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Formed 1825 from Owen, Putnam, Vigo, Sullivan


1830 Clay Co. IN Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Clay Co. IN Census
Louis Twp.
Pg.347  Samuel Dunkin      2000,1      - 1000,1
Hanson (Harrison?) Twp.
Pg.351  George W. Duncan   1000,1      - 2000,1
        Isaiah Duncan      2120,1001   - 1002,11
          (next to each other)

1850 Clay Co. IN Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 1/1984)
Lewis Twp.
Pg.261, #248, Samuel DUNCAN 37 OH farmer $300
                  Elizabeth 35 AL
                  Amos 14, Isaac 12, Mary 10 IN
                  Elizabeth 7, Charles H. 2 IN
                  (MAD: ? Samuel Dunkin mar. Elizabeth Littlejohn 12/3/1835 Owen Co. IN; ?? Elizabeth in 1860 Anderson Co. KS census)
Pg.264, #392, Amos DUNCAN 68 SC farmer $100
                  Pamelia 46 OH
                  Emely PERRY 27 MI
                  Ariena PERRY (f) 17 IN
                  Amos W. DUNN? 3 OH
                  (MAD: mar. Parmelia Penny 1846 Miami Co. OH)
Harrison Twp.
Pg.285, #563, Isaah DUNKIN 64 VA farmer $1000
                  Nancy 46 SC
                  Mahala S. 28, Rebecca N. 25 SC
                  Hannah 23, Ezrah 22 SC
                  Elias? (?Elin?) H. (m) 20 IL
                  Isah H. (m) 17, Samuel F. 16 IN
                  Amos B. (m) 13, Mary A. 10 IN
                  George L. 8 IN
                  William C. 6, Obediah L. 4/12 IN
                  Jeremiah MAJORS 19 IL laborer
                  (MAD: 1830 White Co. IL census; from Newberry Co. SC; son of Amos Duncan d.1806 Newberry Co. SC)
Pg.285, #564, Henry O. DUNCAN 31 SC farmer $840
                  William 6 IN
                  (MAD: mar. Mary Eliza Ellsbury 7/27/1843 Owen Co. IN)
Pg.286, #576, David DUNCAN 24 IN laborer
                  Elizabeth 24 IN
                  Polly 5, Elen 3 IN
                  (MAD: ? one David Duncan mar. Elizabeth Saunders 4/25/1844 Orange Co. IN; 1860 Orange Co. IN census)
Pg.288-289, #622-622, Georg W. DONKIN 33 SC farmer $360
                  Rosana J. DONCAN 33 IN
                  Jiles W. (m) 12, Adaline 11 IN
                  Mary A. 10, Sarah 9 IN
                  Evaline 7, Joseph H. 5 IN
                  Emma 4, Charlott 1 IN
                  (MAD: spelling as given; wife plainly Rosana not Lavina or Louisa)

1860 Clay Co. IN Census
Lewis Twp.
Pg.611, #551-515, Amos DUNCAN Sr. 78 SC farmer $2000-$300
                  Penendia? (Permelia? or Pezendia?) (f) 58 CT spinster
                  Amos DUNCAN Jr. 13 OH
Harrison Twp.
Pg.626, #654-615, Lavina J. DUNCAN 42 IN wever $1600-$600
                  Giles W. 23 IN farmer
                  Adaline 22, Sarah 18 IN
                  Eveline 16, Joseph H. 15 IN
                  Emma I?. 13, Charlotte E. 12 IN
                  Armilda (f) 8, Luruer? (Luraner?) (f) 6 IN
                  George B.S. 2 IN
                  (MAD: widow of George William Duncan who mar. Lavina Jane Ellsberry 3/16/1836 Owen Co. IN)
Pg.628, #669-630, Sylvester T. VANHORN 25 OH farmer $800-$100
                  Mary E. DUNCAN 20 IN seamstress
Pg.651, #841-795, Ezra O. DUNCAN 34 SC farmer $1800-$450
                  Lurinda 31 IN seamstress
                  Nancy A. 4, Sarah A. 3, Spunky (f) 2/12 IN
Pg.651, #842-796, Isiah DUNCAN 78 VA farmer $3500-$700
                  Nancy 56 SC weaver
                  Mahala P. 45 SC weaver
                  Hannah B. 38 IN weaver
                  Angeline 20 IN weaver
                  George L. 18, William C. 15 IN
                  Obediah L. 10 IN
Pg.651, #843-797, Amos B. DUNCAN 23 IN farmer $350-$200
                  Eliza 18 IN spinster (mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: mar. Eliza Winters 2/9/1860)
Pg.652, #852-807, Isiah H. DUNCAN 28 IN farmer $1400-$250
                  Hulda A. 26 IN seamstress
                  (MAD: no children, not mar/in/year)
Pg.653, #855-810, Henry O. DUNCAN 43 SC farmer $3600-$800
                  Lucy J. 26 GA seamstress
                  Rebecca 39 SC seamstress
                  William H. 15 IN
                  Hannah E. 2, Isiah A. (m) 4/12 IN
                  (MAD: mar. Lucy Jane Smith 3/27/1856)
Pg.653, #856-811, Isaac TAYLOR 38 KY farmer $1000-$300
                  Nancy J. 25 KY shoe binder
                  Isaac DUNCAN 56 OH master shoe maker
                  John R. BINAM 15 KY farm laborer

1870 Clay Co. IN Census
Brazil Twp.
Pg.17, #230-253, DUNCAN, William 31 IN carpenter $0-$100
                  Emma 19 IN keeps house
                  Flora 1 IN
                  BLAND, Ella 24 IN dress maker
                  (MAD: 1860 Morgan Co. IN census; 1880 Hendricks Co. IN census)
Harrison Twp.
Pg.75, #310-301, FRANCES, Joshia (m) 28 IN farming $0-$125
                  Sarah 27 IN keeping house
                  Charles W. 6 IN
                  Joseph E.R. 3 IN
                  Sylvester L. 1 IN
                  DUNCAN, Luaner E. (f) 16 IN house keeper
Pg.77, #345-336, DUNCAN, Sam. F. 36 IN farming $1300-$405
                  Frances (f) 37 OH keeping house
                  REYNOLDS, Della 8 IN
                  Cassius L. 14 VA farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Malinda 2 IN
                  Melva (f) 10/12 IN b.Sept.
Pg.77-78, #350-341, DUNCAN, Henry O. 53 SC farming $4250-$870
                  Lucy Jane 37 GA
                  Hannah E. 12 IN
                  Isaiah A. 10 IN farm laborer
                  Mary E. 7, Atha A. (f) 4 IN
                  Rebecca J. 48 SC
Pg.78, #359-350, DUNCAN, D.L. (m) 45 IN farming $0-$0
                  Sarah 45 IN keeping house
                  Alfred 19 IN farm laborer
                  David L. 15 IA "Iowa" farm laborer
                  John 12 IA "Iowa" farm laborer
                  James 10 IN farm laborer
                  Martha 8, Mary 3 IN
                  Malissa 20 IN house keeper
Pg.78, #360-351, DUNCAN, Isaiah 38 IN farming $1500-$200
                  Mahulda (f) 36 IN keeping house
                  Julia A. 9, Wm. S. 4 IN
Pg.79, #368-359, DUNCAN, Jesse 26 IN farming $1000-$0
                  BARNS, Sarah 39 IN keeping house $0-$100
                  David T?. (P?) 14 IN farm laborer
                  Sarah M. 6 IN
                  RAGAN, Livy Ann (f) 19 IN
Pg.79, #369-360, DUNCAN, Lurinda (Lucinda?) 40 IN keeping house $1000-$0
                  Sarah 12 IN
                  Vorhees (m) 8 IN
                  Lusinda I. (f) 7 IN
                  Thomas 4, Ezra O. (m) 2 IN
Pg.79, #370-361, DUNCAN, Obidiah 20 IN farming $800-$100
                  Mahala (f) 57 SC keeping house $206-$0
                  Hannah (f) 45 SC keeping house $266-$0
                  Minerva 10 IN
Pg.79, #374-365, DUNCAN, W.C. (m) 25 IN farming $800-$260
                  Emma J. 33 IN keeping house
                  Rosetta 4/12 IN b.Mar.
Pg.79, #375-366, DUNCAN, Geor. L. 28 IN farming $200-$285
                  Drucilla 23 IN keeping house
                  Isaah F. (sic) 2 IN
                  Marion (m) 3/12 IN b.May
Pg.79, #376-367, ??LEY, Finley (blotted) 54 OH farming $2600-$600
                  Mary M. 50 OH keeping house & family
Pg.79, #377-368, DUNCAN, G.W. 33 IN farming $800-$500
                  Mary A. 31 IN keeping house
                  Eldon P. (m) 1 IN
                  HOLDER, John J. 32 KY works in saw mill
                  DUNCAN, Anas B. (m) 33 IN sawyer $600-$700
Pg.79, #378-369, DUNCAN, Wm. H. 26 IN farming $1200-$575
                  Nancy E. 21 IN
Pg.79, #381-372, DUNCAN, Joseph 25 IN farming $600-$0
                  Eliza J. 17 IN keeping house
                  (MAD: not mar. in year)
Pg.79, #382-373, DUNCAN, Livina J. (f) 53 IN keeping house $0-$1000
                  VANHORN, Mary 30 IN
                  DUNCAN, Caroline 18 IN
                  Charlotte 20 IN
                  Evaline 26 IN
                  George 12 IN
                  VANHORN, George 7 IN
Posey Twp.
Pg.147, 3139-139, MODESITT, James A. 50 IN (blank) $20,000-$500
                  Ellen L. 45 NH keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 39 NH (blank) $1500-$0
                  John M. 14, Eliza M. 12 PA
                  Caroline L. 11 MD
                  (MAD: 1860 Cecil Co. MD census)

1880 Clay Co. IN Soundex (looking for Isaac Wilbur Duncan b.1872-73 OH)
Harrison Twp., Vol.5, ED 241, Sheet 17, Line 2
DUNCAN, Obediah 30 IN (white male)
            Mary E. 27 IN wife
            Alta R. 9 IN dau.
            Isaiah W. 8 IN son
            Samuel M. 6 IN son
            Nancy A. 4, Silva A. 2 IN daus.


Clay Co. IN Wills (FHL film 1,404,545 item 5)
      I-69: George W. Duncan, no date, of Clay Co. IN; property be sold on credit unless my respected wife may choose any p?article. She to do for her own benefit together with all the minor heirs. Appoint my wife Louisa J. Duncan executrix. I bequeath to her all my estate both personal and real for widowhood and if when she dies or remarries and there are minor heirs, I order for such a reasonable allowance and that whatever remains I order it to be equally divided among my heirs both sons and daughters and for her help in settlement, I appoint my oldest son Giles W. Duncan exec. (no date). Wit. Joseph Swift, George Snellenberger. Produced in court May 9, 1860.
      I-74: Isaiah Duncan, 5 Jan. 1857, of Clay Co. IN; personal estate be sold except so much as necessary to maintain my beloved wife Nancy Duncan and minor children until they reach 21, and then I direct my estate be equally divided between all my lawful heirs, both sons and daughters, taking in consideration what some have already received, reserving to my wife a comfortable support during life or widowhood. Wit. George W. Duncan, Mahala P. (+) Duncan, Hanna (+) Duncan. Hannah Duncan "swears" that she and George W. Duncan were present at the making of the will ... Aug. 31, 1860.


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Greene Co. IN Deeds
      O-549: 15 Sept. 1857, Alexander Church and Barbary An Church convey and warrant to Samuel F. Duncan SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.5 Twp.8N Range 6W in Greene Co. IN containing 37 acres more or less for sum of $300, warrant title. /s/ Alexander (X) Church, Barbary (X) An Church. Alexander Church and Barbary An Church appeared before Ezra O. Duncan, J.P., Clay Co. IN. Certification by George Pinckley, Clerk of Circuit Court of Clay Co. IN, for Ezra O. Duncan, Esq., 25 Sept. 1857. Filed Sept. 28, 1857. (FHL film 1,317,985)
      Q-558: 25 Feb. 1860, Samuel F. Duncan and Malinda Duncan his wife of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to Henry O. Duncan of Clay Co. IN for $375, real estate in Greene Co. IN, SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.5 Twp.8N Range 6W, being 37 acres more or less. /s/ Samuel F. Duncan, Malinda (X) Duncan. They appeared before William P. Squire, J.P., 25 Feb. 1860. Filed March 27, 1860. (FHL film 1,317,986)

Owen Co. IN Deed
      8-133/134: 9 May 1842, Giles C. Duncan and wife Sarah An Duncan of Owen Co. IN to Amos B. Duncan & George L. Duncan of Clay Co. IN, for $80 paid, sell land in Owen Co., NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.9N Range 6W containing 40 acres more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Giles C. Duncan, Sarahan (X) Duncan. Wit. George W. Duncan, Lovina J. (X) Duncan. Giles C. Duncan and Sarah An Duncan, his wife, appeared before George W. Duncan, J.P. of Owen Co. IN, 10 May 1842. Recorded Sept. 7, 1844. (FHL film 1,313,516)

Miami Co. OH Deeds
      13-198/199: 27 Aug. 1835, Thomas Clarkson Barnett of Miami Co. OH to Isaiah Dunkin of Clay Co. IN, for $300 paid by said "Isaac" Dunkin, sell to said Isaiah Dunkin land, town lot 17 in South Addition of Troy in Miami Co. OH, warrant title. /s/ Thos. C. Barnett. Wit. Amos Dunkin, David Jenkins. 27 Aug. 1835, Thomas Clarkson Barnet appeared before David Jenkins, J.P. Recorded 30 Aug. 1835. (FHL film 560,798)
      19-128/129: 6 April 1841, Isaiah Duncan and wife Nancy of Clay Co. IN to Henry Osburn Duncan of afsd, for $50 paid, sell Town Lot No.17 in South addition of Troy in Miami Co. OH, warrant title. /s/ Isaiah Duncan, Nancy (X) Duncan. Wit. Wm. R. Dalls, Joseph Griffeth. Isaiah Duncan and wife Nancy Duncan appeared before William Edmonson, J.P. of Clay Co. IN, 6 April l841. Certification by Jesse McIntire, Clerk of Circuit Court in 7th Judicial Dist., Clay Co. IN, for William Edmonson, J.P., 9 April 1841. Recorded 27 April 1841. (FHL film 560,801)
      28-231/232: 9 June 1853, Samuel Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan for $200 paid, quit claim to Jesse Duncan, premises with appurtenances in Union Twp, Miami Co. OH, all that tract and parcel of land in S 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.6 Range 5E, also 50 acres in afsd twp. & range, beginning at NW corner of SW 1/4 Sec.10, running with the section line 100 poles, then East parallel with the section line ..., also 80 acres more or less in afsd beginning at SE corner of NE 1/4 Sec.9 and running north with the line of said 1/4 to Elizabeth Duncan's corner, then west to the river, then down the river with the meanders to the south boundary of said 1/4, then east to the beginning. /s/ Samuel Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Duncan. Wit. George L. Hooker, Jane M. Hooker. Samuel Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan appeared before George L. Hooker, J.P. of Clay Co. IN, 9 June 1853. Certification by George Benkley, Clerk of Circuit Court of Clay Co. IN for George L. Hooker, J.P., 9 June 1853. Recorded June 28, 1853. (FHL film 560,808)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, George L., widow Duncan, Drusilla; D 71 Ind. Inf., B 149 Ind. Inf., D 6 Ind. Cav.; 1875 Nov. 18, Invalid Appl. #210336, Cert. #219071; 1904 June 1, Widow Appl. #807596, Cert. #592652, Ind. (MAD: ? 1850 Clay Co. IN census, George T. Duncan)
      Duncan, Giles W., widow Duncan, Mary A.; D 71 Ind. Inf., D 6 Ind. Cav.; 1875 Nov. 18, Invalid Appl. #201335, Cert. #342773; 1882 March 6, Widow Appl. #290342, Cert. #227763. (MAD: 1860 Clay Co. IN census)
      Duncan, Henry O., widow Duncan, Minerva A., minor Middleton, M.A., Gdn.; K 85 Ind. Inf.; 1866 June 26, Widow Appl. #128996, Cert. #127288; 1870 Feb. 1, Minor Appl. #183805, Cert. #139724. (MAD: 1850 Clay Co. IN census)
      Duncan, Joseph H., widow Duncan, Eliza J.; B 149 Ind. Inf.; 1875 Dec. 7, Invalid Appl. #210949, Cert. #523290; 1894 April 28, Widow Appl. #594500, Cert. #447047, Ill. (MAD: ? 1850-1880 Clay Co. IN, b.1845 IN, she b.1853 IN; ? 1900 Crawford Co. IL)
      Duncan, Samuel F., widow Duncan, Frances; D 6 Ind. Cav., D 71 Ind. Inf.; 1875 Nov. 18, Invalid Appl. #210334, Cert. #144410; 1889 Dec. 19, Widow Appl. #410894, Cert. #275290, Ind. (MAD: ? 1850 Clay Co. IN census)
      Duncan, William C., widow Dalton, Emma J., minor Stepler, Jacob, Gdn.; B 149 Ind. Inf.; 1875 Dec. 1, Invalid Appl. #210536, Cert. #420534; 1886 May 4, Widow Appl. #338761, Cert. #251182, Ind.; 1886 May 25, Minor Appl. #339746, Cert. #251183, Ind. (MAD: ? 1850 Clay Co. IN census)
      Duncan, William H., widow Duncan, Christina, minor Duncan, Nevada, next friend; A 59 Ind. Inf.; 1875 Dec. 24, Invalid Appl. #212022, Cert. #996599; 1904 Dec. 28, Widow Appl. #819071, Cert. #588311, Ill.; 1906 April 4, Minor Appl. #846455, Cert. #611130, Ill. (MAD: ? 1900 Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, William b.1844 IN, wife Jena b.1857 IN, dau. Nevada b.1884 IL & younger; ???? from Clay Co. IN, William H. & wife Nancy had dau. Tina in 1880)

1921 "Gold star honor roll : a record of Indiana men and women who died in the service of the United States and the allied nations in the World War, 1914-1918" by Indiana Historical Commission (Indianapolis); Microfilm of original published: Indianapolis : Indiana Historical Commission, (FHL film 1,673,274 item 3; IN State Library book 940.3772 I385w, from C.T. Duncan 12/2007)
      Contains a photograph and brief biographical sketch of each person, giving name of parents, birthplace, occupation, and service record.
      Pg.86: Clay County. Duncan, James M. 1st Lieutenant. Son of John Mason and Glenn Phillips Duncan; born January 28, 1893, Cloverland, Clay County, Ind. Served with the 1st Illinois Cavalry on the Mexican Border in 1916. Entered First Officers Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Ill., in May, 1917. Received Lieutenant's Commission and went overseas in September, 1917; assigned to Company B, 9th Infantry. Killed in action July 18, 1918, Soissons. The only commissioned officer from Clay County killed in action on foreign battlefields.

HISTORIES before 1923

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"The Duncans" 2-page typed manuscript, date 1927, handwritten additions (copy from Sue Kuehnl 2/1995 with note "given to me by my cousin Clarence Duncan at my Uncle's funeral" date not given; Sue Kuehnl's info 5/2001 that her cousin Clarence Duncan "is without issue and has also died" and giving permission to post this item on this website)
      The first that we know of the Duncans at this time is that they originally lived in South Carolina. The name Duncan is a typical Scotch name, so we conclude that the Duncans immigrated from Scotland to America.
      This family has inter-married with the Irish people and so as a whole we are of Scotch-Irish descent.
      The two first Duncans of which we know anything were Amos and George Duncan. They both lived in South Carolina. Amos had four sons - Joshua, Eli, John, and Isaiah, born Oct. 15, 1785. This Isaiah Duncan, when a young man, moved from South Carolina through Tennessee to Ohio, then to Illinois and from there to Indiana. He settled at the place where his youngest son, Obadiah Duncan now lives. He owned a large farm around his homestead. He was a farmer and stock-raiser.
      Isaiah Duncan's first wife (possibly the first) was Hannah Barret. His second wife was Nancy Murdock, born March 4, 1800.
      Isaiah Duncan was the father of 16 children, namely:
            Elizabeth Carter Duncan (handwritten: m. 14 Dec. 1829 Benjamin Williams, White Co. IL)
            Atha Rachel Duncan (handwritten: b. TN? 1814, m. ? other, m. Dec. 14, 1829 Wright Majors)
            Mahala Pemberton Duncan (handwritten: (b. 1819 in SC) (b. 16 Feb. 1813, d. 2 Apr. 1876 age 63 1mo. 16da.))
            Henry Osborn Duncan
            Rebecca Jenkins Duncan (handwritten: b. Dec. 18, 1819, d. 28 Feb. 1880, age 60yrs 3mo. 10da)
            Hannah Barret Duncan (handwritten: (B.1825 SC) (other b. June 12, 1822, d. Mar. 28, 1882 age 59yrs 9mos 16da))
            Matilda Duncan
            Eli Marion Duncan
            Ezra Duncan (handwritten: (d.1868))
            Isaiah Hamilton Duncan (handwritten: b. Dec. 4, 1832, Clay Co. IN, m. Owen Co. Dec. 1858 Mahala Winters)
            Samuel Franklin Duncan
            Amos D. Duncan (handwritten: B.1837 sawyer (occupation))
            George L. Duncan
            Mary A. Duncan
            William C. Duncan (handwritten: B.1844 (farmer) wife Nancy B.1849)
            Obadiah Lycurgus Duncan - born May 27, 1850. He is now 77 years old and is the oldest Duncan of this vicinity.
      George William Duncan came to Indiana when a young man in 1835. His brother Jiles came to Indiana with him, but later moved to Iowa. Their sister, Luaner, also went to Iowa. Their descendents are probably living in Iowa at this time.
      George William Duncan homesteaded at the place that Dr. Yocom now owns. He stayed there a short time, then built a home where Henry Trump now lives. He owned a large tract of land surrounding his home.
      He was the father of eleven children. His wife was Lovina Jane Aylesbury, the daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte Aylesbury. Their children were:
            Giles William Duncan (great grandfather to Bill, Joe, Claude, etc.) (Pat's father) (handwritten: b. Apr. 12, 1837, d. Feb. 8, 1879)
            Adaline Duncan (handwritten: b., d. Oct. 25, 1865, m. Samuel Horn)
            Mary Alvira Duncan (handwritten: b. May 12, 1840, d. Mar. 27, 1926, m. C.J. Horn)
            Sarah Duncan (handwritten: (age 38 in 1870))
            Evaline Duncan
            Joseph Hiram Duncan (handwritten: b.?, wife Luvinia b.1817?)
            Emma Jane Duncan (handwritten: b. June 20, 1847 m. David Dalton, d. Jan. 30, 1905)
            Charlotte Emaline Duncan
            Armilda Caroline Duncan
            Luaner Elizabeth Duncan (Dalton) - born March 24, 1854. She is now 73 years old and is the second oldest Duncan living here. (handwritten: d.1952 m. Dowel C. Dalton)
            George Benjamin Sobieski (handwritten: son of G.W. & L.B. Aug. 6, 1857 - d. Apr. 11, 1877)
      This George William Duncan was a preacher, lawyer, and doctor. He was Co. Representative one term. He died April 20, 1860, being only 43 years old. He was the first person to be burried in the Duncan Cemetery. The ground for this cemetery had been donated as a family burying ground by George William Duncan himself. He has only one child living at this time - Luaner Dalton. This is his history written by himself.
      Date ---- 1927.


1971 "Encyclopedic Directory of Clay Co. IN" pub. by Hoosier Heritage Press (FHL book 977.244 E4e)
      A List of the Householders of the County, Their Post-office Address, Occupation, Location, School District, Section Number, Township, Politics, Religion, Assessed Value of Real Estate, Nationality, Where Born, When Born, When Came to Clay Co., Etc.
      MAD: This book contains references to several other Duncans, as well as two on pg.92 in Clay City, Dr. W.C. Duncan, druggist, and C.C. Duncan, marble dealer, both born in Putnam Co. IN in 1831 who moved to Clay Co. IN in 1892.


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