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Salubria was constructed in the eighteenth century for Rev. John Thompson.  According to local tradition, he built Salubria in 1742 when he married his first wife, Ann Butler, widow of Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood.  In 1802, James Hansbrough bought the property and named it "Salubria" which means healthful.  Salubria was the birthplace and family home of Admiral Cary T. Grayson, personal physician to President Woodrow Wilson.  Salubria is the oldest brick home in Culpeper County, Virginia, and is owned by Laura Grayson, the widow of Gordon Grayson.  It was the site of the 1998 Germanna Reunion.

Salubria is located about 6 miles west of Germanna, VA, in Culpeper County, near Stevensburg.  Stevensburg is the first and oldest village in Culpeper County.  It was considered as a location for the University of Virginia, and was once the cultural and educational center of Culpeper County.

These photos were sent to me by Carol Bradbury and were taken in the Germanna area, during the 1998 Germanna Reunion.  Click on the "Photos Home Page" at the bottom of this page to find links to other "Germanna Photos" pages, and to find out how to submit your Germanna photos for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for sending the photos or graphics files to me.

Salubria Photos

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Salubria (Located 6 miles west of Germanna, VA, near the village of Stevensburg).

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Tour Group Outside Salubria #1

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Tour Group Outside Salubria #2

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Salubria Parlor Fireplace
(Salubria has twin parlors, separated by a hall.)
(The fireplace is in the West parlor.)

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Salubria Cupboard
(This cupboard is located in the East parlor.)
(It is likely that this parlor was used as a dining room, or for afternoon tea.)

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Salubria Window

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Salubria Stairway

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NOTE: Salubria is only open to the public by appointment and on other special occasions.  Should anyone want to visit Salubria, he/she can contact the Germanna Foundation office via mail, phone, fax, or EMail:

Foundation Administrator
PO Box 693
Culpeper, VA 22701-0693
Office: 540-423-1700
Fax: 540-423-1747

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