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Duncans in Franklin Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised July 14, 2013

Formed 1807 from Bedford, Warren
Coffee formed 1836 from Franklin, Warren, Bedford
Moore formed 1871 from Bedford, Franklin


1820 Franklin Co. TN Census
Pg. 28  Charles Duncan        300001        - 23310
        Joseph Duncan         120001        - 10201
        William Duncan        310101        - 13210

1830 Franklin Co. TN Census
Pg. 86  Alfred G. Dunkin      1000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: mar. Charlotte Duncan 5/6/1828 Whitley Co. KY;
          ? 1840 Trigg Co. KY or Lafayette Co. MO;
          d. 1849 Mercer Co. MO)
        Joseph Dunkin         0001,1001     - 0
          (MAD: son of Capt. John d. 1817 Washington Co. VA;
           1840 Coffee Co. TN)
   114  William Dunkin        0121,1000,1   - 0102,111
        Robert Dunkin         0000,01       - 0001
   129  Jesse Duncan          0000,01       - 0000,1
          (MAD: 1840-1850 & later Jackson Co. AL)

1840 Franklin Co. TN Census
Pg. 48  Robert Duncan         0000,001      - 1200,1
        Thomas Duncan         1200,01       - 1000,1
          (MAD: ? Barry Co. MO 1850 census)
    54  William Duncan        0001,1000,01  - 0000,2101
           Not Rev. War
        Andrew J. Duncan      0000,1        - 0000,1
          (MAD: Newton Co. MO 1850 census)
    56  Anderson B. Duncan    2000,001      - 1200,011
        Jno. Duncan           1000,1        - 0001
    61  William Duncan Jr.    1000,1        - 0000,1
          (MAD: William W., son of Wm., to Sevier Co. AR 1850,
           Burleson & Hill Co. TX 1855)

1850 Franklin Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 8
Pg.61 (122), #808, Robert DUNCAN 50 VA farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 39 GA
                  Terrasse 19, Winney J. 17 TN
                  Maria E. 13, William 8 TN
                  George W. 7, Benjamin K. 3 TN
Pg.61 (122), #809, William DUNCAN 81 VA farmer $2000
                  Sarah 68 VA
                  Eddy (f) 50 TN, Margaret 30 TN
                  Perry 28, Mary E. 5 TN
                  William R.3 TN
Pg.61 (122), #811, Lucy A. MODENA 31 TN (blank) $2500
                  Martha 14, Virginia 12 TN
                  Thomas 5 TN
                  John W. DUNCAN 37 TN (occupation blank) $0
Pg.63 (125), #832, Peyton S. CORN 21 TN farmer "none" ($0)
                  Frances M. (f) 23 TN
                  Terrassa (f) 20 TN
Pg.67 (133), #885, John H. DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $2000
                  Levina 26 TN
                  William A. 12, Susan M. 9 TN
                  Allexander 7, John M. 4 TN
                  George 2 TN
                  (MAD: William A. mar. 1860 Monroe Co. TN; Alexander and William A. in Coffee Co. TN 1870 census)
Pg.67 (133), #890, John LAMBERT 59 VA farmer $100
                  Patsy 58 VA
                  Jane 23, Martha 3, Mary J. 6/12 TN
                  (MAD: one John S. Lambert mar. Lucy Duncan 1842)
Pg.69 (138), #929, Anderson B. DUNCAN 52 NC farmer $1500
                  Telitha 41 NC
                  Martissa (f) 19, Louisa 17 NC
                  John F. 15, Tenassa F. (f) 10 NC
                  James P. 6, Martha J. 2 NC
                  (MAD: birthplaces as given)

1860 Franklin Co. TN Census
District 1
Pg.83 (33), #228-227, Elizabeth DUNCAN 48 GA (blank) $4500-$7500
                  Maria 22, Wm. 17 TN (farmhand)
                  Geo. 15, Benj. 12 TN
                  James 8 TN
                  Ruth HENDON 70 SC
District 7
Pg.134 (160), #1142-1125, Lazarus LAWSON 66 VA farmer $6730-$2350
                  Margaret 47 TN
                  Lazarus 18 TN
                  (MAD: Lazarus Lawson mar. Margret Duncan 1854)
District 8
Pg.137 (166), #1182-1164, P.S. CORN (m) 30 TN farmer $1400-$1105
                  Teresa 29 TN
                  Gemima (f) 7, William 3 TN
                  Almeda J. (f) 6/12 TN
                  (MAD: Payton S. Corn mar. Terrissa K. Duncan 1850)
Pg.140 (171), #1218-1199, John H. DUNCAN 51 NC farmer $8000-$4000
                  Lavina 39 TN
                  Wm. 21, Susan M. 18 TN
                  Alexander 15, John 13 TN
                  Geo. 11, Joseph 9 TN
                  Andrew 7, Thomas 5 TN
                  Mary 2 TN
Pg.144 (179), #1266-1246, A.B. DUNCAN (m) 62 UNK farmer $6600-$14250
                  Talitha 51 NC
                  Louisa 25, Terasa 19 TN
                  James P. 15, Martha J. 12 TN
                  Mary C. 9, Thomas B. 5 TN
Pg.144 (179), #1267-1247, John F. DUNCAN 24 TN farmer $0-$400
                  Mary 20 TN
                  Mary E. 1 TN
                  (MAD: John F. Duncan mar. Mary M. Farrar 12/10/1857 Grundy Co. TN)
Pg.145 (181), #1282-1262, Wm. W. SHARP 31 TN farmer $11,000-$13,000
                  Susan F. 27 TN
                  Edna L. 8, Robert T. 6 TN
                  Mary V. 4, George C. 1 TN
                  Mary E. DUNCAN 16 TN $1,500-$1,500
                  Wm. R. DUNCAN 14 TN $1,500-$1,500
                  (MAD: William R. Duncan was son of O.H.B. Duncan & Virginia Sharp; see 1865 will of Wm.'s uncle & guardian Wm. W. Sharp)
District 9
Pg.151 (194), #1375-1350, E.H. IKARD (m) 40 MO farmer $10,100-$16,785
                  M.(f) 30 NC
                  James M. 16, Lanson R. 14 TN
                  Elizabeth J. 8, Andrew J. 6 TN
                  Milton F. 4, Wm. G. 2, Joseph S. 2/12 TN
                  (MAD: E.H. Ikard mar Matilda Duncan 1851)

1870 Franklin Co. TN Census
(handwritten page# in parentheses)
District 1, P.O. Dechard
Pg.6 (12), #91-91, GARNER, Nathan G. 46 TN farmer $2500-$400
                  Emily A. 40 TN
                  Elizabeth 17, Nathan W. 15, Narcisse 12 TN
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 40 TN BLACK house servant
                  Dick 6, Henry 4, Walter 2 TN BLACK
Pg.9, #120-120, PAYNE, John Jnr. (not Snr) 50 VA physician $5000-$2000
                  Elizabeth R. 35 AL at home
                  Sarah V. 18, Rufus P. 15 AL at home
                  Martin A. 12, Fanny S. 7 AL at home
                  John J. 4/12 TN b.March at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 8 TN BLACK (crossed out: house servt.)
Pg.27 (53), #456-456, STREET, Henry 37 TN BLACK laborer $175-75
                  Matilda 37 TN BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Levi 15 TN BLACK
                  BRAZELTON, Rosa 57 VA BLACK house servant
District 7
Pg.99 (18), #135-137, VanDYKE, Logan 40 KY BLACK works on RR
                  Mary 26 TN BLACK
                  George 5, Henrietta 2/12 TN BLACK
                  SIMMSA?, Susan 14 TN BLACK
                  MARTIN, John 32 TN BLACK works on RR
                  DUNCAN, Robert 33 TN BLACK works on RR
Pg.101 (22), #162-164, DUNCAN, Henry 26 TN BLACK farm laborer $0-$125
                  Emily A. 24 MS BLACK
                  John H. 5, Alfred N. 2 TN BLACK
                  Mary A. 1/12 Apr. TN BLACK
                  Susan E. 14 TN BLACK
District 8
Pg.104 (4), #31-31, DUNCAN, Telitha (f) 60 NC farmer $1400-$1000
                  Jas. P. 26 TN farmer
                  Virginia C. 25 TN
                  Jas. W. 3, Elizabeth M. 1/12 b. May TN
                  Mary C. 18, Thomas B. 15 TN
Pg.106 (7), #49-49, DUNCAN, John 23 TN farmer $0-$250
                  Missouri C. 20 GA
                  Annie 2 TN
Pg.106 (8), #57-57, DUNCAN, J.H. (m) 62 NC farmer $5000-$1000
                  Lubina (f) 47 TN
                  Joseph H. 17, Andrew 16 TN
                  Thomas 14, Mary E. 12 TN
                  Martha L. 7 TN
Pg.115 (26), #207-207, DUNCAN, George W. 24 TN school teacher mar. Oct.
                  Martha E. 20 TN mar. Oct.
District 10
Pg.142 (20), #115-141, DUNCAN, W. (m) 45 GA "labror" $0-$300
                  Margret 35 NC
                  Mary 16, Marusa (f) 12, William 11 AL
                  Samuel 6, Sarah 5, Martha 2 TN
                  (MAD: William Duncan in 1860 Jackson Co. AL census)


Franklin Co. TN Marriages 1838-1875, not complete (FHL film 576,303)
      James Burks to Mary Duncan, 23 Dec. 1871, pg.371
      C.F. Blair to Mattie J. Duncan, 19/20 Dec. 1866, pg.290
      J.B. Boyce to Miss L.J. Duncan, lic. 12 Jan. 1869, no ret., pg.326
      Payton S. Corn to Terrissa K. Duncan, 12 Sept. 1850, pg.125
      J.B. Corn to T.T. Duncan, 22/23 Dec. 1868, pg.324
      John H. Duncan to Levina Simmons, 18 Jan. 1838, pg.1
      Andrew J. Duncan to Dicy Duncan, 23 Dec. 1839, pg.18
      O.H.B. (sic) Duncan to Virginia An Sharp, lic. 8 April, m. 9 April 1843, pg.50
      Alexnd. Duncan to Issabella McKelvy, lic. 11 Dec., m. 14 Dec. 1865, pg.272
      J.A. Duncan to Virginia Rose, lic. 2 July 1866, m. 5 July "1867" by W.G. Guin, pg.281 (MAD: with other 1866 marriages; Mt.Garner Cemetery= "Virginia Rowe" and "J.P." Duncan)
      John H. Duncan to Missouria Hart, 22/23 Dec. 1866, pg.290
      G.W. Duncan to M.E. Corn, lic. 7 Oct. 1869, pg.334
      B.K. Duncan to Miss Edney Sharp, 25 Nov. 1869, pg.336
      E.H. Ikard to Martisha? Duncan, 1/2 Jan. 1851, pg.129
      John S. Lambert to Lucy Duncan, lic. 27 July, m. 10 Aug. 1842, pg.41
      Lazarus Lawson to Margret Duncan, lic. 2 Jan, m. 3 Jan. 1854, pg.167
      William M. Reynolds to Patsy Duncan, lic. 12 Dec., m. 19 Dec. 1839, pg.18
      Matlock families in Franklin Co. TN.


Franklin Co. TN Probate Records, 1808-1876 (FHL film 576,319)
      A-26: 19 April 1815, will of John Woods of Franklin Co. TN; wife Abigail Woods tract of land I now live on, 134 acres during her natural life, negroes, furniture, etc.; two sons in law Charles Duncan and James McCorn? and their wives Mary (Marg?) and Duncan and Susanna McConn and their children have no further division of my estate. I have given to them land and negroes a third of an equal value that my estate will make with the rest of my children (two third). My negroes ... equally divided between my son James Woods and my son-in-law William Evans who married my beloved daughter Sary Woods now deceased and their heirs and William Hazelrig (later "Hazelridge") and Rebecca Hazelridge (sic) and their heirs ... No probate date. Wit. Peter Woods, Johnathan Estill.
      A-107-8: 12 May 1832, will of Boley Embrey (see Deed M-488); eldest son Willis? $50; my second son Isaac $50; my four youngest children Thomas Jefferson Winny (sic) Elizabeth & Isabela (no commas); my eight children viz. Temperance Jenny Matilda Lucy Thomas Missey (sic) Elizabeth and Isabella. Appoint brother Thomas Embrey and friend William Duncan exec. Wit. Samuel Corn, James J. Horrell. Prob. 27 Aug. 1832.
      1-315: Will of William Duncan of Franklin Co. TN: Wife Sarah during her life or widowhood my farm on which I now live, animals, etc.; to my daughter Susan wife of William Cowling slave; to my son William W. Duncan slave; residue of slaves to my wife; dau. Sarah wife of Jack Chetand? slave; to my daughter Polly wife of Robert Taylor slave; to my daughter Margaret slave; to my son Robert B. Duncan & my daughter Edy Corn slave; to my other children by my last wife a slave; to my children by my last wife $80 apiece & to my daughter Margaret in addition thereto a horse ...; to Robert and Elizabeth Oldham children of Jesse Oldham by my daughter $200 apiece; upon death or termination of widowhood, estate to be sold, and after making my children by my last wife equal ... shall be divided share and share alike among my children by my wife and my son Robert B. Duncan and my daughter Edy Corn. Sons Robert B. Duncan and O.H.P.B. Duncan executors. Dated 4 Jan. 1851. Wit. H.R. Estill?, W.W. Garven, Will Edw. Venable. Additions: my daughter Polly wife of Robert Taylor different slave; dau. Margaret different slave. Dated 29 Nov. 1851. Wit. Will Ed. Venable, M?. W. Garrison?. Prob. April 1852.
      1-317: Nuncupative will of Robert B. Duncan, by testimony of Wm. B.G. Muse, William Hill and George W. Corn, will made 21 March 1853; wife Elizabeth Duncan everything during her life or widowhood; then equally divided among the children. Statement given 6 April 1853.

Franklin Co. TN Will (FHL film 576,319; SLC 9/2007)
      Book A, pg.26-27: In the name of God Amen, I John Woods of Franklin Co. TN, ... my last will and testament: 1st, to my beloved wife Abigail Woods the tract of land I now live on containing 134 acres with all the improvements thereto attached, during her natural life, and my wife Abigail Woods have during her natural life my negro man Jefry and his wife Seller? and their son named Richmond and all my household and kitchen furniture and farming tools with all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and such part of hogs as belong to me now on said farm. Item second, It is my will that my two sons in law Charles Duncan and James McCorn (McCom?) and their wifes Mary "and" Duncan and Susanna McCorn and their children have no further division of my estate. I have given to them land and negroes a third? of an equal value that my estate will make with the use of my children. Item third, It is my will that my three negros named Aaron, Jeffry midle? and Carl will be equally divided between my son James Woods and my son in law William Evans who married my beloved daughter Sary Woods now deceased and their heirs and William Hazelridge and Rebecca Hazelridge and their heirs, to be divided by lot and if any diference of value be between said negros each shall pay to the other so as to make all equal. Item fourth, whereas I now have on hand a crop of cotton and bonds due for money and some money on hand and desire to use those funds during my life and at my death if there should be on hand any money or other articles not otherwise devised it is my will and desire after my just debts is paid that my beloved wife Abigail Woods have one fourth part of any amount that may be on hand, and the balance of said funds be equally divided between my son James Woods and William Evans who married my beloved daughter Sary Woods now deceased and their heirs and William Hazelridge and his wife Rebecca Hazelridge and their heirs. Item fifth, It is my will and desire that all the property given to my beloved wife Abigail Woods at her death to be equally divided between my son James Woods and William Evans who married my beloved daughter Sary Woods now deceased and their heirs and William Hazelridge and Rebecca Hazelridge his wife and their heirs and it is my will that Jefry and his wife Sallie belong to my son James Woods at their value and it is my wish that Richmond belong to William Hazelridge and Rebecca his wife and their heirs at his value and the balance of the property be so divided as to make all equal ... 19 April 1815, /s/ John Woods, witness Peter Woods, Johnathan Estill.

Franklin Co. TN Settlement of Estates, etc. 1844- (FHL film 576,299)
      No Duncan

Franklin Co. TN Settlement Book 1851-1854
      Pg.475, June 22, 1853, contains inventory of estate of William Duncan decd; pg.514, Sept. 26, 1853, contains inventory of personal property of Robert B. Duncan (TN files of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society; info probably from Everette Burks)

Franklin Co. TN Settlements & Inventories 1857-1861
      Contains information about estate of O.H.P.B. Duncan 1857-1859 and minor heirs of Robert B. Duncan (TN files of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society; info probably from Everette Burks)


Go to the Franklin Co. TN Land Records


Franklin Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1834- (FHL film 576,294)
      Minutes start July, 1834 - no Deloach indexed. (Deed N-457)
      Pg.475-7: Ex part Petitioners filed in office 24 Aug. 1843 ... Petitioners Anderson B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN for himself and also as guardian for William N. Duncan, infant orphan of Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, William M. Runnels and wife Martha M. late Martha Duncan, of Franklin Co. TN, John K. Embry guardian of Sarah E. Embry daughter of Cleopatria Embry formerly Cleopatria Duncan of sd. county, Mark White & wife Elizabeth late Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Woods & wife Fanny late Fanny Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, and William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC; represent that one John Lambert of Franklin Co. TN for the consideration therein mentioned, executed his deed of gift 12 October 1842 to a certain negro girl Milly, to the brothers and sisters and heirs of his late wife, Lucy Lambert formerly Lucy Duncan; represent that the said Lucy Lambert dec'd left as 'her brothers & sisters & their heirs' your petitioners & the two infants aforesaid with the exception of John K. Embry who is only guardian as aforesaid ... petition to sell slave. Petition granted; slave sold to A.B. Duncan for $451. (MAD: Children of Seymour and Priscilla (Hicks) Duncan of Orange Co. NC) (MAD: ?? William N. in Moore Co. NC 1860?)

Franklin Co. TN County Court Minutes 1832-1837 (FHL film 576,309)
      Pg.403: 30 Aug. 1834, power of attorney from Robert B. Duncan, Edy Duncan and Lucy Duncan to William Duncan and Jesse Oldham acknowledged in open court by said Robert, Edy and Lucy Duncan and ordered certified. (MAD: Nancy Reba Roy files give the year as 1810)

Franklin Co. TN County Court Records 1837-1845; Part 1, 1835-1843 (FHL film 24,647)
      Pg.149: August, 1839, Charles Duncan, died intestate and James Woods given letters of Administration; bond for $14,000, securities John W. Duncan and Wm. Champion.
      Pg.189: May, 1840, Malinda Duncan a lunatic and resident of Franklin Co. TN; writ of inquisition about her estate.
      Pg.285-90: March 1841, sales of estate of Charles Duncan by James Woods, admin., to Henry Modena, William Champion, James Estill, Wallis Estill, Sarah Birdwell, Chas. D. Birdwell, many other; no date of sale.

Franklin Co. TN Circuit Court Minutes (FHL film 576,286)
      1832-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol.3, 1838-1841:
            Pg.250: 11 Sept. 1839, Exparte bill of complaint of Sarah Birdwell, widow & daughter of Charles Duncan decd, Willis Champion and his wife Abigail daughter of the said Charles decd, Willis Kelly and his wife Ruth daughter of the said Charles decd, Elijah Kelly and his wife Rebecca daughter of the said Charles decd, William Champion and his wife Mary daughter of the said Charles decd, Henry Modena and his wife Lucy Ann daughter of the said Charles decd, Matilda Duncan daughter of the said Charles decd, John W. Duncan son of the said Charles decd, and Charles B. Duncan who sixes? by his guardian James Woods son of the said Charles decd; be it remembered that on this 11 Sept. 1839 the above came on to be heard ... division of several small tracts of land, in all 645 acres or thereabouts would diminish their value, request to sell the land. Pg.304: 17 Jan. 1840; the land was sold and Willis Kelly purchased 383 acres, and William Champion purchased two small tracts 61 acres, and Joseph Acklin purchased 200 acres on Cumberland Mountain, all were the highest bidders but all failed to comply with the requisitions and terms of the sale as required, the land is ordered sold a second time. Pg.355: 14 May 1840; the land was properly sold. (MAD: see also Lincoln Co. TN Church Records ca 1825; see Madison Co. AL Deeds; Benton (Calhoun) Co. AL Estate records)

MAD: There is much more in the court records of Franklin Co. TN about the heirs of the various Duncans; also in the Register's Deed Books.


Marion Co. TN Deed (SLC 9/27/2011)
      C-229: 5 March 1834, Wiley Belsher of Marion Co. TN for $1,000 paid by Charles Duncan of Franklin Co. TN, sell to Charles Duncan one negro man slave named Will about 25 years old of black color and one negro girl slave named Betsey about 16 years old of dark complexion which I warrant sound and healthy and slaves for life ... /s/ Wiley Belsher. Wit. James H. Wilkinson. Wiley Belsher appeared 5 Sept. 1834, document registered 10 Sept. 1834. (FHL film 593,422, typed)

Madison Co. AL Deeds
      G-130: 29 May 1820, Charles Duncan and wife Maryann E. (+) Duncan of Franklin Co. TN to Ezekiah Eastland of Madison Co. AL, $4,000, the SW 1/4 Sec. 10 Twp. 2, Range 1, patent issued 3 Aug. 1815, also NW 1/4 Sec. 15, Twp. 2, Range 1, patent issued to Charles Duncan 15 March 1815. Wit. Jos. Eastland, G.W. Martin. Maryann E. Duncan examined 29 May 1820; recorded 19 Feb. 1821. (FHL film 1,305,809)
      I/J-172: 13 Jan. 1823, Charles Duncan and Ann E. Duncan his wife of Franklin Co. TN to Hezekiah Ford of Madison Co. AL, $600, the NW 1/4 Sec. 12, Twp. 2, Range 1E, 165.22 acres, on both sides of barren Fork of Flint River adj. lands of said Hezekiah Ford. Wit. Wm. Kelly, John Kelly, Isaac Cook. Ann E. Duncan examined 13 Jan. 1823. (FHL film 1,305,810; typed deed book)

Madison Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,296)
      2-86: 12 March 1844, William Duncan and wife Sarah (/s/ Sary) of Franklin Co. TN to Caleb Oldham of Madison Co. KY, $228.57, their undivided 1/7 part to 142 acres 22 poles on Muddy Creek adj. settlement of Robert Russell as assignee of James Gates, Caleb Oldham, Robert Covington; no wit.; Ack. in Franklin Co. TN 15 April 1844.

Washington Co KY Deed Book H, pg.477, transcript (from David D. Sengel to Kathy D. Cawley 9/2007; and Washington Co. KY Deed on FHL film 551,251; SLC 5/3/2013)
      Deed Book H-477: Know all men by these presents that whereas John Woods late of Franklin County in the State of Tennessee and formerly of Madison County in the State of Kentucky having departed this life leaving the following persons his children and heirs to wit: Marian Woods who intermarried with Charles Duncan, Susannah Milum formerly Susannah Woods wife of Jarvis Milum, James Woods, Sarah Woods who intermarried with William Evans (the said Sarah having died leaving three children viz: Minerva, Jane, and Wallace E. Evans), Rebeckah Hazelrig formerly Rebeckah Woods wife of William Hazelrig (the said Rebeckah having also died leaving five children viz: Elizabeth Dillard, Abigail, John, and Mary Anne Hazelrig) and whereas the said John Woods the ancestor of and previous to his death had claims to about thousand acres of land lying in Washington County in the State of Kentucky on the waters of Salt River which descended to his said heirs, the said John Woods having left his land lying in Washington County in Kentucky undevised. Now know all men by these presents that we Charles Duncan and Marian the wife of said Charles, Jarvis Milum and Susannah his wife, James Woods, William Evans, and William Hazelrig for and in consideration of the confidence which we have in the said Charles Duncan have made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint the said Charles Duncan our true and lawful attorney for the following purpose that is to say the said Charles Duncan is authorized for himself and his wife, Jarvis Milum and Susannah his wife, and James Woods to sell and dispose of all their interest which they have to any lands in the State of Kentucky in Washington County devised to them as the representatives of said James (DDS: mistaken - means John) Woods deceased and to make titles in fee simple to the purchaser or purchasers there of, but not with general warranty but only to defend against the claims of ourselves and all persons claiming under us and the said William Evans and William Hazelrig also authorize the said Charles Duncan to sell and dispose of their interest which the children of the said Evans and Hazelrig have in said lands and to give an obligation binding the said Evans and Hazelrig and their heirs to cause to be made a title in fee simple to their interest and the interest of their children in said lands whenever arrive at the age of twentyone years ? that is they authorize the said Charles Duncan to sign an obligation by which said Evans and Hazelrig shall undertake for their children that each child will convey his interest to the purchaser but not with general warranty and in the event that our said attorney can not sell and dispose of said lands we then authorize him to lease the farm to bring suits for the recovery there of or to do anything else for our use and benefit in relation to said lands that we ourselves could do if we were physically present. And whereas the said lands were located by James Kincaid who is entitled to one fourth part thereof as locator and we authorize our said attorney to settle with said locator and make partition with him so as to allot said locators interest in severally and we further authorize our said attorney to appoint an agent under him and to confer on said attorney all or any part of the powers hereby vested in himself. Witness our hands and seals this 25th day of April 1824.
      /s/ Charles Duncan, Seal; Marian Duncan, Seal; Jarvis Milum, Seal; Susannah Milum, Seal; James Woods, Seal
      Atteste: Samuel Handley, Samuel Berry.
      State of Tennessee Franklin County. This day personally appeared Charles Duncan?? ..
      State of Tennessee ... Edmund Russell ??
      Kentucky, Washington County?.., I John Hughes?? ... Examined & Delivered, 29th day of May, 1824

Whitley Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 1,904,211)
      1-64: 16 Dec. 1822, Joseph Duncan of Franklin Co. TN to DelaFayette Berry of Whitley Co. KY, for $400 paid, sell to said Berry a certain tract or parcel of land containing 300 acres more or less in Whitley Co. KY on Wateres Creek, beg. at Thos. Laughlin's, then ... crossing a branch, then .. Richard Stephin's upper corner, then ... Thomas Laughlens corner, then ..., warrant title. /s/ Joseph Duncan. Wit. J.B. Campbell. Certification by H. French Clk by J.B. Campbell D.Clk, 17 Dec. 1822. (MAD: Joseph & Ann Laughlin) (FHL film 1,904,211 and brief extract also from FHL film 531,629)
      2-77: 18 June 1838, Joseph Duncan of Franklin Co. TN by John L. Laughlin his attorney, to Daniel Cain of Whitley Co. KY, for $90 paid, sold to said Daniel Cain the tract or parcel of land in Whitley Co. on Youngs Creek, beg. corner of ... survey in name of Je?? Riddle?, then ... corner of said 200 acre survey, containing 400 acres more or less, together with appurtenances. /s/ Joseph Duncan, by J.L. Laughlin Aty. Ack. by said Duncan's attorney 25 June 1838 before G.L. Bollinger, Clk. (FHL film 1,904,211)

Culpeper Co. VA Deed (FHL film 30,963)
      2-244: 25 Aug. 1835, Robert B. Duncan, Edy (+) Duncan and Lucy (+) Duncan of Franklin Co. TN appoint friends William Duncan and Jesse Oldham of said county & state to collect our portion of estate of Robert Bywaters, late of Culpeper Co. VA, to which we are entitled as children and heirs of Lucy Duncan formerly Lucy Bywaters, one of the children and heirs of said Robert Bywaters decd. Wit. John Goodman, Stephen Adams.

Lee Co. VA Deed (FHL film 32,428)
      5-97: 27 May 1822, Joseph Duncan and wife Ann of Franklin Co. TN to John Colson of Lee Co. VA, $2000, 520 acres in Lee Co. VA on Indian Creek, bank of Grays branch, dividing line between said Duncan and Abram Lock, beg. corner James Hignights, corner Andrew and Robert Crocketts land, north side of Indian Creek a branch of Powells river, crossing the Kentucky road. (both signed). Wit. Abm. Kerykindall, G.W. Richardzen. Ack. in Franklin Co., TN, 27 May 1822. (MAD: Joseph & wife Ann Laughlin, to Coffee Co. TN; son of Capt. John d. 1817 Washington Co. VA)


Revolutionary War Pension W-2700, Thomas Russell (FHL film 972,104)
      MAD: see Anderson Co. SC and Jackson Co. AL; two of his children married Duncans ca 1820-25; following is very brief extract from pension.
      Pension granted to Tabitha Russell, widow of Thomas, 1850-1858, pension #26,258; she applied for bounty land 29 March 1855 in Jackson Co. AL.
      Original pension application 14 Aug. 1832 by Thomas Russell, resident of Jackson Co. AL; he had enlisted 1781 in Mecklenburg Co. NC, left service 7 April 1782 (did not copy officers); discharged at Orangeburg, SC. He was born in Cumberland Co. PA 1761, proof of age in the family Bible. He lived in Mecklenburg Co. NC when called into service, lived in York Co. SC about 7 or 8 years, in Pendleton District SC upwards of 22 years, about 3 years in Franklin Co. TN, since which time he has lived in Jackson Co. AL. (skipped some)
      Dates of birth of thirteen children given without names in a statement of James Russell Jr. on 5 Dec. 1851; Thomas's wife was Tobitha Jenkins, born 18 June 1770. Children born from 1786 to 1810.
      Statement 5 Dec. 1851 by James Russell who was present at their marriage in York Co. SC; James was raised by them from age about 5 or 6 or 7. Thomas Russell Sr. died July 1850. Thomas Russell Sr. was James Russell's eldest brother.
      (MAD: ?? 1781-82 Mecklenburg Co. NC; 1782-1790 York Co. SC; 1790-1812 Pendleton-Anderson Co. SC; 1812-1815 Franklin Co. TN; 1815-1832 Jackson Co. AL)

TN Confederate Pension Application
      #11485, J.P. Duncan, filed Aug. 27, 1909, accepted, Wid. #7116 (MAD: Jennie C. Duncan, Franklin Co. TN, widow of James Polk Duncan); applicant J.P. Duncan, native of TN, resident of Decherd No. 1, Franklin Co. TN; was in TN Co.D 17th TN; born in this county 1844, enlisted Aug. 9, 1861, Capt. ?.H. Finch, Col. Laywell Newman; paroled; took the oath to keep from being sent to prison again; family consists of invalid wife age 65; children are all renters; I have 148 acres, 50 acres is barren land, valued at $740; res. TN all my life; /s/ 11 May 1909; wit. T.J. Gossage, J.B. Corn, A.J. Knight, Conrad (Cornrod?) Duncan; applicant was under age and reenlisted after first 12 months while still under age. Nov. 10, 1919, letter to Virginia C. Duncan, (from) Mr. Geo. E. Banks, Winchester, TN; your letter asking about Mrs. Virginia Duncan, #7116, she was never a pensioner; when her husband died, she applied for a pension in Jan. 1918 but the board did not consider her indigent as she owns 98 acres of land. Inquiry July 22, 1919, she is between 70 and 80 years old and badly crippled with rheumatism, not able to wait on her self and has no one except her little grand children and daughter in law; she has no income except the rents from a small farm valued at 7 or 8 hundred dollars. Letter July 24, 1919, in going over your case, you own 98 acres and no one depending on it but yourself (married after the war). Petition, Mrs. Duncan lives with her son and wife and 4 little children, /s/ 5 Jan. 1920, A.J. Skidmore, W.L. Jones, Jas. T. Starnes, R.G. Starnes, L.W. Starnes. (FHL film 969,681)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "History of Giles, Lincoln, Franklin and Moore Cos. TN" by Goodspeed, Vol.6 (FHL book 976.8 H2ha)
      No Duncan biographical sketch; no cross-index

1892 "A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Cos. TX" Lewis Publ. Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book; also from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983)
      Pg.367-8: W.G. DUNCAN, County Clerk, Hill Co. TX. He is a son of William W. and Dora Duncan, both natives of Tennessee, in which State they were reared and married, and from which they removed to Texas in 1854, settling in Burleson County. There they made their home until 1860 when they moved to Port Sullivan, Milam County, where the father died in 1864, on the sixth day after his return home from the war. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan had nine children, seven daughters and two sons, and the eldest Charles D., died at Bremond, Texas, in 1879. He was also in the Confederate service. The daughters all reside in Hill County, as does W.D. Duncan (subject) who was the youngest member of the family. He was born in Burleson County, December 23, 1859, and was reared in that county and in Waco, where his mother moved in 1870. He came to Hillsboro on the 1st of January, 1887, ... He was married in this county June 23, 1883 to Laura J., daughter of William L. Long. Mrs. Duncan was born in Missouri but was reared in Hill County. (MAD: see Sevier Co. AR 1850; Dora was Civil War pensioner in Hill Co.; son of William of Franklin Co. TN)

1876 "Early Settlers of Sangamon Co. IL" by John Carroll Power, pub. Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book; FHL book 977.356 D3p; also from Carolyn Jensen, Sue Monaghan, Donald Neal Duncan)
      Pg.270: DUNCAN, MOSES, (pg.270) no relation to John, Rice, Marshall, etc. He was born in South Carolina, was a soldier in the war of 1812, was married in South Carolina, moved to Tennessee, had several children there, and the family moved to Sangamon Co. IL, arriving in 1826 or 1827, and settled on Spring creek.
            HIRAM, JOHN, MARY, MARGARET and WILLIAM married in Tennessee, and came to Sangamon county with their father. MOSES, Jun., JOSEPH, DAVID and ARCHIBALD, the four latter unmarried, came with their parents also. JOSEPH and DAVID married in Sangamon county. In 1833 the whole family except two moved to MO. In 1835 the other two, WILLIAM and JOSEPH, went there also.
            JOSEPH was a preacher in the M.E. church, ... In order to give his life in detail it may be said he was born May 21, 1808, in Franklin Co. TN, came to Sangamon county in 1826 or 7, ... (MAD: See Sumner Co. TN; Jasper Co. MO)

1890 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Eastern AR" by Goodspeed (from Evelyn Sigler 11/1983)
      Pg.155, White Co.: T.A. DUNCAN, farmer, b. Jackson Co. AL 1830, oldest of eight children of Jesse and Nancy E. (White) Duncan who were born in TN. The father [Jesse] reared at Nashville [Davidson Co.] and mother near Winchester [Franklin Co. TN], married in TN. Moved shortly after marriage to Alabama, was a millwright, he d. 1884, his wife d. 1883. Children: T.A. of White Co. AR; W.R. of TX; James H. of AL; J.C., married, of Kansas; Mary, Mrs. Selby, living near Iuka, [Tishomingo Co.] MS; Elizabeth of Iuka, MS.
            T.A. Duncan married Jan. 1849 to S.B. Pace in AL, was in Confederate Army, Berry's Artillery; prisoner; 1865 paroled and returned to Jackson Co. AL; in 1872 moved to White Co. AR; Democrat. Mrs. Duncan's parents, Wm. and Elizabeth (Wininger) Pace, VA to AL 1827. Wm. Pace d. 1870, Eliz. d. 1871.
            Children of T.A. Duncan: William F.; Cassie, m. A.J. Holleman, d. 1885 at 28; B.E.; J.J., married and living in Cleburne Co.; Minta, m. A.J. Holleman after Cassie d., of White Co.; Nancy (Mrs. J.F. Lawrence); C.A. married F.W. Raney; and Mila and Jo still at home.

1912 "Reminiscences of the Boys in Grey 1861-1865" (Texas) by Mamie Yeary (FHL film 1,000,598 item 1; pages 202-204; alphabetic order by surname)
      Forward: In offering to the public these "Confederate Reminiscences" my only apology is to place in permanent form, and in the very words of the participants, as far as practicable, the personal experiences of the "men behind the guns," the "boys in the line," ... Many interesting papers, too lengthy for the scope of this work, have been abridged to contain the most important parts. ... While editing the data so kindly sent me, I have entered fully into each skirmish, battle, march and campaign. ...
      George W. Duncan, San Angelo [Tom Green Co.], TX; was born May 18, 1845, near Winchester, [Franklin Co.] TN. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in July, 1862, at Louden [Loudon Co.], TN, as private in Co. D, 17th TN Regiment, Infantry; Gen. Bushrod Johnson's brigade, Cheatham's division, Hardee's corps, Army of TN. Thos. Finch, first Captain, and Newman, first Colonel. Our regiment was sent with Longstreet to attack Burnside at Knoxville, TN; thence to VA where we remained until the close of the war. I was wounded at Beans Station, shot in left arm, between elbow and wrist, but did not break the bone. Was taken prisoner, with the most of my regiment, in front of Petersburg, VA, June 1864. Was first sent to Point Lookout, MD, and then to Elmira, NY, remaining in prison nearly 8 months. Was in the battles of ... I arrived at home the last of April, 1865, with the remainder of Lee's disbanded men, and found everything on my mother's plantation destroyed. Every building gone and most of the fencing, not enough material of the buildings left to build a respectable hencoop; the brick chimneys had been hauled off to their headquarters. (MAD: See McLennan Co. TX)


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