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Formed 1785 from Lincoln
Garrard formed 1796 from Madison, Lincoln, Mercer
Clay formed 1806 from Madison, Floyd, Knox
Estill formed 1808 from Clark, Madison
Rockcastle formed 1810 from Pulaski, Lincoln, Madison
Jackson formed 1858 from Rockcastle, Owsley, Madison, Clay, Estill, Laurel


1810 Madison Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.199  Duncan, Henry          30010         - 20100
          (MAD: mar. Polly Combs 4/5/1803 Lincoln Co. KY; 1820 Bath Co.
            KY; 1830 Montgomery Co. KY; 1840 Cooper Co. MO; see "The
            Duncans of Perthshire and Their Descendants in the US" by
            Lew Wallace Duncan, filmed 1971, on FHL film 824,053 item 2)
        Duncan, Isaac          21110         - 01010   (next to Henry)
          (MAD: one Isaac Duncan mar. Susannah Kavanaugh 9/23/1795)
        Duncan, Gabriel        00101         - 02101
          (MAD: one Gabriel Duncan mar. Selivia Harris 7/30/1814; one
            Gabriel Duncan mar. Polly Wilkerson 7/30/1833)
        Duncan, Anderson       20010         - 20100   (next to Gabriel)
          (MAD: Anderson Duncan mar. Sally Horn 12/23/1802)
        Duncan, John           10010         - 20100
        Duncan, Charles        00010         - 51010
          (MAD: one Charles Duncan mar. Mary Ann Woods 12/15/1795)
Pg.200  Duncan, Edward         02001         - 10101
        Duncan, Edwd. Jun.     30100         - 10100   (next to Edward)
Pg.201  Duncan, John           01001         - 41011   "Sil.Ck" in margin

1820 Madison Co. KY Census
Pg.100  Edward Duncan          510010        - 21010
Pg.102  John Duncan            100100        - 10100
Pg.122  Isaac Duncan           210210        - 20010
        Sarah Duncan           100000        - 00001
Pg.148  Gabriel Duncan         000001        - 00001
Pg.160  Anderson Duncan        121110        - 22010
Pg.172  John Duncan            100101        - 12201
        John Duncan            100010        - 32010

1830 Madison Co. KY Census
Pg. 93  John Duncan            0001,0000,1   - 0002,3001
Pg.102  John Duncan K.         0001,2001     - 0211,001
Pg.108  Browning Duncan        1000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: Brown Duncan of KY mar. Rebecca Pittes of York Dist. SC
            on 11/25/1823, from notice in Yorkville Weekly Advertiser
            of 12/20/1823, on pg.112, Vol.72, "SC Historical Magazine";
            1840 Dyer Co. TN census)
        Susannah Hume          0             - 0000,1100,1
        William Duncan         1000,1        - 0100,1
        Isaac Duncan           0001,1001     - 0110,0011
          (MAD: d.1842 Cooper Co. MO)
Pg.165  Gracy Duncan           0313,0000,01  - 0110,101
          (MAD: Edward Dunkin mar. Grace Taylor 7/30/1804; see
            Jessamine Co. KY deed R-749)

1840 Madison Co. KY Census
Eastern Division
Pg.243  John Duncan            0000,2100,1   - 0101,4001
Pg.246  Wm. Duncan             0120,001      - 1001,01
Pg.256  Peter Duncan           1000,001      - 0120,01
          (MAD: mar. Mourning Ham or Horn 1/25/1833; 1850 Meade Co. KY)
Western Division
Pg.278  Gabriel Duncan         0000,0000,001 - 0000,001
          Gabriel Duncan, Rev. Sol., age 80 years
Pg.281  Valentine Duncan       0000,1        - 0000,1
Pg.290  Gracy Duncan           0011,1        - 0100,2101
Pg.298  John B. DUNSAN         1100,01       - 2000,1

1850 Madison Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.227, #408-410, Lucy DUNCAN 64 VA (blank) $0
                  John A. 36 Madison KY farmer $3500
                  Livia GOODLOE 32 Madison KY
                  Emily 11, Duncan 10 Madison KY
                  William 7 Madison KY
District 3
Pg.297, #85-86, John DUNCAN 79 VA farmer $700
                  Jane DUNCAN (f) 69 VA
Pg.312, #319-322, Valentine DUNCAN (m) 39 Madison KY farmer $3000
                  Ann 30 Madison KY
                  Oliver 10, Nancy 8 Madison KY
                  Peter 6, Lucy 4 Madison KY
                  John 2, Wingfield (m) 6/12 Madison KY
                  Nancy HILL 20 Madison KY
                  Nancy BOWMAN 11 Madison KY
                  (MAD: mar. Ann Davis 10/7/1839; see 1854 Jessamine Co. KY Deed R-702 for heirs)

1860 and 1870 CENSUS

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Madison Co. KY Marriage Records, Vol.1-2, 1791-1877 (FHL film 183,302; SLC 9/2/2010)
      1-150: This is to certify that on the 10th day of March 1825, I joined together in the holy state of matrimony John Duncan & Jane Owings done by me, Thos. Wotuerton?. (MAD: many marriages recorded with brief statement by varying persons on varying dates on the same page)

Madison Co. KY Marriage Bonds, file 14, 1825-1827 (FHL film 183,310; SLC 9/2/2010)
      Frame 134: Outside of folded paper, Geo. Duncan to )) and C. Wearth?, March 8th, 1825. The within couple of lawful age, this 8th day of March 1825. /s/ Will L. ?? D.C.
      Frame 135: Know all men by these presents that we George Duncan & Robt Cox are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of 50 pounds current money to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs exors & adms firmly by these presents, sealed & dated this 8th day of March 1825.
         The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Duncan & Jane Owens both of Madison County if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and ?antin?, signed sealed & ack. in presence of David Irvine, Ck. /s/ George Duncan, Robt. Cox.


Madison Co. KY Mixed Records (wills) 1853-1858, Vol.L-M (FHL film 183,271; SLC 9/2/2010)
      Vol.L, 1853-1855 - no Duncan
      Vol.M, 1846 [1856?]-1858 - no Duncan

Madison Co. KY Will index 1789-1959 (FHL film 183,265; SLC 9/2-3/2010)
      No John Duncan will 1850+
      Duncan, John A., 1-329, 1886, File Box 4
      Kennedy, Joseph, H-380, 1845, File Box 2
      Kennedy, Mitchell M., J-369, 1850, File Box 2, not copied
      no David Kennedy

Madison Co. KY Wills (index on FHL film 183,265)
      A-134: 5 Nov. 1796, Benjamin Duncan; wife Elizabeth, son John Duncan, son Samuel Duncan, son Benjamin Duncan (1/2 land), son John the other half; dau. Elizabeth Arnett; John to take care of his mother; appt. John Reed Senr. and son John Duncan sole executors. Wit. Alexander Gaston, John Black, Alexander Macky. Proved 6 Dec. 1796. (FHL film 183,266) (MAD: Samuel Duncan lived in Lincoln Co. KY; his Rev. War Pension application said he was born in Pittsylvania Co. VA in 1766; pg.167 in "The History of Pittsylvania Co. VA" by Maud Carter Clement, 1929, gives information on this Benjamin Duncan who moved to Madison Co. KY)
      A-487: March 4, 1808, will of Robert (X) Burnside, weak and low state of body; wife Elizabeth everything. Appoint trusty friends Elizabeth Burnside and John Burnside exec. Wit. Sarah Kooper, Robert Burnside. Proved 1 May 1809. (FHL film 183,266)
      B-428: August 5, 1811, will of Elizabeth (X) Burnside, weak in body. Son Robert Burnside all lands; daughter Margaret Duncan bed and furniture with my weaving apparel. Appoint son Robert Burnside and Thomas Edminston executors. Wit. John Cochron, Ambrose D. Tomblin, William Burnside. Recorded Feb. 3, 1818. (FHL film 183,266)
      E-21: March 15, 1825, will of William Kavanaugh. Wife Ruth, children, Archibald, Charles, Philemon; daus. Susanna Duncan, Ann Briscoe, Polly Oldham, Sally English. Witnesses, Henry Goodloe, John Harish, John Robertson and Thomas Warren. Exec's., Son, Charles Kavanaugh and William Goodloe. Probated Nov. 2, 1829. (pg.59 in "KY Pioneer and Court Records" by Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams)
      H-380, 17 June 1841, will of Joseph Kennedy, names 3 children: son Mitchell M. Kennedy, and daughters Patsy M. Kennedy and Amanda Kennedy; wife Elizabeth; $100 to dau. Elizabeth Harris, $100 to dau. Ede Frances, $100 to children of dau. Cacandria Stephenson, $100 to son John Kennedy, $100 to son John Kennedy for benefit of son Joseph Kennedy's 3 children. Exec. son Mitchell M. Kennedy and Lewis Francis, no security. Handwriting proven by John H. Brown, Robert N. Moran and David McCord. Produced in court 6 Jan. 1845. (FHL film 183,269; SLC 9/3/2010) (MAD: was looking for husband of Mrs. Jane Kennedy who married John Duncan; see Madison Co. KY deed 3-18/19)
      H-451: 11 April 1843, Gabriel Duncan; wife Mary, 1/3 land during lifetime; 2 granddaus. Susanna and Elizabeth daus. of my dau. Elizabeth Williams, $100 ea; my dau. Nancy Edge $100; my dau. Patsy Batterton $1 and no more; son Anderson should he be living $1 and no more; children of my dau. Polley Bennett should there be any living $1 and no more. Balance to my daughter Charlotte Hainline and then her children. Exec. Thomas Richardson. Wit. Edward Phelps, Alexander Anderson. Proved 5 May 1845. (FHL film 183,269)
      H-473: top of page: Allotment of dower to Susannah Wood, widow & relict of John Wood, decd, in the land & slaves of the decd, produced in open court 7 July 1845, ordered recorded. (FHL film 183,269; from Dorothy Kincaid 11/1987)
      H-473: Plat (undated) of landed estate of Gabriel Duncan decd, containing 74-1/2 acres, including plat of Mary Duncan's dower of 27-1/4 acres incl. the house. Pursuant to Madison Co. Court order June 1845, to lay off to Mary Duncan, widow and relict of Gabriel Duncan decd, her dower in landed estate and slaves of her decd husband, report of survey of her dower in the land, adj. Bailey Richardson, Edwin Phelps, Calloway's Creek, incl. the dwelling house. Slaves Squire, Peter, Spicey and Viney allotted to Mary Duncan as her dower, other slaves listed were Lewis, Harriet, Susan, Dualey; report submitted by Chs. S. Fox, John Smith, John H. Parish, Comrs., to Court 7 July 1845. (FHL film 183,269 and from Dorothy Kincaid 11/1987)
      I-430: 1 July 1848, report of inventory of estate of Judith E. Duncan, dau. of Caril and Elizabeth Duncan that has come into my hands as her guardian. /s/ Elizabeth (X) Duncan. (FHL film 183,269) (MAD: Judith E. Duncan mar. George W. Gaines 2/18/1850; see Carol Duncan d.1833 Gallatin Co. KY)
      J-1: 21 Aug. 1848, John Duncan; wife Lucy Duncan; to William Harris and Melinda? his wife a house and lot in Lexington; dau. Emily Goodloe and Henry Goodloe; dau. Luann Hart wife of John Hart; son John Duncan 400 acres incl. my dwelling house; dau. Livia (?Sina?) Goodloe my Dinwiddie tract and 25 acres; my dau. Elizabeth Tayler. Exec. son John Duncan. Wit. Wm. F? Ferrell, George W. Tribble. Proved 7 Oct. 1848. (FHL film 183,269) (MAD: The obituary of John Duncan of Lexington [Fayette Co.], died 23 Sept. 1848 in his 72nd year, formerly of Madison Co., was published in the Lexington, KY, "Observer & Reporter" of 30 Sept.; from "KY Obituaries 1787-1854" by G. Glenn Clift; FHL book 976.9 V28c)
      J-43: Codicil, John Duncan, 6 Sept. 1848, Luan Hart, William Harris, Sina Goodloe, Elizabeth Taylor. /s/ John Duncan. Wit. Aylett Raines. (FHL film 183,269)
      K-423+: In accord with order of Madison Co. Court Nov. 1852, appraisal of personal estate of J. & V. Duncan in hands of James Duncan, surviving partner of Valentine Duncan decd; incl. notes on Samuel Cox, Henson Cox, Jackson Cox, Wm. Reynolds, Charles Duncan, and many others not copied. Includes notes and accounts on "Valentine Duncan, Ann Duncan" & others for boots and shoes, fabric, etc. Appraisal 24 and 30 Nov. and 1 and 2 Dec. 1852 by S.D/P. Sally, Daniel Luder. (to page 432) (FHL film 183,270)
      K-433: Same, more notes including notes on Charles Duncan and Peter Duncan, and accounts on various people incl. Jas. Duncan. (to page 436) (FHL film 183,270)
      K-452/4: Sale Bill 12 Oct. 1852, purchasers include Ann Duncan, Charles Duncan, Jas. Duncan, and many others; another sale 11 Dec. 1852 to same people and many others, not copied. (FHL film 183,270)

Madison Co. KY Will (SLC 5/31/2011)
      B-146: I, Samuel Freeman of Madison Co. KY, ... my last will and testament, revoking all others by me made. First all my just debts to be punctually paid. 2dly, I give to my beloved wife Sary all my estate both real and personal for her to possess as long as she may remain my widow and at her death to be sold and equally divided between my children, viz, Mary, Sarah, Rebeckah, Hannah, Elenor, Caty, Jonathan, Edward, Lucretia, William, Martha, Samuel, and Anna, to each an equal portion ...; lastly I constitute and appoint my wife Sarah and my son Edward and my brother Philip Turner executrix and executors to this my last will and testament, ... 11 Aug. 1814. /s/ Samuel Freeman, L.S. Wit. Benjamin (X) Howard Senr., Benjamin Howard, Squire (X) Williams. Produced at Madison Co. Court Monday, 3 April 1815, proven by oaths of Benjamin Howard Sr. and by Jr. and Squire Williams, witnesses, and ordered to be recorded. (FHL film 183,266; Samuel Freeman 1846; SLC 5/31/2011)


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Clark Co. KY Deeds
      9-54/55: Deed of Trust, 26 May 1812, John Smith of Clarke Co. KY to Dillard Collins and Cary K. Duncan, partners negotiating in trade under the form of Collins & Duncan of Madison Co., Boonsborough, state afsd, that Jno. Smith for $109.20 paid, sell to Dillard Collins & Cary K. Duncan a Negro girl named Kessy about 17 years of age, also another Negro girl named Lucy about 12 years of age, likewise another Negro girl named Winny about 10 years of age, also 2 feather beads and beadsteads and furniture, the title of which he the sd. Jno. Smith doth forever warrant ..., but it is clearly understood between the parties that the true intent and meaning of this indenture is that it is given in trust to secure to Dillard Collins & Cary K. Duncan the afsd sum of $109.20 which the sd. Jno. Smith has this day executed his note to carry interest from the date ... if not paid off on or before 1 April 1813, Dillard Collins & Cary K. Duncan may sell to the highest bidder at the house now occupied by said Jno. Smith in Clarke Co., the whole or so much thereof of the property as will satisfy the aforesaid note and interest and costs ... if John Smith pay the aforesaid note of $109.20 and interest before 1 April next, then the title is to revert back to sd. Jno. Smith. /s/ John Smith. Wit. A. Cristy, David Smith, Willis Collins. N.B. the above property is to remain in the possession of the aforesaid Jno. Smith until 1 April next. The note was proved July 18, 1812, before David Bullock, Clerk of Clarke Co., by the oaths of A. Christy, David Smith, and Willis Collins. Side note: Delivered ... 30 March 1813. (FHL Film 183,170; SLC 9/20/2012)
      29-552/553: 8 Aug. 1840, James Lowry of Madison Co. KY to Jean Kenedy of same, that James Lowry has by these presence granted bargained and sold to the said Jean Kenedy a tract or parcel of land in Clark Co. on waters of Red River to include the plantation that Sidney Carr lives on, beg. at Aston's corner to Anderson Lowry, then up Log lick creek with the mianders (sic) of said creek and Hodson Farny line till it intersects Austin line, then with Austin line N 74 E to John Crow corner a black oak and white oak, then N 29 W 37 poles to a white oak corner to Anderson Lowry, then S 44 W with Anderson Lowery to the beginning, supposs to contain 25 acres more or less, for the sum of $75, ... the said Jean Kenedy for her benefit. /s/ James Lowry. 16 Oct. 1840, received by James P. Bullock, Clerk of County Court, deed from James Lowery to "Jane" Keneday and ack. See Right Relinquishment Deed Book 37 Page 109 by Dan'l Lowery. (MAD: spelling varies in this document) (FHL film 183,179; SLC 8/18/1988; rechecked SLC 8/31/2010)
      35-19: 21 Nov. 1842, Jane Duncan, wife of John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, to Thomas Adams of Clark Co. KY, for $150, sell to Thomas Adams one certain tract of land in Clarke Co. KY on the waters of Red River containing 25 acres more or less, being the same tract conveyed by James Lowery to Jane Duncan then Jane Kennedy by deed 8 Aug. 1840. /s/ Jane Duncan. She appeared 28 Nov. 1849 in Clark Co. KY. (FHL film 183,181; SLC 8/18/1988, recheck SLC 8/31/2010) (MAD: see 29-552)

Fayette Co. KY Deed (FHL film 8,703)
      24-214: 20/30 Aug. 1846, John M. McCalla and wife Maria A. of Washington, DC, by attorneys, to John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, $500, land on Town Fork of Cesehan? in town of Lexington.

Franklin Co. KY General Court Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      E-502/503: 12 Dec. 1814, John Smith and wife China late China Hart of Franklin Co. KY, to John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, for $90, 9 acres in Madison Co. on the waters of Harts Fork of Silver Creek, beg. at a double elm corner to said John Duncan, then N 45 deg. E 154 poles to a stake and a cherry & two walnuts marked pointers, then N 22 deg. W 19-1/2 poles to a mulberry and hickory corner to said John Duncan, then with his line S 37 deg. W 184 poles to the beginning. /s/ John Smith, China Smith, who appeared 13 Feb. 1815 before Willis A. Lee, Clerk of the General Court. Dd. to Geo. Hite June 29, 1815. (FHL film 266,180; SLC 2/7/2009, rechecked 8/30/2010)
      E-503/504: 12 Dec. 1814, John Smith and wife China late China Hart of Franklin Co. KY to John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, for $300, 30 acres in Madison Co. on waters of Harts Fork of Silver Creek, beg. at an elm corner to said John Duncan, then with his line N 45 W 18 poles to a black walnut corner to Joseph Hitt, then with his line S 20 poles to a stake and pointers corner to Isaac Shelby, then with his line E 97 poles to a hickory corner to Reuben Humes?, then with his line N 98 poles to a stake and 3 hickories marked as pointers in the said John Duncan's line, then with his line S 45 deg. W 124 poles to the beg. /s/ John Smith, China Smith, who appeared before Willis A. Lee, Clerk of the General Court, 13 Feb. 1815. [delivered] to Geo. Hite 19th June 1815. (FHL film 266,180; SLC 2/7/2009, rechecked 8/30/2010)

Jessamine Co. KY deed (FHL film 183,351)
      S-269: 28 March 1854, Oliver Duncan, Peter Duncan, Wingfield Duncan, Lucy Duncan, John Wesley? Duncan, heirs of Valentine Duncan decd, by R. Runyan, Commissioner per decree of Madison Co. Circuit Court in suit in chancery of Valentine Duncan's admr. against Valentine Duncan's heirs and creditors, to Charles Duncan, $21, 3 acres on Kentucky River in Jessamine Co. adj. said Charles Duncan, top of the cliff.

Washington Co KY Deed Book H, pg.477, transcript (from David D. Sengel to Kathy D. Cawley 9/2007; and Washington Co. KY Deed on FHL film 551,251; SLC 5/3/2013)
      Deed Book H-477: Know all men by these presents that whereas John Woods late of Franklin County in the State of Tennessee and formerly of Madison County in the State of Kentucky having departed this life leaving the following persons his children and heirs to wit: Marian Woods who intermarried with Charles Duncan, Susannah Milum formerly Susannah Woods wife of Jarvis Milum, James Woods, Sarah Woods who intermarried with William Evans (the said Sarah having died leaving three children viz: Minerva, Jane, and Wallace E. Evans), Rebeckah Hazelrig formerly Rebeckah Woods wife of William Hazelrig (the said Rebeckah having also died leaving five children viz: Elizabeth Dillard, Abigail, John, and Mary Anne Hazelrig) and whereas the said John Woods the ancestor of and previous to his death had claims to about thousand acres of land lying in Washington County in the State of Kentucky on the waters of Salt River which descended to his said heirs, the said John Woods having left his land lying in Washington County in Kentucky undevised. Now know all men by these presents that we Charles Duncan and Marian the wife of said Charles, Jarvis Milum and Susannah his wife, James Woods, William Evans, and William Hazelrig for and in consideration of the confidence which we have in the said Charles Duncan have made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint the said Charles Duncan our true and lawful attorney for the following purpose that is to say the said Charles Duncan is authorized for himself and his wife, Jarvis Milum and Susannah his wife, and James Woods to sell and dispose of all their interest which they have to any lands in the State of Kentucky in Washington County devised to them as the representatives of said James (DDS: mistaken - means John) Woods deceased and to make titles in fee simple to the purchaser or purchasers there of, but not with general warranty but only to defend against the claims of ourselves and all persons claiming under us and the said William Evans and William Hazelrig also authorize the said Charles Duncan to sell and dispose of their interest which the children of the said Evans and Hazelrig have in said lands and to give an obligation binding the said Evans and Hazelrig and their heirs to cause to be made a title in fee simple to their interest and the interest of their children in said lands whenever arrive at the age of twentyone years ? that is they authorize the said Charles Duncan to sign an obligation by which said Evans and Hazelrig shall undertake for their children that each child will convey his interest to the purchaser but not with general warranty and in the event that our said attorney can not sell and dispose of said lands we then authorize him to lease the farm to bring suits for the recovery there of or to do anything else for our use and benefit in relation to said lands that we ourselves could do if we were physically present. And whereas the said lands were located by James Kincaid who is entitled to one fourth part thereof as locator and we authorize our said attorney to settle with said locator and make partition with him so as to allot said locators interest in severally and we further authorize our said attorney to appoint an agent under him and to confer on said attorney all or any part of the powers hereby vested in himself. Witness our hands and seals this 25th day of April 1824.
      /s/ Charles Duncan, Seal; Marian Duncan, Seal; Jarvis Milum, Seal; Susannah Milum, Seal; James Woods, Seal
      Atteste: Samuel Handley, Samuel Berry.
      State of Tennessee Franklin County. This day personally appeared Charles Duncan?? ..
      State of Tennessee ... Edmund Russell ??
      Kentucky, Washington County?.., I John Hughes?? ... Examined & Delivered, 29th day of May, 1824

Boone Co. MO Deed (FHL film 909,104)
      L-140: 6 July 1841, John Duncan and wife Lucy of Maddison (sic) Co. KY to Elijah Wright of Boone Co. MO, $1,000, 160 acres, SE 1/4 Sec. 12, Twp. 49, Range 12, patent to said Duncan assignee of James Estill 20 Aug. 1824.

Callaway Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/18/2014; have jpg images)
      D-296: 10 July 1835, John Duncan and Lucy his wife of Madison Co. KY to Joseph Freeland of Fayette Co. state afsd, for $600 paid, sell two half quarter sections of land in Callaway Co. MO, which said half quarters were entered in name of John Duncan, one of which is E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.48 Range 11 containing 80 acres. The other half quarter is W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.48 Range 11, containing 80 acres. Warrant title. /s/ John Duncan, Lucy Duncan. Ack. 10 Aug. 1835 in open court. Recorder's note: The bottom line of this page is torn off and destroyed. (FHL film 901,324)

York Co. SC Deed (from Louise Pettus to Kathy Duncan to MAD 4/2001 with permission to share)
      York County Conveyance Book L, pg,102, #177. Recorded Sept 19, 1827. Know all men by these presents that I Mary Pettus of the State of South Carolina York District for the natural love and affection which I have to Rebecca W. Duncan Maddison County Kentucky and Maria Campbell South Carolina Lancaster District & for the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid before the Signing and Sealing of these Presents, I give and deliver unto my said two daughters for their own proper use and behoof One negro man named Frank about twenty five years of age--also one bay mare named Doll one gray mare named Kate and one bay mare named Pan which said Property I do hereby warrant and defend unto the above named Rebecca W. and Maria as their legal representatives agains the claim of of myself, Heirs, Executors and so forth and all of every person or persons whatsoever. In presence hereof I hereunto set my hand and seal. Signed Mary (her P mark) Pettus.


JOHN HALL, wife Hetty, NC Line; Rev. War Pension Application; Rejected, R-14699 (FHL film 971,162; frames 611 to 744+ end)
      Abstract: widow applied 17 April 1853 Rockcastle Co. KY aged 100 years, soldier enlisted in or near Warren Co. NC, soldier m. Hetty Duncan 15 Oct. 1770 in Pickens Dist. SC, soldier d. in March 1810 in Warren Co. TN, sons John Jr. b. in 1776 & James b. in 1790 were mentioned, the son James served in War of 1812, in 1858 widow living in Madison Co. KY, an Elihu Smith made a lengthy affidavit in 1858 in Rockcastle Co. KY. (from "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, FHL book 973 M28g)
      Condensed additional info: John Hall and wife Hetty were married before the war by proclamation in SC; moved to Warren Co. NC after marriage; after the war they moved to Warren Co. TN where he died before the War of 1812. They had two living children when he died, James and John, who were known to Elihu Smith since 1812. John, the eldest, if living in 1858 would be in his 70's; James was in the War of 1812. Hetty had continued to reside in Warren Co. TN until a few years back when she went to live in an adjoining county. Affidvit of Col. Elisha Smith (who made several very lengthy affidavits). Hetty lived in Polly Miller's house (after John Hall's death) as a widow to raise her children. Affidavit of Polly Miller, age 85, now a resident of Jackson Co. KY, affidavit 15 March 1858, she was born and raised in TN and resided there until she was a grown woman, both the Hall children are now decd. Letter, Warren Co. NC was part of Halifax District NC in which the payments were made. Her son John Hall was b. 1776, and her son James in 1790; James was in War of 1812 and his widow drew warrant under act in 1850 or 1855 from KY.
      Frame 663, letter 23 April 1859, census returns for Rockcastle and Madison Co. KY, names of Hetty Hall and Polly Miller not found; there is no Jackson Co. KY; claim denied, no proof found there were such persons ... Later letters from Elisha Smith and others. The controversy seemed to be requiring proof that the payments to John Hall after the Rev. War were for services. He was the Quartermaster and the payments included reimbursement for supplies, and there was no distinction made. Frame 744, one child born 1776, one child born 1790.
      (MAD: no Hall family indexed 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY; 1850 Madison Co. KY had Allen p.233, John F. p.238, Jesse p.259, but no Hetty Hall in their households. 12/14/1994, No Miller household in Jackson Co. TN printed 1850 census with Polly Miller who made affidavit for Hetty Hall.) (See 1860 Garrard Co. KY census)

GABRIEL DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-10588 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 3 Aug. 1832, age 74, in Madison Co. KY; enlisted for 3 months in spring 1777? in Bedford Co. VA under Col. James Dixon; (immediately?) enlisted for 6 months under Capt. Isaac Shelby; then enlisted for 2 months in Prince Edward Co. VA ca 1780 under Capt. Allen, Gen. Lauson; witnesses (neighbors) Jacob Dooley and Richard Oldhouse of Madison Co. KY who knew Gabriel 30-40 years; Gabriel b. 24 Aug. 1758 in Bedford Co. VA; after Rev. lived in Prince Edward Co. VA until he moved to Madison Co. KY 30-40 years ago.
      (MAD: Campbell Co. VA 1785 tax list)
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

War of 1812 service record, Arthur Duncan (copy from Mrs. Gloria Duncan)
      Arthur Duncan, Company Muster Roll, Co. D, 5th Mounted, KY Vols., Private, Capt. Robert A. Sturgus' Co. of KY Mounted Vol. Militia in Regiment commanded by Lt. Col. Samuel South: Muster roll Sept. 18 to Oct. 30, 1812, dated Buseron, Oct. 30, 1812, served 43 days, discharged 240 miles from place of residence.
      Pay Roll, discharged Oct. 30, 1812 at Bussaro; place of residence: Madison; 240 miles from discharge. Also on roll at Vincennes Oct. 2, 1812.
      GD: Is he related to Arthur Duncan of Clermont Co. OH?
      MAD: or to Arthur Duncan of Fayette Co. PA?

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 1995, and FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.660, Company G, 4th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Camp Dick Robinson, [Garrard Co.] KY: Lindsey C. Duncan, 1st Lt., enr. July 6, 1865, mustered in July 6, 1865, at Macon, [Bibb Co.] GA, for 3 years; mustered out Aug. 17, 1865, at Macon, GA; Promoted from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt. July 6, 1865; prisoner of war at Andersonville, GA, from July 30, 1864, to Sept. 19, 1864. (MAD: resided Rockcastle Co. KY per list of officers; 1850 Whitley Co. KY census, 1860 Madison Co. KY census)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 4/1995, and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix & other pages)
      Pg.919, Alphabetical List of Officers. Name, Rank, Regiment, Residence, Remarks. (MAD: semi-alphabetical, not indexed)
      Duncan, L.C., 1st Lt., 4th Infantry, Mt. Vernon [Rockcastle Co.] KY, (blank) (MAD: organized at Camp Dick Robinson, Garrard Co. KY)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Lindsey C., widow Duncan, Mary I.; G 4 KY Mtd. Inf.; 1881 March 14, Invalid Appl. #417248, Cert. #407225, KY; 1905 Dec. 19, Widow Appl. #839891, Cert. #611053, KY. (MAD: 1850 Whitley Co. KY census, 1860 Madison Co. KY census; mustered in at Macon, Bibb Co. GA)

U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 (image from Mary Lou Cole 4/7/2009)
      Records of Men Enlisted in the U.S. Army (pg.21? - too faint) Prior to the Peace Establishment, May 17, 1815. Pg.20
      No.; Name; Organization: Rank, Regiment, Co., Company Commander, Regimental Commander; Description: Height feet/inches, eyes, hair, complexion, age, occupation; Where Born: town or county, state; Enlistment: When, where, by whom, period; Remarks
      #242, Duncan, Anderson, Pri, or US Infy; 5 ft. 9 inches, eyes blue, hair light, complexion dark, age 35, occupation farmer, born Va, Enlisted Sept. 20 1814, Estell KY, by Ensign Richardson, for 5 years. Remarks: RR Sept & Oct. 1814, D.R. Capt. H.C. Gists Co. Lower Sandusky, June 1/15, Absent, sent to Detroit, April 15/15, Jn? (?JR?) Capt. Wm. White's Co. 5 US Infy Ft. Gratiot, Oct. 31, Dec 31/15, Feb. 28, April 30, Aug. 31, Oct. 31, Dec. 30/16, April 30, June 30, Oct. 31, Dec. 31/17, Feby 28, April 30, June 30, Aug. 31, Oct. 30/18, Feby 22, April 30, June 30, Aug. 30/19, Present Mo Ret Sept. 30, JR? Oct. 31, & SA MR Ft. Howard, Green Bay, Dec. 30/19, Discharged at Ft. Howard, Sept. 20/19, term expired. 28 US Infy was made 3 after May 17?/15. (19?/15) See pension case. (MAD: see land grant in Independence Co. AR, see Madison Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.142-3, Madison Co. HON. JOHN D. HARRIS, born Dec. 29, 1829, 3 miles south of Richmond, KY, the son and only child of William and Malinda (Duncan) Harris; William Harris was born in East Madison Co. May 16, 1805, a son of John and Margaret (Maupin) Harris, natives of Albemarle Co. VA who came to KY about the year 1790. He (John Harris) acted as associate judge, assisted in laying off the town of Richmond, ... born March 14, 1765, and his wife Margaret Maupin, Feb. 1, 1767; they were married June 23, 1785, and to them were born nine children: Robert born Oct. 27, 1786; Christopher born April 1, 1788; Overton born Nov. 24, 1789; Betsey born Sept. 30, 1791; James born May 1, 1794; John M. born Dec. 30, 1795; Frances M. born March 26, 1802; William born May 16, 1805; Susanna W. born May 10, 1808. Robert married Jane Ellison; Christopher married Sarah Wallace (his second wife was Elizabeth Berry); Overton married Polly Woods; James married Minerva Harris; John M. died in early manhood, unmarried; William married Malinda Duncan; Betsey married Anderson Woods; Frances M. married James Miller; Susanna W. married William Duncan. Christopher Harris, the father of John Harris, married for his first wife, Mary Dabney, their children: Sallie, Robert, Tyre, Dabney, Christopher and Mourning; his second wife was Nancy McCord, children: John, Jane, Benjamin, Nancy, William, Barney, Overton and Isabel. William Harris, father of the subject, died Oct. 25, 1872. His wife, Malinda Duncan, was a daughter of John and Lucy (White) Duncan, one of a family of six children: Malinda, Elizabeth (Taylor), Emily (Goodloe), John A., Lou Ann (Hart), and Olivia (Gregory). The subject (John D. Harris) married, Sept. 20, 1849, to Nancy White, dau. of Valentine M. and Jane (Gentry) White ...
      Pg.299, Madison Co. HON. RICHARD J. WHITE, born Dec. 15, 1827, in Silver Creek, Madison Co., son of Valentine M. and Jane H. (Gentry) White to whom were born three sons and one dau. Valentine M. was born on same farm in 1801, farmer, died 1834, son of Durett White who came from Culpeper Co. VA and settled on Silver Creek as early as 1780-85; had served 3 years in Continental Army as lieutenant under Gen. Washington, married a widow named Lucy Clark, one child; had several children by her former husband. Mrs. Jane H. (Gentry) White, dau. of Richard Gentry who married a Miss Martin. ... Richard J. White was reared on farm, educated at Bethany College, WV; he married in Sept. 1840 to Lucy A., only dau. of Creed and Elizabeth (Duncan) Taylor, natives of Madison Co., but of VA families of English descent. Mr. White and wife raised six children to bless their home: Valentine (deceased), William, Richard, Elizabeth, John and Martin B. Christian Church ...

1883 "History of Greene Co. MO" by Western Hist. Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 G81Hi)
      Pg.749: JOHN H. DUNCAN. Mr. Duncan is the son of Harvey and Mary (Bowden) Duncan, and was born at Georgetown, [Scott Co.] KY January 8th, 1854. He was educated at Evansville, Indiana, Canton, Illinois, and McGee College, Macon county, Missouri. He came to Springfield, Missouri, in March, 1876, ... Mr. Duncan was married June 6th, 1877, to Miss L.A. Carson. They have two children, Hume and Leroy. His father is living at Canton, [Fulton Co.] IL, and his mother died at Evansville, [Vanderburgh Co.] IN, in 1861. (MAD: "John H." as given at head of article)

1893 "Pictorial and Genealogical Record of Greene Co. MO" by Goodspeed (from Georgia Helderlein 2/1993; and extracts from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983; HeritageQuest image 2/20/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 10647)
      Pg.42: JAMES H. DUNCAN. Among the noted & representative men of flourishing city of Springfield, MO, is J.H. Duncan, the present prosecuting attorney of Greene Co. ... He came originally from the Blue Grass State, born in Georgetown, Scott Co., Jan. 8, 1854, and is a son of Harvey and Mary E. (Bowden) Duncan. The father was also a native of KY, born in Madison Co., and is of Scotch-Irish descent, his ancestors emigrating to this country at an early date. For many years the father made his home in Springfield but later moved to Canton [Fulton Co.], IL, where he resides at present. Mrs. Duncan was a sister of Ex-Judge James H. Bowden of KY; she died in 1862. Of the 5 children born to this couple, only two besides our subject are now living: Prof. S.P. Duncan, resident of Coldwater KS and probate judge of his county, a prominent attorney of his city; and Mrs. Allie B. Gardener, wife of J.B. Gardener, resides in Canton, IL. The early recollections of our subject were of his native State, but when the war broke out, he moved with his parents to Evansville, Ind., from there to Canton, Ill., in 1866, where he remained for five or six years. He was educated in the Evansville and Canton high schools, and also attended the McGree College in Macon County, Mo., thus securing good educational advantages. After leaving school he became a teacher and while thus occupied he took up the study of law; later he entered the law office of Cravens & Bray and was admitted to the bar in 1876. ... Cumberland Presbyterian Church; home is presided over by his chosen companion, formerly Miss Levie A. Carson, a native of St.Louis and dau. of Henry S. Carson of Springfield; three children: Henry H., Harvey L. and Paul B. Mrs. Duncan holds membership in the Baptist Church ... (MAD: 1860 Union Co. KY census; "James H." as given at head of article)

1889 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion [and Edgar] Co. IL, containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of the state, and of the presidents of the United States." pub. Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1889, 766 pgs. (FHL book 977.365 D3p, 9/1994; LH10982, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 215,556 and 1,000,518 item 2)
      Pg.309-310: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SNOWDEN ... farms in Sidell Twp; William Snowden, the father of our subject, with his wife, formerly Miss Martha Pigg, were natives of Clark Co. KY where the paternal grandfather, Joshua Snowden, was also born and was the son of David Snowden, a native of VA ... Joshua Snowden a soldier in War of 1812; the Pigg family in VA owned lands and slaves, originally settled in KY. The father of our subject farmed, ... trade in fine horses, cattle and mules, born, reared, married and died in Clark Co. KY; his business relations extended to Bourbon, Fayette, Merritt, Esther, Powell and other counties of that state and other states, died April 17, 1884, age 67; the mother died July 1, 1883, age 65. Nine children were born to the parents of the subject: Benjamin Franklin of this sketch, Thomas J. (Cincinnati, OH), William N. (farming in Clark Co. KY), John W. (physician and surgeon in Clark Co. KY), Louisa (wife of Taylor Mansfield of Clark Co. KY), Joshua (farming, resides on Parkville homestead), Mary (wife of David B. Duncan, a farmer of Madison Co. KY), Melissa (died age 13), and Nancy (died age 3). Benjamin Franklin Snowden born Dec. 8, 1839, 14 miles east of Paris in Bourbon Co. KY, a child when his father's family removed to Clark Co., age 21 mar. Miss Amanda F. Craig of Estill Co. KY ... spring 1887 to this county. (MAD: info on Craig family and the Snowden children not copied here.)

1903 "History of Montgomery County, Kansas : by its own people...containing sketches of our pioneers - revealing their trials and hardships in planting civilization in this county - biographies of their worthy successors, and containing other information of a character valuable as reference to the citizens of the county" pub. by L. Wallace Duncan (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL film 874,479 item 1)
      Minor references indexed, 1890's, not copied
      Pg.474-5: HARVEY DUNCAN, farmer, native of Fulton Co. IL, born Jan. 30, 1854; parents were Solomon and Rebecca Duncan, born in KY. The mother's family came from VA. Harvey Duncan one of 9 children: David, Molly, Beal, Anna Herrell, John, Harvey, Lida Taylor, James (decd.), and 2 died in infancy. In autumn 1870 family to Montgomery Co.; purchased claim at Independence; contested, settled 4 years later in favor of Solomon Duncan. Soon after, Harvey located claim next to his father. Harvey Duncan married Edith Drenner, native of IL, dau. of Jacob & Mary Drenner of VA; 4 children: Lina a teacher, Grace, Jay S., and John W. Republican.
      Pg.504-5: JOHN DUNCAN; arrived 1880 Montgomery Co., born Fulton Co. IL 1852; parents were Solomon and Rebecca (Emerine) Duncan; parents originally from Blue Grass State and were farmers as were their ancestors. Maternal grandfather was resident of eastern KY, living where is now the city of Lexington [Fayette Co.], later removed to Montgomery Co. (KS). John Duncan married 1878 to Miss Allie Hart, dau. of Richard and Gertrude (Walker) Hart, born VT; Richard Hart native of VA, now deceased, wife still resides in IL at very advanced age. Mr. & Mrs. Duncan have 3 children: Homer, eldest son, m. Nellie Davis, dau. of John & Mary Davis, have child Bessie; Lottie, elder dau. residing at home; Edna, youngest, school girl at home. (MAD: Solomon Duncan mar. Rebecca Amerine 2/25/1845 Madison Co. KY)


"KY Ancestors" Vol.2 #2, Oct. 1966, on pg.61 gives information about the family of Charles Duncan who married Mary Woods 12/15/1795, and their descendants from the Bible of Mrs. Lucy Alexander Embrey Wilson which includes complete dates of birth for their children (from Marilyn Michaels 6/1982, various libraries)

"Wayne Co. KY Vital Records" Vol.3 by June Baldwin Bork, ca 1972 (FHL book 976.964 V2b from Vivian Biddle 1981)
      Pg.124 has a transcript of the Baylis Washington Duncan Family Bible, contributed by James B. Duncan of Taylor, Michigan, starting with:
      Alexander C. Duncan was born in Russell Co., Virginia 8 June 1787 (MAD: 1840 Jessamine Co. KY)
      Hannah A. Duncan was born in Rowan Co., North Carolina 1793, married in 1809 (MAD: mar. 12/17/1809 Pulaski Co. KY)
      James Duncan, grandfather of B.W. Duncan was born in Culpeper Co., Virginia on 19 January 1757. He was the eldest son of Raleigh Duncan a native of Perthshire, Scotland who married Nancy Chowning of Culpeper Co., Va.
      (later generations)
      James Duncan was murdered by the Indians in 1790. He married Mary Crockett of Virginia in 1785. (MAD: Mary [Crockett] Duncan mar. 2nd William Carver 8/27/1799 Madison Co. KY, to Cass Co. IL)
      Townsend Duncan the ancestor of B.W. Duncan came to Virginia in 1730.

"The Kentucky Genealogist" Vol.15#1, Jan. 1973 (from Evelyn Sigler 4/1982)
      Pg.7-8 has a transcript of the same Bible of B.W. Duncan of Wayne Co. KY, and the note that "The entries of births, marriages and deaths were copied by James B. Duncan exactly as they appear, without alterations, clarification of nicknames or corrections of misspellings." It includes:
      Alexander C. Duncan was born in Rupell County, Virginia June 8, 1787
      Hannah A. Duncan was born in Rowan County North Carolina 1793
      James Duncan the grandfather of B.W. Duncan was born in Culpeper Co. Virginia January 19, 1757. He was the eldest son of Raleigh Duncan who was a native of Perthshire, Scotland, who married Nancy Chowning of Culpeper Co. Virginia
      Townsend Duncan the ancestor of B.W. Duncan came to Virginia in 1703
      (and under DEATHS) James Duncan was murdered by Indians in 1790. He married Nancy Crockett of Virginia in 1785.

"Estill Co. KY Circuit Court Records" by Ellen Rogers, Vol.1 (FHL book 976.959 P2r)
      Pg.13 contains an extract of the record in Row 1, Drawer 1: Issac Duncan adm. of Philamon Kavanaugh vs. Zachariah Fletcher; July term of Court 1836 a change of venue from Clay Co. to Estill Co. There is also a reference to Thomas Duncan, an attorney for Samuel Drake in 1825 (pg.37), and to James B. Duncan as a Plaintiff in 1840 and 1841 (pg.49 and 64).

"St.Louis and St. Louis Co. MO Probate Records, Vol.1, 1804-1849" by St. Louis Genealogical Society (FHL book 977.865 P2st)
      Pg.33 contains an abstract from Will Book A-338, Joseph Hiett (of Madison Co. KY), dated 11 Jan. 1823, recorded 26 May 1828, naming wife Margaret Hiett, sons Frederick and William, daughters Sally Hiett, Jane Owens, Elizabeth Watts & Grizzel Turner, and Moses Hiett; witnesses Will Miller, John Duncan and James Hockaday. (MAD: see Howard Co. MO deed P-369)

"Will Abstracts of Orange Co. VA, 1821-1838" by Sam Sparacio, 1986 (from Evelyn Sigler 1986)
      Pg.149 contains an abstract of a suit filed 4 Oct 1838, Minor Rucker Plaintiff and Benjamin Burton, surv. Executor of Mary Burton, Decd, who was original ex. of John Rucker, decd., Mary Graves, widow of Waller Graves, decd. and the heirs of Willis Rucker decd. are defendants. Bill amended 2nd Dec 1841 because names of additional distributees had been learned. Many of the depositions in this suit provide genealogical information on several generations of the family of John Rucker of Orange Co. In an affidavit of John Duncan and John Black, both citizens of Madison Co. KY, on the 25th Jan 1828 in the town of Richmond, said they were well acquainted with Joel White and Franky, his wife, now both decd, Henry White, their son, and his wife, both decd, had one child, a daughter, Florina. The children of Joel White & Frankey (dau. of John Rucker) were Henry, John, Wm., Durrett, Polly, Florina, Betsy, Milly, Phoebe, Nancy, Fanny and Lucinda, who is dead, leaving no children. All the rest are alive and have living children.
      MAD: Probably the John Duncan who married Lucy White 8/20/1807 in Madison Co. KY.


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