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This page is a repository of photos that relate to the WAYLAND/WEYLAND/WEILAND family of the Germanna Colonies.  Click on the "Photos Home Page" at the bottom of this page to find links to other "Germanna Photos" pages, and to find out how to submit your Germanna photos for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for sending the photos or graphics files to me.

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(The photos immediately below were submitted by John Wayland.  (John Terrill WAYLAND, Jr.)  John's line of descent is: Thomas, John, Henry, Henry, Eli, Henry Harrison, Lloyd Lowry, John Terrill, Sr.

Henry Harrison WAYLAND Photo

Henry Harrison WAYLAND, b. 2 Sep 1843, d. 2 Jul 1921, and his mother-in-law Ann LOWRY, b. 22 Sep 1831, d. aft 1917, wife of Anna Belle's father, Abel R. JACKSON.  After Abel died on 11 Sep 1858, Ann LOWRY (JACKSON) m. Henry Toulman FORT.  Henry's son, Lloyd WAYLAND, wrote, "Pa & Grandma FORT, mother's mother."  H. H. WAYLAND fought for the Confederacy at age 18, and was captured and put in a POW camp.  He was released after an oath of allegiance, but joined the troops again and was recaptured.  This was an automatic death sentence, but his mother rode the train to Washington, DC, and spoke with Abe Lincoln, who pardoned him (this story is in his obituary).

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Henry Harrison WAYLAND Photo

Another photo of Henry Harrison WAYLAND.

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Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND Photo LLoyd Lowry WAYLAND was over 72 when he helped out during WW II by working in a machine shop, building things for the fighting men.  This picture was in the paper, and underneath it, it said, "L.L. Wayland, 72, father of a Navy Chaplain, was a bond salesman before he retired.  Now he operates a turret lathe and has been neither absent nor late for work in two years."  John's grandfather told him that when he went to work in the factory at this job in St. Louis, MO, he did the best that he could.  The problem was that he was outproducing the other men working there, who were draft dodgers half his age.  They got really irritated about "Pops" outproducing them and complained to the foreman.  The foreman came to Granddad LLoyd and told him that he would put down in the book that he was producing the same as the others each day.  But, he would mark in another place the actual number he produced, and that would be a cushion in case he was down some day on production.  Granddad LLoyd said that he never was down on his production, but that solved the complaint problem.  He never admitted to being of German descent during the war, of course.  He told everyone that he was "Dutch."

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Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND Photo

Another photo of Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND, taken by his grandson, John Terrill WAYLAND, Jr.  He was in his 90's when John took the photograph.  Granddad Lloyd lived to the age of 95.

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Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND Photo

Formal photographi of Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND.

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John Terrill WAYLAND, Sr. Photo

John's father, John Terrill WAYLAND, Sr., taken while he was serving as a Chaplain in the U.S. Navy, during WWII.

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John Terrill  WAYLAND III Photo

John's son, John Terrill WAYLAND, III, and his wife, Beth.

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