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Formed 1748 from Orange
Madison formed 1792-3 from Culpeper
Rappahannock (New) formed 1833 from Culpeper


1810 Culpeper Co. VA Census
Pg.  88  Jno. Duncan          01010        - 00020
         Robert Duncan        20110        - 12020
         Mary Duncan of Jos.  00010        - 00011
         Gallop Duncan        00001        - 00000
     89  Rosemond Duncan      00000        - 00001
         Fredk. Duncan        30010        - 01010
         Geo. Duncan          00110        - 00010
         Geo. Duncan          00010        - 00100
     89a William Duncan       11101        - 01221
         James Duncan         41010        - 00011
         Jas. M. Duncan       10100        - 20100

1820 Culpeper Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.  70  Dorcas Duncan        121200       - 10010
     71  John Duncan          000001       - 00110
         Mary Duncan          010010       - 00101
         Mary Duncan          000000       - 00011
     72  Frederick Duncan     221101       - 10001
         William Duncan       000011       - 00211
     72  Marshall Duncan      000100       - 00100
         George Duncan        010001       - 00101

1830 Culpeper Co. VA census
Pg.  90  Jno Duncan           0000,0000,1  - 0000,0011
            (neighbors R. Powell, Wm. Brown, Ben Gaines,
             B. Taply, Thos. McDaniel, Wm? Shackleford,
             Mildred Drake, Eliz. Gale, Danl. Mitchell)
     98  Wm. Duncan           0000,11      - 0
            (neighbors ? Best, Jno. Adams, Geo. Moon,
             H. Sim?pson, Lewis Embry)
    101  Darcus Duncan        0001,2       - 0100,0001
            (neighbors Willis Browning, Wm. Gore,
             H.R. Menefee, Braxton Eastorn?, J.W. Rison,
             John Rison, French Strother, George Swann)
    106  Wm. Dunkan           0000,0010,01 - 0000,0100,01
            (neighbors Jonas Lutteral, S. Smoot?,
             J.H. Browning, D..? H?..oby, ???,
             James Jones, Peyton Atkinson,
             Martin Carder?)
    112  W.C. Duncan          0000,01      - 2100,01
            (neighbors Henry Wharton, Philip Burkes,
             Chris. Conner, Minor Tottin, Jas. Menifee,
             Mrs? Page)
            (MAD: William C. Duncan to Cole Co. MO)
    123  Fred Duncan          0111,1000,1  - 0010,0001
         Edwd. Duncan         0000,1       - 0000,1
            (neighbors Jesse Green, Jas. Daniel?,
             Jacob Miller?, Jno. Casten?;
             very dark and hard to read)
    134  Eldridge Duncan      1000,1       - 0000,1
            (neighbors Silas Fristoe?, W.H. Browning,
             Wm. Browning Sr., Clay Newby, Wm. Menefee,
             Philip Roberts, Jno. Jinkins)
    140  Hiram Duncan         0001,2       - 0100,0001
            (neighbors Wm. Browning, Livinia Mozingo,
             Henry Menefee, Susan Page, Wm. Gold?n?,
             Nancy Gaines, Wm. F. Broadus)

1840 Culpeper Co. VA Census
Pg. 246  Duncan, Eldridge     1110,11      - 2100,01
    247  Duncan, John         0000,0000,01 - 0000,0001

1850 Culpeper Co. VA Census
Pg.221, #92, Eldridge G. DUNCAN 43 VA farmer $6000
                  James H. 20 VA teacher
                  Olivia (f) 16, Mildred R. 14 VA
                  Lucy Y. 12, Benjamin F. 12 VA
                  Margaret 9 VA
                  (MAD: Lucy and Benjamin plainly age 12, not 13)
Pg.223, #127, Robert BROWNING 61 VA farmer $1220
                  Rosa 67 VA
                  Keziah DUNCAN 50 VA
                  Mary GAINES 87 VA pauper

1860 Culpeper Co. VA Census
Homeland P.O.
Pg.853, #488-447, Wm. DUNCANSON 59 Culpeper VA farmer $3050-5330
                  Martha 48 Culpeper VA
                  Mary 21, Betty 19 Culpeper VA
                  Martha 16, Pamilla 14 Culpeper VA
                  Julia 12, Gabriel 10 Culpeper VA
                  R. HARSKINS (m) 8 Culpeper VA
                  Lucy DUNCANSON 7 Culpeper VA
                  Jas. JONES 20 Stafford VA laborer
                  (MAD: indexed William Duncan Sr., actually William Duncanson)
Culpeper C.H.
Pg.860, #11-10, Eldridge DUNCAN 54 Culpeper VA (blank) $14000-$8685
Pg.860, #12, (blank) "missed listed"?
Pg.860, #13, (blank)
Pg.860, #14, (blank)
Pg.860, #15, "missed listed"
                  Margaret DUNCAN 14 (sic) Culpeper VA lady
                  Benj. P. 23 Culpeper VA farming
                  Thomastine? JUNKINS (m) 18 Madison VA (blank)
                  Henry PHILIPS 24 Culpeper VA BLACK farm hand
Homeland P.O.
Pg.907, #48-45, Benjamin FARISH 62 & family
                  W. DUNCANSON 12 Culpeper VA
                  (MAD: indexed William Duncan Sr.; actually W. Duncanson)
Pg.908, #62-57, J.M. DUNCAN (m) 57 Culpeper VA farmer $8000-15195
Pg.908, #63, Unoccupied
                  Emily P. 41 Culpeper VA
                  Martha H. 18, Susan H. 16 Culpeper VA
                  Mary C. 14, Juliet 12 Culpeper VA
                  Bellie (f) 9, Ella 8 Culpeper VA
                  Olivia (f) 7, John R. 5 Culpeper VA
                  Fannie 3 Culpeper VA
                  (MAD: James H. Duncan 1850 Rappahannock Co. VA census)

1870 Culpeper Co. VA Census
Catalpa Twp., First District
Pg.574, #301-310, PENDLETON, Susan M. 45 VA (white) keeping house $2000-$350
                  Henry C. 27 VA farming
                  DUNCAN, James 14 VA BLACK laborer
Pg.576, #318-327, APPERSON, George F. 45 VA (white) farmer $2940-$691?
                  Mary E. 35 VA keeping house
                  WARLER, Walter 60 VA (white) miller
                  BALLARD, Mary 11 VA (white) at home
                  DUNCAN, John 17 VA BLACK laborer
Jeffersonton Twp.
Pg.604, #257-265, DUNCAN, William D. 27 VA farmer $0-$260
                  Mary E. 25 VA (both white)
                  Richard H. 2 VA "B"(black)
                  Edward 3/12 Feb. VA (white)
                  GREEN, Richard 17? VA (white?) farm laborer
                  (MAD: Richard Green's age and color written over; William D. in 1850-1860 Rappahannock Co. VA census)
Culpeper Ct.House
Pg.627, #34-34, DUNCAN, James 61 VA farming $8010-$2155
                  Emily 51 VA
                  Martha 26, Mary 24, Elizabeth 20 (21?) VA
                  Virginia 19, Ella 17, Olivia 14 VA
                  John 15, Frances (f) 13, Edward 9 VA
                  Franklin 2 VA
Pg.631, #88-87, DUNCAN, E.G. (m) 63 VA farmer $3000-$2989
                  (MAD: Trying to find James Armstead Duncan or George Armstead Duncan, writer of 1872 letter from Culpeper Co. VA to Samuel M. Duncan of Nicholasville, KY)
Salem Twp., 2nd District (Twp.pg.63 is stamped pg.656)
Pg.656, #476-469, DUNCAN, William 32 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$200
                  Taby (f) 35 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Metaria (f) 12 VA BLACK at home
                  Ann 7, Carse (m) 6 VA BLACK
                  Bettie 3, Willis 2, Eliza 1 VA BLACK
                  Emily 28 VA BLACK at home
                  Ella 24 VA BLACK at home
Pg.656, #477-470, DUNCAN, Willis 63 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Ann 60 VA BLACK keeping house
                  (MAD: no children)
Pg.665-666, #644-634, DUNCAN, Willis 68 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Ann 60 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Ellie 24 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Emily 27 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Elijah (m) 17 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Franklin 8 VA BLACK at home
                  Fannie (f) 6 VA BLACK at home
Pg.666, #645-635, DUNCAN, William 27 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Tabithia (f) 29 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Misilia? (f) 12 VA BLACK at home
                  Ann 10 VA BLACK at home
                  Cora (f) 7 VA MULATTO at home
                  Elizabeth 3 VA BLACK
                  Willis 2 VA BLACK
                  Elijah 1 VA BLACK
Pg.674, #778-767, DUNCAN, Charlotte 50 VA BLACK keeping house
                  John 70 VA MULATTO at home
                  Edward 18 VA BLACK farm hand
Pg.678, #832-831, DUNCAN, Robert K. 38 VA (white) farmer $4500-$889, mar. Nov.
                  Lucy C. 20 VA keeping house
                  Annie 12 VA
                  Robert E. 7 VA
                  Margaret 28 VA at home
                  BROWN, Mary 24 VA (white) house keeper
                  Edward 2 VA
Stevensburg Twp., District 2, pg.107-108
Pg.679, #839-836, DUNCAN, William 32 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Tabitha 25 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Mildred 12, Ann 7 VA BLACK
                  Carse (m) 6, Bettie 3 VA BLACK
                  Willis 2, Eliza 1 VA BLACK
                  Emily 28 VA BLACK at home
                  Ella 24 VA MULATTO at home
Pg.679, #840-837, DUNCAN, Willis 65 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Ann 60 VA BLACK keeping house
                  (MAD: no children)


Petition of Sarah Duncan; quoted in portion of "Duncan Family" (copy of 26 typed pages on legal size paper from Laura Jones 11/1983 with permission to share with others; given her by someone she knew in Florida)
      Archives, Richmond, VA: Petition of Sarah Duncan, October 28, 1793; The petition of Sarah Duncan, widow of Charles Duncan, dec'd, Mary, Nimrod, William, Charles, Shadrack Duncan, children of the said Charles Duncan and Sarah Duncan, in behalf of themselves and Isaac, John, Milly, Henry, Zachery and Elizabeth Duncan, children of the aforesaid Charles and Sarah Duncan, but now under age, humbly showeth that in March 1789, the aforesaid Charles Duncan died intestate leaving aforesaid heirs to a certain tract of land in Culpeper Co., 355 acres which according to the laws of the State must be equally divided among the said children, but such is the situation, it will by no means admit of a division and your petitioners humbly pray that an act may pass vesting the said lands in the hands of John Thornton, John Slaughter Jr., Charles Browning, Isaac Browning, Gent., or any three of them to dispose of on the most advantageous terms for the benefit of the said widow and children aforesaid. Signed Sarah Duncan. Witnesses (MAD: sic): Mary Covington, Nimrod Duncan, William Duncan, Charles Duncan and Shadrack Duncan.

Journals of the House of Burgesses, general index to all volumes (FHL film 1,486,518)
      Duncan, Robert, 1758-61, pg.26, petitioner
      Duncan, William, 1752-58, pg.377, paid for beef
   Journals 1742-49, 1752-61 (1,486,520)
      Pg.26, 27 Sept. "1757" (sic; actually 1758), in 32nd year of George II. Mr. Bland reported that the committee appointed to settle the accounts of the Militia drafted out for the protection and defence of the frontiers of this colony, had had under their consideration the petition of John Triplet, John Payton, John Delancey, Robert Duncan, David Harris, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Pannell, William Harvey, Michael Thomas, Adam Smith, and John Holt, to them referred, and had agreed upon a report and come to a resolution thereupon, which he read in this place, and then delivered in at the table, where the same were again read and are as follow:
         It appears to this committee that the petitioners were drafted from the militia of Culpeper to go to the frontiers near Pattison's Creek in Hampshire Co., under the command of Captain William Brown, and after being there some time in the winter season, and in want of necessaries, applied to their captain for leave to return home, who promised to discharge them if they would stay and build a fort, which the petitioners with the rest of the company finished, and at the end of 63 days returned home without any discharge from their captain.
         Resolved, That the petitioners ought to be paid by the public for their said service,
         The said resolution was read a second time and the question being put, that the House agree thereto, It passed in the negative.

Culpeper Co. VA County Court Minute Book 1763-1764 (FHL film 30,970 item 1; SLC 12/9/2013)
      Pg.463: 15 December 1763. On the Motion of Frances Browning for a Rolling Road through the Land of John Cooper, this Day the Viewers made their Report whereupon the Petitioner prayed to have a review of the same. Ordered that the same Viewers (to wit) William Johnston Junr, William Duncan, John Roberts, & Reuben Slaughter or any three being first Sworn before a Justice of the Peace for this County do View those several ways proposed from her Plantation into the Road and make report of the Conveniences & Inconveniences it may be to the Petitioner the said Cooper or any other Person to the next Court. (FHL film 30,970)

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Northern Neck (VA) Land Grants (index 1690-1879 on FHL film 29,508)
      H-434: 1 May 1753, grant to William Duncan junior and Rouland Duncan, both of Culpeper County, 410 acres in Culpeper Co, on the Little Fork of Rappahannock River, survey by Mr. George Hume, beg. ... corner to Francis Browning in William Duncan's line, ... to his corner, ... his line, ... corner to said Duncans and corner to John Robarts junior, ... his corner gum (tree) by Battle Run, ... another of his lines. (FHL film 29,514)
      H-626: 13 March 1755, grant to William Duncan jun. of (blank) county, 495 acres in Culpeper County on Gourd Vine fork, survey by Mr. Richard Young, beg. ... South side of Cannon's River, corner John ? Barricks?, ... Browns line ... Frances Slaughter's, ... opposite mouth of Cannon's Run, ... opposite mouth of Rush River. (MAD: this is identical land to H-739) (FHL film 29,514)
      H-739: 17 Nov. 1756, grant to William Duncan Jnr. of Culpeper Co., 495 acres in said county on Goard Vine fork on the south side of Cannons River, survey by Richard Young, beg. ... corner to John Barricles, corner Thomas Brown, Francis Slaughter's line, said River a little below the mouth of a steep branch corner of the said Slaughter's, mouth of a small branch opposite the mouth of Cannons Run, opposite the mouth of Rush River. (MAD: this is identical land to H-626) (FHL film 29,514)
      T-138: Grant, 16 Dec. 1788 to Joseph Duncan, 157 acres by survey 13 Nov. 1787, in Culpeper Co., adj. Joseph Duncan's corner and line, Charles Mazingo and Reuben Slaughter, south side Allen's Run, corner to John Slaughter Cadwalader Reuben and Francis, then with John Slaughter's line ... (FHL film 29,520)
      U-336: Grant, 12 Nov. 1789, to William Duncan and William Roberts, 436 acres by survey 15 Dec. 1775, in Culpeper Co. adj. the bridge branch corner to John Green and Samuel Moore, then with Moore's line ..., corner to said Moore and William Duncan, then with Duncan & Robert's line ..., leaving their lines and running with Nicholas Browning's line ... to Cannons River ... to Thomas Washburn's corner & line, ... John Green's corner on the River, with his line to the beg. (FHL film 29,521)
      U-371: 24 Dec. 1789, Grant to Charles Duncan for £1 sterling, 178 acres by survey 12 June 1779, in Culpeper Co., beg. at corner to said Duncan on S.side Canon's River in Gourdvine fork, down the River, John Cooper's line, corner to James Murphet. (FHL film 29,521)
      U-460: Grant, 24 Dec. 1789, by virtue of a warrant, grant to Charles Duncan, 178 acres by survey 12 June 1779, in Culpeper Co., adj. corner to the said Duncan's on the south side of Cannons River in the Goardvine Fork, then down the river, ... to John Coopers line, then to James Murphee's corner (Murphel?) & line, ... to said Duncan's corner & line. (FHL film 29,521)

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ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-8679 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832 in Harrison Co. KY; died 13 Nov. 1839 Harrison Co. KY; enlisted for 3 years in Oct. or Nov. 1779 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Col. Slaughter, Genl. Clarke; born 22 May 1763 in Bute Co. NC; record of age copied from record made by his father; lived in Fauquier Co. VA when enlisted; since the Rev. War lived in Culpeper Co. VA then Fauquier Co., then in 1800 to KY, Bourbon and Harrison Co.; known to Capt. John Whitehead and Robt. Garner and John Trumble.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 63, on 4 March 1840, in Harrison Co. KY; m. Archibald Duncan in August 1792; husband died 13 Nov. 1839; known by Wiseman Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 63 on 8 Nov. 1839, in Fauquier Co. VA about 5 years after their marriage and has lived as near neighbor for about 40 years; known by Nancy Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 58 on 18 Jan. 1840, who was at wedding; letter from Thos. Parker of Versailles, KY, 18 March 1840, whose Aunt was Hannah Duncan.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 67, on 3 Feb. 1843, in Harrison Co. KY; Hannah Williams m. Archibald Duncan 22 Aug. 1792 in Fauquier Co. VA, bond by Archibald Duncan and Joseph Parker, wit. G. Gwathmey.
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JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3126 (FHL film 970,864; claim denied because service was against Indians instead of in Rev. War)
      Applied 5 March 1833, age ca 70, in Franklin Co. IL; b. Culpeper Co. VA ca 1763; once a record of age but father was killed by Indians in 1772-3 and sister took bible which has been destroyed; father to Washington Co. VA 1771/2, killed about 12 months later, whole neighborhood forted at his father's residence Duncan fort; mother remarried and moved to KY 1780 just before Battle of Blue Lick; guarded forts 2 months; moved to TN 2 years later for short time, then back to KY; substitute for Wm. Mannyfield under Gen. Clark against Indians; served 2 months as guard on Red River in TN; served under Capt. John Rains and Thomas Johnson against Indians; drafted 2 months as spy near Palmyra on Cumberland River, served 40 days and hired his brother to serve 20 days as substitute; more service in Indian wars; witnesses Rev. Dempsey Odum and Thomas M. Dorris JP of Franklin Co.
      Declaration of Lydia Duncan, age 70, in Williamson Co. IL on 7 Sept. 1841; family record burned in their home years ago; Lydia m. John Duncan on 10 March 1786 in Robertson Co. TN by Rev. John Grammer by bans and without license; John d. 31 Dec. 1834 in Franklin Co. IL now Williamson Co.; affidavit by William Spiller Sr., age 72, of Williamson Co. IL who was present at the wedding; Lydia resided in Franklin now Williamson Co. over 20 years. F.F. (Frederick) Duncan a County Commissioner of Williamson Co., acquainted with Lydia Duncan, 7 Sept. 1841; statement by Thomas J. Duncan 20 July 1854 in Williamson Co. IL to prosecute claim of Lydia in which he is directly interested.
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SAMUEL DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3128 (FHL film 970,864)
      Applied 9 Oct. 1832, age 67 on 19 May 1832, in Scott Co. MO, res. of Matthews Prairie; drafted Aug. 1780 under Gen. George Rodgers Clark, Col. Simms/Lynn, Maj. Bulger, Capt. John Askins, Lt. John Handly, for 1 month; volunteered fall 1782 under Gen. Geo. R. Clark, Capt. Charles Polk, Lt. McDaniel, for 1 month; resided Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY 1780-82; b. 1764 Culpeper Co. VA, record from father's Bible; moved to Scott Co. MO 1828; wit. Rev. Washington Orr, Christopher G. Houts, James F. Matthews, George Hacker all of Scott Co. MO; claim rejected, service less than 6 months. Power of attorney by Catharine Duncan, 24 Oct. 1852, widow of Samuel, res. of Scott Co. MO, to prosecute claim; statement by Catharine 23 Oct. 1854.
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HISTORIES before 1923

"Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia; Embracing a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish" compiled by Raleigh Travers Green; published 1900 (FHL book 975.539 D2g)
      Part 1, Pg.56: The Colemans. No Duncan mentioned.
      Part 1, Pg.78-83: Rev. John Thompson family. No Duncan mentioned.
      Part 1, Pg.83-84: The Brown Family. ... IV. Thomas Coleman (son of Daniel Brown and wife Elizabeth Hill) m. Frances Griffin. ch: 3. Emily m. Madison Duncan, ch.: Martha Hill, Edwina, Mary Catherine, Julia, Ella, John, Bettie, Virginia, Olivia, Fannie, Edward, Franklin.
      Part 1, Pg.85-95: The Slaughter Family. (pg.86) Reuben, son of John Slaughter and a dau. of Capt. William Brown, grandson of John Slaughter and Milly Coleman, m. Emily, dau. of R. Long, of Baltimore; Reuben and Emily Long had son Albert who m. 1st Mary Edmonia Rogers and had son Wm. Pendleton Slaughter who m. Mollie Rea Duncan. (pg.89) William, brother of John S., m. Lucy Brown; children, Ellen (dau. of William) m. Benjamin Ficklin: children ... Elizabeth (Mrs. Dunkum); ... (pg.90) Children of Robert and Margaret B. Slaughter, (nee) Pendleton. II. Susan Clayton Slaughter(5), m. Capt. Matthew Duncan, U.S.A.
      Part 1, Pgs. 132-134: Descendants of William Rice. No Duncan indexed.
      Part 1, Pgs. 150-151: The Bryan-Lillard Family. Benjamin Lillard, who m. Elizabeth Browning, a daughter of Nicholas Browning, had issue as follows: .. 3. Margaret, m. William L. Browning, having ... Lucy C. m. Capt. R.R. Duncan, ... Elocia m. William Timberlake ... 4. Silas B., m. Mildred Duncan, having Laura, m. S.R. Browning, Lizzie, m. Geo. F. Pulliam, Lucy, m. James Miller. .. 7. Edwina C., m. Richard H. Browning, having ... Jane, m. Richard Duncan, ...
      Part 1, Pgs. 151-155: The Browning Family. (By Judge D.A. Grimsley.) William Browning (Francis, Francis) m. Millie Roberts, and had ... 4. Robert m. Miss Duncan; 5. John m. Kitty Duncan; ... 11. Margaret, m. Eldridge Duncan; ...
      Part 2, Pg.2-21: Organization of St. Marks Parish. (extract) Parish older than the county by 18 years, former established by Act of Assembly in 1730 and latter in 1748.
       In 1692 old county of Rappahannock extinguished, its territory distributed into counties of Richmond on north and Essex on south, side of the Rappahannock River. Early in 18th Century settlement had passed the Falls of the Rappahannock and reached Rapid Ann River, where a colony of Germans had seated themselves, and Lt.-Gov. Spotswood had established a furnace. Over the new settlement a new county and parish were erected in 1720. ... 1732, mention of town of Germanna. ... In May, 1730, divided St. George's Parish by a line running "from the mouth of the Rapid Ann to the mouth of the Wilderness Run; thence up the said run to the bridge, and thence southward to the Pamunky River. All of the territory above that line to be called and known as St. Mark's Parish." Meeting 1 Jan. 1731 and elected "Goodrich Lightfoot, Henry Field, Francis Kirtly (not Huntley as in Bishop Meade's 'Old Churches, &c.'), William Peyton, James Barbour, Robert Slaughter," ... In 1730, Major G. Lightfoot was ordered to wait on Major John Taliaferro, to bring up the surplice for Germanna Church. ... Up to 1734-5, St. Mark's Parish was in Spotsylvania. At that date Spotsylvania was divided by the line between St. George's and St. Mark's Parishs. Spotsylvania was limited to St. George's Parish. All above that line, bounded southerly by old Hanover county, and to the north by the Lord Fairfax grant (the Rappahannock river), and westerly by the utmost limits of VA, was made the county of Orange. ... In 1738, Augusta and Frederick counties and parishes were separated from Orange and St. Mark's by a line from the head-spring of Hedgeman's River to the head-spring of the Potomac ... In 1740, St. Mark's was divided by a line from the Wilderness bridge up the mountain road, to the head of Russell Run; thence down the said run to the river Rapidan; thence up the Rapidan to the Robinson river; thence along the ridge between the Robinson and Rapidan to the top of the Blue Ridge. All north of said line to retain the name of St. Mark's, and all south of said bounds to be the new Parish of St. Thomas.
       (1745) Captain Abraham Field chosen vestryman in place of F. Kirtley, removed, ... (1748) At this date Orange was divided, and the county of Culpeper (comprising what is now Madison, Rappahannock and Culpeper) was formed.
      Part 2, Pg.11: Culpeper County. ... Lord Fairfax, who married the daughter of Lord Culpeper, became the proprietor of this princely domain, commonly known as the Northern Neck. (survey of Rapidan, 1733) ... deposition of John Taliaferro, gentleman, aged 49 years ... about 1707 came to live where he now lives above Snow Creek. (1751) Dr. Thomas Howison paid 1000 lbs tobacco for medical attendance on the poor, and Wm. Peyton 200 lbs tobacco for processioning lands.
       1752. St. Mark's Parish is again divided by the Meander or Crooked Run, falling into the Robinson River, up to Col. John Spottswood's corner on that run, thence by his line, north 28 degrees east to Bloodsworth's road, then by a straight line to Crooked Run, a branch of the north fork of the Gourdvine River, where the main road called Duncan's, crosses the said run, thence by said run up to the head thereof; thence to the head of White Oak Run, thence by that run down to the North River. All below that line except so much as lies in the county of Orange, to be one distinct parish, and retain the name of St. Mark's; and all above said bounds, together with so much of St. Thomas as lies in Culpeper, which is hereby added to and made part of the same, by another distinct parish, and called Bromfield (see 6th Henning 256.). (mention of Freeman family).
       1759. In February ... set apart 30 acres of Robert Coleman's land for town of Fairfax. (1762) Benjamin Roberts made church warden.
       1776. Culpeper Co. was conspicuous for services of her sons in Revolution ... companies raised by the following captains: John Green, John Thornton, George Slaughter, Gabriel Long, Gabriel Jones, John Gillison, Captain McClanahan (a Baptist preacher), and Abraham Buford.
      Part 2, Pg.56-74: Marriage record, from 1781-1825 (year only given)
       Pg.61, William C. Duncan m. 1823 Catherine Hughes. (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Part 2, Pg.75-83: Family Histories; no Duncan
      Part 2, Pg.120: ... On November 24th, 1863, Capt. R.R. Duncan, a typical soldier, ... (civil war incident).

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Typed copy of a Family Bible Record apparently torn from an old family bible written in ink, given to Eugenie Scott by her aunt Sarah "Sallie" Scott Richardson Hardin about 1920; Sarah "Sallie" Scott Hardin was the daughter of Samuel Scott and Sarah Wood Duncan (Eugenie Scott was the ancestor of Betty Schmidt who shared the record 3/2003; see Barren Co. KY)
      Betty Schmidt information: Sallie Scott Hardin said in 1927 that Robert Duncan and Sarah Wood were married in Culpeper Courthouse. According to Sallie, the family estate (Duncan) was near Culpeper Courthouse, Culpeper Co. VA, and her earliest remembrances were of visiting "the big house" which was known as "Uncle Gallop's," who was probably Sallie's great-uncle.
      Four pages, with information in two columns, line drawn around the outside and between the columns and between each entry:
            (page 1)
      Handwritten along left edge, outside the columns: Sarah Wood Duncan was married to Samuel Scott July 1828
            (page 1, 1st column)
      Robert Duncan was married to Sarah Wood, daughter of Samuel Wood and Alice Wood, his wife, on the 23rd of Dec. 1791. 1791 (MAD: twice)
      Robert Younger Duncan, son of Hiram Duncan and Elizabeth, his wife, born September 30, 1842.
      William Marian Duncan, Born February 17, 1844.
      Sarah Matilda Duncan Born December 1, 1845.
      James Samuel Duncan Born March 10th, 1848
      Mary Jane Duncan Born February 26, 1850
      Maranda Duncan Born September 11, 1852
      Virginia Duncan Born May 27th, 1856
      Ann Elizabeth Duncan Born March 5, 1861.
      Sarah Wood Duncan was married to Samuel Scott, July, 1828.
            (page 1, 2nd column)
      Martha Fr. Scott Born July 6, 1829
      John T. Scott was born May 6, 1831.
      Louisa J. Scott was born January 22nd, 1835.
      William H. Scott was born September 1, 1842
      Thomas Jefferson Scott was born Oct. 17, 1845, Died July 4, 1871
      Sarah Elizabeth Scott was born September 19, 1850
      Samuel H. Scott, son of Dr. William H. Scott and Sarah, his wife, was born Dec. 22, 1868.
      Annie G. Scott, daughter of John T. Scott, was born Sept. 28, 1868.
            (page 2)
      Handwritten along left edge, outside the columns: Dr. William H. Scott died Sept. 5 1874
            (page 2, 1st column)
      Robert Duncan, son of Joseph and Sarah, his wife, was born January 30th, in the year of Our Lord, 1770
      Sarah Wood, daughter of Samuel Wood and Alice, his wife, was born March 19th, in the year of our Lord, 1766
      John Duncan, son of Robert Duncan and Sarah, his wife, was born October 21st, Sunday at 8 o'clock in the year of Our Lord, 1792.
      Samuel Scott, Sr., was born November 23, 1804.
            (page 2, 2nd column)
      Daughter of Robt. Duncan and Sarah, his wife, was born December 1st, Tuesday at 2 o'clock in the morning in the year of Our Lord, 1793
      Malinda Duncan, daughter of Robert Duncan and Sarah, his wife, was born, February 1, Sunday at 6 o'clock in the evening, in the year of Our Lord, 1795.
      Eliza Duncan, daughter of Robert Duncan and Sarah Duncan, was born January 14th, Saturday at 7 o'clock in the evening in the year of Our Lord, 1797.
            (page 3, 1st column, no heading)
      Elizabeth Duncan, daughter of Robert Duncan and Sarah Duncan, his wife, was born March 21st, Thursday at 5 o'clock in the morning in the year of Our Lord, 1799.
      Robert Duncan, son of Robert Duncan and Sarah, his wife, was born January 2nd, Friday at 11 o'clock in the evening in the year of Our Lord, 1800.
      James Duncan, son of Robert Duncan and Sarah Duncan, his wife, was born March 21st, Monday at 5 o'clock in the morning in the year of Our Lord, 1803.
            (page 3, 2nd column, no heading)
      Sarah Duncan, daughter of Robert Duncan and Sarah, his wife, was born December the 8th, Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning in the year of Our Lord, 1804.
      Hiram Duncan, son of Robert Duncan, and Sarah Duncan, his wife, was born November the 3rd, Monday at 10 o'clock in the morning, in the year of our Lord, 1806.
      Dr. William H. Scott was married to Miss Sarah E. Tobey Feb. 24th, 1868.
      Sarah W. Scott, died March 1st, 1866.
      Samuel Scott died June 5, 1886.
            (page 4, 1st column, no heading)
      John T. Scott's Children. (MAD: in same box as following entry for Sallie Scott)
      Sallie Scott, daughter of John T. Scott and Rebecca Ellen, his wife, born Sept. 27, in the year of Our Lord, 1856.
      Mary Louisa Scott, daughter of John T. Scott and Ellen, his wife, was born January 18th, 1858. Died Aug. 16, 1858.
      Eugenie Scott, daughter of John T. Scott and Ellen, his wife, was born February 27th, 1859.
      Charles Edgar Scott, son of John T. Scott and Ellen, his wife, was born Sept. 8th, 1860.
      George Addison Scott, son of John T. Scott and Ellen, his wife, was born January 10, 1862.
      Sarah Scott, wife of Samuel Scott died March, 1, 1866.
      Annie G. Scott born September 28, 1868.
            (page 4, 2nd column, no heading)
      Elizabeth Duncan died December 9th, Tuesday, 1800.
      Robert Duncan died Sept. 6th, Tuesday, 1803.
      Malinda Duncan died on February 2nd, Sunday, 1823.
      Robert Duncan died November 18th, Thursday, in the year 1825.
      John Duncan died October 2nd on Monday in the year 1826.
      Sarah Duncan, wife of Robert Duncan, died June 28th, 1844, age 78 years
      Martha Fr. Scott, daughter of Samuel Scott, died Sept. 18th, 1830
      James Duncan, son of Robert Duncan, and Sarah, his wife, died February, 1837.


See also the information posted by Robert Stallard about the ancestry of William Duncan of Culpeper Co. VA on his webpage "Ancestors of Jael Duncan Stallard" (information from Patrick Hays 1999 and 2011):
Please note that the information posted on Mr. Stallard's webpage was last updated by him on 01/20/2002.


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