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GERMANNA Photo Gallery

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This page is devoted to photographs and other graphics and maps (such as land plats and deeds, birth certificates, wills, etc.) that relate to Germanna immigrants, the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, German villages of our ancestors, etc..  See the bottom of this page for what will be accepted for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for getting the photos or graphics files to me.

Index of Photo & Map Pages

(Photo Pages for Germanna Places, Maps, Charts, Letters, etc.)
Salubria (Lady Spottswood's Home)
Germanna Land Patent Maps, Madison Co., VA
Hebron Lutheran Church
Germanna Land Patent Maps, Culpeper Co., VA (Little Fork)
Germanna Letters Germanna Reunion 1998
Historical German Maps 1241-1877

(Photo Pages for John and Eleanor Blankenbaker's Germany and Austria trip in May, 2000.)

Germany and Austria Photos

(Photo Pages for Individual Germanna Families.)


(Photo Pages for Families of Unknown Origin and Miscellaneous Places.)
NIXON Family Photos
BRITTLE Family Photos
Early 1900s NH & ME Photos
{Link to Old Photos that Need to Be Identified,  (Not Germanna).}

Anyone is welcome to have photos or other graphics files posted here for other Germanna researchers to view and/or download.  Following are the subjects accepted for this page:

  • Photos/Documents from villages in Germany (Baden-W�rttemberg and other areas) from which our ancestors immigrated;
  • Photos/Documents from Switzerland from which our ancestors immigrated;
  • Photos/Documents from Germanna, VA, locales;
  • Photos/Documents relating to people who are descended from Germanna immigrants, or linked thereto by marriage;
  • Photos of buildings associated with Germanna descendants;
  • Any other Photos/Documents/Graphics that relate to Germanna and/or Germanna descendants.

Any photos or other graphics files sent to me for inclusion here must NOT be copyright material; if such photos or files ARE copyright material and you have obtained permission to post them here, you must include informtion in your email to me that shows this permission.  If the photos or files belong to you, you must state in your email that you give your permission to have them posted here.  If you or the copyright owners wish, I will include a short line of copyright information with the pictures or graphics.

If you have a scanner, you may scan the graphics yourself and send them to me as an attachment to an email.  Scan at 760 dpi resolution, in .JPG format, then use Winzip or PKZip to compress the files into one .ZIP file.

If you don't own a scanner, you may send your photos, or copies thereof, to me via US Postal Service mail.  My mailing address is:

George W. Durman
925 Kevin Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923-2540

You can reach me by phone at (865)470-4853.

If you have questions about exactly what is allowed, how to prepare photos or graphics files for transmission to me for inclusion on this page, etc., click here to send me your message. Thank You!  (George W. Durman, webmaster.)

There is a Mailing List (also known as a Discussion List or Discussion Group), called GERMANNA_COLONIES, at RootsWeb.  This List is open to all subscribers for communicating their messages to other Germanna researchers.  We urge more of you to make it a research tool for getting answers to your questions, or for summarizing your findings, on any subject concerning the Germanna Colonies of Virginia.  On this List, you may make inquiries of specific Germanna SURNAMES.  At present, there are about 1000 subscribers and there are bound to be users there who can help you.

If you are interested in subscribing to this List, click right here.  You don't need to type anything in the Subject line or in the body text.  Do not include your name in the body of the message, nor you address, nor any other text, and delete any "signature" lines.  You will shortly receive a Welcome Message explaining the List.

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