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Duncans in Madison Co. AL


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised March 11, 2012

Formed 1808 from Cherokee and Chickasaw Cession 1806-7


1830 Madison Co. AL Census
3rd & 4th Ranges of Townships
Pg.111  David Dunken        0000,01       - 0
          (MAD: David Duncan et ux vs. James Hollingsworth et ux
            Edy for slander, in Nov. 1815 Superior Court case #312
            in Madison Co. "MS" Territory, Pltf. dropped case; from
            1935 "AL Misc. records" by DAR on FHL film 835,113 item
            6; and from Vol.80 of "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud)
Pg.132  Benjamin Duncan     0000,1000,1   - 0011,0001
          (MAD: Mrs. Rowena Duncan, consort of Benjamin Duncan,
            died 10/7/1841 in 67th year of age, she b. VA, then
            NC, TN, Madison Co. AL ca 1821, left husband & 3 ch;
            from "Huntsville Democrat" 10/23/1841, on pg.21
            of Vol.15 of "Madison Co. AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud)

1840 Madison Co. AL Census
Pg.118  Peter H. Duncan        0000,01       - 1000,1
          (MAD: son of Benjamin Duncan; 1850 Jackson Co. AL census)
South District
Pg.164  David Duncan           0000,001      - 0
   177  Benjn. Dunion          0000,0000,001 - 0000,0000,01

1850 Madison Co. AL Census
35th District
Pg.391, #48-48, William H. SADLER 30 AL shoemaker $0
                  Delila H. 33 TN
                  Mary E. 10, Amanda A.L. 9 AL
                  Isabella C. 8, George T. 4 AL
                  Sarah R. 2, John B.C. 1/12 AL
                  (MAD: William H. Sadler mar. Delia H. Duncan 9/20/1838)
Pg.393, #68-68, David DUNCAN 60 VA farmer $2500 (alone)
                  (MAD: brother of Benjamin Duncan of 1850 Shelby Co. TN census, George Duncan of 1850 Blount Co. TN, & others, sons of Jeremiah Duncan & Rebecca Hendry of Greene Co. TN 1813)
Pg.399, #162-162, Henry MEDLIN 42 TN blacksmith $350
                  Nancy 43 TN
                  John C. 4, Weston P. 2 AL
                  William A. DUNCAN 17 AL farmer
                  James D. 16, Marthy 12 AL
                  John COPLIN 20 AL blacksmith
                  (MAD: John Dunkin mar. Nancy Adair 1/1/1832; Nancy Duncan mar. Henry Medlin 1/9/1845; Wm. A. Duncan mar. Elizabeth E. Sewell 11/25/1852)
Pg.419, #434-434, Hugh NICLES 37 NC farmer $1700
                  Mary L. 36 TN
                  Alexander J.R. 10, Benjamin F. 7 AL
                  James T. 6 AL
                  Alexander NICKELS 79 NC "none" $0
                  (MAD: Hughie L. Nickels mar. Mary A.L. Duncan 9/12/1839; ?? dau. of Benjamin Duncan of Limestone Co. AL and sister of Delilah H. (Duncan) Sadler and Peter H. Duncan; see letter of Jane H. Shreves 12/19/1836)

1860 Madison Co. AL Census (part also from Mary Hudson 9/1984)
P.O. Madison Station
Pg.2, #13-13, David BOWERS 43 NC farmer $400-$3,700
                  Susan 37 KY
                  Sarah J. 19, Edward L. 13, David E. 15 AL
                  Nancy 11, John G. 9, Wm D. 7 AL
                  Mary E. 5, Jos. L. 5 AL twins
                  Martha T. 3, Jessa (m) 6/12 AL
                  Jas. A. DUNCAN 38 GA schoolteacher
                  Mary E. DUNCAN 16 AL m/in/year
                  (MAD: Jas. A. Duncan mar. Mary E. Calue 5/7/1860)
Madison Cross Roads
Pg.43, #315-288, Henry P. TURNER 46 VA Meth. Min. $20,000-$50,700
                  Lucy F. 39 AL
                  Ann E. 19 AL
                  Daniel 17 AL manager on farm
                  John H.P. 15 AL student
                  Jas. S. 13 AL
                  Robert A. RAGAN 27 AL student $0-$200
                  Robert DUNCAN 18 TN Meth. Min. $0-250
New Hope P.O., New Hope Precinct
Pg.142, #380-378, Wm. DUNKIN 26 AL laborer $0-$50
                  Elen 24 AL
                  John 6, Mary? (Stary?) (f) 4 AL
                  Leroy (m) 3, Fanny 8/12 AL
                  (MAD: the first part of the first letter in Mary was written over with what appears to be an "S")
Pg.143, #389-387, Elizabeth DIXON 46? TN farmer $1200-$250
                  Emily 22 , Jas. (m) 20 AL
                  Margaret 18, Salina (f) 16 AL
                  Jane DUNEN? 42 AL domestic (MAD: indexed Jane Duncan)
                  Elen 12 MO
                  Clerissa? (f) 16 AL
Pg.167, #545-541, Sallie DUMKIN 22 AL domestic $0-$50
                  Lucy 21 AL domestic
                  Mary 17 AL domestic
                  Jno. 15 AL laborer
                  Louisa 14, Martha 11 AL
                  Nancy 8, Wm. 5 AL

1870 Madison Co. AL Census
Gurleysville P.O., Twp.4 Range 2E District 50 (very faint pages)
Pg.41, #20-20, STANFIELD, Jeff 53 AL farm laborer $0-$200
                  Barbara 42 (f) TN keeping house
                  James 23 AL farm laborer
                  Jane 19 AL without occupation?
                  Paralee? 15 (f) AL at home
                  Aleck 12 AL at home
                  Amanda 10 AL at home
                  Nancy 7 AL
                  William 2? AL
Pg.41, #21-21, DUNCAN, Nancy 38 TN keeping house $0-$0
                  James 16 TN at home
                  Ann 11 TN at home
                  John 9 TN
                  SIMMONS, Wm. 16 TN farm laborer
                  PRATER, Archie (m) 18 AL farm laborer
Pg.44, #57-57, DUNCAN, Sarah 46 AL keeping house $0-$100
                  Thomas 26 AL on rail road
                  William 15 AL at home
                  CLARK, Lucy 33 AL "without occupation" $100-$0
                  Sarah 6 AL
                  Martha 4 AL
                  (MAD: John C. Clark mar. Lucy Ann Duncan 8/6/1861 Madison Co. AL)
Huntsville P.O., Twp.2 Range 2W
Pg.238, #82-82, DUNSON, James 26 GA farmer $0-$250
                  Arminda 26 GA keeping house
                  Nancy 1 TN
                  TREDWELL, Columbus 23 GA farmer $1200-$300
Huntsville P.O., Twp.3 Range 1W
Pg.319, #212-212, DUNCAN, John 40 VA BLACK works in PoPo? Shop
                  Margaret 39 KY BLACK
                  Joseph 20, Agnes 18, Rachel 16 KY BLACK
                  Andrew 14 KY BLACK
                  John 9, Ann 2 AL BLACK
Pg.320, #217-219, WILSON, James 64 VA farmer $0-$0
                  Amanda 59 NC
                  DUNCAN, Ann 14 TN domestic servant
Huntsville Ward 3
Pg.383, #13-13, DUNCAN, Ellen 24 AL keeping house $0-$0
                  James 9, Mollie 7, Lee (f) 5, Sallie 3 AL
                  CORLEW, John 54 TN carpenter $0-$200
                  Mary 47 TN (blank) $0-$100
                  Bettie (f) 19, Mattie (f) 12 AL
                  Beauregard (m) 9, Billy (m) 6 AL
                  Thomas 4 AL
                  BELL, Nellie (f) 12 AL

1880 Madison Co. AL Census
(Twp.4 R2W crossed out), Pg.18, SD 1, ED 205
Pg.118C, #151-153, DUNCAN, Wash 80 VA BLACK mar. farm laborer VA VA
                  Martha 46 AL BLACK wife farm laborer VA VA
                  LANFORD, Bice (f) 70 VA BLACK mother-in-law, farm laborer VA VA
Twp.1 Range 3E, Pg.6, SD 1, ED 214
Pg.201B, #39-39, DUNCAN, Janes (m) 30 AL (white) mar. farmer TN TN
                  Zora (f) 25 AL wife keep house TN TN
                  Sanford (m) 6 AL son AL AL
                  Arah (f) 5 AL dau. AL AL
                  Anna 3 AL dau. AL AL
                  Jennie 2 AL dau. AL AL
Maysville, Twp.3 R2E, Pg.6, SD 1, ED 221
Pg.271B, #52-54, DUNCAN, Sarah 75 AL widow house keeping VA VA
                  CLARK, Lucie 43 AL dau. widow at home NC AL
                  Sarah 16 AL grdau. at home SC AL
                  Martha 14 AL grdau. at home SC AL
Maysville, Twp.3 R2E, Pg.9, SD 1, ED 221
Pg.273A, #75-77, DUNCAN, W.L. (m) 25 AL mar. farming (fa.blank) VA
                  Sallie 21 MS wife housekeeping (father blank) AL
                  Robert 3, Eva 1 AL son/dau. AL AL
                  SANFORD, F.M. (m) 47 TN boarder widowed farming NC VA
                  GOSS, Thornton (m) 20 AL boarder single work on farm GA GA
(Twp.5 R1E crossed out) Beats 4 & 19, Pg.20, SD 1, ED 226
Pg.334D, #189-204, VANN, Jacob 47 AL BLACK mar. farm laborer (blank) (blank)
                  Ann 43 AL BLACK wife keeping house (blank) (blank)
                  DUNCAN, Cora 8 AL MULATTO (blank) single servant (blank) AL
Pg.8-9, SD 1, ED 227
Pg.340D, #?-?, OWEN, Eliza 63 VA BLACK widow keeping house VA VA
                  Sarah 29 AL BLACK dau. single NC VA
                  Jeames (m) 27 AL BLACK son single farmer NC VA
                  DUNCAN, Mora (f) 9 AL MULATTO "one family" (relationship) VA AL
                  OWEN, Auther (m) 4 AL BLACK grson AL AL
                  GRAYSON, William 15 AL BLACK servant, servant AL AL
(Twp.6 R1E crossed out) Beat 6, pg.5, SD 1, ED 228
Pg.352A, #43-45, DUNKIN, Viney (f) 30 AL BLACK widow servant AL AL
                  Sam 9 AL BLACK son AL AL
                  William 4 AL MULATTO son AL AL
                  GARDINER, Allen 27 AL BLACK servant, laborer AL AL
2nd Ward Huntsville, Pg.20, SD 1, ED 232
Pg.405D, #172-185, DUNCAN, Wm. T. 36 VA mar., Dry Goods & G. Merchant VA VA
                  Susana 33 VA wife milliner VA VA
                  Lula 9 AL dau. at school VA VA
                  William E. 5 AL son (blank) VA VA
3rd Ward Huntsville, Pg.2, SD 1, ED 233
Pg.412B, #9-14, VANDEVENTER, John D. 45 IN mar. retired merchant NY NY
                  Cherill (f) 42 IN (blank) keeping house VA OH
                  John W. 18 IN son (blank) IN IN
                  George B. 17 IN son printer IN IN
                  DUNCAN, Annie 20 TN (white) (blank), house keeper TN TN
4th Ward Huntsville, Pg.10, SD 1, ED 234
Pg.423B, #106-127, DUNCAN, Mary E. 35 AL widow, keeping house AL TN
                  James H.C. 18 AL son laborer AL AL
                  Robert E. Lee 14 AL son (blank) AL AL
                  Sallie T.C. 13 AL dau. (blank) AL AL


Index to Marriage Records, Madison Co. AL (from Lucille Mehrkam 5/1981 with permission to share)
      Duncan, William A., to Elizabeth E. Sewell, 11/24/1852, Vol.A4, pg.489
      Duncan, James A., to Mary E. Calue(?), 5/7/1860, 4B, 401
      Duncan, Thomas D., to Mrs. Juliette E. Elgin, 2/27/1868, 5, 486
      Duncan, Wm. L., to Sallie H. True, 11/9/1876, 8, 489
      (& later marriages)
      Birdwell, Moses, to Sarah Duncan, 9/8/1815, 2, 210 (LM & MAD: dau. of Charles Duncan of Franklin Co. TN)
      Marriage Record Book IV, 1826-1840
      Birdwell, Sarah to Ira T. Cobb, lic. 1/25/1840, sol. 2/25/1840 by Jesse Seal (pg.524)
      Duncan, Delia H. to William H. Sadler, 9/20/1838 (pg.444)
      Duncan, Mary A.L. to Hughie L. Nichols, 9/12/1839 (pg.497)
      Duncan, Peter H. to Sarah E. Sadler, 1/14/1836 (pg.295)
      Dunkin, John, to Nancy Adair, 1/1/1832 (pg.12)


Madison Co. AL Deeds (FHL film 1,305,734 Direct index; FHL film 1,305,805 Indirect index)
      No William A. Duncan, lots of William T. & Louisa Duncan deeds ca 1870.
      F-238: 29 Dec. 1819, Stephen Neal, Sheriff, to James Gahagan; suit against Henry Bradford and David Dunkin, land exposed to sale as property of John Benton in right of wife Tabitha, relict of Elijah Hill, dec'd. (from pg.26, Vol.53, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
      G-130: 29 May 1820, Charles Duncan and wife Maryann E. (+) Duncan of Franklin Co. TN to Ezekiah Eastland of Madison Co. AL, $4,000, the SW 1/4 Sec. 10 Twp. 2, Range 1, patent issued 3 Aug. 1815, also NW 1/4 Sec. 15, Twp. 2, Range 1, patent issued to Charles Duncan 15 March 1815. Wit. Jos. Eastland, G.W. Martin. Maryann E. Duncan examined 29 May 1820; recorded 19 Feb. 1821. (FHL film 1,305,809)
      H-754: 26 Dec. 1823, Edward G. Kyle and wife Sarah and Mary Robinson to David Duncan, all of Madison Co. AL, $180, SW 1/4 Sec. 25, Twp. 4, Range 1E, inherited from Wm. Robinson to Sarah (now Mrs. Kyle) and Mary Robinson. Wit. Tho. Brandon. Signed by Nelson Robinson as agent for Mary Robinson. (FHL film 1,305,810)
      I/J-172: 13 Jan. 1823, Charles Duncan and Ann E. Duncan his wife of Franklin Co. TN to Hezekiah Ford of Madison Co. AL, $600, the NW 1/4 Sec. 12, Twp. 2, Range 1E, 165.22 acres, on both sides of barren Fork of Flint River adj. lands of said Hezekiah Ford. Wit. Wm. Kelly, John Kelly, Isaac Cook. Ann E. Duncan examined 13 Jan. 1823. (FHL film 1,305,810; typed deed book)
      I&J-254: 25 Sept. 1854, Fielding L. White to Wilson Caruthers as trustee to secure debt to Benjamin Duncan. (from pg.19, Vol.179, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud; year 1854 as written)
      O-624: 1 Jan. 1834, James F. Johnston (also signed by Polly Johnston) of Limestone Co. AL to Benjamin Dunkin of Madison Co. AL, $400, 80 acres, E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 24, Twp. 3, Range 2W. No wit. (FHL film 1,305,812)
      Q-465: 27 Nov. 1837, Hannah Pyke, widow of Samuel Pyke dec'd of Bourbon Co. KY, to Henry T. Duncan who had married Eliza Pyke, dau. of dec'd., lot in Huntsville, AL. (from pg.75, Vol.64, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
      Q-466: 4 Dec. 1837, Henry T. Duncan and wife Eliza, formerly Eliza Pyke, only child and heir at law of Samuel Pyke, dec, of Paris, Bourbon Co. KY, to the Bank of the St. of AL, a lot in Huntsville, subject to the dower right of Hannah Pyke, widow. (from pg.47, Vol.133, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
      U-110: 20 May 1843, Benjamin Duncan of Madison Co. AL, to grandchildren Lucy Ann Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan, John Thomas Benton Duncan, children of my son Peter H. Duncan and other children he may have - slaves. Ack. in Limestone Co. AL. (from pg.51, Vol.133, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud; from Evelyn Sigler)
      W-109: 20 May 1843, Benjamin Duncan of Madison Co. AL for love and affection to daughter Delilah H., now the wife of William H. Sadler of Madison Co. AL and her children Mary E. Sadler, Mandy A. L. Sadler and Isabella C. Sadler; slaves in trust, William H. Sadler, trustee; acknowledged in Limestone Co. AL. (from Vol.159, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
            MAD: Madison Co. AL Chancery? Court Record, V-34, bill filed 10/24/1855, William H. Sadler, orator, vs. Delilah H. Sadler (wife of orator) and their children Mary E. Sadler and Amanda L. Sadler (between 14 and 21), Isabella C. Sadler, George L. Sadler, Sarah R. Sadler, John R. D. Sadler, William A. Sadler and Albert R. Sadler, all under 14, all living with orator; that Delilah is a daughter of Benjamin Duncan; she and orator were married many years ago, and that on 5/20/1843 Benjamin Duncan, for love for the said Delilah and her then living children Mary E, Amanda A.L. and Isabella C., deeded slaves in trust; since then, George L., Sarah R., John B.D., William A. and Albert R. have been born; the orator petitions to sell one of the slaves. (from Vol.159, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
      D2-235: Power of Attorney, 3 Dec. 1853, Thomas C. Roberts and Polly Ann Roberts to Wm. B. Roberts to receive legacy from the estate of David Dunkin, dec'd. Overton Co. TN, personally appeared before John Sevier, Justice of the Peace, Mary Dunkin, and she states Joseph Dunkin of said county died in 1848, and Polly Ann Roberts, maker of the foregoing power of attorney, is his daughter; that David Dunkin who lately died in Madison Co. AL was his brother. (from pg.65, Vol.113, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud; FHL book 976.1 D29ja)
      R2-453: 27 Sept. 1871, John Patton & wife M. Lou Patton to Louisa A. and Archie G. Duncan, $550, lot in Huntsville. (FHL film 1,305,856)
      R2-466: 6 June 1870, whereas Louisa A. Hereford wife of Charles W. Hereford (both of Madison Co.), Julia E. Duncan wife of Thomas D. Duncan (both of Alcorn Co. MS), Charles P. Elgin (and wife E.F. Elgin, both of Alcorn Co. MS), Thomas A. Elgin (and wife Laura T. both of Harrison Co. TX), Caswell C. Elgin (of Alcorn Co. MS), Richard P. Elgin (of Harrison Co. TX) and George A. Elgin (of Madison Co.), heirs of the estate of William F. Elgin; they know William F. Elgin wished the estate to go to their mother Minerva R. Elgin but neglected to make a will; therefore they assign property to Minerva R. Elgin, 40 acres, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 33, Twp. 3, Range 1E, and lot in City of Huntsville. (FHL film 1,305,856) (MAD: Thomas D. Duncan mar. Juliette E. Elgin 2/27/1868)
      T2-35: 1 April 1872, Louisa A. Duncan, Archer G. Duncan, and E.G. Duncan, to Elijah S. and Emma J. Johnson, $550, lot in Huntsville. (FHL film 1,305,857)
      W2-181: 25 Sept. 1873, mortgage by Archer Spragins and Harry Wright and wife Ann Eliza, who owe James Duncan ... (FHL film 1,305,859)
      A3-163: 27 July 1875, William Butler Duncan and others ... firm of Duncan, Sherman, etc., bankers in NY. (FHL film 1,305,861)
      A3-332: 18 Oct. 1875, Claborne Wells and wife and Thos. Wells and wife, mortgage, they owe Wm. L. Duncan. (FHL film 1,305,861)
      C3-200: 16 Feb. 1878, reference to A3-332 mortgage in 1875; W.L. Duncan sold land to William L. Duncan who was highest bidder. (FHL film 1,305,861)


Madison Co. AL Probate Records (FHL film 1,305,724)
      Vol. 1 - no Duncan
      Vol. 2, 1818-1820 - no index

Madison Co. AL Probate Vol.16 (FHL film 1,305,723 index; nothing earlier; Vol.16 on FHL film 1,305,731)
      Book 16, Pg.176: Will of David Duncan, decd, of Madison Co. AL, dated 13 Jan. 1852; All real, personal and perishable property be immediately sold except Grove Sammon is to have the use of a lease till the time expires which will be 25 Dec. 1855; to my eldest brother George Dunkin $1; to my brother Jeremiah Dunkin $1; to my sister Rebecca Garrison formerly Rebecca Dunkin $1; to my brother Benjamin Dunkin $1. The remainder to the heirs of Polley Dunkin, also the heirs of Amos Dunkin, also the heirs of Nancy Baker formerly Nancy Dunkin and the heirs of Joseph Dunkin to be equally divided among the heirs and the widows of Amos Dunkin and Joseph Dunkin if said widows are yet living; appoint John Allison and Newton C. Worley executors, Jan. 13, 1852, /s/ David Dunkin. Wit. John T. Hadon, Isaac Miller, Silas M. Brazelton. Court Feb. 1853, will produced by executors; shown to the court that the next of kin of said decedent are all non-residents of AL, execution of the will proved by the witnesses; will to be filed and recorded; pursuance of said order "(See P.C. Minute Book No.1 page 230)," the will was duly recorded on 24 April 1854.
      Book 16, Pg.191: Appraisement of the Real Estate and Personal property belonging to the estate of David Dunkin, deceased: 320 acres land ($3572); 9 adult slaves & their children; horses; provisions; side board and contents, bureau, gold watch in appearance, wood clock, log of books, 1 dozen chairs, etc. (total $7110.85). Appraised by Silas M. Brazelton, Mills Jinkins, Isaac Miller, William S. Young, return 3 Feb. 1852.
            Pg.192: Inventory of notes and cash on hand: TN & AL banknotes in hand, $468; Specie in hand $62.85; AL banknotes on deposit in the Huntsville Bank, $310; good debts: one note on Grove Sammons $140. Returned 19 April 1852.
            Pgs.193-197: Inventory of bad and doubtful debts: notes on Danl. Trigg, John McDuffee and G.W. Carlverson, Isaac Jameson, Thomas McMullen, Charles May assigned to him by A.T. Maddera, Thomas McMullen, Wm. Ward, Edward Layne, Talton Brannum, Archabal Berliers, J.W. & A. Berliers, Daniel Harlas, Michael Miller, Philip Bufor, Wm. Clinton, Thomas McMullen, R.J. Manning, Stephen Terry assigned by A.T. Madderra, certificate as witness May & Oct. term 1829 and May 1830 by A.T. Maddera, James McLaran, notes on A.T. Maddera due 1827- 1829, Clark Harris and Jacob Peck, B. Rogers, F.A. Lewis, Wm. M. Spence, & others (4 pages); returned 19 April 1852.
            Pgs.197-200: Sales March 5, 1852: land to A.J. Esslinger; other items to Solomon Lebow, William Fleming, John H. Miller, Newton C. Worley, Henry Russell, James Pernell, Silas M. Brazelton, and others (estate included violin, Walker's dictionary, slate and books) (4 pages, no Duncan) Total $9,843.68. Returned 19 April 1852.
            MAD: Madison Co. MS Territory, Superior Court Record, May term 1815?, Wm. Baker vs. Frances Worley, 19 March 1816, Worley made note to Allen Massengale April 2 April 1808, wit. Daniel White, Jeremiah Dunken (from pg.19, Vol.18, "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud). (MAD: see Hiram Worley, guardian of minor children of Jeremiah Duncan in Rhea Co. TN)

Madison Co. AL Probate Vol.25 (FHL film 2,026,762 item 1)
      Vol.25, Pg.375-386: Final Settlement of David Duncan's Estate by John Allison and Newton C. Worley, Execs. 10 April 1860. Executors are chargeable with the sum of $10,254.48, and entitled to costs of $310.25, leaving $9944.23; that under the will (quotes terms in the will), that George Dunkin recover from the executors $1, and Jeremiah Dunkin ... $1, and Rebecca Garrison ... $1, and Benjamin Dunkin ... $1.
            To Rebecca Dunigan (one of the heirs at law of Polly Dungan decd., $60.63, which with the sum of $250 heretofore paid her will make the sum of $310.63, the amount of her distributive share; to Joseph Martin administrator of the estate of Nancy Wice ("Rice" in abstract by Pauline Gandrud) one of the heirs at law of Polly Dungan decd. $310.63;
                  to Thomas Wight ("Wright" in abstract by Pauline Gandrud) one of the children and heirs at law of Jesse Wight now decd. who was in his lifetime a son of the said Polly Dunigan decd. $27.20 which with the sum of $50.45 heretofore paid him makes $77.65 the amount of his distributive share;
                  to William Wight one of the children and heirs at law of Jesse Wight (same); to Rebecca Wight (same); to James Wight (same).
                  to Joseph Martin administrator of the estate of Daniel Dunigan dec'd one of the heirs of Polly Dunigan, $110.63 which with the $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63; to James Dunigan (same);
                  to Thomas Dunigan, one of the heirs of Polly Dunigan, $310.63;
                  to John Enoch the husband of Mary Ann Enoch formerly Dunigan and heir of Polly Dunigan, $110.63 which with the $200 ... $310.63;
                  to Joseph Dunigan, one of the heirs of Polly Dunigan, $60.63 which with $250 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to John Dunigan, one of the heirs of Polly Dunigan, $60.63 which with $250 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to Joseph Martin administrator of the estate of Eliza Ellis formerly Dunigan, heir of Polly Dunigan, $310.63.
            To Christiana Dunkin, widow of Amos Dunkin dec'd, $110.63 which with the $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to Samuel W. Wetherly, husband of Eliza Wetherly formerly Eliza Dunkin, heir of Amos Dunkin, $110.63 which with the $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to Artemus Brown, husband of "Nancy Brown, formerly Eliza Dunkin," heir of Amos Dunkin, $110.63 which with the $200 heretofore paid ... said Nancy Brown ... $310.63;
                  to Jeremiah M. Dunkin, Joseph G. Duncan, John R. Dunkin, David H. Dunkin, Samuel Dunkin, heirs of Amos Dunkin, (each to receive $110.63, each had heretofore been paid $200) ... $310.63 each.
            William Hinds, husband of Matilda Hinds, formerly Matilda Baker and heir of Nancy Baker, $110.63, heretofore been paid $200, ... $310.63;
                  to Lucinda Taylor a widow, formerly Lucinda Baker, heir of Nancy Baker, $110.63, heretofore been paid $200, ... $310.63;
                  to George W. Baker and James M. Baker, heirs of Nancy Baker, $110.63 each, each formerly paid $200, ... $310.63 each;
                  to Robert W. Coltart the administrator of the estate of Louisa Free formerly Louisa Baker and heir of Nancy Baker, $310.63;
                  to Robert W. Coltart the administrator of the estate of Malinda Briggs formerly Malinda Baker and heir of Nancy Baker, $185.63 which with the $175 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to Joseph Martin the administrator of the estate of Mary A. Drennan formerly Mary A. Baker heir of Nancy Baker, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to John Enix, husband of Eltigard Enix, formerly Eltigard Baker and heir of Nancy Baker, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63. (Receipt by Robinson? & Jones as attorney of Enix & wife 30 Jan. 1861 for $110.63)
            To John Burnett husband of Rebecca Burnett formerly Rebecca Dunkin and heir of Joseph Dunkin dec'd, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to James Dunkin heir of Joseph Dunkin, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to John Allison as administrator of the estate of Matilda Hopkins decd. widow of H.W. Hopkins decd., the said Matilda Hopkins being formerly Matilda Dunkin and one of the heirs at law of Joseph Dunkin dec'd, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63; (Receipt by H.W. Hopkins 1 March 1861 for $110.63)
                  to Jeremiah Dunkin, heir of Joseph Dunkin dec'd, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63;
                  to Thomas C. Roberts the husband of Polly Ann Roberts, formerly Polly Ann Dunkin and heir of Joseph Dunkin, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63. (Receipt by W.B. Roberts atty. for Polly M. Roberts dated 20 March 1861 for $110.63, ... Thomas C. Roberts)
                  To Mary Dunkin widow of Joseph Dunkin dec'd, $110.63 which with $200 heretofore paid ... $310.63.
            The administrators present receipts of Robinson? & Jones as attorney of Enix & wife cated Jan. 30, 1861, for $110.63, and of H.W. Hopkins, dated March 1, 1861, for $110.63, and of W.B. Roberts atty. for Polly M. Roberts dated 20 March 1861 for $110.63 ... Thomas C. Roberts.
            Ordered to be filed and recorded in Ren? Book 7 Supplements page 262, dated 26 June 1861.


Limestone Co. AL Deed (FHL film 1,035,000)
      6-484: 20 May 1842, Benjamin (X) Duncan of Madison Co. AL for love and affection to my grandchildren Lucy Ann Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan and John Thomas Benton Duncan children of my son Peter H. Duncan of Madison Co. AL, and to such other children as my said Peter H. Duncan may yet lawfuly beget, negro slaves. Wit. Peter Wm.? Richardson. Benjamin Duncan acknowledged in Limestone Co. AL 20 May 1842.


"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799; mostly in alphabetic order, Dunkin cards found later in file)
      Duncan, Wm. A., AL State Militia 1820-1860, 1st Lieutenant, 62nd Regiment, 1st Battalion; resigned May 17, 1856, and Clement C. Clark commissioned to fill vacancy May 22, 1856. Certificate of D.M. Bradford to Sec. of State, Huntsville [MAD: Madison Co.], AL, May 17, 1856.

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, John H., Private (age 19), Co.F, 19th AL Inf. Reg., Willsvalley, AL, Aug. 13, 1861. Authority: Muster in roll dated at Huntsville [Madison Co.], AL, Aug. 17, 1861.
      Dunkin, John H. Letter from Adjutant General's Office, May 29, 1913, to AL. John H. Dunkin (name not found as John H. Duncan), Private, Co.L, 28th AL Inf., enlisted March 17, 1862. On muster roll for period March 17 to April 30, 1862, present. Absent in Walker Co. AL, June, Oct. & Nov. 1862. No record capture or parole.
      Duncan, John H., Walker Co., Deserted. The regimental records show him in Walker Co. AL. These records are for June Oct. & Nov. 1862. No later record found. Citation #333.
      Dunkin, J.H., Private, Co.L, 28th AL Inf. Regt. March 17, '62, Jasper [Walker Co.], AL. Sent to Hospital, Meredian, MS, May 27, 1862. Commutation for first 6 months due $25.00. Authority: Pay roll signed Oct. 31, 1862.
      Dunkin, J.H., Private, Co.L, 28th AL Inf. Regt. March 17, 1862, at Jasper, AL. Authority: Pay roll signed Oct. 31, 1862.
      Duncan, Thos. F., Private, Co.C, 19th AL Inf. Enlisted Huntsville [Madison Co.], AL, Aug. 17, 1861, age 18. Authority: Muster in roll, Huntsville, AL, Aug. 17, 1861.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, William T., widow Louisa Amanda Duncan, Madison Co. AL, Capt. Co.G Tucker's Regt. Application 19 Nov. 1923 by Mrs. Louisa Amanda Duncan, P.O. Huntsville, age 77 years 9 mos. 15 days, lived this state 50 years, also lived Albemarle Co. VA; her husband enlisted 1864, student in VA Military Institute and enlisted the last of the war with other Cadets and was Captain of his Company; in Engineering Co., Capt. Co.G, Tucker's Regt., served 6 months, released at close of war; full name: William Tandy Duncan, married Feb. 22, 1869, he died Huntsville, AL, Aug. 28, 1896, she now living at her home. Witnesses 19 Nov. 1923: S.M. Stewart and F.H. Gillian, who knew her 40 years and 40 years.
            MAD: William Tandy Duncan, b. 31 Jan. 1844, and siblings, children of George M.B. Duncan b. 26 April 1817 TN, d. 9 June 1886, and wife Mary Jane Gillis b. 15 Sept. 1822 VA, d. 20 June 1892, were listed in the Duncan Bible extracted and published on pg.61 of "Madison Co. AL Records" Vol.134, by Pauline Gandrud. George M.B. Duncan and family were in the 1850-1860 Buckingham Co. VA census. An article about William T. Duncan, merchant of Huntsville, native of Buckingham Co. VA, is in the Duncan Family Files at the AL State Archives, Montgomery, AL.


There are six letters in the Landon Duncan papers, see Giles Co. VA, written between 1812 and 1837 and undated, some of which refer to Charles Duncan of Stokes Co. NC, which can be viewed at a website maintained by the Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 4/9/1999:
      MAD: The letter is indexed as Jane H. Threves, but the image of the letter on the Special Collections website and documents in Sumner Co. TN show her name as Jane H. Shreves.
      Letter: December 19, 1836, from Jane H. Shreves near Gallatin [Sumner Co.], Tennessee, to her cousin Hiram Duncan of Stokes County, North Carolina.
... you wrote about uncle benJamin he is living 8 miles north of Huntsville Madison County Alabama we recd a letter from his son petter not long sins he stated that uncle was in a lo state of helth he has only 3 Children living the was all with him when I herd from then last petter Mary & Delila is ther names I will write to them ...


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