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Formed 1816 from St. Charles, St. Louis
Cooper formed 1818 from Howard
Boone, Chariton, Ray formed 1820 from Howard
Saline formed 1820 from Cooper, Howard


1830 Howard Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.140  Caswell Dunkin         0000,1         - 1000,1
          (MAD: 1840 Randolph Co. MO census)
   143  Richard Dunkin         0012,21        - 2300,01
   150  William Dunkin         1200,101       - 1011,01
   167  Nimrod Dunkin          1300,01        - 0101,01
          (MAD: mar. Nancy Parker 9/1/1820 Franklin Co. KY;
            1840 Ray Co. MO census; 1850 Buchanan Co. MO census)
   168  John Dunkin            0101,1         - 0000,1
   180  Sarah Dunkin           0000,1         - 0011,001
   185  George Dunkir (sic)    1010,01        - 2120,01

1840 Howard Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.  7  Wilia Duncan           0000,0000,1    - 0001,0000,1
    10  G. Duncan              1110,001       - 2021,001
Pg. 41  B.F. Dunkin            2200,01        - 0010,01
    44  W.F. Duncan            0000,01        - 1000,1
        B.T. Dunkin            2200,01        - 0010,01

1850 Howard Co. MO Census (each page starts #1)
Pg.149, #5, Geo. DUNCAN 54 KY farmer $3,000
                  Jane 56 KY
                  Jno. 19, Martha 21, Newton 18 MO
                  Mildred 15, Mary 13 MO
                  James W. HIATT 2 MO
                  (MAD: ? George Duncan mar. Jane Owens 3/8/1825 Madison Co. KY; see Hiett family Madison Co. KY & St. Louis Co. MO; one George W. Duncan mar. Mary Jane Sullins 2/4/1850)
Pg.172, #3, Caswell DUNCAN 44 KY farmer $12,000
                  Joycy (f) 36 KY
                  James 16, Mary E. 12 MO
                  Wm. 9, Nancy C. 5 MO
                  (MAD: 1860 Kaufman Co. TX census; buried Rockwall Co. TX)
Pg.205, #4, Asa DUNCAN 28 MO farmer $3,000
                  Malina A. 25 KY
                  Jno. L. 7, James K. 5 MO
                  Wm. C. 2 MO
                  Mary J. SIMMONS 13 MO
                  (MAD: Asa Duncan mar. Verlinda Ann Wilcoxin 11/24/1842)
Pg.209, #8, Asa DUNCAN 35 MO farmer $1,600
                  Malinda 26 KY
                  Jno. L. 8, Chas. T. 4 MO
                  Jas. C. 2 MO
                  Jane SIMONS 12 MO
Pg.213, #7, Saml. DUNCAN 35 VA merchant $1,500
                  Elizabeth 20 KY
                  Jno. B. 4 MO
                  (MAD: Samuel I. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Price 10/16/1844)

1860 Howard Co. MO Census
Pg.325, #287-279, Charles WILCOXSON 31 KY farmer $1000-$1000
                  Elvira 27 MO
                  Caleb DUNCAN 10, Charles 8 MO
Pg.329, #323-313, James W. DUNCAN 25 MO farmer $800-$595
                  Martha C. 21 MO
                  Sarah E/B. 3, Wm. H. 1 MO
                  Lurane WILCOXSON 76 KY domestic $1600-$0
                  (MAD: James W. Duncan mar. Martha K. Amick 3/20/1856)
City of Fayette
Pg.410, #12-10, John DUNCAN 29 MO livery business $2000-$7500
                  Henry MARKS 23 MO laborer
Pg.412, #27-25, George DUNCAN 64 KY farmer $0-$200
                  Mary E. 22 MO (not m/in/yr)
                  John L. POTTS 19 MO watch maker $0-$1400
Pg.414, #42-40, Samuel J. DUNCAN 44 VA merchant $2000-$10,000
                  Louisa 32 MO
                  John B. 11, Mary E. 9 MO
                  Florence (f) 1, Nancy 1/16? MO
                  William HARRIS 11 MO
                  Cameron M. (m) 9, Tyre C. (m) 5 MO
                  Priscilla PRISE 48 KY domestic $0-$500
                  E.K. ATTERBURY (m) 29 KY merchant $1000-$4000
Pg.414, #45-43, James H. JONES 45 MD butcher $0-$125
                  Elizabeth 45 VA
                  Virginia 16 VA, Annie 12 MO
                  A.W. DUNCAN (m) 22 MO carriage maker $0-$100
                  Harriett 16 MO
                  William W. 6/12 MO
                  C.H. THOMPSON (m) 27 CT harness maker $0-$50
                  John B. FREEMAN 22 KY laborer $0-$300
City of Glasgow
Pg.476, #489-457, Wm. H. DUNCAN 34 MO livery business $1000-$1820
                  Mildred 22 VA
                  not named (f) 6/12 MO
                  Geo. COX 16 MO laborer
                  James CASE 19 MO
                  Nuton DUNCAN 24 MO livery business $400-$1500

1870 Howard Co. MO Census
Pg.309, indexed Joseph Dunca, name Dunica, not copied
Franklin Twp.
Pg.329, #42-42, DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 35 MO farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 30 MO keeping house
                  Sallie 13, William 11 MO at school
                  Nannie (f) 9, George 5, John 3 MO
                  Sophronia (f) 6/12 MO b.Dec.
Prairie Twp.
Pg.403-4, #205-205, DUNCAN, W.R. (m) 33 MO farmer $1400-$100
                  Martha J. 25 MO keeping house
                  Sarah E. 8, Chas. T. 3 MO
                  Martha E. 6/12 MO b.Oct.
Richmond Twp.
Pg.438, #240-240, DUNCAN, George 40 MO BLACK farmer $400-$300
                  Mary 30 MO BLACK keeping house
                  Mary 1 MO BLACK
                  Mary 70 KY BLACK at home
                  Russian (m) 15 MO BLACK farm hand
City of Fayette
Pg.451, #47-47, DUNCAN, John 39 MO (blank) $4000-$2000
                  Jennie (f) 39 KY keeping house
                  Johnny 2, Jas. 3/12 b.Mar. MO
                  HYAT, Walter (m) 22 MO (blank)
                  EASTON, Robt. 35 MO BLACK teamster
                  Sarilda (f) 22 MO BLACK cook
                  Tom 3/12 MO b.Mar. BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Bettie 26 MO (white) at home
                  SALTONDALE?, J.R. (m) 33 KY (white) atty. at law
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. Jane Q. Saltonstall 6/22/1864; Jennie and son James Duncan in 1880 Saline Co. MO)
Pg.452, #58-58, DUNCAN, S.J. (m) 56 VA family trading merchant $5000-$3000
                  Jno. B. 21 MO family trading merchant
                  Mary E. 19 MO at home
                  Florence H. (f) 10, Nancy R. 9 MO at school
                  Dixie (f) 7 MO at school
                  OLDHAM, Sarah 52 TN keeping house
                  CRENA?, Eliza 35 MO BLACK cook
                  Mary 6, Sallie 4 MO BLACKS

1900 Census, Fayette City, Richmond Township, Howard Co., Missouri (from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 70, Page 174A, Image 23 of 55
GIBSON, George M., head, w/m, Dec 1860, age 39, M'd 9 yrs., VA./VA./VA. Clergyman
Florence, wife, w/f, Apr 1872, age 28, 3 chi. born, 3 living, MO./MO./MO.
Kate, daughter, w/f, Aug 1892, age 7, MO./VA./MO.
Maude, daughter, w/f, June 1894, age 5, MO./VA./MO.
George M., son, w/m, Jan 1895, age 4, MO./VA./MO.
SELECMAN, Edgar, lodger, w/m, Aug 1880, age 19, single, MO./MO./MO. at School
DUNCAN, William, lodger, w/m, Feb 1880, age 20, single, MO./MO./MO. at School
ISAAC, Rowena, servant, b/f, Feb 1878, age 22, single, MO./MO./MO. cook
      (KDC: see ?? 1880 DeKalb Co. MO census)


Howard Co. MO Will Index 1818-1896 (FHL film 963,408)
      2-186: Sallie Duncan, bond & letters
      2-187: Pryor Duncan, bond & letters
      4-271: John Duncan, bond & letters
      4-296: John Duncan, guard. bond
      4-477: Asa Duncan, heirs of, guard. bond
      4-529: Asa Duncan, heirs of, guard. bond, 1857
      5-340: James R. Duncan, guard. bond
      5-340: Charles A. Duncan, guard. bond
      5-341: Jos/John L. Duncan, guard. bond
      5-341: Wm. P. Duncan, guard. bond
      Quit 1877

Howard Co. MO Wills
      2-186: 3 May 1836; Bond of Ashley Duncan as admin. of estate of Sally Duncan late of Howard Co. MO who died intestate; securities Jesse Riddlesbarger, Henry W. King. (FHL film 963,409 and from Janet Brandenburg 6/1995) (MAD: Prior Duncan mar. Sarah White, bondsman John Duncan, 9/13/1803 Warren Co. KY)
      2-187: 3 May 1836, Bond of Ashley Duncan as admin. of estate of Pryor Duncan late of Howard Co. MO who died intestate; securities Jesse Riddlesbarger, H.W. King. (FHL film 963,409 and from Janet Brandenburg 6/1995)
      3-311: 23 Jan. 1847, William Duncan, dec.; Samuel J. Duncan principal, John Jackson and Jen Kingsberry sec. (pg.55, "Wills & Administrations of Howard Co. MO 1837-1847" Vol.II, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, FHL book 977.8285 S2e)
      4-271: 4 Oct. 1852, order: John Duncan, late of Howard Co. MO; Atkinson H. Lee appointed admir. (FHL film 963,410)
      4-296: 7 Feb. 1853, Valentine P. Bernard appointed guardian of John W. Duncan, minor heir of John Duncan over 14 years of age, sec. Caleb E. Wilcoxon and John Lee. (FHL film 963,410)
      4-477: 8 Jan. 1856, bond for Alfred Lousley, sec. Atkinson H. Lee and John L. Monroe; guardian of John L., James R., William C. (sic) and Charles H. Duncan, minor heirs of Asa Duncan, all under 14. (FHL film 963,410)
      4-529: 6 Jan. 1857, bond for Atkinson H. Lee, sec. William C. Chancellor and John P. Sebree, guardian of John L., James R., Caleb E. (sic), and Charles A. Duncan, minor heirs of Asa Duncan, decd. (FHL film 963,410)


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Howard Co. MO Circuit Court Minutes, Vol.1 (FHL film 963,431; image & text from Janet Brandenburg 5/21/2010)
      Pg.35: April 14, 1817, United States vs. Lewis Richard and John Jones.
         Robert W. Morriss enters security for the appearance of the aforesaid Lewis Richard. Whereupon the said Lewis Richard acknowledges himself indebted to the United States the sum of five hundred dollars and the said Robert W. Morriss the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be levied of their respective goods and chattel lands and tenements to be said on condition the said Lewis Richard appear in court from day to day to answer a bill of Indictment found against him for hog stealing and do not depart the court without leave.
         John Jones and Prior Duncan acknowledge themselves indebted to the United States the said John in the sum of five hundred dollars and the said Prior in the sum of two hundred and fifty to be levied &c to be void on condition the said John appears as above to answer to said bill &c. The court adjourned until tomorrow 9 o'clock. D. Barton
      Pg.59: July 14, 1817, Ordered by court that James [Mc] Mahan who was recognized to appear at the present term of this court to answer for killing one Prior Duncan and also John Hinds and Andrew Patterson who were recognized to give witness be discharged from their said recognizance their being no evidence before the court to authorize their further detention.

"Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the state of Missouri from 1843 to 1845" by Louis Houck, Consellor at law, Vol.VIII, pgs.26 to 31; ("Missouri Reports") Vol.8, pgs.26 to 33 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)
      BROWN v. BURRUS; Supreme Court of Missouri; 8 Mo. 26; July, 1843, Decided.
      Appeal from Howard Circuit Court. (MAD: Counsels' arguments omitted here)
      (opinion) SCOTT, J. This was an action of trespass, commenced by the appellee, against Bennett C. Brown, the appellant, Nathaniel Ford, and Robert Brown, for seizing and taking away a negro girl slave, named Nancy. The defendants pleaded not guilty, and on the trial Nathaniel Ford and Robert Brown obtained a verdict, and the appellant, Bennett C. Brown, was found guilty, and damages to the amount of $406 assessed against him.
      From the testimony preserved in the cause it appears, that the appellant was the constable of Richmond township, in Howard county, and had several unsatisfied executions in his hands against George Duncan, a resident of said township. Duncan, by a bill of sale, of a date subsequent to the delivery of the executions to the appellant, sold and conveyed the slave in controversy to the appellee, Burrus. There was testimony conducing to show, that the appellant consented to the sale of the slave to Burrus, on condition that the purchase-money should be paid to William Taylor, a trustee under a deed of trust executed by the said Duncan, and that it should be applied in satisfaction of the claims of the several creditors of Duncan according to the priority of their liens under the trust-deed, and the executions. This fact was controverted by the appellant.
      The slave mentioned in the declaration was seized by the appellant, and sold under the executions at public sale. It appeared from the return on the executions in the hands of the appellant, that they were levied on the slave before the date of the bill of sale and her delivery, but the truth of the return was disputed, and evidence conducing to show its falsity was introduced. The appellee claimed the slave before the sale under the executions, and required a trial of the right of property between Duncan, the defendant, and himself, but afterwards, and before the trial, withdrew his claim of property. The appellant, however, proceeds with the trial, and the jury reported a verdict that the slave was the property of the defendant in the execution. The oath to the jurors was administered by William Taylor, who, in does not appear from the record, was authorized to administer oaths. The court below refused to admit in evidence the verdict of the jury. During the trial, the court permitted witnesses to be recalled, and give evidence in chief, who had once been examined and cross-examined. A witness was called by the appellant, merely to prove the fact that the appellee preferred a claim to the slave after the levy was made, and was suffered by the court to be cross-examined, in chief, by the opposite party. Some evidence was given against the defendants, Ford and Brown, in the court below. At the instance of the plaintiff, appellee, the court instructed the jury that nothing but a levy vested any property in the constable to the slave in controversy, and that a levy is the actual seizing of the property by the officer, under and by virtue of the execution. This instruction was objected to by the appellant, but was given. On motion of the appellant, the court instructed the jury, that if the constable had executions in his hands against Duncan, which were unsatisfied at the time of the sale of the negro, Nancy, such executions were by law a lien upon said negro, as well as Duncan's other property.
      (MAD: much more omitted here)
      The law, as has been observed, requires the constable to note the date of the delivery, by an indorsement on the execution. If several executions come to the hands of a constable at different times, and they are levied at the same time, and the property of the defendant is insufficient to satisfy them all, they are not paid pari passu, but the execution first issued is first satisfied. Why is this done, if the execution is no lien? Will it be said, that the bare delivery of an execution to a constable gives a party the priority over an execution subsequently delivered, although both may be levied at the same time, and it is the levy that creates the lien? If the levy alone gave the lien, then it would seem all executions levied at the same time would be paid pari passu. Rights have been conferred and titles acquired under the impression, that an execution in the hands of a constable is a lien on the goods of the defendant from the time of its delivery; and we are of the opinion, that the jury should have been instructed that the execution was a lien on all the goods and chattels of the defendant in the execution, within the limits of the township to which the execution was directed, from the time of its delivery to the constable. Judgment reversed, and cause remanded for a new trial.
      (opinion) TOMPKINS, J. I concur in the opinion of the court reversing the judgment, but it is my opinion that a party who demands a trial of the right of property in the possession of the constable has no right, by declining to proceed in the trial, to deprive the constable of the benefit which the statute holds out to the constable by such trial, and that the constable, for his own security, may still go on and try the right.

Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database http://www.sos.state.mo.us/archives/judiciary/supremecourt/
      Superior Court Case Files; Contributor Appellant James Duncan, Respondent Byrd Lockhart, filed 1818, Howard Co. Civil proceeding, bail bond for case in Box 45 Folder 6, subject William C. Carr; Identifier Location F/1/5, Box 45, Folder 16; Courtesy of the Missouri State Archives.
      Superior Court Case Files; Contributor Appellant James Duncan, Respondent Byrd Lockhart, filed 1818, Howard Co. Civil proceeding, debt, promissory note for $180, subject Charles Hempstead; Identifier Old Folder Number 5, Location F/1/5, Box 45, Folder 6; Courtesy of the Missouri State Archives.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, James W., widow Duncan, Martha G.; A 6 Kans. Cav.; 1890 July 23, Invalid Appl. #824153, Cert. #770226, MO; 1924 March 17, Widow Appl. #1217254, Cert. #968462, MO. (MAD: 1860-1880 Howard Co. MO)
      Duncan, William R., widow Duncan, Martha J.; G 9 MO S. Mil. Cav., A 14 MO Cav.; 1880 May 14, Invalid Appl. #365305, Cert. #398246; 1905 April 10, Widow Appl. #826020, Cert. #603337, MO. (MAD: ?? 1860 Moniteau Co. MO; 1870 Howard Co. MO; 1880 Randolph Co. MO)

HISTORIES before 1923

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Cooper Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/21/2014 and 7/22/2014; have JPG images)
      O-584: John H. Price of Boonville, MO, for $600 paid by Saml. J. Duncan of Fayette (Howard Co.) in state afsd, sell personal property, one printing press with the newspaper book and job type attached thereto, cases, stands, stone standing galleys, ?? and wooden galleys, chases, sticks and all other articles connected with the printing office of said Price in City of Boonville, Cooper Co. MO, known as the office of the Boonville Weekly Democrat, with all other articles belonging to said office to said Duncan subject to a mortgage or deed of trust to secure payment of $400 borrowed from John Babbit which is recorded in Cooper Co. 23 Sept. 1850. /s/ Jno. H. Price. Ack. 23 Sept. 1850 by John H. Price before A.J. Herndon, Clerk of County Court of Howard Co. MO. Recorded 23 Sept. 1850. (FHL film 947,036)
      P-511/512: 29 March 1850, John Duncan of Howard Co. MO to James B. Davis of City of Boonville, Cooper Co. MO, for $200 paid, sell real estate in City of Boonville, Cooper Co., beg. near a locust tree in Spring Street, being the SW corner of a piece of ground sold by W.H. Trigg to said Duncan, running thence eastwardly with said line 90 feet, then northwardly 150 feet, then westwardly with alley between Morgan and Spring Street 90 feet to beginning, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ John Duncan, by William H. Trigg, Atty in fact. Ack. by William H. Trigg on 29 March 1851 before Allen Porter, J.P., Cooper Co. MO. Recorded 12 April 1852. (FHL film 947,037)

Chariton Co. MO Deeds (FHL film 975,966)
      L-75: 29 Aug. 1848, John M. Duncan & wife Jane E. formerly wife of William H. Davis decd of Chariton Co. MO to Nehemiah J. McAshan of same, $550, Lot 6 in Block 21 of City of Brunswick, being property and real estate of said Jane E. Duncan wife of said John M. Duncan formerly wife of William H. Davis decd before her marriage with John M. Duncan; no wit.
      L-706: 3 Oct. 1850, Theodorick F. Bradford of Chariton Co. MO to Jane E. Duncan of Howard Co. MO, $100, 40 acres the SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.36 T55 R18W, and also 1/6 part of E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.1 T54N R18W and 1/6 part of NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18W, being undivided interest of Bradford as one of heirs of Lucy G. Bradford decd to the two last described tracts, to wit, the W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18 and the NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18; no wife or wit.
      L-706 (2nd): 3 Oct. 1850, Barclay M. Bradford and wife Charlotte H. of Chariton Co. MO to Jane E. Duncan of Howard Co. MO, $50, 1/6 part of E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18 and 1/6 part of NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18, being undivided interest as one of heirs of Lucy G. Bradford decd to foregoing tracts, to wit, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18 and E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.1 T54 R18; no wit.

Linn Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/16/2014; have JPG images)
      P-107/108: Deed of trust, 15 Sept. 1862, by Thomas J. Smith and Margaret H. his wife of Howard Co. MO of first part, and Samuel J. Duncan of same county and state of 2nd part, and Enoch Smith of Bath Co. KY of 3rd part; parties of 1st part, in consideration of the debt and trust hereinafter mentioned and $1 to them in paid, sell to party of 2nd part lands in Linn Co. MO, SE 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.58 Range 21 containing 160 acres, also NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 and NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.19, all Twp.58 Range 20, containing 78-75/100 acres more or less, in trust, whereas the said Thomas J. Smith on or about 1 March 1861 delivered to said Enoch Smith his promissory note dated on or about that day for $1145 bearing 10% interest per annum, now if Thomas J. Smith shall on or before 18 Sept. 1864 pay the sum of money specified and all interest that may be due, then this deed to be void and the property hereinbefore conveyed shall be released at the cost of said Thomas J. Smith, otherwise to remain in force and said Samuel J. Duncan may proceed to sell the property to the highest bidder for cash, public sale, ... and upon sale and payment of the purchase money shall execute a deed of the property sold to the purchaser and any statement of facts or recital by said trustee in relation to the nonpayment of the money ... said trustee shall apply the proceeds first to the payment of said note, interest and cost of this trust and the balance he shall pay to said Thos. J. Smith, and the said Saml. J. Duncan covenants faithfully to perform the trust herein created. /s/ Thomas J. Smith, Margaret H. Smith, S.J. Duncan. Ack. by all three on 17 Sept. 1862 before Chas. H. Stewart, Clerk, Howard Co. MO. Filed Sept. 20, 1862. (FHL film 1,009,315)
      R-567: 15 Sept. 1862, Thomas J. Smith and wife of Howard Co. MO made a deed of trust to the undersigned, filed for record in Linn Co. MO on 20 Sept. 1862 and recorded Book P pg.107 & 108, by which they conveyed in trust the lands hereinafter mentioned to secure payment of a debt to Enoch Smith, and whereas Thomas J. Smith has fully paid said debt, now for $1 paid me by said Thomas J. Smith, Samuel J. Duncan of Howard Co. do hereby quit claim to said Smith land in Linn Co. MO, SE 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.58 Range 21 and NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.19 Twp.58 Range 20. May 20, 1864. /s/ S.J. Duncan. Ack. 24 Dec. 1864 by Samuel J. Duncan before Andrew J. Hamdon, Clerk of Linn Co. Court. Filed for record Oct. 15, 1865. (FHL film 1,009,316)

Moniteau Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/16/2014; have JPG images)
      B-139/140: 30 Sept. 1848, Wm. Speirs and Margaret S. his wife of Cooper Co. MO to John Duncan of Howard Co. MO, for $600 paid, sell their interest and claims to land in Moniteau Co. MO, the NW of NE 1/4 Sec.22 Twp.45 containing 40 acres, also NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.22 Twp.45 containing 40 acres, also E 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec.15 Twp.45, all north of base line and west of 5th principal meridian in Range 15, containing all together 160 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ William Speirs, Margaret Spears. Ack. 13 Sept. 1848 by William Speirs and Margaret S. his wife before B. Emmons Henry? (Herry?) Clerk of Cooper County Court. Filed Dec. 25, 1848. (FHL film 902,824)

Randolph Co. MO Deed (FHL film 975,196)
      I-217: 4 March 1843, Caswell Duncan and wife Joicy (X) of Howard Co. MO to Nathaniel Sims of Randolph Co. MO, $1100, SE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 2 T55 R14, 86 acres, and SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 2 T54 R14W, 80 acres. No wit.

Saline Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/17/2014; have JPG images)
      P-407/409: William F. Dunica and Martha Jane his wife, Thomas Shackleford and Sarah E. his wife, Mary E. Shackleford, Sydney Shackleford, Leonidas Shackleford, Medora A. Shackleford, John C. Shackleford by Thomas Shackleford attorney in fact of Howard Co. MO for $150 paid, sell to John H. Grove of Saline Co. state afsd, tracts or parcels of land in Saline Co. MO, all our right, title and interest to 7 acres of land on the Missouri River and immediately adjoining the town of Cambridge in Saline Co., down the River, and belonging to what is known as the Jefferson tract and allotted to the heirs of Thomas Shackleford in the division of said tract, with appurtenances, defend our said interest. 30 Jan. 1852. /s/ W.F. Dunica, Sydney Shackleford, Leonidas Shackleford, Mary E. Shackleford, Medora Shackleford, Martha J. Dunica, Thomas Shackleford, Sarah E. Shackleford, John C. Shackleford, by F. Shackleford, atty in fact. Ack 28 Jan. 1852. by William F. Dunica and Martha J. his wife, Sydney Shackleford, Leonidas Shackleford and Mary E. Shackleford, Medora Shackleford, before T. Shackleford, Notary Public, Howard Co. MO. Ack. 20 Jan. 1853 by Thomas Shackleford and Sarah E. his wife before James A. Clark, Judge of Chariton Co. MO Circuit Court. Filed for record 4 Feby 4, 1853, and recorded 4 February 1853. (FHL film 902,981)

Madison Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 183,291)
      Q-15: 9 Jan. 1823, Joseph (X) Hiatt and wife Margaret (x) to John Duncan, both Madison Co. KY, $600, 20 acres on the head of a branch of Taylors Fork of Silver Creek, part of a preemption of 1000 acres granted George Meriweather assignee of George Boone, and a part of said Hiatt's purchase of said Meriweather's heirs, adj. Jesse Clarks heirs, land on George Meriweather's old line, Clark's old line, Gennings old survey now John Duncan's line. Wit. William Hieatt (sic), A.W. Rollins, George Watts.
      Q-118: 17 Dec. 1823, Moses Hiatt and Philip Turner of Howard Co. MO appoint friend John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, their attorney; that on 1 Jan. last, Joseph Hiett (sic) of Co. & State afsd willed to George Watts 130 acres in Madison Co. KY who sold it to Durett White; that Moses Hiett and Philip Turner are heirs at law of estate of said Joseph Hiett decd and are willing to become security of said George Watts that title is lawfully vested in said George Watts so he can convey title, we authorize our attorney to sign any deed needed. Rec. in Howard Co. MO.


Some early Duncans in Howard Co. MO:
      Prior Duncan, April 1817, with Robert W. Morris was security for an appearance in Circuit Court, from Howard Co. MO Minutes of Circuit Court, 1816-1818, 2nd Monday in April 1817. (pg.32, Vol.8, 9/1979, "MO Miscellany" FHL book 977.8 D2w, from Denzil Mauldin, FHL book 977.8 D2w, original minutes on FHL film 963,431)
      Sally Duncan, 1817, Howard Co. MO taxpayer (pg.79, Vol.1, 1967, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin)
      Margaret Duncan, 25 April 1819, mar. William Barnes. (MAD: see Bates Co. MO; was she Peggy Doyle who mar. 1805 Marshall Duncan in Warren Co. KY; mother of Peter b. 1818 ???; probably not, she born 1796-1801 per census; ? 1830 Jackson Co. MO census, ? 1840 Washington Co. AR census, ? 1850 Crawford Co. AR census, perhaps the William and Margaret Barnes members of Mt.Pisgah Baptist Church of Polk Co. MO Missionary Baptist Assn. 1836, per LaVena Lebow Wilson query pg.227, Vol.3#1, 1984, "1776" Quarterly, and per Betty Jean Mason query pg.41, Vol.VIII#1, Spring 1986, "Ozar'kin" FHL book 977.8 D25o)
      John Duncan, 6 May 1821, mar. Mary Bernard.
      David Duncan, 1822-1824, on tax list ("MO Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, 1979; Los Angeles Public Library book R977.8 S788-1; FHL book 977.8 R4s)
      John Duncan, 1822-1824, on tax list ("MO Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, 1979; Los Angeles Public Library book R977.8 S788-1; FHL book 977.8 R4s)
      Nimrod Duncan, 1822-1824, on tax list ("MO Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, 1979; Los Angeles Public Library book R977.8 S788-1; FHL book 977.8 R4s)
      Sarah Duncan, 1822-1824, on tax list ("MO Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, 1979; Los Angeles Public Library book R977.8 S788-1; FHL book 977.8 R4s)
      Thomas Duncan, 1822-1824, on poll tax list ("MO Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, 1979; Los Angeles Public Library book R977.8 S788-1; FHL book 977.8 R4s)
      Elizabeth Duncan, 12 Feb. 1824, mar. James Ridie.
      Sarah W. Duncan, 13 Oct. 1825, mar. James Winn or Dunn. (MAD: Sarah Duncan, sister of Matthew Duncan who died 1853 Clay Co. MO, was wife of James Winn)
      Henry Duncan, 26 March 1829, mar. Edith Monroe. (MAD: Henry b. Allen Co. KY 1801; 1850 Livingston Co. MO census)
      Ashley Duncan, 28 Feb. 1832, mar. Eliza Bowler. (MAD: Ashley Duncan in 1850 Caldwell Co. MO census)
      Bothea Duncan, 29 April 1836, mar. Erven Davis.
      Ashley Duncan, 13 May 1837, witnessed with John B. Clark the will of Augustus C. Davis who named his wife Mary, dau. Elizabeth Hives, sons Martin H., Thomas C., Augustus C., Simpson O., Sylvester, Irvine, Albert C., and Jefferson Davis, and Wade Davis; exec. Thomas Davis and John Wolfskill, proved 12 Aug. 1837, recorded Will Book 3, pg.224. (pg.2, "Wills & Administrations of Howard Co. MO 1837-1847" Vol.II, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, FHL book 977.8285 S2e)
      Frances J. Duncan, 1 Sept. 1840, mar. John L. Howard. (MAD: she the admix. of Sarah Duncan who died 1849 Moniteau Co. MO)
      Willis Duncan, 15 March 1842, mar. Eliza Green. (MAD: 1850 Randolph Co. MO census)
      Samuel Duncan, 30 May 1843, mar. Catharine Tolson.
      John M. Duncan, 9 Sept. 1847, mar. Jane E. Davis; Mr. John M. Duncan, formerly of the "Glasgow News", mar. Mrs. Jane E. Davis of Keytesville on 9th inst. at residence of Geo. B. Dameron in Glasgow [Howard Co.], from 24 Sept. 1847 issue of "Liberty Tribune" (pg.25, Vol.I, "Genealogical Notes from 'Liberty Tribune'" by Nadine Hodges and Audrey Lee Wagner Woodruff, FHL book 977.816 D28h) (MAD: 1860 Chariton Co. MO census)
      Sarah Ann Duncan, 28 June 1848, mar. Anthony P. Wilkerson.
      Elizabeth Duncan, 9 Jan. 1850, mar. Alfred Cummings or Cumins.
      George Duncan, 17 March 1852, mar. Alsey Green.
      Mrs. Verlinda A. Duncan, 10 Nov. 1852, mar. Alfred Sousley. (MAD: Verlinda Ann Wilcoxin, widow of Asa Duncan)
      William H. Duncan, 26 Oct. 1854, mar. Martha A. Barnett.
      Mildred Duncan, 18 April 1857, mar. Charles Cline or Kline.
      James Duncan, Aug. 1859, died; married, age 65, born KY; on 1860 Howard Co. MO Mortality Schedule (pg.108, Vol.7, 4/1970, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Wm. Walter Duncan, 24 June 1869, of Boone Co. MO mar. Julia Jones of Howard Co.

"Bible Records of MO" by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Vol.I-X (FHL film 873,910)
      Vol.I, pg.87, contains the Wilhelm Family Record of Mrs. Watson Diggs, including the record of Pleasant I. Davis born 3/18/1816, Bethilda Davis born 7/15/1816, Sarah Duncan born 6/18/1784, Elizabeth Duncan born 6/17/1804, William B. Diggs born 6/9/1827 who married 12/23/1856 Cynthia E. Morris born 8/11/1836. (MAD: Sarah Duncan may have been Sarah White, widow of Prior Duncan; Bothea Duncan mar. Erven Davis 4/29/1836)


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