australia

Peggy Willett - New Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Barbara Hansen - Blackfoot, ID

Cathryn H. Allen - Southfield, MI

Paula McWhorter Judd - Pensacola, FL

Gary Cuttell - Spencer, IA

Mike and Dianne Payne - Falls Church, VA

Trish Adinoff - Arlington, TX

Bill Ramsay - Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Marg Frewin - Geelong, Australia

Ian Macwhirter - Cheshire, England

Stephanie Chin - Kuching, Malaysia

John N. Cox - Charlotte, NC

Lesley Brook - Dunedin, New Zealand

Brenda Boyce - Las Vegas, NV

Kim Hess - Brookville, IN

Robert C. McWhirter - Alexandria, VA

Maurice Marlette - Hayneville, AL

Jennifer Savage - San Jose, CA

Michelle S. A'Neal - Tulsa, OK

Leona D. Mastan - Paso Robles, CA

James Chamberlain - Ontario, Canada

Paul Crunk - Hurst, TX

Marianne Montgomery - Tacoma, WA

Bill Brummitt - East Peoria, IL

Kimberly Dawn Garland - Beaverton, OR

Loretta Cozart - Charlotte, NC

Rob Wilson - Ashland, MA

Sandy Bearden Gomer - Bridger, MT

Gary Muffley - Ashville, NC

Sharon L. Lytle - Galloway, OH

Michael Rowley - New South Wales, Australia

Jeffrey Allen McWorter - Palm Desert, CA

Hazel Rasmussen - Kalispell, MT

Doris Benge Driapsa - Bainbridge, OH

Darlene McWhorter - Hortense, GA

Tom Welsh - Calgary, Canada

James L. McWhorter - East Sparta, OH

Jerry W. Paquin - North Kingstown, RI

Betty J. Mock - Middleburg, FL

Bonnie Duff-Smith of Longview, TX

Paul Towry of Cibolo, TX

Audrey Dye of Canandaigua, NY

Mark Silvestri of Warwick, NY

Patricia Cart'e of Connell, WA

Charlynn Helms of Farmers Branch, TX

Derek Corlett of Bermuda

Paula McWhirter-Buck of Burnsville, NC

Heather Johnson of St. Marys, Ontario, Canada

Frank Fuqua of Westminster, CO

David Ian McWhirter of Berowra, Australia

Linda Newbern Godwin of Canton, TX

Anita Newbern Dingman of Corinth, NY

Charles McWhorter of Mesa, AZ

Peggy Brownrigg of Crysler, Ontario, Canada

Charles McWhorter of St. Albans, WV

Nancy Brooke of Black Forest, CO

Kathleen Hamilton of Eagle Lake, TX

Steve McWhorter of Canton, OH

David L. McWhirter of Atlanta, GA

William McWhorter of Nacogdoches, TX

Linda Godwin of Canton, TX

Candace McWhirter of Vernon, B. C., Canada

Denice Kuhns of Meade, KS

Bobby McWhirter of Hampton, AR

Jane Knobloch of Red Hook, NY

Lennie Jo Barnes of Milwaukie, OR

Dan McQuirter of Louisville, MS

Carol McWhirter of Dallas, TX

Paul Boyer of Morristown, NJ

Mary Brothers of Deland, FL

Ian Alvin McWhirter of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Pat Haberfield of San Juan Capistrano, CA

Helen Colquhoun of New South Wales, Australia

Jack Weigle of Newton, NJ

Beth Scott of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Ian Musto of Tewkesbury, England

Jack W. McWhirter of Fort Worth, TX

Kim A. McWhirter of New South Wales, Australia

Karen Gower of Marian, Queensland, Australia

Kevin McWhirter of Quebec, Canada

Nancy Roney Mitchell of Orem, UT

Laura E. Brady of Big Lake, AK

Carol Delano Nutt of Glenwood, AR

Claudia Snyder of St. Louis, MO

Bill Mathews of Carrolton, TX

DeeAnn McDonald of Oklahoma City, OK

Betty Webb of Haverhill, OH

Hope McWhirter McAdoo of Calgary, Canada

David W. Crawford of Pensacola, FL

Mark E. McWhorter of Knoxville, TN

Kim Jacobson of Saline, MI

Deborah Buckley of Solsberry, IN

Pam Tollefson of San Diego, CA

Shirley Reeve of Rochester Hills, MI

Jim McWhorter of Austin, TX

Michael McWhorter of Austin, TX

Diane Rodabaugh of Horseheads, NY

Terry Taylor of Texarkana, TX

James R. Cashon of Sylmar, CA

Gail McWhirter Moore - King of Prussia, PA

Lorraine Dodd Hubbell - La Habra, CA

Theo Dee "Ted" McWhorter - Groveton, TX

David P. Haney - Bartlett, TN

Sarah Baker - Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Joanne McQuirter Riddle - Punta Gorda, FL

Janet Thompson Schreiber - Burnaby, B. C., Canada

David M. Monsees, Jr. - Silver Spring, MD

Crawford MacKeand - Montchanin, DE

Dawn Rae Downton - Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, Canada

Marcia McWhorter Kincaid of Okemos, MI

Vicki Coker of Collinsville, IL

Eileen McWhirter Ferris of Washington, NC

Pat Engebretson of Belle Fourche, SD

Bernice Gustafson of Lockhart, TX

Darlene Campbell of Ottawa, Canada

Rick McWherter of Louisville, KY

John Harrell of San Antonio, TX

Edith McWhirter Crosson of Falfurrias, TX

Larry Baker of Charleston, IL

Lynn Smith of Fayetteville, NC

Julia (Wright) Molitz of Newport Coast, CA

Brenda Self of Greenville, TX

Grae John McWhirter of Sydney, Australia

Beulah Dicus of New Braunfels, TX

Lucy Vickers Grisham of Lewisville, TX

Teresa Williams of Tye, TX

Jackie Brents of Spanaway, WA

Victoria Harris of Warrensburg, MO

Peg McWhertor of Winter Springs, FL

Doris Clark of Mishawaka, In

Kathy Reno of Kamloops, B. C., Canada

Janice McWhirter of Manila, AR

Nancy Frost of Overland Park, KS

Robert McClain of MA

Jean McWhirter Webster of Carlisle, Western Australia

Irene Mitchell of British Columbia, Canada

Kathryn McWhirter Martinson of Huntsville, AL

Jim Fullilove of Gulfport, MS

Terri K. Emelander of Jenison, MI

Beverley Longridge of Linton, Victoria, Australia

Ric Blake of Londerry, NH

Lenore Kalotai of Bridgeport, CT

Terry Taylor of Texarkana, TX

Marcus McWhirter of Hollola, Finland

Vincent McWhirter of Troon, Scotland

Patricia A. McWhorter of Metairie, LA

Janet Schmitt Dobson of Springfield, OH

Mary Morrissette of Chicago, IL

Janean Taylor of North Little Rock, AR

Kathy Baker of Picton, Ontario, Canada

Sharon Kamer of Jacksonville, AR

Bob Gordon of Keene, Ontario, Canada

Stephen Frakes of Cottonwood/Sedona, AZ

Barbara McWherter Sanders of Laurie, MO

Jeff McClellan of British Columbia, Canada

Karen McWhorter Wilhelm of Dearborn Heights, MI

Michelle Jimerson Morris of Independence, MO

John H. Campbell of Glen Iris, Australia

Michael Rowley of Oatley, New South Wales, Australia

Geoff McWhirter of Sydney, Australia

Douglas Campbell of Carson City, NV

Lance Lawton of Werribee, Victoria, Australia

James W. Meyer of Loveland, CO

Mack Benner of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Bobbie Ann Pendlebury of Dahlonega, AL

Vicki de Burgos of Lake Dallas, TX

Heather Bray of St. Kilda, Dunedin, New Zealand

Janet Fry of Androssan, Ayrshire, Scotland

Tom Anderson of Lima, OH

Carol Walsh of Jerseyville, IL

Denise Oberlies of Davenport, FL

Sharon Mueller of Des Moines, IA

Debra Hennings of Tacoma, WA

Melissa Ward of Wauchope, NSW, Australia

Douglas McWhorter of Houston, TX


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