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Last revised December 10, 2011

Formed 1807 from Dickson
Lawrence formed 1817 from Hickman, Maury
Wayne formed 1817 from Hickman
Perry formed 1818 from Hickman
Lewis formed 1843 from Hickman, Maury, Wayne, Lawrence
See also Lewis Co.


1820 Hickman Co. TN Census
Pg. 15  David Duncan          210101        - 21110
          (MAD: ?? from Spartanburg Co. SC;
            parents ?? William ?& ?Ruth)
        John Duncan           000100        - 10100
          (MAD: 1830 Lawrence Co. TN census)
    21  William Duncan        200020        - 30100
    23  Abram Duncan          130010        - 11010
        James Duncan          310010        - 20010
        John Duncan Sen.      000001        - 00001

1830 Hickman Co. TN Census
Pg.261  David Dunkin          0110,1001     - 0101,1001
   269  William Dunkin        2201,001      - 0202,01
   290  Elijah Dunkin         1000,1        - 0001
        Abraham Dunkin        0100,01       - 0000,001

1840 Hickman Co. TN Census
Pg.174  William Duncan        1230,3001     - 0101,001
   182  Hirom Duncan          1000,1        - 0001
   197  David Duncan          0001,0000,1   - 0000,1000,1
   219  Elijah Pancan         1100,01       - 0100,01

1850 Hickman Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.13 (25), #175, Theodorick W. MILLER 38 SC farmer $500
                  Sarah 48 NC
                  Paralee 17, William 16, Caroline 16 TN
                  Luther 14, David 12, Angeline 12 TN
                  Margarette 10, Mary 6 TN
                  (MAD: Theodorick W. Miller mar. first Mary Duncan, per query by Charles J. Beasley and info of Donna Holman)
Pg.28 (55), #386, Robert PEERY 53 VA farmer $1500
                  Jane 53 SC
                  Charles 26, John 23 TN
                  James 21, Robert Jr. 18 TN (farmers)
                  written in: Margarett (age blank)
                  William 15 TN farmer
                  Elizabeth J. DUNCAN 5 TN
Pg.28 (55), #387, Alexander PEERY 50 VA farmer $1500
                  Margarett 35 NC
                  Nancy 24, Mary 18, Theresa (f) 15 TN
                  Robert 14, Eliza 10 TN
Pg.28 (55), #391, Wm. DUNCAN 60 KY farmer $600
                  Margarett 56 SC
                  James 32 (farmer), Permetta 26 TN
                  Margarett 19, Crockett 18 TN
                  Milton 16, Marcenos (m) 12 TN
                  Eliza BRIGGS 8 TN
                  Parthenia WILLIAMS 8 TN
                  (MAD: b. Jessamine Co. KY, said to be son of James Duncan & Mary Crockett; Wm. Duncan mar. Margaret Couch 11/26/1810 Pulaski Co. KY, bondsmen incl. Daniel Duncan; ? see Milton L. mar. Martha Warren 1869 Marshall Co. MS)
Pg.28 (55), #392, Wm. H. DUNCAN 35 TN farmer $0
                  Frances (f) 22 TN
                  John 2 TN
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. Francis Kelly 12/31/1846 Lewis Co. TN)
Pg.29 (58), #413, David DUNCAN 27 TN farmer $0
                  Mary 22 TN mar/in/yr
Pg.39 (78), #552, Nathaniel T. FOULKS 40 VA shoemaker $0, Can't read/write
                  Martha 24 TN
                  Thomas J. RILLICK 23 TN student
                  John C. DUNCAN 23 TN student
                  Nancy FOULKS 18 TN
Pg.46 (92), #652, Hiram W. DUNCAN 32 TN farmer $200
                  Eliza 29 NC
                  Thomas 11, Wm. 6 TN
                  Tennessee (f) 4, Martha 1 TN
Pg.49 (98), #691, David DUNCAN 76 SC farmer $300
                  Nancy 70 NC
                  (MAD: sons John & William S. in 1850 Lawrence Co. TN census)
Pg.70 (139), #997, Wm. B. LIGGIN 30 VA farmer $300
                  Nancy 29 TN
                  Emily 8, Gibson (m) 2 TN
                  Sophia 63 TN
Pg.70 (139), #998, Thomas H. DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $450
                  Lucy 26 TN (written on top of Nancy 29)
                  John 7, Ann 5 TN
                  Victoria 2, Wm. 1 TN

1860 Hickman Co. TN Census (and from Dale O. Duncan 2/1986)
5th District
Pg.33 (162), #1036, Eleanor CUNNINGHAM 71 IRE widow $30-65
                  Newton A. DUNCAN 4 TN
                  Emma E. 5/12 TN
Pg.34 (163), #1041, Wm. B. LIGON 42 VA farmer $1800-$668
                  Nancy 39 TN
                  Wiley G. 12, William D. 9 TN
                  Mary J. 6 TN
                  Emily E. BALES 18 TN
                  Nancy DUNCAN 80 NC (blank) $700-$100
Pg.35 (165), #1056, Thos. H. DUNCAN 37 TN farmer $375-913
                  Docia 37 TN (MAD: sic, but actually Lucy)
                  J.W. (m) 17 TN farm laborer
                  Iby A. (f) 15, Victoria 13 TN
                  W.D. (m) 11, Francis A. (f) 9 TN
                  D.D.H. (m) 7, J.W. (m) 3 TN
                  Delia L. (f) 3/12 TN
Pg.35 (166), #1061, H.W. DUNCAN (m) 44 TN farmer $0-500
                  Eliza 39 NC
                  Wm. O. 16, T.J. (f) 13 TN
                  M.E. (f) 11, John W. 9 TN
                  C.C. (f) 7 TN
6th District
Pg.53 (135), #855, Ruth SULLIVAN 55 NC (blank) $0
                  Thomas H. DUNCAN 21 TN (blank) $0-257
                  Nancy A. 19 TN
10th District
Pg.68 (21), #165, Thomas DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $100-153
                  Caldonia 22 TN
                  Wm. T. 10, John 8 TN
                  James M. 6 TN
5th District
Pg.84 (147), #927, David M. DUNCAN 36 TN farmer $1000-774
                  Mary A. 33 TN
                  Kiziah 9, Lafayette 8 TN
                  Francis (f) 6, William 4 TN
                  James 2 TN
14th District
Pg.91 (88), #635, Wm. H. DUNCAN 40 TN farmer $0-538
                  Francis 33 TN
                  E.J.G. (f) 15, John L/Q. 11 TN
                  Wm. F. 6, N.Y. (m) 4 TN
                  Nancy F. 4/12 TN
Pg.91 (88), #636, William DUNCAN 70 KY farmer $3000-1400
                  Margaret 65 NC
                  M.L. (f) 39 TN
                  James A. 41 TN farmer $0-240
                  M.A. (f) 30 TN
                  Parthena WILLIAMS 20 TN
                  (MAD: M.A. is Margaret Ann 30 TN)

1870 Hickman Co. TN Census
District 3, P.O. Centerville
Pg.503, #97-97, DUNCAN, M. (m) 24 TN (white) farmer $0-$400
                  M. (f) 27 TN house wife
                  Eliz. 40 TN (blank)
District 5, P.O. Bon Aqua
Pg.518-519, #51-36, DUNCAN, T.P. (m) 47 TN (white) farmer $1000-$1000
                  Docie (f) 47 TN at home
                  Jay A. (f) 27 TN at home
                  Victoria 25 TN at home
                  William B. (R?) 21 TN at home
                  Francis A. (f) 19 TN at home
                  David D. 17, Joseph W. 14 TN at home
                  Dealia L. (f) 12 TN at home
                  Juli Ann (f) 8, Eli T. (m) 6 TN at home
                  George J. 4 TN at home
                  Lucy J. 2 TN at home
Pg.519, #57-40, DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 26 TN (white) farmer $0-$500
                  Sarah J. 25 TN at home
                  Albert B. 2 TN at home
                  Viola V. (f) 10/12 TN (month of birth blank)
Pg.519, #62-43, DUNCAN, T.H. (m) 31 TN (white) farmer $0-$800
                  Nancy A. 22 TN at home
                  John L. 9, Mary L. 8 TN at home
                  William A. 7, Albert C. 2 TN at home
                  Susan 1 TN at home
District 6, P.O. Pinewood
Pg.531, #133-131, DUNCAN, Hiram 53 TN (white) work on farm $400-$500
                  Cintha M. (f) 43 TN keeping house $300-$0
                  Martha E. 20 TN work in cotton mill
                  John W. 18 TN work on farm
                  Charlotte 15 TN work in cotton mill
                  Newton (m) 13 TN work on farm
                  Analiza (f) 9, Eveline A. 7 TN (blank)
                  OWENS, Sarah J. 20 TN (white) (blank)
                  Manda V. 19, Martha 16 TN
District 10, P.O. Centerville
Pg.572, #111-113, DUNCAN, J. (m) 66 SC (white) keeping house $300-$200
                  M. (f) 63 TN house keeper
                  E. (f) 26 TN spinstress
                  M. (f) 21 TN spinstress
                  P. (m) 12, S. (m) 10 TN "none"
                  HENSON, E. (m) 10 TN "none"
District 12, P.O. Centerville
Pg.583, #11-11, DUNCAN, Haml. (m) 54 TN (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Wm. T. 17 TN farm laborer
                  Nathan C?. 15, M.M. (f) 8 TN
Pg.583, #12-12, DUNCAN, J.A. (m) 50 TN (white) farmer $1600-$300
                  Margt. 76 NC keeping house
                  L.E. (f) 48 TN
Pg.583, #13-13, DUNCAN, J.C. (m) 40 TN (white) sawyer $0-$200
                  Mary 30 TN house wife
                  Eliza 13, W.T. (m) 11 TN
                  B. (f) 9, Mollie (f) 6 TN
                  G.W. (m) 6/12 TN b.Jan.
Pg.583, #14-14, DUNCAN, P.M. (m) 30 TN farmer $0-$200
                  Eliza 28 TN housewife
                  N.V.D. (m) 6, M.E. (f) 2 TN
Pg.585, #41-41, WHITESIDE, Robt. 71 NC (white) farmer $4000-$1000 (North written over South?)
                  Sarah 70 NC housewife
                  Luther (m) 48 TN farm laborer
                  Lafayette (m) 35 TN farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Mary 42 TN (white) (blank)
                  BURCHARD, K. (f) 33 TN (white) (blank)
                  J.W. (m) 12, I/J.R. (m) 11, M.J. (f) 9 TN
Pg.586, #54-54, DUNCAN, J.Q. (m) 23 TN (white) farmer $0-$500
                  (also indexed as J.L. but not an "L")
                  Eliza 24 TN housewife
                  CLARK, Thos. 37 TN (white) farm laborer
Pg.586, #57-57, DUNCAN, David 47 TN (white) farmer $1000-$600
                  Mary 43 TN housewife
                  Kisiah (f) 20 TN weaver
                  Lafayette (m) 18 TN farm laborer
                  Francis (f) 16, Wm. R. 14 TN
                  James 12, George 9, John 7 TN
                  D.C. (m) 4, Sallie (f) 2 TN
District 14, P.O. Centerville
Pg.595, #8-8, DUNCAN, E.A. (m) 40 TN (white) farmer $1500-$600
                  F.M. (f) 30 TN housewife
                  M.V. (f) 13, G.W. (m) 11 TN
                  J.N.W. (m) 7, Mary J. (f) 6 TN
                  Wm. J. 5, Edward 3, S.L. (f) 1 TN

1880 Hickman Co. TN Census (from Dale O. Duncan 2/1986 and Denzil Mauldin 3/1986; page numbers not given)
6th District, Pinewood
#1314-155, DUNCAN, H.W. 64 TN NC SC hostler
                  C.M. 52 TN TN SC
                  Mathy 29, Emma 19, M.V. 17, M.B. 8 TN TN TN daus
                  THOMPSON, Betty 20 boarder
                  WALKER, Harriett 22 BLACK cook
#1316-158, STATUM, S.H. 40
                  M.E. 47
                  J.G. 20, M.C. 19, J.A. 12
                  DUNCAN. N.A. 23 TN TN TN watchman servant
7th District
??, 13, DUNKIN, J.M. 34 TN TN TN
                  M.R. 39 TN TN TN wife
                  Ada 9, Ida 7, Willie D. 3 TN TN TN (daus. & son)
#1479-158, DUNCAN, J/T.H. 41 TN TN TN
                  Nancy A. 38 TN TN TN wife
                  John L. 19, Mary T. 18, W.A.(m) 17 TN TN TN
                  Albert C. 12, Susa A. 10 TN TN TN
                  Walker 9, Walter A. 7, Amie L. 2 TN TN TN
                  no name (f) 4/12 (Feb.) TN TN TN (ch.)
                  GRAY, James, 60 BLACK servant
#1480-159, DUNCAN, John W. 28 TN TN TN
                  Mary A. 22 TN TN TN wife
9th District
#1654, TOTTY, T.S. 50
                  Tenessee A. 32
                  Anna J. 6, William C. 3, Charles N. 3/12 Feb.
                  DUNCAN, Jane 19 sil (sic)
10th District
#1769, EDWARDS, H.B. 37
                  H.E. 24
                  Louiza 4
                  DUNCAN, H.W. 25 TN KY NC farmhand
#1794, WARREN, A.J. 31
                  Mary M. 30
                  Elijah 8, Dena J. 6, no name 3/12 March
                  DUNCAN, S.T. 10 stepson
12th District
#1983-121, MEECE, Margaret 57 TN KY KY
                  Milly L. 14, Laura A. 12 TN TN TN
                  Walter 10 TN TN TN (children)
                  DUNCAN, Wm. T. 26 TN TN TN nephew
#1989-142, DUNCAN, Lafayette 27 TN TN TN
                  Rebecca 24 TN TN TN wife
                  David 7, John 5, Wesly 3 TN TN TN (sons)
#2013, DUNCAN, David 56 TN KY KY
                  Kizzie 39
                  Wm. R. 24, James F. 22, George W. 19
                  John W. 17, David C. 14
                  Samuel 5, Sally A. 12
#2016-153, DUNCAN, James 61 TN KY NC single
                  Louisa 54 TN KY NC sister single
#2017-154, DUNCAN, Marcinas 44 TN KY NC
                  Druson/Dusin 40 AL -- TN wife
                  Eugene V. 13/15, Mary E. 11, Wm. L. 6 TN TN AL
                  James 5 TN TN AL (ch.)
#2018-155, DUNCAN, John 54 TN KY NC
                  Mary H. 41 TN NC TN
                  Viola C. 10, James E. 6/8, Margaret 5 TN TN TN
                  French P. 8/12 Oct. TN TN TN
#2018-156, DUNCAN, Hunith? (m) 62 TN KY NC widowed
                  Nathaniel --, Margaret M. -- TN TN TN children
#2022, DUNCAN, John Q. 32
                  Eliza 34
                  Oscar 3, Jesse W. 1

1880 Census, District 10, Hickman County, Tennessee (from Kathy D. Cawley 9/2006)
S.D.# 4, E.D.# 89, Page# 345D, Image 4 of 19
w/m, age 46, Head, farmer, TN./S.C./N.C.
Sousan, age 42, Wife, housekeeping, TN./N.C./TN.
Thos., age 15, Son, attends school, TN./TN./TN.
Jane, w/f, age 12, Daughter, attends school, TN./TN./TN.
James, w/m, age 11, Son, attends school, TN./TN./TN.
John, m/w, age 77, Father, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Mary, w/f, age 72, Mother, N.C./S.C./S.C.
      (KDC: Jonathan Duncan mar. 1st Lucinda, 2nd Susan Grimes; 1860-1870 Lewis Co. TN)

1900 TN Soundex (from Mary F. Hudson 2/1984)
Hickman Co., Vol.34, E.D.42, Sheet 15, Line 78
      J.L. DUNCAN, b. Aug. 1860, TN
                  Anna B., wife, Oct. 1868, TN
                  Edgar Lee, son, July 1889, TN
                  Estelle, dau, July 1891, TN
                  Bessie E., dau, Oct. 1894, TN
                  Mary R., dau, Nov. 1897

1900 Census, Civil District 6, Hickman County, Tennessee (from Kathy D. Cawley 9/2006)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 43, Page# 91, Image 1 of 24
Head, w/m, Feb 1858, age 42, m'd. 16 yrs., TN./TN./TN., machinist
Jane M/W?., Wife, w/f, Sept 1863, age 36, 5 chi. born, 5 living, TN./TN./TN.
Eliza P., Daughter, w/f, Sept 1885, age 14, TN./TN./TN., at school
Linnie D., Daughter, w/f, Sept 1887, age 12, TN./TN./TN., at school
Newton, Son, Son, w/m, Aug 1889, age 10, TN./TN./TN., at school
Larrinon P., Son, w/m, Apr 1892, age 8, TN./TN./TN., at school
Harry H., Son, w/m, June 1895, age 4, TN./TN./TN.
TOTTY, Annie(?) J., w/f, Apr 1875, age 25 (blurred), TN./TN./TN.
      (KDC: 1910 Dougherty Co. GA census)


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Elijah Duncan, 26503, 25a, 12/14/1835, Hickman, EE-430, General
      Elijah Duncan, 27248, 41a, 2/8/1844, Hickman, 1-108, assg. of Elizabeth Kelly, Middle TN Occupant Grant
      Elijah Duncan, 27463, 150-3/4a, 3/10/1845, Hickman, 1-320, asse. of Hiram Campbell, Middle TN Occupant Grant
      Elijah Duncan, 27672, 22-1/2a, 1/14/1846, Hickman, 1-527, Middle TN Occupant Grant
      William Duncan, 17592, 20a, 6/27/1822, Hickman, T-375, General
      William Duncan, 26878, 20a, 10/11/1837, Hickman, FF-305, General

TN General Land Grants (FHL film 1,012,958)
      T-375: 27 June 1822, Grant #17592 to William Duncan, assignee of William Bradshaw; by virtue of part of certificate #2662 dated 27 May 1807 issued by Registrar of West TN to William Bradshaw for 150 acres and entered on 4 July 1821? by #750; 20 acres by survey 10 Sept. 1820/1821, in 8th Dist. in Hickman Co., Range 5, Sec. 6; beg. nine poles north of SE corner of John Gates survey of 500 acres at a stake on his line.

Hickman Co. TN Deeds
      M-19: 14 Nov. 1844, Ephraim Leith to Elijah Duncan, bill of sale, $255, girl slave named Rosa. Wit. Daird Callehn (sic), Wiley Hilburn, William (X) Campbell. (FHL film 975,526)
   Book N, 1850-1851 - no index
   Book O, 1851-1854:
      O-82: 26 Dec. 1849, agreement, David Duncan of Hickman Co. and Thomas H. Duncan and William B. Liggon; David sold them a tract of land on both sides of Mill Creek where said Liggins now lives; Liggon to have land on North side of Mill Creek and part of 30 acre entry by William Nicks on South side Mill Creek joining Archabald G. Powels entry; Thomas H. Duncan to have balance on South side Mill Creek; they to pay 12-1/2 barrels of corn and $12.50 each for two years; then David Duncan will make deed. Wit. John P. Beasley, Wm. G. Allen. (FHL film 975,527)
      O-567: 20 Feb. 1855, trust deed, Martin Couder to James A. Duncan, land on Fall Branch of Swan Creek, containing about 146 acres, and personal property; William Duncan is "stayor" for Couder in a judgement against him on 10 Feb. 1854, and Henry Simmons is stayor on judgement "recovered against me before William Duncan Esqr." 20 May 1854. (FHL film 975,527)
      O-592: 12 Dec. 1853, Gillmon A. Duncan and wife Emaline (+), to John L. Temple, $75, our share in estate of Alexander Clark decd. Wit. Jesse K. McMinn, John A. Clark. (other deeds from Clark heirs recorded in nearby pages.) (FHL film 975,527) (MAD: Lauderdale Co. MS 1850)
      O-596: 5 Nov. 1853, Hiram W. Duncan and wife Eliza, legatee of estate of Alexander Clark, ... Wit. A.J. Sulivan, Tennessee A. Sulivan. (FHL film 975,527)
   Book P, 1854-1858 - no Duncan.


Hickman Co. TN Wills, 1866-1916 (FHL film 975,518)
      Louiza Duncan, 1894, pg.235 - not copied
      William Thos. Duncan, pg.433 - not looked at

Hickman Co. TN Bible, Family and Tombstone Records by WPA (FHL film 24,701)
   Bible and Family Records - no Duncan
   Deed Book A, 1808-1811 - no Duncan
   Deed Book B, 1811-1813 - no Duncan
   Guardian and Administrator Settlements, 1844-1846 - no Duncan
   Guardian and Administrator Settlements, 1847-1852:
      Pg.36: 1st Monday in May, 1848. Settlement with William Duncan, guardian of Andrew Garret, Sarah Garret, Eli Garret, Austin Garret, Alexander Garret and Margaret Garret: mention of former settlement; amounts due these Garrett children are about equal. (typed pg.16-17)
      Pg.100: 1st Monday in March, 1849. Settlement with Hiram W. Duncan, admr. of estate of Hardin R. Barnhill, decd. (typed page 46)
      Pg.129: 2 July 1849, Settlement with William Duncan, guardian of Andrew Garret, Sarah Garret, Eli Garret, Austin Garret, and Alexander Garret; also shows amount paid Margaret Garrett. (typed page 58)
      Pg.209: 2 July 1850, Settlement with William Duncan, guardian of Andrew Garrett, Sarah Garrett, Eli Garrett, Austin Garrett, Martha Garrett, and Alexander Garrett. (typed pages 87-88)
      Pg.277: 4 Aug. 1851, Settlement with William Duncan, guardian of Andrew Garrett, Sarah Garrett, and Alexander Garrett; shows payments also to Eli and Austin Garrett. (typed pg.116-117)

Hickman Co. TN Minutes, Guardianships, 1873-1882 (FHL film 975,518)
      Duncan, W.R. guardian to Alice Whitesides, Oct. 1882 (not copied)

Hickman Co. TN Bonds, Letters, Guardians (FHL film 975,519)
      1866-1877 - no index
            Duncan, W.R., guardian of Pleas. Whitesides. Not looked at.


Hickman Co. TN Court Minutes (FHL film 975,513)
   1866-1870 - no index
   1871- indexed Duncan pg.789, not found
      Pg.134: 3 Jan. 1871, James A. Duncan appointed admr. of Wm. Duncan, bond by Jas. A. Duncan, M.M. Briggs, and Wm. H. Duncan.
      Pg.197: 5 April 1871, "Nancy Duncan, inventory. Inventory confirmed."
      Pg.462: 2 Dec. 1872, Jno. W. Duncan, W.B. Ligne and W. Coffman/Cochran; J.W. Duncan pay to Hickman Co. all the money received ... faded ink, possibly a bond to act in an official capacity for Hickman Co.
      Pg.465: too faint to read
      Pg.478: 3 Dec. 1872 - too faint to read

Chancery Court Record, Hickman Co. TN County Court Records Book D, 1872-1875 (Copy of original contributed by Robert Bryant to April Heath who transcribed it and sent to MAD April 11/2002 with permission to post)
      (AH: In 1874 Thomas Hiram P. Duncan (son of Hiram Walker Duncan) filed a lawsuit against several persons including Elizabeth Duncan Thornton his Aunt, her husband Moses Thornton, and David Duncan's Mary "who is now a Gossett". The suit concerned the sale of land and Mary's failure to care for Nancy the Widow of David.)
      Pages 169-172: Hickman Co. TN Court, T.H.P. Duncan vs Moses Thornton et al, O.J. Bill. To the Honorable George H. Nixon one of the Chancellors of the State of Tennessee holding the Chancery Court at Centerville.
      The Bill of Complaint of T.H.P. Duncan, a citizen of Hickman County, Tennessee, against Moses Thornton and Wife Betsy, formerly Betsy Duncan; Mary Gosset, formerly Mary Duncan; Wiley G. Ligon; Emily Bates and her husband, W.C. Bates; Mary Ligon and Permelia Ligon, the last named two are minors and have no regular guardian, all citizens of Hickman County, Tennessee; William Ligon a citizen of the state of Kentucky, Gilmore A. Duncan a citizen of the state of [MAD: 1870 Tippah Co.] Mississippi; the heirs of John Duncan; citizens of Hardin County, Tennessee but whose ages, residences, and names are unknown to complainant; the heirs of William Duncan deceased whose names, ages and residences are unknown; the heirs of David Duncan decd who are citizens of the state of Mississippi but whose ages and names are unknown to complainant.
      Complainant would respectfully represent and show to your honor that David Duncan died in Hickman County about twenty years ago, leaving his widow Nancy Duncan who died about three years ago.
      Complainant states that David Duncan left surviving him Betsy Thornton and her husband Moses Thornton, Mary Gossett, David Duncan, John Duncan, William Duncan, Gilmore Duncan, Nancy Ligon (Mother of the parties named as defendants), H.W. Duncan and Complainant his only heirs at law. Complainant states that said David Duncan siezed and possessed in fee of the following described tract of land lying in Hickman County in the 5th Civil District on the waters of Mill Creek, containing ninety-six acres and bounded as follows: On the north by J.P. Beasley's land, on the east by the said Beasley's land and J.N. Anderson's land, on the south by a 5000 acre tract claimed by T.P. Bateman, and on the west by the lands of Hilliard Beasley and T.W. Thornton a non-specific of said land will be given on or before a hearing on this cause.
      Complainant states that there would be nine shares of equal interest of said land, but that he has bought the interest of H.W. Duncan who owned one ninth and the interest of William Ligon who owned one fifth of one share, or one fifth of one ninth.
      Complainant states that David Duncan, Sr. left a will or deed by which he left the land above described to his Mary, (Now a Gossett) upon condition that she would take care of and support his widow during her natural life, that if she failed to take care of, protect and support his wife or widow, the land at the death of the widow should be sold and portioned among his heirs. Complainant states that said Mary failed to support and protect said widow her mother, that is she did not keep her more than two years. Complainant states that after the failure on Mary's part, he took her and supported her during the rest of her life, or at least he supported her for at least two years prior to her death, and that she was so old, a great part of the time helpless.
      Complainant states that the defendants Moses Thornton and wife Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley Ligon filed a petition in the county court of Hickman County December 2nd, 1873 praying to have the said lands sold and praying to have Complainant charged with rental. (An office copy of said bill or petition is herewith filed marked(A) and asked to be taken care of this Bill but not to be copied.)
      Complainant charges that he supported on the place the widow of David Duncan and grandmother to the petitioner all the latter years of her life, that she was in a helpless condition a part of the time, and that all the time a very great trouble, that he was put valuable and permanent improvements upon the land, built a dwelling house, corn Crib, etc, also he has cleared up and fenced in about forty acres of land. Complainant further states and charges that by his improvements and management of the land he has increased it; value more than one hundred percent.
      Complainant states that he is advised that this is the only proper tribunal that can have the same rendered and that he would be greatly embarrassed in any other court. Complainant states that the land cannot be divided by meters and bounds without great injury to the parties concerned and that it is manifestly to the interest of the parties that lands be sold for partition and distribution.
      The premises considered Complainants prays that the parties named as such be made defendant to this Bill, that copy of bill and sp issued and they be compelled to answer all the allegations therein made according to the usual course of this court, that publication be made as to the non-resident defendants as the law dictates and that Guardian be appointed to answer and defend for the minors and unknown heirs of David Duncan decd, and that the States Writ of Injunction issue and that defendants Moses Thornton, Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley G. Ligon be enjoined from further prosecuting this suit in the county court, and that an account be taken and that upon hearing that Complainant be allowed reasonable compensation for the support and maintenance of Nancy Duncan the widow of David Duncan deed, and reasonable compensation for the valuable and permanent improvements that he has put upon the land, and that the land be sold for partition and distributed among the parties in interest and for such other and different relief as to your honor may seem meet on the nature of the case require & c. This is the first application for writ of injunction in this case.
      State of Tennessee; Hickman County. J.W. Duncan agent of T.H.P. Duncan makes oath before me W.M. Johnson, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court for said county, that the facts stated in the foregoing Bill are true to the best of his knowledge information and belief. Sworn to before me Feb 23rd, 1874.
      The Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court at Centerville, Hickman County upon Complainant executing an Injunction Bond in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars payable and conditioned according to law, issue the writ of injunction as prayed for in the foregoing Bill given under my hand this 27th day of Feb, 1874.


Lewis Co. TN Deeds (SLC 9/27/2011)
      A-300/301: Executed by Thos. E. Kingston, deed to William Dunken, recorded 31st July 1849. State of TN, Lewis Co., indenture made 17 July 1849 between Thomas E. Kingston to William Dunkin of Hickman Co. TN, for $148.02 paid, sold to said Dunkin a tract of land in Lewis Co. TN on the head waters of Catheys Creek and bounded beg. 4 poles north of the SW corner of an Entry in the name of James Bryant for 125 acres now owned by T.E. Kingston, and runs north with said line and passing the NW corner at 96 poles, in all 139 poles to a stake then west 100 poles to a stake, then south 229 poles to a stake, then east 21 poles to the SW corner of a tract of 44 acres belonging to said Kingston, a set rock 2 poles north of the Columbia road, then north with said line 90 poles to a stake and 2 red oak pointers then east the same 79 poles to the beginning, containing by estimation 100 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ Thos. E. Kingston. Thomas E. Kingston appeared before G.Y. Hudson, Clerk of the Lewis Co. Court, 19 July 1849. Certificate by John W. Rickets, Register for Lewis Co., the deed and clerk's certificate are duly recorded in Book A, pg.300, on 31 July 1849. (FHL film 979,944)
      C-50: William Duncan to Caldwell & Vestel filed Nov. 19, 1855. Lewis Co. TN, indenture made 8 Jan. 1855 between William Duncan of Hickman Co. TN and Charles Vestel & William Caldwell of Maury Co. TN, for $50 paid, sold to said Charles Vestel a tract or parcel of land in Lewis Co. TN on the head watrs of Cartheys Creek and bounded beginning 4 poles north of the SW corner of an entry made in the name of James Bryant for 125 acres line and passing and runs north with said passing the NW corner at 90 51 & poles in all 139 poles to a stake, then west 100 poles to a stake, then south 229 poles to a stake, then east 21 poles to the SW corner of a tract of 44 acres belonging to Thomas Kingston a set rock 2 poles north of the Columbia road, then north with said line 90 pols to a stake and 2 red oak pointers then west with the same 79 poles to the beginning, containing by estimation 100 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ William Duncan. Wit. Albert A. Kennedy, J.S. Love. William Duncan appeared before W.H. Flanigan, Clerk of the Lewis Co. Court, 19 Nov. 1855. (FHL film 979,945)

Death Certificate, Pierce Co. WA (copy from Dale O. Duncan 2/1986)
      Tacoma, Pierce Co., Pierce Co. Hospital:
      Nancy E. Harrington, 1706 S. Fife St., female, white, divorced, born May 15, 1858, age 65 years 28 da, housewife, born Arkansas, parents Wm. Duncan b. England and Nancy Matlock b. TN; died June 11, 1933 from myocarditis, 5 years, contributory rheumatic arthritis 3 years; informant Albert Harrington, 1636 S. Fife St.; burial Mt. View Cemetery.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Edgar, Farmers Exchange [Hickman Co.], Tenn.; R-18157.
      Duncan, Thomas H., widow Duncan, Nancy A.; B 3 US Vol. Inf.; 1895 June 29, Invalid Appl. #1168345, Cert. #1067005, Tenn.; 1906 April 20, Widow Appl. #847374, Cert. #614222, Tenn. (MAD: Hickman Co. TN)
      Duncan, William, father Duncan, H.W.; G 12 Tenn. Cav.; 1882 March 3, Father Appl. #301612, no cert., Tenn. (MAD: Hickman Co. TN, mustered at Nashville, Davidson Co. TN)

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,690)
      #12,766: P. Duncan, rejected claim; of Hickman Co. TN, born Perry Co. TN 1845, enlisted March 1863, Co. H 10th TN Cavalry; married 3 times, size of family: 4, a wife and 2 children; wife age 38, children a boy age 8 and a girl age 3; wife Anna Duncan; Applied 29 April 1911. Statement 5 July 1911 by Eli Duncan re his service. Complete name of P. Duncan never given. (MAD: Pleasant Duncan and his brother Eli, from information from Donald J. Duncan)

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