Old Photos that Need to be Identified

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This page is devoted to photographs and other graphics (such as land plats and deeds, birth certificates, wills, etc.) that genealogy researchers have found, and would like to see passed on to descendents of the people in the photos, and to descendants of the people to whom the land plats and deeds, birth certificates, wills, etc., pertain.

Anyone may have his or her "found" photos or documents displayed on this page.  Any old photos are welcome here.  It is hoped that eveyone will use the page and that we may find rightful owners of all our "found" items.

Index of Old Photo Pages

(Photos in Possession of Sue Fisher .)

These are photos that were found in an antique store in Clovis, CA.  For each photo, I have listed all the information that Sue provided.  Sue would like to see these pictures in the hands of family members of the individuals shown.  If you would like to correspond with Sue about these photos, click on the link just above to send her a message.


Photo of six children.  The following names were written on the back of the picture: Ettie Brookes, 13 yrs.; Clara Brookes, 9 yrs.; Fred Brookes, 7 yrs.; Mary Elliot; Will Myers, Harry Bryant.

(File is 496 x 362; 19,865 bytes)


Photo of Mother and Son.  On the front it says "Talbott, El Dorado Sps., MO.  On the back is written, " 'Mit' Darby and son 1908 (or '10)."

(File is 500 x 366; 19,096 bytes bytes)


Photo of woman reading book.  On the back it says, "Mary Ackerly, 1907."

(File is 500 x 687; 52,340 bytes)

Anyone is welcome to have photos or other graphics files posted here for other genealogy researchers to view and/or download.  Any photos, or other graphics files, sent to me for inclusion here must NOT be copyright material; if such photos or files ARE copyright material and you have obtained permission to post them here, you must include informtion in your email to me that shows this permission.  If the photos or files belong to you, you must state in your email that you give your permission to have them posted here.  If you or the copyright owners wish, I will include a short line of copyright information with the pictures or graphics.

If you have a scanner, you may scan the graphics yourself and send them to me as an attachment to an email.  Scan at 300 dpi resolution, save in .JPG format, then, if you are sending more than one file, use Winzip or PKZip to compress the files into one .ZIP file.  Send files to me at germannaresearch@comcast.net.

If you don't own a scanner, you may send your photos, or copies thereof, to me via US Postal Service mail.  My mailing address is:

George W. Durman
925 Kevin Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923-2540

You can reach me by phone at (865)470-4853.

If you have questions about how to prepare photos or graphics files for transmission to me for inclusion on this page, etc., click here to send me your message. Thank You!  (George W. Durman, webmaster.)

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