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Formed 1814 from Clark, Harrison, Jefferson
Jackson formed 1816 from Washington, Clark, Jefferson
Orange formed 1816 from Washington, Knox, Gibson


1820 Washington Co. IN Census
Pg.208  Charles Duncan     010001       - 00002

1830 Washington Co. IN Census
Pg.335  James Duncan       0000,0001    - 0012,1001
   339  Charles Duncan     2000,1000,1  - 1000,1

1840 Washington Co. IN Census
Pg.149  L.S. Duncan        1001,01      - 2200,01           Vernon
          (MAD: Larkin Duncan mar. Elizabeth Cooper 11/18/1830)
   166  G.A. Duncan        2200,01      - 2200,01 (sic)     Monroe
          (MAD: George A. Dunkan mar. Edith Downey 12/20/1826)

1850 Washington Co. IN Census
Pg.240, #533-546, Edward DUNCAN 37 KY BLACK farmer $300
                  Fanny 36 KY BLACK
                  Sarah 18, Sollomon 19 KY BLACK
                  (MAD: Solomon in 1860 Clark Co. IN census)
Pg.259, #767-778, Ebenezer LYMAN 35 NY physician $0
                  Elizabeth 27 IN
                  Ebenezer 6, Hiram 4 IN
                  James DUNCAN 22 IN (blank) $150
                  Sarah An (f) 20 IN
                  Nancy A. 1 IN
                  (MAD: ?? James Duncan mar. Sarah Myers 5/29/1848 Lawrence Co. IN; 1860 Sh/Karol Duncan 31 in Lawrence Co. IN census)
Salem town
Pg.305, #7-8, Larkin S. DUNCAN 31 (sic) KY blacksmith $300
                  Elizabeth 42 TN
                  Lorinda 16, Sarah J. 14 IN
                  Mary E. 12, Melinda 8 IN
                  Hester A. 6, Amanda C. 3 IN
                  Eliza J. 1 IN
                  (MAD: ?? son of Samuel d. 1845 Lincoln Co. KY ??)
Pg.319, #207-213, John FULTZ 53 VA miller $1000
                  Eliza J. 41 KY
                  William 17, Grace (f) 1 IN
                  Eunice BOWLAND (f) 9 IN
                  Posthelwait DUNCAN (m) 13 KY
                  (MAD: compare Postlewaite DUNCAN 10 KY in 1850 Jefferson Co. KY)
Pg.399, #228-233, George A. DUNCAN 46 KY schoolteacher $0
                  Edith 44 VA
                  James M. 22, Margaret 19 IN
                  Mary A. 18, Thomas J. 17 IN
                  Eveline 16, Elizabeth 14 IN
                  Charles 13, George W. 10 IN
                  Robert 8, Pelina (f) 6 IN
                  Dallas N. (m) 5 IN
                  (MAD: James M. in 1860 Jackson Co. IN census; Charles A. in 1860 Vermillion Co. IN)

1860 Washington Co. IN Census
Pierce Twp.
Pg.61, #386-386, Nancy E. DUNCAN 30 IN wdw farm $500-$300
                  Roena F. (f) 10 IN
                  William W. 5 TX ("Texas")
                  (MAD: John H. Duncan mar. Nancy E. Overton 9/21/1848)
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.153, #567-529, Elias DUNCAN 28 IN farmer $0-$200
                  Sarah Jane 27 IN
                  Joseph 7 IN
                  Martha Elizth. (f) 6 IN
                  James Franklin 4 IN
                  (MAD: Elias Duncan mar. Sarah Jane Chastain 6/24/1852)
Salem town
Pg.204, #192-192, Larkin S. DUNCAN 51 KY blacksmith $400-$300
                  Elizabeth 51 TN
                  Mary 22, Hester Ann 15 IN
                  Amanda C. 23 IN (MAD: ages plain)
                  Catharine BURDIN 6 IN
                  William L. 4 KY
                  James L. 25 KY farmer $0-$0
Monroe Twp.
Pg.379, #1469-1469, Edith DUNCAN (f) 53 VA (blank) $700-$250
                  Margaret 27 IN
                  Thomas 26 IN farm laborer $100-$200
                  Eveline 23, Charles 21 IN
                  George 19, Robert 17 IN
                  Kenton (m) 15 IN

1870 Washington Co. IN Census
Brown Twp.
Pg.19, #292-283, DUNCAN, Jane 19 NC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  McCLINTOCK, John 26 IN farmer
Madison Twp.
Pg.95, #149-149, DUNCAN, Elias 38 IN farmer $500-$200
                  Sarah J. 36 IN keeping house
                  James T. 13 IN
                  Mary 10 IN
                  Margaret E. 8, Amanda A. 8 IN (ages as given)
                  Lydia 4, John P. 1 IN
Monroe Twp.
Pg.100, #54-54, DUNCAN, George 30 IN (white) carpenter $0-$0
                  Hulda 17 KY keeping house
Pg.100, #57-57, McMULLEN, Alfred 29 CAN East carpenter $250-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 26 CAN East keeping house, par. of foreign birth
                  George W. 21 IN, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Charles 31 IN carpenter
                  DENNY? (DEWEY?), Sherrod (m) 21 IN carpenter
Pg.101, #71-71, DUNCAN, Thomas 38 IN (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ann M. 29 IN keeping house
                  William F. 9, Martha 8 IN
                  Margrette 6, Susan 4 IN
Pg.106, #153-153, HATTEBAUGH, Margret 30 IN keeping house $0-$0 (white)
                  DUNCAN, Edith 64 VA (white) keeping house $200-$100
                  Evaline 25 IN at home
                  Dallas N. (m) 23 IN farmer
                  DEINY, Perlina 40 IN (white) domestic servt.
Washington Twp.
Pg.221, #725-725, COOPER, Sarah 48 KY (white) keeping house $600-$150
                  DUNCAN, Florence 8 IN at home

1880 Washington Co. IN Soundex (looking for Isaac Wilbur Duncan b.1872-73 OH)
Vernon Twp., Vol.37, ED 184, Sheet 18, Line 1
DUNCAN, Elias 49 IN (white male)
            Sarah J. 46 IN wife
            James F. 23 IN son
            Susan M. 19, Annie 17, Lydia 13 IN daus.
            John 11 IN son
            Willie 8 IN son
      (MAD: Sarah J. and son William H. Duncan in 1910 Delaware Co. OK census)


Washington Co. IN Marriage Records
   Vol.A, 1815-1838 (FHL film 1,306,388)
      Jane (Jenny) Duncan to Hezekiah Boon, 7 July 1819 by W.W. Martin (pg.21)
      Elmina S. Duncan, father's verbal consent, to Nathaniel Kimball, of age, lic. 12 April 1828; mar. 13 April 1828 by Wm. Thanks (pg.234)
   Vol.B, 1828-1833
      Larkin Duncan "aff. of no parents" to Elizabeth Cooper, of age, lic. 15 Nov. 1830; mar. 18 Nov. 1830 by Rice McCoy (pg.38)
   Vol.C, 1833-1837
      Gilbert H. Duncan, of age, to Patsy Menaugh, father's consent, lic. 28 Aug. 1834, mar. same date by John Kingsberry (pg.27) (MAD: 1850 Vermillion Co. IN census; 1860 Miami Co. IN census)
      Fanny Duncan, of age, to John F. Cowan, of age, lic. 4 Dec. 1834, mar. same date by John Miller MG (pg.32)
      Ann Amelia Duncan, her father's consent, to George W. Hagan, of age, lic. 15 Dec. 1836, mar. same date by John Kearns (pg.70)
   Vol.D, 1837-1844 - no Duncan
   Vol.E, 1844-1847 - no Duncan; no James Duncan to Saran An 1846-1851
   Vol.F, 1847-1857, good index; no James Duncan to Saran An 1846-1851, only 1854 to Eliza Ellen
      (following grooms all of age, brides had consent of father unless noted)
      John H. Duncan to Nancy E. Overton, lic. 21 Sept. 1848, mar. same date (pg.68)
      Nancy Duncan to Hiram D. Cook, lic. 27 April 1850, mar. 28 April 1850 (pg.142)
      Elias Duncan to Sarah Jane Chastain, lic. 23 June 1852, mar. 24 June 1852 (pg.230)
      Lorinda E.T. Duncan to James C. Burdin, lic. 5 May 1853, mar. same date (pg.275)
      Mary Ann Duncan to Ransom Holmes, lic. 2 Aug. 1853, mar. 7 Aug. 1853 (pg.282)
      James Duncan to Eliza Ellen Weston, lic. 11 Feb. 1854, mar. 12 Feb. 1854 (pg.311)
      Sarah Jane Duncan to John W. Shelton, lic. 8 March 1854, mar. 12 March 1854 (pg.315)
      Sarah Duncan to Edmund Doston, lic. 12 April 1855, mar. same date (pg.356)
      Elizabeth Duncan to Reason Lane, both of age, lic. 15 May 1857, mar. 16 May 1857 (pg.443)


Washington Co. IN Probate Records
      Probate Order Books (FHL film 1,306,356 items 2-5)
            Vol.1, 2, 3; 1814-1818, 1814-1824, 1821-1830 - no Duncan
            Vol.C, 1829-1837, pg.145: Sept. 1831 & later, William Williams vs. James B. Cooper & Larkin Duncan, trespass; they assaulted Williams; found not guilty.
      Probate Order Book Vol.A, 1831-1843 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,306,386)
      First Probate Book 1814-1841 - no Duncan (FHL film 549,471 item 2)


Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records online database
      Accession: Names; Date; Doc #; State; Meridian; Twp - Range; Aliquots & Sec.#; County
      CV-0038-349: (Patentee) DUNCAN, CHARLES; 4/2/1818; 0; IN; 2nd PM; 003N - 004E; NE 1/4 Sec.20; Washington
Bureau of Land Management Internet Site - Transcript of Documents (from Sandra Yeates by email 7/18/2013)
   Transcript of original purchase documents:
      2 Apr 1818 - Dated (James Monroe, Pres of the U.S. Seal)
      ... Know Ye, That Charles Duncan, of Jessamine County Kentucky having deposited in the General Land Office a Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Jeffersonville whereby it appears that full payment has been made for the north east quarter of section twenty in township three north of range four (east) of the lands directed to be sold at Jeffersonville by the act of Congress; entitled, "An act providing for the sale of the lands of the United States in the territory north-west of the Ohio and above the mouth of the Kentucky River," and of the acts amendatory of the same; THERE IS GRANTED by the United States, unto the said Charles Duncan the quarter lot or section of land above described; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said quarter lot or section of land, with the appurtenances, unto the said Charles Duncan, his heirs and assigns forever . . .

Washington Co. IN Deeds (1814-1857 index on FHL film 1,306,143)
      G-221: 25 Sept. 1832, Charles Duncan (no wife) to James Gilcrease, both Washington Co. IN, $160, 74 acres 3 rods 20 poles, N part NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E. Wit. Wm. Logan JP, James Winslow. (FHL film 1,306,019)
      G-298: 25 Sept. 1832, Charles Duncan (no wife) to Thomas Denny, both Washington Co. IN, $75, 13 acres 58 poles, W part NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E. Wit. William Logan JP, Robert Ellison. (FHL film 1,306,019)
      K-394: 20 Nov. 1837, David C. McKinney and wife Lavina to Larkin S. Duncan, both Washington Co. IN, $24, lots 53 and 55 in town of Livonia. Wit. John McKinney, John A. McCoy. (FHL film 1,302,020)
      L-151: 26 March 1838, George A. Duncan and wife Edith (X) to Henry Crittenden, both Washington Co. IN, $120, part S 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E. Wit. Wm. Logan JP, Thomas Goodrow, James Gilcruz. (FHL film 1,302,021)
      M-67: 25 May 1839, Larkin S. Duncan and wife Betsey (\) to William Thompson and James G. Mitchell, all Washington Co. IN, $300, lots 53 and 55 in town of Livonia. Wit. John Cooper, Henry J. Hitton. (FHL film 1,302,021)
      M-112: 25 April 1839, Robert Duncan and wife Milly (X) of Shelby Co. MO (signed in MO) and Anthony Blackford and wife Elizabeth (X) of Washington Co. IN, to Ezekiel D. Logan, $120, undivided 2/7 share of 71-3/4 acres, part of NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E, belonging to estate of Charles Duncan, decd. father of Elizabeth Blackford and Robert Duncan. Wit. Robert P. Blackford, W.M. Davidson. (FHL film 1,302,021)
      M-366: 21 Aug. 1839, Isaac Orchard and wife Margery to Larkin S. Duncan, both Washington Co. IN, $35, part of SE 1/4 Sec. 34 T2N R2E. Wit. James T. Bliss, Hugh W. Kelso. (FHL film 1,302,021)
      P-49: 18 Aug. 1841, Larkin S. Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) to Barnet Chastain Jr., both Washington Co. IN, $200, part of SE 1/4 Sec. 34 T2N R4E, corner lot 63 in Livonia. Wit. Hugh W. Kelso, George W. Hardin. (FHL film 1,306,022)
      U-36: 18 Aug. 1848, Cyrus S. Brown and wife Julia of Pike Co. MO to Stephen B. Pugh of Washington Co. IN, $20, part of NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E, in division of land of Charles Duncan, undivided 1/3 part of lot 3 assigned to James B. Duncan decd late of KY, son of Charles Duncan who died in IN; James B. Duncan was father of Julia Brown. Wit. Cary R. Bankhead. (FHL film 1,306,025)
      U-37: Aug. 1848 (no day), William Duncan and wife Nancy of Jessamine Co. KY to Spencer B. Pugh of Washington Co. IN, $60, 9 acres 3 rods 14 poles, part NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E, lot #2 in division of lands of father Charles Duncan decd. Wit. George Brown. Reg. Jessamine Co. KY 30 Aug. 1848. (FHL film 1,306,025)
      U-39: Sept. 1848 (no day), Margaret A. Duncan of Jessamine Co. KY to Spencer B. Pugh of Washington Co. IN, $20, 1/3 undivided part of Lot 3 in division of estate of Charles Duncan decd, 10 acres 1 rod 38 poles, part of NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T3N R4E, the part allotted to James B. Duncan, son of Charles Duncan decd, and father of Margaret A. Duncan. Reg. 28 Sept. 1848 in Jessamine Co. KY. (FHL film 1,306,025) (MAD: no other deeds nearby for heirs of James B. Duncan)
      U-230: 4 May 1849, Leonard (X) Jones and wife Anny (X) to Edward Dunkin, $300, 70 acres part of W 1/2 NW 1/4 and 10 acres part of W 1/2 SW 1/4, both Sec. 21 T1N R3E. No wit. (FHL film 1,306,025)
      V-81: 11 Feb. 1850, Samuel (X) Barnard and wife Mary (X) to James Duncan, both Washington Co. IN, $50, 20 acres, part of SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 1 T3N R2E. No wit. (FHL film 1,306,026)
      Quit after Book W, 1851


Civil War Pension File; Certificate 3-7068; for Charles N. Duncan (extract from Sandra Yeates 12/2006)
      Declaration for Original Invalid Pension was requested when Charles N. Duncan was 49 as a result of contracting neuralgia affecting his eyes caused by exposure on or about June 1865.
      Signed by Charles N. Duncan, Born in Washington, State of Indiana - 26 years of age, 5' 9-1/4", light complexion, Brown eyes, Brown hair and by occupation when enrolled was a farmer. Served for three years; enrolled on December 17, 1863 in Peru, Company L 12th Regiment of Ind. Cavalry Volunteers, Honorably discharged November 10, 1865 at Vicksburg, Miss.
      Declaration of Pension confirms birth date to be 5/27/1837. Places of residence since leaving the service have been: First - Grundy County, Ill, then to Shawnee County Kansas in the year 1872 and remained at RFD No. 2 Topeka (Shawnee County) Kansas. Declaration attested to by Albert McClain and W. A. Slvo - dated 5/28/1907.
      Pension Certificate confirms wife to be Jane (Stewart) Duncan; married February 7, 1869, Grundy County Ill; marriage records can be found in Morris, Grundy County, Ill. Not previously married - Living children Harry B. (b. 9/17/1872); Frank E (b. 7/23/1874) and Myrtle (11/1/1883)
      Affidavit by Carrie Lansing (Detroit Michigan) attested to the single marriage of Charles N. Duncan and Jane (Stewart). In the documents for Jane Stewart Duncan (Affidavit signed by Carrie (Lansing), she (Carrie) declares that (1) Charles N. married Jane in Grundy County, Ill; (2) Neither Charles nor Jane had ever been married to anyone else; (3) It makes mention of knowing Charles Duncan 2 years prior to marriage, but text is unclear if Jane knew him or Carrie knew him?? Nor where they knew him from. (SY: Possibly Carrie was a friend of Jane and/or both.) Carrie's last address (as of 2/12/1913) was 778 Seminole, Detroit, Michigan (Wayne County) and her full name at that time was Carrie Lansing.

HISTORIES before 1923

1884 "History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Cos. IN" by Goodspeed (did not copy minor references)
      Pg.702: Monroe Township; early settlers ... 1814 to 1818 ... Charles Duncan.
      Pg.750: Salem; H.C. Duncan, lawyer at Salem bar, in list of men 1846 to Aug. 1884.
      Pg.764: Salem; hatters (no date) include ... James Duncan.
      (no Duncan mentioned in biog. sketch.)

1887 "KY, a History of the State" 5th or 6th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.45-6 (pg.783). DUNCAN FAMILY. It has been truly said "Those lives that are without striking incidents are nevertheless worthy of record." That portion of history which is denominated biography has particular claims upon the historian, and truth is but a matter of common honesty. Rev. William Duncan was born in Perthshire, Scotland, Jan. 7, 1630. He fell a Martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time of Charles II was restored to the throne of his ancestors. Rev. William Duncan had a grandson William Duncan who was born in Scotland April 19, 1690, and settled in the colony of VA in the year 1719. He was married to Ruth Rawley Feb. 11, 1722. Rawley Duncan born in Culpeper Co. VA. Nov. 23, 1724, was the grandfather of the late William Duncan of Jessamine Co. who died in 1863 and was born in Jessamine Co. Jan. 1, 1788. William married Nancy Blackford dau. of Benj. Blackford in 1813. Children: Ryan born Nov. 6, 1814; Margaret born Jan. 14, 1817; Catherine born July 17, 1819; Sally Ann born Oct. 21, 1821; James born Feb. 7, 1824; Robert born Sept. 8, 1826; Benjamin S. born Feb. 13, 1829; Charles W. born April 28, 1831; and Mary D. born Sept. 23, 1834. Robert and Benjamin are the only sons now living, Mrs. Kate Bourn and Mrs. Sallie Scott the only daughters. Robert Duncan married Miss Virginia Nave in 1865; children: Maggie Florence, Robert Jacob, Lizzie, Miranda & Emma Besueden. Benjamin S. Duncan married Lucy A. Funk, youngest dau. of John Funk, May 22, 1856; children: Allen B., Carrie B. and John W. Duncan. Allen B. Duncan married Miss Georgia Proctor, dau. of J.W. Proctor, of Danville, KY; Carrie B. Duncan married David Bell, son of Dr. Bell and grandson of the late Judge Robertson, both of Lexington, KY; J.W. Duncan is not married. Charles Duncan the grandfather of Robert and Benjamin was born at Culpeper C.H. VA, Oct. 8, 1762. He settled in Jessamine Co. in 1787, where he reared a large family, and died during a visit he made to Washington [Co.], IN, July 12, 1829. Sallie A. Duncan, dau. of William and Nancy Duncan, whose sketch appears elsewhere, was married to Robert Carlisle, in 1861; he was a native of Fayette Co. KY; his father was Robert Carlisle who was born in VA, and John G. Carlisle is a nephew of Robert Carlisle Sr. R.G. Carlisle was a school-teacher in this county about 1850; he was born in 1820 and died in 1864; one child survives: Lizzie G., married to James A. Hulett of Jessamine Co. Sallie A. Duncan's second marriage was to Willaby S. Scott, born in Bourbon Co. KY in 1815, died in 1882, leaving three children: Sallie, Carlisle and Eliza. Mrs. Scott owns 70 acres of fine land in Nicholasville Precinct. B.S. Duncan owns 880 acres in the same precinct.

1888 "KY, a History of the State" 8th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; minor Duncan reference pg.110 not copied)
      Pg.55. JAMES C. GILBERT, born at Jackson [Cape Girardeau or Jasper Co.], MO, Dec. 12, 1832, descended from a good old KY family, his maternal grandfather, James Duncan, having been one of early settlers of Louisville [Jefferson Co.]. His father died when the subject was still quite young, and his mother removed to Salem [Washington Co.], IN. Here James grew to manhood, received a good practical education, apprenticed to the printers' trade under Mr. Oliver Lucas. He came to Louisville about 1847. He is the practical head of one of the largest printing houses in Louisville ... He married Miss Emma B. Hoe, of Louisville. (MAD: Eliza Jane Duncan mar. John Gilbert 4/19/1827 in Washington Co. IN)


"The Holmes family : of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Iredell Co., North Carolina, Jackson Co., Indiana and Jasper Co., Iowa, 1750-1976" by Lola Frances Murphy McMeen and Lola Vita Murphy Wilson, 1976 (FHL book 929.273 G694g)
      Pgs.6-7 in this book refer to Ransom Powell Holmes, b. Jackson Co. IN 11/14/1825, mar. 2nd Mary Ann Duncan on 8/7/1853 (MAD: mar. Washington Co. IN). Pgs.17-22 note that Mary Ann had a brother George Duncan who died in 1904 age 64, wife Hulda, son of George Allen Duncan, a school teacher, and Anna N. Lane. (MAD: George A. Duncan mar. Edith Downey 12/20/1826 Washington Co. IN; 1850 Washington Co. IN census) Ransom P. Holmes and family moved to Jasper Co. IA 1865; another brother of Mary Ann's, Charles B. Duncan, accompanied them on the trip.


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