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Formed 1783 from Washington
Jefferson formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins
Knox formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins


1830 Greene Co. TN Census
Pg.175  John Bowman         1110,001        - 2210,01
   175  David Dunnigan      0010,0000,001   - 0010,0001
         (MAD: Mary Duncan, dau. of Jeremiah Duncan and Rebecca
          Hendry, married 2nd David Dunigan)
        Nicolas Dunnigan    2021,001        - 1200,01
         (MAD: Rebecca Wright, dau. of Mary Duncan and her
          first husband, married Nicholas Dunigan.)
   213  Josh. Duncan        0010,0001,001   - 0000,001
   221  Saml. Duncan        1111,101        - 0201,001

1840 Greene Co. TN Census
Pg. 54  Polly Duncan        0000,1          - 0000,0001
    79  Nicholas Dunigan    0121,0001       - 0011,101
         (MAD: Nicholas and Rebeckah Dunigan helped form the
          Sinking Spring Baptist Church near Moodyville-Byrdstown
          area in Overton later Pickett Co. TN ca 1823-1828 from
          the Clear Fork Baptist Church, per "Pioneer Baptist Church
          Records of South-Central KY and the Upper Cumberland of TN
          1799-1899" by Cawthorn & Warnell, 1985)

1850 Greene Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989, #1978 from Ann Kunkel 8/1986)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Greenville Twp.
Pg.140 (278), #43, James W. DUNCAN 33 TN Merchant $1000
                  Mary A. 32 TN
                  Sarah P. DAVAULT 8 TN
9th Division, E. District
Pg.263 (523), #1840, Kelly HARDEN (m) 55 NC cooper $0
                  Jane 52 TN
                  Phebe J. 20, Rachal 18 TN
                  (MAD: one Kelly Hardin mar. Elizabeth Duncan 3/24/1857 Greene Co. TN; ? 1860 Morgan Co. TN census)
9th Division
Pg.272 (541), #1978, James DUNCAN 32 TN Shoemaker $50 Can't R/W
                  Louiza 25 TN Can't R/W
                  Mary A. 6, Henry 4 TN
                  Joseph 2, Sarah C. 9/12 TN
Pg.275 (547), #2017, John D. GUINN 26 TN tenant $0
                  Eliza 26 TN
                  Sarah J. 3, Robert E. 9/12 TN
                  Anna McGEE 14 TN
                  (MAD: John "B." Gwinn mar. Eliza Duncan 1847 Washington Co. TN; one John R. Gwinn 26 TN, Eliza 22 NC, William F. 3, Sarah J.M. 1, George KEYS 21, #306 pg.315)
Pg.275 (548), #2024, Samuel B. McADAMS 41 TN merchant $0
                  Ann 37 TN
                  Hugh S. 18, Joseph D. 15 TN
                  (MAD: Saml. B. McAdams mar. 1831 in Washington Co. TN to Ann S. Duncan, dau. of Joseph & Polly)
Pg.287 (572), #2220, Mary DUNCAN 66 TN $500 Can't R/W
                  (MAD: Mary Doty, widow of Joseph)

1860 Greene Co. TN Census
District 14
Pg.328 (87), #689-616, James W. DUNCAN 42 TN farmer $6500-$20000
                  Mary Ann 43 TN
                  James K. STRINGFIELD 21 TN Meth.Ch.Clergyman $6600-$400
District 15
Pg.335 (6), #35-35, John RICHARDS 61 TN farmer $3500-$600
                  Rebecca 61 TN
                  Martha Isabela 24, Jane 23 TN
                  Joseph DUNCAN 13 TN
                  (MAD: ? Thomas J. Duncan, 1880 Greene Co. MO; not identified 1870 census)
District 20
Pg.390 (85), #638-619, Polly DUNKIN 75 TN domes. $1200-$3500 (alone)
                  (Neighbors Bright, McNeese, etc.)
District 23
Pg.413 (205), #1399-1399, David K. SELF 29 TN farmer $3000-$1000
                  Malissa C. 28 TN
                  Louisa 10/12 TN
                  (MAD: D.R. Self mar. Malissa C. Dunkin 10/11/1854 Jefferson Co. TN)

1870 Greene Co. TN Census
Civil District 9
Pg.265, #109-109, DUNCAN, Nathan 52 NC farmer $0-$400
                  Elizabeth 43 NC
                  Rodicy J. (f) 16, James W. 13, John H. 11 NC
                  William D. 9, Mary C. 6 NC
                  George F. 4, Jasper N?. 2? TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Yancey Co. NC census)
District 10, P.O. Greeneville
Pg.285, #83-83, CARTER, Hardy D. (m) 35 SC (white) bucher $0-$200
                  Emley C. (f) 28 SC keeping house
                  Susan E.B?. 9, Danah G?/I?. (f) 7 SC
                  Joseph P. 4 SC
                  Lenard P. 2 TN
                  Laura S. 1/12 TN b.Apr.
                  DUNCAN, Eliza J. 21 SC (white) house keeper
Civil District 11
Pg.290, #44-44, WITTENBARGER, Wilson 50 TN farmer $5000-$3000
                  Serena (f) 51 TN
                  George A. 20, John 19 TN
                  Mary A. 17, Joseph 15 TN
                  DUNKEN, John 13, Elizabeth 11 TN
District 14, P.O. Fuller Depot
Pg.327, #29-29, AKERS, Linsy (m) 27 VA (white) farm labor $0-$0
                  Annie 26 VA keeping house
                  Gordon 24 VA farm labor
                  Nancy 23 VA keeping house
                  DUNKIN, Dilia (f) 17 VA (blank)
District 15, P.O. Rheatown
Pg.335, #14-14, DUNKIN, Alexander 39 TN BLACK (blank)
                  Fannie 36 TN BLACK
                  Daniel 16, Emma 14 TN BLACK
                  Gracie (f) 13 TN BLACK
                  John 12, Paul (m) 8 TN BLACK
                  Rhoda 4, Martha 1 TN BLACK
Pg.346, #169-169, DUNKIN, Thomas 49 SC farmer $0-$200
                  Sarah 45 SC
                  Sekina? (?Jekina or ?Lekina) (f) 19 SC
                  Comblous (m) 17 SC
                  Josephene 15, Robert L. 13, Brock (m) 10 SC
                  Cora (Corn?) (f) 8, Thomas 6, Lizzie 4 SC
                  Martha 4/12 TN b.May
                  Eliza 24 SC
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan 1823-1907, wife Sarah 1825-1907, sons Rev. G.W. Duncan b.1853, John Brooks Duncan b.1860; 1850-1860 Greenville Co. SC census; not son of James Duncan & Sarah Hunt)
Pg.349, #217-217, DARNELY?, Robert 35 VA (white) dry goods merchant, $6000-$3500
                  Eliza 31 TN keeping house
                  Florance 9, Charles 8, Sarah 6 TN
                  Cordie (f) 4, Robert 2 TN
                  Lizzie (f) 5/12 TN b. Feb.
                  DUNKIN, Eliza 20 TN (white) house keeping
                  McCOY, Jane 23 GA (white) school teacher
District 16, P.O. Locust Grove
Pg.356, #91-94, DUNKEN, Thomas 25 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Lida (f) 22 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Tillie (f) 1 TN BLACK
                  Judge (m) 3/12 TN BLACK b.May
District 20, P.O. Rheatown
Pg.407, #5-5, BULLEN, Loyd (m) 58 TN (white) farmer $8000-$3000
                  Eline (Elire?) A. (f) 56 TN keeping house
                  Eva 29, Martha 26 TN
                  McMULLEN, Joe (m) 23 VA (white) farm labor
                  DUNKIN, Robert 10 VA MULATTO farm labor
                  BULLEN, Joseph 26 TN school teacher
Pg.411, #77-77, DUNKIN, Polly 85 TN (white) keeping house $2000-$100
                  Lottie (f) 49 NC BLACK farmer $0-$500
Pg.411, #80-80, DUNKIN, George 30 TN MULATTO farmer $0-$0
                  Vinine? (f) 30 TN MULATTO keeping house
                  Thomas 8, John 6 TN MULATTO
                  Margaret 4, Alfred 2 TN MULATTO
                  Lucinday (f) 3/12 TN MULATTO b.May
Pg.412, #89-89, SUMMER, Joseph 39 VA (white) farmer $2000-$600
                  Mary 23 VA keeping house
                  Lorena (Louna?) (m) 12, Marian (m) 10 VA
                  Sarah 9, John 8, Joseph 4 TN
                  Mary A. 10/12 TN b.Oct.
                  DUNKIN, Susanna 15 TN (white) (blank)
Civil District 22
Pg.427, #72-73, McAFEE??, William 42 TN farmer $250-$200
                  Louisa 40 TN
                  Mary B. 21, Sarah E. 16 TN
                  Margaret 14, Marina? M. (f) 9 TN
                  DUNCAN, Ezra (m) 20 VA farm laborer
                  Nancy? (f) 19 TN (not m/in/year)
                  (MAD: ? Ezra S. from 1860 Smyth Co. VA census?; E.P. Duncan mar. N.J. McAfee 1869 Washington Co. TN)

1880 Soundex; Greene Co. TN, D525 (from Wanda Albers 4/1999)
Vol.5, E.D. 52, sheet 34, Line 33
DUNCAN, Thomas, w, m, 55, born South Carolina, living in Greene Co. Dist #10
                  DUNCAN, Sarah, W, 53, South Carolina
                  " Brooks J., S, 20, "
                  " Carrie, D, 18, "
                  " Lizzie, ", 14, "
                  " Mattie, ", 10, Tennessee
                  " Dora, D, 8, Tennessee

1880 Greene Co. TN Census (partial; from John B. White 4/2000; pg.137A also from Wanda Albers 4/1999)
Civil Dist. 22, 1 June 1880
Page No. 31, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 43
Pg.16C, #284-284, DUNCAN, Ezra (m) 29 Laborer TN TN TN
                  Rachel (f) 28 Wife Keeps house TN TN TN
                  Mary L. (S ?) (f) 9 Daughter TN TN TN
                  Cara (Sara ?) (f) 8 Daughter TN TN TN
                  William (m) 5 Son TN TN TN
Civil Dist. 12, ? June 1880
Page No. 27, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. __
Pg.137A, #260-261, DUNKAN, Columbus (m) 28 Farmer SC SC SC
                  Clarisy (f) 29 Wife Keeps house TN TN TN
                  Joseph (m) 6 Son TN TN TN
                  Sarah E. (C ?) (f) 3 Daughter TN TN TN
                  Neighbors: Keller/Seller and Johnson
                  (Wanda Albers: children's father born in SC not TN)
Civil Dist. 10, ? June 1880
Page No. 34, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 52
Pg.175B, #290-305, DUNCAN, Robert (m) 22 Farmer SC SC SC
                  Elizabeth (f) 17 Wife Keeps house TN TN TN
                  Mollie (f) 1 Daughter TN SC TN
Page No. 34, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 52
Pg.175B, #291-306, DUNCAN, Thomas (m) 55 Farmer SC VA SC
                  Sarah (f) 53 Wife Keeps house SC SC SC
                  Brooks J. ? (m) 20 Son Farm laborer SC SC SC
                  Carrie (Corrie ?) (f) 18 Daughter SC SC SC
                  Lizzie (f) 14 Daughter SC SC SC
                  Mattie (f) 10 Daughter TN SC SC
                  Dora (f) 8 Daughter TN SC SC
Page No. 33, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 53
Pg.195C, #208-258, DUNKIN, Sal (m) 22 Cook TN TN TN
Page No. 8, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 54
Pg.200D, #65-71, SHIELD, James (m) 24 Farmer TN TN TN
                  Lorr (Loss ?) (f) 27 Wife TN TN TN
                  [3 children, not copied] TN TN TN
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth (f) 59 Mother TN TN TN
Page No. 16, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 55
Pg.219D, #126-127, LAUGHLIN, G.W. ? (m) 28 Shoe/bootmaker TN TN TN
                  Mary F. (f) 31 Wife TN TN TN
                  DUNCAN, Betty (f) 6 Adopted TN TN TN
                  RUSER ?, William F. (m) 32 Boarder TN TN TN
Civil Dist. 17, 2 & 3 June 1880
Page No. 5, Supervisor's Dist. No. 1, Enumeration Dist. No. 56
Pg.239C, #243-248, USARY, John W. (m) 19 Works on Farm TN TN TN
                  Allis (f) 17 Wife Keeps house TN TN TN
                  DUNCAN, Henry (m) 19 Bro-in-law Works on Farm TN TN TN

1900 Greene Co. TN Census (from Wanda Albers 4/1999)
Dist No. 12 (Sup dist #250 (crossed out) 1 written above, Enum. dist. 40) Sheet is cut off has stamped A.
#82-83, GRAHAM, Mack, Head, w, m, Apr 1864, 36, M, 11, TN, TN, TN
                  " Mattie, Wife, w, f, May 1870, 30, M, 11, 5 children, 4 living, TN, SC, SC
                  " Montie M, Daughter, w, f, Oct 1890, 9, S, TN, TN, TN
                  " Bessie L., Daughter, w, f, Dec 1892, 7, S, TN, TN, TN
                  " Burell F., Son, w, m, Oct 1895, 5, S, TN, TN, TN
                  " Maggie N., Daughter, w, f, Feb 1899, 1 S, TN, TN, TN
                  DUNCAN, Thomas D, Father-in-law, w, m, Aug 1823, 76, M, 60, SC, SC, SC
                  " Sarah, Mother-in-law, w, f, Nov 1822, 77, M, 60, 13 children, 11 living, SC, SC, SC
                  Neighbors: Keller, Duncan (son Columbus), Dunn, Cooter, Dunn
#83-84, DUNCAN, Columbus W., Head, w, m, Jan 1853, 49, M, 25, SC, SC, SC, Minister
                  " Clarrissa, Wife, w, f, Jun 1849, 50, M, 25, 8-5, SC, SC, SC
                  " Julia E., Daughter, w, f, Jun 1881, 18, S, TN, SC, SC
                  " Robert O., Son, w, m, Feb 1884, 16, S, TN, SC, SC
                  " George W., Son, w, m, July 1888, 11, S, TN, SC, SC
                  " Susan Ja., Daughter, w, f, Feb 1891, 9, S, TN, SC, SC

1910 Greene Co. TN census (from Wanda Albers 4/1999)
Civil District 12 (Sup. Dist. No.1, Enum. Dist. No.81, Sheet No. 3 stamped B)
#46-46, DUNCAN, Columbus, Head, m, w, 57, M1, 38, SC, SC, SC, Clergyman, Regular Pastor
                  " Clerassaa M., Wife, f, w, 66, M1, 38, 8-5, TN, TN, TN
                  " Susan J., Daughter, f, w, 19, S, TN, TN, TN
                  DUNN, Lolan H., Grand Daughter, f, w, 10, S, TN, TN, TN

1920 Greene Co. TN Census (from Wanda Albers 4/1999)
Twelfth Civil District, (pg.189 stamped right of center)
Dwelling #83-83 (farm) DUNCAN, Mrs C. M., Head, f, w, 70, Wd, TN, TN, TN, (farm owned and free or mortgage)
                  " Susan, Daughter, f, w, 28, S, TN, TN, TN
                  GASS, Julia, Daughter, f, w, 28 Wd, TN, TN, TN
                  " Cloie, Granddaughter, f, w, 12, S, TN, TN, TN

1910 Greene Co. TN Census
Civil District 14, SD 1, ED 84, sheet 3B
Pg.3B, #53-53, DUNCAN, Thomas J. head m/w 69 m2 7 - - TN TN TN English blacksmith own shop, OA -- -- yes/yes -- O/P/H
      Mattie wife f/w 29 m1 7 4 4 TN TN TN English none -- -- -- -- yes/yes
      Jessie dau. f/w 6 single TN TN TN none -- -- no
      Henry son m/w 3 single TN TN TN none -- --
      Pearl dau. f/w 2 single TN TN TN none -- --
      (Jen Morris 6/2002: Joseph Duncan b. March 25, 1846 d. August 20, 1919 in Greene Co. Tn. Joseph married Mattie Tame November 30, 1903 in Greene Co. TN. One of their children was Henry Duncan ... [who] married Lizzie Cooper. MAD: burials in Stone Dam Methodist Cemetery include Joseph Duncan 3/23/1846 - 8/20/1919, Mattie 10/9/1880 - 1/17/1949, Lizzie 1909 - 1938, and younger, from "Greene County (TN) Cemeteries from Earliest Dates to 1970-1971" by Burford Reynolds, 1971, FHL book 976.891 V3r)
      (MAD: See 1883 "History of Greene Co. MO" pg.651, Thomas J. Duncan, born 3/23/1848 in Greene Co. TN, to Greene Co. MO 1876; see 1880, 1900 and 1910 census in Greene Co. MO; could this be the same man, divorced, moved back to TN and remarried?)

1920 Greene Co. TN Census
SD 1, ED 83, sheet 9A, Civil Dist. 14, stamped page 206
Farm?, #162-162, DUNCAN, Mattie head O(wns?) F(arm?) f/w 39 wid (blank)/yes/yes TN TN TN washerwoman at home W
      Jessie L. dau f/w 15 single yes/yes/yes TN TN TN yes none
      Henry son m/w 14 single yes/yes/yes TN TN TN yes none
      Pearl dau f/w 12 single yes/yes/yes TN TN TN yes none
      Joseph son m/w 10 single yes/yes/? TN TN TN yes none
      Woodrow son m/w 6 single yes/(blank)/blank) TN TN TN none
      John J. son m/w 4-11/12 single T TN TN (blank) none
      Florence J. dau f/w 3-4/12 single TN TN TN (blank) none
      Elizabeth dau. f/w 1-1/12 single TN TN (blank) none


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Greene Co. TN tax books 1809-1817 (actually 1816) (FHL film 24,667)
      David White's Co.
            Dunkin, Jeremiah, 0wp, 175 acres
            Dunkin, George (indexed, not located on film)
      Capt. Stanfield's Co.
            Dunkin, Samuel, 1wp, 134 acres Mill Creek
      Capt. Olinger's Co.
            Dunkin, Anthony, 0wp, 171 acres Horse fork
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp
      Capt. Olinger's Co.
            Dunkin, Anthony, 0wp, 171 acres Horse fork
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp
      David Hite's Co.
            Duncan, Jeremiah, 0wp, 175 acres L. Cr.
            Duncan, Benjm., 1wp
            Duncan, George, 1wp, 100 acres
      Wm. Kelly's Co.
            Duncan, Samuel, 1wp, 132 acres M. Crk.
      Capt. David White's Co.
            Dunken, George, 0wp, 100 acres
            Dunkin, Benjamin, 1wp
      Wm. Kelly's Co.
            Duncan, Samuel, 1wp, 1bp, 132 acres Mill
      Wm. Kelly's Co.
            Dunkin, Samuel, 1wp, 1bp, 117 acres Mill Crk.
      John Olinger's Co.
            Dunkin, Anthony, 1wp, 171 acres Horse Fork
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp
      Joseph Hale's Co.
            Dunkin, Jeremiah, 0wp, 175 acres L.C.
            Dunkin, Ben, 1wp, 1bp
            Dunkin, (blank), 0wp, 100 acres B.C.
      Joseph Hale's Co.
            Dunkin, Jeremiah, 0wp, 175 acres Lick Cr.
            Duncan, George, 0wp, 100 acres do.
      William Kelley's
            Dunkin, Samuel, 0wp, 1bp, 117 acres M.C.
      Joseph Kerk's
            Duncan, Benjamin, 1wp, 1bp
      John Olinger's
            Duncan, Anthony, 0wp, 171 acres Horse F.
            Duncan, Joseph, 1wp, 12 acres Horse F.
      Joseph Hale's
            Dunkink (sic), Jeremiah, 0wp, 1bp, 175 acres Lick Creek
            Dunkin, George, 0wp, 100 acres Blacks Cr.
      William Kelleys
            Dunkin, Samuel, 1wp, 117 acres Mill Creek
      John Olinger's
            Dunkin, Anthony, 1wp, 171 acres Horse Fk.
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp, 12 acres Horse Fk.
      Jacob Hoyle's Co.
            Dunkin, Benjamin, 1wp, 1bp
      Joseph Hale's Co.
            Dunkin, Jeremiah Sen., 0wp, 175 acres Lick C.
      Jacob Hoyle's
            Duncan, Benjamin, 1wp, 1bp
      Edward Murpheys
            Dunkin, Anthony, 0wp, 171 acres Horse Fork
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp, 12 acres Horse Fork
      Frederick White
            Dunkin, Samuel, 1wp, 117 acres Mill Creek
      D. White's
            Duncan, Jeremiah, 0wp
      Isaac Justice
            Dunkin, Joseph, 1wp, 12 acres Horse Creek


Chuckey Methodist Cemetery, Greene Co. TN (Visit by Charles Gordon 8/1983):
      (Mason Symbol)
      born Sept. 10, 1817
      died Oct. 16, 1887
      Death is the crown of life
      May he rest in peace


Guerrant (Guerin) Family Historical Letters and Documents (Information from Tracy DeVault 3/8/2009)
      Among many items, this site includes the following letters:
      Letter from James W. Duncan to his niece Mary Jane (Devault) Guerrant, Charlotte, Oct 10, 1868
      Letter from Sarah Priscilla (Davault) Fitch to Mary Jane (Devault) Guerrant, Louisville, Ky, Sept 11th 1870, which mentions "Uncle Jim"
      Letter from James W. Duncan to his niece Mary Jane (DeVault) Guerrant, Home, Greene Co., Tenn., Augt. 10, 1870


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Philadelphia Co. PA Wills (FHL film 21,725)
      L-314, #199: 3rd day 9th month 1759, will of Robert Duncan of City of Philadelphia, taylor; to son Joseph household goods; remainder to sons Joseph and John equally, when of age 21; if both sons die in their minority and without issue, estate to poor. Exec. friends Mordecai Yarnel of this City, merchant, and John Jones of Plymouth, Philadelphia Co. Wit. David Bacon, Job Bacon, Alexr. Seaton. Proved 6 Sept. 1759 on oath of David and Job Brown. (MAD: see Mordecai Yarnel mar. Jane Duncan in 1792 in Greene Co. TN; ?? perhaps related.)

Botetourt Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 30,704)
      6-429: 19 Dec. 1797, Jeremiah Dunkin of Green Co. TN, appoint Martin McFaran? of Botetourt my attorney to make deed to Jacob Carper or whoever in possession of my bond which I gave to John Walker for 408 acres in Botetourt on waters of Catauba Creek. /s/ Jeremiah Dunkin, Rebekah Dunkin. Wit. Jonathan Newman and James Moore. And another bond for 100 acres.
      6-430: 13 Feb. 1798, Martin McFanan? (McFenam?) of Botetourt Co., Attorney for Jeremiah Dunkin of Green Co. TN, to Coonrad Swert? (Scout?), £50, 100 acres part of 148a tract granted to said Dunkin by pattent 27 Aug. 1794, on Catauba Creek, corner land of Jacob Carper.
      (MAD: J. Dunkin, 1 March 1740, 23 Jan. 1828, and R. Dunkin, 16 May 1750, IX (9) April 1823, are listed on a double fieldstone in the rockett Cemetery, Cedar Grove Community of Pickett Co. TN, per  Gone But Not Quite Forgotten, Pickett Co. [TN] Cemeteries  by Richard W. Pierce, from Bonnie A. Parker 8/1999 with comment that this is likely Jeremiah Dunkin and Rebecca (Hendry) of Greene Co. TN 1799-1816 and Overton Co. TN 1820)

Knox Co. TN Deeds (MAD: see Jefferson Co. TN)
      B1-54: 17 May 1794, John Duncan of Knox Co., Ter. South of River Ohio, to David Campbell Esq. of Jefferson Co., $500, 206 acres beg. South Branch of Holston River 176 poles above mouth of French Broad River, down meanders of Holston to the mouth of French Broad River. Wit. H. Ramsey?, Jeremiah Jack. (FHL film 503,041)
      C1-28: 17 May 1794, John Duncan of Knox Co., Ter. South of River Ohio, to Jeremiah Jack of same, $500, 96-3/4 acres (similar to above) on North bank of French Broad River, including the First Island in said River above the mouth thereof, 44 acres on the bank and 52-3/4 acres on the island. Wit. H. Ramsey, Thomas Gillespie. (FHL film 503,044)
      C1-76: 26 Dec. 1792, Grant #992 NC to John Duncan, £10 per 100 acres, 302 acres in Green Co. in fork between Holston and French Broad River, including 1st Island. (FHL film 503,044)

Washington Co. TN Deed Books
      E-68: 22 Feb. 1794, Anthony Dunkin of Green Co., Southwestern territory, to George Jackson of Washington Co., for "a sum", 50 acres on dividing ridge between Limestone & Sinking Creek in Washington Co., corner Kirby King. Wit. William Dodson, Joseph Duncan, William Jackson. (FHL film 825,525)
      E-88: 22 Feb. 1794, Anthony Dunkin of Green Co. to William Jackson, £120, 152 acres at head of Sinking Creek waters of Holstun, corner John Ford and George Bell, John Bell. Wit. Joseph Duncan, William Dodson, George Jackson. (FHL film 825,525)
      6-568: 1 Aug. 1800, William Jolly of Green Co. TN to Abraham Galemore of Washington Co. TN, $300, 100 acres in Washington Co. TN on headwaters of Horse Creek beginning at Charles Duncan's corner. Wit. Isaac White, Alexander Whitlock. Proved in Aug. term 1800; signed by James Sevier, Clerk. (from Ruth Burns 4/1989)
      20-171: 14 Dec. 1833, Saml. Duncan of Green Co. to William C. and George W. Nelson, $100, 20-3/4 acres, corner Thos. Michmacken's land. Wit. John D. Gwin, William Haws, John Link. (FHL film 825,528)
      37-713: 24 Oct. 1860, J.W. Duncan of Green Co. TN, as executor of Joseph and Molly Duncan and as agent for firm of Joseph Duncan, John Blair and William K. Blair (not copied in full). (FHL film 825,533)

Washington Co. TN Chancery Court Enrolling Docket, Vol.1, 1870-1877 (FHL film 812,988)
      Vol.1, 1870-1877, pg.12-14: (no Court Date): M.A. Duncan vs. J.W. Duncan; Complainant Martha A. Duncan res. of Green Co. TN complains against her husband in law James W. Duncan, res. of Washington Co. TN; that on 27 Oct. 1874 in Green Co., her name then being Royce, she married said Duncan then also a citizen of Green Co.; shortly thereafter they moved to Charlotte [MAD: Mecklenburg Co.], NC, where they began home-keeping and said Duncan engaged in merchandising for a few weeks when he returned to TN to visit his relatives in this county and remained here about 2 months, she remaining in charge of the house in Charlotte. In Jan. of this year he came again to Charlotte but after a stay of some 10 days returned again to this county where he has ever since remained. She accompanied him on his return and remained here with him about a month; he mentioned complaining of illness and declaring his inability to return to Carolina; in order to attend to their house & see to his business, she went again to Charlotte, resumed control of their house and remained there till July last. Her husband's store had been sold out just before their return to TN and she was driven by necessity to support herself by keeping boarders and by clerical labor. This she did till completely exhausted by her efforts and in July she closed their house and returned to the home of her father, Dr. Jas. F. Royce, her present residence, Duncan remaining meanwhile with his relatives. During their separation, sometime in May last she thinks, an alienation was caused by circumstances not now necessary to be detailed during which some unsigned? letters were passed and she was provoked to some utterances in her letters to her husband which she has since regretted and this regret she several times expressed in her letters to him even before her return and also often since. Before this their married life had been tolerably agreeable and no difficulty whatsoever of a serious nature had occurred; but since her return to TN he has treated her as a stranger. He has never been to visit her even when passing within a few miles; he has written her but a single letter in reply to her may kind ones to him and that is cold, formal and repulsive. She has sent a messenger to him to visit her, also met with silent repulse. She has even gone herself to see him in person and obtain a declaration of his intention for the future, but could obtain none; and to her various propositions for a return to amicable relatives and future living together, he replied with an evasive promise to answer by letter. She proposed to live with him in Washington or Green Co. near his relatives or her own, he to find a house for them or even she to find it, but could in no way effect her purpose. She has since this visit received the letter promised, which she understands to be a final farewell to her. For the past eight months he has done nothing whatever to provide for her and she has been left entirely to her own resources. She charges that he has abandoned her and refused or neglected to provide for her, and asks that said J.W. Duncan be made a party defendant, that process issue, and that a divorce or vincento? matromonie be granted her; that she be restored to her former name; and for general relief. She appeared in Greene Co. TN, and said she had not made the complaint out of collusion but in sincerity; Nov. 14, 1875, S.E. Snapp, JP; filed 15 Nov. 1875. (MAD: son of Joseph and Molly Duncan per 1869 deed 41-319)

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