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Formed 1853 from Navarro
Johnson formed 1854 from Ellis, Hill, Navarro


1860 Hill Co. TX Census
Pg.104, #333-310, Thos. J. DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $0-$50
                  Amanda 33 GA
                  Leroy 10 TX
                  S.J. (m) 2 TX
                  Louisa J. 12 TX

1870 Hill Co. TX Census
Hillsboro Precinct #1 (pages very faint)
Pg.370, #20-20, DUNCAN, James W. 60 SC (blank) $0-$0
                  Susanah E. 55 SC
                  (MAD: 1860 Itawamba Co. MS census)
Pg.370, #21-21, ?WARREN?, John D. 32 MS dry goods merchant $2000-$5000
                  Mary G?. 23 MS
                  Mary F?. (f) 16 MS
                  Diane?? (f) 4 MS
                  DUNCAN, James M. 22 MS -?- -?- clerk? $0-$0
                  Narcissus (f) 20 MS
                  RICHARD?, Wm?. (m) "2" MS BLACK laborer
Hillsboro Precinct #3 (indexed Precinct #2) (pages faint)
Pg.414, #26-26, DUNCAN, John C. 35 AL farmer $1200-$200
                  Martha 34 MO
                  Frances (f) 10, Emma 8, Rolla (m) 3 TX
                  Thomas 10/12 TX b.Sept.
                  ?WEEMS?, John 21 AR farmer $0-$0 mar. in May
                  ?Thirza? (f) 18 AR mar. in May
                  (MAD: 1860 Young Co. TX census)
Hillsboro Precinct #4
Pg.439, #66-66, DUNCAN, Robert B. 37? (39?) IL miller $0-$0
                  ?Hale L. (f) 28 GA
                  Sam H. 15 TX
                  NELLIS?, Jesse 33 IL laborer
                  & others
                  (MAD: 1860 Caddo Par. LA census)


Index to TX Confederate Pension Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
      Application, Name, County, Book
      05416, Duncan, Dora, Hill, 1 (MAD: widow of William W. Duncan of Burleson Co. TX)
      31239, Duncan, J.G., Hill, 4
      08103, Duncan, John Green, Hill, (blank)
      36060, Duncan, Mrs. N.R., Hill, 5


Stewart Co. TN Deed (FHL film 554,338, and from Tamra Duncan)
      29-205: 5 April 1876, between heirs & representatives of Wm. T. Duncan decd, and children of heirs, and names of each and every one who is married, to wit: (1) Samuel T. Duncan and wife Margaret; (2) Daniel Duncan and wife Fanny; (3) Sarah Duncan now Frogg and husband Timothy Frogg; (4) Elizabeth Stevenson; (5) Mary J. Tucker; (6) Ann J. Gilbert; (7) The James Duncan children, he being dead, to wit, Wilkins Duncan, Tucker Duncan and wife Willilla, Sooky? Duncan now Henry and her husband Mr. Henry of AR; (8) the John P. Duncan children, to wit, William Duncan, Margaret now Hunt and her husband George Hunt, Anis now Tucker and her husband Franklin Tucker, and Robert Duncan, Eugene Duncan, Ella Duncan, Daniel Duncan, Hubbard Duncan; parties of the 1st part; to James Sumner of Stewart Co. TN, of the other part; for $240, land in Stewart Co. TN on waters of Saline Creek, corner Duncan Stuart's lower 1,000 acre survey. Thomas R. Henry and wife S.M. Henry appeared in Drew Co. AR 1 July 1879; Mrs. M.M. Hunt wife of G.W. Hunt appeared before James M. Duncan, clerk of Hill Co. TX; Sarah F. Duncan, and J.T. Duncan and wife W.E. Duncan appeared in Drew Co. AR; R.F. Tucker and wife A.M. Tucker appeared in Ashley Co. AR; E. Duncan appeared in Summer Co. TN; R.H. Duncan, J.E. Duncan, D.D. Duncan and H.H. Duncan appeared in Camp Co. TX; G.W. Hunt and W.T. Duncan appeared in Hill Co. TX before James M. Duncan, county clerk. Reg. 31 July 1880 in Stewart Co. TN.

Henderson Co. TX Probate Minutes, Vol.A to E, 1847-1883 (FHL film 1,502,710)
      B-13: Oct. 1858, Thomas Box, admin. of James Duncan, on motion of chief pertice?, Thomas Box removed and letters of admin. revoked; court dissatisfied; Box was absent from Texas more than 3 months. (MAD: scraps of pages at front of book; may be out of order; date as given; probably should be in Book C)
      B-24: Nov. 28, 1852, case continued. B-80, May 1854, Thomas Box called to appear. B-85, Aug. 1854, Thomas Box, residence in Trinity City, Ellis Co. B-88, Sept. 1854, continued. B-93, Oct. 1854, Box be cited to appear. B-118, 1855, citation issued. B-131, March 1855, Box moved outside TX. B-153-154, Sept. 1855, ordered that appraisers be appointed to appraise land in Hill Co. belonging to estate of James Duncan containing 414-1/2 acres in Robinson District on waters of E.fork of Aguela Creek about 15 miles N. from Fort Graham located by virtue of Cert. 347 issued 23 April 1850, patent 14 Feb. 1855, no. 803, Vol.10. B-162, Nov. 1855, Thos. Box to sell the property belonging to estate as is going to waste, such as rails, planks and other things, to be sold at Buffalo. B-195, 25 Feb. 1856, Thomas Box to sell the house and railes near the town of Buffalo. B-221, 28 July 1856, report by Thomas Box to be filed. (MAD: report not given in these minutes). B-283, Dec. 1856, not filed. B-283, 27 Jan. 1857, continued.

HISTORIES before 1923

1892 "A Memorial and biographical history of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas : containing the early history of this important section of the great state of Texas, together with glimpses of its future prospects : also biographical mention of many of the pioneers and prominent citizens of the present time and full page portraits of some of the most eminent men of this section" pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,604 item 6; Houston, TX, library book 976.43M from Lucille Mehrkam 1984; and from Kit Smith 1983)
      Pg.367: WM. G. DUNCAN, County Clerk, Hill County, Texas. Among the representative, thorough going and efficient officials of Hill Co. TX, there is no one more deserving of mention than Mr. Duncan, for his residence within its borders has extended over the greater portion of his life. He is a son of William W. and Dora Duncan, both natives of Tennessee, in which State they were reared and married, and from which they removed to Texas in 1854, settling in Burleson County. There they made their home until 1860 when they moved to Port Sullivan, Milam County, where the father died in 1864, on the sixth day after his return home from the war. Mrs. Duncan is still living, being now in her 73rd year. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan had nine children, seven daughters and two sons. The eldest, Charles Duncan, died at Bremond, Texas, in 1879. He was also in the Confederate service. The daughters all reside in Hill County, as does Wm. G. Duncan, the subject of this notice, who was the youngest member of the family. He was born in Burleson County, December 23, 1859, and was reared in that county and in Waco, whither his mother moved in 1870. The war freeing the slaves and the central railroad breaking up their town, they were left in limited circumstances. The family then comprised of eight (sic) daughters and two (sic) sons, Wm. G. our subject, being the only protector left to his widowed mother and sisters although he was the youngest of all the children. He came to Hillsboro on the 1st of January, 1887, and secured a position as bookkeeper with Haynes and Files remaining in their employment until he was elected county clerk of Hill Co. in Nov. 1888. He stills holds that position.
            He was married in this county June 23, 1883, to Laura J., daughter of William L. Long. Mrs. Duncan was born in Missouri but was reared in Hill Co., her parents coming to this section a number of years ago.
            (MAD: Charles D. Duncan, son of Wm. Duncan & Dora, in 1860 Burleson Co. TX census)
      Pg 695: J.M. DUNCAN cashier of the Farmers Natl. Bank of Hillsboro was born in Itawamba Co. MS, in 1849, son of J.W. Duncan who was born in SC in 1813. The latter, a farmer by occupation, came to Texas 1869, where he was presiding Justice during years 1873-74-75 and afterward retired to his farm where he died in 1889. His wife, nee Susan Roberts, was born in SC in 1815 and died 1884.
            J.M. Duncan the youngest of eight children spent his early life in the log-cabin schoolhouse of his native co. where he succeeded in laying the foundation for a successful career in after life. From the ages of 14 to 20 years he worked on the farm, after which he spent 2 years in an academy at Fulton, MS. He began his business career in 1870 as salesman in a dry-goods house in Hillsboro, where he served 3 years. In 1873 he became Deputy County Clerk under C.N. Brooks, which position he held 3 years and was then elected to that office; he was re-elected in 1878 and at the expiration of his term of service he engaged in the grocery and drug business. He closed out and engaged as bookkeeper in Sturgis Natl. Bank, later Hill Co. Natl. Bank, and finally in 1889 was engaged in the same capacity in the Farmer's Natl. Bank 1 year. He has served as city treasurer ...
            In 1869 Mr. Duncan married Miss N.A. Warren, daughter of Charles Warren of MS. They had 10 children, 6 now living. Florence, attending school at Winchester, TN; Hattie, attending city school; Maud; Elsie; Egbert; Enola. Mrs. Duncan is member of Methodist Church.

1893 "A Memorial and biographical history of McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas : from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of the future prospects, also biographical mention of many of the pioneers and prominent citizens.." pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,605 item 1; and Houston, TX, library book 976.4 M, from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984)
      Pg.?, Henry C. Ford of Hill Co. TX, born LA 1 Nov. 1844, to TX when age 6, mar. 1st 1865 to Miss Angelina Cox of KY, mar. 2nd Miss Meliva Duncan, native of TN, born Oct. 29, 1856, dau. of William W. and Dora Duncan. (pg.68, Vol.14, 1967, "Ansearchin News" from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983)

1893 "History of Texas, together with a biographical history of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and Burleson counties : containing a concise history of the state, with portraits and biographies of prominent citizens of the above named counties, and personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families" pub. by Lewis Publ. Co. (FHL film 1,000,605 item 2; from Jean Walker 7/1984)
      Pg.402-3: J.W. PORTER, an honored pioneer of Burleson Co. TX, ... born in Kentucky, September 18, 1836. His parents, Benjamin J. and Matilda J. (Wilson) Porter, were also natives of that ... State ... Benjamin J. in 1846 emigrated with his family to the new and unsettled country of Texas ... arriving in Burleson Co. in March, 1847. J.W. Porter, whose name heads this biography, was the only son and next to the youngest of seven children. In 1857 he married and removed to a home of his own, where he commenced operations for himself. This peaceful life was interrupted by the civil war which threatened to destroy the country. He entered the Confederate army in March, 1862 ... Mr. Porter was first married to Miss Elizabeth Duncan, a daughter of William and Dora Duncan of Tennessee. Her parents came to Texas about 1854, and after a few moves they settled in Burleson county, where her father died in 1864, her mother still surviving in Hill county. By this marriage Mr. Porter had four children: William B., resident in Nolan county; Dora J., wife of J.B. Hill; John D., married; C.C. teaching school in Milam Co. The devoted wife and mother of this family died December 10, 1866, leaving to the care of her husband their four small children. In 1867 Mr. Porter married Miss Ellen Gresham, ... In 1882 Mr. Porter married ...


Some early Duncans in Hill Co. TX:
      Charles Duncan, 4 March 1836, lived in TX; had 1st class land grant in Hill Co. TX listed on pg.739, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860 (indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48)
      James Duncan, 1837-1840, immigrated to TX between 10/1/1837 and 1/1/1840; had 3rd class land grant in Hill Co. TX listed on pg.739, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860 (indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48)
      Lillie Duncan, 21 Sept. 1876, mar. Jasper Holber


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