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Formed 1820 from Pulaski
Washington formed 1828 from Crawford
Pope formed 1829 from Crawford
Scott formed 1833 from Pulaski, Crawford, Pope
Franklin formed 1837 from Crawford
Sebastian formed 1851 from Scott, Polk, Crawford


1840 Crawford Co. AR Census
Mountain Dist.
Pg.98  Z.R. Duncan      0000,1  -  2001
            (MAD: 1830 Hardeman Co. TN census)

1850 Crawford Co. AR Census
Pg.274, #80-81, William C. BARNES 21 MO farmer, Betsy 16 AR m.in.yr
Pg.275, #85, William BARNES 24 AR & family
Pg.275, #86, Robert BARNES 33 MO & family
Pg.275, #88, Luke BARNES 23 MO
                  Mary 15 MO mar/in/year
                  Margaret 49 MO
                  Mary J. 14, Lewis 9, Martin 7 MO
                  Saul 19, Morgan (m) 13, James 14 MO
                  (MAD: one Margaret Duncan mar. William Barnes 4/25/1819 Howard Co. MO; ? 1830 Jackson Co. MO census; ? 1840 Washington Co. AR census; 1870 Sebastian Co. AR)
Pg.275, #89, John BARNES 34 MO & family
Pg.276, #104, Thomas BARNES 47 MO & family
                  (quit on Barnes families)
Jasper Twp.
Pg.339, #117, Zephenia DUNCAN 40 TN farmer
                  Eliza A. 28 TN
                  Susan 11 TN
                  Rebecca 9, Charlotte 8 AR
                  Wineford (f) 6, Alexander 2 AR
                  (MAD: Zephinah R. Duncan mar. Eliza A. Mainard 9/26/1838 Carroll Co. TN; from Hardeman Co. TN)

1860 Crawford Co. AR Census (also from Steven D. Fiser 12/1992)
Lafayette Twp., P.O. Bellmont
Pg.689, #611-595, Jefferson A. DUNCAN 34 AL farmer $300-0
                  Caroline A. 25 AL
                  Lucinda 4, Thos. A. 2/12 AR
Cedar Creek Twp, P.O. Van Buren
Pg.750, #970-938, Z.R. DUNCAN (m) 49 TN farmer $500-$1000
                  Eliza A. 38 TN
                  Susan 20 TN
                  Rebecca J. 19, Sharlott 18, Winneford 16 AR
                  Alex A. 11, Jopplon? (f) 9, Sarah 7 AR
                  Hannah 5, John J. 3 AR

1870 Crawford Co. AR Census (pg.281 from Judy Player 2/1991)
Cedar Creek Twp.
Pg.183, #132-132, DUNKIN, Z.R. (m) 60 TN farmer $800-$300
                  E.A. (f) 46 TN keeping house
                  Sousen (f) 27 TN
                  R.J. (f) 25 AR
                  Chalotta (f) 24 AR
                  Winford (f) 20 AR
                  A.M. (m) 21 AR farm laborer
                  S.S. (f) 17 AR
                  Sarah E. 15 AR
                  Hanna (f) 13 AR
                  J.J. (m) 11 AR
                  M.A.T. (f) 8 AR
First Ward Van Buren City
Pg.276, #28-26, PRAYER, Celia 40 GA BLACK keeping house $300-$0
                  Jones (m) 21 AR BLACK farm laborer
                  Rebecca 16, Maggie 14 AR BLACKS
                  Rosa 11, Ann 10 AR BLACKS
                  DUNCAN, Jonah ("f") 41 TN BLACK house servant
Second Ward Van Buren City
Pg.281, #1-1, A.M. BOURDLAND (m) 55 AL physician
                  Bettie (f) 28 KY
                  E.F. (f) 21, Thos. D. 17 AR
                  Wm. A. 14, O.M.S. (m) 11, J.A. (f) 4 AR
                  Annie b. July 2, 10/12 AR
                  Mary STENETTA 47 TN -- $400-$400
                  Jno. S. SHIBBY 26 MO physician
                  (JP: Mary I/J. Duncan mar. Benjamin Stinnett 7/28/1857 Franklin Co. AR; of Crawford Co. AR in 1875 Roane Co. TN S-596 power of attorney; perhaps 1860 Franklin Co. AR)
Vine Prairie, P.O. Belmont (faint page)
Pg.289, #13-14, DUNCAN, Arminda 42 AL keeping house
                  Lucinda 12? AR
                  Thomas? 11 AR farm laborer
                  (MAD: ? Caroline A., wife of Jefferson A. Duncan on 1860 census; Jefferson Duncan 45 AL d. Feb. 1870 per 1870 Mortality Schedule)
Pg.291, #38-37, DUNCAN, J.A. (m) 47 NC farmer $500-$200
                  Elizabeth 32 AL keeping house
                  Laura M. 12 TX
                  Locky A. (f) 11 TX
                  Franklin (m) 10 TX farm laborer
                  W.S.V. (m) 10 TX farm laborer
                  James D. 5, Jane L. 2 TX
                  Alden (m) 5/12 AR b. Jan.
                  (MAD: Zephenial Duncan b. 10/27/1811 d. 5/18/1871, wife Elizabeth d. 1881 age 57y, bur. Howard Cemetery, Crawford Co. AR; from "History in Headstones ... Crawford Co. AR" by Susan S. Swinburne & Doris S. West, FHL book 976.735 V22s)

1900 Crawford Co. AR Census (partial, from Judy Player 2/1991)
Van Buren Twp., E.D. #63
Pg.22, #454-457, BOURLAND, O.M. (m) age 41, b. 1/1859 AR, p.b. AL, married 15y, doctor
                  Ada S., wife, age 33, b. 2/1867 AR, 3 children
                  Francis (f), age 13, b. 10/1886 AR
                  Quail (m), 11, 9/1888 AR
                  Sue, 8, 12/1892 AR
                  STUNETT, Mary, servant, age 76 (JP: sic), b. 4/1834 TN, widow, 1 child, 1 ch. living, father b. NC, mother b. VA, family cook, can read/write
                  KING, Russel, servant, age 15, b. 2/1885 AR, single
                  (JP & MAD: Dr. A.M. Bourland 1825-1919 and Mary Stennett 1823-1901 bur. Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren City, Crawford Co. AR; from "History in Headstones ... Crawford Co. AR" by Susan S. Swinburne & Doris S. West, FHL book 976.735 V22s)


Franklin Co. AR Marriages (FHL film 1,034,243; from Judy Player 3/1991)
      Book A, pg.116: Jefferson A. Duncan of Crawford Co. to Araminta Jarmon, married 7 March 1857

Pope Co. AR Deed (FHL film 1,026,722; SLC 10/3/2011; spelling varies)
      A-139: I, John (blank) of Crawford County and Territory of Arkansas have this day appointed John J. Morse of Pope County and Territory aforesaid my true and lawful attorney in act and deed to demand take or sue for possession of the premises in the north? west fractional quarter of Section 20, Township seven north Range 20 west, north of the Arkansas River being the same on which Jos. Brierly and George Dillam now reside and now hold by forcible detainer and to sue said Brierly for damages done said plains? as though done by me in person and he is further empowered to take? or rent out said fence and fery? with all appurtenances thereunto belonging to the best advantage. Witness my hand this 3rd May 1834. /s/ John "Dunan." Teste E.A. Cunningham. Acknowledged before me a justice within the county of Crawford and Ark. Ter. this the 13 of Aug. 1834. /s/ Job W. Spuding, J.P. (MAD & DDD: indexed as John Duncan grantor, recorded Sept. 2, 1834) (FHL film 1,026,722; SLC 10/3/2011; extracted by MAD and Dean D. Duncan)

Roane Co. TN Deed (FHL film 560,115)
      S-596: 10 Jan. 1875, Mary A. Duncan, "Elizabeth" L. Duncan (/s/ E.L. Duncan), Evan F. Duncan, Samuel A. (signed Saml. S.) "Duncan" & Martha E. Duncan his wife formerly Martha E. Duncan (sic), Hugh L. Shinpauch (sic) & Eliza P. Shinpauch his wife formerly Eliza P. Duncan of Franklin Co. AR, and Mary J. Stennet widow of Benjamon Stennet formerly Mary J. Duncan of Crofford Co. AR, appoint William S. Duncan of Franklin Co. AR our attorney; Mary A. Duncan who is the widow and Ezekiel L. Duncan, Even F. Duncan, Martha E. "Duncan", Eliza P. Shenpauch & Mary J. Stinnet, who are the children & heirs at law of Evin E. Duncan, late of Roane Co. now Lowden, TN, decd, and as such are entitled to a portion of the estate of said Evin E. Duncan; the attorney is empowered to ask for, receive, etc. property due us from the estate of said Even E. Duncan ... and upon the receipt of any property ... from the said Edward H. Mounger and Robert D. Duncan or either of them, to make receipts. Reg. Franklin Co. AR 26 Jan. 1875.


Arkansas State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Certificate of Death #210 (from Demus C. Duncan, 1980)
      Crawfr? County, Maxey Township: William Richard Duncan, white male widowed, died 7-26-1931, cerebral hemorhage ...; born 9-24-1846; age 84 years, 10? months, 2 days; birthplace Ark.; father John S. Duncan b. Tenn; mother Jane Huggins b. Ark.; informant Will Duncan ....
      (MAD: see 1850-1860 Franklin Co. AR census)


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