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Formed 1828 from Crawford
Benton, Madison formed 1836 from Washington


1840 Washington Co. AR Census
Illinois Twp.
Pg.272  John Duncan       0100,02      - 1100,01
          (MAD: mar. Leah Brummet 10/2/1828 Gibson Co. TN;
            1850 Titus Co. TX census)
Provine? Twp.
Pg.283  Wm. Barnes        0110,0001    - 0100,01
          (MAD: one Margaret Duncan mar. William Barnes
           4/25/1819 Howard Co. MO; ? 1830 Jackson Co. MO
           census; ? 1850 Crawford Co. AR census)

1850 Washington Co. AR Census
Pg.331, #34, James DUNCAN 33 VA farmer $0
                  Sarah 35 VA
                  Manerva 11 VA
                  Virginia 9 AL
                  Robert 6, Melville (m) 4, Martha 1 AR
                  Hesepiah BROWN (f) 73 VA, Malinda 43 TN
                  (MAD: ? James Dunkin mar. Sally Brickey 2/17/1837 Scott Co. VA; one Nancy Duncan 12 VA d. 11/1849, from 1850 Mortality Schedule)
Fayetteville Town
Pg.437, #22, Erastus DUNCAN 37 TN ME Clergyman $1200
                  C.N. (f) 34 KY
                  Nancy 5 AR
                  Elizabeth 3 "Chac N."
                  (MAD: son of Thomas W. Duncan of DeKalb Co. TN; clerical credential in Pulaski Co. AR 12/5/1840; 1860 Jefferson Co. KY census; indexed 1870 Madison Co. FL census; Elizabeth mar. David S. Walker of FL as his 2nd wife, from pg.8, Vol.3 #23, 1962, "Southern Gen. Exchange." Courtney V. (Walker) b. Logan Co. KY 4/1/1815, wife of Erastus B. Duncan, d. 6/17/1863 Limestone Co. AL; their dau. Nannie B. b. Washington Co. AR 11/4/1845 d. 4/23/1863, from "Marriage & Death Notices from Southern Christian Advocate 1860-1867" Vol.2 by Brent Holcomb)

1860 Washington Co. AR Census
Pg.713-4, #1025-49, James DUNCAN 42 VA farmer $800 $500
                  Sarah 44 VA
                  Virginia 18 AL
                  Robert 16 AR
                  Milret? (Milnt?) (m) 14 AR
                  Martha 10, John 9, William 8 AR
                  (MAD: ??? 1870 Marion Co. OR census)

1870 Washington Co. AR Census (and from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987 and Steven Fiser 12/1992)
Cave Hill
Pg.87, #72-73, DUNCAN, James 52 NC farmer $1200-$600
                  M. (f) 20, Susan 18, Robert 15 MO
                  Laura 11, Dora 8 MO
                  (MAD: 1850-1860 Taney Co. MO census; ? son of Micajah Duncan of Maury Co. TN)
Cove Creek
Pg.117, #5-5, BLACK, J. (m) 27 NC farmer 0-$150
                  M.E. (f) 26 TN
                  J.F. (f) 3, W.J. (m) 1 AR
                  DUNCAN, Mary 65 TN
                  S.A. (f) 31 TN
                  (MAD: 1850-1860 Butler Co. MO census; 1880 Carroll Co. AR census)
Richland, P.O. McGuire
Pg.239, #123-125, DUNCAN, William 39 IN farmer 0-$600
                  R.A. (f) 24 IN
                  M. (m) 17 IN
                  Wiley 14, John 7 IL
                  Henry 1, Charles 3/12 (Mar.) AR
                   (MAD: William SANDERS mar. 1st Permelia Jane Hadden or Hayden 7/23/1846 Washington Co. IN; mar. 2nd Rachel Clements 4/9/1865 Orange Co. IN; last name changed to Duncan, per info of Alice Baldwin and Mary C. Bowen; 1880 Benton Co. AR census; d.1883 Washington Co. AR)

1880 Washington Co. AR Census (part also from Steven D. Fiser 12/1992)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 204, Elm Springs Twp
Pg.516B, #43-44, DUNCAN, William J. 36 (m) TN TN? VA farmer
                  Mary J. 34 wife IN VA KY
                  Eliza A. 13 dau. IA TN IN sick w/chills and fever
                  Sarah J. 12 IA TN IN
                  Frances E. 10 dau IA TN IN
                  Masten J. 9 son IA TN IN sick w/ inflamation? & Rheumatism
                  James A. 6 son IA TN IN
                  John F. 5 son IA TN IN
                  Eva L. 3 dau. IA TN IN
                  RICHARDSON, John, 20 half-brother IA TN VA
                  (MAD: 1850-1870 Davis Co. IA)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 207, pg.16, Richland Twp
Pg.569D-570A, #138-138, DUNKIN?, Wm. 23? (22?) (28?) (m) IL IL IL farmer
                  Rebecky 32 TN TN TN (does not say wife, but "mar." checked)
                  Lilly M. 7/12 Oct. dau. AR IL TN
                  (MAD: Wiloby Duncan mar. Recca Smith 2/29/1872)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 210, pg.5, Mountain Twp (household #'s as given)
Pg.604D, #34-34, LEE, Hezekiah (m) 49 KY KY KY farmer
                  Elizabeth 47 wife KY KY KY
                  Charles 16 son KY KY KY
                  Eliza M. 7 dau KY KY KY
Pg.604D, 34-34, DUNKIN, Cynthia 39 (f) TN VA VA single keeping house
                  Martha (f) 18 MO TN TN single (no relationship given)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 212, pg.8, Lees Creek Twp
Pg.637A, #41-41, DUNCAN, Wm. (m) 39 TN VA TN farmer
                  Amanda 36 wife TN TN TN
                  James A. 12 son MO TN TN
                  Thos. R. 10 son MO TN TN
                  William K. 8 son MO TN TN
                  Pleasant 6 son MO TN TN
                  Louiza E. 3 dau I.T. TN TN (MAD: b. Indian Territory)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 214, pg.13, Prairie Grove Twp
Pg.671A, #122-122, DUNCAN, Robt. W. 23 (m) MO NC TN single farmer
                  Laura 19 sister MO NC TN single
                  Dora 17 sister MO NC TN single
                  FREEMAN, Wm. P. 23 cousin MO MS MS farmer
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 215, pg.2, Fayetteville
Pg.676B, #6, 27 men ages 17-24 "boarder" "at school"
                  DUNCAN, William H. (m) 18 AR KY IN boarder at school
                  (MAD: other households also had 6 to 12 men as boarders)
Sup.Dist. 2, ED 216, pg.45 & 46, Prairie Twp
Pg.717A, #386-387, DUNCAN, George (m) 22 IL KY IL farmer
                  Mary J. 19 wife MO IN KY
                  Samuel "7" (1?) son AR IL MO
Pg.717B, #390-391, DUNCAN, Kendrick (m) 33 KY KY KY farmer
                  Margaret 28 wife IL OH OH
                  Minnie 2 dau IL KY IL
                  John 2/12 March son AR KY IL
                  (MAD: Carl K. Duncan in 1870 Fulton Co. IL census)

1900 Washington Co. AR Census (from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
? Township
#157-158, Willoughby DUNCAN, Aug. 1852 IN IN IN 27 years
            Rebecca J., July 1852 TN TN TN 27 years, 2 ch, 2 liv
            Lillian, Oct. 1880 AR IN TN dau
            Josie, Sep. 1882 AR IN TN dau
#158-159, Riley DUNCAN, Dec. 1853 IL IN IN 23 years
            Mary, March 1860 MO MO MO 23 years, 3 ch, 3 liv
            Cora, Feb. 1878 AR IL MO dau
            Willoughby, Feb. 1881 AR IL MO son
            Ada, Nov. 1883 AR IL MO dau
            (MAD: Riley Duncan mar. Mary Smith 9/19/1875; 1880 Benton Co. AR census)
#159-160, Morgan J. DUNCAN, May 1857 IL IN IN 15 years
            Laura E., Sep. 1865 IN IN IN 15 years 6 ch, 5 liv
            Effie F., Oct. 1886 Ind.Ter. IL IN dau
            William M., June 1888 IT IL IN son
            Jessie F., Apr. 1890 IT IL IN son
            Riley N., Apr. 1894 AR IL IN son
            John M., Sep. 1896 AR IL IN son
Springdale Twp.
#416-419, Martin DUNCAN, Sep. 1837 IN? NC NC 28? years
            Hattie A., Jan. 1839 IL NY NY 28 yrs, ? ch, 3 liv
            (MAD: ?? 1850 Monroe Co. IN census; Matthew V. in 1910 census)
Prairie Twp.
#473-473, Isic DUNCAN, Nov. 1835 KY KY KY 41 years
            Susia L., Dec. 1841 KY KY KY 41 years, 10 ch, 7 liv
            Lee, July 1862 KY KY KY son 6 years
            Gruilt?, May 1866 KY KY KY son
            Marry E., Sep. 1877 MO KY KY dau
            Ann K., Mar. 1880 MO KY KY son (sic)
            Corea H., Nov. 1871 GA NC GA dau-in-law 6 years
            Stanley W., Mar. 1896 AR KY GA grandson
            Daviss G., Nov. 1870 KY KY KY son
            Martha LEE, Nov. 1835 KY ENG ENG st or w gm widow 0 ch, 0 liv
            (MAD: 1850-1860 Nelson Co. KY census; 1880 Jackson Co. MO census)

S.D.# 3, E.D.# 113, PAGE# 263A, IMAGE 49 OF 82
HEAD, W/M, NOV 1835, AGE 64, M'd 41 YRS., KY./KY./KY.
SUSIA L., WIFE, W/F, DEC 1841, AGE 59, 10 CHI. BORN, 7 LIVING, KY./KY./KY.
LEE, SON, W/M, JULY 1862, AGE 37, M'd 6 YRS., KY./KY./KY.
CORIA H., DAU-IN-LAW, W/F, NOV 1871, AGE 28, M'd 6 YRS., GA./N.C./GA.
LEE, MARTHIA, ST-G-AN(?), W/F, NOV 1835, AGE 64, W'd., KY./ENG./ENG.
      (KDC: 1880 Jackson Co. MO; Garnet Duncan in 1910 Marion Co. AR)

1910 Washington Co. AR Soundex (from Mary Bowen 1/1990)
DUNCAN, Matthew V. 72 IN
            Hattie A. 71 IL
            Hattie C. 10 MO G.Ni.
      MB: Matthew's name was entered as Martin in the 1900 soundex but clearly Matthew in the 1910. He is buried in the Sonora Cemetery, Washington Co. AR; b. 15 Sept. 1837 IN, d. 24 Aug. 1913; was in Co. K, 1st IN Heavy Artillery US.


Washington Co. AR Marriage Records
      B-235: Onesby, Wm. of Benton Co., to Menerva Duncon; (return) married by Asoph Brown 29 June 1860 at dwelling house of James Duncan, Criste Menurva Duncon age lawful. Minister of United Bapt. Church. (FHL film 1,034,248)
      D-462: Indexed Marr, J.D. to S.S. Duncan; license: J.D. Marr, age 23, to M. S.S. Duncan age 22, 10 April 1876. Married 15 April 1876 by Benj. F. Tatten, min. Ark. Presbytery of Cumberland Presby. Church. (names not repeated on minister's return.) (FHL film 1,034,249)
      E-365: A.J. Duncan, age 23, to S.A. Stapp, age 21, license 23 Jan. 1879, married 26 Jan. 1879 by J.C. Stapp, M.G. (from Sue Duncan 9/1985) (SD: this is Andrew Duncan, b.1849, and Sarah Agnes Stapp, b.1852) (MAD: 1850 Monroe Co. AR census with Willis Duncan from Hickman Co. TN; 1860 Monroe Co. AR census as Anderson Duncan; 1880 Monroe Co. AR census)


Washington Co. AR Will Book Index (from June Rickets 1/1986)
      Cornelius M. Duncan, 1905, Will Book D, pg. 220
      Eugenia J.W. Duncan, 1896, Will Book C, pg. 243
      G.N. Duncan, 1918, Will Book G, pg. 7

Washington Co. AR Probate Record H, 1884-1887 (FHL film 1,034,264)
      H-376: 8 June 1886, W.F. Green appointed guardian to person and estate of Medora E. Duncan, of unsound mind, sec. D.F. McMillan, B.A. Cane.


Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Automated Records Project. Fayetteville [Washington Co.], AR Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification of Sale - Cash Entries
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed
      Duncan, James, 40 acres, Feb 01 1860
      Duncan, James R, 80 acres, Feb 01 1860
      Duncan, Lemuel J, 80 acres, Feb 01 1860
      Duncan, Lemuel J, 40 acres, Oct 01 1860
      Duncan, Robert C, 40 acres, Sep 01 1857
      Duncan, Robert C, 40 acres, Jun 01 1860
      Duncan, Robert C, 40 acres, Jul 01 1859
      Duncan, Robert C, 40 acres, Jul 01 1859

Washington Co. AR Deeds; Direct index Vol.A 1830-1880 (FHL film 1,034,345 item 5); inverted index Vol.A-B 1830-1888 (FHL film 1,034,349 item 3-4) (SLC 6/16/2008; date is date of document)
      Grantors Vol. 1835-1881
      B-253: Ducan (sic), Lyda to James Ware, deed, Nov. 13, 1838
      H-611: Duncan, E.B. to Richard Bird, deed, Sept. 27, 1853
      I-56: Duncan, E.B. to David Walker, Dec. 6, 1853
      I-57: Duncan, E.B. to H.W. Glover, Dec. 6, 1853
      J-146: Duncan & Lively to Wm. Wilson, Sept. 21, 1855
      Quit on grantors 1859
      Grantees 1834-1879 (negative images)
      A-468: Ducan, Lyda from James Cartwright, deed, March 3, 1838, A-468
      E-162: Duncan, E.B. from Wm. M. Bowers, deed, March 26, 1845
      G-31: Duncan, Erastus B. from B.H. Peerson (Puson?), deed, March 26, 1850
      H-296: Duncan, Erastus B. from David Walker, July 29, 1852
      I-107: Duncan, E.B. from W.B. Brodie, deed, Jan. 2, 1854
      I-580: Duncan, Erasmus from L.B. Cunningham, Ex deed, Feb. 17, 1855
      J-327: Duncan, E.B. from L.H. Blake, deed, Feb. 22, 1856
      L-555: Duncan, E.B. from A? Carnahan, deed, Dec. 18, 1858 ("1838")

Washington Co. AR Deeds (SLC 6/16/2008)
      Vol.A-B 1830-1837 (FHL film 1,034,354 item 1-2)
      A-468: 3 March 1838, James Cartwright and wife Elizabeth of Washington Co. AR to Lydia "Duncan" of same, $165, NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.16N Range 29W, 40 acres; wit. L.D. Evans, R.W. Reynolds; rec. 3 March 1838.
      B-253: 13 Nov. 1838, Lidia Duncan of Washington Co. AR to James Ware of same, $250, NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.17N Range 29W. /s/ Lydia (X) Duncan. Wit. John Wagnon, L.D. Pollock JP.


Jefferson Co. AR Will Book (FHL film 983,903; same will filed in Lincoln Co. AR Book A, pg.178, on FHL film 980,309, and indexed in Lincoln Co. AR Book 1, pg.21; and indexed Washington Co. AR Book C, pg.243, and Admin. Probate Book K, pg.100)
      1-615: Will of Eugenia James Duncan, of the city of Fayetteville, AR; in grateful remembrance of the numerous kindnesses and tender care of my foster parents Mr. and Mrs. R.V. McCracken, to them $1000 and rents and profits from brick stores on Main Street in Pine Bluff, AR, during their lives; at death of both the property to become part of my estate and disposed of with the rest of my estate. To St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish of Fayetteville, AR, $500 to build an orphans home or hospital. To my husband Garnett Duncan and my children if I should have any at my death, in equal shares, (my husband to have a child's share); in case I die without issue, then to my husband absolutely, all my property ... including my real estate in City of Pine Bluff, AR, and all my interest in real estate owned jointly by me and Thomas? S? James and Garland D. James near Hot Springs, AR, and my interest in some real estate near the City of Memphis [Shelby Co.] TN, (and any other real or personal property). Appoint Garnott Duncan executor. 19 Nov. 18(tight binding) Wit. 19 Nov. 1894 by Louise Elizabeth Bailio, W.S. Pollard. Codicil by Eugenia James Wilson Duncan; revoke gift to church; reference to cemetery lot, and a monument inscription to the memory of Miss Annie Wilson, Mrs. Arabell Longtree Wilson, Arabella Eugene Wilson, Mrs. Eugenia James Wilson and Capt. Wm. Henry Daylie Wilson; to be selected by my husband Garnett Duncan and my friends Fred Fox and John W. Crawford of Pine Bluff AR; dated 28 Sept. 1895, Wit. R.H. Vaughn, W.S. Pollard. Proved 7 Jan. 1896. Court order to Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, to examine Louise Elizabeth Bailie about the will; examination in Washington Co. AR of R.H. Voughn and W.S. Pollard. Letters testamentary issued to Garnett Duncan 21 Jan. 1896.
      (MAD: Eugenia James Wilson Duncan, 1873 - 1895, Evergreen Cemetery, Madison Co. AR)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Martin V., widow Duncan, Hattie A.; Band & I 22 Ind. Inf., K 1 Ind. H.A.; 1890 July 22, Invalid Appl. #848541, Cert. #605638, ARK; 1913 May 3, Widow Appl. #1007008, Cert. #760634, Ark. (MAD: 1850 Monroe Co. IN census; 1900 Washington Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Robert, widow Qualls, Sarah H.; K 1 ARK Inf.; 1888 June 9, Widow Appl. #374109, no cert., Ark. (MAD: ? 1860 Benton Co. AR census or Newton or Washington Co. AR; see ? Sarah Duncan mar. Henry Qualls 7/31/1872 Perry Co. TN)


"Territorial Papers, Arkansas Territory, 1829-1836" Vol.XXI (CA State University, Sacramento, library book)
      Pg.1138-9: Petition to Congress by Citizens of Washington Co., referred Dec. 29, 1835: Citizens of Washington Co. request a mail route from Fayetteville the seat of justice of Washington Co., by Pelham's farm in Osage Prairie to the seat of justice of Barry Co. MO, a distance of about 60 miles. Signed by John Duncan and many others.

"Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church South" 1845-1857, by So'n Methd. Publg. House, Nashville, TN (from Jean Walker 8/1984)
      1854: Indian Mission Conference, Riley's Chapel, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Oct. 20-23, 1854: E.B. Duncan, Agent for the Ozark Institute, Choctaw Dist. (pg.574)
      1855: Indian Mission Conference, at Asbury Manual Labor School, Oct. 10-13, 1855: Ministers, Cherokee District, John Harrell, Presiding Elder; ... at Salasaw, Erastus B. Duncan (one to be supplied)
      1856/57: Indian Mission Conf., Chicasaw Academy, Oct. 23-25, 1856: Erastus B. Duncan, superannuated.
      1857: Indian Mission Conf., Cherokee Dist. E.B. Duncan transferred to Florida Conference. (pg.807)
      (MAD: Erastus B. Duncan was listed in the 1833-1836 TN Conference; according to "History of Methodism in TN, 1818-1840" Vol. III, by John B. M'Ferrin; from Jean Walker 8/1984)

Claim filed by Winney Ward, #22075, March 3, 1871, with the Southern Claims Commission; NARA Microfiche Publication M1407, RG 233, Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims, 1871-1880, Report 6, Office 0155 to Report 6, Office 0156. Fiche #1919. (Winnie (Duncan) Ward; copy and transcription from Bonnie J. Sell 3/2001; MAD's extract)
      No. 22075, March 3, 1871, Petition of Winey Ward, Washington County, Arkansas, $160.00; Petition by Winey Ward, widow, resides at present in Washington Co. AR, for items taken by General Curtises order in the year 1862 soon after the Elk Horn Battle or Pea Ridge Battle and also one Rifle Gun: one horse, $150, one rifle gun $10, total $160. Petitioner resided in Fulton Co. AR at that time, Squire Ward decd. was original owner and Winey Ward his widow is present owner, that petitioner remained loyal, /s/ Winney Ward, wit. G.W.M. Reed (authorized to act as attorney) and A.J. Norris. Witnesses who may be relied upon: William Ward, George D. Miller, Reding Putmun, L.D. Stone, all of Fayetteville, AR; Henry A. Ward and Rachel E. Ward of Fayetteville, AR.
      Deposition 8 March 1874 of Mrs. Winnie Ward, age 63, residence Washington Co. AR, occupation housekeeper, born and raised in Virginia, lived about five miles south of Fayetteville, Washington Co. AR, from April 1, 1861, until Oct. 1861 when I moved to Fulton Co. AR, where I remained until about May 1863 when I moved to Rolla, Phillips Co. MO, where I stayed until Dec. 1863, when I moved to Warsaw, Benton Co. MO, where I stayed until after the war. When the war came up we lived on rented land. We also did in Fulton Co., at Rolla my son teamed it about the Post; at Warsaw we farmed it for a living on rented land. ... robbed of their possessions ... I fed any Federal Soldier ... any Union soldier ... I am a married woman, my husband was in Christian Co. MO when I last heard from him some 3 years ago, I have not lived with him for over 6 years, he owned the property charged for in my claim, I don't know if he is living, he left me saying that he was comeing right back (he went to move one of our sons to Springfield) but he never returned, we corresponded back and forth for three years but our last letters were returned from the dead letter office and I dont know what has become of him, and thats why his name ain't to the Claim. I have only four children living: Wm. R. Ward age now about 35, Benj. F. Ward 33, Henry A.C. Ward 22, Rachel E. Ward 20. ...
      Deposition by Miss Rachel E. Ward, age 20, residence with my Mother ... (about the taking of the horse). Deposition by Henry A.C. Ward, age 22, residence with my Mother, similar. Deposition by William R. Ward, age 35. Deposition by Alfred Skelton, age 34, not related. Deposition of George D. Miller, age 34, not related.
      Claim disallowed - horse was stolen, gun was destroyed.
      (MAD: Squire Ward mar. Winney Duncan 22 Sept. 1828 Washington Co. VA)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northwest Arkansas; Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin & Sebastian Cos." by Goodspeed (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.71 W317Go; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1983 and Bonnie Ward 3/1987)
      Pg.251: Washington Co.: Joseph Duncan belonged to Travis Post No. 19, Fayetteville, AR, 1884.
      Pg.1018: Sebastian Co.: Capt. David Tucker Smith of Washington Co. AR, b. Henderson Co. TN, Nov. 7, 1824. His parents, natives of NC, were Meredith and Elizabeth (Tucker) Smith, who moved with their children to TN. The parents died in Bedford Co. TN; had eight children; the youngest was David Tucker Smith who married Elizabeth Trollinger of Bedford Co. TN. One daughter of David Tucker and Elizabeth (Trollinger) Smith was Rebecca Smith, b. July 13, 1847, who married William W. Duncan. (MAD: William Wiloby Duncan)
      Pg.1035: Washington Co. William Robert Ward, b. March 16, 1838, Hancock Co. IN, farmer, son of Squire and Winnie (Duncan) Ward. Squire Ward b. SC, reared in TN. Winnie Duncan b. Washington Co. VA. Both lived near VA-TN line. After marriage, they moved to Hancock Co. IN 1853; then Schuyler Co. MO; in 1857 to Washington Co. AR. Mother died in Dallas, TX, at age 66.

1910 "History of the Bench and Bar of Oregon" by Hist. Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,360 item 2; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.125-126: JOHN DUNCAN. Residence and office, Albany, Oregon. Born in Washington County, Arkansas, July 12, 1851. Son of James and Sarah A. (Brickey) Duncan. Came to Oregon in September, 1861. Married Mrs. Margaret Walter, October 1, 1901. Attended common schools of Marion County, Oregon. Graduated from Willamette University, Salem, Ore., June 23, 1874, with degree of B.S. Taught in public schools of Marion and Linn Counties until March, 1878. Admitted to the Oregon State Bar, 1880, serving as deputy sheriff for two years following. Began practice of law at Prineville, Ore., January, 1883, removing to Albany, Ore., January, 1890. County Judge of Linn County, 1892-96; re-elected in June, 1908. Member of Masonic Fraternity and Eastern Star. Republican. (MAD: Albany, Linn Co. OR)

1896 "Republican League Register, a Record of the Republican Party in the State of Oregon" pub. by The Register Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,000,367 item 3; SLC 9/2007; also posted by Tony Larson 3/2006 on Duncan message board at Ancestry.com)
      Pg.203: DUNCAN, JOHN N., of Albany, was born in Washington County, Arkansas, July 12, 1851, and came to Oregon ten years later, locating in Marion County. He read law and was admitted to the bar. In 1878 he moved to Albany and practiced law. Five years later he went to Prineville and engaged in the practice of his profession, and in the stock business. In 1889 he returned to Albany and has since resided there. He has served as a delegate to the Crook County convention and as a member-at-large of the congressional committee. In 1880 to 1882 he served as Deputy Sheriff, and in 1885 was elected Recorder of Crook County. In 1892 he was elected County Judge of Linn County, and was re-elected in 1894. He is an active member of the Republican Club. (MAD: nothing said about wife or children; other bios. on page do not name wives and children either) (MAD: Albany, Linn Co. OR)


"My Family" [Saunders/Sanders and Duncan family] (or untitled) book, plastic bound, no index or table of contents, by Alice Baldwin 1991 (from Alma Finney 11/1991)
      This booklet starts with William SANDERS, b. 7/28/1831 Orange Co. IN, son of Joseph and Nancy (Cox) Sanders, married Permelia Jane Hadden 7/20/1846; 1850 Clay Co. IN census, 1860 Orange Co. IN census; mar. as William Saunders to Rachel Clements 4/9/1865 Orange Co. IN; 1870 Benton Co. AR as William and Rachel A. Duncan, d. 12/28/1883 Washington Co. AR.
      His children include Willoughby Franklin SANDERS/Duncan, b. 8/18/1852 Jasper Co. IN, Willoughby F. Duncan mar. Rebecca Smith 2/29/1872 Washington Co. AR; Riley Newton SANDERS/Duncan b.1857, and John Morgan SANDERS/Duncan, and other children who used the surname Duncan.


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