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Formed 1752 from Bladen, Granville, Johnston
Chatham formed 1770 from Orange
Guilford formed 1770 from Rowan, Orange
Wake formed 1770 from Cumberland, Johnston, Orange
Caswell formed 1777 from Orange (northern half of Orange)
Alamance formed 1849 from Orange
Durham formed 1881 from Orange, Wake


1790 Orange Co., Hillsborough Dist, NC Census
Pg. 94  Duncan, John        (from tax list)

1800 Orange Co. NC Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.505  Dunean, Robert      00101    - 00000

1810 Orange Co. NC Census
Pg.136  Cmore Duncan        31010    - 22010
          (MAD: Seamore Duncan; see Granville Co. NC)
   147  R. Duncan           00001    - 00000

1820 Orange Co. NC Census
Pg.300  Ceymore Dunkin      111201   - 11101
          (MAD: children moved to Franklin Co. TN)

1830 Orange Co. NC Census
Pg.307  A.B. Duncan         0000,1   - 0000,2001   North

1840 Orange Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Orange Co. NC Census
Pg.274, #1888, Franklin R. FREEMAN 31 NC physician $1200
                  Sarah 26 NC
                  Richard A. 4, Cornelia (f) 2 NC
                  Richard FREEMAN 73 NC farmer
                  David DUNCAN 18 NC farmer
                  William CROKER 23 NC MULATTO laborer

1860 Orange Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Orange Co. NC Census
Hillsboro Twp.
Pg.231, #57-57, BINGHAM, William 35 NC teacher $1500-2500
                  Owen ("f") 28 NC keeping house
                  and family & servants
                  and many boys alphabetic by last name, ages 14-21, including
                  DUNCAN, John A. 15 NC at school


Orange Co. NC Equity Court (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      (no date) Bill of Complaint of Anderson Duncan, Betsy Duncan, Frances Duncan, William Duncan, Lucy Duncan, Patsy Duncan & John Duncan against Nelson Duncan and Cleopatra Duncan, infants & minors under the age of 21 years.
            That Seamore Duncan late of Orange Co. departed this life intestate sometime last spring, leaving the orators and aforesaid Nelson Duncan and Cleopatra Duncan his children and heirs at law; that Seamore died seized of a tract of land containing about 320 acres in Orange Co. in the Hawfords? and on both sides of the public road leading from Hillsborough to the High Rock upon Haw River; that Seamore left Priscilla Duncan his widow him surviving, who is yet living & holds possession of the Mansion House & her dower of said lands which has heretofore been duly allotted to her.
            That by making partition of the said tract of land ... among the several tenants in common, that is to say, the said 200 acres divided into nine shares subject to the widows dower therein, the value would be greatly diminished, inasmuch as the several dividends would be too small for the establishment of a farm thereon ... (request for public sale of the land and the proceeds divided) but Nelson Duncan & Cleopatra Duncan are minors under the age of 21 years and incapable of conveying their estate. That the said Nelson Duncan and Cleopatra Duncan may appear by their proper guardian for the purpose of defending their interest in this application.
      List of the personal property of Seamore Duncan decd which was sold on 13 Feb. 1827 by James Forrest & A.B. Duncan, adm. of Seamore Duncan decd. Sales to Prisilah Duncan, William Duncan, James Forrest, James Christopher, A.B. Duncan, David Mcadoms, John Clardan Junr, James Clarke, Martha Duncan, Thomas Woods, John Christopher, James Fausett, Cleopatra Duncan, Lucy Duncan, Joseph Alerson, Clarke White, William Liles, Thomas Lynch, Charles Mcanly, John Duncan.
      May term, 1827. In pursuance of an order from the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions on the Petition of Prissilla Duncan for her dower in and of the lands in which her husband Seamore Duncan died seized and possessed, (report of jury) ... the one third part of land, viz, 106-1/3 acres (description). 1 May 1827. /s/ Robert Tinner?, Thos. Thompson, James Tat?, Edward (X) Wilson, Laban Thompson, Thos. M. Cracken, Fin?. Hart, T?. O'Bain?, Richd. Tapp, Jno. Bane, David (X) Simmon, Jos. Stubbins.
      (small document) Mark White & Betsey his wife; Tom Woods & Fanny do; Anderson B. Duncan; Lucy Duncan; Wm. Duncan; Martha M. Duncan; J.H. Duncan; Charles N. Duncan; Cleopatra Duncan. 279/9 = 31
      (MAD: Will E-243 of Priscilla Duncan dated 5/16/1829, proved 2/1831, named dau. Elizabeth White $1; estate to dau. Lucy Duncan and son Charles N. Duncan; exec. friend James Forest; wit. Wm. P. Forest, A. Forest; from "Orange Co. NC Abstract of Wills 1800-1850" by Ruth Herndon Shields; FHL book 975.6565 S2sa)

Orange Co. NC Documents, perhaps from the estate papers of Simon Bryan (image of original documents from Charlie Duncan 12/19/2010; source not given)
      December the 21st 1780. I promis to pay or cause to be paid unto Peter Dunkin five barrels of corn on demand and all so a likele cow and calf to be paid the 15th of April 1781 and likewise thirteen barrells of corn to be paid the 25th of December being for Vallen received of him. /s/ Simon (+ his mark) Bryan. {Seale} Test William Lasater Junr. (MAD: handwritten page)
      North Carolina. To the Sheriff of Orange County, Greeting. You are hereby commanded to take the body of Simon Bryan (if to be found in your bailiwick) and him safely keep so that you have him before the justices of the county court of pleas and quarter sessions, to be held for the county of Orange at the court-house in Hillsborough on the fourth Monday of May next; then and there to answer John Elliott Admr. &c of Peter Duncan Decd. of a plea of trespass on the case; damages forty thousand pounds current money equal to thirty pounds specie. Herein fail not, and have you then and there this writ. Witness Jesse? Benton, clerk of the said court, the 25th day of Feby. in the vie? year of the independence of the said state. Anno Domini 1783. /s/ J.J?. Benton, Cl O (MAD: filled-in form; the printed words use "f" instead of "s", for instance, "fafely" instead of "safely" and "feffions" instead of "sessions.")


Orange Co. NC Deed Index, Grantors (FHL film 305,917; and from Louis Boone 8/1982)
      Duncan, Robert to Henry Thompson, 1792, 4-627
      Duncan, Semour est. by clerk to Thomas Woods, 1827, 23-75
      Duncan, A. B. to Caleb Wilson, 1828, 23-104
      Duncan, A. B. to John H. Duncan, 1830, 24-314
      Duncan, John H. to John Paul, 1832, 25-114
      Duncan, William to Anderson Duncan, 1828, 25-191
      Duncan, A.B. to John Hodge, 1832, 27-60

Orange Co. NC Deed Index, Grantees (FHL film 305,921)
      John Black to Daniel Duncan, 1770, 3-467
      Wm. Newman et al to Robert Duncan, 1790, 4-598
      Jacob Greer to Seymore Duncan, 1810, 13-313
      Robert Moore to Robert Duncan, 1806, 16-269
      Jesse Linch to Anderson and William Duncan, 1826, 22-241
      Thomas McCracken et al to Seymour Duncan, 1811, 23-68
      Wm. Workman to Anderson Duncan, 1821, 23-106, 107

Orange Co. NC Deeds
      3-467: 15 Dec. 1770, John Black to Daniel Duncan, £60, 100 acres on Samuel Bill's line on both sides north fork of Thic? Creek. Wit. George Black, Abram Fulkerson. (FHL film 305,925; MAD: from Halifax/Edgecomb Co. NC; to Caswell/Person Co. NC?)
      4-598: 31 Aug. 1792, William Newman and wife Sarah of Orange Co. NC to Robert Duncan of same, for £200, lot #6 in town of Hillsborough. Wit. Wm. McCawley, Henry McCallum. (FHL film 305,925)
      4-627: 29 Nov. 1792, Robert Duncan to Henry Thompson, both Orange Co. NC, £210, land in town of Hillsborough, Orange Co.; mention deed to William Newman 10 May 1777. Wit. Wm. McCauley, Henry P. Janich. (FHL film 305,925)
      13-313: 16 Jan. 1810, Jacob Greer to Seymore Duncan, both Orange Co., £225, 200 acres on Bradford's Creek, adj. land of McCrackin, Armstrong, Thompson & Shepperd. Wit. Alexander McRackin, Charles Debueler. (FHL film 305,930)
      16-269: 15 Feb. 1806, Robert Moore to Robert Duncan, both Orange Co., £356.5, 289 acres on waters of Ains? Cins? Creek, bounded by lands of Nathaniel McLemon, James and Parham Kirk, John O'Daniel, Thomas Durham. Wit. Edmund Harper, Rebekah Cain Kirk. (FHL film 305,931)
      18-183: 3 Nov. 1804, Robert Duncan to John Allen, both Orange Co., £400, 200 acres on Mill Creek, bounded by Roney Murdock, Allens, Palmer & White. Wit. Samuel Allen, Abraham Allen. Rec. May 1820 by people who knew handwriting of witnesses. (FHL film 305,932)
      22-241: 15 Sept. 1826, Jesse Linch to Anderson and William Duncan, all Orange Co., $550, 154 acres on Back Creek adj. lands of James Forrest, William Paul & others. Wit. James Forrest, William Paul. (FHL film 305,934)
      23-68: 14 May 1811, Alexander McCracken, Samuel McCracken, and Thomas McCracken to Semour Duncan, all Orange Co., £120, 120 acres on waters of Back Creek joining lands of said Duncan. Wit. David Gilston, John Gilston. Reg. Nov. 1827. (FHL film 305,935)
      23-75: 27 Nov. 1827, Equity Court Clerk to Thomas Woods of Caswell, NC, pursuant to equity court decree sold at public sale 26 Nov. 1827 2 tracts land which Semour Duncan died seized and which descended to his children and heirs at law, 120 acres, and another tract on Bradfords Creek, 200 acres. (FHL film 305,935)
      23-104: 28 Feb. 1828, Anderson B. Duncan to Caleb Wilson, both Orange Co., $500, 186-1/4 acres on waters of Back Creek adj. land of Mathew Brown, John Puket & othes. Wit. J. Allison, James Forrest. (FHL film 305,935)
      23-106: 20 Oct. 1821, William Workman to Anderson Duncan, both Orange Co., $535, 188-3/4 acres on Back Creek, corner Joseph Thompson heirs, Pickett's corner, John Campbell's line. Wit. J. Allison, S? Clark. (FHL film 305,935)
      23-107: 15 Sept. 1821, William Workman to Anderson Duncan, both Orange Co., $50, 7-1/2 acres on Back Creek adj. Thompson estate, John Campbell, William Shepperd & others. Same wit. as 23-106. (FHL film 305,935)
      23-140: 27 Nov. 1827, Thomas Woods (1st part), Thomas Clancy (2nd part), and John Wilson and Anderson Duncan (3rd part); Thomas Woods owes James Webb, Clerk and Master in Equity, by bond 26 Nov. 1826 for $160 due 12 months and $100 due in 18 months, security John Wilson and Anderson Duncan; Thomas Woods willing to secure said John Wilson and Anderson Duncan for payment of the bonds aforesaid, in trust to Thomas Clancy, two tracts which Seamore Duncan died owning which was sold by James Webb Clerk & Master in Equity to the said Thomas Woods containing in the whole 320 acres; if the bonds are not paid off, Thomas Clancy has the right to sell the lands to the highest bidder after 20 days public notice to pay off and secure the said John Wilson and Anderson Duncan, and any surplus should be paid to said Thomas Woods. /s/ Thomas Woods, Thomas Clancy, John (X) Wilson, A.B. Duncan. Wit. Jos. A. Woods?. Reg. Feb. 1828 on oath of Joseph A. Woods. (FHL film 305,935) (MAD: land sold by equity court clerk to Thomas Woods in deed 23-75 on 11/27/1827, then Anderson B. Duncan sold the 200 acres to John H. Duncan in deed 24-314, 9/20/1830)
      24-314: 20 Sept. 1830, Anderson B. Duncan to John H. Duncan, both Orange Co., $130, 200 acres on Bradford's Creek adj. McCracken, Armstrong, Thompson & Shepperd. Wit. James Forrest, William Moore. (FHL film 305,935)
      25-114: 10 April 1832, John H. Duncan to John Paul, both Orange Co., $250, 225 acres on Back Creek, old McCracken's line, Shepperd line, William Mebanes corner. Wit. James Faucett, A. Parks. (FHL film 305,936)
      25-191: (no day, month) 1828, William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC to Anderson Duncan of Orange Co. NC, $300, 154 acres on Back Creek adj. James Forrest, William Paul & others, tract Jesse Lynch sold to Anderson and William Duncan. Wit. Thomas Woods, Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan. (FHL film 305,936)
      27-60: 1 June 1832, Anderson B. Dunkin of Orange Co. to John Hodge of same, $350, 154 acres on Back Creek adj. lands of James Forrest and others. Wit. E. Benson, John H. Duncan. (FHL film 305,937)


Orange Co. NC Tax list (from Louis Boone, 8/1982)
      Joseph Duncan, 1752-53, 1 white, 0 blacks
      Joseph Duncan, 1755, 1 white
      John Duncan, 1779, 400 acres of land
      Joseph Duncan, 1779, 525 acres of land
      William Duncan, 1779, 400 acres of land
      John Davis, 1779
      James Duncan, 1741-50, in Book of Rights, no County given.


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Warren Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 20,065)
      3-45: 20 Feb. 1770, Blanchflower Duncan of Orange Co. NC to J. Dawson Vallandigham of Bute Co. NC, £58.10, 214 acres on waters of Bowhouse Creek, tract said Duncan bought of James Lesler & wife, and another parcel adj. and on same water course, Barlow's line, Duncan's line, 130 acres purchased from Robt Williams and wife. /s/ Blanchflower (mark: BD) Duncan, wit. William Moore, Susanna Moore. Proved on oath William Moore, reg. Bute Co. May, 1770.

Granville Co. NC Court Records (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      February Court, 1811: On petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan decd, Southern Higgs Esq., Lewis Parham, Benjamin Hester & Frances Hester appointed to view the estate and allott to Chloe so much of the crop, stock & provisions belonging to said estate as they may deem necessary for the support of the petitioner and family for one year.
      February term, 1811. Petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan who died intestate in or about January 1811 (who owned) land in Granville Co. on waters of Tabbs Creek adjoining lands of Robert Hamilton, Lewis Parham, Kimroa Parham, and others, 150 acres; petition to lay off her dower.
      Order by court to Sheriff to lay off the dower, 1st Monday of February 1811
      Order by court 1st Monday of August 1811 to summon a jury to lay off the dower in the lands.
      Account of the sales of estate of John Dunkin decd., sold at his late dwelling house 12 and 13 March 1811 by Patrick Hamilton, admr. Sales to Sangford Parrina, John Moore, Zackirias Higgs, Abner Hicks, Thomas Harris, Chloe Dunkin, Michael Ellis, John Kittsell, John Barnette, Evesley Parrish, Edward Bryants, Able Hewere?, William Hicks, John Ames, Joshua Hutchison, Frederick Parham, Joseph Rogers, Ivey Harris, John Monticen?, Jonathan Johnson, Jonathan Higgs, Thomas White, Reuben Inscare?, Thomas Thomason Senr, Joseph P. Davis, Willis Harris, George W. Harris, William Summerhill, Thomas Norman, Randolph Ramey, Rowland Bryant, Samuel Kittrell, Jessey Lock, James Cheetham, William Johnson, Thomas Ricks, Samuel Parham, Allen Ramsey, Lewis Parham.
      Return September 24, 1811, by jury who laid off the dower to Chloe Moore: land beg. at ... on Tabbs Creek. /s/ Wm. Hicks, Charles (X) Clark?, George (X) Hasel?, Benja. Hester?, Thomas K. Philly?, Oldham (X) Sanima?, Abner Hicks, Jasper Hicks, Rubin (X) Talley?, Chas. Davis, Thomas Rsak?, Lewis Parham, Samuel Hayes, Misael? Wood, Richd. Thompson, Thomas White, John Haye?.
      Note 12 March 1811: Pursuant to order ... we meet at the house of John Duncan deceasd. & ... view said estate & has allotted to said widow & family for their support for 1 year 300 lbs of bacon ... /s/ J?. Higgs, Lewis Parham, Benja. Hester, Francis Hester.
      Bond 4 Feb. 1813 of Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co., Seamour Dunkin of Orange Co. and William Johnson of Granville Co. ... in case any debt or debts owing by John Duncan decd. shall be hereafter sued for ..., Henry Duncan shall refund and pay his salable? part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Robert C. Adams.
      Bond 6 March 1813 of Chloe (X) Dunkin, John Moore & (blank) of Granville Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... Chloe Dunkin shall refund & pay her salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to her. Wit. Sal. S. Mitchel.
      Bond 7 May 1813 of John Duncan of (illeg.) county, Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co. & Seamore Duncan of Orange Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... John Dunkin shall refund ... & pay his salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Jno. Duncan Jun. (MAD: pencilled note by CD on first page of documents: John Duncan Jr. of Wake Co.)

Halifax Co. NC Deed (FHL film 317,045)
      9-154: 9 Jan. 1765, Daniel Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Richard Bishop of Halifax Co. NC, £130, 540 acres on south side Quankey Creek. Wit. Mark Killingsworth, Jarrard Wallis. No wife.

Lincoln Co. NC Will (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Original will of Peter Johnston, 7 Dec. 1786 (no probate date shown nor other documents in file), of Mecklenburg Co. NC, of perfect mind and memory, calling to mind the frailty ... I will that my lawfull debts be paid. I also will and bequeath to my friend John Duncan of Orange County all my estate whither real or personal, where ever to be found. And lastly I constitute ... said John Duncan whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. (signed) Peter Johnston.
      MAD: See Mecklenburg Co. NC deed 13-137, 11 Dec. 1786, William Jackson Jr. of Orange Co. NC to Peter Johnston of Rutherford, 552 acres, witnessed by John Duncan and others, proved April 1787 in Orange Co. NC court by John Duncan (from pg.95-96, "Genealogical Deed Abstracts, Mecklenburg Co. NC, Books 10-14" by Herman W. Ferguson; FHL book 975.676 R2f)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 19,253)
      16-173: 10 July 1791, Robert Duncan (signed) of Orange Co. NC to Joseph Morris of Lincoln Co. NC, £43.10, 181 acres south side of south fork of Cataba River, Abraham Havener's line, grant to Peter Johnston 8 Dec. 1787 and devised by will to John Duncan and from him by right of inheritance to Robert Duncan. Wit. Jno. Moore, Jacob Dyese?. (MAD: Will filed in Lincoln Co. NC)
      17-195: 14 June 1794, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Christian Renhart of Lincoln Co. NC, £272, on Clarks Creek & Beal Branch joining the lands of William Wilson, John Anthony, Henry Shall and others, beg. at a red oak, then ... to Anthony's corner, Henry Shell's corner, containing by estimation 560 acres more or less, being part of a tract of land granted to John Wilkins by patent 28 Dec. 1763 as by the records will more fully appear, ... Robert Duncan had ... agreed with the said Christian that he the said Robert will warrant to the said Christian ... a good sure & lawful title of inheritance ... /s/ Robert Duncan. Wit. John Ramsour, David Ramsour, John Renhart (sic). Rec. April 1795 on oath of John Rinehart. (definitely 560 acres)
      17-209: 5 June 1794, John Brown of Wilks Co. NC, being the surviving exor of Hugh Montgomery Decd, to Robert Duncan of town of Hillsborough, Orange Co., by virtue of the power of authority given to the exors of the said Hugh Montgomery by his will for the purpose of selling and conveying his estate real and personal not devised by will, the said John conveyes to Robert Duncan a tract of land containing 640 acres more or less, for £255, which land is situate in Lincoln Co. on Clerks Creek and Betts branch known by the name of Montgomerys old field, bounded beg. post oak, white oak, etc. /s/ John Brown; wit. James Brown, Elizabeth (+) Stuart, ack. March 5, 1795 before Wallace Alexander; proved April 1795 by oath of Wallace Alexander Esq. & ordered recorded. (definitely 640 acres) (MAD: see Rowan Co. NC. will abstract of Hugh Montgomery)
      MAD: 25 Aug. 1790, administration of estate of John Dunkin granted to his brother Robert Dunkan, in Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, of Orange Co. NC; from extract in "NC Genealogy" Vol.21, 1974, and "Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Orange Co. NC 1787-1795" by Alma Redden (FHL book 975.6565 P28c)

Rutherford Co. NC Deeds
      E/I-302: 14 July 1791, Robert Duncan, heir of John Duncan of Orange Co. NC, to Adlai Osburn of Iredell Co. NC, £50, 300 acres in Rutherford Co. on both sides of Just... river and Knobb Creek, incl. improvement made by Chetwood; grant to John Kirkonnell by patent ... from Peter Johnston by will to John Duncan and descending to his heir Robert Duncan. (FHL film 19,912; "First Broad River" given in abstract of Deed G-302 in "Rutherford Co. NC Abstract of Deeds 1773-1795" by Caroline H. Davis, FHL book 975.691 R2d) (MAD: See Lincoln Co. NC Deed)
      J/L-8: 9 April 1791, Peter Johnston by bond engaged to John McKinney to make him a deed, and by death being prevented ... last will made John Duncan his heir and sole executor who also died before fulfillment, now Robert Duncan the heir and admr. of said John Duncan ... deeds ... Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to John McKinney Senr of Rutherford Co. NC, £100, 400 acres on branch of Cathey's Creek, incl. Pyles improvements. Wit. John Roberts, George McKinney. (FHL film 19,912)
      J/L-222: 6 Aug. 1793, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Joseph Carpenter of Rutherford Co. NC, £35, 300 acres on both sides Knob Creek of First Broad River, adj. Joseph Carpenter (formerly England's corner), James Adams line, Peter Peeler's corner, being a grant to Peter Johnston by patent 25 Feb. 1775, v.147 of record. Wit. Samuel Carpenter, John (X) Higton. (FHL film 19,912) (MAD: did not mention John Duncan in this deed)
      J/L-341: 8 July 1793, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to James Palley of Rutherford Co. NC, £50, 338 acres both sides of Knob Creek etc., James Palley's line, Chitwoods corner, grant to John Kirkendall ... Peter Johnston willed to John Duncan decd and to Robert Duncan his heir of record. Wit. Thomas Boyd, Benjamin (x) Willis. (FHL film 19,912)
      4/6-115: Whereas Peter Johnston of Rutherford Co. NC sold a tract of land to Aron Deving of said Co, said Peter and Aron given their bonds to each other, but death of Peter prevented fulfillment, and John Duncan whom said Peter had appointed his sole executor likewise died, Robert Duncan the heir and admr. of John Duncan aforesaid authorized ... 18 Feb. 1795, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Aron Deviny of Rutherford Co. NC, £150, 560 acres both sides of first Broad River incl. the mouth of Briants Creek. Wit. Joseph Hodge, Robert Deviny. (FHL film 19,913)
      12/4-269: 3 Aug. 1793, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Benjamin Willis of Rutherford Co. NC, £30, 350 acres on branches of Nob Creek of Broad River adj. James Wilssons formerly Joseph Richies corner near Daniel Clyn formerly Joseph Gents line, being grant to Peter Johnston by patent 1775 #289 as of record. Wit. James Wilsson, Joseph G. Wills. (FHL film 19,914) (MAD: did not mention John Duncan in this deed)

Franklin Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1834 and later (FHL film 576,294)
      Pg.475-7: Ex part Petitioners filed in office 24 Aug. 1843 ... Petitioners Anderson B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN for himself and also as guardian for William N. Duncan, infant orphan of Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, William M. Runnels and wife Martha M. late Martha Duncan, of Franklin Co. TN, John K. Embry guardian of Sarah E. Embry daughter of Cleopatria Embry formerly Cleopatria Duncan of sd. county, Mark White & wife Elizabeth late Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Woods & wife Fanny late Fanny Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, and William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC; represent that one John Lambert of Franklin Co. TN for the consideration therein mentioned, executed his deed of gift 12 October 1842 to a certain negro girl Milly, to the brothers and sisters and heirs of his late wife, Lucy Lambert formerly Lucy Duncan; represent that the said Lucy Lambert dec'd left as 'her brothers & sisters & their heirs' your petitioners & the two infants aforesaid with the exception of John K. Embry who is only guardian as aforesaid ... petition to sell slave. Petition granted; slave sold to A.B. Duncan for $451.


"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries, and from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
7:733-7: Regulators' Adv. No. 9, Inhabitants of Orange Co. pay larger fees for recording deeds than adj. counties, petition for hearing; April 30, 1768. Among signers: William Dunkin, Henry and Edward Bray, Joseph Carr, Peter & Joseph Craven, James Aldridge, John Duncum. (from Isadora Spurlock Hancock)
      7:842: 22 Sept. 1768, Hillsboro Dist. NC, jury included: Daniel Duncan.
      8:351: 5 Jan. 1771, This house having been informed that Dan'l Duncan of Orange Co. was strongly suspected and charged with making and uttering the counterfiet bill of this province, directed that said Dan'l Duncan be brought to the Bar of House. No proof appearing against him. Resolved that he be discharged and be allowed £10 for his expenses in coming to and returning from the assembly. R. Caswell speaker.
      8:397: 4 Jan. 1771, by virtue of the within precept, I have taken into my custody the body of Daniel Duncan of Orange Co. whom I have ready to deliver at the Bar of the House; John Alston not to be found. Sd. Daniel Duncan discharged ...
      8:402: 7 Jan. 1771, Monday, rec'd from the council the resolve of the house regarding an allowance to Daniel Duncan. The upper house concurred.
      8:404: 7 Jan. 1771, rec'd from his exc. the Gov. the two resolves of the house for allowance to Daniel Duncan 10 lbs and Dorcas Bathurst 2 lbs. 10 sh. Concurred with Wm. Tryon.
      9:25-6: 25 Aug. 1771, New Bern; Orange and Guilford Cos; Thomas Wellborn lived in the neighborhood of Sandy Creek for about 15 years. Letter of recommendation, signed by John Duncan among others.
      9:89: 30 Dec. 1771, petition from Northern part of Orange to Divide, signed by Joseph Dunkins among others.
      9:95: Petition for pardoning John Fruit, 1772, Orange Co., signed by Joseph Duncan among others.
      9:809-10: Dec. 1773, Newbern, The petition of the Northern Part of Orange to divide. Signers include Daniel Duncan.

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical Souvenier of State of TX" by F. Battey (Memphis Public Library book 976.400992 B615, from Evelyn Sigler 9/1984; from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1984; FHL book 976.4 D3bs, sketches alphabetical, good index)
      Pg.274: J.T. Edwards, general merchant of Howe [Grayson Co.], TX, b. NC 10 Nov. 1837; parents were J.S. and Nancy M. (Duncan) Edwards, natives of NC. J.S. Edwards is a son of William Edwards, a native of Orange Co. NC, born Aug. 18, 1812, still living. Mrs. Nancy Duncan was a daughter of John Duncan, and died in 1853. Six children still living, the subject (J.T.) the third in order of birth, the others being named Sarah M., David A., Jennie, Nannie and Oliver F. J.T. Edwards to TX Oct. 4, 1859, to Hunt Co. ... Conf. army ... married 1861 to Miss J.L. Moore, dau. of James? Moore of TX, 7 children (not copied here). (MAD: see 1850 Ashe Co. NC Joshua Edwards; see 1983 "Alleghany Co. (NC) Heritage" by Alleghany Co. Historical-Gen. Society)

1919 "History of NC" by Lewis Publ. Co., includes index at back of Vol.1-3 and Vol.6; various authors, Vol.I to VI (FHL fiche 6,052,207)
      Vol.VI, pg.217: CHARLES LUCAS DUNCAN, M.D. Though one of Beaufort's most successful physicians and a specialist in children's diseases, Dr. Duncan is almost equally well known as a factor in business affairs. ... Dr. Duncan was born in Beaufort [Carteret Co.], where his professional career has been passed, on June 22, 1872. He is a son of Thomas Lucas and Anna Perry Duncan. His father was a well known merchant of that city. Dr. Duncan ... and family are members of the Ann Street Methodist Episcopal Church South, and ... He was married Sept. 2, 1900, to Miss Virginia Clyde Mason, of Chapel Hill [Orange Co.] NC; their three children are Ann Virginia, Grace Wilson, and Clyde Mason.


Duncan-Hopkins Connections in North Carolina (from Harold Hopkins 2/1995; included here by his permission)
      North Carolina Land Grant No. 1120, Randolph County, to Moses Hopkins, 100 acres, 9 Sep 1799 (surveyed 3 Sep 1793) on Deep River. On back of Land Grant: John Duncan maketh oath that the purchase money for the land mentioned within - paid and obtained this land with out fraud. Signed: John Duncan, sworn this 9 Sep 1799 before Will White. Chain carriers William Alred and Denny Hopkins.
      Randolph County Court Minutes. September term of court -- September 13th 1793. .... Ordered that William Alred, Dennis Hopkins, John Alred, Moses Hopkins, Jeremiah York, John White, James Alred, John Kivet, Jonathan McCollum, Thomas Savage, Samuel Trogdon, Peter Kivet, Jr., Joseph Cloud, Nathon Aldredge, Joseph Alred view and lay off a road from the Court House to Crawford's Ford on Deep River from thence to Duncans Ford on Sandy Creek from thence to James Bains from thence to Chatham County line in the Direct course to Femsters Ferry on Haw River.
      Colonial Records of N.C., Vol.X, 1771-1775, by William L. Saunders, page 24, from MS Records in Office of Secretary of State, Orange and Guilford Countys North Carolina, August 25, 1771. John Duncan and Denis Hopkins signed a petition stating that Thomas Welborn is believed to be a man of justice and honest integrity in his dealth and conversation .... and a loyal servant to his majesty excepting the late insurrection and rebellion as did arise in the countys aforesaid. A second petition, signed by Dennis Hopkins, but not John Duncan, asked that Thomas Welborn be pardoned for allowing himself to be persuaded to join a rebellious group that disturbed his majesty's peace [an outlawed group called the Regulators.].
      Orange County Marriages, 1779-1868. James Hopkins and Anne McAdams were married on 26 Aug 1789. Joseph Duncan was bondsman.
      John Dunkin was on the 1755 Granville County tax list with 1 poll.
      Randolph County Tax List in 1779, from June 1956 issue of The North Carolinian, quarterly journal of genealogy and history, in Joseph Hines's District:
            Elias Allred, John Allred Jr., Thomas Allred, John Duncan, William Allred, James Allred. In William Cole's district: Joseph Hopkins, Charles Hopkins. In Jacob Sheppard's list or Dist as returned by assessors: Dennis Hopkins. Those in Joseph Hinds's District who have not taken the oath nor returned inventories on their taxable property: John Allred, William Allred Jr., William Allred Sr.
      Orange County Tax List for 1755, with white polls and blacks, if any: page 103: Thomas Allred 2-0, John Alred 1-0, Joseph Duncan 1-0, Hugh Wood 1-0, John Wood 2-0. page 106: James Hopkins 1-0, William Hopkins 1-0, John Hopkins 1-0, Solomon Alred 1-0, William Alred 1-0, William Alred 1-0; page 107: Lawrence Bankson, Esq. and sons 5-0.
      Randolph County 1788 petition to move the court house to the center of the county: Signed by Aaron Hopkins, James Allred, Moses Hopkins, John Duncan, Dennis Hopkins, Charles Duncan, Charles Hopkins, Samuel Hopkins, John Duncan. Another petition opposing moving the Court House was signed by John (x) Alread, and Captain York signed for his militia company by consent. Names included in this company included: John Allread, John Duncan, Charles Duncan, John Allread son of John, William Allread Junr. The Duncans and Allreds apparently did not know that they were being signed by the captain of their militia company who opposed the move. The Court House was moved to what is now the city of Ashboro, N.C.
      by Harold Hopkins


The existing early land and court records of Orange Co. NC have been abstracted and published by Albert B. Pruitt and William D. Bennett and others, and include references to Peter Duncan (1759-1761), Joseph Dunkin (1755-1759, 1771), Daniel Duncan (1763, 1770-1771), and Robert Duncan (1790-1792). Early land grants in Orange Co. NC, a part of Granville District 1755-1764, have been published by Margaret Hofmann. Many of the early tax records have been extracted and published. These volumes should be consulted.


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