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Formed 1792-3 from Russell, Scott
Scott formed 1814 from Lee, Russell, Washington
Part of Scott returned to Lee 1820-1830
Wise formed 1856 from Lee, Russell, Scott


1820-1830 Lee Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed
      No Solomon Dinkins; none 1830 TN

1840 Lee Co. VA Census
Pg.101   Solomon Dinkins     0001,011  - 0100,01
   102   Benjamin Dunking    0210,01   - 3000,01

1850 Lee Co. VA Census
Pg.311, #133, Solomon DINKINS 49 TN farmer
                  Elizabeth 47 VA
                  (MAD: One Solomon Dinkin married a Susan Parker 31 Aug. 1824 in Washington Co. TN; one Solomon Dinkins in Lee Co. VA deeds in 1839, wife Elizabeth; no Solomon Duncan located with wife Sarah.)
Pg.348, #644, John ANDIS 22 VA
                  Marinda Jane 18 NC
                  Martha E. 9/12 VA
                  & others not copied
                  (MAD: looking for John Andis, wife Rhoda, dau. of Abner Duncan and Rachel Ward of Washington Co. VA)
Pg.358, #755, Rebecca DUNCAN 41 VA "farming" $600
                  Elbert 21 TN
                  James A. 19, Reason 17 TN
                  Sarah J. 15, Rosanah H. 13 TN
                  Nancy E. 11, Legrant B. 9 VA
                  Christena F. 7, Wiley W. 5 VA
                  (MAD: widow of Benjamin F.; son of Abner 1830 Carter Co. TN census, 1840-1850 Johnson Co. TN census; James A. in 1860 Claiborne Co. TN census)

1860 Lee Co. VA Census
Western District
Pg.805, #857-879, Abner DANKIN 64 SC (blank) $0-$25
                  Mary 49 Stokes NC housekeeper
                  Rhoda ANDIS 28 Washington VA
                  Susan 9 Washington VA
                  (MAD: birthplaces plain; 1850 Washington Co. VA census)
P.O. Jonesville
Pg.866-7, #1274-1310, Leeson T. DUNCAN 26 Lee Co. VA farmer $0-$95
                  Elizabeth 25 Lee Co. VA
                  Jas. 6, John 4 Lee Co. VA
                  Benjamin L. 8/12 Lee Co. VA
Pg.894, #1453-1489, Elbert E. DUNCAN 30 Lee Co. VA farmer $0-$100
                  Rebecca 50 Scott Co. VA
                  Nancy 21, Legrand 18 VA farm laborer
                  Doctor (m) 16 Scott Co. VA

1870 Lee Co. VA Census
Jonesville Twp.
Pg.260, #214-216, CHAMPAM?, John B. 34 Bedford Co. VA (white) works on farm $0-$125
                  Sarah E. 29 Lee Co. VA keeping house
                  Fannie M. 5 Montgomery Co. IN (not VA) at home
                  John B. Jr. 4 Montgomery Co. IN at ome
                  Sarah J. 2 Putnam Co. IN at home
                  DUNKINS, Mary 57 Unknown (white) keeping house
                  ANDERS, Rody (f) 38 Washington Co. VA (white) house keeping
                  Wm. E. 9 Claiborn Co. TN at home
                  (MAD: 1880 Lee Co. VA census index lists Mary Duncan 70 VA IRE NC, Rhoda Duncan step-dau. 46 VA NC VA, W.E. Duncan (m) 18 TN VA VA; Mary was second wife of Abner Duncan, 1850 Washington Co. VA census)
Pg.264, #278-281, FUGAT, Jeremiah (m) 80 Claiborn Co. TN (white) works on farm $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 36 Grayson Co. VA keeping house
                  William 16 Lee Co. VA works on farm
                  DUNKIN, James 14 Lee Co. VA (white) works on farm
                  John 12 Lee Co. VA works on farm
                  Benjamin T. 10 Lee Co. VA works on farm
White Shoals Twp.
Pg.365, #129-129, DUNKIN, Calvin 34 Patrick Co. VA (white) works on farm $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 24 Lee Co. VA keeping house
                  Hanry (m) 9 Lee Co. VA at home
                  William T. 4 Lee Co. VA at home


Lee Co. VA Marriage Records; 1830-35 minister's returns, 1850-54 marriage licenses, 1853-1916 mar. register, birth register 1854-77, death register 1853-1891 (FHL film 32,441)
   Record 1A, Marriage returns 1850-1854
      Pg.25, license, James A. Duncan to Margaret Rollins, 17 Jan. 1852 (sic), return 5 April 1853, married Jan. 22 1853 (sic) by William A. Taylor.
   Record 2, 1853-1916 (page & line)
      4-5, 8/9/1857, Elbert E. Smith, 21 single b. Russell Co. VA par. John & N. Smith, to Rosannah H. Duncan, 18 single b. Johnson Co. TN, par. B. & R. Duncan; mar. by James J. Edwards.
      7-23, 9/13/1860, Clearon Duncan, 24 widowed b. Patrick Co. VA, par. V. & P. Duncan, to Mary White, 19 single b. Ferish? NC, par. Jas. & P. White, remarks: "parsons name not given"
      9-51, 1/22/1861, Calvin Duncan, 26 single shoemaker b. "Barkly" Co. VA, par. W. & L. Duncan, to E.M. Parsons, 17 single b. Lee Co. VA, mother Annie Parsons, mar. by Robt. H. Wynn.
      20-31, 9/20/1868, Chas. T. Duncan, 28 single blacksmith b. Scott Co. VA, par. John, to Mary L. Martin, 20 single b. Lee Co. VA, par. Wm. S. & Margaret; mar. by Wm. H. Casper.
      20-39, 4/24/1868, Jeremiah Fugate, 51 widowed b. "not known", par. George & Elizab., to Elizabeth Duncan, 35 widow b. Sullivan Co. TN, par. "not known", mar. by Thos. Horton.
      27-16, 11/4/1871, Elbert S. Duncan, 40 single b. Johnson Co. TN, par. Benj. & Rebecca Duncan, to Catharine Burton, 25 widow b. Lee Co. VA, par. Jeremiah & Alice ?? Fugate.
      Quit; also indexed C.T. Duncan pg.67, pg.73


Lee Co. VA Will Index 1793-1944 (FHL films 32,423 and 32,424)
      No Duncan
      No McClain, Lane, etc.


Lee Co. VA Surveyor Records, including indexes
      Vol.1 1794-1815 - no Duncan, looked at Blakemore, Bird, McClain (FHL film 32,434)
      V.2 1820-1833 - no Duncan
      V.3 1833-1849 - no Duncan (FHL film 32,435)
      V.4 1849-1944 - no Duncan

Lee Co. VA Deeds (Index on FHL film 32,426)
      No Oyler, Iler, Eyeler, etc.
      1-10: 8 April 1794, Nathaniel Hix and wife Jane (/s/ Jean) to William McClain, all Lee Co., for 20 shillings (sic), 40 acres on Powell's River. No wit. (FHL film 32,427)
      1-44: 9 Feb. 1796, William McLain and wife Mary (both signed) to William Blanton, all Lee Co., for $100, 40 acres (in deed 1-10). Wit. James (x) Young, Thomas (x) McClain, Isaac Chrisman. Rec. 12 July 1796. (FHL film 32,427)

Lee Co. VA Deeds 1793-1844 (index on FHL film 32,426)
      2-326: 27 Nov. 1810, John Duncan and wife Polly of Knox Co. KY to William Robinson of Claiborne Co. TN, for $600, 196 acres in Lee Co. being the same land said John Duncan recovered by decree of court 29 May 1807 from Arthur Campbell, south of the big road where Col. Robinson's line crosses the new state line, in Poor Valley, adj. Col. John Jones, Gibson's land. (FHL film 33,427, not indexed)
      5-97: May 27, 1822, Joseph Duncan et al to John Polson
      8-246: Dec. 4, 1839, Solomon Dinkins and wife to James W. Venable
      9-258: May 13, 1842, Sol. Dinkins to Nelson Preston
      No others
      5-97: 27 May 1822, Joseph Duncan and wife Ann of Franklin Co. TN to John Colson of Lee Co. VA, for $2000, 520 acres in Lee Co. VA on Indian Creek, bank of Grays branch, dividing line between said Duncan and Abram Lock, beg. corner James Hignights, corner Andrew and Robert Crocketts land, north side of Indian Creek a branch of Powells river, crossing the Kentucky road. (both signed). Wit. Abm. Kerykindall, G.W. Richardzen. Ack. in Franklin Co., TN, 27 May 1822. (FHL film 32,428) (MAD: see Whitley Co. KY, Joseph Duncan & Ann Laughlin from Washington Co. VA)
      8-246: 4 Dec. 1839, Solomon (X) Dinkins and Elizabeth (X) his wife of Lee Co. VA to James Murat? Venable, for $300, 50 acres part of 90 acre survey by Jeremiah May Dec. 18, 1833. No Wit. (FHL film 32,430)
      9-258: 13 May 1843, Solomon Dinkins of Lee Co. VA to Nelson Preston, indebted to John Saremore for $150, trust deed, one undivided moiety of a certain tract in Lee Co. on the south side of the Elk Knob, same land whereon said Dinkins now lives, 140 acres. No Wit. (FHL film 32,430)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Abner, widow Mary; WO 19451, WC 28787; BL 60616-40-50, 69161-120-55; Private in Capt. John Gray's Co. VA Militia 2/9/1814 to 3/8/1814, soldier alleges service as a substitute, principal unknown; Res. sol. 1851 Washington Co. VA, 1855 Lee Co. VA; res. widow 1878 Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; maiden name Mary Fulton m. Apr. 19, 1837, Abingdon, Washington Co. VA; soldier d. March 2, 1869, Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; widow d. about 1888.


Russell Co. VA Deed (FHL film 33,830)
      No Oyler, Iler, Eyeler
      2-66: 26 Jan. 1796, William McClayn and Mary his wife of Lee Co. VA to Simon Cockrell of Russell Co. VA, for 80 lbs current money, 125 acres in Russell Co., part of a larger tract of land granted to Benjamin Nicholson by patent 26 June 1786, "on both sides of Clinch River and bounded as followeth to wit Beginning on the bank of the river at the mouth of a branch at an ash sugar tree and dogwood sapling corner to Rawley Duncans land and with a line thereof north 138 poles to a poplar white oak and dogwood sapling on the south side of a ridge and along the same north 60 degrees east 234 poles to a white oak and sourwood on the west side of Bustards run near the bank of the river, thence down the several courses thereof 334 poles on the north bank, thence south 52 deg. west 106 poles crossing the river to a beech and lynn at the foot of a knobb, south 72 west 186 poles to a buckeye near the foot of the said knobb, north 10 poles to two walnuts on the south bank of the River, thence north 62 deg. east 243 poles crossing the river to the beginning," (which contains 150 acres whereof 25 acres part thereof which was conveyed to Jeremiah Herral by a deed ... 27 Sept. 1791 is excepted) together with ... /s/ Wm. McClane, Mary McClane. Rec. Feb. 1796, both appeared in court. No wit.

Sullivan Co. TN Deed (FHL film 972,711)
      16-308: 30 Dec. 1850, power of attorney to Levi L. Waterman to receive from Chancery Court of Rutherford County, TN, that part of the estate of Dr. Wm. Ward, decd, late of Rutherford Co., devized by said William Ward decd to Rachel Ward afterwards Rachel Duncan of Washington Co. VA, and descended through her to us as heirs of said Rachel Duncan. /s/ Abner Duncan, A.J. Duncan, John Andis, Rhoda Andis. Wit. L?.S. Booher, D.J. Waterman. (MAD: see Rody Anders family in 1870 Lee Co. VA census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1899 "The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches" by George W. Lasher, D.D.; pub. by Ministerial Directory Co., Oxford, OH (copy of pgs.225-226 from Margo Thiel 1/1986)
      (MAD: Name, city & State; Place of birth; Place and date licensed and ordained; Preached; other abbreviations: Preached; Studied; Church; Institute; College)
      DUNCAN, Benjamin Franklin, Utica, LaSalle, IL - Born Lee Co. VA; Stud. Vermillion Co., Normal, IL; B. Un. T.S., Chicago, B. Th. 1889; Lic. 1876 Gap Creek Ch. [Knox Co.] TN; Ord. 1877 Macedonia Ch. KY.; P. Indianola and Horace 1880-84; Stud. S. Brighton Park Mission, Chicago, 1886-87; Londa, IL, 1887-88; P. East Lynn 1889-91; Momence 1891-92; Utica, IL, 1892-


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