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Formed 1776-7 from Fincastle, Montgomery
Russell formed 1785 from Washington
Scott formed 1814 from Lee, Russell, Washington
Smyth formed 1832 from Washington, Wythe


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Washington Co. VA Marriage Register 1785-1902 (FHL film 34,389)
      Copied to 1858; Semi-alphabetic
      Samuel Campbell to Eleanor Duncan, 29 Aug. 1805 (pg.65)
      Martin Duncan to Elizabeth Wright, lic. 5 Sept. 1782, no return (pg.106)
      Elijah Dungans to Hannah Chambers, 28 Sept. 1799 by Wm. Brundidge (pg.107)
      George Dungan, Jan. 16 1800, to Jean Meek (p.107) (month given as Jany.)
      Abner Duncan to Rachel Ward, 5 Oct. 1815, by Stephen Bovelle (pg.109)
      Thomas Duncan to Susannah McCormack, 7 Aug. 1818 by David Jesse (pg.109)
      Ephraim Duncan to Elizabeth Smith, 1 Aug. 1820 by Stephen Bovelle (pg.110) (MAD: son of ?Benjamin)
      Joshua Duncan to Nancy Smith, 20 Oct. 1825 by Stephen Boville (pg.110) (MAD: son of ?Benjamin)
      Joseph Duncan to Sarah Kingston, 3 July 1845 by Julius J. Davenport (pg.112)
      John Duncan to Susannah Linlicum?, 2 Oct. 1845 (pg.112)
      Abner Duncan to Mary Frickon (Fricton?), 19 April 1837 by F.L.B. Shawn (pg.112)
      Henry Duncan to Amanda Davenport, 20 Aug. 1858; Henry age 45, widowed, b. Buckingham Co. VA, par. Gabriel & Assenett Duncan; Amanda age 24 .... (not copied) (pg.113)
      John V. Duncan to Alice Lewis Raine, 25 Oct. 1858; John V. age 22, b. Goochland Co., VA, par. S.B. & M.E. Duncan; Alice age 18 ... (not copied) (pg.114)
      William Thomas Linticum to Sarah Elizabeth Duncan, 6 Aug. 1857, she age 21-5-2, b. Smythe Co., VA, par. (blank); he ... (not copied) (pg.276) (MAD: dau. of Buford)
      John Smith to Phillis Duncan, 21 Aug. 1817 by Jenit Dodge (pg.419)
      Robert Smithson to Elizabeth Duncan, 31 Jan. 1822 by Stephen Boville (pg.420)
      John Trent to Rachel Duncan, 14 Oct. 1819 by Janiel Dodge (pg.467)
      Squire Ward to Winney Duncan, 22 Sept. 1828 by David Spikes (pg.498)
      No marriage for J.C. Large or Joseph Campbell Large to an Elizabeth (Duncan) before 1842, of Claiborne Co. TN 1850; she from Wash. Co. VA dau. of Abner Duncan & Rachel Ward. No marriage recorded Claiborne Co. TN for this couple.


Washington Co. VA Will Books 1777-1856 (FHL film 34,355 Index pg.39)
   Book 1 (FHL film 34,356)
      1-75: Inventory of estate of John Duncan taken 1781, filed 15 May 1785. Includes horse, colt, cows, a parcel of old books £15, farm animals, tack, and farm tools, total £6489.6. Taken by Samuel Richie, Josiah Payne, Alexr. Richie.
      1-118: Inventory of estate of Rawley Duncan filed 19 Dec. 1786. Includes horses, farm animals, utensils, leather wallet, parcel of old books 7.6, total £76.96. Taken by Alexander Ritchie.
   Book 13, 1853-1856 (FHL film 34,360)
      13-454: Inventory of estate of Gabriel Duncan taken 3 Nov. 1855, filed 26 Nov. 1855. Sales to John Duncan, Samuel Maiden?, Josefah Murdock, Henry Duncan, Peter J. Davenport, Cimand Fudge; Thomas Davenport admr.
   (MAD: Unable to locate the following wills; no will books on microfilm; not deed book 8; see District Court Deed Books below)
      DBB 418: 27 Oct. 1817, will John Dunken; devisee Betsy Laughlin &c
      DBB 420: Appr., same, Pemberton &c Exr.
      DBB 439: 30 May 1824, acct., same, Stanton Pemberton &c Exr.
      DBB 441: 1 Oct. 1829, acct., same, same.

Washington Co. VA, District Court Record of Deeds B, Vol.8, pg.418 (from Joseph G. Duncan 1983 with permission to share with others)
      John Dunken of Washington Co. VA, weak in body, ... executors should sell my personal property all and singular at twelve months credit the product to be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned. ... daughter Sally Laughlin, $100; daughter Elenoar Campbell, $50; balance divided among my nine children, to wit, Betsy Laughlin, John Dunken, Peggy Laughlin, Joseph Dunkin, Polly Hignite, Sally Laughlin, Ann Martin, Faithful Lock and Elenor Campbell. Executors to convey to John Laughlin the track of land on which I now live in compliance with a bond given by me to the said Laughlin for that purpose. Appoint my beloved friends Stanton Pemberton and Jonathan King executors. Dated October 2, 1817. /s/ John Dunken. Wit. Thomas McChesney, John Sharp, Jonathan King. Recorded 27 October 1817. Security for executors by Thos. McChesney.


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Washington Co. VA Chancery Court (FHL film 34,387)
      Vol. A, 1831-1847 - no Duncan
      Vol. B, 1847-1859 - no Duncan

Washington Co. VA Court Minutes 1777-1842 (Index on FHL film 34,380)
      1820 - Abner Duncan vs. Couth (2-183, 229, 258, 268)
      1782, Feb. 10 - George Duncan, discharged (case), 1-129
      1780, March 22 - John Duncan Inv., etc., 1-83, 92, 112, 113
      1782, John Duncan criminal suit, sent to jail, 1-161
      1783, Capt. Jno. Duncan, claim, 1-195
      1784, James Duncan constable, 1-241
      1784, Martin Duncan, 1-88; guardian 1-200
      1777, Raleigh Duncan Constable, 1-4

Washington Co. VA Court Minutes from index
   Minutes Vol.1, 1777-1818 (FHL film 34,382)
      1-83 (not found, see 1-89)
      1-88: 20 June 1780, Martin Duncan, orphan of John Duncan decd.
      1-89: 20 June 1780, ordered that Patrick Porter, Allexr. Richey, Samuel Richey and Josiah Pain or any three, appraise the estate of John Dunkin decd. and return it to court.
      1-92: 15 Aug. 1780, William Dunkin and John Dunkin orphans of John Dunkin decd. with approval of court, choose Melcher Oyler their guardian, bond by Andrew Cowan & Alexander Montgomery, £6,000.
      1-112/3: 15 May 1781, Inventory and appraisal of estate of John Duncan exhibited in court and ordered recorded. (MAD: appraisers not named. The entry was written on two separate pages with four other items in between, apparently the second time in error.)
      1-138: 18 June 1782 court; on motion of Eliza. Blackemore and Josiah Payne, adm. is granted them on the estate of John Blackemore Junior deceased; securities John Blackemore Senr, William Blackemore and Alexander Ritchie.
            (next item) Andrew Davis, Almore? Douglass, John Harris, and Joseph Blackmore, Samuel Richie, and Patrick Porter, George Gibson, or any three of them, appraise the estate of John Blackemore Junr. decd. and make return to next court.
      1-161: 28 Oct. 1782, Examination of John Duncan on taking a horse of Henry Massingal and Benjamin Cobb; guilty, to jail until next grand jury court.
      1-195: 20 May 1783, Claim of Capt. John Duncan for 2,200 lbs. beef for use of militia on frontier, 1778.
      (MAD: not found, but wanted source for "During his absence, not having word from the family, and believing them to still be prisoners of the enemy in Canada, James Laughlin and John Litton (his kinsmen) were appointed guardians of the estates of Soloman Litton and John Dunkin on March 20, 1781 (Washington Co. VA Records) .... by Canie B. Litton 1940" pg.174, "James Litton, 'The Wayfaring Stranger'" by Dorothy Gable, 1964)
   Vol.2, 1819-1821 (FHL film 34,382)
      2-183: 20 June 1820, an indictment against Abner Duncan for an assault; a true bill.
            An indictment against John Collier and Abner Duncan for an assault; a true bill.
      2-229: 18 Aug. 1820, The Commonwealth vs. Abner Duncan, Indictment. The Deft. by his attorney filed a demurrer and two pleas in writing.
      2-258: 22 Nov. 1820, the Commonwealth vs. Abner Duncan and Commonwealth vs. Abner Duncan and John Collier; indictments quashed.
      2-268: 23 Nov. 1820, the Commonwealth vs. Abner Duncan, indictment. Indictment quashed; deft. recover against Abner Hortenstine, the prosecutor, his costs.


Journal of the House of Delegates, in VA State Library, Richmond, copied by Alberta Westby in April, 1971 and sent with permission to share with others (MAD: see Washington Co. TN)
      Pg.49 et seq.: Thursday, May 8, 1777. ... A petition of Elizabeth Duncom was presented to the House, and read; seting forth, that her husband was a soldier under Captain Womock on the late Cherokee expedition, and was slain, with a number of others, in an action with the said Indians, by which she is left a widow with five helpless children, whom, being herself a cripple, she is unable to maintain, and praying such relief as shall be thought just and reasonable.
      Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the committee of Public Claims; and that they do examine the matter thereof, and report the same, with their opinion thereupon, to the House.
      Pg.78: Monday, June 16, 1777. ... Mr. Lee reported, from the committee of Public Claims, that the committee had had under their consideration several petitions to them referred, and had come to several resolutions thereupon, which they had directed him to report to the House; and he read the report in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the clerk's table, where the same was read, and is as followeth, viz: ....
      Resolved, as the opinion of this committee, That the petition of Elizabeth Duncom, setting forth, that her husband who was a soldier under Capt. Jacob Womack, on the Cherokee expedition, was killed in an engagement with the Indians, leaving the petitioner (who is a cripple) and five small children, in a distressed situation, is reasonable, and that the sum of L20 for their present relief and also the farther sum of L5 per annum for the term of five years, ought to be allowed and paid to Anthony Bledsoe and William Cocke, to be by them laid out for the support and maintenance of the petitioner and her children.
      Pg.79: The 1st, 2d, 3d, .... resolutions of the committee, being severally read a second time, were, upon the question severally put thereupon, agreed to by the House.
      The 8th resolution being read a second time, the amendment following was proposed to be made thereunto: to leave out "five," and insert "ten" instead thereof; and the question being put, that the word "five" stand part of the said resolution.
      It passed in the negative.
      And the question being put, that the word "ten" be inserted instead thereof,
      It was resolved in the affirmative.
      Resolved, That this House do agree with the committee in the said resolution so amended. That the petition of Elizabeth Duncom, setting forth, that her husband, who was a soldier under Capt. Jacob Womack, on the Cherokee expedition, was killed in an engagement with the Indians, leaving the petitioner (who is a cripple) and five small chidren, in a distressed situation, is reasonable; and that the sum of L20 for their present relieve, and also the farther sum of 10L per annum for the term of five years, ought to be allowed and paid to Anthony Beldsoe and William Cocke, to be by them laid out for the support and maintenance of the petitioner and her children.

Washington Co. VA records
      Court Records 1777-1872; index 1-2 1777-51 (FHL film 34,380) - no Adam Kilby/Kelly
      General index to deeds 1-2 1776-1877 (FHL film 34,363) - no Adam Kilby/Kelly
      Will index 1777-1937 (FHL film 34,355) - no Kilby
      (wanted Adam Kilby or Kelly, 1790-1810; no Adam Kilby in early VA Records by AIS; see Nathaniel Duncan, wife Kesiah; Pickens & Pendleton Co. SC, deed from John Duncan of Washington Co. VA)

Claim filed by Winney Ward, #22075, March 3, 1871, with the Southern Claims Commission; NARA Microfiche Publication M1407, RG 233, Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims, 1871-1880, Report 6, Office 0155 to Report 6, Office 0156. Fiche #1919. (Winnie (Duncan) Ward; copy and transcription from Bonnie J. Sell 3/2001; MAD's extract)
      No. 22075, March 3, 1871, Petition of Winey Ward, Washington County, Arkansas, $160.00; Petition by Winey Ward, widow, resides at present in Washington Co. AR, for items taken by General Curtises order in the year 1862 soon after the Elk Horn Battle or Pea Ridge Battle and also one Rifle Gun: one horse, $150, one rifle gun $10, total $160. Petitioner resided in Fulton Co. AR at that time, Squire Ward decd. was original owner and Winey Ward his widow is present owner, that petitioner remained loyal, /s/ Winney Ward, wit. G.W.M. Reed (authorized to act as attorney) and A.J. Norris. Witnesses who may be relied upon: William Ward, George D. Miller, Reding Putmun, L.D. Stone, all of Fayetteville, AR; Henry A. Ward and Rachel E. Ward of Fayetteville, AR.
      Deposition 8 March 1874 of Mrs. Winnie Ward, age 63, residence Washington Co. AR, occupation housekeeper, born and raised in Virginia, lived about five miles south of Fayetteville, Washington Co. AR, from April 1, 1861, until Oct. 1861 when I moved to Fulton Co. AR, where I remained until about May 1863 when I moved to Rolla, Phillips Co. MO, where I stayed until Dec. 1863, when I moved to Warsaw, Benton Co. MO, where I stayed until after the war. When the war came up we lived on rented land. We also did in Fulton Co., at Rolla my son teamed it about the Post; at Warsaw we farmed it for a living on rented land. ... robbed of their possessions ... I fed any Federal Soldier ... any Union soldier ... I am a married woman, my husband was in Christian Co. MO when I last heard from him some 3 years ago, I have not lived with him for over 6 years, he owned the property charged for in my claim, I don't know if he is living, he left me saying that he was comeing right back (he went to move one of our sons to Springfield) but he never returned, we corresponded back and forth for three years but our last letters were returned from the dead letter office and I dont know what has become of him, and thats why his name ain't to the Claim. I have only four children living: Wm. R. Ward age now about 35, Benj. F. Ward 33, Henry A.C. Ward 22, Rachel E. Ward 20. ...
      Deposition by Miss Rachel E. Ward, age 20, residence with my Mother ... (about the taking of the horse). Deposition by Henry A.C. Ward, age 22, residence with my Mother, similar. Deposition by William R. Ward, age 35. Deposition by Alfred Skelton, age 34, not related. Deposition of George D. Miller, age 34, not related.
      Claim disallowed - horse was stolen, gun was destroyed.
      (MAD: Squire Ward mar. Winney Duncan 22 Sept. 1828 Washington Co. VA)


JESSE DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-16774 (FHL film 970,863; from National Archives)
      Born 1754 (78 yrs old in 1832), died 9 Feb. 1848, Park Co. IN. Entered service 1778 in Caswell Co. NC, a pvt under Capt. Robt. Moore, Gen. Lincoln, and Maj. Donaho and Col. Lytle; wit. John Price Sr. of Green Co. TN. Muster rolls show Jesse a private in Capt. Reid's Co. 1st Reg, May 1776, discharged 28 May 1779. (MAD: Russell Co. VA County Court Law Order Book 6-31, 5 May 1818; wit. William Paskel, Jesse served ca 1778 under Col. James Sanders, Capt. Robert Moore, Gen. Ash.) Declaration 17/19 Feb. 1829 in Washington Co. VA, age 74; reference ca 1829 to Thomas Paskill of Pulaski Co. KY; declaration 2 Sept. 1832 in Rush Co. IN, age ca 78; declaration 2 May 1833 in Parke Co. IN where he had two children; declaration 29 Dec. 1835 in Russell Co. VA where he also had children, wit. James Lynch; declaration 13 April 1839 in Floyd Co. KY where he had grandchildren living, wit. Jesse Hall; declaration 15 Feb. 1840 in Parke Co. IN where he had daughter living, wit. Lewis Noel; administrator of estate Addison L. Roache, Jesse d. 9 Feb. 1848 in Parke Co. IN; no widow; children: Nancy Lark; Phoebe Lynch; Sally McCoy; Amy Collins; Hannah Green.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3126 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; claim denied because service was against Indians instead of in Rev. War)
      Applied 5 March 1833, age ca 70, in Franklin Co. IL; b. Culpeper Co. VA ca 1763; one a record of age but father was killed by Indians in 1772-3 and sister took bible which has been destroyed; father to Washington Co. VA 1771/2, killed about 12 months later, whole neighborhood forted at his father's residence Duncan fort; mother remarried and moved to KY 1780 just before Battle of Blue Lick; guarded forts 2 months; moved to TN 2 years later for short time, then back to KY; substitute for Wm. Mannyfield under Gen. Clark against Indians; served 2 months as guard on Red River in TN; served under Capt. John Rains and Thomas Johnson against Indians; drafted 2 months as spy near Palmyra on Cumberland River, served 40 days and hired his brother to serve 20 days as substitute; more service in Indian wars; witnesses Rev. Dempsey Odum and Thomas M. Dorris JP of Franklin Co.
      Declaration of Lydia Duncan, age 70, in Williamson Co. IL on 7 Sept. 1841; family record burned in their home years ago; Lydia m. John Duncan on 10 March 1786 in Robertson Co. TN by Rev. John Grammer by bans and without license; John d. 31 Dec. 1834 in Franklin Co. IL now Williamson Co.; affidavit by William Spiller Sr., age 72, of Williamson Co. IL who was present at the wedding; Lydia resided in Franklin now Williamson Co. over 20 years. F.F. (Frederick) Duncan a County Commissioner of Williamson Co., acquainted with Lydia Duncan, 7 Sept. 1841; statement by Thomas J. Duncan 20 July 1854 in Williamson Co. IL to prosecute claim of Lydia in which he is directly interested.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Abner, widow Mary; WO 19451, WC 28787; BL 60616-40-50, 69161-120-55; Private in Capt. John Gray's Co. VA Militia 2/9/1814 to 3/8/1814, soldier alleges service as a substitute, principal unknown; Res. sol. 1851 Washington Co. VA, 1855 Lee Co. VA; res. widow 1878 Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; maiden name Mary Fulton m. Apr. 19, 1837, Abingdon, Washington Co. VA; soldier d. March 2, 1869, Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; widow d. about 1888.


Russell Co. VA Marriage Index and copies of licenses (from Doris Duncan 1986 with permission to share with others)
      April 3, 1867, Joseph Duncan, 45 Wash. Co. VA, widow, to Louisa Price, 23 Russell Co. VA; his parents "unknown", she dau. of John Price (mother unknown); 2-22; mar. by G.W. Griffith

Lincoln Co. KY Deed (not listed in index on FHL film 192,237)
      A-331: 16 Oct. 1787, John (+) Duncan son of John Duncan decd. of Washington Co. VA appoint friend Thomas Sparks of Lincoln Co. state aforesaid attorney to receive from Joseph Duncan exec. of estate of my grandfather Wm. Duncan decd. the sum of £24 being part of my estate. /s/ John (+) Dunchan. No wit. (FHL film 192,238; from page by page check)

Anderson (& Pendleton) Co. SC Deeds (FHL film 22,839)
      G-56: 1 April 1801, John Duncan of Washington Co. VA to Nathaniel Duncan of Pendleton Dist. SC, for $100, 100 acres where Nathaniel now lives, part of 227 acre grant to William Ross, on Georges Creek, waters of Saluda River, land deeded from William Williams who deeded to John Duncan 15 May 1794. Wit. David Duncan, Daniell Duncan. Rec. 13 Oct. 1801 on oath of Daniel Duncan.

Rutherford Co. TN Deed (FHL film 377,691; SLC 5/7/2013)
      3-238/239: 30 Sept. 1847, Abner Duncan of Washington Co. VA for $1,000 paid by Beverly Randolph and Reynear? H. Mason of Rutherford Co. TN, sell to said B. Randolph and R.H. Mason my interest in the personal estate of my late wife Rachel Duncan decd, late Rachel Ward, in Rutherford Co. TN, whether the same be negroes, money, choses? in action or other personalty, to which my said wife was entitled as legatee of William Ward decd. late of Rutherford Co. afsd, warrant title ... I order the administrator of the estate of my said late wife appointed by County Court of Rutherford Co. TN or any other person to deliver and pay over to the said B. Randolph and R.H. Mason ... /s/ Abner (X) Duncan. Wit. Jacob Lynch, L.L. Waterman, S.S. Booker. Proved by L.L. Waterman and S.S. Booker, 1 Oct. 1847. Registered Oct. 13, 1847. (FHL film 377,691)

Rutherford Co. TN Deed (typed extract from Barbara Blankenship 1991 with permission to share with others)
      A-374: Joseph C. and Elizabeth Large to Charles Dement, June 14, 1842. The state of Tennessee Claiborne County. Joseph C. Large and his wife Elizabeth Large to Charles Dement of Rutherford Co. TN; Whereas Elizabeth Large wife of the said Joseph C. Large, is the ligitimate daughter of Abner Duncan and Rachel Dunkin. The said Rachel Duncan the mother of said Elizabeth Large having been a daughter of Joshua Ward, brother of the late William Ward of Rutherford Co. TN and the said Rachel Duncan, the mother of said Elizabeth Large being the same person mentioned and called in the will of the late William Ward as one of three daughters of Joshua Ward a brother of the testator and the said Rachel being now dead, it is supposed by said Charles Dement that the said Joseph C. Large and his wife Elizabeth hath some interest in the estate of said teastor (MAD: sic) William Ward arising and accrue by the will of said William Ward and by the death of said Rachel Dunkin etc ...

Sullivan Co. TN Deed (FHL film 972,711)
      16-308: 30 Dec. 1850, power of attorney to Levi L. Waterman to receive from Chancery Court of Rutherford County, TN, that part of the estate of Dr. Wm. Ward, decd, late of Rutherford Co., devized by said William Ward decd to Rachel Ward afterwards Rachel Duncan of Washington Co. VA, and descended through her to us as heirs of said Rachel Duncan. /s/ Abner Duncan, A.J. Duncan, John Andis, Rhoda Andis. Wit. L?.S. Booher, D.J. Waterman. (MAD: John & Rhoda Andis family not located in 1850 Johnson Co. IN, Brown Co. IN, Lee Co. VA; see 1870 Lee Co. VA census)

"Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA - Augusta Co., Vol.I, II & III, 1745-1800" by Lyman Chalkley, c1912-15
   Judgements: (Vol.II, pg.74-75)
      Simon Cockrell vs. John Duncan - O.S. 35; N.S. 12 - Bill filed 18th May, 1796. In 1770 William Herbert made a settlement upon waste and unappropriated land on Cubb creek in Washington County, and occupied it until 1776, when his overseer was killed by the Indians, when Rawley Duncan took possession. Herbert died testate in 1776, which was proved 3d September, 1776, in Fincastle County, leaving William Herbert as his heir at law, from whom orator purchased. Rawley Duncan obtained a certificate of settlement in 1773. Rawley Duncan died intestate, leaving John Duncan his only son and heir. Townshend Duncan is now in possession. Benjamin Nicholson deposes in Clarke County, Ky., 16th May, 1798, that in 1775 he knew Rawley Duncan to purchase the tract from James Nalle. Peter Hutchinson deposes in Russel (?) County, 30th June, 1798, that about June, 1775, he was frequently in company with Robert Elson, who told him that the land he lived on was Harbard's and that he and some of his relations that lived at the same place were employed to keep stock. In the same year he heard a dispute between Rawley Duncan and John Duncan's widow about the plantation at the ford of Clinch, where they both lived at that time, and understood that Rawley and his brother John were to go halves in the plantation. William Crunk deposes he lived with the Duncans in the same settlement.
      John Fugate (Fugitt) deposed 30th June, 1798, that James McCarthy told him he sold the land to Richard Stanton, and Stauntom [sic] had sold to Harbard. It was the first piece of land McCarthy took up in the county. The land McCarthy's corn right was laid on McCarthy bought of David Cowen. Thomas Fauster deposes in Wythe County that in 1775 he started for Kentucky and stopped at Robert Elsom's house, who lived on Herbert's land. Cap. Alexander Ritchie deposes in Clarke County, Ky., 16th May, 1798, that in 1772 William Herbert brought a stock of cattle to Hays Creek and Robert Elsom came with him to take care of them. Patrick Porter deposes 28th April, 1798, that about 1770-1771 he moved to Clinch and a certain Robert Elsom came about the same time and settled at the head of Hay's Creek. Rachel Haunspale, late a wife to Robert Elsom, deceased, deposes at Herbert's Ferry in Wythe County, 14th July, 1798, that Robert was employed in 1770 to go to Clinch. Robert together with Rachel's father, William Hayes, went to Clinch and settled at a spring. Copy of William Herbert's will dated 28th May, 1776, proved in Fincastle County Court, 3d September, 1776. Certified as of the records of Montgomery County, 24th February, 1796, to wife, Sarah, plantation called Poplar Camp, and slaves; to eldest son, William, plantation on Reed Island, where Joseph Barren, Jr., is now living; to youngest son, Thomas, plantation where Josiah Hamilton lives; to eldest daughter, Martha, to youngest daughter, Joanna. William's father and mother are alive and living with him. Certain moneys due him by a Mr. Ozborn, iron mongers in West Street, without Lawful Gale Bristol in Old England.

"The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: 1745 to 1800" by Lyman Chalkley is available online at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~chalkley/

HISTORIES before 1923

1920 "History of Tazewell Co. and Southwest VA, 1748-1920" by Wm. C. Pendleton (from Bill Brown 1984 with permission to share with others; see Washington Co. VA)
      Pg.298-299: "On Thursday, September 29th, (1774) a very bold attack was made upon three men by the Indians within 300 yards of Moore's Fort on the Clinch, six miles below Castle's Woods. The attack was made between sunset and dark, and the Indians fired at the men from ambush, instantly killing a man named John Duncan. Though a party of men rushed from the fort and were on the spot as soon as the guns were fired, the Indians succeeded in scalping Duncan and made their escape. Night came on and prevented any pursuit until the following morning, when it was too late to overhaul the savages. Daniel Boone was then in charge of the fort at Moore's and was supervising all the forts on the Clinch below Elk Garden. Although he was one of the most accomplished of the woodsmen and Indian fighters on the border, he was supported by such small and indifferent squads of men stationed at the several forts that he was unable to cope successfully with the wiley red men, who in most instances were being directed by the daring and intelligent John Logan.
      Boone sent an express messenger to Major Campbell on the 30th of September, to inform him of the killing of Duncan, and also told him that the Indians were still lurking about Fort Blackmore, where the two negroes had recently been captured and "coursed" in front of the fort; and that Captain Looney, who was in charge of the fort, had only eleven men and could not venture to attack or pursue the enemy. The situation at Russell's fort, at Castle's Woods, was also so serious that the people there were crying for help. Captain Dan Smith, on the 4th, of September, wrote to Colonel William Preston, saying: "The late Invasions of the Indians hath so much alarm'd the Inhabitants of this River that without more men come to their assistance from other parts, some of the most timorous among us will remove to a place of Safety, and when once the example is set I fear it will be followed by many. By what I can learn the terror is as great on Holston, so that we've no room to hope for assistance from that quarter. (elipses theirs) I am just going to the assistance of the Castle's Woods men with what force could be spared from this upper district." ...

1889 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of NW AR; Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin & Sebastian Cos." by Goodspeed (from Evelyn Sigler 1983 and Bonnie Ward Sell 1987, both with permission to share with others)
      Pg.1035: Washington Co. William Robert Ward, b. March 16, 1838, Hancock Co. IN, farmer, son of Squire and Winnie (Duncan) Ward. Squire Ward b. SC, reared in TN. Winnie Duncan b. Washington Co. VA. Both lived near VA-TN line. After marriage, they moved to Hancock Co. IND 1853; then Schuyler Co. MO; in 1857 to Washington Co. ARK. Mother died in Dallas, TX, at age 66.

1902 "Biographical Memoirs of Hancock Co. IN" by Bowen (title from "IN Biographical Index" by DePiatt, FHL fiche 6,331,353; titled "Compendium of Biography" from IN State Library info to Denise Dunn 1985 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.448-9: HENRY HARRISON DUNCAN. Few communities are favored with a more intelligent and enterprising class of citizens than Brandywine twp, Hancock Co., and of these there is no one more worthy of favorable mention than the well-known gentleman whose name introduces this article. Henry Harrison Duncan is a native of Hancock Co., born November 10, 1843, in the township of which he is now a resident. His father was Henry Duncan and the maiden name of his mother was Clarissa Cunningham, the former a native of Washington Co. VA and the latter born in Fayette Co. IN. When 21 years old Henry Duncan came to IN and after living one year in Fayette Co., settled about 1834 in Hancock Co. He entered 80 acres of land in section 27, Brandywine township, and proceeded to improve his place by erecting a log cabin and clearing a small patch for a crop. This work was done the same spring of his arrival. One year later the little dwelling accidentally caught fire and burned to the ground; it was replaced by a more comfortable structure and work on the clearing was continued until in a few years the greater portion of the original purchase was in cultivation. ... Henry and Clarissa Duncan had seven children, of whom the oldest was James N., a soldier in the 5th IL Cavalry during the late Rebellion, who entered the service in August, 1861, and died in March, 1863, at Helena, AR; Benjamin died in boyhood; John H., also a soldier, lives in Greenfield; Susan L. was twice married, first to Ozias Wilkins, after whose death she became the wife of John J. Bigson, and she now lives in Greenfield; Henry H. is the 5th of the family; Mary Jane, widow of W.F. Smith, residing in Greenfield; Leonine A. married George Ingell? (faint copy) and lives in Gentry Co. MO. Henry Duncan was always a successful farmer, ... originally he was a Whig but after the disolution of that party became a Democrat and so continued to the end of his days. .... He died April 24, 1886; his wife died June 23?, 1883.
      Henry H. Duncan, of this review, grew up in the township where he now lives and received his education in the county schools. He remained at home assisting with the farm work until his marriage, which was solemnized April 22, 1880, with Miss Hannah M. Ellis, daughter of Arnett and Sarah Ellis of Greene Co. OH. By occupation Mr. Ellis was a shoemaker; he spent nearly all of his life in the above county and his death occurred there in 1860; his widow also died in Greene Co., the date of her demise being the year 1854. Mr. Duncan built his present barn in 1885, ... and is now in independent circumstance ... is now arranging to move to Greenfield, renting his farm. Mason, Mt. Lebanon Methodist Protestant church. (no mention of children).


Family Registers; printed forms with border, with most lines filled in by handwriting (copy from Sue Long 4/1999 with permission to share)
            Register of
      Name: Mary J. Duncan
      Birthplace: Hancock Co. Ind
      Date of Birth: Dec. 14th 1846
      Descent: Scotch & Irish
      Father's Name: Henry Duncan
      Mother's Name: Clarrissa Hawkins
      Mo. Br's & Sisters: Three Bros. & three Sisters
      Education: Primary
      Occupation: Farmers wife
      Politics: Democratic
      Date of Marriage: Nov the 8 1866.
            Register of Husband.
      Name: Henry Duncan
      Birthplace: Washington Co. Va.
      Date of Birth: April 18th 1808
      Descent: Scotch & Irish
      Father's Name: Benjamin Duncan
      Mother's Name: Susannah Cox
      Mo. Br's & Sisters; 6 Bro. 3 Sisters
      Education: Reading & wrighting
      Occupation: Farming
      Politics: Democratic
      Religion: Prottestant
      Date of Marriage: February the 12 1833


"A Diary of Public Events and Notices of My Life and Family etc." by Samuel Hervey Laughlin, from Jan. 1 1845 to ---
      The complete text from the diary is on the website of James Porter, along with a lot of other information about the families and relatives of Samuel Porter and Elizabeth Dunkin. Capt. John Dunkin or Duncan, born in Lancaster Co. PA in 1743, died in Washington Co. VA in 1817; his sons John Duncan or Dunkin moved to the area that became Whitley Co. KY and Joseph Duncan or Dunkin to the area that became Coffee Co. TN.


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