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Formed 1780 from Kentucky Co. Virginia
Madison, Mercer formed 1785 from Lincoln
Green formed 1792 from Lincoln, Nelson
Logan formed 1792 from Lincoln
Garrard formed 1796 from Madison, Lincoln, Mercer
Pulaski formed 1798 from Green, Lincoln
Knox formed 1799 from Lincoln
Casey formed 1806 from Lincoln
Rockcastle formed 1810 from Pulaski, Lincoln, Madison
Boyle formed 1842 from Mercer, Lincoln


1810 Lincoln Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.114  Duncan, George     01201         - 41011
          (MAD: George Duncan mar. Elizabeth Phillips 4/6/1790)
        Duncan, Benjn.     30010         - 21010
   115  Duncan, Joseph     10210         - 20100
          (MAD: mar. Polly Hight 4/15/1806)
        Duncan, Saml.      30001         - 10020
          (MAD: Samuel the son of Benjamin who d.1796 Madison Co.
            KY, from Pittsylvania Co. VA)

1820 Lincoln Co. KY Census
Pg. 15  Saml. Duncan       230001        - 21010
    37  Johnston Duncan    100100        - 00100
          (MAD: mar. Patsy Stone 12/11/1819; 1830 Hardin Co. KY census)
    55  (Agness Duncan     000100        - 00001
           (Agness and Howsan next to each other)
        (Howsan Duncan     100010        - 10100
          (MAD: 1830 Hardin Co. KY census)
    57  (Jos. Duncan       110010        - 40110
    65  Benjamin Duncan    111201        - 02110
    75  Mosses Duncan      300201        - 00201

1830 Lincoln Co. KY Census
Pg.339  Samuel Duncan      0111,0000,01  - 0001,101
        Samuel Duncan Jr.  0000,1        - 1000,1
   349  Benjamin Duncan    0010,3001     - 0001,1001
   364  Daniel B. Duncan   0000,1        - 0
   365  John Duncan        0100,1        - 2000,1
          (MAD: ? mar. Frances Yeager 12/18/1822)
   371  Thomas Duncan      0000,001      - 0000,0001
        Charles Duncan     1112,0000,1   - 1110,201
          (MAD: 1840 Johnson Co. MO census)

1840 Lincoln Co. KY Census; Benjamin Duncan was census taker
Pg. 91  James L. Duncan    1000,1        - 0001
          (MAD: 1850 Cass Co. MO census)
    99  Smith Duncan       2200,01       - 1000,1000,1
          (MAD: McDonough Co. IL 1850; obit for John B. Duncan, son
           of Smith and Mary A. Duncan, b. Lincoln Co. KY 11/18/1839,
           to IL age 10 years, d. 1/16/1923; from Macomb Journal
           newspaper, "McDonough Co. (IL) Gen. Society News Quarterly"
           1/1991 Vol.12 #1, pg.614)
        Campbell Duncan    0001          - 0000,1
        Samuel Duncan      0000,0000,001 - 0000,0101  - Rev. War, age 80
          (Smith, Campbell and Samuel Duncan next to each other)
   106  George H. Duncan   1000,01       - 0000,1
   114  Thomas Duncan      1000,11       - 0
   118  James Duncan       1000,1        - 1000,1
        Benjamin Duncan    0000,0000,01  - 0000,0100,1
          (not Rev. War)
   120  William H. Duncan  0000,01       - 0
   122  Totals mention Samuel Duncan in Rev. War

1850 Lincoln Co KY Census
District 1
Pg.252, #162, Campbell DUNCAN 30 KY laborer
                  Jane 35 KY
                  G.G. CAMPBELL (m) 36 KY wagon maker
                  Malinda 27 KY
                  L.F. (m) 5, Sarah 4 KY
                  Amanda F. 11, Emily M. 9 KY
                  Jame (m) 3, M.C. (f) 1 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Jane Sandifer 12/3/1839)
Pg.254, #186, James E. DUNCAN 30 KY laborer
                  Catharine 37 KY
                  M.J. (f) 13, Saml. 11, Sarah 9 KY
                  Larkin 7, C.K. (m) 3 KY
                  Mahala KELLY 24 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Catherine Reed 2/23/1837; 1860 Henderson Co. IL census)

1860 Lincoln Co. KY Census
P.O. Stanford
Pg.62-3, #403-403, John O. DUNCAN 53 VA farmer $840-$500
                  Sarah 38 KY
                  Mary Susan 17, James D. 12 KY
                  Elizabeth F. 10, Paulina W. 8 KY
                  Amanda V. 5, John O. 2 KY
                  (MAD: 1850 Garrard Co. KY, 1870 Knox Co. IN)
P.O. Milledgeville
Pg.103, #683-683, Campbell DUNCAN 37 KY poste? railer $0-$0
                  Jane 38 KY
                  Jane SKIDMORE 11 KY

1870 Lincoln Co. KY Census
Hustonville Prct.
Pg.43, #2-2, NIX, John F. 42 KY (white) farmer $0-$2310?
                  Susan 39 KY keeps house
                  Soloman (m) 17 KY works on farm
                  Mariah S. (f) 7 KY
                  Margaret 4 KY
                  DOLLINS, Mariah 25 KY (white) lives in family
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 8 KY BLACK
Pg.43, #3-3, GREEN, Liberty (m) 42 KY (white) farmer $0-$4820
                  Martha A. 41 KY keeps house
                  {James B. 19 KY works on farm
                  {Mary M. 19 KY at home
                  Alen L. 17 KY works on farm
                  Margarete 12? KY at school
                  Pleasant W. (m) 7 KY at school
                  Franklin 7/12 KY b.Dec.
                  CARPENTER, Lucinda (f) 14 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Charles 12 KY BLACK works on farm
                  LEWIS, Garland 24 KY BLACK works on farm
                  TORANCE, Easom (m) 37 KY (white) school teacher
Stanford Prct. (faint page)
Pg.65, #3-3, DUNCAN, Campbell (m) 50 KY (white) post sailer $300-$150
                  Jane 55 KY keeps house
                  (no children)
Town of Stanford
Pg.119, #29-29, MYERS, H.S. (m) 43 KY hotel keeper & family &
                  many servants, including
                  DUNCAN, Frank 19 KY BLACK domestic servant


Lincoln Co. KY marriage consents & bonds 1781-1809, files 1-6 (FHL film 192,262; only looked for a few)
      File 2, frame 144: Bond by Edward Bradley and Robert Campbell, 30 Aug. 1787, for marriage of Edward Bradley to Molly Duncan. Consent for marriage of our daughter Molley Duncan to Edward Bradley Junr, 29 Aug. 1787, by Charles Dunisan (sic) and Marget Dunuan (sic), both signed, wit. Alexander Murrin, Edward Bradley Senr.
      File 2, frame 311: Bond by Charles Duncan (signed) and John Burnside (signed), 27 Jan. 1787, for marriage of Charles Duncan to Mary Margaret Burnsides, wit. John Reed; consent 27 Jan. 1787 by Robert Burnside, wit. Joseph Moore, Walter Burnside.


Lincoln Co. KY Inventories, Wills, etc. (index on FHL film 192,226)
      A-130 Andrew Duncan, 1786
      Book D - no Duncan (FHL film 192,228)
      E-156: Oct. 1815, Inventory of Howson Duncan decd; value $2,108.58, appraisal of estate shown to us by administrator 20 Aug. 1815 ... (no administrator named). (FHL film 192,228)
      F-16: 1814, Estate of Howson Duncan (FHL film 192,228)
      O-221 Benjamin Duncan 1846
      O-224 Samuel Duncan 1846
      no Shelton -- see Lincoln Co. TN

Lincoln Co. KY Inventories and Wills
      1-130: 25 March, 1784, Andrew Duncan; sister Elizabeth Buchanans son Andrew; sister Mary Craigs son James; sister Jenny Edmistons son Andrew; sister Jean McKinneys dau. Jenny; sister Florence Brownlees dau. Jenny. Exec. Bros-in-law John Edmison (sic) and John McKinney. Wit. Wm. Edmison, Rbt. Harrold, John Buchanan. Probated 21 Feb. 1786. (FHL film 855,032, and from Mary Sims 1981) (MAD: Andrew is son of Andrew Sr. of Augusta Co. VA where will also recorded.)
      B-27: John McKinney, admr. of estate of Andrew Duncan, allowed traveling expenses from Lincoln to Augusta Co. on said administration. (FHL film 855,032; from Mary Sims)
      B-154: Samuel Duncan appraised estate of Wm. Weathers (Withers?). (from Mary Sims)
      B-12: Will of John Dungean; legatees Mary the plantation on which we now live together with all household goods, etc.; sons William and John Dungean 389 acres in Campbell Co. near Grants Salt Works; son-in-law Armstrong Kerr and John Rogers; dau. Polly, Peggy and Patsy Dugean (sic), son Sublett Dungan the plantation on which I now live after my wife's death. Dated 10 April 1804. Exec. wife Mary. Rec. 10 June 1805. (from Mary Sims)
      B-199: Will of John Smith, well in body but going on a journey, July 30, 1793; property to remain in wife's hands during her natural life or widowhood, and afterwards to be divided amongst my children; exec. my beloved friend and bro. John Jackson (Jackman?), and to take care of my property if any accident should happen till my heirs may arrive in this country. Wit. David Duncan, Nancy Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Wm. Jackman; proved by Wm. Jackman and David Duncan and ordered recorded Oct. 10, 1797; John Jackman relinquishes his right as exec. and Hannah Smith and John Jackman ack. bond, with John Hall, Richard Jackman, William Jackman securities, and were granted letters of admin. (FHL film 855,032 and from Mary Sims and from pg.25, "Will Books of Lincoln Co. KY, I, B and C, 1780-1811" by Logan Whitley Chapter DAR; FHL book 976.9625 P28L)
      O-221: 22 August 1841? (written over), Benjamin Duncan of Van Buren Co. MO; wife Christiana Duncan all my estate both real and personal with the plantation I now live on and negroes Joe, Edmond, Adam, Rubaky & July Ann; after her death the plantation my wife lived on to go to son William H. Duncan; my negro girl Julian shall belong to my daughter Elizabeth Duncan whenever my daughter shall demand the same if before my wife death; my daughter Lucinda Taylor wife of Hamilton H. Taylor one equal share & be given a enserved? for 300 to Wm. H. Duncan & Nancy Morton; to Nancy B. Morton 1 equal share; Benjamin F. Duncan 1 equal share; after death of my wife, son James S. Duncan one equal share; dau. Polly Hocker $10, and that sum with what she has heretofore received is a sum much greater than any sum I can give to any other child. Wm. H. Duncan is to give Nancy B. Morton and Lucinda Taylor $300. /s/ 22 Aug. 184?, Ben Duncan. Appoint my three sons 3 sons Wm. H. Duncan, Ben F. Duncan, and ? (not James) S. Duncan execs. Wit. John M. Armstrong, Clayton Vanhoy. Proved 10 Feb. 1845 in Van Buren Co. MO. (FHL film 192,232)
      O-224: 12 May 1845, Samuel Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY; wife Mary Duncan and dau. Mary Duncan all; longest lived; if dau. last living she have property under control of Thomas Honas trustee; after decease of both then equally divided between my children that I have by my present wife that is Samuel Duncan my son and his heirs, son William Duncan and his children, son Larkin Duncan and his children, son Smith Duncan and his children, son James Duncan and his children, dau. Jane Hare ..., son Campbell .... Wife Mary and friend Nicholas Hocker exec. /s/ Samuel (S) Duncan. Wit. Tilman Hocker, Robert H. Givens. Prob. 2 Jan. 1846. (FHL film 192,232 and from Pat Boyd 9/1981) (MAD: Larkin L. in Washington Co. IN; pg.167 in "The History of Pittsylvania Co. VA" by Maud Carter Clement, 1929, gives information on the Benjamin Duncan who moved to Madison Co. KY and d. there 1796, father of this Samuel Duncan)

Lincoln Co. KY Will (photostat copy, pg.88, "Miscellaneous Duncan Notebooks" of Nancy Reba Roy)
      G-116: Will of Howson Duncan dated 21 Jan. 1814, proved 11 Nov. 1814, Lincoln Co. KY. (MAD: should be Book G, pg.16 (a&b) to pg.17, on FHL film 192,229, SLC 6/2009)
      In the name of God Amen. I, Howson Duncan of Lincoln Co. State of Ky, being weak and low, but of sound mind and memory, make this my last will and Testament in the following manner (to wit) Impremis:
      It is my desire that my funeral expenses and Just debts be first paid out of my estate.
      Item: As a support of my lovely wife, Agnes Duncan's future subsistance, I leave her the land whereon I now live, containing one hundred and eighty acres, and the following slaves (to wit) Will, Peggy and Lucy and increase, my stock of all kind, household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils, during her natural life or widowhood, and in case of death or marriage, the estate so devised shall be sold and divided in the following manner (to wit) To Jeremiah Parr, one equal tenth, to Joseph Duncan, one equal tenth, with the addition of fifty pounds in consequence of money paid by Joseph Duncan as security for Smallwood Maddox, husband to my daughter, Anne -- but in case said fifty pounds is paid by Smallwood Maddox to Joseph Duncan on or before the division, then and in that case, my daughter Anne Maddox and her children at the discretion of my Executors one equal tenth in case the above fifty pounds is paid, otherwise the balance to them.
      To Ellen Moore, one equal tenth, to John Duncan, to Howson Hooe Duncan, to Rebecca Duncan, to Johnston Duncan, to Nathaniel James Duncan and William Duncan to each their heirs or legal representatives one equal tenth.
      Item: I give and bequeath to Jeremiah Parr, all the estate given by me to him, now in his possession, given by me to him and his heirs.
      Item: I give and bequeath to my son, Joseph Duncan, all the estate now in his possession, given by me to him and his heirs.
      Item: I lend to my daughter, Lydia Crow, the following slaves (to wit) Marish, her present and future increase, during her life, but in case her husband hires them out, then and in that case, the negroes shall be forfeited and return to my Estate, and in case of my daughter's death, then the negro Marish and increase shall be sold and equally divided between all my surviving children.
      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Anne Maddox, all property now in her possession given her by me.
      Item: I give to my son, John Duncan, a negro boy Willy, though not to be taken out of the Estate until Howson becomes of age, to him, his heirs and also a fether [sic] bed and furniture.
      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Ellen Moore, a negro girl (Violet) now in her possession with all the increase to her, her heirs and legal representatives.
      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rebecca Duncan, a negro girl (Linney) and all the increase, a fether [sic] bed and furniture, a cow and ten pounds in case at the death of my wife, Agnes, to her and her heirs.
      Item: I give to my son, Johnston Duncan, a negro girl (Sharlotte) and her increase, though not to be taken out of the possession of my wife until Johnston arrives at the age of twenty-one years, a feather bed and furniture, a horse worth fifty dollars, the horse to be paid at the death of my wife, Agnes, to him and his heirs.
      Item: I give to my son, Nathaniel James Duncan, a negro boy (Daniel) the boy not to be taken out of the possession of my wife until my son Nathaniel arrives at the age of twenty-one years, a feather bed and furniture and a horse worth fifty dollars at the death of my wife, Agnes, to him and his heirs.
      Item: I give to my son, William Duncan, a negro girl (Rachel) and her increase though not to be taken out of the possession of my wife, until my son William, arrives at the age of twenty-one years, a feather bed and furniture, also fifty pounds in cash at the death of his mother, to him and his heirs.
      Item: I nominate my sons, Joseph Duncan and John Duncan, executors to this my last Will and Testament, revoking and disannulling all other Wills made by me. In testimony thereto, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 21st day of January, 1814. /s/ Howson Duncan; teste: John Withers, William Bryan, Anthony Johnson, Garrett Johnson


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Boyle Co. KY Deeds
      1-106: 7 Feb. 1828, John Duncan of Grayson Co. KY to James S. Hopkins of Lincoln Co., $81, one undivided 10th of 110 acres in Lincoln Co. which my father in his lifetime purchased of John Smith & Willis Green, and on which my father died and on which my mother Agnes Duncan now lives; John one of heirs of Howson Duncan. Wit. Joseph Duncan, William Duncan. Rec. Boyle Co. KY 30 March 1843 on oath of William Duncan. (FHL film 191,799)
      1-195: For $400 paid by William Duncan, sell to said William Duncan an undivided interest of four? of the whole tract of land devised by (blank) Duncan to ten of his children in the new county of Boyle on the road leading from Danville to Huntsville and on the east side of said road the four? (blank) conveyed being the same purchased by James S. Hopkins from Joseph Duncan, John Duncan, (blank) Duncan & Stephen Suthern and by them conveyed to him by deed recorded in Lincoln Co., supposed to contain in the whole about 109 acres, warrant title, 25 March 1843. /s/ J.S. Hopkins, Jos. Weisiger, Isabella E.J.? Weisiger, Sarah Hopkins. Wit. John S?. Bell, David Bell. John S. Hopkins and Sarah Hopkins his wife produced in court 25 Nov. 1843, and on 28 Nov. 1843 the deed was ack. by Joseph Weisiger and his wife Isabella Weisiger. Recorded 28 Nov. 1843. (FHL film 1,490,652; SLC 9/22/2012)
      1-199: 18 Dec. 1843, William Duncan to Thomas B. Moore, for $25 per acre, being the same division? by Howson Duncan of Lincoln Co. to his ten children, on the main road from Danville to Hustonsville, 8/10 of which was purchased by said William Duncan from James S. Hopkins & Joseph Mieger? & Joshua Nichols and the other 2/10ths he derived one by purchase from Smallwood Maddox & wife & the other as one of the devisees of said Howson Duncan; beg. at McFerrans line, Dr. Craig, Witkins line, J. Fisher, 100 acres 2 roods 35 poles. No wit; no wife. (FHL film 191,799)
      1-200 (next document): 18 Dec. 1843, In consideration of an arrangement made between William Duncan & myself, I deliver? all the right, title, etc. to lands specified in above-written deed, land having been mortgaged to me by said Duncan for money due me from said Duncan which mortgage is in record in Lincoln Co., the money having been paid me, I make this statement to satisfy Thomas R. Moore that there will not be any dificulty arrising from any claim I may have to said land. /s/ James M. McFerran. (FHL film 191,799)
      4-146: 25 March 1843, Josha. Nichols and wife Hannah to William Duncan, $400, undivided interest of 4/10 land devised by Howson Duncan to ten of his children, adj. road from Danville to Hustonville, these 4/10 purchased by Joshua Nichols from H.H. Duncan and wife and John Parr and wife and Stephen Southern and wife and Ellen Moore by deeds recorded in Lincoln Co. Wit. Joshua F. Bell, Thos. Cowan. (FHL film 191,801)
      4-283: 9 Feb. 1852, Eve Elizabeth Duncan by Circuit Court to Henry Harlan, decree in suit of William Duncan, guardian for Eve Elizabeth Duncan, upon a partition for sale of real estate; decree authorized William Duncan to sell land, 15 acres, corner to John Miller in Harlan's line, corner lot 6. (FHL film 191,801)
         (MAD: apparently there is a court suit ca 1849, settled 1852, possibly because of death of Elizabeth Henderson, mother of Phebe Caldwell who mar. William Duncan 12/18/1827 Lincoln Co. KY)

Casey Co. KY Deeds
      5-245/6: 24 Nov. 1845, Willis Duncan, a citizen of Monroe Co. MO at present in Lincoln Co. KY, to Samuel Baxter of Casey Co. KY, for $3,510.00, 100 acres on Carpenters Creek, waters of ?? River adj. land once owned by William Farrel and Sterling Coulter, the first tract being the land conveyed to said Willis Duncan by George Carpenter and wife; the second or other tract adj. the first, corner to Dunwodie's 100 acre survey, George F. Carpenter's line, Harrison's line, A. Harrison's corner, William's? line, being the land conveyed by the commissioners to said Duncan, 100 acres. No wife. Wit. J.H. Smith, T. Huston, Forin? F. Fox. (FHL film 591,566)
      7-210: 2 May 1857, Nicholas Duncan and wife Nancy A. to Richard M. Coulter, all right in estate of Morris? (Mony?) Coulter as heir, to land ... 220 acres in Casey Co. Registered in Lincoln Co. KY Court 2 May 1857. (FHL film 591,567)

Garrard Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,242)
      A-258: 17 June 1799, Samuel Duncan and wife Nancy to Jesse Gooch, both Garrard Co.; William Bryant paid Samuel Duncan £300; Samuel Duncan gave his bond to Bryant dated 5 Feb. 1799; 146 acres on which Duncan then lived, which Duncan bought of Charles Campbell by deed in Lincoln Co. KY; Jesse Gooch paid William Bryant £300, Bryant on 22 March 1799 assigned the bond to Gooch; now Samuel Duncan deeds to Jesse Gooch 146 acres on Gilbert's Creek, adj. John Supsley's land, Campbell's settlement, Major William Campbell's land, including a tract of 4 acres which Gooch formerly purchased of said Duncan by deed 19 July 1796 in Lincoln Co. KY. Wit. Andrew Wallace, George Douglas, Charles Walker.

Garrard Co. KY Deed (SLC 5/2/2013)
      T-298/299: #4652. 5 Feb. 1855, John O. Duncan and Sarah Duncan his wife of Lincoln Co. KY to Joseph McQuery of Garrard Co. KY, in consideration of an exchange of land and $540 in money paid, sell all their right to the tract of land in Garrard Co. on the waters of Drakes Creek owned by Daniel McQuery at the time of his death and the same purchased by said Daniel McQuery decd. of Elizabeth McQuery and supposed to contain 131 acres, and for the consideration afsd, the said Duncan and wife sell to said Joseph McQuery all that tract in Garrard Co. on the waters of Drakes Creek sold by Samuel Perrin & wife to said Duncan by deed recorded in Garrard Co. Deed Book T pg.171 and supposed to contain 50 acres, the land exchanged by said McQuery to said Duncan is conveyed in a deed from said McQuery and wife to said Duncan dated 27 Jan. 1855 and this day delivered to him to be recorded in Lincoln Co., the whole of the tracts lately occupied by said Duncan supposed to contain 50 acres, together with appurtenances. /s/ John O. Duncan, Sarah Duncan. Wit. W.B. Mason. They appeared 5 Feb. 1855 before William B. Mason, Clerk of Garrard Co. Court. (FHL film 183,250)

Green Co. KY Deed (FHL film 591,336)
      5-432: 26 Sept. 1808, George Duncan and wife Betsy of Lincoln Co. KY to Berry Corks of Green Co., £100, 200 acres by survey being in Greene Co. on waters of Robertsons Creek, adj. Rhoads NE corner. Signed George Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan. Release by Betsy Duncan, 28 Sept. 1808; ack. by George Duncan 16 Jan. 1809 in Lincoln Co. KY, and cert. by Lincoln Co. KY; Rec. 10 Aug. 1809. (MAD: see Lincoln Co. KY deed F-152)

Hardin Co. KY Deed (FHL film 388,596)
      L-50: 26 June 1828, John D. Bleight, Samuel Bleight and Elizabeth Bleight by commissioners to Nathaniel J. Duncan, that Samuel Bleight father of above Bleights, gave bond to Duncan for 65 acres and died without making deed; bond as follows: Samuel Bleight of City of Philadelphia to Nathaniel J. Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY, 65 acres in Hardin Co. adj. James Haycraft to be laid off, 9 Oct. 1826, wit. Stephen Southern. This a deed on behalf of John D. Bleight, Samuel Bleight and Elizabeth Bleight, infant heirs of Samuel Bleight, for 65 acres on James Haycraft's line. (money not given)

Madison Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,289)
      L-145: 14 Oct. 1815, Benjamin Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY to John Hume of Madison Co. KY, £400, 132 acres on Taylors Fork of Silver Creek. /s/ Ben Duncan, Christeenna (sic) Duncan. Wit. George Hume, George Crigler.

Mercer Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 191,820)
      19-434: 20 Feb. 1836, Joshua Nichols and wife Hannah of Mercer Co. KY to William Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY, $400, land conveyed to said Nichols by heirs of Houson Duncan decd; this tract consists of 4 undivided 10ths of that tract in Lincoln Co. KY on Clark's Run, 108 acres, corner John Green, Jonathan Reed decd now belonging to Jeremiah Kisher, James McPerrin now belonging to estate of Jonathan Nichols decd, and road from Danville to Col. Shelby's; land on which Hunson Duncan (sic) resided at his death on which Agnes Duncan now lives and in which she has a life estate; Jemina the wife of John Park, Ellen wife of William Moore, Rebecca wife of Stephen Southern, and Howson H. Duncan are heirs who conveyed interest to Joshua Nichols, which are now conveyed to William Duncan. Wit. O. Garnett, M.G. Yovan?.
      19-440: 15 Feb. 1836, William Duncan and wife Phebe of Lincoln Co. KY to Leonidas W. Baker of Mercer Co. KY, $1200, lot where said Baker now lives, on N. side of Town of Danville in Mercer Co. on road from Danville to Harrodsburg, bounded by alley on E., S. by lot formerly owned by Thompson Gaines now in possession of James T. Garnett, on W. by Harrodsburg road, and on N. by street running by John Yeiser's farm leading to Lexington Road. Wit. O. Garnett, Joshua L. Bell, M.G. Yonce.
      19-499: 7 Jan. 1836, William Duncan and wife Phebe of Lincoln Co. KY to Mahlon Bowers of Danville, Mercer Co. KY, land near town of Danville, lot 6 and lot 15, for $450. Wit. John Proun?, Wm. W. Batterton, O. Garnett, M.G. Yonce.

Pulaski Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 804,636)
      3-80: 14 Jan. 1815, Samuel Duncan of Garrard Co. KY to John Duncan of Pulaski Co. KY, $25, 200 acres on Kings Creek in Lincoln Co. KY. No wife, no wit.
      4-67: 21 June 1819, Samuel Duncan appoint Daniel Duncan, both Pulaski Co. KY, attorney to settle business in counties of Garrard and Lincoln; negroes hired out. No wit.

Shelby Co. KY Deeds
      T-55: 5 Nov. 1822, Garlan D. Withers to Moses Duncan (no counties), $250, 1,000 acres on Fox Run. Wit. Joseph Duncan, John Duncan, Jno. Withers. Rec. Lincoln Co. KY, 14 April 1823. (FHL film 259,236)
      Y-313: 27 Sept. 1830, Moses Duncan of Oldham Co. and Garland Withers of Lincoln Co. to Peter G. Force? and John O'Bannon, both of Shelby? Co., $882, 147 acres on west fork of Clear Creek, now in possession of said Force & O'Bannon, having been heretofore held by them under a contract by them with said Duncan for the purchase, adj. E by tracts of land on which said Force and Thomas Bohon now reside, S. by tracts of land which H. Balco and Preston Balco now occupy, W. by land on which Oswald Thomas and James Drain now reside, and N. by tract of about 50 acres conveyed by said Duncan & Withers to Geo. Marshall by deed recorded in Shelby Co. and now in due possession of the said Marshall; Duncan and Withers will defend tract against claim of all persons except against the claims of Trah? T. Haggin Esq. and Sophia Richardson of Mercer Co. under the conveyance made by the Sheriff of Shelby Co. under an execution in the name of said Richardson against the said Withers issued? by Mercer Civil Court, but the said Duncan and Withers assign and transfer to said Force and O'Bannon all the obligations, assignments, etc., executed by the said Haggin and Richardson to said Duncan and Withers; no wit. /s/ Moses Duncan, Garland Withers. (FHL film 259,238; tight binding)

HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "History of KY" by Lewis Collins, Vol.2 (TN Gen. Society Library #3233 from Evelyn Sigler 10/1982)
      War of 1812, Private Lewis Duncan.

1878 "The Biographical encyclopaedia of Kentucky of the dead and living men of the nineteenth century" pub. by J.M. Armstrong (from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 976.9 D3b)
      Pg.632: William McKee Duncan, lawyer, born May 19, 1849 at Lancaster [Garrard Co.], KY. Father Dr. Benjamin F. Duncan, a native of Lincoln Co. KY, who was son of Benjamin F. Duncan, who came from VA at an early day to Lincoln Co. His father married Jane Logan (McKee) Duncan of Garrard Co., dau. of Hon. Samuel McKee of VA, a lawyer and congressman of KY. William McKee Duncan was a Presby.; married Dec. 17, 1874, Miss Alice Simmons of Nelson Co., dau. of Greenberry Simmons.

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.46, Garrard Co. JOEL T. BAUGHMAN was born March 4, 1825, in Lincoln (now Boyle) Co. KY; in 1851 he removed to Lincoln Co. and in 1866 to "Oakland Place" near the Frying Pan bend of Dicks River, Garrard Co., where he now resides. His father, Henry Baughman Jr., a native of VA, was born in 1776; he came to KY in 1780, remained here two years with his family, then went back to the "Old Dominion" for his mother; he was a farmer and large slave owner; was assessor of property in Lincoln Co., a Whig, and died in 1865. He was the son of Henry Baughman, of VA, who was murdered by Indians eight miles above Crab Orchard. This sad event happened when Henry Baughman, Jr., was on his return from VA with his mother, and had reached the fort above Crab Orchard, when the Indians opened fire, and Henry Baughman Sr. was killed in his attempt to give his relatives a chance to escape. The children born to Henry Sr. were Nancy (Gilbreath), Ticia (Duncan), Polly (McGill), Jacob and John (both killed at St.Clair's defeat), and Henry Jr. Henry Jr. married Patience, dau. of William Owsley, of Lincoln Co. (born 1784, died 1843) and to them were born ... (MAD: possibly Christina Baughman who married Benjamin Duncan Jr. 6/13/1796 Lincoln Co. KY)

1922 "History of Kentucky" 5 vols, by William Elsey Connelley and E.M. Coulter; ed. by Charles Kerr; pub. Chicago : American Historical Society (FHL book 976.9 H2k Vol.5; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.5, pg.562: STUART ENGLISH DUNCAN ... the career of Stuart English Duncan, first vice president of the Peaslee-Gaulbert Company, ... officer in the Second Presbyterian Church, Louisville (Jefferson Co. KY), ... Mr. Duncan was born in Kentucky's metropolis July 30, 1866. His father, cut down on the threshold of what promised to be a brilliant career in the ministry, was Joseph De Witt Duncan, a native of Elizabethtown, Kentucky and descendant of an old Virginia family. He was the son of Thomas H. and Lucretia Duncan, of Hardin County, Kentucky, whose antecedents were among the early settlers of Lincoln County, founded in 1781, before Kentucky was taken into the Union and was a part of the State of Virginia.
      Thomas H. Duncan was a prosperous merchant of Elizabethtown. His wife was the daughter of John and Agnes (Fisher) Bigler and the latter was the daughter of Steven and Magdaline (Garr) Fisher. Steven Fisher, the great-great-grandfather of Stuart English Duncan, was the son of Louis and Barbara (Blandkenbaker) Fisher, all of Virginia.
      Joseph De Witt Duncan was graduated early in life from old Centre College, Danville, ... [enlisted with the South in the civil war] under Basil W. Duke, later a major general but then a lieutenant in Morgan's command and Gen. John B. Castleman, then a colonel, both of Louisville. ... When the war was over, Joseph De Witt Duncan took up the practice of law ... It was only a few years later that Joseph De Witt Duncan decided to enter the ministry. He attended a Presbyterian seminary at Columbia, South Carolina, ... accepted the pastorate of the Third Presbyterian Church. He was in the first year of that pastorate ... when called by death February 22, 1878.
      The mother of Stuart E. Duncan, Eliza English, is still living. She like her husband was born in Elizabethtown and descended from early Virginia settlers. Her mother was the daughter of Luke and Eliza Munsell, the former a prominent surgeon. Her great-grandfather on her mother's side was Achilles Sneed, a prominent attorney of Frankfort, Kentucky and first clerk of the Kentucky Court of Appeals.
      ... Stuart English Duncan ... was only twelve years old when his father ... died at the age of thirty-four. As a result the son, the eldest of three children, two of whom are living, had to content himself with a common school education. ... The present wife of Mr. Duncan is Annie Leathers, daughter of Maj. John H. Leathers, ... they were joined in wedlock November 11, 1902, and have a daughter, Anne Stuart Duncan.
      Mr. Duncan's first wife was Mary Louise Grinstead, daughter of W.E. Grinstead, Louisville. They were married December 20, 1894. As a result of this union two children, Eliza English Duncan, deceased, and William Grinstead Duncan, were born.

1882 "The History of Nodaway County, Missouri : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches of its citizens, Nodaway County in the late war, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of Missouri, map of Nodaway County, ..." by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.8124 H2h)
      Pg.919: Washington Twp: CHARLES D. HOCKER, farmer, is a native of Lincoln Co. KY, where he was born October 27, 1840, and is the son of Philip S. and Amanda (Duncan) Hocker. The former was a native of Maryland, and was engaged in agricultural pursuits. His wife was born in Virginia. Charles spent his youth at school and on a farm until March, 1866 (sic), when he came to Missouri, locating in Holt County. In March, 1864 (sic), he came to this county. ... (more on his wife and children)

1883 "The History of Cass and Bates counties, Missouri : containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns; biographical sketches of their citizens, general and local statistics, history of Missouri" pub. by National Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 C34Hi, and FHL book 977.84 H2h, Vol.2)
      Pg.491, Cass Co., Pleasant Hill Township: JAMES M. DUNCAN is of the firm of W.H. Duncan & Co., ... was built in 1881 ... firm is composed of James M. and Benjamin Duncan. James M. Duncan was born in Lincoln Co. KY, September 29, 1839. His grandfather, was a native of Scotland, and his father, James L. Duncan, of Kentucky. His mother's maiden name was Sarah E. Morton, a native of Kentucky. In 1843 his parents moved to Pleasant Hill, where he has since resided. He has been engaged in selling goods in Pleasant Hill since 1845 (except during the war), his father having embarked in the business at that time. In 1862 he enlisted in the Confederate service, .... February 23, 1870, Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Ella P. Reed, ....

1886 "Histories of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.7)
      Pg.1106, Montgomery Co.: W.D. Taylor is the son of W.H. and Lucinda (Duncan) Taylor, and was born April 19, 1835, in [Lincoln Co.] KY. W.H. Taylor was a native of KY, and in early life was united in marriage to Miss Lucinda Duncan, also of KY. To them were born 9 children, five of whom are living, viz.: Nancy M., John, W.D., Josephine and Lou. W.H. Taylor, the father of our subject, died in Missouri while starting to cross the plains. Mrs. Taylor also died in Missouri in the year 1862. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Our subject was reared on the farm ... in 1865 he married Miss Jennie Mallory, of this State, daughter of Rev. S.S. Mallory, ... During the late civil war he enlisted in the 34th MO Reg. ... then into an infantry regiment under Col. Clark, and was with this regiment until 1865, when he came to this State and married his present wife. ....

1909 "Biographical and reminiscent history of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois" by J.H.G. Brinkerhoff; pub. Indianapolis, Ind.: B.F. Bowen & Co. (LH4517, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 825,601 and 1,000,511 item 3)
      Pg.157: William Jasper Young was born in Marion county, Illinois, June 21, 1826, in Centralia township, the son of Edward and Sarah C. (Duncan) Young, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Tennessee. Edward Young grew up in Virginia, and when he reached maturity he moved to KY, later came to Indiana, and prior to 1826 settled in Marion Co. IL. He was a plasterer and bricklayer, ... Edward Young was born June 8, 1803, and died June 9, 1876. He was a soldier in the Black Hawk war. ... Sarah C. Duncan, mother of the subject, was born July 22, 1808, and died November 9, 1886. She was a woman of many beautiful traits of character. ... (MAD: she perhaps born Lincoln Co. TN, perhaps to Lincoln Co. KY)

1879 "The United States Biographical Dictionary: Kansas Volume, containing accurately compiled biographical sketches into which is woven the history of the state and its leading interests" pub. Chicago and Kansas City : S. Lewis & Co. (FHL book 978.1 D3u v.1&2; FHL film 874,388, items 1&2)
      Pg.629-630: WESLEY HARVEY DUNCAN, Lawrence [Douglas Co. KS]. Wesley H. Duncan, a pioneer business man of Lawrence, was born in Rockbridge county, Virginia, April 18, 1817. His father, Willis Duncan, was a Virginia planter, rather extensively engaged in tobacco-producing, a leading man in his neighborhood, a soldier in the war of 1812, and the son of a Revolutionary soldier. The family were Baptists and four of the uncles of Wesley H. Duncan were Baptist ministers, the one for whom he was named being in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. His mother's name was Jane (Bailey) Duncan, and her father was a large stockraiser in Kentucky, where they were married. She was an active, useful member of the Baptist church.
            Wesley H. Duncan was educated in the country school houses of Lincoln county, Kentucky, to which place his father removed when he was only nine years old, embracing only about thirteen months schooling. Being of an adventurous spirit, he started out for himself at an early period, spending about nine years in the lead mines of Galena, Illinois, and a short time in Missouri, where he was married.
            In 1850 he immigrated with his family, a wife and one child, to California, crossing the plains with ox teams, being about four and a half months on the road. He opened a miners store at Cold Spring, Eldorado county, and was quite successful, mining only enough to say that he dug some gold. In the spring of 1853 he returned from California to Monroe county Missouri, and in the spring of 1855 came to Kansas, locating at Lawrence, and at once opened out a large store of general merchandise, in company with Charles Duncan, his brother-in-law and second cousin. In Lawrence he carried on that business until 1860, when the partnership of W.H. & C. Duncan was dissolved by mutual consent, and he entered into the dry goods and grocery business with Columbus Hornsby, since deceased, until 1862. He then entered into the same business with Duncan Allison and continued with him until he [MAD: Allison] was murdered in the Lawrence massacre of August 21, 1863. In this massacre he lost twenty-five thousand dollars in money and goods, eight thousand dollars being in cash.
            Immediately after the massacre he entered into business with Robert Morrow, in a dry-goods house in Lawrence, continuing in that occupation for about three years. Selling out, he devoted himself to the settlement of his business and collection of accounts until 1868, when he removed to California and resided at San Jose for a year. He then returned and entered into the hardware and agricultural implement trade with Charles Duncan and G.W.E. Griffith, as Griffith, Duncan & Co. With some changes in the firm he has continued to carry on that business until the present time.
            He has been a Mason for about twenty-one years. Mr. Duncan is a believer in the Christian religion, generally attending the Methodist church with his family, but never having associated himself with any church organization, but has been a liberal contributor to the erection of churches and religious enterprises. To Wesley H. and Charles Duncan is to be credited the largest portion in the erection of the first Methodist Episcopal church in Lawrence.
            Mr. Duncan was originally a Whig, casting his first presidential vote for General Harrison in 1840, and, since the organization of the Republican party, has been a Republican. He was an early free-state man, contributing liberally to the cause, and still retains some of the old free-state script as mementos of the sacrifices of the free-state struggles.
            Mr. Duncan has been twice married. He was married to Miss Margaret Duncan, in Johnson county, Missouri. She died in California, leaving one son, William T. Duncan, now a promising young business man. In May, 1854, he was married in Johnson county, Missouri, to Miss Elizabeth Watts, by whom he has had five children, only two of whom survive -- Lucetta, fourteen years old, and Wesley Harvey, five years old.
            Mr. Duncan is an energetic, upright business man, who has had many ups and downs in the world, retaining a character for the highest integrity. He has never failed to contribute to any worthy cause as far as he felt able.


GEORGE DUNCAN, widow Elizabeth, Rev. Pension Application W-9845, VA, KY, IN (FHL film 970,863; from National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832, age 75 on 8 March 1833, in Orange Co. IN; had family record kept by his father John Duncan; served 2-3 months in 1778 as substitute for his father drafted in Amherst Co. VA to guard prisoners in Albemarle Co. VA; drafted in 1779 in Amherst Co. VA for a month; drafted for 4 months in May 1780 in Amherst Co. VA under Capt. Pauplin, Col. Lunday, Gen. Gowan/Lawson; served in Lincoln Co. KY 2 months under Capt. Robert Barnett; visited his father in Amherst Co. VA about 20 years later; b. Albemarle Co. VA; soon after was moved by his father to Amherst Co. VA; moved to Lincoln Co. KY fall 1781-82 until about 1 April 1818 when moved to Orange Co. IN; witnesses James Lynd, Jacob Moulder, Alexander Wallace, Edward Moore, Wm. Brooks.
      Application by Elizabeth Duncan, age 73 on 14 Oct. 1843, in Orange Co. IN; Elizabeth Phillips m. George Duncan 25 April 1790 in Lincoln Co. KY by Rev. John Bouly, bond by George Duncan and Manuel Brown on 6 April 1790; had ten children: John b. 15 June 1791, George b. 23 Dec. 1792, Fleming Hall b. 2 Sept. 1794, Luvinia "Lieu Vina" b. 10 Sept. 1796, Lieurina "Luvina" Lent b. 22 June 1799, Sally b. 10 Sept. 1801, Jane "Jenny" b. 25 April 1803, Elizabeth b. 11 March 1806, Polly b. 29 Sept. 1807 "D&C", Polly b. 13 June 1810; family record written by son Fleming H.; husband d. 2 Nov. 1838 Orange Co. IN.
      Affidavit of Fleming H. Duncan, age 50 on 2 Sept. 1844, third child; Family record: George Duncan b. 8 March 1758, Elizabeth b. 14 Oct. 1770, and above children. Elizabeth still living 24 May 1850.
      MAD: George Duncan mar. Elizabeth Phillips 4/6/1790 Lincoln Co. KY.
      MAD: George Duncan mar. Polly Vest 7/1/1812, bond John Duncan, Lincoln Co. KY; John Duncan mar. Betsy Vest 5/27/1813, Lincoln Co. KY; Fleming Duncan mar. Sally Duncan 11/19/1817, bond by George Duncan, Lincoln Co. KY; Lavina Duncan mar. Nathaniel Vest 5/25/1818 Orange Co. IN; Sally Duncan mar. Joel Kirby 7/30/1818 Orange Co. IN, and other children mar. Orange Co. IN.
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SAMUEL DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-12812 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives)
      Applied 24 Dec. 1832, age 72, in Lincoln Co. KY; volunteered in 1777 in Pittsylvania Co. VA under Capt. Wilcher, Lt. Morton, for 6 months; volunteered Dec. 1780 in Pittsylvania Co. VA under Capt. Brewer, Genl. Saml. Edmondston, Col. Lee, for 6 months; volunteered in 1781 in Pittsylvania Co. VA under Capt. Spilton, Maj. Rose, for 6 months; b. in 1760 in Pittsylvania Co. VA; to Lincoln Co. KY in 1796 where he since lived; wit. James Divers? of Lincoln Co. for service, Joseph Hall and Alfred Hocker for character, and Nathan Waters clergyman, all Lincoln Co. KY.
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Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Fleming, wife Sally; SO 4154, SC 1901; BL 10922-80-50, 1635-80- 55; Private in Capt. W. Wades Co. KY Mil, 11/10/1814 to 6/10/1815; Sol. res. 1850, 1855, 1871, Orange Co. IN (P.O. Paoli); maiden name Sally Duncan (sic) mar. 1817 Lincoln Co. KY; soldier d. about 1877; Remarks: soldiers cert. of discharge in brief.


The early Lincoln Co. KY tax lists 1787-1811 have been extracted and published by James Sutherland.

"The Families of Givens, Windsor, Hocker, Duncan, Davidson, Hornbuckle, Perrine, Wallace and Allied Lines from Eastern Shores Westward to Missouri, 1723-1979" by Mrs. Ailene Fitch Lewis, of Holden, MO. (929.G539 1980, Library of the KY Hist. Society, Frankfort, KY; from John A. Duncan 2/1987)
      Pg.17 of this book lists the family of Ensign Nicholas Hocker, including his son Phillip L. Hocker b.1779 mar. 11/26/1801 Sally Duncan, b.1783, dau. of Samuel Duncan, and includes their family Bible record.
      "The Hocker Family and some Related Families" based on original research by Dora Hocker Chenault. Expanded & Published by Eliz. Frances Hocker Ludeman (MAD: do not have date of publication). Pgs.27-30 include information on the Benjamin Duncan family.

"Genealogy of the Lewis family in America, from the middle of the seventeenth century down to the present time" by William Terrell Lewis, 1893 (FHL film 483,707; Memphis Public Library book 929.2 L67, from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984)
      Pg.175: Henry Terrell Hickman, son of James and Betsy (Bryan) Hickman, born 1804, married Elizabeth Logan, had one son, died Lincoln Co. KY in 1835. Son James Hickman to Johnson Co. MO, mar. Eliza Duncan, had 6 children: Mary, Laura, William, John, Annie, and Luther.

"KY DAR Records" KY DAR (FHL film 869,303 item 1)
      Pg.186-187: "Lincoln Co. KY Pioneer Families" by Harry W. Mills; appeared in a column of "The Interior Journal". Duncan Family.
      This booklet mentions Joseph Duncan (wife Lydia) who died in Fauquier Co. VA in 1793, and their son Howson Duncan who mar. Agnes Johnston and d. Lincoln Co. KY ca 1814, and other early Lincoln Co. KY Duncans.


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