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This page is a repository of photos that relate to the BLANKENBAKER family of the Germanna Colonies.  Click on the "Photos Home Page" at the bottom of this page to find links to other "Germanna Photos" pages, and to find out how to submit your Germanna photos for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for sending the photos or graphics files to me.

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Joel BLANKENBAKER Family of Rensselaer, Indiana

Gravestone of Joel BLANKENBAKER (1795-1869)

Gravestone of Joel BLANKENBAKER

Gravestone of Joel BLANKENBAKER (1795-1869) in the Harris Cemetery near Rensselaer, IN.

(File size:  815 x 1085 (150 dpi),  239 Kbytes)

Photos of Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER CRISLER (1854-1885).


Pictures of the Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER CRISLER.
(Grand-daughter of Joel BLANKENBAKER and Susannah HOUSE.
(Daughter of Michael Lewis BLANKENBAKER and Elizabeth OATES [UTZ].)
(Married to Albert M. S. CRISLER 11 JAN 1874 in Newton Co., IN.)

(File size:  1504 x 1168 (105 dpi),  205 Kbytes)

Gravestone of Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER CRISLER (1854-1885)

Gravestone of Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER CRISLER

This is the gravestone of Louisa Mildred CRISLER (1854-1885) in the Harris Cemetery near Rensselaer, IN.
(Daughter of Michael Lewis BLANKENBAKER and Elizabeth OATES [UTZ].)
(Married to Albert M. S. CRISLER.)

(Michael Lewis BLANKENBAKER was the son of Joel BLANKENBAKER; therefore, this Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER was the grandaughter of Joel BLANKENBAKER and Susannah HOUSE.

(File size:  1085 x 814 (150 dpi),  1,499 Kbytes)

The photos above were sent by Avis Walker.  She sent the following information in support of the pictures:

"My great grandmother was Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER - daughter of Joel BLANKENBAKER - at the risk of saying something everyone knows - I visited the grave of Joel and Louisa recently - in a cornfield - near Rensselaer, IN. I have attached a photo of Louisa Mildred that I have, as well as a photo of the headstones, which are in sad disrepair - being an abandoned cemetery, they have been vandalized over the years and are sitting in a pile together -please use these if you haven't seen them on the Germanna site if you wish.

"I also have photos and information on the rest of the Indiana buried Blankenbakers, Crislers, Hammonds, etc., that are married into - I would be happy to share - what I am looking for is birth marriage documents for those in VA,TN, and OH to add to my 'library'.  I have information with references, but seems to me a waste to reinvent or reapply for papers that someone already has - I have the marriage certificate for Louisa and George R. Thornton if anyone is interested in a copy - as well as the Cemetery, Marriage, and Birth Index Pages from IN - sharing is good, no?
Avis Walker

(The picture that Avis sent of Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER CRISLER's gravestone is not Joel's daughter, but his grand-daughter, who married Albert M. S. CRISLER 11 Jan 1874 in Newton Co., IN.  I think that Avis, as well as some other BLANKENBAKER researchers have confused the Louisa BLANKENBAKER, born 1833, with the Louisa Mildred BLANKENBAKER, born 1854.  Some researchers who have posted their databases on the Internet actually have the grand-daughter Louisa Mildred married to George R. THORNTON, which is obviously an error.  The Louisa, born in 1833, is almost always identified as just "Louisa", not "Louisa Mildred".  The two women are separate people.  The "Louisa" born in 1833 could, or could not, have had a middle name of "Mildred".  GWD)

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