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Formed 1836 from Washington


1840-1850 Benton Co. AR Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Benton Co. AR Census
Ball Twp.
Pg.56, #167-167, John KINCHELOW 45 TN farmer $400
                  Sarah 35 IL
                  James WEAKY? (WEATRY?) 10 AR
                  (MAD: Perhaps related to Lydia Duncan; Benton Co. AR Deed A-127, 2/23/1841, Lydia Duncan to dau. Elizabeth Kinchelow, grandchildren: Lewis C. Kinchelow, Robert H. Kinchelow, and John W. Kinchelow, and Elizabeth Emaline and Artemisa, bequeath estate; from pg.136, "Courthouse Records" by AR DAR, on FHL film 869,279 item 7. MAD: see Lydia Duncan in Washington Co. AR deed 3/3/1838 from James & Elizabeth Cartwright for 40 acres in NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.7 T16N R29W; from pg.468-9 of Vol.156, 1987, "AR Genealogical Records." MAD: one Elizabeth Duncan mar. Charles W. Kinchelow 7/18/1820 in Greene Co. TN)

1860 Benton Co. AR Census
Wallace Twp
Pg.273, #303-303, William DUNKIN 32 TN wheelright $300-$150
                  Laura 27 TN
                  Mary 7, Martha 5, Luisa (f) 1 TN
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Warren Co. TN census with Zeddick Duncan ?; one William A. Duncan, b. 3/24/1827 Coffee Co. TN, was said to have mar. 1st Miss Banks, 2nd Allie Weatherly, to Benton Co. AR before Civil War, from Personal Sketches of Early County Settlers by Alvin Seamster, on pgs.22-23, Vol.6 #4, May 1961, "Benton Co. (AR) Pioneer"; one William A. Duncan age 38 mar. Alley Weatherley age 32 on 10/22/1865 Benton Co. AR)
Anderson Twp
Pg.434, #1341-1335, Robert DUNKIN 38 TN brick maker $230-$200
                  Sarah 29 TN
                  Mary McGRAW 14 MS
                  John HARPIR (m) 54 TN serving

1870 Benton Co. AR Census (and from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Round Prairie Twp.
Pg.347, #489-494, THURNAN, Peyton (m) 52 GA farmer $0-$100
                  DUNKIN, Cynthia 28 MS keeping house
                  HASLING, William 50 TN farmer $2000-$400
                  Mary 48 TN keeping house
                  Jane 22, Sophia 18, Bell (f) 15 AR at home

1880 Benton Co. AR Census (and from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Pg.358B, #153-153, DUNCAN, William 53? TN VA MD farmer
                  Sarah 56 TN NC NC wife keeping house
                  (MAD: 1850 Knox Co. TN census; 1860-1870 Benton Co. MO census; age 53? overwritten, 50? or 55?)
Pg.358B, #153-154, DUNCAN, Martan L. 28 TN TN TN farmer
                  Winnie A. 26 MO KY KY wife keeping house
                  Effa 9, Eva I. 5, Annie 2 MO TN MO daus.
                  (MAD: 1860-1870 Benton Co. MO census)
Pg.359D, #168-169, DUNCAN, John 30 TN TN TN farmer
                  Margret E. 24 MO TN MO keeping house
                  Luretta 5 MO TN MO dau.
                  Josephine 2 AR TN MO dau.
Big Spring Twp.
Pg.392C, #350-350, DUNCAN, Andrew J. 30 AR TN TN farming
                  Sarah A. 27 TX TN TN wife keeping house
                  Henry R. 5/12 b.Dec. AR AR TX son
                  STAPP, Chas. N. 5 AR AR TX stepson
                  (MAD: 1850 Monroe Co. AR census; A.J. Duncan mar. S.A. Stapp 1/26/1879 Washington Co. AR)
Sugar Creek
Pg.417D, #25-25, DUNCAN, Riley 22 IL IL KY farmer
                  Mary E. 20 MO MO MO wife house keeper
                  Cora 3 AR IL MO dau.
                  (MAD: Riley Duncan mar. Mary Smith 9/19/1875 Washington Co. AR; 1900 Washington Co. AR census)
Pg.417D, #26-26, DUNCAN, Wm. 52 IL KY KY farmer
                  R.A. 34 IL VA KY wife house keeping
                  Henry 11 AR IL IL son
                  Morgan 17 IL IL IL son farm laborer
                  Charlie 10, James 8 AR IL IL sons
                  Jesse A. 7 (crippled) AR IL IL son
                  Joseph 5 AR IL IL son
                  Nancy 3 AR IL IL dau.
                  Emma 2 (one eye) CO IL IL dau.
                  Ida 4/12 b.Jan. CO IL IL dau.
                  (MAD: William SANDERS mar. 1st Permelia Jane Hadden or Permelia Hayden 7/23/1846 Washington Co. IN; mar. 2nd Rachel Clements 4/9/1865 Orange Co. IN; last name changed to Duncan, per info of Alice Baldwin and Mary C. Bowen; 1870 Washington Co. AR census; d.1883 Washington Co. AR)
Dickson Twp.
Pg.450B, #97-97, JONES, Francis M. (m) 30 TN NC TN brick mason
                  Mahala 29 TN VA VA wife keeping house
                  Margaret M. 6 TN TN TN dau.
                  DUNCAN, George 23 TN TN TN nephew farm laborer
Pg.452A, #131-131, DUNCAN, Patrick L. 51 TN NC TN farmer
                  Juda A. 50 VA VA VA wife keeping house
                  George L. 21, James W. 20 TN TN VA sons on farm
                  Ann L. 16 TN TN VA dau.
                  William C. 13 TN TN VA son on farm
                  Floyd T. 10, John C. 9 TN TN VA sons on farm
                  Alva H. (m) 7 AR TN VA son
                  (MAD: 1850 Warren Co. TN census, 1860 Coffee Co. TN census, 1870 Cannon Co. TN census; son of Zadock Duncan per Bob Price)
Pg.452A, #132-132, DUNCAN, Randolph L. 24 TN TN VA farmer
                  Jane E. 23 NC NC NC wife keeping house
                  Amanda M. 1 AR TN NC dau.
                  Albert 7/12 b. Oct. AR TN NC son

1900 Benton Co. AR Census (HeritageQuest image 11/22/2009 & 12/3/2009)
Hico Twp, SD 3 ED 17 Sheet 11
Pg.11A, #238-249, DUNCAN (Duncas?), Blanch L. head w/f Mar. 1880 age 20 mar. 2y 1 ch 1 liv KS IA KS (blank) rent home
  Gladyis (sic) dau. w/f Nov. 1898 1 single AR MO KS
Osage Twp., S.D. 3, E.D. 19, Sheet 1, Bentonville Town
Pg.38A, #6-6, DUNCAN, Robert, head, w/m, Mar. 1822, age 78, mar. 53y, PA VA PA (blank) rent home
  Minerva J. wife w/f Mar. 1886 age 34 mar. 14y, 2 ch, 1 liv, AR NC KY day laborer
  Walter L., son, w/m Feb.1890 10 single AR VA AR at school, 3yr
Wallace Twp, S.D.3, ED8, sheet 10
Pg.210A, #195-196, DUNCAN, James W., head, w/m, May 1860, age 40, mar. 15y, TN TN TN farmer 4 owns farm
  Ettie R., wife, w/f, Aug. 1862, age 37, mar. 15y, 8 ch, 5 living, TN TN TN
  Josie P., dau., w/f, Sept. 1886, 13, single, AR TN TN school
  Altha J. (Celtha? J.) dau w/f June 1888 11 single AR TN TN school
  Fan R. dau. w/f Feb 1890 10 single AR TN TN school
  Flora A. dau. w/f Oct 1891 8 single AR TN TN school
  Willie B. son w/m June 1894 5 single AR TN TN
Pg.210B, #204-205, BATES, Trend D. head w/m Jan. 1839 age 61 mar. 34y TN GA TN farmer owns farm
  Mary A. wife w/f Jan. 1845 55 mar. 34y 10 ch 7 liv, NY NY NY
  Dora J. dau. w/f March 1870 30 single MO TN NY
  Rena J. dau. w/f Oct 1874 25 single AR TN NY
  Fannie T. dau. w/f June 1881 19 single AR TN NY school
  Owen P. son w/m March 1885 15 single AR TN NY school
  DUNCAN, Ella dau. w/f July 1872 27 mar. 4 (erased, erased), AR TN NY school teacher
Dickson Twp., S.D.3, E.D.9, Sheet 9 (Hiwassee crossed out)
Pg.231B, #163-163, DUNCAN, Randolph L. head w/m Nov 1856 age 43 mar.22y TN TN TN farmer owns farm
  Elizabeth J. wife w/f Oct 1857 age 42 mar 22y 12 ch 11 liv., NC NC VA
  Nancy A. dau. w/f Oct 1881 18 single AR TN NC
  Elizabeth B. dau. w/f Nov 1883 16 single AR TN NC
  Martin L. son w/m March 1885 15 single AR TN NC sch.2y
  Rosa L. dau. w/f March 1887 13 single AR TN NC sch.2y
  Mary dau. w/f Dec. 1889 10 single AR TN NC sch.2y
  James son w/m Oct 1891 8 single AR TN NC sch.2y
  Joshua F. son w/m Dec. 1893 6 single AR TN NC
  Reubin A. son w/m March 1896 4 single AR TN NC
  Vida dau. w/f Nov 1898 1 single AR TN NC
Dickson Twp., S.D. 3, E.D. 9, Sheet 11
Pg.233B, #200-200, DUNCAN, Judy A. head w/f May 1829 age 71 wd. 10 ch 4 liv, VA VA VA (blank) owns farm
  Alba H. son w/m May 1873 age 27 mar.5y AR AL VA farmer
  Della E. dau. (adopted?) w/f Sept. 1875 age 24 mar.5y 2 ch 2 liv, IL IL KY
  Harvey son w/m Oct. 1896 3 single AR AR IL
  Haden son w/m Sept.1898 1 single AR AR IL
Pg.233B, #201-201, DUNCAN, William, head, w/m June 1880, age 19, mar. 2y, AR TN NC farmer owns farm
  Lulu wife w/f Sept. 1881 age 18 mar. 2y 1 ch 1 liv, AR NC NC
  Zilda dau w/f July 1899 10/12 single AR AR AR
Mason Valley, S.D.3, E.D.14, Sheet 1
Pg.306A, #4-4, DUNCAN, Martin L., head, w/m Dec. 1850, age 49, mar. (1 crossed out), TN TN TN farmer rents farm
  Winnie A., wife, w/f May 1852, age 48, mar. (1 crossed out), 7 ch 6 liv., MO KY KY
  Smith? dau. w/f March 1878 22 single MO TN MO
  Lauson? son w/m Jan 1881 19 single AR TN MO
  Marry dau w/f Dec 1885 15 single AR TN MO
  Lois dau. w/f Nov 1892 8 single AR TN MO
  William father w/m May 1820 age 80 wd TN VA MD farming owns farm
Garland Twp, S.D. 2, E.D. 14, Sheet 9
Pg.314A, #152-153, DUNCAN?, George H. head w/m Sept 1849 age 50 mar. 30y TN TN TN farmer owns farm
  Luisa (indexed Tessa) C. wife w/f April 1851 age 49 mar. 30y 11 ch, 11 liv, TN TN TN
  Walter L. son w/m Jan. 1879 20 single AR TN TN farmer
  Katie dau. w/f Oct 1883 16 single AR TN TN 4 yrs sch.
  Darra dau. w/f Sept 1885 14 single AR TN TN 4 yrs sch
  Elmer son w/m Dec. 1888 12 single AR TN TN 4 yrs sch
  William B. son w/m July 1890 9 single AR TN TN 3 yrs sch
  Dallis son w/m Aug. 1892 7 single AR TN TN
  Winney M. dau w/f June 1895 4 single AR TN TN
Pg.314A, #155-156, DUNCAN, Calvin head w/m Nov 1870 age 29 mar. 7y, TN TN TN, farmer yes/yes/yes rents farm
  Rosie wife w/f July 1872 age 27 mar. 7y, 2 ch, 2 liv, IL PA PA (Pencilvania)
  Jessey son w/m Dec. 1895 4/5 (5 crossed out) single AR TN IL
  Oran son w/m Nov 1897 2 single AR TN IL
Pg.314A, #156-157, DUNCAN, Thomas head w/m Jun 1877 age 23 mar. 2y TN TN TN
  Drois? wife w/f Jan 1878 age 22 mar. 2y 1 ch 1 liv TX IL TN (indexed Dorra)
  Leo son w/m Nov 1899 6/12 single AR TN TX rent farm

1900 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory census (HeritageQuest image 11/22/2009)
Township 1N R9E, SD I.T., ED 103, Sheet 4
Pg.113B, #65-65, BIBB, James F/H? head w/m June 1869 30 mar.5yr, MS AL AL teamster owns farm
      BIBB, Daisy M. wife w/f Jan. 1878 22 mar.5y 3 ch, 3 liv, TN TN TN
      BIBB, Gertie dau. w/f Apl 1896 4 single Ind.Ter. MS TN
      BIBB, Willie dau. w/f Dec 1897 2 single Ind.Ter. MS TN
      BIBB, Claud Z. son w/m Dec 1899 5/12 single Ind.Ter. MS TN
      DUNCAN, John C. boarder w/m Apl 1871, 29 mar.4 yrs TN TN VA, physician

1910 Census, Garland, Benton County, Arkansas (from Kathy Cawley 11/2007)
S.D.# 3, E.D.# 23, Page# 193
James A.,
Head, age 42, M2X, 5 yrs., AR./TN./TN., farmer/fruit farm
Emma P., Wife, age 26, M2X 5 yrs., 3 chi. born, 2 living, AR./TN./TN
Esther, Daughter, age 17, single, AR./AR./AR., attends school
Hugh, Son, age 14, AR./AR./AR., farm laborer, attends school
Ruth, Daughter, age 7, AR./AR./AR., attends school
Jule E., Daughter, age 3, AR./AR./AR.
Archie M?., Son, age 2, AR./AR./AR.
      (KDC: 1900 Wilson Co. KS census)

1920 Census, Garland, Benton County, Arkansas (from Kathy Cawley 11/2007)
S.D.# 3, E.D.# 24, Page# 194B
Head, owns/free, age 52, AR./TN./TN., farmer/gen'l farm
Erma, Wife, age 33, AR./TN./TN.
Ruth, Daughter, age 16, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Jewell, Daughter, age 13, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Arch, Son, age 11?, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
William, Son, age 9, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Marshell, Son, age 7, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Lester, Son, age 5, AR./AR./AR.
Elsworth, Son, age 2 6/12, AR./AR./AR.

1930 Census, Garland, Benton County, Arkansas (from Kathy Cawley 11/2007)
E.D.# 4-26, S.D.# 1, Page# 177B
Jim A?.,
Head, age 62, m'd at 36, AR./TN./TN., farmer/gen'l farm
Emma, Wife, age 44, m'd at 17, AR./TN./TN.
Jewell, Daughter, age 23, single, AR./AR./AR.
Archie, Son, age 22, single, AR./AR./AR., laborer/gen'l farm
Willie, Son, age 19, single, AR./AR./AR., laborer/gen'l farm
Marshel, Son, age 17, single, AR./AR./AR., farmer
Lester, Son, age 15, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Elzsworth, Son, age 13, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Wanda, Daughter, age 10, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Marline?, Daughter, age 6, attends school, AR./AR./AR.
Hurshal, Son, age 4?, AR./AR./AR.


Benton Co. AR Will record v. A-C - 1837-1908 (FHL film 1,034,761 Items 2-4; SLC 9/2/2010)
      Record A, 1837-1872 - No Duncan indexed
      Record B, 1873-1900 - no Duncan indexed
      Record C, 1900-1910 - no Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Will record v. C-D - 1908-1915 (FHL film 1,034,762; SLC 9/2/2010)
      Record D, 1896-1915 - no Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Will record v. E - 1915-1921 (FHL film 1,034,763; SLC 9/2/2010)
      No Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Administrators bonds - 1858-1888 (FHL film 1,034,763; SLC 9/2/2010)
      No Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Guardians bonds v. B - 1858-1887 (FHL film 1,034,763)
      No Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Probate docket v. A - 1869-1897 (FHL film 1,034,764; SLC 9/2/2010)
      No Duncan indexed

Benton Co. AR Index to probate record v.A - 1884-1908 (FHL film 1,034,764; SLC 9/2/2010)
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, ap. for letters by S.H. Mayfield, ap. adm., Apr. 1884, C-778 & 778
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, ap. to sell personal prop., ordered, July 1884, C-785
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, bill of sale personal prop., confirmed, Oct. 1884, D-17
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, 1st an. settle, continued Oct. 1885, D-95
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, a/c Kingland & Furguson Mfg. Co., $123.35 allowed, Oct. 1885, D-96
      Duncan est., ap. to employ council to collect bills due Duncan, granted July 1886, D-173
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, 1st An. Set. approved Apr. 1887, D-225
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, note for $100 due of Elizabeth Clements, note executed jointly with H.L. Foster, ordered paid, April 1887, D-225
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, final set., cont. for pub. April 1887, D-226
      Duncan, Wm. Decd, a/c for final set., approved, July 1887, D-250
      Duncan heirs, bond of Guard, approved Oct. 1887, D-266.

Benton Co. AR Probate Records (FHL film 1,034,766; SLC 9/21/1987 & 9/2/2010)
      C-778: 6 June 1884; petition for letters of administration on estate of William Duncan decd, by S.H. Mayfield; deceased left an estate consisting of personal property of the probable value of $1000; that an administration of said estate was necessary to preserve the same from loss; bond filed in sum of $2000 with C.W. Rice and T.S. Rice securities; letters issued. Authority granted to S.H. Mayfield to sell a threshing machine belonging to said estate, which will greatly depreciate in value unless it is disposed of during the present season for using such machine.
      C-785: July 1884, to sell said property on the premises of the widow of said deceased.
      D-266: Oct. 1887, Duncan heirs, minors. Court approved bond of Rachel Duncan as guardian of her children, which bond was signed by Henry Mark, James A. Daily, Oscar Ames.


Benton Co. AR Deed Indexes (copied 4/29/2013 by CVD in SLC)
   Direct deed index 1837-1887 (FHL film 1,034,918 item 2)
      A-127: Duncan, Lydia to Kinchalow, Lewis C. & others, Personal Propy, filed Feb. 21, 1841, A-127, one two-horse wagon, 30 hogs and one mare
      D-547: Duncan, Robt. C. & wife to Davidson, Richard, deed, Jan. 22, 1859, D-547, 120 acres, SW 1/2 SE 1/4 and NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.3 Block 18 Range 32
      Quit, deeds running well into 1860's
   Reverse deed index, 1837-1896 (FHL film 1,035,046)
      F-294: Duncan, Wm. A. from Quarles?, Tom & wife, Deed, Jan. 30, 1867, F-294, SW SE Sec.26 and NW NE Sec.10

Benton Co. AR Deeds (SLC 12/14/2013)
   Deed record v. A - 1837-1849 (FHL Film 1,034,924 Item 3)
      A-127/128: Lydia Duncan of Benton Co. AR for love and affection for my grand children Lewis C. Kinchelow, Robert H. Kinchelow, & John W. Kinchelow, heirs of the body of my beloved daughter Elizabeth Kinchelow, I grant to said grand children one two horse "waggon", 30 head of hogs and one small mare two years old, all of which is now in my possession, the title to the said property I warrant against the claim of myself, my heirs and assigns and against the claim of all other persons, & for the natural love and affection which I have and bear towards my beloved grand children Elizabeth, Emaline & Artemisa Kinchelow, heirs of the body of my beloved daughter Elizabeth Kinchelow I give to said grand children two caros? & culiry?? & two quarter?? which is now in my possession, the title to the said cattle unto the said Elizabeth and Artemisa I warrant and defend against the claim of myself and against the claim of all other person or persons whatsoever. 25 Jan. 1841, /s/ Lydia (X) Duncan. Ack. in Open Court 23 Jan. 1841, Jno. B. Dickson, Clerk. Recorded 21 Feb. 1841. (FHL film 1,034,924) (MAD: ?? see Lydia Duncan in Washington Co. AR deed 1838)
   Deed record v. B-D - 1849-1858 (FHL Film 1,034,925)
      D-547: 27 Dec. 1858, Robert C. Duncan to Richard Davidson, for $600 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Benton Co. AR, SW 1/2 SE 1/4 and NE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.3, Twp.18 Range 32 containing 120 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Robert C. Duncan, Sarah (X) Duncan. Wit. Asa Elis, Reair? Hodges. Deed ack. 27 Dec. 1858 by Robert C. Duncan and his wife Sarah Duncan before Asa Ellis, J.P., Benton Co. AR. Filed 19 Jan. 1859, recorded 22 Jan. 1859. (FHL film 1,034,925)
   Deed record v. D-F - 1858-1868 (FHL Film 1,034,926)
      F-294/295: Thomas "Quals" and Rebecca Quarles his wife of Benton Co. AR for $300 paid, sell to William A. Duncan of afsd the land in Benton Co. AR, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.26 Twp.20 Range 32 and NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.35 in Twp.21 Range 32, containing 80 acres, warrant title. 18 Feb. 1860. /s/ Thomas Quarles, Rebecca Quarles. Ack. 18 Feb. 1866 before E.E. Buzley, J.P., Benton Co. AR. Filed Jan. 19 and recorded Jan. 30, 1867. (FHL film 1,034,926)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Robert, widow Qualls, Sarah H.; K 1 ARK Inf.; 1888 June 9, Widow Appl. #374109, no cert., Ark. (MAD: ? 1860 Benton Co. AR census or Newton or Washington Co. AR; see ? Sarah Duncan mar. Henry Qualls 1872 Perry Co. TN)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northwest Arkansas; Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin & Sebastian Cos." by Goodspeed (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.71 W317Go; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1983 and Bonnie Ward 3/1987)
      Pg.77, Benton Co.: State vs. Charles G. Duncan; in May, 1847, Charles G. Duncan indicted for murder. He was tried and acquitted.
      Pg.862, Benton Co.: Z.H. McCubbins of Rogers, AR, one of four children, two of whom are living, born to William and Thebe (Duncan) McCubbins. William and Thebe were born and married in TN; about 1834 they moved to IL, where they spent remainder of their days. Z.H. McCubbins reared in IL, there married Miss Mary F. Clemmons, b. IL of KY stock; had 4 children, 2 living, Churchill & Orila, wife of Asa Hayes. In 1879 Mr. McCubbins to AR for 2 years, then KS where still owns a ranch, then 1885 to Rogers, AR. ME Church, Republican, Civil War, member G.A.R. (MAD: see Edgar Co. IL)


"Heritage of the Hills, a Delaware County (OK) History" by Delaware Co. Hist. Society, ca 1979 (FHL book 976.691 H2h; from Bob Price 9/1983)
      Pgs.653-656: Calvin C. Duncan ... was the oldest child of George Henry Duncan and Louisa Wiser, married 11/30/1870 in Coffee Co. TN and moved to Benton Co. AR in the 1870's, and later to Delaware Co. OK. This article gives more information on their family, and was written by Bob Price and his mother.

"My Family" [Saunders/Sanders and Duncan family] (or untitled) book, plastic bound, no index or table of contents, by Alice Baldwin 1991 (from Alma Finney 11/1991)
      This booklet starts with William SANDERS, b. 7/28/1831 Orange Co. IN, son of Joseph and Nancy (Cox) Sanders, married Permelia Jane Hadden 7/20/1846; 1850 Clay Co. IN census, 1860 Orange Co. IN census; mar. as William Saunders to Rachel Clements 4/9/1865 Orange Co. IN; 1870 Benton Co. AR as William and Rachel A. Duncan, d. 12/28/1883 Washington Co. AR.
      His children include Willoughby Franklin SANDERS/Duncan, b. 8/18/1852 Jasper Co. IN, Willoughby F. Duncan mar. Rebecca Smith 2/29/1872 Washington Co. AR; Riley Newton SANDERS/Duncan b.1857, and John Morgan SANDERS/Duncan, and other children who used the surname Duncan.


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