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Duncans in Coffee Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised November 18, 2010

Formed 1836 from Franklin, Warren, Bedford
Cannon formed 1836 from Coffee, Warren, Wilson
Grundy formed 1844 from Coffee, Warren


1840 Coffee Co. TN Census
Pg.150  Johnathan Duncan      2100,001      - 1031,01
   153  William G. Duncan     0110,01       - 1001,01
   163  Joseph Duncan         0000,0000,01  - 0
   168  Ambrose Duncan        1100,1        - 0100,1
        John D. Duncan        0000,1        - 2100,1
   172  Hamilton Duncan       1100,01       - 1120,001
          (MAD: sons of Lewis from Warren Co.)
   182  Abner Duncan          0000,0000,1   - 0
          (MAD: from ? Ashe Co. NC?)

1850 Coffee Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.11 (22), #141-141, William DUNKEN 45 TN farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 14, Marshall 19 TN
                  William 7 TN
                  (MAD: 1870 Rutherford Co. TN census)
Pg.48 (95), #660-664, Ambrose DUNCAN 34 TN farmer $300
                  Catharine 35 TN
                  John 15, Daniel 13 TN
                  Mary 11, George 9 TN
                  Henry 7, Elizabeth 5 TN
                  Hugh 2 TN
Pg.49 (97), #669-674, Mary HAITHCOCK 60 NC (blank) $600
                  William DUNCAN 12 TN
                  (MAD: Mary Haithcock was daughter and William W.H. Duncan was great-grandson of Lucy (Hart) Nelson in 1846 deed D-285)
Pg.49 (97), #671-676, Hamilton DUNCAN 43 TN farmer $1797
                  Margaret 43 NC
                  Mary 22, Abigail 20 TN
                  John 17, Elizabeth 14 TN
                  Sarah 12, Adam 11 TN
                  Westley STREET 18 TN laborer $0
Pg.67 (133), #930-948, Ann DUNCAN 31 TN (blank) $382
                  Catharine 14, Daniel 12 TN
                  George 8, Mary 6 TN
                  Susan 3 TN
                  (MAD: widow of Abner; first 2 ch. are by Abner's 1st wife; Ann mar. 2nd David T. Nowlen 6/22/1858)

1860 Coffee Co. TN Census (part from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983)
Pg.8, #166, Wm. F. JACOBS 36 TN carpenter $100-$50
                  Fanny 33 TN
                  John 18, Robert 16 TN, farm hands
                  Stakly (m) 13, Henry 10, Mary 9 TN
                  Harvy 4, Anny 1, Webster (m) 2/12 TN
Pg.9, #177, Isaac SIMONS 34 TN farmer $1000-500
                  Minerva 32 TN
                  Margaret DUNCAN 14, Isaac 10 TN
                  Merica? HALL (f) 12 TN
Pg.10, #193, Thos. ANDERSON 40 IRE farmer $500?-$500
                  Elizabeth 25 TN domestic
                  Ann E. 7, James W. 4, Joseph 2 TN
                  (MAD: probably the Thomas Anderson who mar. Elizabeth Duncan 5/7/1852 in Franklin Co. TN; another Thomas Anderson was in 1860 Knox Co. TN census and probably had mar. Elizabeth Greer 8/19/1852 in Blount Co. TN)
Pg.39, #558, Sol. BANKS 30 TN farmer $600-$400
                  Catherine 24 TN domestic
                  James A. 4 TN
                  (MAD: Catharine J. Duncan mar. Solomon Banks 12/27/1853)
Pg.39, #567, H.L. DUNCAN (m) 53 SC farmer $3000-1000
                  Margaret 54 TN
                  Cynthia 30 TN idiot
                  Robert MERFY 9 TN
Pg.39, #568, A.N.M. DUNCAN (m) 20 TN farmhand 0-$100
                  Hannah M. 18 TN
                  (not mar/in/year)
Pg.40, #572, Ellis DUNCAN 21 TN farmer $0-$250
                  Hannah M. 21 TN (mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: L.S. or Liberty Stevens Duncan)
Pg.40, #573, S.H.D. DUNCAN (m) 42 TN farmer $1200-1200
                  Elizabeth 40 TN
                  Thomas L. 19 TN M.E.P. Minister
                  Sally 13, Cobb (m) 11 TN
                  Harvey 8, Nelly 5 TN
                  John 3, Lucinda 1 TN
Pg.41, #592, A.N. DUNCAN (m) 44 TN farmer $1800-1300
                  Catherine 46 TN
                  John L. 25, Daniel H. 23 TN
                  Henry F. 17, Ruthy 13 TN
                  Cornelius M. 10, Sarah S. 8 TN
                  Samul. D. 6, Uriah A. 4 TN
                  Thomas J. 2 TN
Pg.64 (165), #414, D.F.? NOWLEN (m) 40 TN farmer $1700-$300
                  Ann 41 TN
                  George A. 17, Stephen 14 TN
                  Martha 10, Milly Ann 7 TN
                  James 4 TN
                  George DUNCAN 18 TN farmhand
                  Susan 13 TN (not
Pg.65, #426, James RICHARDSON 90 VA farmer $600-800
                  Sally RITE 32 TN
                  Joanna 16 TN
                  Danil DUNCAN 22 TN farmer $0-$1200
                  (MAD: "Danil" as written)
Pg.71, #501, Fredrick DUNCAN 28 TN farmhand $0-$25
                  Mary 29 VA
                  Duane? J. (m) 3, Caledonia (f) 1 TN
                  (MAD: should be Zeddick Duncan age 28)
Pg.80, #1386, P.L. DUNCAN (m) 30 TN farmer $1000-$400
                  Judy 31 VA
                  Layfayette 3, George 3 TN
                  unnamed (m) 1/12 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Warren Co. TN census, mar. Judy Ann Hall 1852 Rutherford Co. TN, 1870 Cannon Co. TN, 1880 Benton Co. AR census)
Pg.85, #1463, D. ASHLEY (m) 62 KY basket maker -$50
                  Foebia 55 IA "m" domestic
                  Louisa 26 IL domestic
                  Daniel 18 KY
                  Mary ADEICK? 29 IL domestic
                  Clerisa 6 TN
                  Nancy DUNCAN 24 IL domestic
                  John 2 TN

1870 Coffee Co. TN Census (and most also from Carole Nation 4/1989)
First District, P.O. Beech Grove
Pg.6, #79-79, DUNCAN, James 22 TN farm laborer 0-$120
                  Lucy 23 TN
                  Sarah 1 TN
Pg.6/12, #81-81, DURKEE, Ledek (m) 38 (white) TN farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 40 VA keeping house
                  Jefferson 14 TN at home
                  Caladonia 12 TN
                  James A. 4 TN
                  Sopha (f) 3 TN
                  Wade 4/12 TN b.Feb.
Pg.8, #96-97, DUNCAN, Zedekiah 40 TN (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 55 TN (age as given) keeping house
                  Duane (f) 12, Caldonia (f) 11 TN
                  James 5, Sopha (f) 4 TN
                  Zedakiah (m) 2/12 TN b.April
Pg.8, #97-98, FREESE, John 25 TN farm laborer $0-$0
                  Martha 25 TN keeping house
                  Sopha 1 TN
Pg.8, #98-99, DUNN, Duncan (m) 22 TN carpenter $0-$0 mar. Oct.
                  Tibitha (f) 19 TN keeping house, mar. Oct.
Pg.8, #99-100, DUNCAN, James 29 TN waggon maker $0-$0
                  Elisabeth 21 TN keeping house
District 3, P.O. Beech Grove
Pg.33, #173-174, DUNCAN, Wade 25 TN (white) farm laborer $0-$100
                  Mary 22 TN keeping house
                  John 3, Nancy 1 TN
District 6, P.O. Manchester
Pg.70/28, #205-208, DUNCAN, Stacy H. (m) 53 TN farmer $1300-$480
                  Elisabeth 51 TN keeping house
                  Caleb 21 TN at home
                  Harry D. 18 TN at home
(pg.71/29)    Lucinda 14 TN
                  John W. 12 TN
                  Liszora? (Luzora?) (f) 10 TN
Pg.72, #227-230, DUNCAN, John 35 TN (white) farmer $1025-$350 (alone)
Pg.72, #228-231, DUNCAN, Ambrose 54 TN farmer $1500-$1000
                  Catharine 56 TN keeping house
                  Sarah S. 19, Uriah (m) 14 TN at home
                  OSCAL, Adam 14 TN BLACK servant
Pg.72, #229-232, DUNCAN, Daniel 32 TN farmer $0-$400
                  Mary 27 TN keeping house
                  Thomas 9, Andrew 5, Dennis 1 TN
Pg.72, #230-233, DUNCAN, Henry 27 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Martha 25 TN keeping house
                  Thomas 2, Mary 8 TN (ages as given)
Pg.72, #231-234, DUNCAN, Hugh? (m) 21 TN farmer $0-$300, mar. in Dec.
                  Elisabeth 20 TN keeping house mar. in Dec.
Pg.73, #251-254, DUNCAN, John L. 38 TN farmer $3500-$300
                  Matila (f) 36 TN
                  Hamilton 18, George 15, Sarah 9 TN
                  Louisa 6, Calvin 3, Martha 10/12 TN
Pg.73, #253-256, DUNCAN, Margaret 60 TN keeping house $0-$0
                  ABB, Narcissa (f) 40 TN at home
Pg.74, #255-258, DUNCAN, Adam 31 TN farmer $2400-300
                  Millissie 28 TN
                  Mary 9, Adam 7, Lewis 5 TN
                  Wilson 3, Ranson (m) 2 TN
Pg.74, #257-261, DUNCAN, Liberty (m) 31 TN (sic) tax collector & shoe maker, 0-$300
                  Margaret 19 TN
                  Alice 10, Johnny 9 TN
District 9, P.O. Manchester
Pg.99, #78-79, YELL, Decalb (m) 34 TN (white) farmer $1500-$530
                  Mary E. 26 TN keeping house
                  Rutha 10, Abner 4, Susan 1 TN
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 32 TN (white) labourer
District 11, P.O. Hillsboro
Pg.111, #15-15, BLANTON, Wanton? (m) 23 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  DUNKIN (DANKIN?), William 23 TN (white) farmer $0-$350
                  Mary 20 TN keeping house
                  Louisa 2 TN
                  Perry (m) 6/12 TN b.Dec.
Pg.116, #97-97, DUNCAN, W.A. (m) 32 TN (white) farmer $0-$625
                  Louisa 32 TN keeping house
                  John 9 TN
                  (MAD: from Franklin Co. TN)
Pg.116, #101-101, DUNCAN, A.W. (m) 25 TN farmer 0-$350
                  Issabella (sic) 26 TN
                  Louisa 3, Sarah 2 TN


Coffee Co. TN Marriages, Vol.A, 1853-1862 (FHL film 802,745)
      No index. Looked page by page to end of 1856, then quit.
      Dec. 27, 1853, Solomon Banks license to marry Catherine J. Duncan, m. 27 Dec. 1853 by E.A. Rutherford, J.P.
      Aug. 18, 1856, William W.H. Duncan to Nancy Jane Ashley, m. 18 Aug. 1856 by J.A. Brantley, J.P.


Go to the Coffee Co. TN Land Records


Coffee Co. TN Wills, 1836-1859, 1870-1901 (FHL film 802,754)
      No will for John Arnold before 1853 (see Deeds G-456, H-185)
      0-37: Will of John Nelson of Coffee Co. TN, 13 Aug. 1843; wife Lucy during life; appoint James M. Vaughan and wife Lucy and dau. Mary Haethcock execs. Wit. William Ensey, S.H.D. Duncan, James Wineger, H.L. Duncan. Proven 4 Sept. 1843.
      0-73: 3 Jan. 1847, will of Abner Duncan, weak of body; wife Ann house and plantation whereon I now live during her life or widowhood ... for the purpose of helping to raise her children; one slave to be sold, Rolley Cunnying wanting to purchase her; clothes belonging to my former wife and one bed given to my two children by her, viz, Catherine & Daniel; wife Anna a negro; raise and educate my children, when of age estate equally divided among them. Appoint neighbor and friend Thomas Hill executor. Wit. W.L. Brixey, Joseph Gentry?, Walton Boiby?. Prob. 1 Feb. 1847.
      1-84: Will of Howel (+) Hathcock/Heathcock, (blank day and month) 1840; wife Mary during life; two sons Howell P.J. Heathcock and John N. Heathcock not of age; only daughter Queen Nashtie Hathcock; oldest son Miles Heathcock and wife Mary executors; Wit. Alexander Ensey, John Banks; proven 7 Aug. 1848.
      1-89: 13 Aug. 1868, H.L. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, to Mary Ann Margaret Simpson my oldest dau. and Narcissa Elizabeth Dye my 3rd dau, and Sarah Hart Guctren? my youngest dau. have all had their parts; My oldest and youngest sons J.H.L. Duncan and Adam S.M. (sic) Duncan land I now live on, 640 acres on Berrew Fork of Duck River and Holly Branch, mention Goose Pond Meeting House road from J.H.L. Duncan; two sons J.H.L. and Adam M.M. (sic) Duncan; 2 sons act as my guardian testamentary to my wife and daughters Cinthia Lydia and Abigill. (wife's name not given). Wit. S?.A. Emry, L.L. Duncan. Proved 1869, blank day and month. Earlier will Jan. 1869, later will 5 July 1869, then June 1869.

Coffee Co. TN Wills, v. 2-4 1906-1968 (FHL film 802,755; SLC 9/6/2010)
      2-199/202: Will of A.N.M. Duncan, 7 June 1909; wife Hannah, children and grandchildren: Mary C. Campbell wife of Thomas Campbell, Adam H. Duncan, J.W. Duncan, I.B. Duncan and Florence Parker wife of John Parker, Tela Taylor wife of Oza Taylor, Nelle H. Moore wife of J.C. Moore, Arminda Rigney wife of Thomas Rigney, and Rosa B. Duncan, George Duncan, D.N. Duncan and B.J. Duncan, and my grandson Ophrey Duncan son of D.R. Duncan deceased; executors my two sons D.N. Duncan and B.J. Duncan; daughter Rosa Duncan resides with A.N.M. Duncan. Witnesses T.H. Willis, J.L. Ewell. 7 Jan. 1920, admitted to probate. (FHL film 802,755; handwritten pages; see Probate Case File for typed copy; SLC 9/6/2010)
      3-146/147: Will of Mary Duncan, August 26, 1919, probated 8-25-[19]40. Debts be paid; to my children Malissa Ann and Andrew $1 each; balance of personal property to Rebecca Jane Duncan and W.H. Mahaffa equally or the survivor take all; two tracts of land to Rebecca Jane Duncan, my daughter, and W.H. Mahaffa, each an undivided one-half interest in both tracts; both tracts in 15th Civil District Coffee Co. TN; TRACT 1, beg. on a large black oak, then west with Jas. Cawthorn's S.B. line to the center of the Creek, then southward to the center of the Spring, then with the menders of the Branch to W.B. Campbell's N.B. line, then east to a double red oak, then north 73-1/2 poles to the beginning, containing 30 acres more or less. TRACT 2, bounded on north by Jas. Cathron, dec'd, west by J.F. Lance, south by W.B. Campbell's, east by J.D. Duncan, and more particularly described as follows, beg. on two white oaks in Jas. Cawthron's line, then south 73-1/2 poles to a post oak, then east with W.B.L. Campbell's line to a Spring Branch, then north with the Spring Branch 73-1/2 poles to a stake in Jas. Cawthron's line; then west to the beginning, containing 30 acres more or less. Said two tracts were conveyed to me by my husband J.D. Duncan by warranty deed Oct. 20, 1915, and recorded in Warranty Deed Book No.23 page 322 ... should either of the said two devisees predecease me, then the survivor is to take the absolute estate to the two tracts. Appoint W.H. Mahaffa as executor without bond. Witnesses Robert L. Keele, Goodloe Warden Jr. (FHL film 802,755; typed pages; SLC 9/6/2010)

Coffee Co. TN Index to Probate Case Files, 1835-1964 (FHL film 2,370,151; SLC 9/6/2010)
      Loose records in folders, alphabetic; Vol.2 was Duncans
      Duncan, A.N.M., 1909
      Duncan, H.L., 1868
      Duncan, Herbert B.
      Duncan, L.P.
      Duncan, Mary, 1940
      Duncan, Paul Sr.
      Duncan, Ruby Moore

Coffee Co. TN Probate Case Files (FHL film 2,370,153; SLC 9/8/2010; typed pages)
      Most were 1900+; Abner Duncan, 1848, we have will, not copied
      Duncan, A.N.M. (1909) [folder label] (MAD: 5 pages; following is my extract from complete text)
      I, A.N.M. Duncan, make my last will and testament; FIRST, pay debts and funeral expenses. SECOND, to wife Hannah Duncan should she survive me, all my real estate for her life, then to go to my children and heirs at law in equal shares, the representatives of any deceased child or children to represent the share or interest of its or their immediate ancestor, providing any of my real estate may be sold to maintain my wife, except a homestead. The names of my children and grand-child now living ... are as follows: Mary C. Campbell wife of Thomas Campbell, Adam H. Duncan, J.W. Duncan, I.B. Duncan and Florence Parker wife of John Parker, Tela Taylor wife of Oza Taylor, Nelle H. Moore wife of J.C. Moore, Arminda Rigney wife of Thomas Rigney, and Rosa B. Duncan, George Duncan, D.N. Duncan and B.J. Duncan, and my grandson Ophrey Duncan son of D.R. Duncan deceased. THIRD, appoint my two sons D.N. Duncan and B.J. Duncan my executors without bond and trustees. FOURTH, give all my personal property to my children and representatives of children to be owned by them equally, except the household goods and a sufficient amount of personalty including money, if any, or the proceeds, to support and maintain my wife in comfort during her life, should she survive me, ... and direct my executors and trustees manage the land etc., and if necessary to sell any of the real estate (except a homestead) ... In respect to equality in division of the personalty is qualified, that should I not do so during my life, I direct that my daughter Rosa Duncan, who resides with me, have the title and possession of a cow and calf and one sow and pigs, or that she be paid in lieu thereof $40. FIFTH, Upon the death of my wife Hannah Duncan or should I survive her, then upon my death, all my real estate be sold as well as my personal property and the proceeds divided among my heirs ... with the exception of Rosa Duncan, $40 in addition to an equal share. SIXTH, executors to appropriate amount for purpose of erecting suitable monuments to my father and mother should I not do this during my lifetime, and also to erect monuments to me and my wife. ... The foregoing devise of real estate includes a graveyard, but which is excluded, the same having been heretofore conveyed by me. /s/ 7 June 1909. A.N.M. Duncan. Witnesses T.H. Willis, J.L. Ewell. 7 Jan. 1920, D.N. Duncan and B.J. Duncan, the persons named as executors, produced in court ... the last will of A.N.M. Duncan; admitted to probate. Letters testamentary granted to D.N. and B.J. Duncan, no bond required.


Coffee Co. TN Court Minutes
      Vol.1, 1836-1841 - indexed pg. 28, 86; no Duncan found (FHL film 802,748)
      Vol.2, 1841-1849: Pg.172, Joseph Duncan on road jury (FHL film 802,748)
      Vol.3, 1850-1854 - no index (FHL film 802,749)
      Vol.4, 1854-1857 - indexed pg.50, July 1854, and pg.392 - no Duncan found (FHL film 802,748)

Coffee Co. TN Minutes of Circuit Court, Civil & Criminal, 1852-1858 (FHL film 802,738)
      No Horton vs. Arnold. (see Deeds G-456, H-185)

Coffee Co. TN County Court Minutes (FHL film 802,749)
      Not indexed
      Vol.3, 1850-1854, pages 437-438. Heirs of John Arnold not named.


Coffee Co. TN County Court Indexes (typed; FHL film 1,669,832; SLC 9/6/2010 and 9/11/2010)
      MAD: film was 16mm, filmed at 24x reduction, mostly too small to read even on more powerful reader. Text was blurry when enlarged.
      Marriage application waiver [underage permission], Loomer & Cooper - Baker & St. John, 1970-1975 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 1)
      Marriage index, 1897-1911 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 2)
      Marriage index, 1911-1928 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 3)
      County Court loose record index, 1860-1930 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 4)
            No Zadoc Duncan; too poor film to get copy of Duncans indexed
      Chancery Court loose paper index, 1853-1930 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 5)
            No Zadoc Duncan spotted in 1st section; cannot read headings on sections
      Probate index, 1964-1980 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 6)
            No Zadoc Duncan
      Estate index, 1835-1964 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 7)
            No Zadoc Duncan spotted
      Miscellaneous court records, 1812-1926 [Some years missing] (FHL film 1,669,832 item 8)
            Alphabetic folders, no Duncan; includes Death Records and Births 1925 & later
      Poll tax-road releases 1879-1920 (FHL film 1,669,832 item 9)
            Releases from tax because they worked on a road; no order found, did not go through item by item


Franklin Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1834- (FHL film 576,294)
      Pg.475-7: Ex part Petitioners filed in office 24 Aug. 1843 ... Petitioners Anderson B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN for himself and also as guardian for William N. Duncan, infant orphan of Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, William M. Runnels and wife Martha M. late Martha Duncan, of Franklin Co. TN, John K. Embry guardian of Sarah E. Embry daughter of Cleopatria Embry formerly Cleopatria Duncan of sd. county, Mark White & wife Elizabeth late Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Woods & wife Fanny late Fanny Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, and William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC; represent that one John Lambert of Franklin Co. TN for the consideration therein mentioned, executed his deed of gift 12 October 1842 to a certain negro girl Milly, to the brothers and sisters and heirs of his late wife, Lucy Lambert formerly Lucy Duncan; represent that the said Lucy Lambert dec'd left as 'her brothers & sisters & their heirs' your petitioners & the two infants aforesaid with the exception of John K. Embry who is only guardian as aforesaid ... petition to sell slave. Petition granted; slave sold to A.B. Duncan for $451. (MAD Note: See Granville Co. NC)

Cannon Co. TN Deed (FHL film 898,457; SLC 9/16/1983 and 9/4/2010)
      M-157/158: 6 Sept. 1857, William D.B. Duncan to James L. Pendleton for $1 paid and other considerations, a tract of land in Cannon & Coffee Co., Dist. #12 in Cannon and District #1 in Coffee, containing by estimation 100 acres, beg. on a stake in Cannon Co. 8 poles west of Hopkins SE corner, then south with Simeon Gilleys east boundary line 270? poles to a stake, then east 72 poles to a post oak, then north 94-1/2? poles to a stake the SE corner of a 50 acre tract sd. Duncan bought of J.R. Ashly, then running north 127 poles further to a white oak, then west and around to the beginning, including two 50 acre tracts that sd Duncan bought of J.R. Ashley and R. Bynum; this deed is made for the following uses and trust and for no other purpose, that is to say Anuel Rains is my securities in a bond of $300 as guardian to James Duncan miner heir of O.C. Duncan deceased for his proportional part of the estate of the sd O.C. Duncan which is or is to come in to my hands & am desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same in 2 years from this date; if I should pay the same at the time said, then this deed is void, but if I should not, then the sd J.L. Pendleton as trustee after giving 20 days notice in writing ... expose the sd land to public sale. /s/ William D.B. Duncan. Wit. J.A. Gooding, E. Cherry. W.D.B. Duncan appeared 6 Sept. 1858. Recorded 6 Oct. 1858. (FHL film 898,457; SLC 9/16/1983; rechecked SLC 9/4/2010; date signed is 6 September 1857, appearance and recording are 6 Sept. 1858 and 6 Oct. 1858.)

Cannon Co. TN County Court Minutes (FHL film 898,444)
      A-107: Oct. 1836, (appointed) Solimon Long overseer of Lebanon Road running from Hollow Springs to Coffee Co. line, and have hands: James McLean, John Williams, Oliver C. Duncan, Dennis R. Hawkins, and Aaron R. Thomas.

Warren Co. TN Deed (FHL film 571,580)
      U-42: 6 Feb. 1857, Wm. A. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN to Newsom Wolf, $1006, 250 acres on waters of Barren fork of Collins River.


Go to the Coffee Co. TN Military Records

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of TN; Coffee, DeKalb, Cannon Cos." by Goodspeed
      Coffee Co. Pg.829: Early Settlers, District 15: This area that became Coffee Co. was settled as early as 1800. ... (lists people who came 1809) The following came early ... included Wm. Heathcock, John Nelson, Hamilton Duncan, Ambrose Duncan, Douglas Duncan, Wm. Lunley, and John Sherrill.
      Pg.835: 1846 War with Mexico: D.W. Duncan.

1886 "Histories of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.7)
      Humphreys Co. Pg.1225: Andrew J. Frazier, farmer, of Humphreys Co., was born June 6, 1849, in Coffee Co. and is the son of John and Sarah (Halpain) Frazier, natives, respectively, of Scotland and England. The father came to Warren Co. TN in 1830 and afterward moved to Coffee Co. where he lived until his death occurred Sept. 6, 1866. Our subject was reared on the farm and ... In 1872 he moved to Humphreys Co. and purchased the land on which he now resides. January 27, 1870, he was united in marriage to Miss Nellie Duncan, and the fruit of this union is an interesting family of 6 children: Nora, Luna, Frederick N., Ada, Henry R. and Almer (sic) L. Mr. Frazier is a Democrat and a school director of the 4th Dist. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.


Letter from P.L. Duncan in possession of a sister of Mrs. Vonnie Maxine Duncan Roberts (her parents were both Duncans, descendants of Patrick L. Duncan and of William A. Duncan, sons of Zeddick Duncan of Coffee Co. TN) (formatted copy from Alva C. West 8/1994; his mother-in-law is Maxine Roberts)
      State of Tennessee, Coffee County, May 6, 1866
      (PAGE 1)
Dear Brother and Sister. I seat myself this morning to drop
you a few lines to inform you that we are all well at present.
Hoping this may reach and find you all well. I received your
letter of March in April which give us great satifaction
to hear from you all one time more. I had written you
a few lines and mailed it the day I received your letter.
So I have nothing strange to write stated(?) about the
death of sister FRANNEY. Father is at the doctor with his
eyes and they are improving very fast. OZ DUNCAN is at
home and all well. LOUISA is married to a man by the name
of GLEN. They are all well. She has one child a girl.
one child a boy and is doing very well. WAID
WAID'S wife has been sick for some time but is on the
mend. JANE A. DUNCAN is at hom(e) yet. JAMES DUNCAN
is working down in the hills at $15 per month.
GEORGE DUNCAN is at home. He has had a very
bad sore leg something like a ulcer when healed
up in one place would break out in another but
I believe it is nearly well now. SARAH DUNCAN
is a good big girl now will soon be grown. So I believe
that is all I can say about my brothers and sisters.
They can all write for themselves. A.R. HAMMER
and family is all well he is still trying to preach
the Baptist faith. J.H. HOPKINS is entirely broke
up. Drew his rations from the feds
while the Army was here. I believe he is in
Nashville now. SAM & HAT(?) both moved
off somewhere. I know nothing of them Mason.
FRENCH still lives at the same place and is still
just mason. W.R. AEIRS is still at Jacksboro
farming it. I herd the other day that Mason FRENCH
was working(?) in Aores Daughter ABIGIL is keeping his ponys(?).
      (PAGE 2)
ago stood his trial came clear. Old BILL RAMSEY is
was killed in the Battle Chattanoga. ANDERSON TAYLOR
VIRGIL TAYLOR both died in the army
Old ANDERSON TAYLOR and the rest of the family is all
well ISAAC RAINES has turn out to be a Sat drunkard
out swears anybody and is getting through with his
property very fast. WILLIAM R. SPINDEL and family
is well and doing well and I think one of the finest men
we have. Old ADAM MILES is still peging along. HOLME'S
is all well. SAIL HOLMES died in the Army. AMJALINE
NELSON is still living here. DAN is ded he died 2 or(?) 3 years
ago ANJALINE is doing very well R. HALL and family
is all well JUDAH'S brothers all got through the war
This county have not been as bad torn up as your county.
I do not think there has never been a Yankee at
my house during the war and I never have been
pestered very little with Saulgers There had been
some robbers that range in this county to rob
and steal on the Saulgers credit but taken everything
in consideration the people in this country has got
through this war better than could be expected
Tho the people in this country are all pretty much
one way where people are more divided in principle
the country suffered more. So I think this is all
the news about the war that I will write at present.
If you will come over and stay a month so I can
tell you right smart about the times but I cannot
undertake to write about it now. ZADOC DUNCAN
was first lieutenant in Com I, 4 Tennesee Infantry
was capture was in prison in Johnston I think(?) two years
Sent around exchanges about the time of the surrender
He was as good a officer and as brave a soldier as ever
went on the battlefield. He was nock down 3 times
      (PAGE 3)
During the Murfeeboro fight PETER DUNCAN
LEMY DUNCAN son was wounded in the Murfreeboro
fight and died. OLIVER DUNCAN son JAMES went through
the war a good soldier. JASPER DUNCAN was taken up at home
here by home made Yanks taken to prison died of
measels. WAID DUNCAN was accidently shot by one
of his friends but is entirely well which help him out
of the war the last 3 years. ISHAM DUNCAN was
cut off in here and stayed home the last twelve
months of the war tho he fought more than 30
battles and never got but one little mark in the
finger. He is doing very well marking(?) property and
is a good trader. AUNT SARRY STROUD and family
is all well so I will now give the prices of produce
horses, good mares is worth $175 to $200. Cows and calves
is from $25 to $50. Bacon is from 15 to 20 cts per lb.
Corn $1.00 per bushel Wheat $2.00 per bushel Chickens hens
25 cts Eggs 15 to 20 cts per doz. Butter 25 to 30 cts per lb.
So enough of that. I have a pretty good 4 year old mule
three cows and calves about 20 head of hogs
seventeen head of sheep. Tolerable plenty to
eat and wear tho I have had a good deal of bad
luck and I am still in debt right smart tho I think
if I will get out sometime if I have luck. I have
is both learning tolerable fast. They are good spellers
and can read some. I have sent them
to school 8 months. I shall start them in the
morning. MARY M. BROWN is the teacher.
I have sent to hire 2 schools The children likes
her very well. PROFESSOR CARNES is teaching art
teaching at Manchester. JAMES DARNELL have
move to Manchester in order to send to school
his olders daughter was very bad with typhoid fever
      (PAGE 4)
The last time I heard from there the Manchester
people is going to build a fine college. Their Franklin
college is burned up. WILLIAM G. BROWNLO is the
Governor of Tennessee. Him and the majority of the
legislature have gone to the Radical party have past
a disfranchise law to keep the majority of the
people from voting so he thinks he can be elected
again by a few Est Tennesseans and a few kinky
heads tho I think the Devil will call for him
and probably send him in a firm mission be fine
The times comes for reelections. So enought of him
So I believe I have said all that I can say at present
I want you to write as soon as you receive this and I will
try to do better in my miset I have written this in a
hurry. I am not done plantin corn, yet but I will
finish this week. I have been working very hard
and my hand trembles. So I cannot waite(?)
to do much good if we had men at the head
of affairs in Tennessee that would carry out President
Johnson mode of Restoration that this country
would soon be again in a prosperous conditions.
So I will close at present. I Remain yours respectfully
      P. L. DUNCAN
      J. A. DUNCAN
      R. L. DUNCAN
      G. L. DUNCAN
      J. W. DUNCAN
JUDY ses ANN LEE is the smartes
girl in Tennessee. She is about
2 years old. JUDAH had concluded
to not have no more children
but everybody have bragged on ANN LEE so much
that she says she cannot quit.


"A Diary of Public Events and Notices of My Life and Family etc." by Samuel Hervey Laughlin, from Jan. 1 1845 to ---
      The complete text from the diary is on the website of James Porter, along with a lot of other information about the families and relatives of Samuel Porter and Elizabeth Dunkin. Capt. John Dunkin or Duncan, born in Lancaster Co. PA in 1743, died in Washington Co. VA in 1817; his sons John Duncan or Dunkin moved to the area that became Whitley Co. KY and Joseph Duncan or Dunkin to the area that became Coffee Co. TN.


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