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This page is a repository of photos that relate to the WILHITE/WILHOIT family of the Germanna Colonies.  Click on the "Photos Home Page" at the bottom of this page to find links to other "Germanna Photos" pages, and to find out how to submit your Germanna photos for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for sending the photos or graphics files to me.

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Wilhite/Wilhoit Photos


Photo provided by Ann Di COIO.  Here is her description of the picture:

The picture was taken about 1905.  These are my Great Grandparents, Lucinda Wilhite, b.1872, Sebastain Co., Ark., & Marion Gipson, b.about 1860.  Marion Gipson and Lucinda Wilhite married about 1890.
Left to right, (1)Grandfather Morris William Gipson (holding rabbit), b.Dec 1890, Chimsville,Logan,AR;  (2)Joe Gipson;  (3)Great Grandfather Marion Gipson;  (4)Charlie Gipson;  (5)Great Grandmother Lucinda (Ludie) Wilhite;  (6)&(7)Girls may be Stella, Ozzie, Ammie, or Minnie.

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(The above graphic is from a xerox copy of the actual photo.  As soon as Ann sends me a copy of the original photo, I will replace this one with one of much better quality.  GWD, WebMaster.)


Photo provided by Nada Sue WILHOIT DAVIS.  Here is her description of the picture:

This is a picture of Henry Odd Willhoit and his third wife, Martha Victoria Riley, and three of their ten children, from the left Douglas, Carl and Eunice.  All of the pictures I will be sending belong to Lois Robertson.  She was kind enough to let me make copies of them.  Lois is the daughter of Dona May Willhoit Mauldin, one of Henry and Martha's children. (Nada Sue Willhoit Davis)

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