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Germanna Letters

Letters from William Utterback, 1938:

The following two letters were written by William I. Utterback.  He was Head of the Zoology Department at Marshall College in Huntington, WV, in 1938, when he wrote the letters.

The letters were graciously forwarded to me by Kathy Utterback Carr, for posting on the BROYLES/BRILES Family History (Germanna) web site.  THANKS KATHY !!!!!

Here is what Kathy said about the letters:

"I have just come into possession of 2 letters written by Wm.Utterback (the one that wrote the Utterback book).  These letters were written to a Mrs. Mary Gaston, of Glenwood, IA in, 1938.  William is requesting input on some of her relatives' pasts, while he makes mention of some of his findings and references to the book.  Some surnames he references are:  RECTOR-RICTOR, FISCHBACH, HOLTZCLAW, KEMPER and many more.

"On the letter dated May 18th, 1938, you will notice on the bottom of the second page that there is some words erased; they came that way, with the eraser residue still on the letter.  I can't make out what was written.  Also there is a an interesting story behind how I got them.  A Linda Darling sent them to me.  Her husband collects WWII memorabilia and they met a 'junk' collector in New York.  He started sending boxes of stuff to them, and the letters came in one of these boxes.  The junk collector had found out Linda was into Genealogy and sent them for a joke, for her to throw away after she read them."

(Note from SgtGeorge, caretaker of this web site:  William mentions the following names in his letters:  UTTERBACK, RECTOR, KEMPER, HOLTZCLAW, FISHBACK, RICHTER, WEAVER, MARTIN, SPILLMAN, HOFFMAN, COONS, BRUMBACK, and HITT.)

Wm.Utterback Ltr.1-1

Letter 1, Page 1
(Written April 26, 1938)

(File size:  1280x1656; 431,361 bytes)

Wm.Utterback Ltr.1-2

Letter 1, Page 2

(File size:  1280x1656; 339,545 bytes)

Wm.Utterback Ltr.2-1

Letter 2, Page 1
(Written May 18, 1938)

(File size:  1280x1656; 376,118 bytes)

Wm.Utterback Ltr.2-2

Letter 2, Page 2

(File size:  1280x1656; 469,696 bytes)

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