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Formed 1796 from Tennessee County
Dickson formed 1803 from Montgomery, Robertson
See also Davidson Co. TN


1820 Robertson Co. TN Census
Pg.  4  Martin Duncan         000001     - 00001
        Zachairah Duncan      220001     - 10101
          (MAD? ? 1810 Livingston Co. KY census;
            ? 1830 Franklin Co. IL census;
            compare 1820 Logan & 1830 Todd Cos. KY censuses)
     6  Samuel Duncan         000200     - 00100
     7  John Duncan           200010     - 30000
    20  William Duncan        000010     - 00100
    21  Mark Duncan           100001     - 40010
          (MAD: possibly the M. Patterson Duncan mar.
            Eliza Harvey 5/14/1803 in Monroe Co. WV)

1830 Robertson Co. TN Census
Pg.383  Saml. Duncan          3100,01    - 1100,1
        Elizabeth Duncan      0001       - 0001,0001
   396  John Duncan           2110,001   - 1012,01
   407  Saml. Duncan          2100,1     - 1100,1
        Elizabeth W. Duncan   0          - 0000,0000,1
          (MAD: widow of Martin Duncan)

1840 Robertson Co. TN Census
Pg.196  John Duncan           0012,101   - 0110,001

1850 Robertson Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.74 (147), #103, Sarah DUNCAN 60 NC (blank) $300
                  Wm. 30 (farmer), Calvin 27 TN
                  Elbert 26, Franklin 22 TN
                  Sarah 12 TN
                  David MOODY 7 TN
                  (MAD: Sarah Herring, widow of John Duncan; see court records)

1860 Robertson Co. TN Census
District 9
Pg.283 (13), #86-87, Elbert DUNCAN 28 TN farmer $3920-4150
                  Nathaniel PEPPER 67 NC laborer
                  George APPLETON 28 TN laborer
Pg.284 (15), #106-107, R.O. MANTELO (m) 51 VA farmer $3750-$1620
                  H.E. (f) 49 VA
                  Franklin 23 TN school teaching $0-$600
                  C.F. (m) 17, G.H. (m) 14 TN
                  Leander (m) 10, Lisander (m) 10 TN
                  Peter 6 TN
                  Augusta DUNCAN (f) 28 TN
                  F.S. (m) 2 KY
                  A.M. PEPPER (f) 26 TN
                  (MAD: Frank Duncan mar. Agusta Mantlo 8/21/1852)
Pg.284 (16), #111-112, William DUNCAN 42 TN farmer $1550-$2223
                  Deborah 24 TN
                  J.M. (m) 5, Wm. T. 1 TN
                  Jemima POWEL 14 MO
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. D. Powell 1/8/1854)
District 12
Pg.322 (141), #1061-1052, Sarah DUNCAN 65 NC (blank) $0-$2500
                  Calvin 36 TN tipler $1875-$400
                  S.A. (f) 20 TN

1870 Robertson Co. TN Census
District 1, P.O. Springfield
Pg.6, #96-96, CRAFTON, A.G. (m) 44 TN (white) farmer $2610-$910
                  Mary 43 TN keeping house
                  Sarah J. 11, Delia (f) 4 TN at home
                  DUNCAN, Jno. 16 TN (white) farm laborer
Pg.9, #128-128, HULDA, L.P. (m) 42 TN (white) farmer $5200_$3000
                  Louisa 40 TN keeping house
                  Pristley (f) 12 TN at home
                  McGINIS?, Lucinda 48 TN at home
                  Molly 44 TN at home
                  DUNCAN, Aden (m) 14 TN (white) domestic servant
                  HENDRICKS, Wm. 20 TN farm servt.
                  SHINGER, Dan 14 TN dom. servt.
District 4, Cedar Hill P.O.
Pg.50, #142-147, DUNKIN, Horace 30 KY MULATTO farm hand
                  Lou (f) 28 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  John 4 KY MULATTO
                  RYAN, Doney (f) 35 KY MULATTO domestic svt.
                  Fannie 12 KY MULATTO domestic svt.
District 9, P.O. Springfield
Pg.111, #224-225, DUNCAN, Elbert (m) 40 TN (white) farmer $2000-$2000
                  Sallie 65 TN keeping house
                  Calvin 42 TN farm laborer
                  Franklin 12 TN at school
                  [DUNCAN,] Joseph 18 TN BLACK farm laborer
                  PRAL?, H. (f) 35 TN (white) at home
                  John 8, Bettie 7 TN at home
Pg.120, #342-343, DUNCAN, Wm. 55 TN (white) farmer $1000-$800
                  Derby (f) 33 TN keeping house
                  James 15, Wm. 11 TN at school
                  Nancy 9, Susan 7 TN at home
                  Elbert (m) 5 TN


Robertson Co. TN Will Books
      1-3: 18 July 1796, James Duncan and Isabella Duncan (does not say wife) of Robertson Co. TN appoint trusty friend Melchor Oyler of same our attorney in fact in our names behalf & stead to ask for, demand, sue for & recover all sum or sums of money which are or may be due & arising to us the said James & Isabella by & from Joseph Duncan of Culpeper Co. VA and all other persons whatsoever ... /s/ Jas. Duncan, Isabella Duncan. Wit. Ths. Johnson, Martin Duncan. Rec. July 1796. (FHL film 425,197) (MAD: see Logan Co. KY marriage bond of John Vaughn to Isabella Duncan 7/9/1796, and Robertson Co. TN Court Minutes Vol.1 pg.21, 18 Jan. 1797, State vs. John Vaugh[n], found guilty of poligamy and had been twice married and on 18 Oct. 1796 was living in adultery with Issabella Duncans, but the indictment issued Jan. 1797 was returned as he had left the state.)
      1-50: 31 March 1794, title bond from Joseph Carmack to Martin Duncan, Co. of TN and Territory South of River Ohio, 6-1/2 acres on Wartrace, land whereon Ann Spiller now lives. Wit. John Duncan. Assignment 3 Sept. 1794 by Martin Duncan to Jonathan Tippey; wit. William Spiller. (FHL film 425,197)
      1-73: July 1801, account with Wm. Deloach & Sugg Fort, exors. of estate of Nathen Williams, includes James Edmonston, Wm. Duncan. (FHL film 425,197)
      4-259: Oct. 1824, settlement by Joseph T. Benson, admr. to the estate of William Duncan, decd.; estate owes Matthew Rose, Lemuel Huddleston, Cyrus Regis?, Joshua Brinblan?, Wm. Campbell, and others. Recorded 30 Oct. 1829. (FHL film 425,197)
      5-19: 22 Nov. 1824, William Duncan's Division: Amount of the estate of William Duncan, decd, $285.70-1/4, to be divided between three heirs, viz, Polly Duncan widow, Nancy B. Duncan, William E. Duncan. (FHL film 425,198) (MAD: ? William Duncan mar. Polly Wells 1/3/1807 in Davidson Co. TN)
      6-334: Aug. 1828, inventory of estate of Martin Duncan, decd, included several slaves, cattle. (FHL film 334,383)
      6-383: 25 Oct. 1828, M. Duncan's widow's allowance; to Elizabeth Duncan, widow of Martin, one year's provisions. (FHL film 334,383)
      Book 7, 1829-1832 - no Duncan (FHL film 334,383)
      Book 8, 1832-1834 - index to "D" names missing (FHL film 334,383)
      9-386. Statement filed April 1837, of account of Dr. Samuel and John Duncan, admr. of Martin Duncan, decd. Statement dated Feb. 1830. (FHL film 425,200)
      10-162: Oct. 1838, statement filed by Dr. William Seal, admr. of estate of Elizabeth Duncan, decd; amount of sales of property of decd, $1207.13, less credit $56.23, balance due estate by admr, $1,150.90. (FHL film 425,200)
      Book 11 - no Duncan (FHL film 425,200)
      Book 12, 13, 14 (1848-1851) - no Duncan (FHL film 425,201)
      Book 15, 16 (1851-1855) - no Duncan (FHL film 425,202)

Robertson Co. TN Will Books
      16-689: 1st Monday, Jan. 1859, Franklin Duncan decd, letters of admin. issued to Franklin Mantlo. (FHL film 425,202)
      17-173: 28 Jan. 1861, Sales of estate of Augusta Duncan to William Duncan (2 counterpains, bedding, etc.), J.C. Stark (counterpains & bedding), Wm. Mantlo, Walter Bell (incl. quilts, bedding). W.C. Bridges, admin. (FHL film 425,203)
      17-174: Settlement report of Franklin Mantlo on estate of Franklin Duncan, Feb. 1861. (FHL film 425,203)
      17-253: Jan. 1861; Augusta Duncan estate; order appointing W.C. Bridges attorney. (FHL film 425,203)
      17-541: March 1864, return of estate of Augusta Duncan (no heirs named) (FHL film 425,203)
      Book 18, 1866-1873 - no Duncan (FHL film 425,203)

Robertson Co. TN Will Book (from Wayne Smith 3/1983)
      6-334: August, 1828: Inventory of the estate of Martin Duncan, decd, returned to court.
      6-383: 25 Oct. 1828: Allowance to Elizabeth Duncan, widow of Martin Duncan, decd.
      7-128: 21 Aug. 1829: John and Samuel Duncan made a list of the cash received that was owed the estate of Martin Duncan, they being administrators of his estate.
      8-(no page): 18 May 1832: "John G. Hollingsworth guardian for William and Samuel Duncan, heirs of William Duncan dec'd in part of a judgement obtained against the administrators of Martin Duncan, dec'd."
      9-452 (Record Book): January, 1837: Inventory of the property of Elizabeth Duncan, decd. John Duncan and Samuel Duncan charged with making the inventory.

Robertson Co. TN Will Books 1796-1821 typed by WPA (FHL film 24,803 items 4-7)
   Record of Wills, etc. Vol.I, 1796-1812:
      Pg.129: 3 Feb. 1804, Martin Duncan commissioner in settlement of various estates; also 1806, 1807, 1808 to 1812
   Record of Wills, etc., Vol.II, 1812-1818:
      Pg.71: Sale of estate of Ephriam T. Pain, widow Catherine, ca Nov. 1813; amounts due include John Duncan, Capt. John Strother, Martin Duncan; sales Dec. 1813 (pg.82) to John Duncan, Martin Duncan among others.
      Pg.100: Estate sale of William Huddleston recorded Feb. 1814 include sales to John and Martin Duncan.
      Pg.216: 1814 records include Martin Duncan.
      Pg.252-253: Estate of E.T. Pain, 1813: John Duncan, $39.75. Pg.257: Accounts not collected; Martin Duncan, mortgage, $150.
      Pg.269: May 27, 1815: A. Duncan, J.P., in court.
      Pg.288: M. Duncan comm. 13 Feb. 1816.
      Pg.308: A. Duncan comm. ca Feb. 1816.
      Pg.329: Suppl. inv. of estate of Levi Meyes, includes accounts of Martin Duncan Jr., William Duncan; returned Aug. 1816. (pg.93; rechecked SLC 3/5/1999 for date)
   Record of Wills, etc., Vol. III, 1819-1821:
      No Duncan


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JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3126 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; claim denied because service was against Indians instead of in Rev. War)
      Applied 5 March 1833, age ca 70, in Franklin Co. IL; b. Culpeper Co. VA ca 1763; one a record of age but father was killed by Indians in 1772-3 and sister took bible which has been destroyed; father to Washington Co. VA 1771/2, killed about 12 months later, whole neighborhood forted at his father's residence Duncan fort; mother remarried and moved to KY 1780 just before Battle of Blue Lick; guarded forts 2 months; moved to TN 2 years later for short time, then back to KY; substitute for Wm. Mannyfield under Gen. Clark against Indians; served 2 months as guard on Red River in TN; served under Capt. John Rains and Thomas Johnson against Indians; drafted 2 months as spy near Palmyra on Cumberland River, served 40 days and hired his brother to serve 20 days as substitute; more service in Indian wars; witnesses Rev. Dempsey Odum and Thomas M. Dorris JP of Franklin Co.
      Declaration of Lydia Duncan, age 70, in Williamson Co. IL on 7 Sept. 1841; family record burned in their home years ago; Lydia m. John Duncan on 10 March 1786 in Robertson Co. TN by Rev. John Grammer by bans and without license; John d. 31 Dec. 1834 in Franklin Co. IL now Williamson Co.; affidavit by William Spiller Sr., age 72, of Williamson Co. IL who was present at the wedding; Lydia resided in Franklin now Williamson Co. over 20 years. F.F. (Frederick) Duncan a County Commissioner of Williamson Co., acquainted with Lydia Duncan, 7 Sept. 1841; statement by Thomas J. Duncan 20 July 1854 in Williamson Co. IL to prosecute claim of Lydia in which he is directly interested.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Samuel, widow Martha; WO 21849, WC 26821; BL 71301-40-50, 73093-120-55; Res. of widow 1852, 1855 Logan Co. KY, 1878, 1885 Logan Co. (PO Gordonsville) KY; maiden name Martha (Patsy) House m. Nov. 25, 1819, Robertson Co. TN; sol. d. March 25, 1841, Logan Co. KY; wid. d. Jan. 21, 1885, Logan Co. KY; Remarks: Soldiers certificate of discharge on file in brief.

TN Confederate Pension Application
      #9906, S.J. Duncan, filed Feb. 21, 1908, accepted, Wid. #3662 (MAD: widow Julia A. Duncan, Robertson Co. TN, widow of S. Jourdan Duncan); applicant S.J. Duncan, born KY, res. Springfield, Robertson Co. TN; soldier from KY, Co.H, 3rd KY Reg. Cavalry CSA; born Logan Co. KY 1835; enlisted Sept. 7, 1861, Co.H, Captain G.H. Page, 3rd KY Reg. Cavalry, Col. Richard M. Gano; wounded at Snows Hill, bullet in right arm and contracted rheumatism; paroled after Lees surrender at Lynchburg, VA, and were taken up at Lexington, KY, and made to take oath of allegiance; family consists of wife age 47 and 3 children ages 21, 17, 14, first 2 are girls and boy age 14; res. of TN ever since 28 Dec. 1902; /s/ 19 July 1907; wit. Frank M. Beauchamp, age 64, of Adairville, Logan Co. KY, known him 50 years. (FHL film 969,670)

Copy of Pension Application #6539 for J.M. Duncan (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989; see complete in Hawkins Co. TN)
      3 Sept. 1904, Soldier's Application for Pension (filled in form). J.M. Duncan, native of State of TN, resident at Persia, Hawkins Co. TN, who was a soldier from State of TN in war between the US & the Confederate States, apply for a pension ... served in Co. H., ... Born in Ohio 1845, enlisted in 1863, Prentises Command, Capt. Richard Hager, Col. Prentis; ... rheumatism in legs; I was not discharged by reason of said wound or disability; I got out of the army ... I came home sick, not able for service in 1865 four or five days before the surrender ... (Doctor's statement re rheumatism; witnesses' statements in Russell Co. VA that they served with him.)
      2 Oct. 1905, letter from S.H. Cheswith? (Chesmutt?), Rogersville, TN, to Capt. Frank A. Moses, Knoxville, TN: Mr. J.M. Duncan ask me to make the following statement for him in regard to the matters contained in your letter enclosed. He says Mr. Lauderback was mistaken when he wrote that he was a soldier from TN; that he was a soldier from VA. Co. H., Capt. Richard Hager (not Wager) Col. Prentis, 9th KY. His home in 1865 was in Russell Co. VA, 10 miles north of Lebanon. Look up his record. Write him at Persia, TN, RFD 16.
      16 Oct. 1905, TN Board of Pension Examiners; J.M. Duncan, who is an applicant for Pension under TN Pension Law, claims to have been a member of Co. H, 9th Regiment KY Cav. Request for Record of Service.
      19 Oct. 1905, War Department (typed) record, to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The name J.M. Duncan has not been found on the rolls of Co. H, 9th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., on file in this office. No record of his capture or parole has been found.
      24 April 1906, War Department (typed) record to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The records of this office show that Jordan Duncan, Co. H, 2nd (Gano's), subsequently Co. H, 3rd, subsequently Co. H, 7th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., enlisted Sept. 1, 1862, at Keysburg [Logan Co.], KY, to serve 3 years. He is reported on the roll dated Feb. 27, 1863, last on file, as present. Prisoner of war records show that he was captured July 19, 1863 at Chester, OH; received at Camp Douglas, IL, in Aug. 1863, and sent to Point Lookout, MD, for exchange, March 2, 1865. No later record of this soldier has been found. (MAD: this item apparently in wrong file; see Sharshall Jordon Duncan of Logan Co. KY; his widow Julia A. (Hester) Duncan applied for TN Confederate Pension, #3662, from Robertson Co. TN, she born Sumner Co. TN, died 1936, her husband S. Jourdan Duncan b. Logan Co. KY, they married 1882 Robertson Co. TN, he died 1910 Robertson Co. TN; from "TN's Confederate Widows and Their Families; Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications" by Edna Wiefering, 1992)


"Territorial Papers, Illinois Territory, 1809-1814" Vol. XVI (CA State University, Sacramento, library)
      Pg.130-131: Power of attorney by Jacob McCarty and David Stanly, April 17, 1797, of Robison Co. TN, to authorize their friend Abram Stanly of Logan Co. KY to receive all their debts in KY concerning their claims of lands that they improved in 1783 and 1784 and 85. Wit. Danl. Rogan, Martin Duncan JP; certification in Randolph Co. IL that this is a true copy of the original on file in my office, 18 Jan. 1810.

"Territorial Papers, Southwest Territory, Vol.IV" (FHL book 973 N2udt)
      Pg.429-443 & later; Journal of Proceedings of Governor Blount
      (pg.438-) Wednesday, December 15th, 1790. ... The governor laid out the tract of country ... Davidson County, ... Sumner County, ... Tennessee County ... (formerly in North Carolina, now in Tennessee) ... (and appointed officers for these counties). Appointed and commissioned Ezekiel Polk, Benjamin Menees, Francis Prince, Jacob Pennington, George Nevil, George Bell, John Philips and Martin Duncan Justices of the Peace for the county of Tennessee. ... Appointed and commissioned the Militia Officers of the county of Tennessee as follows. James Ford - Lt. Col. Commandant, Isaac Titsworth Lt. Col, Jacob Pennington First Major, Josiah Ramsay Second Major, James Fleming (& others) Captains, ....

Montgomery Co. TN Deed (FHL film 320,857)
      B-52: 22 July 1797, Thomas Duncan (sic) of Robertson Co. TN to Andrew Irvin of same, £100, 150 acres on N. side of Red River, east of Evan Shelby's. /s/ Martin Duncan.

Todd Co. KY Deeds
      A-366: 15 Feb. 1822, Thompson M. Ewing, Sheriff, to Martin Duncan of Robertson Co. TN; that on 29 June 1821, execution of a Firi Facias #1095 issued from the clerk of Christian Circuit Court in the name and at the instance of Wm. Duncan's executors against Samuel Dudley for $895.86 and interest of 6% from 5 Feb. 1819, and $10.01-1/2 costs, and was delivered to George F. Glenn, Deputy Sheriff, for Thompson M. Ewing, Sheriff of Todd Co., to execute, who sold to the highest bidder, Martin Duncan, on 4 Aug. 1821, lot #13 and part of lot #12 in Town of Elkton, for $1. (FHL film 355,905)
      B-11: 25 April 1822, Thompson M. Ewing, sheriff of Todd Co. KY, to Martin Duncan of Robertson Co. TN; on 29 June 1821, execution of Firi Facias #1095 issued in name of and at instance of William Duncan's executors against Samuel Hadley Sr. for $895 plus interest from 1 Feb. 1819 ... sell at public auction the interest and claim of the said Samuel Hatley Sr.; Martin Duncan was highest bidder, $300 on 4 Aug. 1821; lot in town of Elkton. (FHL film 355,905)
      D-370: 8 March 1827, William Greenfield of Todd Co. KY to Martin Duncan of Robertson Co. TN, $400, (no acres) land on Whipporwill, adj. John Amdway?, John G. Hollingsworth. (FHL film 355,906)
      H-37: 29 Sept. 1832, Sanford H. King and wife Nancy of Robertson Co. TN, Thomas D. Price and wife Sealy of Fayette Co. KY, and William Irwin and wife Polly and Asenith Duncan and Samuel Duncan of Todd Co. KY, to John Duncan and William Duncan of Todd Co. KY, $500, their interest in land belonging to the heirs of William Duncan decd, 260 acres on waters of Whipporwill, adj. on N. by the tract John Duncan purchased of Callon McKenney, and Bell on W., Christopher Gordon on S., Barney Smith on E., being the same tract of land that Joseph Baker now lives on and the tract that John and the widow Duncan formerly lived on. /s/ Sanford H. King, Nancy King, Asenith Duncan, Samuel L. Duncan, Wm. Irvin, Polly Irwin. Wit. Bryson Irvin, Samuel A. Hutcheson. (FHL film 355,908; handwriting very difficult to read) (MAD: Sanford H. King to Barry Co. MO)
      J-308: 22 June 1836, Aseneth Duncan, widow devisee of William Duncan decd, William Irvin and wife Polly and Mary F. Bingamon of Todd Co. KY, Sandford H. King and wife Nancy of Barry Co. MO, and Thomas Price and wife Celia of Montgomery Co. IL, heirs at law of said William Duncan decd, to William Duncan and John Duncan, both Todd Co. KY; that Aseneth Duncan for $100, and Mary H. Bingamon for $12.50, and William Irvin and wife Polly for $100, and Sandford H. King and wife Nancy for $100, and Thomas Price and wife Celia for $100, paid by William and John Duncan; deed to William and John Duncan all our right, etc. to land on Whipporwill, adj. Christopher Gordon, Craighorn, about 286 acres. Certifications in other courts. (FHL film 355,908)
      10-239: October 13, 1879, Frank S. Duncan and wife J.L. Duncan of Robertson Co. TN to W.O. Buckley for $150 and notes, 25 acres on Clifty Creek on the Greenville Road; both signed; recorded in TN October 27, 1879, and in Todd Co. KY December 8, 1879. (from Frances F. Fox to Nancy Bobal to MAD 1993)

Stewart Co. TN Deed (FHL film 554,337 item 2)
      25-328: No date, T.J. Duncan and wife Mary A. of Robertson Co. to R.C. Daniel?, $450, 50 acres by est. on Standing Rock Creek; rec. 19 Oct. 1871.

HISTORIES before 1923

ca1885 "History of TN; Montgomery, Robertson, Stewart Cos." by Goodspeed (and from Evelyn Sigler 1983; no Duncan biography)
      Robertson Co.
      Pg.831: Martin Duncan, prior to 1795 settled here.
      Pg.834: 1st session of County Court July 18, 1796, one of magistrates was Martin Duncan.
      Pg.848: First grand jury 1796, one serving was William Duncan.
      Pg.854: War of 1812, John Duncan.

1859 "History of Middle TN" by A.W. Putnam (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Pg.299: Tuesday, 18 Jan. 1791. "The worshipful Benj'n Menees called Court, and produced a Commission as a Justice of the Peace for the County of Tenn. under the hand and seal of his Excellency William Blount, Gov. of the Terr. of the U.S. south of the River Ohio, bearing date 15 Dec. 1790. Proclamation being made of the Justices appointed, George Bell, Esq., John Phillips, Esq., and Martin Duncan, Esq., commissioned as aforesaid, took the oath of office, to ...

1887 "History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Cos. IL" by Goodspeed (FHL book 977.39 H2)
      Pg.778, Franklin Co.: S.H. DORRIS, farmer, was born in Robertson Co. TN, in 1842, and when a boy came with his mother to Illinois and settled in Williamson County, the father having died in 1854 in Tennessee. (more on Dorris genealogy) In 1865, in Williamson County, he married Lydia S., daughter of W.P. Duncan, a farmer, born in Illinois August 14, 1806. She was born in Williamson County January 28, 1838. Her father and mother, Frances (Spiller) Duncan, were married July 27, 1820. The former died May 18, 1877, and the latter, born in Robertson Co. TN, November 7, 1807, died September 18, 1883, at Lake Creek, Williamson County. Our subject's children are William S. and Henry H., born respectively February 5, 1876, and March 26, 1882. Two sons and one daughter are dead. He is an old line Democrat, ... a Mason, and he and his wife are members of the Christian Church.

1890/91 "History of Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth, IA, including an extended sketch of Sioux City" by A. Warner & Co. Pub. (from Charles L. Duncan 2/1995)
      Pg.738: Josephus Duncan, retired, Le Mars, was born in Lawrence Co. TN, Jan. 14, 1820. His parents, Melcher and Sarah Duncan, were natives of Robertson Co. TN, and Russellville, [Logan Co.] KY, respectively. His paternal grandfather, John Duncan, came from Scotland, and his maternal grandfather, John Irvin, from London, England. In the fall of 1829 our subject removed with his parents to Pike Co. MO, where he was reared on a farm and where his parents died at the respective ages of 82 and 85 years. Of their 10 children, Josephus is the 7th child. When 17 years of age, he began learning the blacksmith trade. In 1845 he went to Grant Co. WI and mined lead for 4 years. He then bought a farm, and besides tilling it worked at building. In Oct. 1861 he enlisted in Bissell's regiment of engineers, later known as the Western MO engineers; he served 18 months in the blacksmith detail and was discharged on account of injuries received in being thrown from a railroad train. He came to Le Mars [Plymouth Co.] in 1877, and after farming one year, bought a hotel, which he conducted 8 years as the Duncan house. He is a member of the Free-Will baptist church and G.A.R. and has always been a republican. In Sept. 1850 he married Hannah J., dau. of Andrew Hogle, a native of NY. They have 3 living children, viz, William James, John Colby and Melcher Jerome. George Alma, the second, died in Nov. 1881 aged 28 years.

1913 "Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah" by Frank Essholm (from Sharon Koleber 12/2001 and FHL fiche 6,053,257)
      Pg.152 (photos): James Duncan, born May 1, 1794, in Robertson County, Tenn. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball Company. Farmer.
      Pg.850: DUNCAN, JAMES (son of John and Lydia Duncan). Born May 1, 1794, in Robertson County, Tenn. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company. Married Rebecca Herring Feb. 20, 1823, who was born March 25, 1807, and died June 11, 1830; their children: James M. b. Sept. 12, 1826, died; Malinda b. June 14, 1827, d. July 17, 1844; Susan b. June 17, 1829, m. Joseph Henrie. Family home Bountiful, Utah. Married Huldah Jones, March 7, 1823 (daughter of Chapwin and Ellen Jones), who was born May 4, 1813, in Wilson County, Tenn., came to Utah with husband and died Feb. 22, 1887; their children: William Riley b. May 16, 1834, died; Matilda Ann b. April 25, 1836, m. Charles Henry Stoddard; Rebecca Jane b. June 14, 1842, m. John Poorman; John b. April 24, 1845 (d. Feb. 1, 1873), m. Martha Lewis. ... Died May 4, 1874. (MAD: Bountiful, Davis Co. UT)


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