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Revolutionary War
Pension Applications

Revolutionary War Pensions, Bounty Land Warrant Application Files; National Archives Microfilm Publication, Microcopy 804, Roll 863 and 864 and 867
      Duncan, Alexander to Duncan, Jesse (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Duncan, John to Dungan, Thomas (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Dunikin to Dunlap (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Did not copy envelopes or most requests for copies of documents.

Russell Co. VA County Court Law Order Books 1786-1904 (FHL film 33,845)
      6-31: "Jesse Duncan who resides in the County of Russell in the State of Virginia, wishing to become a pensioner pursuant to the provisions of an Act of the Congress of the United States, passed on the 18th day of March 1818, entitled 'An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war,' personally appeared in Court, and declared on oath that he enlisted with the Troops of the State of North Carolina as a private soldier in the United States service about the year 1778 under Colo. James Sanders and Captain Robert Moore, he was enlisted for nine months; but served about eleven, He was in the service and at the battle fought on Briar? Creek, General Ash commanded; He was at the seige of Charleston where General Rutherford sometimes commanded. He was discharged in the state of South Carolina, but by what officer he dis not recollect. The said Jesse Duncan also produced in Court, and which was read as evidence to his claim for a pension under the act aforesaid an affidavit of an aged and infirm person who was unable personally to come into Court in the following words and figures, to wit: 'Russell County Virginia, May the 5, 1818, came William Paskel before me Frances Browning a justice for said County and made oath that Jesse Duncan enlisted in the service of the United States in the Troops of North Carolina for the term of nine months, and was in the service the year that the battle was at Brian Creek in Georgia and did serve his time out, and that said Duncan is in low circumstance and has no living to support him, and further saith not. Given under my hand this 5 day of May 1818. Frances Browning.' which said affiant the court believes to be a person of truth. And from the knowledge which some of the members of the Court themselves have as well as from the satisfactory evidence, the Court are unanimously of opinion, and do hereby certify, that the said Jesse Duncan is a person of credit as a witness; that it was generlly understood in the nieghborhood of the residence of the said Jesse Duncan previous to the passage of the said Act of Congress that the said Jesse Duncan had served in the revolutionary War; and that the said Jesse Duncan is in such reduced circumstances in life, as to need assistance from his country for support. All which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of the Department of War.

JESSE DUNCAN, S-16774, NC, VA, KY, IN (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Jesse Duncan, (very torn edges) of Rush Co. IN, who was a private in the c... by Capt. Moore of the 28th? ... by Col. Lytle? in the NC line for 11? mos.; Inscribed on the Roll of IN at $36.66 per ... to commence 4 March 1831; Cert. of Pension issued 28 April 1833 and sent to J. McCarty?; Act 7 June 1832.
      (no declaration of 1818 in file)
      Certification, 21 Feb. 1825, by Wm. Hill, NC Secretary of State; it appears from the musterrolls of the Continental line of this State in the Rev. War that Jesse Duncan a private soldier in Capt. Reid's Co. of 1st Regt. was mustered in May 1776 for 2-1/2 years, that he was discharged on 28 May 1779, and that this is the only place where the name of Jesse Duncan is found on said rolls.
      Similar certification 31 May 1826 by Wm. Hill. Added note: Thomas Donoho was commissioned Capt. on 10 Sept. 1776, Major 13 Oct. 1781, and deranged 1 Janry. 1783. I do not find the name of Robt. Moore as an Officer of the Rev. Army on the Rolls. Dempsey Moore was Lt. in Capt. Donoho's Compy. of 6th Regt. commissioned 28 Oct. 1776. John Moore Lt. 7th Regt. 28 Nov. 1776, in Capt. Eli's Compy. Elijah Moore was Lt. 12 Oct. 1777, Capt. 13 Octor. 1781, Deranged? 1 Janry. 1783. /s/ Wm. Hill, 31 May 1826.
      Deposition by John Price, Senr, 28 Feb. 1828 before Hugh Malony, acting JP for Greene Co. TN; John Price Senr. being of lawful age, ... that he has been acquainted with one Jesse Duncan, formerly of the State of NC, but who many years ago removed to VA, that Jesse Duncan enlisted in NC line of 9 months new Lewis during the Rev. War, he thinks in the year 1778 under Captain William Lytle in the 7th Regt. commanded by Col. Thaxton and Lieutenant Archibald Lytle, that Duncan served for the space of nine months and longer as this Deponent thinks, that he saw Duncan get an honorable discharge signed by Col. Lytle, which discharge was given in some part of the State of SC but where this deponent does not at present recollect. Cert. by JP that John Price is well known to me and that he is a creditable person as a witness.
      Declaration of Jesse (J) Duncan, 19? (17?) Feb. 1829, before Court of Washington Co. VA; Jesse Duncan now a resident of said county, aged 74 years; in order to obtain provisions of Acts 18 March 1818 and 1 May 1820; that Jesse Duncan enlisted for term of 9 months in the month of April 1778 in State of NC in a company commanded by Capt. William Lytle in 7th Regt. of NC line commanded by Col. Thaxton on Continental establishment; that he continued to serve in the said Corps and in other Corps until some time in 1779 when he was discharged by Col. Lytle in State of SC from service; that he was in battle of Stone and in sundry skirmishes in SC; that he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension except the present; that his name is not on the roll of any State except NC; that the following are the reasons for his application for a pension at this late period: Until within about 4 years past he was able to labour, and although extremely poor was enabled by that labour to obtain a support. When he became unable to support himself by labour he made various attempts to procure proof of his service and to make such a declaration in form as the law required, but from his own ignorance and the want of skill in those to whom he applied he has hitherto been unable to succeed. After walking many hundreds of miles he at last found John Price the Sergeant who commanded him and from him obtained the affidavit which accompanies this declaration. And in pursuance of the Act of 1 May 1820, I do solumnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the US on 18 March 1818 and that I have not, since that time, by gift, sale or in any manner, disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of Act 18 March 1818 ...; that since 18 March 1818 no change has taken place in my circumstances having had then no property except my little wearing apparel and all I have been able to make since has not been sufficient to cloth me.
         Statement by David Campbell, Clerk of Washington Co. Court, 19 Feb. 1829; that it appears to satisfaction of court that Jesse Duncan did serve in Rev. War as stated in preceeding declaration against the common enemy for term of 9 months under one engagement on the Continental establishment. I also certify that the foregoing oath there being no schedule of property is truly copied from the records of said court; and I do further certify the said Court were satisfied that the said Jesse Duncan had no property.
      Letter from Wm. Hill, Raleigh, NC, 4 April 1829: I have carefully examined the musterrolls in the Office of Secretary of State for the name of Jesse Duncan a revolutionary soldier, and find that a soldier of that name enlisted in May 1776 for 2-1/2 years and was discharged in May 1779. He was of Capt. Reid's Company of the 1st Regiment. This differs very materially from the Declaration of Jesse Duncan accompanying your letter of the 31st Ultimate, but from his having sold and conveyed the Warrant Issued for his services to Col. Chas. Robeson of Washington Coty, then in this State, but now of the State of TN, and which I believe joins Washington Co. in VA, I am induced to think he is the same person, and that his memory being bad he has been led into error by the Deposition of John Price. The name of Jesse Duncan is found but once on the rolls in this office. (Sideways in margin) I find that I once gave a certificate for Jesse Duncan and he may now be a Pensioner.
      Letter from David Campbell, Abingdon, VA, 23 June 1829. Jesse Duncan who has made a declaration in order to obtain a pension is now with me. He is not the soldier of the NC line to whom bounty land was granted. He says that his service on Continental establishment was only about 9 months and that therefore he could not have received bounty land. His memory tho is so bad that he cannot give very correct information about his service. I learn from him that he served a considerable time in the militia as well as on Continental establishment. He says that he served under Capt. Moore in a regiment commanded by Col. or Major Donnahoe, and that he also served under a Col. James Sanders, Genl. Ash and Genl. Rutherford. Why it is that his name does not appear on the roll of Capt. Lytles company he cannot tell. Mr. Price whose affidavit you have and whose character is very fair, has proved his service. He being a sergeant in the company cannot be mistaken. Is his name on the roll? If it is, ought not that proof, with Duncans declaration, to be considered sufficient?
      Letter from David Campbell, Abingdon, VA, 18 Sept. 1829. I have seen and conversed with Jesse Duncan, a soldier of the NC line on Continental establishment whose papers you have on file, being an applicant for a pension. This man is not of the common grade of those who are applicants. His character is excellent. I have said this much, because I am strongly impressed with the belief that this is the identical individual whose bounty land has been obtained but probably not by himself. It is well known to the Secretary of War how many frauds were practised upon the soldiers of the NC Line, as he is a native of that State and has for many years been a resident of TN where the warrants were located. Hundreds of them were deprived of their land by forged transfers. The truth is that Duncans memory is now so bad that he can recollect nothing scarcely about his service. There are several persons in the country who know that Duncan was a soldier, but they cannot give the names of his officers. He continues to say that he obtained no bounty land -- and that he did not know he was entitled to any -- If there is however no other Jesse Duncan on the pension roll of the line of NC, he must be the man. I hope you will submit this communication to the Secretary of War ...
      Letter from "Saml. F. Hunt for Jesse Duncan", Cincinnati, 3 March 1831. An old soldier who calls himself Jesse Duncan an applicant for pension for Rev. service, this morning called upon me at my office and exhibited to me his declaration and sundry letters in relation to his claim, and asked my aid to assist him in getting his name placed on the Pension Roll. Upon inspection of the papers presented, I find that he wants proof of his service or rather that which he has is deemed insufficient by the War Department. He informs me that some time before he left Virginia last spring that he had procured the deposition of John Price which he had placed in your hands which you forwarded on to the War Department where it now remains on file. What the deposition contains I am unable to say, but if I had it before me to compare it with the testimony he has here, I could at once form an opinion whether his claim was made or not or to see what further testimony was wanting. I deem it therefore material to the successful prosecution of his claim that he should have it here. I have therefore in his behalf and at his request to ask the favour of you to procure the said deposition from the Department and to forward it by mail to Rushville, Rush Co. IN, the place of Mr. Duncan residence.
      Letter from Joseph A. Wright, Rockville, IN, undated. Jesse Duncan informs me that some time in the spring of the year 1829 at the county of Russell and State of VA he obtained the affidavit of John Price as no? on? proof of his service, and it was sent to Washington City by James P. Canall? clerk of the Co. of Russell, and that he understood from General Morgan of Rush Co. IN that there was a man by the name of Jesse Duncan whose name was known to the department and that man serve? land, and which an? says is not him for he never was entitled to any land unless he had served during the War and that he has sent to the War Department the affidavits of William Paskill and Thomas Paskill as to the proof of his service which he thinks was returned because they were not sworn to before more than one justice, and that some time after they were sent back, David Campbell, clerk of the Court of Washington Co. VA, sent a correct form to Thomas Paskill of Pulaski Co. KY for him to be sworn to, and to send the same to Washington City, and whether it was done or not he does not know, and which he thinks was in 1826 or 1827 however he cannot say positively when it was. If those things return the Department knows it and may possibly find proof of his services. I have unate? to the Bill of NC as recommended in the brief sent to Rush Co. which is returned. The claim of Asa Hiatt is likewise sent in this packet. This man is no doubt known to the Department. I shall wait on the Department with this as until all the others and take? the courses? they suggest if not allowed.
      Declaration of Jesse (+) Duncan, 2 Sept. 1832, before Rush Co. IN Circuit Court; resident of Noble Township in Rush Co. IN, aged about 78 years; in order to obtain benefit of Act 7 June 1832; that he enlisted in army of US in year 1778 as he thinks in the month of April in the company commanded by Capt. Robert Moore, and served in 7th Regt. of NC line under the following named officers, to wit: After he was enlisted by said Capt. Moore, he, Moore, marched the company to SC to the main army commanded by Genl. Lincoln; that Col. Saunders, he thinks, commanded the regiment in NC; he however thinks Col. Saunders was only a militia officer, or at least took no further command than to superintend the enlistments; that Major afterwards Col. Donnohoo was Major of the Regiment to which this applicant was attached in SC; that the Colonel was Archibald Lytle; that Capt. Moore as soon as he marched their company to the army under the command of Genl. Lincoln, returned, and this applicant states that according to the best of his recollection, the company was put under the command of a Capt. Moore, not however the Capt. Moore under whom he enlisted, and that Rutherford was the Lieutenant of his Company; that he enlisted in Caswell Co. NC, that he was marched into Halifax VA for the purpose of joining the Northern Army under the command of Genl. Washington but were ordered back to SC, and marched thither by the way of Casswell Co. to the Widow Fifer's mill on Deep River North Carolina to what was called the ten mile house, ten miles from Charleston SC, from thence to Augusta, and crossed the Savannah River; that he was in the Battle of Brier Creek under the command of Genl. Ash in GA; that afterwards he returned to SC and was in the battle of Stone under the command of Genl. Lincoln; that he enlisted for nine months, but served according to the best of his recollection about 2 months over his time; that he was discharged in SC; Col. Lytle discharged the Regiment. He hereby relinquishes any claim whatsoever to any pension or an annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
         Added note, crossed out: We (blank) a clergyman residing in the Co. of Rush and (blank) residing in (crossed out) County, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Jesse Duncan, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration ... (no signature or date or names)
      Statement by Jesse (+) Duncan, 2 May 1833, before Parke Co. IN Probate Judge; additional statements in relation to his application for a pension; that since he made the within declaration in Rush Co. IN, he has moved into Parke Co. where he has two children living; and that from his age and situation in life he had no home and is compelled to live wherever he can find subsistence and shelter for his body and that he came to Parke Co. to live with his children; he further states that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the length of his service but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than eleven months commencing on the (blank) day of April 1778 and continuing untill some time in March 1779 in the capacity of a private soldier, and he further states that in the sworn estimate of the time he served, he is certain that he does not include several small terms against the Tours? both before and after the time mentioned above.
         Declaration by court that Jesse Duncan was a Rev. Soldier and served as he states and that from what he can learn from said Jesse Duncan and his neighbours that his memory has in a great degree failed; but that he is a man of truth and veracity and is believed to have been a soldier of the Rev. War by those who have had any acquaintance with the said Duncan.
      (filled in form) War Department, Revolutionary Claim, 28 Aug. 1833. I certify that, in conformity with the law of the US 7 June 1832, Jesse Duncan of the State of IN who was a private in the Army of the Rev. is entitled to receive $36.66 per annum during his natural life, commencing on 4 March 1831 and payable semi-annually on 4 March and 4 Sept. in every year.
      Declaration of Jesse (D) Duncan, 29 Dec. 1835, to JP of Russell Co. VA; that he is the same person who formerly belonged to company commanded by Capt. Robert Moore in Regt. commanded by Col. James Saunders, in the service of the US; that his name was placed on the pension roll of State of IN from whence he has lately removed; that he now resides in the State of VA where he intends to remain and wishes his pension to be there payable, and further. The following are his reasons for removing from IN to VA: That preferring VA to IN for his residence and having children as well in VA as in IN, he has determined remaining in State of VA.
         Certification of James (X) Lynch, 29 Dec. 1835, before Russell Co. VA JP; a person of veracity ... that Jesse Duncan who has taken the above oath is the same person described in the above affidavit.
      Transmittal letter from G.W. Hopkins, H. of R, 7 Jan. 1836. I herewith transmit to you the application of Jesse Duncan, prepared according to instructions with which you furnished me sometime since. I hope you will give your attention to this subject as early as may be consistent with your engagements, in order that the pension of the old man may be hereafter made payable at Richmond, VA.
      Letter from Elijah Coffin, Capt?, Acting for Samuel Merrill, Pension Agent in Indiana, Branch of State Bank of IN, Richmond, 2 mo 15 1836 (15 Feb. 1836). Respdfd. Thy favour of 9th ulto. to Samuel Merrill Esqr, President of our State Bank and Pension Agent of Indiana has been forwarded to me for reply. I have the pleasure to state that Jesse Duncan, private, a pensioner under Act 7 June 1832 at $36.66 per annum, has received his pension up to 4 Sept. 1835, from and after which time no further payment will be made at this office.
      (filled in form) War Department, Pension Office, 27 Feb. 1836, to Mr. Jesse Duncan, US Pensioner, care of Hon. G.W. Hopkins, House of Representatives. In conformity with the regulations of this Department, you have this day been transferred from the Roll of Indiana to that of Virginia to take effect from and after 4 Sept. 1835.
      Application for a Transfer, by Jesse (X) Duncan, 13 April 1839, before JP of Floyd Co. KY; that he is same person who formerly belonged to a company commanded by Capt. Moore in the Regt. commanded by Colonel Archibald Litell in service of US; that his name was placed on Pension roll of State of IN from whence he removed to State of VA; he produces a transfer to that office bearing date 27 Feb. 1836, to take effect from and after 4 Sept. 1835; that he is now residee in State of KY where he intends to remain and wishes his pension to be there payable in future. The following are his reasons for removing from IN to VA, his children residing there and wishing to be with them. The following are his reasons for removing from VA to KY, that he has grandchildren in KY with whom he wishes to live, that he has removed to KY where he now resides, and intends to remain during his natural life, that he has not drawn any money due since 4 March 1837.
         Certification by Jesse Hall, of Floyd Co. KY, 13 April 1839, before same JP of Floyd Co. KY; of lawful age; that the man here present and named Jesse Duncan is the same person as mentioned in the foregoing affidavit and that he has been personally acquainted with him for many years before he was placed on the pension roll; certification by JP that Jesse Hall is a man of varasity and truth and that his oath has never been doubted in this country to the best of my knowledge.
      Letter from Andy? Robinson, Bank of VA, 27 June 1839; the last payment to Jesse Duncan, a pensioner under the Act 7 June 1832, at $36.66 per annum, was to 4 March 1837.
      (filled in form) Application for a Transfer by Jesse (backward D) Duncan; Parke Co. IN, 15 Feb. 1840, before JP of Parke Co. IN; that he is same person who formerly belonged to company commanded by Capt. Moore in Reg. commanded by Col. Archibald Littel in service of US; that his name was placed on pension roll of State of KY from whence he has lately removed; that he now resides in State of IN where he intends to remain, and wishes his pension to be there payable, in future. The following are his reasons for removing from KY to IN: He has a daughter living in this County with whom he wishes to reside.
         Certification by Lewis Noel on bottom of form before Parke Co. IN JP; that he is personally acquainted with Jesse Duncan and that he is same person that has taken the above oath as described in the foregoing affidavit.
         Certification by Jonathan P. Goble, JP, Parke Co. IN, that I am personally acquainted with the above named Lewis Noel (Noll?) and that he is a person of respectability and verasity.
      Letter from Pension Agent, Lexington, 7 March 1840; Jesse Duncan ... was last paid on 4 Sept. 1839 ...
      Letter from Joseph A. Wright, Mackville?, IN, 26 April 1846, Jesse Duncan, IN agency, Madison, IN. The name of Jesse Duncan of IN is on the Pension Roll of this state, drawing $36.00 per year, I wish to Incase? (Unage?) of you, in a case, where the amount received is not sufficient to support the pensioner, there is, any means of relief except by Act of Congress. He is very old & in? years, and is greatly supported by the county of Parke. Is there any method of increasing his pay. He is an object of charity and has been supported by the county & friends. I wish you would increase? his original application & see for what length of time he is allowed, for having served in the Rev., & to send me the forms & instructions of your department for increasing a pension.
      Statement by Addison L. Roache, 15 June 1848, before Scott Noel, JP, Parke Co. IN; that he is administrator on the estate of Jesse Duncan decd, the identical person who was a pensioner and is now dead, and to whom a certificate of pension was issued, which is herewith surrendered. That the deceased pensioner resided in Parke Co. IN for the space of 16 years before his death, and that previous thereto he resided in State of VA.
         Appointment by Addison L. Roach 15 June 1848 of Wm. Hendricks Jr. as attorney to receive balance of Jesse Duncan's pension. Wit. John G. Davis.
         Statement by Wm. Hendricks Jr. 21 June 1848 before Notary Public that he (Hendricks) has no interest whatsoever in the money he is authorized to receive by virtue of foregoing power of attorney either by any pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment or transfer and that he does not know or believe that the same has been so disposed of to any person whatever.
      Certification 15 June 1848 by Clerk of Circuit Court at Rockville, Parke Co. IN; that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said court that Jesse Duncan was a pensioner of US at rate of $36.66 per annum, was a resident of Parke Co. IN, and died in Parke Co. IN on 9 Feb. 1848; that he left no widow but left five children whose names are Nancy Lark, Phebe Lynch, Sally McCoy, Amey Collins and Hannah Green; that Scott Noel Esqr. is JP for said county ...
      Receipt 21 June 1848 by Addison L. Roach, Admr. of Jesse Duncan, decd, by W. Hendricks Jr. his atty, of $15.78, being 5-5/30 pension due Jesse Duncan, decd, from 4 day of (illeg.) to 9 Feb. 1848.
      Certificate by Clerk of Probate Court 15 June 1848 certifying that administration of the estate of Jesse Duncan ... Parke Co. IN, deceased, who died intestate, is granted to Addison L. Roache ...
      Transmittal letter from H. Wilson, McAlistersville?, 5 May 1842. Inclosed I send you a power of attorney certificate for ballance of James Divine deceased pension. If it meets your approbation please include the amount and direct to this office. (MAD: apparently in wrong file??; see Samuel's pension in Lincoln Co. KY which had affidavit from James Divin)


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