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Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised February 9, 2002

Formed 1798 from Washington Dist
Anderson, Pickens formed 1825 from Pendleton
Discontinued 1826; records at Anderson Co. SC


1790 Pendleton Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
Pg. 82  Henry Horton, John Mafield, Job Smith Senr,
        James Foster, John Robertson, William Pilgrim,
        Benjamin Smith,
        Samuel Duncan         101xx
          (MAD: from ?Greenville Co. SC)
        John Findley, Henry Kilburn,
        Phillip Prater, John Patterson ...
    83  Ezekiel Mason, Jacob Elledge, Thomas Parsons,
        Jesse Nevill, James Swan, John Jones,
        Capt. Barly Anderson, James Jett,
        Joseph Duncan         242xx
        Peter Kinsey, James Bruce,
        John Patterson, Thomas Standage,
        William Boren         213xx
        Abraham Tansey, Nenian Hamilton,
        John Brown, John Hornaday ...
    84  (83 end) William Cox, Lee Allen, William Cleveland,
        (84) Elijah Kees,
        Thomas Duncan         112xx
        Michael Wilkinson, Henry Lowry,
        Henry Barton, James Brian ...
    84  John Clardy, Thomas Henderson, William Renfrow,
    85  James Logan, George Cox, William Galleway,
        John Duncan           101xx
        Captn. Blake Maulden, John Warnock, John Jackson,
        Richard Reed, John Reeves, Daniel McKoy,
        William Murray, John Harris, James Campbell,
        Johnson Murray, Stephen Bennet, John Hays,
        William Keetan, William Glascow,
        Mark Duncan           113xx
          (MAD: see Hiram of Rutherford Co. NC)
        Stephen Harris, Agustin Harris,
        William Pretchard, Thomas Burford ...

1800 Pendleton Co. SC Census
(MAD: looked for a John Duncan over age 26, brother or father
  of Nathaniel of 1801 deed; not found)
Col. Brown's Regiment                          Stamped pg., hh#
Pg.  2  John Duncan            10100 - 00100       105   #99
     3  Daniel Duncan          00020 - 00110       106   #159
     4  David Duncan           20010 - 00100       107   #170
    5/6? John Dunkin           00100 - 00100       109   #325
     7  William Duncan         10110 - 30100       110   #359
Col. Kilpatrick's Regiment
Pg. 18  Benjamin Duncan        30100 - 10100       122   #40
    19  Thomas Duncan          21010 - 11100       122   #62
    20  Rose Duncan            00000 - 10100       123   #88
    27  David Duncan           20010 - 00100       131   #496
Col. Moore's Regiment
Pg. 51  John Duncan            00100 - 10100       155   #525
    52  William Duncan         20010 - 21010       156   #649
    59  William Duncan         20010 - 30010       163   #980

1810 Pendleton Co. SC Census
Pg.141a Daniel Duncan          00010 - 01020
        Nathaniel Duncan       00010 - 11100
   152  Robt. Duncan           30010 - 10100
   159  George Duncan          30100 - 10100
        Benjamin Duncan        00100 - 01000
   161  Motty/Matty Duncan     00000 - 10101
   163  Wm. Duncan             11101 - 31110

1820 Pendleton Co. SC Census
Pg.189  William Duncan         000301 - 02201
          (MAD: ? 1830 Lowndes Co. MS census)
   190  Susanna Duncan         011300 - 01201
          (MAD: ? Pickens Co. SC)
   194  George A. Duncan       221101 - 20010
          (MAD: Anderson Co. SC; ? 1840 Perry Co. AL census)
   206  David Duncan           100010 - 30100
          (MAD: ? Anderson Co. SC)
          (next to each other)
        Dabny Duncan           100100 - 10100
          (MAD: Dabny of ? Fairfield Co. SC)
   207  John Duncan            110001 - 31201
          (MAD: ? Anderson Co. SC)
          (next to each other)
        Robert Duncan          320011 - 11111
          (MAD: ? Anderson Co. SC)
   210  Nathaniel Duncan       100002 - 20020
          (MAD: ? Pickens Co. SC)
   212  John Duncan            110001 - 31010
          Neighbors:  Cantrell, Case, Crane,
          Lemuel Edwards, Freeman
   220  William Duncan         100001 - 12010
          (MAD: ? mar. Nancy Granger 1/7/1812 Greenville Co. SC)
          Neighbors: Dunlap, Dickey, Hambry, Henderson, Lusk
   225  Matthew Duncan         300001 - 11011
          (MAD: ? from Edgefield SC)
          Neighbors Elrod, Brient, Palmore,
          McAllister, Williams, Owens


Index to SC Land Grants, Class 2 (FHL film 22,531)
      Index 1822-1824, Vol.77-86:
      John Duncan, 277a Pendleton, 5 Dec. 1810, Wilsons & Tygar Creek, 55-403

SC Land Grants
      Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      6-533: 6 Feb. 1786, to Joseph Duncan for 14 lbs 14 sh., 632 acres in Dist. 96 west of Ancient Boundary on 12 Mile River; plat certified 6 May 1785. (FHL film 22,535) (MAD: Pendleton Co. SC; see Abbeville Co. SC deed A-274 and also SC Class 2 grant 44-110 land on Wolf Creek waters of 12 Mile River, Pendleton Co. SC)
      18-146: 7 May 1787, to Robert Duncan, 10 lbs 4/7d, 267 acres in Dist. 96 W. of ancient boundary on branches of N fork and branches of middle fork of Georges Creek of Saluda River bounded all sides by vacant land; plat certified 17 May 1785. (FHL film 22,540; also Class 2, 20-154, FHL film 22,551) (MAD: Pendleton Co. SC)
      CLASS 2 GRANTS (2nd set of volumes)
      29-292: 2 Jan. 1792, to Joseph Duncan under acts of 19 Feb. 1791, 355 acres surveyed for him 5 Aug. 1791 in Dist. 96, on 12 mile River, bounded SW by lines of land laid out to Joseph Duncan, other sides vacant. (FHL film 22,555) (MAD: Pendleton Co. SC)
      44-110: 1 Jan. 1798, to Joseph Duncan, 268 acres surveyed 2 Dec. 1797 in Dist. of Washington, Pendleton Co., on both sides of Wolf Creek, waters of 12 Mile River, bounded NW by Levi Murphrees (sic) land, SW by James Jetts land, SE and SW and W by Joseph Duncans land, NE by William Bynums land; plat certified 15 Dec. 1797. (FHL film 22,560)
      55-403: 3 Dec. 1810, grant to John Duncan, 277 acres surveyed for him 22 Oct. 1810 in Pendleton Dist. on branches of Wilsons Creek, waters of Rocky River, adj. lands now held by Thomas Elliod (sic), William Nelson, Trumble's survey. (FHL film 22,565)

Anderson Co. SC Plat (FHL film 22,853)
      3-39: 3/8 Nov. 1810 (1816?), survey of land of John Duncan 22 Oct. 1810 by Adam Todd lying on branches? of Wilsons Creek waters of Rocky River; Pendleton Dist. (triangular land, bounded by Eliads? land, William Wilsons land, Trumbel's land, "Thomas ---", and unknown land, 277 acres).

Anderson (& Pendleton) Co. SC Deeds (Grantor index "D" on FHL film 1,025,556 and "R" on FHL film 1,025,565 "R"; Grantee "D" on FHL film 1,025,575 and "R" on FHL film 1,025,587)
      C-98: 18 Nov. 1795, Robert Duncan of Greenville Co., Washington Dist., to James Duff Senr. of Pendleton Co., Washington Dist., £50 sterling, 260 (sic) acres, 267 acres by grant 7 May 1787 to Robert Duncan on north fork and branches of Middle fork of George's Creek, waters of Saluda River. Wit. Robert Henderson Jr., Francis Scott, Hezakiah (X) Collins. (no release by wife) (FHL film 22,838)
      C-135: 13 April 1795, Field Prewit Sr. and Field Prewit Jr. of Pendleton Co. to Robert Duncan of same, £70 sterling, 155 acres on cond. line between Field Prewit and Anthony Griffin, south fork of Cane Creek, waters of Keowee River. Wit. Benjamin Whorton, William (o) Owens, Mary Whorter. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-158: (not indexed) 15 May 1794, William Williams to John Duncan, £50 sterling, 100 acres, grant 4 June 1792 to William Rose of 227 acres, south of Saluda River on branch of Georges Creek and waters of Saluda River, bounded NE & NW by William Jackson's? land, SW by Joshua Fowler & other lands vacant, the plantation where said Duncan now lives. Wit. William Jamison, John McElroy, William Rose. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-219: 30 Nov. 1793, Joseph Duncan to George Wilson, £120 sterling, 242 acres, grant 17 May 1787 to Sutton Green who sold to Joseph Duncan who now sells the same to George Williams (?). Wit. James Gillespie, William H. (X) Cross. (indexed grantee George Willson) (FHL film 22,838)
      C-331: 3 Jan. 1796, Robert Duncan of Greenville Co. SC to Ezekiel Potts of Pendleton Co., £80 Sterling, 155 acres on cond. line to Field Prewitt & Anthony Griffin, grant to William Sloan Book D5, pg.260, on South fork of Cain Creek, waters of Keowee River. Wit. Benj. Whorton, Jesse Neville. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-403: 30 April 1798, Joseph Duncan (signed) of Pendleton Co. SC, to Rice Duncan, £50, 185 acres on 12 Mile River. Wit. John Byer?, Charles (X) Durham. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-427: 21 April 1798, Joseph Duncan (signed) of Pendleton Co. SC, to Jesse Tatum, $210, 120 acres on Wolf Creek. Wit. John Byrn? Sen, Sarah Bird. Rec. 25 Aug.1798 on oath of John Bird Senr. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-427: 2 May 1798, Joseph Duncan of Pendleton Co. SC to Edward Tatum, $260, 130 acres, part of grant to Joseph Duncan by patent 6 Feb. 1786, ... mouth of a branch .... Wit. Jesse Tatum, Wm. Marchbanks. Rec. 25 Aug. 1798 by wit. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-428: 11 Aug. 1798, John (X) Jinkins & Susanna (X) Jinkins to Jeremiah Thompson, $150, 143 acres on Crow Creek. Wit. Adam Heath Thompson, Rice Duncan. Rec. on oath of Adam Hiath Thompson 24 Aug. 1798, who also saw Rice Duncan sign his name. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-432: 7 Dec. 1797, Joseph Duncan of Pendleton Co. SC to Solomon Murphie?, $600, 324? acres at the mouth of a branch, said creek. Wit. James Jett, David Murphree?, Wm. Murphree?. (FHL film 22,838)
      E-88: 27 April 1799, Michael Barrett of Charleston, attorney at law, to Patrick Duncan of Charleston, £100, 2,000 (sic) acres in Pendleton Co. on Little George's Creek. Wit. John Nicholson, Thomas Devine. (Book pg.213 gave wit. as Thomas Duncan, 200 acres) (FHL film 22,839)
      E-240: 27 Feb. 1800, Josiah Burton and Mary (X) Burton (does not say wife) & c of Abbeville Co. to Charles Duncan of Pendleton, $120, 200 acres in Dist. of 96 on Chagess Creek, waters of Tooglow River, bounded N by Indian boundary, other sides vacant, surveyed 5 May 1790 and granted 5 Sept. 1791. Wit. Samuel Henson, Archibald Shew. (/s/ Josiah Burton, Mary (X) Burton) (FHL film 22,839)
      E-246: 25 April 1800, Thomas George of Franklin Co. GA, to Kenneth Findley of Pendleton, slave (from book). Wit. Benjamin Duncan, Oone (X his) Duncan. (FHL film 22,839) (MAD: ? Owen Duncan; to ? Overton TN 1814?; ? 1820 to Campbell or Bedford Co. TN)
      F-172: 5 March? 1793, Sheriff of Washington Dist. to Patrick Duncan of Charleston, sold land of David Bate? to highest bidder, 400 acres on both sides Conners Creek, Keowee River, formerly 96 District. (FHL film 22,839)
      F-176: 10 March 1801, Joseph Duncan of Pendleton Co. SC to James Powell of same, $100, 100 acres on 12 Mile River. Wit. David Murphree, Daniel Reed. Recorded 10 March 1801 on oath of David Murphree. (FHL film 22,839)
      F-177: 3 Oct. 1799, Rice Duncan of Pendleton Co. SC to James Powell of same, £50, 185 acres on Wolf Creek. Wit. David Murphree, Daniel Reid. Rec. oath of David Murphree 30 March 1801. (FHL film 22,839)
      G-56: 1 April 1801, John Duncan of Washington Co. VA to Nathaniel Duncan of Pendleton Dist. SC, $100, 100 acres where Nathaniel now lives, part of 227 acre grant to William Ross, on Georges Creek, waters of Saluda River, land deeded from William Williams who deeded to John Duncan 15 May 1794. Wit. David Duncan, Daniell Duncan. Rec. 13 Oct. 1801 on oath of Daniel Duncan. (FHL film 22,839)
      G-77: 24 March 1798, Isaac James to David Duncan, $100, 100 acres, part was grant to John Nicholson 3 July 1786, from Nicholson to William Jameson 20 Nov. 1791, then to William Ross, then John Singleton, then Isaac James; the other part was grant to John Wakefield, then William Ross, then said Singleton, then said James 27 Oct. 1796; land on the Lead branches of Georges Creek, main fork waters of Saluda River. Wit. William Jameson, Daniel Duncan, Robert Hammond. (FHL film 22,839)
      G-469: 14 Feb. 1795, William Thompson to John Duncan, £30 sterling, 109 acres on branch of Rocky River, William Thompson's old line, grant to William Thompson Book OOOO pg.297. Wit. Wm. Duncan, Robert Smith. Rec. 8 Feb. 1804 on oath of Wm. Duncan. (FHL film 22,839)
      H-201: 5 March 1793?, Thomas Farrar, Sheriff of Washington Dist., to Patrick Duncan of City of Charleston, ref. Court of Common Pleas, estate of Davis, suit, Ephraim Mitchell; land sold to highest bidder, £35 sterling, 640 acres on both sides of Georges Creek. (FHL film 22,840)
      H-226: 11 Nov. 1805, William Duncan of Pendleton Dist. to Hugh Duncan Junr, $100, 400 acres (sketch of land) on Hencoop Creek waters of Rocky River, part of tract of land surveyed for William Bennison and conveyed from him to said William Duncan 3 Nov. 1789, recorded Book 5 pg.80?. Wit. Reuben Brock, Samuel Black. Reg. 11 Nov. 1805 on oath of Saml. Black, J.P. Recorded 21 Jan. 1806. (FHL film 22,840)
      H-310: 2 Jan. 1806?, Pendleton Dist. 8, Nathaniel Robinson to John Dunkin, $200, 200 acre grant to James Scott 6 Jan. 1785 in Grant Book BBBB pg.276, south Broadaway waters of Savannah River. Wit. Anderson Duncan, Wm. Johnston. Wife Elizabeth Robinson examined. (FHL film 22,840)
      H-430: 8 Jan. 1803, William Bennison of Abbeville Dist. to William Duncan of Pendleton, $150, 712 acres on Hencoop waters of Rocky River of Savannah River, grant to Bennison 21 Jan. 1790, Grant Book B No. 5, pg.80?. Wit. John Laughlin, Robert Duncan. Robert Duncan in court 8 Oct. 1804. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-72: 17 Oct. 1806, David Duncan to John Hodges, $160, 133 acres on waters of 23 mile creek, half a survey of 266 acre grant to John Sutherland. Wit. John Horton? (Heaton?), James Heaton?. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-92: 23 April 1798, Joseph Duncan of Pendleton Dist. SC to Joseph Harwood, $100, 50 acres on Wolf Creek of 12 Mile River. Wit. Turner (X) Haiwood, John Byrd, David Murphrie. Rec. 9 May 1803. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-271: 22 Sept. 1807, John Duncan to Thomas Christian, $300, 200 acres on Pea Creek and south Broadway Creek, William Smith's line. Wit. David Wade, William (X) Smith. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-304: 27 Jan. 1807, Mark Bird of Rutherford Co. NC by attorney Edward Bird, to John Duncan, $75, 200 acres on branches of Beaver Creek of Rocky River, Reuben Brock's Corner. Wit. Adam Todd, Reuben Bird. (sketch of rectangle) Surveyed by Adam Todd, and statement by him 27 Jan. 1807. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-306: 6 July 1808, Catherine Duncan (signed Caty (X) Duncan) of Pendleton Dist. SC for love, etc. to my son Benjamin Culpeper Duncan, 50 acres in Pendleton Dist. given to me by my father Peter Laboon joining the lands of Jacob Boyer, John Login and George Couch, (also cattle, feather beds, etc.) together with all my household and kitchen furniture. Wit. John Loggins, Matthew Adams. Rec. oath of John Logans 11 July 1808. (FHL film 22,840)
            (MAD: Peter Leeboon in Rev. War in Lincoln Co. NC with Peter Dunckin; Peter Laboon of Pendleton Co. SC willed land to his dau. Catherine by Oct. 1800 (A-1), Catherine Duncan deeded this inherited 50a and household items to her son Benjamin Culpeper Duncan in 1808 (Deed I-306); no further record. 1790 Orangeburg Dist. SC, North Part.)
      I-424: 18 May 1808, Edward Tatum to Nathaniel Duncan, $300, 197-1/2 acres, part of land Tatum purchased of Ferdinand Hopkins, waters of Wolf Creek waters of 12 mile River, Charles Durham's line. Wit. Daniel Duncan, Jesse Tatum. (FHL film 22,840)
      I-460: 6 Feb. 1809, Thomas Martin and wife Mary Martin to Jesse Duncan, $200, 100 acres on south side little Brushy Creek. Wit. John M. Stephenson, James McDowell. (FHL film 22,840)
      K-152: 15 Feb. 1810, Jesse Duncan, George Duncan, and Mary Duncan (all signed by mark) to Joseph Glover, $200, 100 acres on north side of Little Brushy Creek, John Morgan's line. Wit. Jeremiah Williams, Aaron Nally. (no indication that Mary was the wife of either Jesse or George.) (FHL film 22,841) (MAD: children of Jesse d. 1794 Greenville Co. SC)
      K-235: 2 April 1810, John Duncan to William Wilson, $120, 200 acres on Beaver Creek of Rocky River, corner Reuben Brock. Wit. Robert Willson, Reuben Brock. Wife's relinquishment has blanks for her & his name and the date. (FHL film 22,841)
      M-210: 11 Jan. 1814, William Greenlee to Robert Duncan, both Pendleton Co., $200, 200 acres on Robinsons Creek, a branch of Rocky River waters of Savannah River. Wit. Jonathan Brown, Shadrach Greenlee. (FHL film 22,841)
      M-414: 24 July 1815, Hamilton Reynolds to Mathew Duncan, $350, 187 acres on northeast branches of beaverdam Creek, waters of Savannah River. Wit. Jeremiah Williams Senr, Thomas Williams. (FHL film 22,841)
      N-52: 3 Feb. 1816, John Davis, Constable, to John Duncan son of William Duncan, $50, 37-1/2 acres on east side of Henkoop Creek, waters of Rocky River, bounded on NW by Robert McClinton, NE by William Duncan, S. by Andrew Richey?. Wit. Samuel Black, William Duncan, Mary Drummond. (FHL film 22,842)
      N-176: 25 March 1817, William Duncan Senr. to John Davis, $140, 212 acres on Hencoop Creek waters of Rocky River, part of grant to William Berison? 21 Jan. 1790, bounded by Jonah Barton, Wm. Duncan and John Maxwell?. Wit. Thos. Crayton, Christopher Orr. (FHL film 22,842) (MAD: See R-107 for relinquishment by wife Nancy)
      O-92: 13 Dec. 1817, Wiley Roberts and wife Rhoda to Nathaniel Duncan, $250, 127 acres on 26 mile creek, part of 413 acre grant to John Moris Sen. 1 July 1793 on east side of said creek, including improvements whereon said Nathaniel Duncan now lives, corner Caleb Chappell. Wit. Caleb Chappell, Adam (X) Kelly. (FHL film 22,842)
      O-93: Same, no money, 100 acres line of Thomas Bell, Caleb Chappell. Same wit. (FHL film 22,842)
      O-254: 15 Nov. 1818, Robert Duncan of Pendleton Dist. to Joseph South, $300, 200 acres on Robinson's Creek branch of Rockey River. Wit. John Townsend, Anthony Haynie. Wife Betty (X) Duncan examined. (FHL film 22,842)
      P-93: 29 Dec. 1819, Samuel Leonard to Robert Duncan, $325, 200 acres corner James Mattison. Wit. Robert Smith, Luke H. South. Wife Polly Leonard examined. (FHL film 22,842)
      P-268: 10 April 1821, Elijah Barnard to Daniel Duncan, $200, 111-1/2 acres on main fork of Georges Creek waters of Saludy River. Wit. William McCollam, Joel Jones. (FHL film 22,842)
      P-455: 4 Oct. 1811, Nathaniel Duncan to Needham Freeman, $100, 100 acres, part of 227 acre grant to William Rose, Georges Creek waters of Saluda River, deeded from William Rose to William Williams to John Duncan 15 May 1794, then to Nathaniel Duncan. Wit. James Barrett, John Popham junr. (FHL film 22,842)
      P-534: 10 Dec. 1818, John Duncan to Richard Prince, $300, 138 acres on branches of Willsons Creek waters of Rocky River. Wit. E.B. Moore, John Townsend. Wife Milly (x) Duncan examined. (FHL film 22,842)
      Q-101: 23 Sept. 1822, William Duncan to Willson Hunt, $60, 80 acres on branches of Hencoop Creek, branch of Rocky River, part of grant to William Benneson 15 Feb. 1790 and conveyed to the said William Duncan thence to Hugh Duncan dec'd who by his last will left the said land to the children of the said William Duncan. Wit. William Hunt, John (X) Duncan Jur. (FHL film 22,843) (MAD: There is no will of Hugh Duncan on file in Pendleton/Anderson Co. SC - I looked everywhere I could think of. No estate package, nothing!)
      Q-113: 25 March 1823, Neadon (X) (Needham) Freeman to Nathaniel Duncan, $100, 100 acres in Pendleton Dist. on Georges Creek waters of Saluda River. Wit. William Todd, Robert Gordon. (FHL film 22,843)
      Q-208: 27 March 1823, Nathaniel Duncan to Daniel Duncan, transferred, granted and released ... land ... being the same whereon said Daniel Duncan now lives, part of 227 acre grant to William Rose, on a branch of Georges Creek waters of Saluda River. Wit. John Morris Junr., James Morris. (no money, no acreage) (FHL film 22,843)
      Q-369: 23 May 1823, George A. Duncan to Halbert Acker, $350, 130 acres on Broadmouth Creek waters of Saluda River, corner Wm. F. Clinkscales. Wit. John T. Telford, A.S?. Acker. Wife Martha (x) Duncan examined. (FHL film 22,843)
      R-107: 17 Nov. 1825, Nancy (S) Duncan, wife of within named William Duncan, appeared and relinquished her dower, sale to John Davis. "for record of deed vide ante Book N, page 176." (FHL film 22,843)
      R-145: 6 Nov. 1824, Daniel Duncan to Edmund Singleton, $200, 146 acres on main fork of George's Creek, waters of Saludy River. Wit. Benja. F. Bledsoe, Robert Singletone. (FHL film 22,843)
      R-311: 2 Jan. 1819, William Acker (and wife Nancy) to George A. Duncan, $300, 100 acres on south side Saluda River adj. lands of Robert Sloan, John Bagwell and Mahulda Gray. Wit. Wm. F. Clinkscales, Halbert Acker. (FHL film 22,843)
      R-393: 14 Nov. 1825, George A. Duncan to John Bagwell Senr, $150, 100 acres on south side Saluda River, part of original grant to Jesse Gray. Wit. Wm. F. Clinkscales, David Duncan. Wife Marth (sic) (x) Duncan examined. (FHL film 22,843)
      S-314: 7 Dec. 1825, Robert Wright (wife Anne Wright) to George Dunkin, $660, 169 acres corner Jacob Adams, James Elason, Nathan McClanskey, Ephraim Mayfield, George Dunkin, Burrel Strickland. Wit. William L. Duncan, William Cowan. (FHL film 22,844)
      S-366: 27 Oct. 1825, David Dunkin to James E. Alexander, both Pendleton Dist., $350, 100 acres on broad mouth creek waters of Saluda River. Wife Lucy Duncan (signed) examined. Wit. William Kay Sr., William Cox Jr., Stephen Clement. (FHL film 22,844)
      NOTE: Deeds starting in 1828 were Anderson Dist. instead of Pendleton Dist. (or County)
      V-259: 28 Oct. 1801, William Pinkston to William Dunkin, both Pendleton Dist., $30, 126 acres on Camp Creek, part of orig. grant to William Keaton 1 Oct. 1792, Grant Book F, No. 5, pg.193. Wit. William Elrod, John Harkny. (FHL film 22,845)
      Y-225: 28 Oct. 1820 (sic), Joseph Jarred (Jarret) to Martha Dunkin, (no money), 46 acres, part of land of Ansel Jarret, orig. grant to Mark Bird, between Bever Creek and Govenors Creek, waters of Rocky River. Wit. Charles Findley, James Jared. (FHL film 22,847)
      Y-226: 28 Oct. 1820, Lydia Jarred of Franklin Co. TN to Robert Todd, $50, 46 acres, part of land belonging to Ansel Jarred, dec'd, orig. grant to Mark Bird, between Beaverdam Creek, waters of Rocky River, bounding Robert Todd's land. Wit. Charles Lindsey, John Dunkin. John Dunkin appeared in Anderson Co. court 15 May 1844. (FHL film 22,847)
      Y-227: 18 Dec. 1820, Martha (X) Duncan to James Todd, $60, 46 acres, part of a tract of land belonging to Ansel Garred dec'd, and is the part belonging to Joseph his son, part of a tract of land whereon Robert Norris now lives, west side of Bever Creek, joining lands of James Thompson. Wit. Robert Todd, Zachariah Hall. (FHL film 22,847) (MAD: ? d. 1826, widow of Hugh)
      Y-227: more deeds to Todd, by Ansel Gerred & others. (FHL film 22,847) (MAD: No will or estate papers for Ansel Garrard or Jarret or Gerrard or similar found!)
      A2-540: 15 May 1817, John Duncan of Pendleton Dist. to Thomas Elrod, $100, 138-1/2 acres on branch of Wilson's Creek and waters of Savannah River, part of 277 acres surveyed for John Duncan 22 Oct. 1810 and recorded in the Record of Columbia in grant Book W, pg.643, 3 Dec. 1810, calling for no more than half the plot, the south side to be the property of Thomas Elrod. Wit. James Kennedy, Charles Haynil. (FHL film 22,848)

Anderson (& Pendleton) Co. SC Deeds (grantor index "M" on FHL film 1,025,562 and grantee "M" on FHL film 1,025,582)
      (No Pendleton Dist. SC deed for Woolf; Saluda River was boundary between Greenville & Pendleton Cos.)
      Looking for Elisha & Allen Moore, who by 1804 had married daughters of Jesse Duncan d. 1794 Greenville Co. SC; doubtful if the following were the same men.
      C-426: 21 Aug. 1797, William Hutton of Abbeville Co., 96th Dist. SC, to Aaron Moore of Pendleton Co., £60, 453 acres granted Hutton 7 Jan. 1793 in Washington Dist. on Shoal Creek branch of Keowee River of Savanah River, near Great Falls on W.side Shoal Creek; wit. John (X) Qucal?, Elizabeth McKinley; by Power of Attorney for Wm. Hutton to Sam'l Dickson. (FHL film 22,838)
      I-207: 13 June 1808, Elijah Moore (no wife) of Pendleton Dist. to Peter Elrod of same, $10, 10 acres on Brushy Creek at mouth of spring branch on Ellrod Clarday's line; wit. Isaac Elrod, Philip Elrod. (FHL film 22,840)
      L-13 (1): 6 Nov. 1810, Robert Littleton Edwards and wife Isabella to Peter Laboon, $200, 150 acres on Long Branch of Brushy Creek on N.side adj. grant to Andrew Hughes, adj. Peter Laboon, Levi (X) Wimpy; wit. Nathaniel Adams, Eli (X) Fields. (FHL film 22,841) (MAD: probably son of Peter Laboon of Lincoln Co. NC Militia)
      L-13 (2); 2 June 1810, James (X) Clardy to Elijah Moore, both Pendleton Co. SC, $300, 125 acres, part of grant to James Wofford of 650 acres on Brushy Creek, adj. John Clardy, Isaac Elrod, Larkin Tarrant, old trail road from Brush Creek Meeting House to McDowell's Mill; wit. David Spearman, John Morgan. (FHL film 22,841)
      L-246: 30 July 1811, Aaron Moore of Franklin Co. TN appoint Jeptha Norton attorney to sell land; certified by JP's 6 Jan. 1812. (FHL film 22,841)
      M-90: 20 Oct. 1806, Aron Moore of Pendleton Co. SC to Jacob Reese of same, $500, 150 acres on a branch of Keowee River; wit. Daniel Bain, Jacob Wolfe. (FHL film 22,841)
      M-192: 16 Aug. 1813, Aaron Moore Sr. of Franklin Co. TN to Frederick Davidson of Pendleton Dist. SC, $300, 200 acres on Shoal Creek branch of Keowee River, part of grant to William Hutton 7 Jan. 1793, near the great falls on W.side Shoal Creek, adj. corner between Aaron Moore and Jacob Reece now belonging to Abraham Pence, also 100 acres part of grant to James McFew adj. Charles Dohon's? line, William Rose's; reg. Franklin Co. TN. (FHL film 22,841)
      M-417: 22 Sept. 1815, Elijah Moore and wife Mary A. (X) to Jeremiah Moore, $300, 115 acres, part of 650 acres grant to James Wofford on Brush Creek adj. Larkin Tarrent, John Clardy; wit. David Spearman, James Booker. (FHL film 22,841)

Pickens Co. SC Deeds (FHL film 24,270)
      B1-45: 4 May 1798, Joseph Duncan of Pendleton Dist. SC to Charles Durham of same, $150, 262 acres (no neighbors or waterway given); wit. Jesse Cole, Joseph Harod; reg. on oath of Joseph Harwood 24 Jan. 1801; rec. 25 July 1831.
      B1-47: 4 April 1823; survey of land, find it contains 278 acres, part of 3 tracts, 1st surveyed by David Hopkins for Newton Hopkins, and grant 10 March 1787; 2nd surveyed for Reuben Reed 18 Nov. 1791 and granted to him 2 July 1792; 3rd surveyed by James Jell for Joseph Duncan 2 Dec. 1797 and granted to him 1 Jan. 1798. /s/ by surveyor. (not an actual deed; sketch shows Charles Durham's house next to Wolfe Creek).


Pendleton Dist. SC County Court Minutes 1790-1793 (FHL film 22,889)
      No index

Pendleton Co. SC Court of Common Pleas, Abstracts of Judgements 1816-1819 (FHL film 1,025,480)
      No index

Anderson Co. SC Court of Common Pleas, judgement rolls, 1800-1899 (Index Dencha to R on FHL film 23,193; 3x5 index cards; see Anderson Co. for index)
      Duncan, Patrick vs. Langford, Robert, 1806, Roll 571. Roll 571; Patrick Duncan vs. Robert Langford, Trespass; filed Oct. 28, 1805; judgement of non pros. Oct. 18, 1806. Robert entered plantation of Patrick on Georges Creek in Pendleton Dist., 640 acres, and cut down timber, grass etc., about 1 March 1804; suit for $1000 damages. Reply by William Shaw attorney ... (MAD: I think he said not guilty) ... false claim of Patrick ... petition to recover costs; Patrick Duncan did not appear, Langford to recover costs. (FHL film 23,203)
      Duncan, Charles C. vs. Watson, Willis, 1821, Roll 1176. Roll 1176, Pendleton Co. SC; Charles C. Duncan vs. Willis Watson; Note dated 10 Jan. 1817, Willis Watson to pay Smith Randle $150, wit. Joseph Lasner?; assignment 22 June 1820 by Smith Randle (X) to C.C. Duncan, wit. William F. Peiphoff. Filed 8 Jan. 1821, tried 26 Feb. 1821, jury find for plaintiff (Duncan). (FHL film 23,223)

Anderson Co. SC Will (FHL film 22,860)
      A-1: Will of Peter Leboon, of Pendleton Co. SC, sick and weak; to Hannah Leboon my wife 1/3 of all moveable effects and my present dwelling house, lands, messuages and tenements for life, then equally divided between my daus. Catharine and Elizabeth Leboon; to my two daus Catharine and Elizabeth Leboon at my decease 2/3 all my moveable effects and whom I likewise constitute my sole execs; also my son Peter Leboon 1 sh. to be raised of my moveable effects; also my dau. Mary Water 1 sh. to be levied out of my estate, and utterly disallow, revoke and disannul every other former testament etc., (blank) Oct. (blank year), Court 7 June 1800, proven on oath of James Head who saw Peter Leboon sign the will, and James Head signed his name as witness, and he saw John Terrall and Willm. Terrall sign their names, as is recorded in Minute Book I?&2 page ?, at the same time qualified Eben Light exec.

Pendleton Co. SC loose papers in Greene Co. GA Misc. Records (FHL film 1,018,454 item 3)
      Original papers, no Duncan to 1816


Abbeville Co. SC Old Land Grants (FHL film 181,773)
      A-274: "Joseph Duncan as a Citizen, 632 acres of land situate on twelve mile River Bounding sd ...? on said River, all other sides on vacant land when surveyed by William Benson D.S. on the 6th day of May Inst. as pr. plat thereof recorded this 24 day of May 1785." (plat of land) (MAD: see Pendleton Co. SC)

Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Oconee Co. SC, Church Records 1796-1853 (FHL film 22,812 item 1)
      (MAD: "SC Baptists 1670-1805" by Leah Townsend, 1935, pg.231-236, The beginnings of the churches in the Oconee Co. section of what was formerly Pendleton District were in the main closely connected with Shoal Creek Church, a congregation of Franklin Co. GA not far across the Tugaloo from Chauga. The 1st entry in the earliest extant Shoal Creek Church book is dated January, 1796, ... The center of the congregation had so shifted in the meantime as to necessitate the removal of the constitution and church book to South Carolina and the adoption of the name Chauga Church in January, 1811. Chauga is located about halfway between Westminster and Chauga Creek. Footnote: Following is list of members of Shoal Creek (Chauga) Church, 1796-1804, spelled as in the church book: ... Ledey Dunken. FHL book 975.7 K2t)
      First membership list, undated: #32, Liddy Dunkin, dis. #59, Thomas D?unkin, exc.
            "226 members in full fellowship which has not been dismist this 30 Jan. 1808." (first minutes were in 1796)
      Pg.41: Saturday before 4th Lords day in February 1802, Sister Ledey Dunken aplys for a letter of dismission. Granted by the church.
      (Looked to Feb. 1808, pg.62. No Thomas Dunken found. Quit)
      (MAD: This may be the Thomas Duncan, wife Lydia Graham married in Wilkes Co. NC 1787, moved to Posey Co. IN, per Ilo Turner; see Posey Co. IN file; wife of that Thomas Duncan said by 1915 DAR Query to be Lydia Allen, no source given)

HISTORIES before 1923

1921 "History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, 4 Volumes (FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246; Vol.III, pgs.516-519, from Donna Little)
      DUNCAN, GEORGE WEBSTER, teacher, author, and general agent University publishing company, was born October 12, 1866, at Rockwood, Franklin County; son of Thomas Alford and Margaret (Hargett) Duncan, the former a private in Company L., Fourth Alabama cavalry regiment, C.S. Army; grandson of Robert and Martha (Hargett) Duncan, the former a native of Tennessee, and of Richard and Elizabeth (Hartis) Hargett, all of Rockwood; great-grandson of William and Ruth (Gregory) Duncan, of Pendleton District, S.C., who removed to Warren County, Ky., later to Bedford County, Tenn., and finally, in the first quarter of the 19th century located in North Alabama. The Scotch ancestor of the American branch of the Duncan family was the Rev. William Duncan of Dumfrieshire, Scotland, who was a martyr to the Presbyterian faith and who on January 2, 1665, at the age of fifty-two years lost his life on the sands of Dumfrieshire in the reign of Charles II. The original American emigrant of the Duncan family settled in Westmoreland County, Va., January 23, 1722. Mr. Duncan was prepared for college in a private school at Russellville, taught by Prof. ....


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Washington County or District. Was formed for a time and included parts of Greenville, Pickens and Oconee. It was not in existence for very long. Records for lands granted are in Columbia. Other records scattered in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson & Pickens, S.C.
      Pendleton County was formed in 1789 from Abbeville. Records are in Anderson S.C. Pendleton was done away with circa 1820 and new counties of Anderson and Pickens were formed. Later Oconee was cut off from Pickens.

Some Pendleton Dist. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Pendleton District SC Deeds 1790-1806" by Betty Willie (FHL book 975.72 R2w; from Evelyn Sigler 6/1983)
      "Pendleton District and Anderson Co. SC Wills, Estates, Inv., Tax Returns, Census Records" by Virginia Alexander, Colleen Morse Elliott, Betty Willie (FHL book 975.72 P2a; from Evelyn Sigler 5/1983); includes on pg.9 the estate of Gion Gibson, recorded June 1794, appraisers were Joshua Presbadge, Edward Grayhan, Thomas Dunken. (MAD: see Thomas Duncan, wife Liddy Graham, to Posey Co. IN)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.VII, 1979, and other volumes (FHL book 975.7 B2sc; from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam)
      "GA Gen. Magazine" 1975, Issues 55-58 (from Evelyn Sigler 2/1984)
      "Abstracts of General Sessions Court Case Rolls, Washington Dist. SC, 1792-1799, Greenville Co. SC 1787-1799" by Anne K. McCuen, Jane E. Kirkman, Penelope Forrester, 1994 (FHL book 975.7 P28ma; includes Pendleton Co. SC)
      "1800 Census of Pendleton Dist. SC" by William C. Stewart, 1963; pub. by National Gen. Society (from Evelyn Sigler, Georgie Cooper, Donald Duncan, and others; FHL book 975.72 X2s 1800)


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