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Duncans in Sumner Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised September 24, 2013

Formed 1786 from Davidson
Smith formed 1799 from Sumner
Wilson formed 1799 from Sumner
Macon formed 1842 from Smith, Sumner


1820 Sumner Co. TN Census
Pg.149  George Duncan             210001      - 41010
        Moses Duncan              222301      - 00101
        William Duncan            200110      - 10100
   151  Flemming N. Duncan        120001      - 00101
        Tandy P. Duncan           321201      - 22010

1830 Sumner Co. TN Census
Pg.143  Anne Dunagin              0000,1      - 0000,101
   173  Fleming Duncan            2200,01     - 0200,1
   191  Allen Duncan              1100,1      - 2100,1
   210  Tandy P. Duncan           0101,0001   - 0130,001
        Pleasant Duncan           1110,1      - 2100,1

1840 Sumner Co. TN Census
Pg.353  P.W. Duncan               2223,01     - 0111,01
   403  J/F. P. Duncan            2111,201    - 0102,01
   404  Diborgal/Diboral Duncan   2000,1      - 0000,1
        Allen Duncan              0101,001    - 2311,01

1850 Sumner Co. TN Census (also copy of pg.(269) sent by Mary Louise Craven and Duncans sent by Roy Hall 1989)
(stamped page numbers are without parentheses; handwritten page numbers are inside parentheses)
District 1
Pg.131 (261), #31, Pleasant M. DUNCAN 49 VA farmer $1200
                  Tardy P. (m) 22? farmer $0
                  Nancy A. 18, Arteniah M. (m) 17 TN
                  Benjamin F. 13, James W. 12 TN
                  William 10 TN
Pg.131, (261), #37, Samuel HARRIS 62 VA (blank) $1900
                  Ann 45 TN
                  Tandy P. (m) 23, Green B. (m) 16 VA
Pg.131 (262), #45, Robert C. DOLTIN 33 TN farmer $4000
                  Mary T. 30 TN
                  James B. 5, Henry? B. (m) 2 TN
                  Fleming L. DUNCAN 25 TN clerk $0
Taken 9/2/1850
Pg.135 (269), #94, Flimory (Fleming?) W. DUNCAN (m) 52 VA farmer $1700
                  Luticia 49 VA
                  Mildred 26, Fielding 24 TN farmer
                  Edward 22, Thomas J. 19 TN
                  Kizona 16, George A. 14 TN
                  Andrew 12 TN
Pg.135 (270), #98, Faldeng? A. DUNCAN (m) 52 VA farmer $1000
                  Celia H. 40 VA
                  Nancy 24 VA, Mildred 22 TN
                  Pleasant (m) 20, Thomas 18 TN
                  Casandry (m) 15, Caladonia 13 TN
                  Ancellar (f) 8 TN
                  (MAD: Fielding A.; his will in Obion Co. TN)
District 2
Pg.139 (277), #153, Martin D. DUNCAN 33 TN farmer $0
                  Caroline T. 28 TN
                  Emily 1, John 11 TN
                  Cimantha 9, Thomas H. 7 TN
                  Wm. A. 6, Susan L. 4 TN
                  George D. 2 TN
Pg.142 (284), #207, Hiram E. RING 31 OH teacher $0
                  Emma 25 TN
                  eight young men, apparently students, including:
                  Robert F. DUNCAN 18 TN
District 3
Pg.152 (304), #362, Mathew J. DUNCAN 42 KY stone mason $0
                  Frances (f) 22 TN
District 5
Pg.162 (324), #482, James L. JOHNSON 30 VA saddler $0
                  Emily 28 VA
                  Mary A. 8, John T. 6 VA
                  Alli T. (m) 4, Benjn. 8/12 TN
                  John DAVIS 21 TN saddler
                  James JONES 18 TN saddler
                  William WINHAM 20 TN saddler
                  Benjn. DUNCAN 14 TN saddler
                  Thadius KETTLE 19 GERMany saddler
District 11
Pg.279 (558), #35, John DUNCAN 26 KY farmer $4400
                  Mary 21 KY
District 12
Pg.293 (585), #127, Jas. DINKINGS 38 TN farmer $0
                  Mary 27 TN
                  James 11, Robert 8/12 TN
District 16
Pg.299 (597), #54, John DINKINS 70 (blank) (blank occup) $0
                  Sally 64 (blank)
                  Matthew 25, Martha 21 (blank)

1860 Sumner Co. TN Census
(pages not in order)
District 1
Pg.160, #550, Lytle BOLD (m) 39 TN farmer $5000-$5000
                  Eliza 35 TN
                  Sarah 14, Lytle A. (f) 11 TN
                  Biddie (f) 73 NC
                  Richard DUNCAN 22 TN farmer $0-$200
                  Martha 17 TN
Pg.161, #571, Samuel HARRIS 73 VA farmer $6000-$15500
                  Ann 50 TN
                  Benjamine DUNCAN 22 TN overseer $0-$150
Pg.162, #580, G.B. DALTON (m) 26 TN farmer $0-$300
                  Elizabeth 23 TN
                  Mildred 8, Sallie 3 TN
                  W.M. DUNCAN (m) 22 TN farm laborer
Pg.162, #581?, William HALL 29 TN farmer $2500-$800
                  Nancy 29 TN
                  Archie 7, Elizabeth 4, William 2 TN
                  Jane BALL 76 TN (blank) $0-$1000
                  Eliza 14 TN (blank) $500-$0
Pg.163, #597, M.A. WISE (m) 34 TN taylor $0-$3000
                  Clamintna (sic) 26 TN
                  William 5, Zuleka 2, Prusie (f) 8/12 TN
District 2
Pg.176, #529, Debril DUNCAN (m) 42 TN farmer $0-$200
                  Caroline 35 VA
                  John 22, Thomas 18 TN
                  William 16, Susan 14 TN
                  George 12, Ferdinand 10 TN
                  Dewitt P. 2 TN
Pg.187, #279, James A. BOWMAN 62 TN farmer $1500-$2200
                  Sarah 56 VA
                  Adaline 18, James 16 TN
                  (MAD: looking for James Bowman mar. Sarah Ann Dunken 1853 Carter Co. TN, probably not right family)
District 5
Pg.199, #116, Hotel, guests include
                  Robert DUNCAN 35 SCT painter $0-$0
District 6
Pg.205, #189, John S. DUNCAN 35 KY farmer $5500-$1000
                  Mary S. 30 KY
                  Sarah E. 9, Jeremiah 7 TN
                  James T. 6, William W. 2 TN
                  M.S. SINGLETON (m) 59 KY farmer $0-$5000
                  George BINKLY 33 KY farmer $0-$300
District 7
Pg.212, #580 (#724), Robert HARPER 74 VA farmer $15000-$19440
                  William SAMPLE 35 AL farmer
                  Mariah 30 TN
                  Robert DUNCAN 11 TN
District 10
Pg.236, #1095, Prudence DUNCIN (f) 48 TN farmer $3500-$250
                  Parthena 20, Sarah 18 TN
                  Mary 14, George 12 TN
                  William 9, Tamer A. (f) 6 TN
Pg.281, #926, M.L. DUNCAN (m) 52 MD (sic) tone? cutter $0-$150
                  Frances (f) 34 TN
                  Mary J. 5 TN
                  (MAD: see Mathew J. Duncan 42 KY in 1850 census)

1870 Sumner Co. TN Census
District 1, P.O. Hartsville
Pg.562, #129-129, DUNCAN, John 30 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 25 TN keeping house
                  Wm. 5, Mary 3, Sally 1 TN
Pg.563, #147-147, DUNCAN, L.M. (m) 55 TN retired mercht. $0-$3000 (alone)
                  (MAD: indexed D.M. & J.M., but a Lucinda in household above is same L; should be D.M.)
Pg.564, #153-153, DUNCAN, H/A.M. (m) 35 TN (white) farmer $0-$220
                  Rebecca 28 TN keeping house
                  Nanny 10, John 8, Tandy 3, Thos. 1 TN
District 3, P.O. Castalian Springs
Pg.593, #115-120, MARTIN, Williamson 52 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Louisa 44 TN keeping house
                  G?.L. (m) 20 TN works on farm
                  Malvina 18, Martha 15, Mary 13 TN
                  Alice 8, Richard 5, Willy (m) 2 TN
                  DUNCAN, Henry 19 TN BLACK farm laborer
District 11, P.O. Gallatin
Pg.723, #41-41, DUNCAN, Chesley (m) 69 VA BLACK works on farm $0-$0
                  Mary 54 TN BLACK keeping house
                  LOPSON?? (??GIPSON?), James 25 TN BLACK, works on farm $100-$0
                  Annie 24 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Mary 1 TN BLACK
District 13, P.O. Gallatin
Pg.758, #4-4, SHORT, James 45 TN (white) farmer $400-$650
                  Jane 47 TN keeping house
                  Bettie (f) 20, Martha 18 TN
                  William 16 TN works on farm
                  Sarah 14, James 12 TN at school
                  Minnie (f) 10 TN
                  DUNCAN, Francis (f) 45 TN (white) (blank) $0-$0
                  Mary 16, Sarah 7 TN at school
District 14, P.O. Richland Station
Pg.780, #104-104, DUNKIN, J.M. (m) 32 TN (white) farmer rents $0-$450
                  M.A. (f) 23 TN
                  M.J. (f) 6 TN
                  James Z. 2 TN
                  Baby (m) 1/3 TN b.May
                  (MAD: James Z. age 2 written over age 4)
District 17, P.O. Richland Station
Pg.827, #197-197, DRIVER, W.J. (m) 29 TN (white) farmer $3000-$400
                  L.E. (f) 18 TN
                  M.E. (f) 6, T.B. (m) 4, N.C. (f) 1/12 b.May TN
                  DUNCAN, T.F. (m) 17 TN BLACK
                  (MAD: Duncan written over Driver)


Sumner Co. TN records [marriage licenses and bond] (from Robert Hays 8/2002; to him from Sharon Dortch and Kathy Curtis; MAD's extract)
      Sumner Co. TN Marriage License, for marriage of R.H. Kindred and Mary M. Duncan, 17 March 1840. Bond of Robert H. Kindred and John Y. Roper (Rosser?) for marriage of R.H. Kindred and Mary M. Duncan, 17 March 1840, /s/ Robert H. Kindred, John Y. Rosser.
      Sumner Co. TN Marriage License, for marriage of Fleming W. Duncan and Lucy Greer, 25 June 1837.


Sumner Co. TN Estate (copy of documents sent by Sue Harris to Mary Louise Craven to MAD 1989)
    Duncan, Henry Addison, 1834, #995.
      March 7, 1836. Fleming W. Duncan, administrator of Henry A. Duncan, suggest the insolvency of said estate under the provisions of act of 1832; that he made this sugestion in the lifetime of Captain Douglass the late clerk but has been misplaced.
      (no date). B.R. Howard, R.C. Douglass, G.W. Allen, commissioners appointed according to act 18 Oct. 1833? ... to simplify distribution and division of estate of persons dying insolvent, ... 5 July 1836, made prorata division of estate of Henry A. Duncan: Margaret Barnes 16.89-1/4 prorata $11.43-?/6, R. Graham & Co. (amounts not copied), J.D. Bond, R.M. Potts, Jno. Hutchings, G. Donoho, A.M. Deborg?, J.W. Man..?, W.W. Carter, Levin? & Rawls?, Francs.? Dufffy, Wm. T. Brittain, E.O. Tinsley, Jacob Towson?, Wm. S. Duncan, Bell & James.
      4 June 1836. Fleming W. Duncan jr. adm. of Henry A. Duncan decd, to Jacob Fordsen?, 10 Aug. 1834, making & lining one cherry coffin, $13. Edwin Duncan appeared before Ben. George? JP and made oath that the above $13 is just and true to the best of his knowledge.
      20 Dec. 1833, due W?.W?. Carter $30 for value recd. /s/ Henry A. Duncan.
      6 March 1835, Addison Duncan to R.M. Potts, Aug. 2, 1833, 1 pr. Martingales $1.75, 1 set double bridle others? $2., total $3.75. K.M. Potts appeared before Wm. L. Alexander JP and made oath that the amount herein against Addison Duncan decd. for $3.75 is just and true to the best of his belief.

Sumner Co. TN Estate #3821 (copy of original document sent by Theda Womack to Mary Louise Craven to MAD 1988)
      We the undersigned arbitrators in the case between Lucy Duncan and Fleming Sanders of the one part and Wm. S. Duncan, George A. Duncan, Fleming W. Duncan Jr., Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin (no last name) of the other part, witnesseth that after a valuation of the property we find the amount to be $2,450. We the(n) proceeded to an examination of the debts due by F.W. Duncan Senr. and find the amount to be $2,364.32, leaving a balance of $85.68. There was property sold privately to the amount of $145 added to $85.68, making in all $230.68. This sum divided into six equal shares makes $38.44 to each, which we consider equal and just between the parties. As witness our hand this 13th October 1837. Wm. Lauderdale, Francis Duffy, John Mills, Arch. W?. Debow, G. Donoho.
      (TPW: Was Lucy the widow of dec'd. son Henry A.? or was she dau.?   MAD: see 1850 Macon Co. TN Census, stamped pg.186, for one Fleming W. Sanders 40 VA, Frances 41 VA, & ch.; no marriage found for Fleming W. Sanders or for Lucy Sanders or Saunders to Mr. Greer in East, Middle or West TN Marriage books by Sistler)


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      John Duncan, 5340, 50a, 3/5/1827, Sumner, 6-862, Middle
      John Duncan, 9773, 100a, 2/23/1830, Sumner, 12-107, Middle
      Moses Duncan, 5294, 50a, 2/8/1827, Sumner, 6-816, Middle
      Tandy P. Duncan, 14722, 65a, 7/3/1820, Sumner, Q-806 (O-806?), General

Sumner Co. TN Deed Index 1787-1947 (sent by Sue Harris to Mary Louise Craven to MAD 1986; MAD: following are additional, did not copy after 1860)
      Duncan, Marshall B. from Wm. H. Carr, 1839, 63a, 25GR-129
      Duncan, Marshall B. from Wm. H. Carr, 1839, 15a, 25GR-132
      Duncan, William S. to Harison Jones, 1840, 45a, 25GR-177
      Duncan, Allen to John Mills, 1853, 132-3/4a, 22-533

Sumner Co. TN Deeds (Grantor index on FHL film 467,510; grantee on FHL film 467,511)
      4-72: Indexed Duncan, too faint to read (FHL film 467,523)
      4-273: 27 Nov. 1807, Wm. & James Lauderdale to Tandy P. Duncan, $700, 100? acres, waters of Goose? Creek. Wit. ?, Z. Watson. (FHL film 467,523)
      9-115: 18 May 1818, Hardaway Marshall of Sumner Co. to Wm. & George Duncan of Smith Co. TN, $525, 72 acres, land bought of Josiah Marshall. Wit. Charles C. Coghill, Richard Gifford. (FHL film 467,524)
      9-335: 8 March 1820, James Story to Tandy P. Duncan, $291.45, 36 acres and 69 poles, on West Fork of Goose Creek, corner to two acre tract deeded from Story to Duncan, line of William Lauderdales 640 acres, John Mills SE corner, widow Nancy Story's dower, meeting house on sd. Duncan's south boundary line. Wit. Isaac Lenth?, David Vaner?. (FHL film 467,524)
      10-91: 31 Aug. 1821, George A. Duncan Jnr. and William S. Duncan to Hadaway Marshell, all Sumner Co., $162, 38 acres on waters of Goose Creek, part of a tract of land that John Carr and Wilson Yandell formerly owned. Wit. Peter W. Lucas, John Mills. Proven on oaths of witnesses Nov. 1821. (FHL film 467,524)
      10-402: 5 Nov. 1823, Tandy P. Duncan of Sumner Co. to Richard Hall Senr. of Smith Co. and Pleasant W. Duncan of Sumner Co., $1,500, 100 acres on fork of Goose Creek and 19 acres, both part of 640 acre tract originally owned by William Lauderdale; and also 2 acres on west fork of Goose Creek adj. earlier 100 acres; and also 36+ acres adj. 2 acres and boundary of William Lauderdale, John Miller, widow Nancy Storey's dower; also 65 acres 4 poles on west fork of Goose (Grass?) Creek, with David Hart's line, John Millers, Pinkney Mills, Robert Lauderdale. Wit. James L. Mills, Richard P. Hall. Proved on oaths of wit. May, 1824. (FHL film 467,524)
      11-17: 17 Sept. 1824, Joseph Campbell of Smith Co. TN to T.W. Duncan of same, $10.58 ($2.58?), 102+ acres on east fork of Goose Creek at T.W. Duncan's line. Wit. John H.D. Cary, Richard T. Hall. (FHL film 467,524)
      11-346: 26 March 1826, Alexander H. Rawlings of Sumner Co. TN to Thomas A. Duncan of Davidson Co. TN, $350, 112 acres adj. A. Rogers, Wm. Hutchison, James Howard and R. Taylor. Wit. Chs. (Charles) M. Nickal of Davidson Co., Henry W. Bugg of Sumner Co. Proven on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,524)
      12-19: 26 Jan. 1819, Thomas A. Thompson to John Mills and Tandy P. Duncan, all Sumner Co., $175, lot 14 in town of Hartsville. Wit. Isaac Leath, James L. Hawkins, Wm. Anthony. Rec. Feb. 1819 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      12-177: 24 Feb. 1829, Hiram Duncan to Isaac A. Robinson, both Sumner Co., $180, 50 acres on Bledsoe Creek, beg. Moses Duncan's south boundary, on east side of the house where I now live, corner Gillespie's SW corner. Wit. Moses Duncan, William Duncan. Hiram to keep the place to make a crop on it as soon as he can get his tobacco out of the barn, Robinson to have possession by 1 Nov. next. (FHL film 467,525)
      12-264: 22 Aug. 1829, Moses (x) Duncan to Nathan Wilson, both Sumner Co., $800, 200 acres on south side Bledsoe Creek, corner James Hammer?'s survey orig. Mabin's, corner Isaac Robertson, Moses Duncan's old survey. Wit. William Durham, John S..ter?, Wm. Smith, Joseph Carter. (FHL film 467,525)
      12-311: 21 March 1827, James Frazer to Allen Duncan, $300, 75 acres on Goose Creek, corner Jesse Coker's tract, Henry Conley. No wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      12-339: "This indenture made in the year of our Lord" 1830 from Mathew Irwin and Irena his wife and John Carr of the Co. of Sumner to William S. Duncan, $54, 9 acres adj. land of said Duncan, J?.W. Tally, Tandy P. Hall, Elisha Jones & H. Marshall. No wit. Acknowledged in court May, 1830. (FHL film 467,525)
      12-455: 28 Jan. 1831, George P. Erwin to Fleming W. Duncan, $80, 45 acres on waters of Goose Creek, east side of the Mill Stone Mountain, said Duncans west line, west on Fleming Duncan Sr.'s south boundary. Wit. R.B. Alexander, William S. Duncan. Rec. Feb. 1831 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      13-151: 10 Nov. 1829, John Duncan to Moses Henry, $100, 50 acres on south side Bledsoe's Creek, Jacob Gillespie's north line, Thomas Taylor, Carter's south boundary. Wit. Peterson Key, Alfred Key. Rec. May, 1832 on oath of wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      14-126: 20 April 1834, Fleming W. Duncan Senr. to Fleming W. Duncan junr., both Sumner Co., $400, 78 acres on Goos (sic) Creek east of the Millstone Mountain. Wit. Andrew M. Carr, Thomas T. Hall. Rec. May, 1834, on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      14-525: 24 Jan. 1835, Elim A. Erwin to F.A. Duncan, $243?, 40-3/4 acres on west fork of Goose Creek where said Duncan now lives; and 38 acres on Erwin's line. Wit. Samuel W. Carpar, Pleasant W. Duncan. Rec. Aug. 1836 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      15-177: 12 Dec. 1835, John Mills to Allen Duncan, $200, 25 acres, land belonging to heirs of David Hart sold for taxes, corner William Lauderdale's SW corner of his 640 acres, tree in Tandy P. Duncan's line. No wit. (FHL film 467,525)
      15-258: 21 Feb. 1837, F.A. Duncan to William W. Winns??, $300, land in Dist. 14, 75 acres, corner Jesse Cokers?, Henry Corley. Wit. John T. Carr, H.C. Barr. (FHL film 467,525)
      18-72: 16 Dec. 1841, S. & S.C. Debow of Smith Co. to Fleming W. Duncan of Sumner Co., $500, lot 12 in town of Hartsville. Wit. F.W. Duncan, Wm. T. Hall. Rec. on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,527)
      18-448: 20 Jan. 1842 (should be 1843?), Marshall B. Duncan to Tandy P.D. Hall, $500, 45 acres in Sumner and Smith Cos. in Dist. 8 and 14, corner 400 acre tract, Stephenson's NE corner, John A. Watters? (Wattons?), Rich'd Hall's line. Wit. Hardaway Marshall, John A.Watton?. Rec. 28 Jan. 1843 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,527)
      19-70: 4 June 1844, Tandy (signed T.P.) Duncan to W.P. Duffy, my interest in crop ... on the plantation of my father Fieldin A. Duncan, 1/3 of which by agreement is mine, mortgage. (FHL film 467,527)
      19-421: 30 Oct. 1845, Martin Debrill (/s/ M.D.) Duncan to Michael & Patrick Duffy, merchants in Hartsville TN, $50, 25 acres adj. the land of F.A. Duncan, John Mills, John H. Jourdin? and R.T.? Hall. Wit. H.B. Lauderdale, Richard Avenett. Rec. 31 Oct. 1845 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,527)


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Lincoln Co. TN Deed (FHL film 898,361; SLC 5/6/2013)
      G1-435: 22 Jan. 1822, Anthony B. Clendening, James H. Patterson and Patsy his wife formerly Patsy Clendening, John Patterson and Eliza his wife formerly Eliza Clendening, of Sumner Co. TN, to William Patterson of Smith Co. TN, for $2,500 paid by said William Patterson, sell to said William Patterson a parcel of land in Lincoln Co. TN on Elk River originally granted to James Clendening by grant No.232, beg. on Elk River near what was formerly called Click's ford, ... containing by estimation 1,136 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ A.B. Clendening, John Patterson Jr. Wit. Jefferson Donaho, Martial Duncan, Frances Duffy. Proved by oaths of Jefferson Donoho and Martial Duncan, Nov. term 1825, registered 13 Nov. 1826. (FHL film 898,361)

Smith Co. TN Deed Book (from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981; from Robert Hays 9/2002; extract by MAD)
      Deed Book O, pg.5. Fleming W. Duncan to Marshall Duncan (written sideways in margin). State of TN, Smith Co. 1 June 1837, Fleming W. Duncan Sr. of county and state afsd to Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin M. Duncan of County of Smith and William S. Duncan and Fleming W. Duncan Jr. of County of Sumner and George A. Duncan of County of Wilson, all State of TN; that said Fleming W. Duncan Sr. being old and infirm and desirous that above named five sons should have my property, now for love and affection transfer and convey to them ... all my title to following: Three women slaves, one named Allis of dark color and one named Nancy of black color and one named Tener of black color and two men slaves one named Daniel of yellow color and one named Isaac of black color and one boy named Patrick of yellow color. ... /s/ F.W. Duncan, wit. Daniel Kerssey, George D. Shiram?.

Smith Co. TN Deeds (SLC 5/8/2013)
      K-335/336: 17 Aug. 1830, John McNeely of Limestone Co. AL to Marshall B. Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, for $50 paid, sell the 1/6 part of a tract of land in Smith Co. TN on the waters of the middle fork of Goose Creek, it being the tract formerly owned by Robert McNeely decd, beginning for the whole of said tract as follows, ... Mungels line, A. Sharp's SE corner, containing by estimation 100 acres, warrant title. /s/ John McNeely. Wit. Robert M. Potts, John C. Duffey. Nov. 1830 court, proved by oaths of Robert M. Potts and John C. Duffy, registered April 7, 1831. (FHL film 319,083)
      O-5/6: 1 June 1837, Fleming W. Duncan Sr. of Smith Co. TN to Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin H. Duncan of Smith Co. and William S. Duncan and Fleming W. Duncan Jr. of Sumner Co. and George A. Duncan of Wilson Co., all TN, that Fleming W. Duncan Sr. being old and infirm, the above five sons should have my property, in consideration of love and affection, convey to them all my title to property, 3 women slaves, one named Allis of dark colour and one named Nancy of black color and one named Tiner of black color and two more slaves, one named Daniel of yellow color and one named Isaac of black color, and one boy named Patrick of yellow color, warrant title. /s/ F.W. Duncan. Wit. Daniel Kerley, George D. Shoham?. Fleming W. Duncan ack. deed of gift dated 1 June 1837, on 22 Sept. 1837. Registered Sept. 22, 1837. (FHL film 319,085)

Smith Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes, Vol.5, 1837-1842 (FHL film 319,184; and extract sent by Louis Boone 1982)
      5-416 to 422: Allen vs. Duncan, et al; the bill of complaint of Wm. H. Allen, a creditor of Decalb Co. TN, vs. Susannah Duncan, widow and relict of John Duncan decd, Lylborn Chandler & wife Nancy (formerly Nancy Duncan) citizens of Smith Co. TN, George Gregston and his wife Catherine (formerly Catherine Duncan), Richard M. Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Joseph E. Duncan, Jesse A. Duncan, John L. Duncan, Winney Duncan, Sarah H. Duncan, Licetty Duncan, Cary R. Duncan, Sarah Moore, William R. Moore, citizens of Smith Co. TN, Martha Moore, John Moore, citizens of Sumner Co. TN; that sometime in 1839 John Duncan purchased land in Decalb Co. TN, from one Reuben Brown for $610 and paid $200 and gave notes for the balance, due said Brown on 1 Aug. 1849 (1841?), one for $110, the other for $300 payable to said Brown or Bird Billings?, the orator [Wm. Allen] became security for said Duncan for the payment of $400; Brown made a deed in fee simple for the land to John Duncan, who shortly afterwards took possession by remaining upon the land. Some time in October 1839 Duncan died intestate, leaving said Susannah his widow and Nancy who had married Lilbourn Chandler, Catherine who had married Geo. Gregston, Rich. M., Elizabeth, Joseph E., Jesse A., John L., Winney, Sarah H., Licetty, and Cary R. Duncan his children, and Sarah, Martha, John and William R. Moore, 4 grandchildren, the offspring of Mary Moore a deceased dau. of intestate, his heirs at law, in whom your orator is informed the title to the land vested upon the death of said John Duncan ... the land on the bank of the Cany Fork below the mouth of mine, ... creek, then up the river south east, crossing the creek, then ... north up the bluff with the fence, adj. ?Isham Davis?, containing 380 acres (too faint) John Duncan, and widow Susannah (was administrator). John Duncan has no other assets to pay the debt; request that the tract of land be made liable for payment of the balance of the purchase price; that the minors by their guardians ... that subpoenas be issued for them to answer the complaint; that a lien be attached to the land for payment of the balance. That ten of the defendants are minors within 21 years of age and have no guardian, viz, Jesse A., John L., Winney, Licetty, Sarah H., and Cary R. Duncan and also Martha and Sarah, John and William R. Moore, petition to court to appoint a guardian or guardian at litum. Answer filed Aug. 1840, by Susana Duncan, Lilborn Chandler, Nancy Chandler, George Gregston and Catharine, Richard M. Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Joseph E. Duncan, Licetty Duncan, Cary R. Duncan, Jesse A. Duncan, John L. Duncan, Winney Duncan, Sarah Duncan, Sarah Moore, William R. Moore, Martha A. Moore and John Moore; it is true that John Duncan purchased the land as charged and made the payment and executed his notes, which notes they also admit are due, and admit that the personal estate will not be sufficient to pay the debts; Susannah admits that she is the widow of said John Duncan, and the other defendants admit they are the chidren and heirs at law; wit. Hosea Stamp, Jeremiah Freeland?; that the admission will promote the interest of the minors to dispose of the land. Bond of William Allen, security Henry B. McDonald?, to Susanah Duncan, that William Allen will prosecute the suit, 4 Aug. 1840; Power of attorney 31 July 1840 by Wm. Allen to Henry B. McDonald? to sign his name on the suit. Decree by court, the case heard 10 Feb. 1841, that the Clerk & Master pay to complainant William H. Allen the amount of his debt ....

Stewart Co. TN Deed (FHL film 554,338, and from Estelle Horn)
      29-205: 5 April 1876, between heirs & representatives of Wm. T. Duncan decd, and children of heirs, and names of each and every one who is married, to wit: (1) Samuel T. Duncan and wife Margaret; (2) Daniel Duncan and wife Fanny; (3) Sarah Duncan now Frogg and husband Timothy Frogg; (4) Elizabeth Stevenson; (5) Mary J. Tucker; (6) Ann J. Gilbert; (7) the James Duncan children, he being dead, to wit, Wilkins Duncan, Tucker Duncan and wife Willilla, Sooky? Duncan now Henry and her husband Mr. Henry of AR; (8) the John P. Duncan children, to wit, William Duncan, Margaret now Hunt and her husband George Hunt, Anis now Tucker and her husband Franklin Tucker, and Robert Duncan, Eugene Duncan, Ella Duncan, Daniel Duncan, Hubbard Duncan; parties of the 1st part; to James Sumner of Stewart Co. TN, of the other part; for $240, land in Stewart Co. TN on waters of Saline Creek, corner Duncan Stuart's lower 1,000 acres survey. Thomas R. Henry and wife S.M. Henry appeared in Drew Co. AR 1 July 1879; Mrs. M.M. Hunt wife of G.W. Hunt appeared before James M. Duncan, clerk of Hill Co. TX; Sarah F. Duncan, and J.T. Duncan and wife W.E. Duncan appeared in Drew Co. AR; R.F. Tucker and wife A.M. Tucker appeared in Ashley Co. AR; E. Duncan appeared in Summer Co. TN; R.H. Duncan, J.E. Duncan, D.D. Duncan and H.H. Duncan appeared in Camp Co. TX; G.W. Hunt and W.T. Duncan appeared in Hill Co. TX before James M. Duncan, county clerk. Reg. 31 July 1880 in Stewart Co. TN.

Wilson Co. TN Deeds 1793-1880 (FHL film 427,174)
      R-530: 29 Aug. 1838, Martin Furlong of Wilson Co. TN to William Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, $920, 100 acres on Briant Ward's corner, William Allgoods corner. Wit. Fleming W. Duncan, George A. Duncan.


TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,809)
      #15803, James D. Duncan, Co.B, 9th TN Cav., filed Dec. 14, 1923, rejected; applicant James D. Duncan, native of TN, res. Bethpage, Sumner Co. TN, in TN Army, Co.B, 9th TN Cav., under Col. Bennett; born Sumner Co. TN Oct. 24, 1838; enlisted Sept. 1, 1862, Col. Bennett and Wismand Co., G. Lieut. Barksdale, Lef. Siddans (MAD: ??); married, wife age 86, no children; res. of TN 85 years; /s/ 3 Dec. 1923; real estate: $150, the above property belong to Mrs. Mary Duncan.

"Diary and History of 2nd TN Cavalry" by P.R. Hancock; CSA Published 1887 (from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society; typed pages "William Duncan and Ruth Rawley, Rawley & Sally McLane; "The Duncan Family Tree" from C.A.R. to KDH to NRR 1966)
      Capt. James Harvey Duncan, b. March 10, 1817, Pulaski Co. KY, m. (1) 1843 Mrs. Fannie Dawson who d. 1847 s.p.; m. (2) 1848 Louisa B. Hudson, b. Gerrard Co. KY. They left KY in 1849 and went to Davidson Co. TN. He engaged in Farming and livestock trade. July 1, 1861, he enlisted in Co. D under Genl. Zollicoffer. He d. Oct. 15, 1873, near Sandersville, TN, a member of the Christian Church, buried McLean Graveyard in Sumner Co. TN in 1st District of Wilson Co. TN. He died from overdose of morphine, thought to be quinine. Issue: James McAfee Duncan, Mongola Duncan, Cora Duncan m. Birthright, Eudora Duncan m. Buchanan, Lizzie Duncan d. 1880. (MAD: Kay Hampton has as son of Alexander Crockett Duncan; MAD: James Harvey Duncan mar. both times in Garrard Co. KY)

Sumner Co. TN (no source; from index cards of Dorothy Davis Smith loaned 1983)
      1836 Muster Roll of Capt. Wm. Lauderdale's Co., Mounted Tenn. Volunteers, Sumner Co. TN: #2. P.W. Duncan, 2d corporal, 105 miles to place of rendezvous, prob. Fayetteville.

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (sent by John A. Duncan 1995; also FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.112, Company B, 5th KY Volunteer Cavalry, organized at Camp Sandridge, Gallatin, [Sumner Co.] TN, raised in Southern Part of KY on the TN border: Jas. T.A.J. Duncan, Captain, enr. Oct. 10, 1861, mustered in May 23, 1862 at Columbia, [Maury Co.] TN, for 3 years; resigned Jan. 11, 1863. (MAD: resided Monroe Co. KY per list of officer)
      Pg.124, Company F, 5th KY Volunteer Cavalry, organized at Camp Sandridge, Gallatin, [Sumner Co.] TN, raised in Southern Part of KY on the TN border: Robt. Y. Duncan, Private, enr. Sept. 28, 1861, mustered in June 16, 1862 at Shelbyville, [Bedford Co.] TN, for 3 years; Transferred to 3rd KY Cavalry April 9, 1865.

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (sent by John A. Duncan 1995; FHL film 1,463,600, appendix & other pages)
      Pg.919, Alphabetical List of Officers. Name, Rank, Regiment, Residence, Remarks. (MAD: semi-alphabetical, not indexed)
      Duncan, James T.A.J., Captain, 5th Cavalry, Tompkinsville [Monroe Co.] KY, resigned Jan. 11, 1863. (MAD: Company organized at Sumner Co. TN)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886/7 "History of Sumner Co. TN" by Goodspeed (sent by Evelyn Sigler 1983)
      Pg.817: The Courier and Enquirer, established 1850's, was published about one year before the Civil War by Lewis and Duncan. A.A. Lewis, born 1825 Sumner Co., son of Andrew and Sidney Lewis, was editor along with Robert Duncan in 1859.

1887 "History of Tennessee; West Tennessee" by Goodspeed Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.8 H2h 1887)
      Pg.204: (in Organization of state, not in county sections): Sumner Co.: Benjamin Menees was appointed justice of the peace, his commission being dated December 15, 1790, as were also George Bell, John Phillips and Martin Duncan.

"Hancock's diary, or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry : with sketches of First and Seventh battalions, also, portraits and biographical sketches." by R.R. Hancock; pub. Nashville, Tenn.: Brandon Print. Co., 1887, 663 pgs. (LH12688, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,082,669)
      Pg.33: June 1861. ... Muster roll of Captain E.D. Payne's Company (D): Duncan, J.H., d.
      Pg.38: September, 1861. ... Monday, 9th ... It was about this time that Captain Payne left the battalion, and Duncan was made Captain of Company D.
      Pg.176: Seventh Battalion, Company A., ... Duncan (MAD: no first name), Fourth Sergeant. Captured at Medon, West Tennessee, and mortally wounded July 15, 1864.
      Pg.584: E.O. Elliott served as quartermaster of the Second Tennessee until it and Wilson's Regiment were consolidated, about February, 1865. He was then sent into West Tennessee with a detachment under Captain William Duncan, in search of absentees from Forrest's command. ...
      Pg.599-601: CAPTAIN JAMES HARVEY DUNCAN. J.H. DUNCAN, second son of Alexander C. and Hannah Duncan, was born March 10th, 1817, in Pulaski County, Kentucky. His grandfather, James Duncan, who was born at Culpepper Court House, in Culpepper County, Virginia, July 18th, 1764, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at the siege and capture of Yorktown, Virginia, when Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington on the 18th of October, 1781; and in 1790 he settled in Kentucky, where he was killed the next year by the Indians, leaving a widow and three small children. The oldest was the Captain's father, who was born in Russell County, Virginia, June 30th, 1788; the other two, William and Sallie (the latter became Mrs. McGee), were twins, and born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1790. After the war of 1812, William settled in Hickman County, Tennessee, where, after raising a large family, he died in 1869.
            The Honorable Ralph Williams, the captain's grandfather on his mother's side, also served in the Revolutionary War under General Greene and the famous Marion.
            The subject of this sketch, who was educated in the common country schools, learned the carpenter's trade when a young man, and was a very successful contractor for ten or twelve years in Lancaster, the county seat of Garrard County, Kentucky.
            In 1843 he married Mrs. Fannie Dawson, who died in 1847, leaving no children. He was married again in 1848 to Miss Louisa B. Hudson, who was born in Garrard County, Kentucky, in 1830. He left Kentucky in 1849, and settled in Davidson County, Tennessee, where he was engaged in farming and trading in horses, mules, and cattle when the war broke out.
            J.H. Duncan enlisted in the Confederate service as a private in Captain E.D. Payne's company, which, about the first week in July, 1861, became Company D of the First Battalion of Tennessee Cavalry. About September following he was, much against his own will, unanimously elected captain of Company D, Captain Payne having resigned. Captain Duncan served at the head of his company with the First Battallion during the two campaigns into Kentucky under General Zollicoffer, who was warmly attached to the captain. It has been said that the latter was the only man who could make the former laugh.
      Pg.600. R.R. Hancock's Diary.
            After the action and defeat at Fishing Creek, Kentucky, the captain fell back with the Confederate army through Middle Tennessee to North Mississippi, where, in May, 1862, the First Battalion re-enlisted and reorganized and Companies B and D were consolidated, and Captain William Parrish commanded the consolidated company.
            Captain Duncan now returned to Middle Tennessee, and soon after joined Wheeler's Cavalry,* (*He raised and commanded an independent company of scouts, but reported to Wheeler.) with which he did valiant service until wounded in the foot at Chickamauga September 20th, 1863, where he was captured and sent to prison on Johnson's Island. He was exchanged in time to take part in General Hood's campaign against Nashville on the staff of General Granberry. He served on faithfullly to the close of the war; surrendered to General James Wilson near Selma, Alabama, and was soon after with loved ones at home in the northern portion of Wilson County, Tennessee, to which place his family had removed in 1863. His occupation after the war was farming and trading in stock.
            Captain Duncan was very lively - always had an anecdote to suit the occasion, and was a favorite with all soldiers. He was a warm partisan in all elections, and was always a States' Rights Democrat. He was a devoted husband and a kind and affectionate father. His last wife bore him three daughters - Cora (now Mrs. Birthright), Eudora (now Mrs. Buchanan, of Nashville, Tennessee), and Lizzie (who died in 1880), and two sons - James McAfee, of Saundersville, Sumner County, Tennessee, and Mongolia (of Texas).
            In reference to her father's death Eudora says, in a letter to her uncle, S.M. Duncan:
            "Pa's death was caused by taking an overdose of morphine through mistake. He was in wretched health, and went himself to Starkes' store in Saundersville, Sumner County,* (*The captain lived in Wilson County and had crossed the Cumberland River to attend church as above named.) and purchased a bottle of morphine, THINKING it was quinine. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) He took it at ten o'clock A.M. and lived until ten at night, October 15th, 1873. Everthing that could be done was administered for his recovery, but all of no avail. Brother Jesse Sewell was carrying on a protracted meeting at Saundersville at the time. Pa was so anxious to hear the discourse through, as he was a strict member of the Christian Church, and had been one year previous to his death, he took the quinine, as he thought, as a stimulant. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) We never knew until after services that he had taken anything, as ma did not attend church that day. Brother Sewell assisted him home. He never spoke but once after returning. He said: 'Ma, I cannot be with you long; I am almost gone,' then fell asleep in Jesus, never to wake with us in this old, unreligious world."
            The remains of the gallant captain were interred at the McLean graveyard, in the first district of Wilson County. The captain's widow is still (1887) living.

1883 "History of Jasper Co. MO, Illustrated" Vol.1, by North (FHL book 977.872 H2h V.1)
      Pg.680; Sarcoxie Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN. Prominent among the pioneer settlers of Jasper county is the subject of this sketch. Mr. Duncan was born in Sumner Co. TN, March 4, 1806. His parents, Moses and Sarah Duncan, were natives of South Carolina. Our subject grew to manhood in his native state, ... In 1828 he moved to Sangamon Co. IL, and engaged in farming near Springfield. He came to Missouri in 1836, locating in what was then Barry county, near the noted Cave Springs where he now resides. ...

1919 "History of Fresno Co. CA" by Vandor, Vol.I (CA State Library book qc979.482 V2)
      Vol.I, Pg.672: DUNCAN, Thomas Jefferson. born near Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, 30 Nov. 1835; when he age 6 his parents to Lawrence Co. MO. His father and mother Hiram and Nancy (McKinley) Duncan natives of TN and KY respectively. Thomas J. to CA 1853 with his parents and 5 brothers; to Linden, near Stockton; parents d. there. Thomas J. mar. 18 Sept. 1870 at Stockton Martha Miller. (MAD: mar. Sumner Co. TN?)

"KY Genealogy and Biography" Biographical Sketches reprinted from 1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 9 Editions (volumes), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; also pg.656 from 1886/7 "History of KY Illustrated", 3rd Ed, by F.A. Battey & Co., reprint 1979, sent by Denzil R. Mauldin 1984; and from 1887 "History of KY" by Perrin, TN Gen. Society Library #2977 sent by Evelyn Sigler 1982)
      Vol.IV, Caldwell, Crittenden, Hopkins, Livingston, Logan, Lyon, Simpson, Union, and Webster Cos.; from 2nd Ed. 1885, and 3rd Ed. 1886:
      Pg.191, Simpson Co. DR. CHARLES H. EDWARDS was born Jan. 10, 1834, in Sumner Co. TN. ... At the age of 20 he commenced the study of medicine with Dr. George W. Duncan at Mitchellville [Sumner Co.], TN. In 1857 he graduated from the University of Nashville, TN, and located at Mitchellville with his preceptor, Dr. Duncan. In 1862 he enlisted ... In January, 1863, he located in Franklin, KY, ... ever since. September 1, 1863, he married Nannie E. Duncan, of Simpson County, a daughter of Henry J. and Ann E. (Rutherford) Duncan, natives, respectively, of Logan Co. KY and Sumner Co. TN. Henry J. is a son of Sanford Duncan, who married Nancy Hammond. ...

1878 "Biographical Encyclopedia of KY of the Dead and Living Men of the 19th Century" by Armstrong (Memphis Public Library book 920.07 B62, sent by Evelyn Sigler 1984; also FHL book 976.9 D3b pt.1)
      Pg.496: George Washington Duncan, M.D., physician and surgeon, born Simpson Co. KY Jan. 12, 1826. His paternal grandfather was one of three brothers who came to this county from Scotland among the early colonists. His father, Sanford Duncan, one of commissioners who surveyed Simpson Co. & one of State commissioners to mark the boundary line between KY & TN from Heel Foot lake to MS River; farmer. Dr. George Washington Duncan in 1840 entered Cumberland College then at Princeton, KY; the college removed to Lebanon TN while he was studying there, he finished his education at Franklin, KY instead; in 1844 commenced study of medicine at Bowling Green KY; graduated from Univ. of Louisville, KY, in 1848; started practicing at Mitchellville [Sumner Co.], TN, same year; in 1859 he moved to Franklin, KY. Member of Cumberland Presb. Church of Franklin, KY; surgeon in the late war; Mason; married in 1859 Miss Dorinda Puryear of Smith Co. TN; had 7 children, four of whom now living.

Perrin's Series 3, pg.634 to 719, sketches of TN families (from index cards of Dorothy Davis Smith loaned 1983)
      Ann E. (Rutherford) Duncan, of Sumner Co. "KY."

1899 "Early Settlers of Alabama" by Col. James E. Saunders (from Evelyn Sigler 1982 and Donna Little 1982, FHL fiche 6,018,057)
      Pg.347, Saunders Genealogy:
      2. Chloe Russell Harper mar. John Duncan, of Russellville [Logan Co.], KY, and removed to Texas. Issue: (I) Robert Harper Duncan, of Trinity Mills [Dallas Co.], Texas. (II) Eugene Duncan, mar. Maggie Dixon, and has Mary, Emma and Eugene. (III) Ella Duncan, mar. Asa Dupre Dickinson, and has Robert C. and Asa Dupre. (IV) Daniel Dunscomb Duncan. (V) Hubbard Saunders Duncan. (MAD: John P. Duncan mar. Cloe R. Harper 12/16/1845 Sumner Co. TN; 1850 Butler Co. KY census)
      5. Anne Harper, mar. James Duncan, of Russellville [Logan Co.], KY, and had one son, Wilkins, who died. (MAD: James G. Duncan mar. Ann C. Harper 8/28/1845 Sumner Co. TN; 1850 Logan Co. KY census)


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