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Formed 1826 from Lafayette
Van Buren formed 1835 from Jackson, renamed to Cass in 1849
Bates formed 1841 from Jackson


1830 Jackson Co. MO Census
(and part from Vivian Biddle 6/1982)
Pg.303  William Barnes         2101,01     - 3010,01
   304  William Barnes Sr.     2023,001    - 0111,01
          (MAD: one Margaret Duncan mar. William Barnes 4/25/1819
            Howard Co. MO; ? 1840 Washington Co. AR census;
            ? 1850 Crawford Co. AR census; see Vernon Co. MO
            History, William Barnes step-father of Peter Duncan)
   326  David Dunkin           3322,001    - 1121,01
          (MAD: ? 1840 Monroe Co. MO census)
   329  Benjamin Cockrill      1210,01     - 2010,01
          (MAD: see 1850 Randolph Co. MO census)

1840 Jackson Co. MO Census
Pg. 87  Thos. J. Dunkin        2100,01     - 0000,1

1850 Jackson Co. MO Census
Pg.241, #195, Walton DUNCAN 64 VA none $0
                  Permelia 62 VA
                  William 28 KY plasterer $0
                  Toliver 31 KY plasterer $0
                  John 20 IN
                  Nancy 24, Sally 23 KY
                  Medalin 17 IN
                  Helen A. DAVIS 26 KY
                  Nancy 5 MO
                  (MAD: Walton or Walter Duncan mar. Amelia Asberry 2/25/1808 Fleming Co. KY; 1810-1820 Mason Co. KY census; 1830-1840 Gibson Co. IN census; 1860 Santa Clara Co. CA census)
Pg.293, #5, John DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $0
                  Melinda 29 KY
                  William 11 MO
                  James 1, Sarah 8/12 MO
                  (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Melinda Lewis 6/21/1849 Buchanan Co. MO; one John Duncan mar. Malinda Butt 2/24/1848 Saline Co. MO; son William perhaps in 1860 Lafayette Co. MO census)
Pg.338, #1464, Thomas J. DUNCAN 42 VA farmer $2800
                  Elizabeth 38 VA
                  Robt. W. 15 KY
                  Charles T. 13, Geo. W. 11 MO
                  Algernon 9 MO
                  Lucy 5, Elizabeth 2 MO
                  (MAD: son of James Madison Duncan & Mary Bell from Logan Co. KY; Thomas J. Duncan mar. Elizabeth B. Bywaters 9/17/1835 Frederick Co. VA)

1860 Jackson Co. MO Census
Kansas City
Pg.37, #322-320, W.J. GAULT (m) 29 NY brickmaker $2500-$400, mar/in/year
                  Martha 18 MO housekeeper mar/in/year
                  G.W. CYRUS (m) 18 IL laborer
                  J.L. HERDON (m) 18 IL laborer
                  John DUNCAN 24 KY laborer
                  John CONRY 24 IRE laborer
                  Patrick EHAN? 25 IRE brickmaker $0-$100
                  J.W. GAULT (m) 27 NY brickmaker
Pg.96, #790-845, Solomon SMITH 40 OH bricklayer $3000-$400
                  Demaris (f) 30 ENG housekeeper
                  Sophia 1 MO
                  Mary CENTNER 15 Germany
                  John ILLEMAN 24 Germany bricklayer
                  James DUNCAN 30 KY teamster $300-$150
Pg.105, #873-930, John OWEN 26 MD wagonmaster $0-$100 (Boardinghouse)
                  Alex DUNCAN 46 OH miller $0-$1800
                  Susan 44 OH housekeeper
                  Francis M. (m) 24 OH miller
                  Alexander 19 OH farmer
                  Sarah A. 14 OH
                  Susan J. 3 MO
                  "----" ASLE (m) 30 UNK laborer
                  Henry EGERS 23 PA laborer
                  (MAD: 1850 Highland Co. OH census; 1870 Wyandotte Co. KS census; F.M. Duncan mar. Eliza Mounts 2/3/1864)
Pg.105, #873-931, John DUNCAN 26 OH miller $0-$1000
                  Ann 26 OH housekeeper
                  Francis M. (m) 3 MO
                  (MAD: John S. Duncan per Kay D. Hampton files)
P.O. Big Cedar
Pg.191, #1499-1566, John JARRETTE 25 KY carpenter $0-$1090
                  Josephine 19 MO housekeeper
                  Jeptha DUNCAN 33 KY farmer $0-$2350
                  (MAD: 1850 Nelson Co. KY census; 1870 Bates Co. MO census; 1880 Madison Co. AR census; obit in "Kansas City Post," Wyandotte Co. KS, May 31, 1911, said he was b.1828 KY, in Mexican War, mar. Sally Younger, a sister of Cole Younger, from pg.120, "Branded as Rebels" [Missouri] by Joanne Chiles Eakin & Donald R. Hale, from Eleanor Bassett 4/2001; mar. Sarah Ann (Sally) Younger 1/3/1867 at Lees Summit, Jackson Co. MO, he the son of Thomas Duncan per death cert. in papers from the War Dept., from info of Leva L. Thomas of Kansas City in notebooks of Kay D. Hampton now at Platte Co. MO Hist. Society)
P.O. Strong Point
Pg.234, #1800-1864, Thornton DUNCAN 60 KY farmer $2440-3923
                  Mary 58 KY housekeeper
                  Mary 20, Willis 15 KY
                  (MAD: 1850 Bracken Co. KY census)
P.O. Lone Jack
Pg.235, #1806-1870, Elias DUNCAN 34 KY farmer $6440-$600
                  Mary 33 KY housekeeper
                  Sarah F. 7 KY
                  Tebitha E. 11/12 MO
                  (MAD: Mary F., Sarah Frances, Tabitha Ellen per Kay D. Hampton)
Blue Twp., P.O. Independence
Pg.387, #1095-1028, Thomas P. DUNCAN 36 VA farmer $0-$350
                  Jane 36 SC
                  James W. 16 TN farm hand
                  Sarah J. 14, Martha A. 12 TN
                  Nellie A. 11, Mary E. 10 TN
                  James QUILLENBALL/QUILLESHALL? 19 TN farm hand
                  John 16 TN farm hand
                  Jane HALL 62 VA
                  (MAD: one Sarah Jane Duncan mar. Robert Fogle 10/17/1864)
Sniabar Twp., P.O. Oak Grove
Pg.420, #1333-1251, Thomas J. DUNCAN 51 VA farmer $6000-$6000
                  Elizabeth 48 VA
                  Robert W. 25 KY farmer $0-$150
                  George M. 21 MO farmer $0-$200
                  Algernon T. 19 MO farm hand
                  Lucy 15 MO
                  Bettie? 12, James 7 MO
                  Charles T. 23 MO farmer $0-$600 married in year
                  Hannah 18 MO married in year
                  (MAD: Chas. T.B. Duncan mar. Hannah E. Webb 2/23/1860)
                  (MAD: Charles I., Algernon I., Lucy A., Bettie M., James M. per Kay D. Hampton)

1870 Jackson Co. MO Census
Sniabar Twp.
Pg.25, #52-52, DUNCAN, R.W. (m) 36 KY farmer $1500-$500
                  Mariah 27 MO keeps house
                  Jeff. M. (m) 8, Effy B. (f) 3 MO
                  (MAD: Robert W. Duncan mar. Mary J. Joyce 3/3/1861)
Lee Summit Twp.
Pg.77, #54-54, DUNCAN, A.C. (m) 29 OH laborer $310-$200
                  Sarah A. 19 MO keeps house
                  Frank L. 3, E. Susan (f) 1 MO
                  (MAD: Alexander C. Duncan mar. Sarah F. Bowers 12/13/1863)
Twp.47, P.O. Lee Summit
Pg.102, #446-459, DUNCAN, Wm. B. 47 MO farmer $0-$500
                  Mgt. J. (f) 44 VA keeps house
                  Joanna (f) 16 MO
                  Minerva 14 KS
                  Carrie E. (f) 12, Mary 10 KS
                  Alice 8, Danl. H. (f) 6 KS
                  Mgt. J. (f) 7 KS
                  Ida (f) 3 MO
                  Jas. Ellis (m) 6/12 MO b.Dec.
                  (MAD: 1860 Brown Co. KS census, 1850 Holt Co. MO census, mar. Margaret Jones 4/23/1848 Franklin Co. MO)
Pg.103, #453-466, STRODE, Nancy 74 KY keeps house $5000-$1000
                  DUNCAN, Jas. 26 MO farmer
                  Mgt. 20 KY keeps house
                  M.F. (f) 1 KS
                  HUBBARD, Frank 12 OH
Twp.47 Range 33
Pg.110, #558-573, IRWIN, Jos. 33 MO farmer $4000-$500
                  Nancy 28 KY keeps house
                  Wm. 8 MO at school
                  A.M. (f) 4, Jos. Lee (m) 2 MO
                  DUNCAN, Joann (f) 16 MO (white) dom. servant
Pg.116, #652-668, DUNCAN, Louisa 15 GA MULATTO dom. servant with others
Twp.47 Range 30
Pg.121, #714-729, DUNCAN, Thornton (m) 70 KY farmer $6000-$1300
                  Polly 61 KY keeps house
                  E.A. (m) 44 KY farmer
                  Marietta (f) 44 KY keeps house
                  Fanny 17 KY at home
                  Ellen 11, Wm. 9 MO at home
                  (MAD: Elias A. Duncan b.1826 KY)
Pg.121, #722-737, SHEPHERD, Alr. L. (m) 26 VA farmer $0-$700?
                  Louisa 23 MO keeps house
                  Jas. H. 1 MO
Pg.121, #723-738, DUNCAN, Emma (f) 11 KY (white) dom. servt.
                  MARQUIS, Geo.??? (m) 26 MO farmer $0-$350
                  Addy (f) 22 MO keeps house
                  Jas. F. 2 MO
                  Laura 6/12 MO b.Dec.
                  Sarah 19 MO at home
                  (MAD: household numbering as given, but believe Emma Duncan should be in household of Alr. L. Shepherd)
Twp.48 Range 29
Pg.143, #71-71, DUNCAN, T.J. (m) 61 VA farmer $8000-$20000
                  Elizabeth 59 VA keeps house
                  A.T. (m) 29 MO farmer
                  Lucy A. 25 MO keeps house
                  Eliz. A. 21 MO at home
                  Jas. M. 17 MO at home
Pg.143, #72-72, DUNCAN, Chs. T. (m) 33 MO farmer $1800-$500
                  Hannah 28 MO keeps house
                  Wm. G. 9 MO at home
                  Jas. C. 3 TX
Twp.48 Range 30
Pg.148, #141-141, DUNCAN, Ash (m) 61 KY farmer $1500-$750
                  Mary 48 VA keeps house
                  LITCHFIELD, John 17, Julia 14 VA at school
                  (MAD: 1850-1860 Caldwell Co. MO census)
Pg.148, #142-142, DUNCAN, Prior 37 MO farmer & preacher $2400-$1100
                  Louisa 22 MO keeps house
                  Frank (m) 5 KS at home
                  Majer (m) 4, Elizabeth 2 MO
                  Mary E. 1/12 MO (month of birth not given)
                  J.A. (m) 19 MO farmer
                  BRADLEY, Martha 15 MO at home
                  (MAD: Prior White Duncan mar. Louisa Luecretia Alley 11/29/1863 "Marshall Co. MO," he the son of Ashley Duncan and Eliza Sprouel; from info of Jim Gleghorn of Olympia, WA in 1990, Beth Thompson of Eagle, CO, in 1994, and Melvin D. Duncan of Cheyenne, WY, in 1995; MAD: there is no Marshall County in Missouri)
Blue Twp.
Pg.194, #46-44, DUNCAN, Thomas P. 46 VA farmer $600-$150
                  Jane 46 SC keeping house
                  Nellie A. 21 TN at home
                  William 11 MO
Fort Osage Twp.
Pg.242, #114-114, DONAKIN, Henry 65 VA farmer $3500-$500
                  Hester A. 38 VA keeps house
                  Arnold M. 29 VA farm laborer
                  Laura 14 VA at home
Ward 1, Independence
Pg.262, #100-101, TAYLOR, Lucy 58 NC BLACK keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Lucy 29 MO BLACK
                  Lavina 10 MO BLACK at home
                  Allice 4 KS BLACK
Ward 2, Independence
Pg.281, #144-139, CHIN, Sarah 36 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Nancy 14, Laura 10 MO BLACKS
                  Lewis (m) 5, Albert 2 MO BLACKS
                  DUNCAN, Jackson (m) 60 KY BLACK dom. servant
Pg.281, #146-140, FIRGMAN?, Joseph H. 37 MO (white) physician $900-$600
                  Susan 29 MO keeps house
                  Mary 5, William 2 MO
                  Unnamed (f) 1/12 MO b.May
                  DUNCAN, Louisa 10 MO BLACK at home
Pg.283, #173-165, Many others, including
                  DUNCAN, Fannie (f) 26 MO BLACK cook
                  DUNCAN, Rebecca 4 MO BLACK
Ward 1, Kansas City
Pg.353, #760-790, ELLSWORTH, James 46 TN BLACK laborer $0-$150
                  Mary 35 LA BLACK
                  & family & other laborers, including
                  DUNCAN, William 28 MO BLACK laborer
Pg.355, #792-825, CORBYN, Harriet 39 KY boarding house $0-$5000
                  Emma 16, Laura 14 MO at home
                  DUNCAN, John 24 IN carpenter
                  BEACH, James 31 MI carpenter
                  HARKINS, Mathew 34 NY cabinet maker $0-$400
Pg.400, #1386-1452, TURNER, William 35 MI cabinet maker $0-$500
                  Laura 30 VT keeps house
                  Frank G. 8 MI attend school
                  Henry 5, Thomas G. 1 MI
                  DUNCAN, James P. 25 MI (blank occupation)
                  (MAD: ?? 1860 Oakland Co. MI census)
Pg.412, #1524-1594, SAMPSON, Henry 44 MA ("Mass") BLACK laborer
                  Hannah 40 GA BLACK keeps house
                  George 18, Jane 16, Larry (m) 10 AR BLACKS
                  Henry 8, Louis (m) 6 AR BLACKS
                  DUNCAN, Hannah 22 GA BLACK washes
                  Thomas 4 AR BLACK
                  Henry 2 MO BLACK
                  GEORGE, Ben 20 MO BLACK laborer
                  GEORGE, Thoma (m) 23 MS BLACK laborer
Ward 2, Kansas City
Pg.448, #73-77, MUSIC, Mary 35 KY seamstress $0-$200
                  F.M. (m) 19 KY laborer
                  Jenny (f) 16 KY at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 15 PA at home
Pg.475, #444-495, MULLIGAN, Eldone (f) 19 MO BLACK keeps house
                  MYERS, Matilda 1 MO BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Anna 19 MO BLACK washes
                  McDONALD, Amanda 20 MO BLACK washes
                  Ellen 1/12 MO BLACK b.Apr.
Pg.499, #794-869, LAMBADER, William 30 Wertenburg butcher
                  & family & others, including
                  DUNCAN, David 25 SCT butcher
Ward 3, Kansas City
Pg.619, #559-569, Brooks House (hotel) including
                  DUNCAN, N.E. (m) 41 IL Clerk Agc. Home $0-$0
Pg.625, #609-619, Boarding house, including
                  DUNCAN, John 23 PA R.R. laborer
Pg.633, #692-702, Many people, "keeping boarders" including
                  DUNCAN, Sophia 50 VA BLACK laundress
                  Frank 19 MO MULATTO laborer
                  Elizabeth 11 MO (white) at home
Ward 4, Kansas City
Pg.652, #269-264, DUNCAN, Geo. 27 MO MULATTO cook at restaurant
                  Eliza 26 MO MULATTO
                  John 3, Julia 7, James 13, Mary 10 MO MULATTOS
Pg.674, #564-564, DUNSCOMB, Edward 31 NY physician & surgeon $10,000-$1500
                  DAY, Orad J. (m) 35 IRE physician, parents of foreign birth
Pg.686, #695-695, Planbers? House (hotel), including
                  DUNCAN, Minnie 25 IL (white) dish washer
Pg.688, #709-709, DUNCAN, Wm. 35 KY MULATTO barber $0-$200
                  Lina (f) 30 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Ambrose (m) 6, Julia 4 MO MULATTOS
                  Prudence (f) 2, Ada (f) 1 MO MULATTOS
Pg.692, #750-750, Hotel, includes
                  DUNSCOMB, Ed 19 PA clerk dry goods $0-$0
Pg.693, #754-754, Boarding house, including
                  DUNCAN, Charles 16 OH (white) news boy
Pg.699, #806-806, DUNCAN, Ambrose 30 TN plasterer $0-$300
                  Abigail 30 TN keeping house
                  Anna 9, Ellen 7, James 5 KY
                  Adelaide 3 MO

  DISTRICT 98, MARIES TOWNSHIP, S.D.#3, E.D.#98, PAGE ?, IMAGE 14 OF 36 (from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
      (KDC: see Charles Duncan 32 IN in 1900 Douglas Co. KS census)
  BLUE TOWNSHIP, S.D.#6, E.D.#25, PAGE# 59A & B, IMAGE 1 OF 27 (from Kathy D. Cawley 2/2006)
SUSIE L., W/F, AGE 38, KY./KY./KY.
ROBERT, W/M, AGE 11, "S", ASSISTANT, KY./---/---
CAMERON, W/M, AGE 9, "S", MO./---/---
ELANOR, W/F, AGE 2, "D", MO./---/---
ANNA C., W/F, AGE 2 3/12, MO./---/---
      (KDC: 1870 Nelson Co. KY, 1900 Washington Co. AR)

1880 Census, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2007)
S.D.# 6, E.D.# 19, pages 510C & 511A
St. Louis Avenue
age 46, Head, laborer, PA./PA./PA.
Sally, age 27, Wife, h-keeper, IA./PA./PA.
Taylor, age 3, Son, MO./PA./PA.
Edith, age 1, S-Daughter, MO./MO./MO.
      *KDC: Mathias, clearly written, is really Nathaniel!
      *KDC: Edith is enumerated with another family as "step daughter." The family that she is listed with is at the bottom of the page which is the page that follows Nathaniel, Sally & Taylor Duncan who are also listed on the bottom of the page. Obviously the census taker made an error. Page numbers are correct and image is sequential which leaves only human error.

1920 CENSUS, KANSAS CITY, JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI (from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 5, E.D.# 143, Ward 9, Page# 48, Image 15 OF 27
  2405 East 13th Street
REED, John Q., head, rents, m/w, age 55, IN./KY./VA. paper hanger
Hannah, wife, f/w, age 55, IL./IN./OH. housewife
Dora I., grand daughter, f/w, age 11, attended school, KS./MO./KS.
(KDC: **Dora Irene Duncan is living with her grandmother & step-grandfather)
      (KDC: see 1880 DeKalb Co. MO census)

1930 Census, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2007)
4740 Oak Street
Herbert E.,
Head, rents/$47.50, age 25, m'd at 24, MO./MO./MO., architect/homes
Evelyn C.?, Wife, age 23, m'd at 22, MO./OH./KS.
1930 Census, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
75th and Prospect Avenue
William H.,
Head, rents/$15., age 49, m'd at 22, IA./IA./IA., asst. mgr./amusement park
Myrtle G., Wife, age 47, m'd at 20, MO./SWE./SWE.
Harold M., Son, age 21, single, MO./IA./MO., mgr./dance hall
William H. Jr., Son, age 17, attends school, MO./IA./MO.


Jackson Co. MO Index to wills 1828-1896 (FHL film 963,252 item 1)
      No Wm. Barnes; Jesse Barnes indexed G1-38 (not looked at)
      N-243: Thomas J. Duncan
      N-475: Robert W. Duncan, bond

Jackson Co. MO Will & Bond Books (FHL film 963,232)
      N-243: Will of Thomas J. Duncan, of Jackson Co. MO; 17 Dec. 1875; to wife Elizabeth B. Duncan of my real estate, to hold for life, the SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.32 T49 R29, and NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.5 T48 R29, and N 1/2 SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.5 T48 R29, containing in all 100 acres more or less, and of my personal estate, the following property, one bay horse known as "Pouip?" one grey horse known as "Tom", one two-horse wagon and harness and one bay mare named Kate, one cow she can choose for herself. My youngest son James M. Duncan remain with his mother during her life, and after her death the land above to him, and to him one cow named "Flower". To my son Algernon S. Duncan his heirs & assigns, of my real estate in Jackson Co. MO, the NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.32 T49 R29, and 17 acres of S.side North 27 rods of NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.17 T48 R29, containing in all 57 acres. To my daughter Bettie M. Duncan of my personal effects, $350 in cash to be paid six months after my death, and one two-year old Filly and one cow. To my two daughters Bettie M. Duncan and Lucy A. Cundiff jointly, of my real estate in said county, the SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.32 T49 R29 and NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.5 T48 R29 except 3-1/2 acres in the SE corner containing in all 76 acres more or less, said land to be sold & the money divided equally between said two daughters. The balance of my real estate all of which is in Jackson Co. MO, and balance of my personal effects, I give to my children, to be divided equally between them. Appoint wife Elizabeth B. Duncan and son Robert W. Duncan execs. /s/ Thos. J. Duncan. Wit. J.C. Todd, Samuel Hall. Presented in court Feb. 1876 by R.W. Duncan, proved on oaths of witnesses; recorded 16 Feb. 1876; Letters testamentary issued to Robert W. Duncan and Elizabeth B. Duncan.
      N-475: 12 Feb. 1876, bond of Robert W. Duncan, security W.E. Frick?, J.H. Owings and Chas. T. Duncan, for $10,000; Robert W. Duncan the executor of Thomas J. Duncan decd.


Jackson Co. MO Deeds (indexes 1831-1856, grantors on FHL film 1,016,697; grantees on FHL film 1,016,700)
      No Duncan grantor or grantee found but should be some
      B-608: Sidney Barnes from James Moody & wife, 11/4/1841, A1, 40 acres SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 34, Twp 48, R.33
      K-431: S.S. Barnes from Allen, Randall & wf, 5/10/1845, Vol. A2, lot 1, NW 1/4 pt. 1, T49, R33, 80 acres
      L-260: Jesse Barnes from A. Chiles & wife, 12/15/1839, E 1/2 SE 1/4 11-48-33 80 acres & E 1/2 NE 1/4 8-49-33W, 80 acres
      N-247: Jesse Barnes to Saml. Woodson, 7/5/1848, A-3, agreement
      N-613: Jesse Barnes to Saml. Woodson, 3/9/1848, A3, NE 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 11, Twp. 48, R.33
      O-322: Clifton R. Barnes 1848 grantee ... not copied
      O-548: Clifton R. & W. Barnes to Henry Sage?, 11/19/1849, meets & bounds


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Aaron, widow Duncan, Margaret; B 120 OH Inf.; filed 1884 June 10, Invalid Appl. #515151, Cert. #466362, MO; filed 1912 Feb. 16, Widow Appl. #980699, Cert. #740513, Kansas. (MAD: from Richland Co. OH; 1870 Cedar Co. IA; 1880 Jackson Co. MO; ?? 1900 Clay Co. MO; indexed 1910 Johnson Co. KS)
      Duncan, Charles E., 28 Batty US Field Arty, 16 Batty US Field Arty, F 3 & O 7 US Arty; 1914 Dec. 5, Invalid Appl. #1417341, Cert. #A-9-26-28, Missouri; remarks C2347484. (MAD: ?? 1910 Jackson Co. MO)
      Duncan, Nathaniel E., widow Duncan, Sarah A.; Adjt. 12 & 1 Let. H 12 & I 1 Iowa Inf.; 1886 May 1, Invalid Appl. #572160, Cert. #359309; 1897 Nov. 13, Widow Appl. #665501, Cert. #481847, MO. (MAD: Nathaniel E. Duncan enlisted 23 April 1861, Private, age 25, Union; Resided in Dubuque, IA; S Co. 12th Inf Reg. IA and I Co. 1st Inf Reg. IA.; Nathaniel E. Duncan enlisted 02 November 1861, 1st Lieut, age 25, Union; Resided in Dubuque; S Co. 1st Inf Reg. IA and S Co. 12th Inf Reg. IA.; see Dubuque Co. IA, Jackson Co. MO, Leavenworth Co. KS)

HISTORIES before 1923

Go to the Jackson Co. MO Histories before 1923


Jackson Co. MO Cemetery, from personal visit by Iris Grimmett (to MAD 1994)
   Lee's Summit, MO, cemetery:
      John H. Duncan, 1875 - 1949; wife Sarah, 1883 - (blank)
   Added info from Iris Grimmett, from 1880 Soundex, MO:
      J.H. Duncan, age 5, Dade Co. North, Vol.10, ED.18 Sh.25, L.11, son of Eli age 33 b.TN and Caroline 36 b.NC. (MAD: 1850 Dade Co. MO census)
      John H. Duncan, age 4, Reynolds Co. Cassall, Vol.28, ED.108, Sh.23, L.23, son of William 48 b.OH and Josephine 24 b.IL. (MAD: not identified 1850)

Cemetery records have been published in the following books or periodicals and others:
      The Duncan cemetery in Sec.6 Twp.48N Range 29W located on the C.D. Capelle farm at Oak Grove includes the family of Thomas J. Duncan, b. 9/25/1808, died 12/19/1875. ("Vital Historical Records of Jackson Co. MO 1826-1876" by Kansas City Chap. DAR, 1933-1934; Siri-A-Bar Township Cemeteries, from Florence Dyess 6/1983)
      The Corn Cemetery includes the family of George W. Duncan 1860-1923 (pg.12, Vol.10, 1978, "The Prairie Gleaner" FHL book 977.84 B2p, from Evelyn Sigler 1985)
      The Adams Cemetery in Van Buren Twp. includes the family of E.A. Duncan, 11/7/1825-1/5/1910, his wife Mary F. Culp, and Thornton Duncan, husband of Polly Duncan, with a broken stone. (pg.76, Vol.11, 1979, "The Prairie Gleaner" FHL book 977.84 B2p, from Evelyn Sigler 1985) The notes of Kay D. Hampton, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society, without sources, have dates for Thornton Duncan as died 1871, age 71y 7m, Mary, wife of Thornton, d. 1/16/1892 age 89y 8m, and other children. (also from Eleanor Bassett 4/2001)
      Many Jackson Co. MO Vital Records, including cemetery records, have been published.
      The files of Nancy Reba Roy and Kay D. Hampton, now at the Platte Co. MO Historical Society, include many references to the families of Thornton Duncan and other earlier settlers in Jackson Co. MO.

Some early Duncans in Jackson Co. MO:
      Alfred G. Duncan, 5 Aug. 1837, security with Gallant C. Dickerson for Polly Porter as admx of estate of Hugh Porter who died intestate; Jackson Co. MO Abstract of Wills and Administrations 1828-1848, EE-41 (pg.28, Vol.3, 1968, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Thomas J. Duncan, 20 Nov. 1855, security with William B. Rogers for Noah McAlexander as admr. 1 Oct. 1855 of estate of Henry Tripp who died intestate; Jackson Co. MO Abstract of Wills and Administrations 1855-1860, IJ-1-3 and IF-318 (pg.52, Vol.21, 12/1973, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Thornton Duncan, 1859, security with Geo. W. Knegor for Jacob M. Adams as admr. of estate of William Adams who died intestate; Jackson Co. MO Abstract of Wills and Administrations 1855-1860, K-129 (pg.26, Vol.21, 12/1973, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Mary E. Duncan, 7 May 1860, mar. James P. Green ("Marriage Records of Jackson Co. MO 1851-1865" by Mrs. John Vineyard, Vol.2, FHL book 977.841 V25v; and "Marriage Records of Jackson Co. MO 1827-1860" by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, FHL book 977.841 V25j)
      Mary J. Duncan, 7 May 1861, mar. John L. Trundell ("Marriage Records of Jackson Co. MO 1851-1865" by Mrs. John Vineyard, Vol.2, FHL book 977.841 V25v)
      J.W. Duncan, 4 Nov. 1867, mar. Lillie M. Anthony, b. Nelson Co. KY, parents Seth Duncan & Jane Carter ("Duncan Family Marriages, Mostly Before 1850" by Nancy Reba Roy, 1959, FHL booklet old# 929.2 PB#2394)
      Thornton Duncan, 2 Jan. 1872, died intestate, admin. Alvis Powell; 24 Jan. 1872, securities Elias A. Duncan and Jacob M. Adams, heirs John A. Duncan, Elizabeth Cash, Elias A. Duncan. Joseph F. Duncan, Tabitha A. Browning, Mary J. Trundle, Willis Duncan, and the widow Mary Duncan; Jackson Co. MO Wills & Admin. B-69 and B-71 ("Jackson County, MO. Wills and Admin. indexes, 1862-1910" by Victor P. Meador, from Eleanor Bassett 4/2001)
      Capt. Theodore Duncan, 27 June 1861, died in Jackson Co. as a result of a wound while the State forces of MO were in camp; he was in the Mexican War with Col. Doniphan; he was the son of the late Capt. Wm. Duncan and was born in this Co. Left wife and children ... (from 5 July 1861 issue of "Liberty Tribune"; pg.37, "Genealogical Notes from "Liberty Tribune" (Clay Co. MO) by Nadine Hodges and Audrey Lee Wagner Woodruff, Vol.2, 1858-1868, FHL book 977.816 D28h)
      Judge Thos. J. Duncan, 19 Dec. 1875, died in Jackson Co. MO; born in Culpepper, now Rappahannock Co. VA, 1808; his parents to Logan Co. KY, when he was 3 yrs old; when about 25 years of age, while on a visit to KY, he was married to Miss Elizabeth B. Bywaters, of Frederick Co. VA. He resided 2 yrs in Logan Co; from thence moved to Jackson Co. MO. (from 17 Feb. 1876 issue of "St. Louis Christian Advocate"; pg.45, vol.3, "Missouri obituaries : abstracts of obituaries published weekly in the 'St. Louis Christian Advocate,' a publication of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South" Vol.1-4 by Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff; Vol.5 by Nadine Hodges; FHL book 977.8 V48w and fiche 6,010,713 to 6,010,717; Carlsbad CA library book 977.8 V28 WOO)
      J.C. Duncan, 8 July 1889, and wife Jennie B. Duncan of Jackson Co. MO quitclaimed land in Potter Co. TX to W.W. Chapman of Jackson Co. MO, recorded Potter Co. TX Record Book V-234/235; land bought at tax sale from State of TX 7 May 1889, Record Book V-110/111 ("State of Texas, Potter County land records, 1875-1890" by Della Tyler Key; FHL book 976.4825 R21k; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984)

There is additional information on Jackson Co. MO Duncans in:
      "Duncan Family Association" booklet by Mrs. Linnie Wright Barrett of Dallas, Texas, in Virginia State Library (FHL film 29,883) on the family of William Duncan and wife Lydia which includes son Walton Duncan who married Milly Asbury.
      "Lick Skillet Banner", Oct. 9, 1975, and Oct. 16, 1975; column by Dorothy Butler (from James H. Duncan 11/1982) includes an article by Mrs. Laurence (Estelle Duncan) Scaletty of Kansas City, about the family of Thomas J. Duncan.

Duncans in the 1930 city directory of Metopolitan Kansas City, [Jackson Co.] Missouri.
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