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Formed 1819 from Hardin
Fayette formed 1824 from Shelby, Hardeman


1830 Shelby Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Shelby Co. TN Census
Pg.219   William Dunkin      1010,01   - 0010,1

1850 Shelby Co. TN Census (some from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Memphis Ward 5
Pg.51 (101), #702-728, Elijah OLIVER 32 NC plasterer $4300
                  E. (f) 22 NC
                  Zachary 2 TN
                  George DUNCAN 21 O (Ohio) plasterer
Memphis Ward 6
Pg.63 (126), #869-894, W.R. DUNCAN (m) 33 TN merchant $2000
                  Mary 24 TN
                  Wm. 3, Mancy (f) 1 TN
6th District
Pg.108 (215), #453-453, Benj. DUNCAN 66 VA farmer $12,400
                  Mary R. 43 TN
                  Benj. 11, Cath. 8 TN
                  Geo. 22 AL physician
Town of Raleigh
Pg.110 (220), #472-472, S.B. HAWKINS (m) 39 TN merchant $1500
                  Mary 20 AL
                  Harriet 2 TN
                  A.B. CRAWFORD (f) 43 VA (blank)
                  Robt. McCLEARY 22 MO waggon $0
                  Paulina 20 NC
                  (MAD: Samuel B. Hawkins m. Mary I. Duncan 6/2/1842; Saml. B. Hawkins m. Mary A. Crawford 7/23/1846)
3rd District
Pg.141 (281), #943-943, S.S. REMBERT (m) 32 GA farmer $0
                  Ann 25 AL
                  Andrew 6, Saml. 4, Henry 3, Margaret 1 TN
                  Lemuel DATTY 20 TN stock raiser $0

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TN General Land Grants (FHL film 1,012,964)
      Z-422: 5 Jan. 1825, Grant #23004; by virtue of warrant #1703 dated 1 Aug. 1821 issued by Sec. of State of NC to President & Trustees of Univ. of said State on account of the military services of Peter Duncan, decd, for 1000 acres, entered 13 Dec. 1821 #805; grant to Thomas Henderson, assignee of said President & Trustees, 100 acres by survey 19 July 1823, in 11th Dist. in (blank) county, Range 5, Sec. 4, on north side of Loose? Hatchee River, corner Mr. Willis? south boundary line. (MAD: Shelby Co. per index)

Shelby Co. TN Deed index, 1821-1841 [Book K], by WPA (FHL film 24,825 item 6; deeds themselves not on film 8/1988)
      E-115: J. Benton to B. Duncan, deed (Vol.E, 1835-1837)
      H-360: Benj. Dunkin to Elizabeth Lewis, gd, deed (vol.H, 1839-1840)

Shelby Co. TN Deed Indexes, 1821-1933 (SLC 9/26/2011; deeds not on film 10/2011)
   Only copied to ca 1869, not usually 187x; no explanation of "Instrument Type"
   Direct, grantor, Index, pages 4320-4322+ (FHL film 1,465,407)
      Ducnan, John G. & others to Miller, John, Instrument Type #11, date filed 05-00-00, recorded book 352 pg.379 (MAD: name as spelled and indexed)
      Duncan, A.J. & others to Wicks, M.J. & others, #10, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.167
      Duncan, Benjamin to Allen, S.M., #61, 1854, Book 16 pg.74
      Duncan, Benjamin to Ware, R.P., #67, 1855, Book 22 pg.408
      Duncan, E.D. to Clark, William, #22, 1864, Book 52 pg.028
      Duncan, E.D. to Clark, William, #22, 1864, Book 52 pg.210
      Duncan, E.D. to Clark, William, #22, 1864, Book 52 pg.692
      Duncan, E.D. to Finnie, J.G., #22, 1859, Book 39-1 pg.021
      Duncan, E.D. to Finnie, J.G., #22, 1860, Book 43 pg.630
      Duncan, E.D. to Finnie, John G., #22, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.68
      Duncan, E.D. to Finnie, John G., #22, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.70
      Duncan, E.D. to Griffing, W.L. & others, #61, 1858, Book 36 pg.105
      Duncan, E.D. to Hayden, Bridget, #61, 1858, Book 36 pg.229
      Duncan, E.D. to Johnson, James F., #61, 1858, Book 33 pg.300
      Duncan, E.D. to Merriman, J.E., #22, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.67
      Duncan, E.D. to Merriman, J.E. & Co., #67, 1861, Book 49 pg.504
      Duncan, E.D. to O'Donnell, James M., #48, 1864, Book 52 pg.123
      Duncan, E.D. to Renkert, A. & others, #61, 1857, Book 29 pg.186
      Duncan, E.D. & others to Jobe, S.M., #22, 1860, Book 47 pg.075
      Duncan, E.D. & others to Reynolds & Harmon, #48, 1862, Book 51 pg.140
      Duncan, E.D. & others to Tate, Thomas S., #10, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.507
      Duncan, E.D. & others to Trice, T.H., #22, 1861, Book 46 pg.475
      Duncan, E.F. to Gouldsby, W.T., #61, 1867, Book 64 pg.433
      Duncan, Early D. to Jobe, S.M., #22, 1861, Book 48 pg.269
      Duncan, G.K. to Duncan, B.F., #57, 1867, Book 65 pg.87
      Duncan, G.K. & others to Spring Hill Miss. Bapt. Ch., #61, 1869, Book 73 pg.319
      Duncan, G.W. to Botto, J.B. & others, #61, 1866, Book 57-1 pg.60
      Duncan, George K. to Coleman, J.M. & Co., #61, 1856, Book 25 pg.71
      Duncan, George K. to Moses, Nathan, #61, 1867, Book 62 pg.106
      Duncan, George K. to Taylor, Zach, #61, 1868, Book 69 pg.86
      Duncan, George K. tr. to Carlisle, Chambliss, #61, 1861, Book 46 pg.567
      Duncan, J. Jr. to Jeggetts, M.A., #67, 1858, Book 35 pg.600
      Duncan, James M. to Lewis, Mary E., #61, 1867, Book 61 pg.466
      Duncan, James M. to Lewis, W.D., #10, 1866, Book 58-1 pg.492
      Duncan, M.L. to Small, H.D., #55, 1861, Book 46 pg.499
      Duncan, M.R. to Slaughter, D., #61, 1866, Book 59-2 pg.548
      Duncan, R.P. to Cook, D.R., #57, 1869, Book 72 pg.236
      Duncan, W.H. & others to Herron, Andrew, #61, 1847, Book W pg.58
      Duncan, W.H. & others to Marsh, W., #61, 1848, Book Z pg.239
      Duncan, W.R. to Bass, John M., #61, 1848, Book 7 pg.486
      Duncan, W.R. to Crenshaw, W.A. & others, #10, 1854, Book 18 pg.441
      Duncan, William R. to Crenshaw, T.B., #61, 1857, Book 28 pg.301
      Duncan, William R. to Crenshaw, W.A., heirs of, #61, 1857, Book 28 pg.306
      Duncan Merriman Reynolds & others to ----, #29, 1862, Book 51 pg.140
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Denwoody, William L., #61, 1852, Book 12 pg.155
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Duncan, W.R., #61, 1860, Book 42 pg.061
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Fuller, C.C., #84, 1860, Book 40-1 pg.480
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Harris, Jesse L., #61, 1860, Book 41-1 pg.289
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Lewis, Elizabeth, #84, 1839, Book H pg.366
   Grantee, reverse, index (FHL film 1,465,417)
      Duncan, B. from Crenshaw & Dabney, #61, 1847, Book X pg.250
      Duncan, B. from Dabney, W.D., #61, 1849, Book 3 pg.610
      Duncan, B.F. from Duncan, G.K., #57, 1867, Book 65 pg.087
      Duncan, B.W. from McLemore, John C., #61, 1867, Book 61 pg.132
      Duncan, B.W. from Trezevant, J.P. Tr., #57, 1868, Book 68 pg.388
      Duncan, B.F. tr. & others from Blake, Sarah E., #22, 1867, Book 65 pg.019
      Duncan, Benjamin from Anderson, Nathaniel, #61, 1843, Book O pg.423
      Duncan, Benjamin from Brown, S.R., #61, 1851, Book 9 pg.14
      Duncan, Benjamin from Howard, M.H., #61, 1853, Book 15 pg.050
      Duncan, Benjamin from Lofland, Charles Tr. & others, #61, 1843, Book O pg.422
      Duncan, Benjamin from Rembert, S.S., #22, 1854, Book 18 pg.42
      Duncan, Benjamin from Tate, Jesse M., #61, 1851, Book 9 pg.15
      Duncan, Benjamin F. from Crook, G.W. & others, #14, 1873, Book 97 pg.410
      Duncan, Benjamin F. Tr. from Doherty, Richard, #22, 1873, Book 96 pg.545
      Duncan, E.B. from Cordes, A., #48, 1859, Book 40-2 pg.419
      Duncan, E.D. from Ball, John H. heirs of, #41, 1858, Book 33 pg.299
      Duncan, E.D. from Circuit Court, #41, 1858, Book 33 pg.299
      Duncan, E.D. from Hach, John P., #61, 1858, Book 36 pg.12
      Duncan, E.D. from Smith, W.J., #61, 1857, Book 29 pg.187
      Duncan, E.D. & others from Tate, Thomas G., #10, 1860, Book 41-2 pg.507
      Duncan, E.D. from Vance, Samuel, #61, 1854, Book 16 pg.417
      Duncan, Early D. from Cogswell, F.M., #61, 1855, Book 19 pg.587
      Duncan, F. from Deadrick, W.P., #61, 1873, Book 98 pg.033
      Duncan, G.K. from Carlisle, W.H., #22, 1860, Book 47 pg.527
      Duncan, G.K. from Circuit Court, #41, 1867, Book 60-3 pg.622
      Duncan, G.K. from Duncan, B.F., #61, 1867, Book 66 pg.482
      Duncan, G.K. from Eanes, W.H., #61, 1860, Book 40-1 pg.633
      Duncan, G.K. from Tax Collector, #61, 1860, Book 40-1 pg.633
      Duncan, G.K. from Taylor, A.B., #61, 1867, Book 60-2 pg.29
      Duncan, G.K. from Taylor, Joseph B., #61, 1866, Book 59-1 pg.512
      Duncan, G.K. Tr. & others from Jones, James E., #22, 1869, Book 72 pg.565
      Duncan, George K. from Chancery Court, #41, 1867, Book 60-2 pg.402
      Duncan, George K. from Dollis, H.C. & others, #57, 1856, Book 26 pg.534
      Duncan, George K. from Goldsby, T.T. & others, #61, 1865, Book 53-2 pg.120
      Duncan, George K. from Hughes, B.H., #67, 1858, Book 34 pg.266
      Duncan, George K. from Smith, R.L. & others, #10, 1867, Book 63 pg.412
      Duncan, George K. from Stewart, M.D., #61, 1867, Book 62 pg.380
      Duncan, George K. from Taylor, T.T., #61, 1867, Book 66 pg.506
      Duncan, George K. from Taylor, Thomas T., #61, 1867, Book 63 pg.424
      Duncan, George K. Tr. from Wells, S.D., #22, 1867, Book 62 pg.443
      Duncan, Joe & others from Blair, M.J. & others, #61, 1867, Book 64 pg.608
      Duncan, M.G. from Gabbert, Lafayette, #61, 1860, Book 43 pg.169
      Duncan, M.G. & others from Tate, Sam, #57, 1860, Book 43 pg.165
      Duncan, M.G. from Taylor, J.K. & others, #61, 1865, Book 54-1 pg.404
      Duncan, R.P. Tr. from Cook, D.R., #22, 1868, Book 70 pg.106
      Duncan, R.P. & others from Whitaker, J.C., #22, 1869, Book 74 pg.83
      Duncan, S.G. from Blount, R. & others, #61, 1833, Book O pg.131
      Duncan, Susan C. & others from Harrison, Mary A., #84, 1868, Book 67 pg.213
      Duncan, W.H. & others from Marsh, S., #61, 1847, Book X pg.206
      Duncan, W.R. from Dunkin, Benjamin, #61, 1860, Book 42 pg.061
      Duncan, W.R. from English, William, #61, 1849, Book 2 pg.481
      Duncan, W.R. & others from Rembert, S. & others, #29, 1861, Book 46 pg.209
      Duncan, William R. from English, William, #10, 1846, Book U pg.530
      Duncan & Olin from Harris, E.P. #48, 1861, Book 46 pg.097
      Duncan & Waddell from Johnson, Harriet, #61, 1857, Book 27 pg.412
      Duncan Fuller & Co. from Carr & Durham, #22, 1859, Book 38 pg.515
      Duncan Fuller & Co. from Durham, G.W. & others, #22, 1859, Book 38 pg.515
      Duncan Sherman & Co. & others from Cheek, George W. & others, #22, 1869, Book 74 pg.040
      Duncan Sherman & Co. from Page, J.W. Jr., #22, 1869, Book 74 pg.040
      Duncan Sherman & Co. from Page, J.W. Jr. & others, #41, 1869, Book 74 pg.054
      Dunkin, B. from Benton, Jesse, #61, 1835, Book E pg.115
      Dunkin, Benjamin from Tate, J.M., #10, 1840, Book K pg.410


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Widow's Indigent Pension of Sallie Duncan, filed May 26, (19)10, widow of E.G. Duncan, F 9 Tenn Inf., #3210, Rejected (from Tamra Duncan 9/1988)
      Application: Sallie Duncan, 628 Madison Ave., Memphis, Shelby Co. TN, resident of TN 70 years, born Aug. 25, 1839, Hardeman Co. TN, maiden name Sallie Cox; husband Elihu Garner Duncan born June 2, 1842, married Nov. 28, 1865 in Hardeman Co. TN (certification attached from Book 3, pg.81), by A.H. Thornton JP; husband enlisted April 1861 at Middleton? TN in Co. F, 9th Infantry, served about 1 year; surrender unknown; was wounded when he left his command; husband was not pensioner; husband died Nov. 16, 1875 (1895?) Kossuth? (Kossenth?), Mississippi; have not remarried; children were 9 girls, all more than 16 years of age. Four of children are living with me, 3 of whom are seamstress and one steng?upon. They have no property. /s/ 5 May 1910.
      (MAD: See Hardeman Co. TN for more)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.3)
      Pg.955-6, Shelby Co.: Dr. George K. Duncan was born in Limestone Co. AL, April 24, 1828. His father, Benjamin Duncan, was a native of VA. He moved to East TN and settled near Greenville; was a stonemason by trade, but was afterward a merchant at Mooresville, AL. He was married in East TN to Nancy Ross, and they had 6 sons and 4 daughters, our subject being the youngest. The father moved, in 1835, to Shelby Co. and settled on Big Creek, on the old Jesse Benton farm, and died at Raleigh, Shelby Co., June 21, 1860. The mother was a native of East TN and died at the home on Big Creek in 1838. Dr. Duncan was raised in Shelby Co. and educated in the common schools. He read medicine ... and graduated from the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia in 1851, and has since then practiced medicine in Shelby Co. ... He was married in Shelby Co. March 1, 1854, to Miss Annie Lamphier, daughter of John Lamphier, a native of VA. They had 3 children -- Edith V., Elizabeth and Albert B. The mother was born in KY and died July 11, 1881, at Raleigh, and Dr. Duncan was married again in Memphis, March 5, 1884, to Miss Sophia Anderson. He was an old line Whig before the war but is now a Democrat and a member of the A.O.U.W. ....
      Pg.986-7, Shelby Co.: Emmett Howard. As head manager of the Western Union Telegraph officers (sic) of Memphis stands Emmett Howard, the son of John and Julia (Duncan) Howard, natives of Davis Co. KY, where they reared a family of four children -- three sons and one daughter -- two of the sons being telegraphists. The father, a contractor and builder by profession, died in 1853, but the mother still lives in the grand old State of KY. Emmett Howard was born in KY and while growing up learned the useful art of telegraphy and soon took charge of an office. During the war he was on post duty at Meridian, MS. From 1866 to 1877 he had charge of the office at Humboldt, TN, and at the same time was also interested in the mercantile business; from there he went to Columbia, SC, and had charge of the Western Union office about 3 years. He then became contracting agent for the company with headquarters at Nashville and in 1881 was transferred to Memphis. In 1873 he married Annie E. Gilbert, of Logan Co. KY, who after a happy wedded life of 9 years (died).

"Memphis riots and massacres" (Shelby Co. TN) by Geo. Stoneman; pub. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., 1866, 394 pgs. (LH13578, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      House of Representatives, 39th Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 101. MEMPHIS RIOTS AND MASSACRES. July 25, 1866, ordered to be printed. ... REPORT ...
      Affidavits taken before commission organized by Freedmen's bureau ...
      Pg.345: MASON WALKER, living on Jackson street, near South street, being duly sworn, testified as follows: On the night of the 2d of May, 1866, a number of men came to the house of my sister, Mary Duncan, where I was staying, and took from me clothing, &c., to the amount of $50.

1912 "Reminiscences of the Boys in Grey 1861-1865" (Texas) by Mamie Yeary (FHL film 1,000,598 item 1; pages 202-204, alphabetic order by surname)
      Forward: In offering to the public these "Confederate Reminiscences" my only apology is to place in permanent form, and in the very words of the participants, as far as practicable, the personal experiences of the "men behind the guns," the "boys in the line," ... Many interesting papers, too lengthy for the scope of this work, have been abridged to contain the most important parts. ... While editing the data so kindly sent me, I have entered fully into each skirmish, battle, march and campaign. ...
      Green C. Duncan, Wharton [Wharton Co.], TX; was born Oct. 10, 1841, near Bloomfield [Nelson Co.], KY. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in September, 1861, at Memphis [Shelby Co.], TN, as First Sergeant in Co. A, Marsh Walker's 41st TN Infantry; Frank Ragsdale first Captain and Marsh Walker, first Colonel. In September, 1862, the company was transferred to the 8th KY Inf., and made Co. K, Buford's Brigade, Loring's Division. In the spring of 1864 the brigade was mounted and transferred to N.R. Forrest's command as Lyon's Brigade and placed in Buford's Division. We served under Forrest the remainder of the war. Was never wounded, but had five horses shot; two killed and three wounded; all under me except one. I had just dismounted from him and was standing by his side when shot. On April 8, 1862, the brigade, with others, was surrendered by Gen. McCowan at Tiptonville, TN, near Island No. 10. I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and afterwards to First Lieutenant, which was my rank at the close of the war. Was in the battles of ...; Hood's retreat to TN River, from there to Selma, AL, March, 1865.

1912 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Second Edition, 1912. Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to date. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis. Pub. Chicago, A.N. Marquis & Company, 1912. (Google Books 8/6/2009; from New York Public Library book; pgs.169-170 from Vivian Ruegge 2/25/1984)
      Pg.169-170: DUNCAN, Wayne Abel, president W.A. Duncan Land and Real Estate Co.; born, Memphis, Tenn., June 10, 1882; son of William A. and Katherine J. (Schultz) Duncan; graduated Memphis Grammar and High schools and from the preparatory school of Jones & Perry; matriculated in Law Department, University of Tennessee, graduating with degree of LL.B., 1902; married, Memphis, July 29, 1906, Norma M. Seifred; one daughter: Lady Claudia. Was traveling freight agent for Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Ry. at age of twenty; engaged in real estate business at Memphis for three years and in same line of business in St.Louis since 1906; president W.A. Duncan Land and Realty Co., successors to W.A. Rutledge Realty Co., formerly the Rutledge & Horton Realty Co., organized in 1881, and located at 1005 Chestnut St.; also president Rinehart Realty Co., Hillside Real Estate and Investment Co. Member St.Louis Real Estate Exchange. Democrat. Mason; member Sigma Alpha Epsilon college fraternity. Recreation: motoring. Office: 1005 Chestnut St. Residence: 3810 Westminster Pl. (MAD: Memphis, Shelby Co. TN)

"Sayre Family; Lineage of Thomas Sayre, A Founder of Southampton" by Theodore M. Banta, 1901 (from Iris Grimmett 4/1988)
      James Sayre, born in Warwick, Orange Co. NY, Nov. 26, 1768; married Abigail Duncan, born Feb. 1776, d. March 1807. Children: Eliathan, d. about age 7; Benjamin, b. May 22, 1799, m. May 14, 1829, Lydia Brown Greenman.
      Samuel Stokes Rembert, m. Ann Rosline Duncan, and died at Woodstock [Shelby Co.], TN, March 8, 1890.
      Hannah Caldwell, b. Sept. 20, 1767, m. James R. Smith, NY City; their dau. Elizabeth Smith m. Gov. Joseph Duncan of IL, no ch. (MAD: see Morgan Co. IL)

1891 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of MS" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.2 D3b V.1 Pt.2; and from Evelyn Sigler)
      Pg.671-3: JAMES M. DUNCAN, ... was born in Greene Co. TN on the 28th of October, 1813, and inherits Scotch blood from his paternal grandfather, who was a native of Scotland. The latter and a brother came to the United States prior to the Revolution, and the brother was killed by the British near Norfolk, VA. The grandfather settled in Botetourt Co. VA, and there reared his family, consisting of George, Jerry, Amos, Benjamin, David and two daughters. The fourth child in order of birth, Benjamin, grew to manhood in Virginia, and when a young man went to East Tennessee, where he was married in 1812 to Miss Nancy Ross, also a native of the Old Dominion, and a daughter of William Ross, who served in the Revolutionary war, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Mr. Ross has several sons, who served in the Creek Indian wars. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan continued to reside in Greene Co. TN until November, 1822, when they moved to Limestone Co. AL, and from there to Shelby Co. TN, in 1834. The father followed merchandising from the close of the Indian wars, in which he served as a lieutenant in Capt. Waterhouse's company, until about 1850, when he carried on planting .... He was a stanch whig, ... a Mason of rank, ... of Shelby county. He died June 1, 1860, ... his wife died in the same county in 1836, leaving six children -- three sons and three daughters, two of whom are yet living: James M. Duncan, the subject of this sketch, and the eldest child; and Mrs. Ann Reembert, of Shelby Co. TN. After his wife's death Mr. Duncan was married the second time and became the father of two children by this union, a son and daughter, both now deceased. James M. Duncan passed his boyhood and youth in Limestone Co. AL, ....

1913 "A History of TN and Tennesseans" 7 vol., by Hale (from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983)
      Pg.2334: William A. Duncan, lawyer, lives 3 miles north of Raleigh, near Memphis, TN. Born St. Louis MO 26 March 1856, son of Frank and Annie (Crowley) Duncan. Frank was b. Louisville [Jefferson Co.], KY, the son of Col. Henry Duncan who was in the Steamboat business on the Ohio and MS Rivers and had a large livery business in Louisville. Col. Henry Duncan was officer in the Confederate Service. His brother Garnett was a lawyer at Louisville. Garnett's son, Blanton, was also a lawyer. Frank Duncan to St. Louis when a young boy, in 1864 came to Memphis. Catholic.


Jefferson Co. AR Will Book (FHL film 983,903; same will filed in Lincoln Co. AR, A-178, FHL film 980,309, and elsewhere)
      1-615: Will of Eugenia James Duncan, of the city of Fayetteville, AR; in grateful remembrance of the numerous kindnesses and tender care of my foster parents Mr. and Mrs. R.V. McCracken, to them $1000 and rents and profits from brick stores on Main Street in Pine Bluff, AR, during their lives; at death of both the property to become part of my estate and disposed of with the rest of my estate. To St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish of Fayetteville, AR, $500 to build an orphans home or hospital. To my husband Garnett Duncan and my children if I should have any at my death, in equal shares, (my husband to have a child's share); in case I die without issue, then to my husband absolutely, all my property ... including my real estate in City of Pine Bluff, AR, and all my interest in real estate owned jointly by me and Thomas? S? James and Garland D. James near Hot Springs, AR, and my interest in some real estate near the City of Memphis [Shelby Co.] TN, (and any other real or personal property). Appoint Garnott Duncan executor. 19 Nov. 18(tight binding) Wit. 19 Nov. 1894 by Louise Elizabeth Bailio, W.S. Pollard. Codicil by Eugenia James Wilson Duncan; revoke gift to church; reference to cemetery lot, and a monument inscription to the memory of Miss Annie Wilson, Mrs. Arabell Longtree Wilson, Arabella Eugene Wilson, Mrs. Eugenia James Wilson and Capt. Wm. Henry Daylie Wilson; to be selected by my husband Garnett Duncan and my friends Fred Fox and John W. Crawford of Pine Bluff AR; dated 28 Sept. 1895, Wit. R.H. Vaughn, W.S. Pollard. Proved 7 Jan. 1896. Court order to Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, to examine Louise Elizabeth Bailie about the will; examination in Washington Co. AR of R.H. Voughn and W.S. Pollard. Letters testamentary issued to Garnett Duncan 21 Jan. 1896.

Todd Co. KY Deed (from Frances F. Fox to Nancy Bobal to MAD 2/1993)
      Deed Book 29, page 259: May 19, 1906, W.P. Duncan and wife S.C. Duncan of Memphis [Shelby Co.], TN to T.W. Galbraith of Sharon Grove KY for $298.47, parcel of land on Clifty Creek; signed; recorded January 15, 1910.

Tishomingo Co. MS Deed book V-W, 1858-1861 (FHL film 895,882)
      V-517, 29 Aug. 1859, J.M.D. Miller of Shelby Co. TN to W.R. Duncan of same, $2900, 3 town lots in W part of Town of Corinth, Tishomingo Co. MS; no wife, no wit.

Liberty Co. TX Deed (from Mary Urban 10/2002)
      H-239: Know all men by these presents that I, G.R. Morris, Sheriff of Liberty County, Texas, by virtue of an order of sale issued out of the District Court of said County and State and dated on the 7th day of April A.D. 1887 and issued on a certain order of sale rendered in said Court on the 19th day of February A.D. 1887 for the purpose of effecting a partition among the heirs of Benjamin Duncan dec'd of a certain tract of land lying and being situate in said County of Liberty on the East side of the Trinity River about five miles south of the Town of Liberty, the ownership of which was vested in the said Benjamin Duncan at his decease, the said order being granted in favor of Meatt Duncan et al against Thomas Duncan et al all the parties to the proceedings on both sides being heirs at law of the said Benjamin Duncan decd, directing the clerk of the said District Court to issue an order of sale to the Sheriff or any constable of said county ... to seize and sell the said lands and premises for the purpose of effecting the said partition among the said heirs and parties ... (MAD's extract) I did on the 12th April 1887 seize the lands, and after giving public notice by causing to be posted at three public places, one of which was the court house, ... and on the first Tuesday of May 1887 at the court house struck off to Doctor George K. Duncan of the City of Memphis [MAD: Shelby Co.] and State of Tennessee for the sum of $255 he being the highest bidder, now ... convey by these presents to the said George K. Duncan the following parcel of land to wit, ... 402 acres and a half, being a part of the Headright league grant of David Winchy (Minchy) of 4428 acres granted him by State of Texas, and being the same tract of land conveyed by William Chambers to Benjamin Duncan by deed bearing date 28th day of April 1859 and recorded in book of deeds B page 98 to 100, beg. at north corner of a 93-3/10 acre survey made for Jerome DeBlanc ... NE corner of H. Clayton's 100 acre survey, ... Jerome DeBlanc's corner, ... toward P. Ballin's survey ... 9 May 1887. /s/ G.R. Morris

Liberty Co. TX Civil Minutes, District Court, Vol.C, 1885-1895 (FHL film 1,009,027)
      C-130: 17 Feb. 1887, Matt Duncan et al vs. Thomas Duncan et al, No.1563. Ordered that C.F. Stevens Esq. be and is appointed guardian at litum for minor defendants, vis, Irby Lewis, Mael Lewis, Wilkes Boothe Lewis, Duncan Lewis, Effie Thomas, Susie Gregg and Susan A. Lewis.
            J.F. Lanier Esq. be appointed attorney to represent defendants Thomas Duncan, Ross Duncan Jr., Mary Duncan, Stonewall Duncan, John B. Duncan, Mary E. McGee and her husband T.H. McGee, Blanche Lewis, and Alice Rembert and her husband Henry Rembert, who were summoned; cause was heard; plaintiffs, viz. Matt Duncan, Ann R. Rembert and her husband S.S. Rembert, Catharine Fuller a feme sole and George K. Duncan appearing by their attorney, and the defendants above named being represented by their attorney; it is ordered that each of the said parties are the owner of and entitled to respective interest and share of the real estate described in plaintiff's petition of 402-1/2 acres in Liberty Co. TX East of Trinity River, being all that portion of David Minchy's headright of 4428 acres, at NW corner of 93-3/10 acre survey for Jerome De Blanc, corner H. Clayton's survey of 100 acres, Nancy Clayton's NW corner, Jerome De Blanc's survey now S.P. Bailles's;
      to Matt Duncan, 1/7
      A.R. Rembert 1/7
      G.K. Duncan 1/7
      Thomas Duncan 1/28
      Mary Duncan 1/28
      Ross Duncan Jr. 1/28
      Stonewall Duncan 1/28
      Susan A. Duncan 1/21
      John B. Duncan 1/21
      Susie Gregg 1/21
      Mary E. McGee 1/35
      Alice Rembert 1/35
      Blanche Lewis 1/35
      Effie Thomas 1/35
      Duncan Lewis "one one hundred and forteenth" (1/114) (MAD: following should be one hundred and fortieth, 1/140)
      Wilkes Boothe Lewis 1/114
      Mall Lewis 1/114
      Irby Lewis 1/114
      That partition and division be made. J.G. Minter, J.P. Leun? (Luen?), and W.J. Swilly? be appointed commissioners to partition and divide the property, returnable 19 Feb. 1887; that C.F. Stevens guardian ad litum for minors have $20, and J.F. Lanier attorney for absent defendants have $20.
      Pg.135: 19 Feb. 1887, Matt Duncan et al vs. Thomas Duncan et al, #1563; report of J.G. Minter and W.J. Sweeny? and J.D. Luin?, that the real estate cannot be divided equitably; ordered the 402-1/2 acres be sold on the first Tuesday in April next. (MAD: bought by George K. Duncan of Shelby Co. TN)

Liberty Co. TX Deed (from Mary Urban 10/2002; MAD's extract)
      Book 9, pages 430-431: We, George D. Bonner and Albert A. Bonner of Shelby Co. TN, for $1 paid us by A.B. Duncan, convey to the said A.B. Duncan, his heirs & assigns forever, our right, title and interest to land in Liberty Co. TX on East side of the Trinity River, being a portion of the headright league grant to David Minchy of 4428 acres of land granted him by State of TX, and being the same land conveyed to Geo. K. Duncan by G.R. Morris, Sheriff, as appears of record in Book H, pages 239-240 and 241 of the land records of County Clerk's Office of Liberty Co., TX ... beg. at north corner of 98-3/10 acre survey or tract of land made for Jerome DeBlanc, ... to N.E. corner H. Clayton's survey of 100 acres ... Clayton's N.W. corner ... Jerome DeBlanc's survey now S.P. Baillis' survey; containing by field notes 402-1/2 acres of land. 25 June 1900, /s/ Albert A. Bonner, George D. Bonner. Notarized in Shelby Co. TN, 25 June 1900.

Liberty Co. TX Will (from Mary Urban 10/2002; MAD's extract)
      43-408 to 411: Last will and testament of Albert B. Duncan, Decd, filed June 18, 1913. Albert B. Duncan of Memphis, TN, revoking any and all wills hitherto made; debts be paid.
      To my two daughters, Lucille Duncan Foster and Lottie Duncan Holliday, in equal shares, real estate: (1) my undivided 2/3 interest in land formerly owned by my father George K. Duncan located in Liberty Co. TX, described in deed recorded in Book H, pg.239, 240, 241, Liberty Co.; (2) my undivided 2/3 interest in all the lots in the town of Lucy, TN; (3) my undivided interest in the lands of my father, George K. Duncan, in Raleigh, Shelby Co. TN, in which my step-mother has a homestead right.
      To my two sons, Albert B. Duncan Jr. and James Ford Duncan, real estate: (1) my undivided 2/3 interest in the land formerly owned by my father, George K. Duncan, in Shelby Co. TN near the town of Lucy, TN, containing 140 "acred" in which my step-mother has a dower; (2) My fishing and hunting outfit and my watch, to be divided between them in such manner as they may desire.
      To my wife Ione Ford Duncan, the rest of my estate, real and personal.
      Appoint my wife Ione Ford Duncan executrix; appoint my wife Ione Ford Duncan guardian of persons and estate of my said two sons, Albert B. Duncan Jr. and James Ford Duncan, and expressly exempt her from giving bond as such. 23 April 1913, /s/ Albert B. Duncan.
      Witness Percy Finlay, Israel H. Peres. Admitted to probate and ordered recorded June 18, 1913. Shelby Co. TN, that on 18 June 1913, the following appears of record ... in re will No. 16674 R.20, Albert B. Duncan decd, ... will produced by Ione Ford Duncan, the person named as executrix, ... testimony of witnesses ... Albert B. Duncan lately died in Shelby Co. TN, and his place of residence was in said County at time of his death, Judge ordered will admitted to probate, letters testamentary be issued Ione Ford Duncan without bond. ... statement by Clerk of the Shelby Co. Court to certify the will, of record in will book 25, page 626, and order probating will of record in Minute Book 100 page 626 now on file, dated 27 June 1913. Certificates for Clerk of Court and Judge of Court.


Newspaper obituary, no date, possibly from "Memphis Commercial Appeal" (from Nashville cousin of Evelyn Sigler's who found it in her mother's papers; from Evelyn 10/1984)
      Mrs. Elsie Hurt dies; was Veteran's widow; Native of TN; was Daughter of Old South. Funeral to be tomorrow.
      Mrs. Elsie Caroline Hurt, former resident of Memphis and native of Hardin Co. TN, died at 8 o'clock yesterday morning at the Montgomery Hospital in Washington, after a heart attack suffered at the home of her son, Everett R. Hurt, at Gaithersburg, MD. She was 90.
      Mrs. Hurt was born a short distance from Savannah and across the TN River from Pittsburgh Landing. She was the daughter of the late Reverend Joseph and Harriett Duncan. When she was a child her family moved across the river to Pittsburg Landing, where the Battle of Shiloh was fought. Several of her brothers fought in that battle as members of General Albert Sydney Johnston's Army. She was 12 at the end of the war and had a vivid memory of life during that period.
      In 1870 at the old Peabody Hotel (EDS: Memphis, Shelby Co., TN) she was married to Major Branch Tanner Hurt of Petersburg, VA. He had served through the entire four years of battle in General Robert E. Lee's army of Northern VA. After her marriage she lived at Courtland, MS, until 1900 when she came to Memphis. Her husband died in 1890.
      At the time of her death Mrs. Hurt was working on a novel taken from her own experiences of life in MS and Memphis. Readers of the unfinished manuscript have compared it to "Gone With the Wind." It may be published soon.
      She was a Baptist. Services will be held at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the grave at Batesville, MS. The Reverend J.W. Lee will officiate. The Dickens Funeral home of Batesville is in charge.
      She also leaves three daughters, Mrs. Ada V. Wells of Courtland, Miss Mary Hurt of Memphis, and Mrs. Daisy H. Trezevant of Los Angeles, and three other sons, Albert W. Hurt of New Orleans, Oscar H. Hurt of Memphis and Lloyd L. Hurt of Las Cruces, NM.

Duncan Obituary Notices (from William Ralph Phillips 1/1991; see Hardeman, Lauderdale & Blount Cos. TN; names and dates of newspapers not given; annotated by Ralph)
            John R. Duncan
      John R. Duncan died at his home Curve Tennessee Wednesday July 12th, 1899. Age 74 years. Mr. Duncan was born in East Tennessee. When a child he was brought to Hardeman County by his father, the late James Duncan.
      John Duncan lived here until 1855 when he moved to Lauderdale County. He was twice married; his first was Mary Jane Bently of Haywood County, by whom he had five children. She died in 1875. His second marriage was a lady of Lauderdale County (Midgett) who with the children of his first wife survived. Mr. Duncan was an honorable Christian gentleman for years a consistent member of the Baptist Church. He was a half brother of the Mr. William Duncan Sr. of Bolivar Tennessee.

            William M. Duncan
      William Duncan Dies After Long Illness. As a Boy He Heard Forrest's Force Raiding Fort.
      William Duncan, whose "Thrill of a Lifetime" came when, as a boy, he heard Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's forces blasting the Yankees at Fort Pillow in Lauderdale County, died at 9 o'clock yesterday morning following an illness of six years. He was 86 and lived at 58 Bodley, Memphis [Shelby Co.], Tenn. Born in Hardeman County, Tenn. near Bolivar, Mr. Duncan came to Memphis 35 years ago from Ripley, Tenn. where he served as turnkey at the Lauderdale County Jail under Sheriff Joe Crocket. Previously he had served as city marshal at Halls, Tenn. and had farmed several years at Nankipoo, Lauderdale County. During the Civil War Mr. Duncan's father bought a farm near Fort Pillow, and when General Forrest raided the Fort in 1863, young Duncan received the biggest thrill of his life when the cannon began to roar, he frequently told his children. Another Civil War thrill came when Mr. Duncan and his father eluded Yankee pursuers while enroute home from Brownsville with money obtained from the sale of cotton. Mr. Duncan came to Memphis in 1905 as an employee of a timber company. He later worked as a night watchman for the Peabody Hotel and the Memphis Furniture Company. A stroke of paralysis forced him to retire about 12 years ago. He had been confined to his bed for the past six years. Mr. Duncan was a member of the Baptist Church. He leaves three daughters, Mrs. J.M. Cox, Mrs. Dora Phillips, and Mrs. John Hall, all of Memphis.
      Services, conducted by the Rev. D.D. Satterwhite, will be at the National Funeral Home Memphis, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Burial will be in Forrest Hill Cemetery.

            William Duncan
      Services for William Duncan, former turnkey at Lauderdale County Jail, were held at 10:A.M. at National Funeral Home. Rev. D.D. Satterwhite officiated. Burial was in Forest Hill Cemetery. Mr. Duncan died Saturday after a long illness. He was 86. First stricken 12 years ago, he became seriously ill six years ago.
      He was born in Hardeman County, near Bolivar Tennessee, and farmed for several years at Nankipoo, Lauderdale County. He remembered many events of the Civil War. He served as turnkey at Lauderdale County jail a short time and was city marshal at Halls, Tenn. at one time. He came to Memphis [Shelby Co. TN] in 1905 and worked for a lumber company. He was later night watchman for the old Peabody Hotel and later the Memphis Furniture Company. He was a Baptist and resided at 58 Bodley Ave.
      He leaves three daughters, Mrs. J.M. Cox, Mrs. Dora Phillips, and Mrs. John Hall, Memphis, six grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

            Allena Duncan
      Miss Allena Duncan, the 12 year old daughter of Mr. W.M. Duncan, died at the home of Mr. W.F. Cones, in this city Tuesday afternoon about six o'clock, after an illness of six weeks of Typhoid fever. Allena was a bright child and her death at this early age is indeed sad to her many friends.
      Her remains were laid to rest in Enon Cemetery, Wednesday afternoon. We extend symmpathy to the Bervement (sic) father and other relatives and friends.

            Roberta Childress; Daughter of Lula Catherine Duncan Childress
      Funeral services for Miss Roberta Childress, 18, daughter of Mrs. James Hall, 58 Bodley Avenue, who died at the family residence yesterday morning at 4[30 o'clock, will be held from the home this afternoon at 3: o'clock. The Rev. W.L. Norris will conduct the rites and interment will be in Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis [Shelby Co.], Tennessee.
      Miss Childress is survived by her mother, one sister, Catherine Hall and two brothers, L.V. Childress and J.W. Hall, all of this city. September 28th, 1924.

Obituary of Major Benjamin Duncan (image from Robert L. Jackson 1/2003; newspaper unknown, but probably in Memphis, Shelby Co. TN)
      Major Benjamin Duncan - Born July 4, 1785, Died June 13th, 1860.
      DUNCAN --- Major Benjamin Duncan, a native of Western Virginia, and an old citizen of this County died at his residence, near Raleigh, on the forenoon of last Thursday, 13th inst. -
      He was born on that great day that gave birth to our national independence, and had he lived to the 4th of July (next month) he would have been 76 years old, so that for more than three quarters of a century every cannon that celebrated our grand national natal day also "commenorated" his own.
      Major D. enlisted in the army with Sam Houston, both of East Tennessee, whom he resembled in personne and fought in the Creek war under Gen. Jackson. He ranked Houston in the army, both being lieutenants. But "old Sam has got ahead of me" said he to the writer a few months ago. I think not, Major Duncan has left a large family of children, whom he reared, educated and started successfully in the world, and had the proud satisfaction of seeing them all established in good character, independence and respectability, besides leaving a large estate to be divided among them and their children, as well as sustain his bereaved and afflicted widow. And all this he accomplished by his own energy, honesty and good sense, for he started himself with nothing but his own perfect person. Has Gen. Houston done as much?
      As a man, his predominating characteristics were great personal energy, spirit, firmness, frankness, independence and truth, with a powerful physical organization.
      As a husband, he was eminently kind and forebearing, and as a parent and master his indulgence and "lenity" were if possible unparalleled. Pity we have not more like him.
      Well did he stem the storms of life, and with no quailing heart stepped off at the bidding of his God, for he died like a philosopher, his last words being "I've trust my God during a hard life and He never deceived me; I am willing to trust Him in Death." He was never inveigled into any of the many religious dogmas of his days, but lived as he died with unwavering confidence in his God. Earth urns his ashes and his spirit is in peace.


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