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Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      A.B. Duncan & Peter S. Deckard, 9670, 10+a, 10/20/1848, Franklin, W-188, Mountain
      Anderson B. Duncan, 9385, 39a, 11/17/1848, Franklin, V-146, Mountain
      Charles Duncan, 1739, 200a, 5/14/1830, Franklin, C-479, Mountain
      Charles Duncan, 2116, 100a, 7/4/1831, Franklin, D-91/92, Mountain

Franklin Co. TN Deed Indexes
   Deed index, reverse, 1807-1899; Alphabetic order rather than date order (FHL Film 576,321; copied to Book Z; SLC 5/4/2013)
      U-333: Duncan, A.B from Deckerd, P.D?, 77-1/2 acres adj. Solomon Wagoner, #4522
      T-624: Duncan, A.B. from Embrey, John K., T-624, 77-1/2 acres bought of P.D?. Deckerd, #4523
      T-431: Duncan, A.B. from May Leory, 107 acres 2nd Sec. 8th Rge adj. Geo. Doherty 1500 acre tract, #4524
      X-443 (K?-443): Duncan, A.B. et al Comr. from Winford, M.D?., 1 acre on S side Elk Riv., #4525
      W-53: Duncan, A.B. from Decker, Peter D?, 77-1/2 acres ad. Solomon Wagoner, #4526
      X-384?: Duncan, Anderson B. from Curle, P.I. & R.I. (column heading too dark) 8, 43 acres on both sides Elk Riv. near Morris Ferry, #4532
      D-87: Duncan, Charles from Jennings, Wm., 278 acres on Boiling Fk adj. Thropshire, #4540
      D-95: Duncan, Charles from Jennings, Wm., 107 acres, On Boiling Fk part of Anderson & Stroshell? State grant, #4541
      D-97: Duncan, Charles from Jennings, Wm., 105 acres, on Boiling Fk & spur of Sunst? Mt., #4542
      O-165: Duncan, Charles from Lewis, James, Admr. of James M. Lewis, (blotted), Lot in Town of Winchester, #4543
      M-468: Duncan, C. from Jennings, Wm. by Atty, 278 acres on Boiling Fk, #4544
      M-469: Duncan, C. from Jennings, Wm. by Atty, 105 acres on Boiling Fk, #4545
      M-471: Duncan, C. from Jennings, Wm. by Atty, 107 acres on Boiling Fk., #4546
      V-395: Duncan, John H. from Lambert, Martha,, 8th, 321 acres on Stage road, #4551
      U-33: Duncan, John H. from Lewis, James by Atty, 8th, 350 acres on Elk Riv., #4552
      X-167: Duncan, John H. from Deckerd, Peter D., 2 lots in Decherd No.A&B Block 3, #4553
      R-264: Duncan, John from McGowan, Robt, On McMinnville road several tracts, #4554
      J-520: Duncan, Joseph from Johnson, Danl., 100 acres adj. Jos. Delneh & Jas. Sander, Thos. Rowe, #4556
      N-468: Duncan, Joseph from Richardson, G.W., 15? acres on Bradleys Cr., #4557
      U-419?: Duncan, R.B. from Phillys, W.H., 170? acres on Elk Riv. adj. Wm. Estill, #4563
      U-357: Duncan, R.B. from Estill, Wm., 8th, 100 acres on Elk Riv., #4564
      U-357: Duncan, R.B. from Estill, J?.H., 100 acres on Rock Creek, #4565
      M-96: Duncan, Robert from Thompson, Wm., 186 acres on N. side Elk Riv., #4566
      N-478: Duncan, Robert from May. Leroy, 12 acres S.side Elk River, #4567
      M-488: Duncan, Thos. from Embrey, Thos. & Duncan, Wm. Exors, 124 acres on Taylor's cr., #4568
      C-326: Duncan, Wm. from Bean, Jessee, 120 acres on Con.Spsg. Cr. adj. Jesse Beanoft Cumb? Mt., #4571
      J-251: Duncan, Wm. from Lee Cader, 200 acres 2d Sec. 8th Rge on Elk Riv, State Grt to said Lee No.633, #4572
   Deed index, direct, 1807-1889. (FHL Film 576,322)
      A-326: Duncan, William fm Bean, Jessee, DC
      D-87: Duncan, Charles fm Jennings, Wm., DC
      D-95: Duncan, Charles fm Jennings, Wm., DC
      D-97: Duncan, Charles fm Jennings, Wm., DC
      D-170: Duncan, Charles to Perkins, Jesse, DC
      D-195: Duncan, Charles to Milles, Joseph, DC
      J-288: Duncan, William to Collins, Barbe, DC
      J-588: Duncan, Charles of Handley, John, BS
      J-520?: Duncan, Joseph of Johnson, Samuel, DC
      J-251: Duncan, William of Les Cades? (?Cader), DC
      M-488: Duncan, Thomas of Embrey & Duncan, DC
      M-468: Duncan, Charles of Jennings, William, DC
      M-469: Duncan, Charles of Jennings, William, DC
      M-471: Duncan, Charles of Jennings, William, DC
      M-242? (M-282?): Duncan, Charles of McStheran?, John, BS
      M-86: Duncan, Robt. of Thomas, William, DC
      N-457: Dunkin & Lusk to Campbell, James, DT
      N-478: Duncan, Robt. of May?, Leroy, DC
      N-468: Duncan, Joseph of Richardson, Glt., DC
      O-23: Dunkin, Joseph to Jenkins, Benj. F., DT
      O-276: Duncan & Lusk & others to Campbell, James, DT
      P-5: Duncan & Wallace, Adrs Watson & Gibson, Judgt.
      Q-63: Duncan, Thos. C. to Martin, John W., DC
      Q-165: Duncan, Charles to Lewis, James, DC
      Q-488: Duncan, John W. to Woods, James, DT
      Q-490: Duncan, John W. to Brazelton, John G., BS
      Q-490: Duncan, John W. to Kelley, Willis, BS
      Q-498: Duncan, Malinda of Champion, Willis, BS
      Q-165: Duncan, Charles of Lewis, James Admr, DC
      R-264: Duncan, John H. Trustee, of McGowan, Robt, DT
      R-354: Dunsan, A.B. to Powell, Benj, BS
      S-337: Duncan, A. & Jno. H. of Lambert, John, Transfer
      T-231: Duncan, C.B. of Woods, J.E., BS
      T-624: Duncan, A.B. of Embry, John K., DC
      U-33 & 34: Duncan, J.H. of Darwin, Wm., DC
      U-35: Duncan, J.H. of Lewis James, DC
      U-47: Duncan, Robt. to Harris & Fitzpatrick, DC
      U-244: Duncan, Robt. B. to Deery, Jas. A. & others, release
      U-308: Duncan, R.B. to Durys & Brothers, DC
      U-357: Duncan, R.B. of Estill, Wm., DC
      U-357&c: Duncan, R.B. of J.H. Estill, DC
      U-409: Duncan, R.B. of Phillips, Wm. H., DC
      V-395: Duncan, John H. of Lambert, Martha, DC
      V-509: Duncan, O.H.P.B. & Duncan, Margaret, BS
      W-54: Duncan, A.B. of Decherd, P.S., DC
      X-167: Duncan, John H. of Decherd, P.S., DC
      X-384: Duncan, A.B. of Curle?, P.J. & R.J., DC
      X-443: Duncan, A.B. & othrs, Conn &, of Winford, M.S., DC
      X-495: Duncan, A.B. to Stamper, J.W.D., DC
      Z-46: Duncans heirs Pet.&C, University of the South, Decree
      No Book B&C, no Duncan in Books L or Y, quit; Book V 1852-1854

Franklin Co. TN Deeds (Grantor Index on FHL film 576,322; Grantee Index on FHL film 576,321)
      A-326: 27 April 1812, Jesse Bean to William Duncan, $496, 120 acres on Cove Spring Creek, spur of Cumberland Mountain. No wit. (FHL film 576,323)
      J-251: 28 Nov. 1816, Cader Lee to William Duncan, $1000, 200 acres in 2nd Sec., Range 8, grant #633 to Cader Lee 25 Oct. 1808. Wit. Leroy May, James Davis, Elias Oldham. (FHL film 576,323)
      J-288: 19 Dec. 1817, William Duncan to Barbe (his) Collins, $1000, 100 acres on Spring Creek, foot of Cumberland Mountain. Wit. William Woods, Larson Woods. (FHL film 576,323)
      J-520: 26 Feb. 1825, Samuel Johnson to Joseph Duncan, $1000, 120 acres corner John Deluche, William Lusk, Thomas L. Bone, Groves Morris. No wit. (FHL film 576,323)
      J-588: 4 March 1826, Sheriff to Charles Duncan, highest bidder, negro girl from estate of Isaac Richmond, judgement in favor of William Houston 14 Feb. 1823. (FHL film 576,323)
      D-87: 25 April 1822, William Jinings of Cooper Co. MO to Charles Dunkin of Franklin Co. TN, $2780, 278 acres on Bailing Fork of Elk River, 8th, Sec. 2, Range 8, Dist. 2, corner Robert McKamey's occupant claim, James H. Thropshire. /s/ William Jenings by Edmon Russell, attorney in fact. Wit. John I. Hayter, Ben Dechard. (FHL film 576,324)
      D-95: 23 April 1822, same to same, $1070, 107 acres on waters of Bailing Fork of Elk River, part or parts of two surveys, one granted to (sic) William P. Anderson to John Champin for 89 acres, the other granted by (sic) John Strother to aforesaid John Champin for 70 acres, part of 3900 acre tract granted to Henry Mumford, begin. foot of the mountain, Cornelius Dollerhide, spur of Cumberland Mt., part of 640 acre tract granted to Wm. Anderson, sold to William Jinings 4 Sept. 1815 by John Champion. Wit. John W. Halder, John J. Hayter. (FHL film 576,324)
      D-97: 25 April 1822, same to same, $1000, 105 acres on Bailing Fork of Elk River, corner James Lewis 2000 acre tract, said Duncan's corner. Wit. John I. Hayter, Ben Dechard. (FHL film 576,324)
      D-170: 3 June 1822, Charles Duncan to Jesee Purkin, $236, 23 acres on Boiling Fork of Elk River, part of 3900 acre tract granted to Henry Mumford, on Purkins boundary, Charles Dunkin's boundary. Wit. William Davinan?, George Russell, Joseph Miller. (FHL film 576,324)
      D-195: 3 June 1820 (sic), Charles Duncan to Joseph Miller, $664, 66 acres on Boiling Fork of Elk River, part of land bought from William Jennings, corner Charles Duncan, Jesse Perkins. Wit. Wm. Darvin, George Russell, Jesse Perkins. (FHL film 576,324)
      M-86: 11 Jan. 1830, William Thompson to Robert Dunkin, $600, 186 acres on Elk River, corner William Duncan's 200 acre tract, Nathanl. Numan's line. Wit. A. Henderson, Thos. Quisenberry. (FHL film 576,325)
      M-282: 11 Dec. 1830, John McIherin? to Charles Duncan, $400, bill of sale for negro. Wit. Thomas M. Pryor, Robert I. Green?. (FHL film 576,325)
      M-468: 25 April 1822, William Jennings of Cooper Co. MO to Charles Duncan of Franklin Co. TN, $2780, 278 acres on Boiling Fork of Elk River, Sec. 2, Range 8, 2nd Dist., corner Robert McKany's occupant claim, corner ... 150 acres sold by Jennings to James H. Shropshire, land bought by Jennings from John Strother and Edward Harris. (See D-87; same sig.) Wit. John J. Hayten, Ben Decherd. (FHL film 576,325)
      M-469: 25 April 1822, same to same, $1000, 105 acres boiling fork of Elk River, corner James Lewis 2000 acre tract, said Duncan's corner, part of 3900 acre grant to Henry Montford, who sold to John Strother who sold to Jennings. (see D-97) (FHL film 576,325)
      M-471: 23 April 1822, same as D-95. (FHL film 576,325)
      M-488: 3 Dec. 1832, Thomas Embrey and William Duncan, exec. of last will of Boley Embry, decd, to Thomas Duncan, Embrey's will ... land sold on credit, Thomas Embrey and William Duncan exors. sold land 16 Oct. 1832, 124 acres to Thomas Duncan for $600, land on waters of Taylors Creek. Both signed. Wit. Joseph Klippen, William Conn. (FHL film 576,325)
      N-457: 26 April 1834, Joseph Dunkin and William Lusk to James Campbell of Winchester, all Franklin Co. TN, Joseph Dunkin for $10, trust deed, 195-1/2 acres "which was decreed to the said Joseph Dunkin in the Chancery Court at McMinnville from Martin L. Deloaches heirs and being the same place where the said Joseph Dunkin now lives"; also 50 acres adj. above on the west, purchased of Groves Morris; also 120 acres adj. the 195-1/2 acres on the north purchased from Samuel Johnson; also slave, etc.; and William Lusk for $5, 100 acres purchased from William Lusk the Elder, and 100 acres adj. the above, purchased from Joshua Gotchen, the place on which said William Lusk now lives; whereas Allen? F?. D. Dunkin and Joseph Lusk partners trading under the name Dunkin & Lusk, and Joseph Dunkin, and William Lusk have executed several notes to Crockett & Park, merchants at Nashville, ... lands were in trust for payment of various notes. (FHL film 576,326) (MAD: See Warren Co. TN Deed O-187)
      N-468: 14 May 1834, George W. Richardson to Joseph Duncan, $600, 15 acres on Bradley's Creek, Campbell's line, Johnson Philips. No wit. (FHL film 576,326)
      N-478: 15 March 1834, Leroy May to Robert Duncan, $20, 12 acres on south Bank of Elk River. Wit. John T. Slatter, Christopher Acklin, Peter Lennehan, Alexander Young. (FHL film 576,326)
      O-23: 12 Nov. 1834, Joseph Dunkin to Benjamin Jenkins, $10, trust deed of 195-1/2 acres from Marten Deloaches heirs, where Joseph Dunkin now lives; also 50 acres adj. above, purchased of Grove - Morris; also 120 acres adj. 195-1/2 acres purchased of Samuel Johnson, and negroes. (FHL film 576,326)
      O-276: 18 July 1835, Albert D. Dunkin & Joseph Lusk, partners as Duncan & Lusk, and Joseph Dunkin & William Lusk, have executed notes to merchants, reference to trust deed O-23 or N-457 ... bill of exchange. (MAD: apparently trust deed was to back Albert D. Duncan and Joseph Lusk as a line of credit.) /s/ Duncan & Lusk, Joseph Dunkan, William Lusk, James Campbell. (FHL film 576,326)
      P-5: Davidson Co. TN Court Case, April 1835, Watson & Gibson vs. Jos. Dunkin and R.H. Wallace, deft., damages suffered by plaintiffs, by non-performance of defendants, $632.66 and costs. Rec. Davidson Co. (Nashville) 23 Dec. 1835; rec. Franklin Co. 4 Jan. 1836. (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-63: 6 Jan. 1838, Thomas C. Duncan to John W. Martin, $700, 124 acres on Taylor's Creek. No wit. (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-86: 1 Feb. 1838, James Woods to Henry and Polly Faney, 12 acres for life (not copied further). (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-165: 9 March 1838, James Lewis, admr. of James W. Lewis, decd, to Charles Duncan, lot in town of Winchester bought at public sale. (no mention of price). (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-165: 9 March 1838, Charles Duncan to James Lewis, the above lot. (no mention of price). (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-488: 28 Dec. 1839, "For value received I assign and transfer to James Woods, administrator of the Estate of the Estate (MAD: sic) of Charles Duncan Decd. all my interest to the sales of the lands of the sd. Estate to secure the payment of a certain note by me executed to the heirs of said decd. for the sum of $400 due 25 December 1839, and also two other notes executed to James Woods guardian of Charles D. Duncan, one for $60 due 25 Dec. 1840, the other for $28 now due, and further transfer to the said Woods all my interest in the sales of the perishable property of said decd. or so much thereof as will satisfy one certain note for $293 executed 16 Nov. 1839 by Willis Champion as principle and me as security." /s/ John W. Duncan. Ack. in court 28 Dec. 1839. (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-490: 28 Dec. 1839, John W. Duncan to John G. Brazelton, $1425, bill of sale for two negro boys, "both of which descended to me in the Division of the Estate of my father, Charles Duncan deceased." No. wit. (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-490: 30 Dec. 1839, John W. Duncan to Willis Kelly, $200, negro woman, ... my deceased father, Charles Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 576,327)
      Q-498?: 27 July 1839, Willis Champion of Benton Co. AL, to Malinda Duncan, $200, negro woman. Wit. John W. Duncan, C.B. Duncan, Willis Kelly. Rec. 8 Jan. 1840 on oaths of John W. Duncan and Willis Kelly. (FHL film 576,327)
      R-264: 28 Dec. 1840, Robert McGowan to John H. Duncan, $8,125, 200 acres, land on which Michael S. Winford lives, trust deed. No wit. (FHL film 576,328)
      R-354: 16 March 1841, Anderson B. Duncan to Benjamin Powell, $200, negro boy named Lemuel about 14 years. Wit. Jas. Oliver. (FHL film 576,328)
      S-201: (blank) Sept. 1840, William Evans of Lincoln Co. TN and William D. Hayter and Jane his wife, and Grenville Griner (signed) and Minerva his wife, and William Evans of Madison Co. AL, the said Jane Hayter, Minerva (Griner) and Wallace (sic) Evans being children of said William Evans & Sarah his wife, to James Woods of Franklin Co. TN, $400, one undivided third part of land in Franklin Co. on Bean's Creek, 134 acres, same land conveyed by Jesse Beane to John Woods deceased, & by him devised to his wife, Abigail, during her life & after her death to the said James Woods and William Evans who married his (the Testators) daughter Sarah, & their Heirs, & William Hazelrigg & Rebeckah his wife & their heirs, as will appear by his last will & testament bearing date the 19 April 1815 of record in the clerk's office of the Co. of Franklin, bounded begin. Andrew Woods NW corner ... /s/ William Evans, Wm. E. Evans, Wm. D. Hayter, Jane Hayter, Grenville Grines, Minerva Grines. All appeared in Franklin Co. court 31 Jan. 1842. (FHL film 576,328)
      S-337: 12 October 1842, "Whereas the undersigned having very recently married Miss Lucy Duncan a sister of Anderson and John H. Duncan and having the great misfortune to loose her by death she having departed this life on the 3rd day of October 1842, and whereas my said wife was possessed of a certain negro girl, named Milly, of a dark complexion about 20 years old, and having been in the possession of said girl for so short a time, and my said wife dying without issue, I have deemed it right and proper to surrender, transfer & make over to the brothers and sisters & their heirs of my said wife, all right title or claim I have & may have, to said girl in any way and I do hereby of my own free will and accord, disclaim all right or title or interest to the same." /s/ John Lambert. Wit. R.P. Holder, J.L. Knight. Rec. 12 Oct. 1842 on oaths of witnesses. (FHL film 576,328)
      T-66: 17 Sept. 1843, James & William C. Woods, execs. of William Woods decd, to Barber Collins, James G. Collins of Franklin Co. TN, and Archibald W. Collins of Jackson Co. AL, $2500, land deeded to said William Woods by David Larkin and granted James Lewis and conveyed by William T. Lewis and said Lewis' executors to aforesaid David Larkin by deed 11 Nov. 1815. (FHL film 576,329)
      T-231: 13 Nov. 1844, Charles B. Duncan to J.E. Woods, negro named Benjamin about 16 years old, $600. No wit. (FHL film 576,329)
      T-431: 23 Jan. 1846, Leroy May to Anderson B. Duncan, $400, 107 acres in Sec. 3, Range 8. Wit. John Oliver, Anderson McNeil. (FHL film 576,329)
      T-624: 16 July 1842, John R. Embry to Anderson B. Duncan, $500, 77-1/2 acres bought of Peter S. Seehead?. Wit. W.L. Hudson, Robert Hill. (FHL film 576,329)
      U-33: 31 Aug. 1848, James Lewis by Hayden Shanks & W.B. Wagner, his attorneys in fact, to John H. Duncan, $1000, 350 acres on Elk River, Dist. 8. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-47: 14 Dec. 1847, Robert Duncan of State of TN (no county) to Cornelius Faris and John Fitzpatrick of same county and state aforesaid, $360, 36 acres, saw mill on North side of Elk River. Wit. Thos. Short?, C. Guinnant?. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-244: 25 Oct. 1849, Robert B. Duncan, owner of land bordering Elk Creek, grant water rights for a mill (not copied) (FHL film 576,330)
      U-308: 21 Feb. 1850, Robert B. Duncan to James A. Drury, William B. Drury, and Robert E. Drury (Dury??), $3000, 164 acres, all land on which I now live in whole and in part, formerly owned by William Thompson and Leroy May, SE corner William Duncan's tract where now lives, Elk River. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-333: 13 Dec. 1837, Peter S. Dechard to Anderson B. Duncan, $437.50, 77-1/2 acres corner to John K. Embry (& others not copied). Wit. John H. Duncan, Thos? Delgue???. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-357: 23 July 1850, William Estill to Robert B. Duncan, $1200, 100 acres in Dist. 8 on Elk River. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-357: 1850 (no day or month), J.H. Estill to Ro. B. Duncan, $150, 100 acres on Elk River, Rock Creek. Rec. 23 July 1850. (FHL film 576,330)
      U-409: 11 Nov. 1850, Wm. H. Philip to Robert B. Duncan, $1300, 106 acres on Elk River. (FHL film 576,330)
      V-395: 4 Dec. 1852, Martha (X) Lambert to John H. Duncan, $258, 320 acres corner David Nichols, Elias Smith. Wit. O.B. Edmondson, James B. Dardis. (FHL film 576,331)
      V-509: 3 Jan. 1854, O.H.P.B. Duncan as executor of William Duncan decd have this day delivered to Margret Duncan, daughter of said William Duncan, and I, Margret Duncan have this day received from said executor the slave Elizabeth given to me by the will of said William Duncan ... should die leaving issue but [if] she die not leaving issue then to the brothers and sisters of me the said Margret and their issue. /s/ O.H.P.B. Duncan, Margret Duncan. Wit. P.S. Corn, Stephen Chitwood. Ack. by witnesses Jan. 3, 1853, before John Frizzell, D.C., recorded 6 Jan. 1854. (typed book) (FHL film 576,331; SLC 9/10/2013; have jpg image)
      W-53: 1 Dec. 1837, Peter S. Deckerd to Anderson B. Duncan, $437.50, 77-1/2 acres on line of Solomon Wagner, John & James Knight. Wit. John H. Duncan, John Delzell. (FHL film 576,331)
      X-167: 4 Sept. 1854, Peter S. Decherd to John H. Duncan, $150, two lots in town of Decherd on Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, Lots A & B in block #3. Wit. Jos. Carter, S.J. Embery. (FHL film 576,332)
      X-384: 9 April 1856, Portland J. Curle and Richmond J. Cunle? to Anderson B. Duncan, $100 and land on river, administrators and heirs of William J. Curle. (FHL film 576,332)
      X-443: 20 June 1857, M.S. Winford to A.B. Duncan, John A. Conn & John Winford; land for a school house on south side of Elk River. (FHL film 576,332)
      X-495: Registered Sept. 7, 1857. 28 Aug. 1857, A.B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN to J.W.D. Stamper of same, for $42 paid, sell parcel of land in Franklin Co. TN, District No.8, on the waters of Elk River, ... on north side of Elk River, then down said River to John Morris Sr. old fish trap in the line of P.J. Cunle's 43 acre tract bought of David Bynum, then with said Stamper Dewit C. Stamper's line to Lewis' old line now Stamper's line, then to the beginning, containing by estimation 21 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ A.B. Duncan. Wit. Matt. Frizzell, A.C. Stamper. Proved by Matt Frizzell on 1st and D.C. Stamper on 7th day Sept., /s/ 7 Sept. 1857. (FHL film 576,332; SLC 9/10/2013; have jpg image)
      Z-46/47: Duncan heirs, pet.&c Decree. Exparte bill of complaint of Sarah Birdwell & others heirs at law of Charles Duncan decd. ... Willis B. Wagner, Clk & Master appointed at Jan. term 1840 to sell the lands in the bill and interlocutory decree in the above cause, sold the same upon the terms and in the manner described in said interlocutory decree, and it appearing from the reports of said Clerk & Master that William L. Sargent became the purchaser for $3447, the highest and best bidder, the full amount has been paid, it is decreed that all the interest that the heirs of said Charles Duncan decd. have to the tract of land be divested out of them and vested in the said William L. Sargent. The two small tracts containing 61 acres was also sold according to the terms of the interlocutory decree and Jesse Perkins became the purchaser for $366, the highest and best bidder, purchase money paid, ... the interest in the tract of 61 acres be divested out of them and vested in said Jesse Perkins. It further appering that Joseph Lettle became the purchaser of the 200 acre mountain tract in the bill for $2, the highest and best bidder, the purchase money paid, ... the interest in the tract of 200 acres be divested out of them and vested in said Joseph Lettle. The said Willis B. Wagner now has $2542.00 from the sales, he is ordered to pay over to the heirs the several sums due each respective heir, and the said complainants pay the costs of this proceeding, the clerk retain the same out of the money in his hands. Copy of final decree recorded in Record Book No.4 pages 337 & 338. /s/ 29 Aug. 1859, W. Frizzell, Clk, by Abe Frizzell, D.C. Recorded Aug. 29, 1859. (FHL film 576,332; SLC 9/10/2013; have jpg image)

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