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This page shows three maps of Land Patents in Madison County, VA.  These Patents were obtained by members of the 1st and 2nd Germanna Colonies.

The first map is entitled "The Plat of the German Town of 1729."  It shows the land holdings of Holtzclaw, Weaver, Fishback, Spillman, Coons, Kemper, Martin, Hoffman, Rector, and Brumback.

The second map is entitled "A Map of the First Patents of Land in Madison County, Virginia, as of the Year 1740."

The third map shows Patents to the West and South of the first Map, and includes, among others, Patents of King, Eddings, Holt, Batteley, Rucker, Taliaferro, Cave, Phillips, Rice, Dougharty, Bruce, and John BROYLES (Johannes BREYHEL). =========================

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   Map # 1
   The Plat of the German Town of 1729

   Map # 2
   A Map of the First Patents of Land in Madison County, Virginia,
   as of the Year 1740

   Map # 3
   Patents to the West and South of Map # 1

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