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Formed 1821 from Bond, Madison
Morgan formed 1823 from Sangamon
Tazewell formed 1827 from Sangamon
Christian formed 1839 from Sangamon, Shelby, as Dane, renamed 1840
Logan, Menard formed 1839 from Sangamon


1830 Sangamon Co. IL Census
Pg.137  Elijah Duncan        1101,11       - 2100,1001
          (MAD: Wm.C. 0-5, ?? 5-10, Nath. 15-20,
            ?? 20-30, Elijah 30-40)
   149  Michael Duncan       0100,011      - 2100,1
        James Duncan         0000,01       - 1000,1
        Dorcas Penny         101           - 0011,001
        John Duncan          1012,001      - 1121,01
   170  William Duncan       0000,1        - 1001
          (MAD: 1840 Newton Co. MO census)
        John Duncan          0100,1        - 1100,1
          (MAD: ? 1840 Barry Co. MO census)
        Hiram Duncan         1200,01       - 2200,1
          (MAD: 1840 Barry Co. MO census)
        Moses Duncan         0012,1001     - 0000,0000,1
          (MAD: 1820 Sumner Co. TN census;
            1840 Barry Co. MO census)

1840 Sangamon Co. IL Census
Pg.  5  Saml. Duncan         0101,1001     - 0110,01
          (MAD: 1850 Armstrong Co. PA census)
     8  James M. Duncan      0010,001      - 0022,001
not Springfield
Pg. 20  Elijah Duncan        0220,01       - 1000,01
          (MAD: 1850 Christian Co. IL census)
    26  James Duncan         2100,01       - 0110,01
        Marshal Duncan       1210,1001,001 - 1022,001
          (MAD: 1850 Menard Co. IL census)
        W. T. H. Duncan      1200,01       - 2100,1
    42  Rice Duncan          0000,0001     - 0111,001
          (MAD: 1830 Morgan Co. IL census)
    64  Elijah Duncan        1112,101      - 0002,1000,01
        Nathaniel Duncan     0000,1        - 0001
          (MAD: 1850 Christian Co. IL census)

1850 Sangamon Co. IL Census
Springfield, taken 10/21/1850
Pg.83, #199, Henry C. BEERS 28 IL grocer $650
                  Adeliade C. 21 IL
                  Wm. T. 8/12 IL
                  Ann R. McNABB 44 KY
                  Rachel DUNCAN 19 KY
Taken 10/22/1850
Pg.86, #230, Jos. W. DUNCAN 42 TN carpenter
                  Nancy 35 KY
                  D.C. (m) 17, S.H. (m) 14 IL
                  Saml. BATES 40 CT stage agent
                  Fanny 35 NY, Edward 1 IL
                  (MAD: Joseph W. Duncan mar. Nancy Lanterman 10/18/1832; son of Moses Duncan & Sarah Whitmore; widow Nancy Duncan mar. Harrison Bishop 6/20/1859)
Taken 9/30/1850
Pg.168, #595, Robert DUNCAN 38 KY farmer $550
                  Prucilla 36 NC
                  Richard CROSS 12, William 9, John 7, Marg. 5 IL
                  John DUNCAN 13, Harrison 11, Anderson 8 IL
                  Amelia 6, Marion 3/12 IL
                  Arey CRIDER (f) 54 KY
                  (MAD: 1840 Menard Co. IL census; brother of Anderson Duncan of 1840-1850 Menard Co. IL, perhaps sons of John Duncan & Sally Miller; ?? one Robert Duncan mar. Polly Hunter 7/10/1837 Edgar Co. IL; one Robert Duncan mar. Rachael Martin 3/15/1835 Schuyler Co. IL; Robert Duncan mar. Priscilla Cross 10/31/1847; d. 1/19/1862 Macon Co. IL, children mar. Macon Co. IL although family not found on 1860 census)
                  (MAD: Avy Duncan mar. Martin Grider 11/6/1814 Adair Co. KY)
Pg.168, #603, Josiah DODD 49 TN farmer $480
                  Elizabeth 47 TN
                  John 25 TN
                  Jane LACY 21 TN
                  William DODD 12 IL
                  Charles 10 IL
                  Mary LACY 1 IL
                  Mary McBRIDE 21 (blank)
                  (MAD: Josiah Dodd mar. Elizabeth Duncan 3/16/1824 Jefferson Co. TN, she the dau. of John Duncan & Janet (McCulloh); perhaps 1840 Gallatin Co. IL census)
Taken 10/5/1850
Pg.176, #709, William McKEE 40 KY farmer $1400
                  Samuel 57 KY
                  Martha DUNCAN 60
                  Elizabeth 30 KY
                  John McKEE 7 IL
                  (MAD: one Charles Duncan mar. Patsy McKee 4/8/1808 Harrison Co. KY)
Pg.224, #1355-1356, John GARDNER 45 KY farmer $9600
                  Mary 40 KY
                  H.E. (m) 19 KY farmer
                  Sarah 17 IL
                  Catharine 13, John 11 IL
                  James 6, Mary 3 IL
                  Joseph PORTUGESE 39 PORtugal labourer
                  Justin PORTUGESE (m) 15 PORtugal labourer
                  (MAD: John Gardner b. 6/21/1805 KY, d. 2/11/1868, bur. Springfield, IL, m. 6/13/1830 Oldham Co. KY to "Polly" Mary Curd Duncan, b. 3/27/1810 KY, d. 3/3/1882, but cannot locate my source for death dates; MAD: she the dau. of James Duncan and Lucy Pryor)
Taken 11/8/1850
Pg.238, #1548, Cynthia VERMILLION 50 NC
                  Pinckney (m) 18 KY farmer
                  Sidney (m) 16 KY
                  Martha 14, Susana 10, Hairrett 7 IL
                  Wm. DUNCAN 17 TN laborer
                  Ely COFFEE 22 KY
                  (MAD: Birch Vermillion b.1808 said to have mar. Cynthia Duncan b. 5/1800 NC, from info of Jennifer Richardson 1983; Wm. Duncan and his sisters Rachel b.1834 mar. Enos Campbell 2/12/1851 and Mary b.1836 mar. Solomon Penny 5/15/1856 Menard Co. IL, were ch. of Marshal T. Duncan b.1809 Cumberland Co. KY who mar. Anna Sharp 8/22/1830 in TN)
Pg.239, #1569, James DUNCAN 43 KY farmer
                  Mary 41 IL
                  Hester 20, Francis 19, Jane 17 IL
                  John 14, Franklin 12 IL
                  James 8, Sylvester 6, Rachel 3 IL
                  Harrison PENNY 28 IL laborer
                  (MAD: James T.H. Duncan mar. Polly Penny 9/3/1829)
Taken 11/12/1850
Pg.244, #1635, John HARRISON 35 VA farmer $6000
                  Sarah 35 NJ
                  Parthena 5, Chas. 2, Susan 3/12 IL
                  Jane HARVEY 16 IL
                  Reubin HARRISON 70 VA farmer
                  James DUNCAN 21 KY farmer
Pg.245, #1640, Wm. DUNCAN 42 IL farmer
                  Eve 39 IL
                  Marion (m) 19, James 16 IL
                  Mary 15, Simeon 14 IL
                  Sarah 12, Martha 11 IL
                  Margarett 9, Nancy 7, Geo. 4 IL
                  Farinda (f) 3, Eliza 1 IL
                  (MAD: Wm. D. Duncan mar. An Miller 12/8/1831; Sarah Jane Duncan mar. Nelson Hamilton Combs 5/6/1857; Eve Duncan, widow of William, had pension WC-2801, 5/26/1893, for his service in the Black Hawk War)
Pg.245, #1646, John DUNCAN 63 NC laborer
                  Sarah 68 KY
                  Inr.? (Jnr.?) (m) 19 IL
                  Jas. 17, Ellen 15 IL
                  (MAD: Inr. or Jnr., not Jno.)
Pg.246, #1648, Rice DUNCAN 69 NC farmer
                  Lurany 60 (69?) KY
                  Elly (f) 23, Ara (f) 19 IL
                  (MAD: Rice Duncan mar. "Susanah Reatherford," dau. of Dudley, 10/5/1812, Adair Co. KY; first wife had been Barbara Antle)
Pg.246, #1651, Solomon MILLER 64 KY farmer $1600
                  Nancy 58 KY
                  Jason 21 KY, Geo. 17 IL
                  Rachel DUNCAN 17 KY
                  Thos. BUNDWANT 18, Samuel 15 IL
                  (MAD: Solomon Miller mar. Nancy A. Antle, dau. of Mary or Molly Antle, 8/13/1813 Adair Co. KY; his "step"dau. Barbara mar. as Barbary Duncan to Reuben Buchanan 12/3/1833)
Pg.246, #1653, John DAVIS 35 KY laborer $25
                  Mary 35 KY
                  Madison 11, Samantha 9, Morris 7, Cynthia 4 IL
                  (MAD: John Davis mar. Polly Duncan 11/14/1834)

1860 Sangamon Co. IL Census (part also from Sue Monaghan)
Springfield City, Dist.16
Pg.121, #864-844, Alexander DUNCAN 30 SCT B.smith $1000-$60
                  Catherine 25 IRE
                  Charles 2/12 IL
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan mar. Catherine Gwynn 12/16/1858)
Pg.194, #1388-1395, LaFayette SMITH 25 IL grocer $1600-$300
                  Harriet 21 IL
                  Frances B. (m) 1 IL
                  Margaret DUNCAN 18 IL
P.O. Dawson
Pg.360, #2586-2587, L. GILLET (m) 24 IL physician $1500-$500
                  Lucy 23 IL
                  Isabel ?REPIM? 21 NY domestic
                  O. DUNCAN (m) 17 MO (blank occupation)
17th Subdiv., P.O. New Berlin, taken 9/15/1860
Pg.639, #4462-1388, D.E. McGINNIS (m) 31 IL farmer $10000 $2300
                  R.A. (f) 28 IL
                  W.I/J. (m) 9, P.A. (f) 7, G.D. (m) 4 IL
                  M. LYONS (m) 24 NY farm laborer
                  H. TAYLER (m) 26 IND farm laborer
                  M. DUNCAN (f) 70 KY (blank) $0-$1150
                  E. (f) 47 KY (blank) $0-$2000
                  W. (m) McKEE 24 KY farm laborer $0-$75
                  J. (m) 16 IL farm laborer
P.O. Williamsville
Pg.732, #2095-1999, D. DUNCAN (m) 26 IL (blank) $0-$0
                  D. (f) 24 OH
                  S.B. (f) 1 IL
                  (MAD: David C. Duncan mar. Deborah Mills 11/23/1856)
Pg.748, #2206-2100, T.M. DUNCAN (m) 26 IL farmer $0-$0
                  M.J. (f) 26 IL
                  C.N. (m) 6, L.A. (f) 4 IL
                  (MAD: Francis M. Duncan mar. Martha Yocum 12/31/1852)
P.O. Salisbury
Pg.764, #2337-2214, O.R. BAKER (m) 28 OH milling $1500-$2500
                  P.A. (f) 25 IL
                  A.L. (f) 5, C. (m) 4, H. (f) 1 IL
                  (MAD: Orletus Baker mar. Polly Ann Duncan 5/29/1854; one Joseph Baily had lic. to mar. Polly Ann Duncan, 24 May 1854)
Pg.764, #2338-2215, J/I. DUNCAN (m) 29 IL milling $0-$0
                  J. (f) 25 KY (mar. in yr)
                  Jas. 26 IL
                  (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Nancy Jane Cane 6/2/1860)
Pg.764, #2339-2216, M.M. DUNCAN (m) 26 IL milling $0-$75
                  M. (f) 24 NY
                  L.C. (f) 4, L.A. (f) 2 IL
                  S. (m) 22 IL milling
                  (MAD: Marion M. Duncan mar. Martha McMurphy 4/18/1854)
Pg.768-9, #2374-2253, Wm. T.H. DUNCAN 53 KY (blank) $700-$0
                  Eve 47 KY
                  M. (f) 20, G.W. (m) 14 IL
                  F. (f) 13, A. (f) 11, T. (m) 6 IL
                  (MAD: Farinda O. Duncan mar. Elisha C. Batterton 1/3/1866; one Elias Batterton mar. Sarah E. Duncan 2/10/1864 Menard Co. IL)
Pg.769, #2376-2255, M. DUNCAN (m) 50 IL (blank) $500 $300
                  J. (m) 23, T. (m) 21, J. (m) 18 IL laborers
                  S. (m) 17, R.M. (f) 13, W.P. (m) 10 IL
Pg.769, #2377, Unoccupied
Pg.769, #2378-2256, E. DAVIS (m) 50 KY farmer $300-$300
                  E.A. (f) 22
                  S.A. (m) 18 IL laborer
                  J. DUNCAN (m) 71 NC
                  (MAD: one William Davis mar. Elizabeth Duncan 12/8/1831)
Pg.770, #2389-2267, R. DUNCAN (m) 75 NC $4000-$100
                  L. (f) 69 KY
                  L. COLEMAN (m) 7 IL
                  R. GOODMAN (f) 16 IL
                  (MAD: one Samuel Coleman mar. Eli Ann Duncan 11/16/1852)

1870 Sangamon Co. IL Census
Ball Twp., P.O. Chatham
Pg.30, #181-179, DUNCAN, Alexander 39 SCT blacksmith $3000-$300
                  Katherine 35 IRE
                  James 7, Mary E. 1/12 b. May, IL
Buffalo Hart Twp., P.O. Williamsville
Pg.32, #2-2, McGEE, John T. 24 IL farmer $3700-$850
                  Susan 25 KY
                  FLETCHER, Winfred 16 IL farm laborer
                  LUCKET, Benjamin 40 KY farmer $10,300-$3000
                  E.M. (f) 37 KY
                  Benj. T. 7, Thomas 2 IL
                  McGEE, Wm. P. 23 IL farm laborer
                  DUNNAWAY, C.A. (m) 25 IN farm laborer
                  CHAPMAN, E.C. (m) 25 OH farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Mary 17 OH servant
Cartwright Twp., P.O. Pleasant Plains
Pg.55, #250-250, DUNCAN, John 37 MO farmer $550-$300
                  Catharine 28 IL
                  Robert C. 6, Alice M. 4 IL
                  John 2, Charles H. 1 IL
                  (MAD: one John W. Duncan mar. Catharine Ross 9/21/1865)
Town of Talkington
Pg.144, #145-138, DUNCAN, Columbus 27 IL farmer $4100-$700
                  Jane M. 28 IL
                  Clara 3, James I. 1 IL
                  (MAD: Columbus Duncan in 1850 Grayson Co. VA; Jonathan C. Duncan mar. Jennie Allis 12/28/1865 Morgan Co. IL)
Fancy Creek Twp.
Pg.153, #83-83, DUNCAN, Frank 31 IL farmer $0-$1660
                  Martha 30 IL
                  Mary M. 5, Jasper N. 2 IL
                  Cynthia 3/12 IL b.March
                  (MAD: Franklin W. Duncan mar. Martha J. Irwin 1/14/1864)
Pg.153, #84-84, DUNCAN, William 36 IL farmer $700-$800
                  Jane 38 IL
                  Mary 5, Jasper 3, Ann 4/12 Feb. IL
Town of Gardner, P.O. Springfield
Pg.172, #136-136, TALBOTT, Wm. F. 29 IL farmer $11,000-$1,000
                  Sarah F. 28 MO
                  Thomas G. 4, John F. 2 IL
                  Nettie E. 4/12 Feb. IL
                  DUNCAN, Ruann (m) 65 VA
                  CUTTS, William 22 NC farm laborer
                  VECKLER, Frames V. (m) 12 IL
                  PETERS, James 45 KY
Island Grove Twp.
Pg.204, #38-38, KAINTZ, Charles 37 GERMANY hotel $1200-$800
                  Eleanor 38 CANADA
                  Mary E. 12, John 10, Frank 8 IL
                  Eleanor 6, Clarisa 2 IL
                  DUNCAN, John 30 IN farm laborer
                  (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Nancy Jane Cane, 6/2/1860)
Loami Twp.
Pg.232, #266-266, SMITH, John 26 IL farm laborer $0-$100
                  Martha A. 22 IA
                  Martha 2 IL
                  DUNCAN, Betsey 55 KY boarding $800-$300
Pawnee Twp. (faint)
Pg.269, #45-45, WEBB, John B. 60 VA farmer $20,000-$3,800
                  Nancy J. 57? KY keeps house
                  Benjamin 19, Charles 14 IL works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Gilbert 25 IL (blank)
                  Charles 22 IL (blank)
                  David 19 IL attending school
                  Alfred 17 IL (blank)
                  SMITH, Louisa 16 IL domestic servt.
Town of Sacket
Pg.303, #26-26, DUNCAN, Eve 56 KY keeps house $1000-$300
                  James 35 IL day laborer
                  Simon 33, Martha 29, Alice 20 IL
                  Thomas 16 IL day laborer
Pg.303, #36-36, DUNCAN, Mary P. 50 TN keep house $700-$200
                  Sylvester 24 IL saloon keeper $2000-$300
                  William P. 20 IL farmer $0-$100
Pg.303, #40-40, DUNCAN, Jas. R. 28 IL farmer $2000-$500
                  Hannah 21 IN
                  Mary J. 2 IL
                  (MAD: James R. Duncan mar. Hannah O. Douglas 12/20/1866)
City of Springfield
Pg.364, #323-340, McMURPHY, Geo. 47 NY ret. grocer $6000-$1000
                  Nancy 43 IL
                  Geo. W. 18, William 16 IL
                  Isaac 15, Sarah 10, Mary 6 IL
                  Albert 24 IL shipping clerk
                  DUNCAN, Alice 18 IL servant
                  McMURPHY, Julia 22 MD keeps house
Pg.559, #3265-3344, Chenery House (Hotel)
                  DUNCAN, Lillie (f) 35 IRELAND cook
Pg.560, #3268-3347, Leland Hotel
                  DUNCAN, Clark 22 KY BLACK porter
Williams Twp.
Pg.574, #164-166, DUNCAN, David 36 IL butcher $1000-$2000
                  Deborah 33 OH
                  Sarah 11, Dora 7, Nancy 6 IL
Woodside Twp.
Pg.595, #231-230, DUNCAN, M.M. 37 IL hotel keeper $0-$400
                  Martha C. 33 NY
                  Lucy C. 14, Laura 13 IL
                  Margaret V. 9, Omer L. 7 IL
                  (& many others)

1880 Sangamon Co. IL census (partial; from soundex D525)
Vol.51, ED 219, sheet 15, line 46, Talkington Township:
#139-145, J.C. DUNCAN 38 (w.m.) widowed farmer NC NC NC
            Clara A. 12 IL NC IL dau.
            Ira J. 10 IL NC IL son
            Irwin S. 8 IL NC IL son
            Minnie A. 7 IL NC IL dau.


Sangamon Co. IL Index to Estates and Wills (FHL film 1,313,268 item 2)
      Duncan, Marshall T., #444, Microfilm roll P-328
      Duncan, James M., #1219, P-340
      Duncan, James T., #1257, P-341 (MAD: died 1856)
      Duncan, Rice, #1665, P-348 (MAD: died 1863)
      Duncan, Mary P., #4053, P-411
      Duncan, Catherine, #6356, P-496
      Duncan, James M., #7765, P-556
      Duncan, Sylvester T., #3093, (blank)
      Duncan, F. M., #9335, P-614
      Duncan, Martha C., #9538, P-622
      Duncan, Frederick, #10232, P-646
      Duncan, Francis M., #12882, P-745
      Duncan, Noah H., #14058, P-792
      Duncan, Jasper C., #17059, P-890
      Duncan, Wilbur C., #17193, P-896
      Duncan, Rosa, #17285, P-900
      Duncan, Addie L., "Unf. Papers"
      Duncan, Mary, #17585, P-913
      Duncan, Stella Mae, #18311, P-942
      Duncan, W. E., #21623, P-1095
      Duncan, Hattie Elizabeth, #21867, P-2007
      Duncan, William Murray, #21886, P-2008
      Duncan, LeRoy a/k/a George, #22424, P-2033
      & later not copied here

Sangamon Co. IL Affidavit of Decease and Names of Heirs (from Howard Dreelan 12/1992)
      S.S. Duncan, says that Rice Duncan, late of Sangamon Co. IL, is dead and that he died on or about the 8th day of October 1863, intestate as it is said, and that his estate will probably amount to the sum of $1600; that said Rice Duncan left at the time of his decease, Delila Buchanan, Matilda Scott, Susanna Tannyhill, Nancy Antle, William T. Duncan, Sarah Goodman, Avarilla Miller's heirs, Elizabeth J. Dornell, Ella Ann Coleman, S.S. Duncan, his children. 10 Oct. 1863. (HD: The following children preceded Rice in death: William T., Avarilla, Ella Ann.)

Sangamon Co. IL Index to Estates (FHL film 1,313,260)
      #1219: James M. Duncan; letters of adm. to Daniel J. Snow, sec. J.H. Matheny; Jan. 1, 1856; Box 3-115 to 117.


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Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Clark, widow Duncan, Julia; B 6 US C. Cav., D 115 US C. Inf.; 1890 July 23, Invalid Appl. #836612, Cert. #1024137, Ill.; 1929 May 27, Widow Appl. #1643801, Cert. #A-8-21-29 Ill. (MAD: 1900 Sangamon Co. IL)
      Duncan, James A.; B 12 Ill. Inf.; 1891 June 9, Invalid Appl. #1032713, Cert. #714573, Ill. (MAD: of Richland [Sangamon Co.] IL per IL Civil War database)
      Duncan, James R.; H 114 Ill. Inf.; 1882 Nov. 15, Invalid Appl. #464902, Cert. #401101, Kans. (MAD: enlisted Sackett, IL; ? Sangamon Co. IL; ?? 1880 Labette Co. KS, wife Mary H.)
      Duncan, Samuel, widow Duncan, Harriet C.; B 12 Ill. Inf.; 1891 July 9, Invalid Appl. #1038661, Cert. #766542, Ill.; 1917 Feb. 19, Widow Appl. #1094343, Cert. #826130, Ill. (MAD: of Richland [Sangamon Co.] IL per IL Civil War database)
      Duncan, William H., widow Duncan, Christina, minor Duncan, Nevada, next friend; A 59 Ind. Inf.; 1875 Dec. 24, Invalid Appl. #212022, Cert. #996599; 1904 Dec. 28, Widow Appl. #819071, Cert. #588311, Ill.; 1906 April 4, Minor Appl. #846455, Cert. #611130, Ill. (MAD: ? 1900 Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, William b.1844 IN, wife Jena b.1857 IN, dau. Nevada b.1884 IL & younger; ???? from Clay Co. IN, William H. & wife Nancy had dau. Tina in 1880)
      Duncan, William T.; B 114 Ill. Inf.; 1881 Feb. 14, Invalid Appl. #415704, Cert. #255959, Ill. (MAD: 1850 Sangamon Co. IL census, of Salisbury per IL Civil War database)


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HISTORIES before 1923

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Letter written by Robert Simpson Irwin to George Sharp[1] in California. (in possession of Mark D. Irwin, with permission from him to Susan Monaghan to MAD; from Susan Monaghan 2/2/2003; her footnote references in [brackets])
            Sangamon County Ills, March the 5th 1858
      Dear sir. We are all well at present and hope these few lines may find you enjoying the same. I received your letter of December the 11th which give us much Satisfaction to hear from you and to hear that you had landed safe in California[2]  and was well satisfied and in good health. we had heard before your letter came to hand of your bad luck if it might be so called. It is hard, but must be hopt for the better. Times has changed in Illinois. Property of all kinds is down at this time, horses and cattle has come down about one third to what they was when you left here, hogs sold for three and four net per hundred pounds, flour two to two twenty-five Per hundred pounds. Butter twelve and a half cents. Eggs ten cents.
      Pork is looking up some in the larger markets. money, money is the cry on every corner none to be had for love nor good Property. I believe I have made my ends meet for last season. The merchants has concluded to hold on and Give the Farmers a chance where they seem to be trying to pay. Wheat is only worth fifty cents per bushel, and a better prospect for a new crop never has been in this country I suppose. Seed corn is very scarce. A great many of the Farmers would not have enough if they had every grain that would grow pict out of their entire crop. But few persons will have any.
      We still live at the mill.[3] Nothing has turned up of very Particular sence you left us. We put in a new damn last fall, last winter has been open the ice has not been thick enough to cross on only by footmen. we have had very little snow about one weeks sleding. I believe your Folks is all well. I saw John Sharp in Salisbury a few days ago.[4]
      Cynthia[5] had a very bad spell last summer but she has got over that. She is complaining Some now with the Rheumatism. She says She sends her best Respects to all of you. The rest of us is all well, Chilled a little last fall but that has to be put up with in Illinois. We are about to get a new neighbor this Spring, Francis Duncan & Martha.[6] France has bought a Piece of land in the uper-end of our Prairie bottom and is putting up a house now. I suppose from your letter to Arminda [7] you had herd about the death of George & Averila Miller.[8] That letter you was enquiring about was written by Silvester Davis.[9]  I Suppose as he had made the trade you thought John[10] made. John says he would like to be here. if he could get out to California with his ax he thinks he could make about nine dollars a day chopping cord wood at three dollars a cord. Jim Fisher[11] is doing about as he always has he works a while and sprees a while. Father Duncan[12] is well at this time. he makes his home at Hogen Hohimers[13] in Petersburg.
      Robert & Priscie Duncan[14] was down to see us about the first of March. Their Family was all well when they left home. his John[15] was married last August and in September his wifes clothes caught fire and she was Burned to death. The way it happened they had moved to themselves and one day as she was Parching coffe her spencer caught fire and John was gone and she Burned so badly that she died that night. They said she knowed every thing to the last. Old Missis Jackson died the other night.[16] Alvetus Jackson was married to Old man Lacy's youngest daughter a few days back.[17] Martha weighs one hundred and fifty pounds.[18] The weather has been colder for the last two weeks than it has all winter.
      Wages are for young men that hire out from ten to twenty dollars a month. And a great many german, dutch and Irish are just working this winter for their board and Some of them get from five to ten dollars a month them that hired Early in the winter.
      Excuse bad writing and Spelling write soon so no more at present.
            I remain yours
            Robert S. Irwin
      to George Sharp, California
      When you write Direct
      your letter to Athens Menard County

Note from W. F. Irwin to his uncle, undated, but it was written on the back of the letter from Robert Simpson Irwin to George Sharp.
      Dear uncle[19] I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well as common at present  And the Rest of the little Brats. Harvey Douglas[20] goes down to the mill every day to tell his pa to come to dinner, he still sucks But - his mother is trying to wean him now. Martha[21] has a felon on one of fingers now that makes her twist. There has Been another large fire in Springfield here lately.[22]  It had Burned from the South East Corner North to the Bank, on the East side of the square. Supposed to be the work of an Incendiary. write soon and let us know what is going on in a Gold Country. I Remain Yours   W. F. Irwin[23]

Footnotes by Susan Monaghan
      1  It is believed that Robert Simpson Irwin and George Sharp were brothers-in-law by marriage. It is known that Robert Simpson Irwin married Cynthia Duncan on 19 Jan 1837, and George Sharp married Ellen Eliza Duncan on 9 Dec 1854. Both marriages occurred in Sangamon Co., IL.
      2  In The History of Sangamon Co., IL (Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co.) 1881, p. 1020 in the biography of George Sharp, it states: "In the spring of 1857, Mr. Sharp moved to California, where he remained until the fall of 1866, when he returned with his family to Salisbury (IL).
      3  In The History of Sangamon Co., IL (Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co.) 1881, p. 1016 in the biography of William F. Irwin, it states: "He (Robert S. Irwin) came to Illinois in 1827 and settled in Menard county, and in 1854 came to Sangamon county, and bought an interest in a water-power grist and saw mill on Sangamon river. He afterward owned this mill himself, and ran it until February 1867, when it was torn down by the ice."
      4  George Sharp was the son of George Sharp Sr. (1800-1852) and Mary Ann Woods (1810-1870). George Sr. and Mary Ann had 11 children. Of their children, 7 names are known: William, George, Robert, John, Matthew, Henry, and James. I infer from the phrase "your Folks" that Folks is synonymous with family in general and not specifically parents. The John Sharp referenced in the letter is probably the younger brother of George Jr.
      5  Cynthia Duncan Irwin, wife of Robert S. Irwin.
      6  This is Francis Marion Duncan and his wife Martha Yoakum.  Francis Marion Duncan was the son of James T. H. Duncan, believed to be an adopted son of Cynthia Duncan Irwin's uncle, Marshall Duncan. [ In Adair Co., KY Deed Abstracts, Book A and B, 1802-1881, page 41, compiled by Michael C. Watson, 1991: "2 Oct 1809 - William Caldwell, Clerk of the County Court of Adair, and Marshall Duncan of Adair ... William and James Thrasher, poor boys of the county, bound out to Duncan by order of the court for a period of eighteen years, seven months, and ten days or until the apprentices shall reach the age of twenty-one. Duncan shall teach the art and mystery of the hatting business. Signed. Page 281]
      7  Arminda L. Duncan Luchsinger, sister to Cynthia, Ellen and Robert all of whom are mentioned in this letter.
      8  This George and Averilla Miller are not yet identified, though the given name Averilla was widely used in this branch of the Duncan family, and the Duncans did have marital ties to the Millers.
      9  This Silvester Davis is not yet identified; however, two of Cynthia's sisters married Davies brothers: Elizabeth Duncan married William Davis, and Mary "Polly" Duncan married John Davies. William Davis and John Davies were both sons of John Davies Sr. and Catherine Antle. For some reason, William dropped the "e" from Davies. For a biography of the Davies family which mentions the Duncan marriages, see pp. 245-6 of History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois by John Carroll Power (Springfield: Edwin Wilson Co.) 1876.
      10  This reference to a man named John is too vague to verify with any certainty. It could be the aforementioned John Sharp.
      11  Jim Fisher is not yet identified.
      12  Father Duncan would be John Duncan Sr. father to Cynthia, Ellen, Arminda, and Robert Duncan, all of whom are mentioned in this letter.
      13  Hogen Hohimer would be Isaac Hodgen Hohimer who married Averilla Duncan, another sister of Cynthia, Ellen, Arminda and Robert Duncan.
      14  Robert Duncan was a brother to Cynthia, Ellen, Averilla, and Arminda. He married 2nd to Mrs. Priscilla Cross on 31 Oct 1847 in Sangamon Co., IL. Robert Duncan died 19 Jan 1862 in Macon Co., IL, Estate #422, Box 16.
      15  John Duncan was the son Robert Duncan and Robert's first wife whose name is unknown.
      16  The reference to Old Missis Jackson is unclear; however, the very next sentence mentions Alvetus Jackson. Alvetus Jackson was the son of Samuel and Mahaly Jackson. Perhaps "Old Missis Jackson" could have been Mahaly who was born in 1804 in Maine.
      17  There is a biography of Lucharian Clawson Lacy in Power's on pp. 437-8 of History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois by John Carroll Power (Springfield: Edwin Wilson Co.) 1876. His youngest daughter, Phoebe Lacy, married Alvetus Jackson on 28 Jan 1858 and lived in Salisbury, IL. Alvetus B. Jackson was born about 1830 in Maine.
      18  Martha is probably Robert & Cynthia Duncan Irwin's daughter Martha J. Irwin born 15 Dec 1839.
      19  The uncle would be George Sharp, since the note of W. F. Irwin was written on the back side of the letter of Robert S. Irwin to George Sharp.
      20  Harvey Douglas would be Harvey Douglas Irwin, the youngest son of Robert S. and Cynthia Duncan Irwin and a young brother of W. F. Irwin writing the note. Harvey was born in March of 1855 and would have been approximately 3 years old at the time the letters were written; old enough to toddle down to the mill and possibly being weaned.
      21  The Martha mentioned as having a felon could be W. F. Irwin's sister Martha J. Irwin who would have been about 19 or 20 years old and still at home. Martha married 14 Jan 1864 to Franklin Witt Duncan.
      22  I have no further details on the fire described in Springfield (IL).
      23  W. F. Irwin is William Franklin Irwin, born 21 Oct 1837. He was the eldest of the 10 children of Robert S. and Cynthia Duncan Irwin.


"The Descendants of Lewis McKinnie" film 84/681 by Library of Congress; no author or date found, 8 pages, no sources given (FHL film 1,405,248)
      Lewis McKinnie b. Oct. 11, 1767 Culpeper Co. VA. Nancy Saunders born Oct. 12, 1771 in Loudon Co. VA. Lewis McKinnie and Nancy Saunders were married in Fayette Co. KY; had 9 children. Some of the children preceded him to Sangamon Co. IL. Lewis McKinnie came to visit two of them in 1820, later moved his family, arriving Nov. 15, 1826 near Springfield, IL. Lewis McKinnie died Oct. 7, 1841; Mrs. Nancy McKinnie died Oct. 8, 1843.
      Elizabeth McKinnie born June 30, 1793 Fayette Co. KY mar. John Lanterman Nov. 28, 1811. Had 5 children in Fleming Co. KY, moved to Sangamon Co. fall 1819, settled 2-1/2 miles nw of where Springfield now stands, here they had 8 children ... (including) Nancy, born March 30, 1815 in Fleming Co. mar. in Sangamon Co. to Joseph W. Duncan on Oct. 18, 1832. J.W. Duncan died and she mar. Harrison Bishop. He also died and Mrs. Nancy Bishop resided with her son, David Duncan, at Williamsville, IL.
      Nancy McKinnie, dau of Lewis and Nancy McKinnie, born June 15, 1803 Fleming Co. KY mar. Hiram Duncan in Sangamon Co. They moved to southwest MO where three children were born, and later removed to the vicinity of Stockton, CA. (MAD: Jasper Co. MO)

"Cemetery and Bible Records of MS" by MS Genealogical Society (Memphis Public Library book 929.3 M66; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      Vol.3, pg.166-7, contain the Duncan Bible Record originally owned by David Duncan of St.Louis, MO, who died 12/5/1836, and Henrietta Liston Spence, youngest dau. of Dr. Andrew Spence of Philadelphia, married 1 Sept.; their children included Henrietta Spence Duncan born McLean Co. IL 9/1/1836; Mrs. Henrietta Liston Spence Duncan mar. James McDowell on 30 Nov. 1838 in Springfield, IL who died 3/22/1841; and mar. J.D. Smith on 28 Sept. 1844 at St.Louis, MO.
      MAD: According to "The Circuit Rider" by Sangamon Co. Genealogical Society, Vol.XXIII#3, July 1991, the Naturalization paper in Circuit Court Case Files No.4/150/1 at IL Regional Archives show that David Duncan, applied to the Circuit Court for Sangamon Co. IL on 13 March 1835 for naturalization, saying that he was born in the Town of Liulithgow, in County of West Lothian, Scotland, Kingdom of Great Britain, on 20 July 1805, that he was about 29 years of age; that he migrated from the Port of Liverpool on 9 Aug. 1827 and landed in USA on 12 Sept. 1827 and intended to locate himself in Sangamon Co. IL where he was then an inhabitant.

"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other libraries)
      This book contains the family of Major Joseph Duncan, b.ca 1752, d.1803 Bourbon Co. KY, wife Ann Maria McLaughlin, and their children, including (1) Capt. Matthew Duncan who mar. Susan Clayton Slaughter, moved to Kaskaskia, IL, in 1814 and lived in Shelbyville, IL, 1833-1844; (2) James S. or M. Duncan, wife Margaret, who died in 1856 in Berlin, Sangamon Co. IL; and (3) Governor Joseph Duncan, b. 22 Feb. 1794 Bourbon Co, KY; mar. Elizabeth Caldwell Smith 1828; d. 15 Jan. 1844 Jacksonville, IL.


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