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Formed 1837 from Carroll
Grundy formed 1841 from Livingston


1840 Livingston Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Grand River
Pg.259  Henry Duncan        2100,01    - 0010,01
Pg.263  Dickson Duncan      1000,1     - 0000,1
Pg.274  Joseph Duncan       0000,01    - 1000,1
          (MAD: ? wife Lucy, per Shelby Co. KY deed)

1850 Livingston Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.59, #205, Henry DUNKIN 49 KY farmer $1000
                  Eda 40 KY
                  Susan R. 20, Emily F. 17 (f) MO
                  Jesse A. 15 MO farmer $0
                  James H. 12, William M. 9 MO
                  Mary C. 7 MO
                  Lucy Ann 4, Sarah E. 1 MO
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan b. Allen Co. KY; Emily F. female very plain, not Emory F.; Henry Duncan mar. Edith Monroe 3/26/1829 Howard Co. MO)

1860 Livingston Co. MO Census
Grand River
Pg.821, #25-23, Henry DUNCAN 51 KY farmer $2000-400
                  Nancy 41 MO
                  Irene 17, George 15 MO
                  Nancy 14, Mary 12 MO
                  Margaret 10, Thomas 8 MO
                  Benjamin 5, Cornelius 3 MO
                  Henry L. 1 MO
                  Serepty BOWDEN (f) 17, Forrest (m) 12 MO
                   (MAD: 1850 Chariton Co. MO census; 1870 Bates Co. MO census)
Jackson Twp.
Pg.881, #432-434, M.P. DUNCAN (m) 35 VA waggon maker $250-200
                  Louisa 31 KY
                  A.J. (m) 13, Adam 11 KY
                  Jasper 7 KY
                   (MAD: Milton Duncan; 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY census)
Mannel? Twp.
Pg.887, #464-466, Henry DUNCAN 59 KY farmer $3000-$1500
                  Edith 50 KY
                  William 19, Mary 16 MO
                  Sarah 11 MO
                  John 8, Joseph 5 MO
                  James 22 MO
                  Celia 15 MO

1870 Livingston Co. MO Census
Blue Mound Twp, P.O. Dawn
Pg.421, #120-120, DUNCAN, Jesse 34 MO (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Sarah F. 28 IN keeping house
                  BARNES, John A. 7 MO at home
                  Dora (f) 6 MO at home
Cream Ridge Twp., P.O. Farmersville
Pg.515, #1-1, HUMPHREY, Joseph 57 OH farmer $1500-$200
                  Esther 57 PA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Irene 25 MO school teacher
Grand River Twp., P.O. Redford
Pg.547, #96-96, DUNCAN, Nancy 51 MO keeping house $1815-$764
                  Irene 28 MO at home
                  Mary 20 MO at home
                  Margaret 18 MO at home
                  Thomas 17 MO at home
                  Benj. 15 MO at home
                  Cornelia (f) 12 MO at home
                  HUFFMAN, Andrew 23 IL farmer
                  Nanie (f) 23 MO at home
                  Bergie (m) 1 MO at home
Pg.547, #97-97, DUNCAN, Geo. W. 25 MO farmer $600-$400, mar. Dec.
                  Susan 18 IL keeping house, mar. Dec.
                  Edith (f) 8/12 MO b.Oct. at home


Livingston Co. MO Wills (FHL film 964,676)
      Book A, 1837-1854 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1856-1866
            B-93: 11 Oct. 1863, will of Henry M. Duncan of Livingston Co. MO, ill health; to wife Nancy Duncan all of my real and personal property after deducting all dues and paying all dues, and appoint her as my executor independent of any security whatsoever; she shall sell this property as soon as she can to an advantage and lay it out in other lands and at her death it shall be equally divided among my children. (unnamed) Wit. David Carpenter, Willard Hawkins. Proved 8 Dec. 1863; admitted to probate March 1864.


Livingston Co. MO Deed Indexes (FHL film 964,654 indexes to 1870)
      F-159: Duncan, Nancy from Martha Ann Seaton
      F-736: Dunkin, Nancy to William Seaton
      F-768: Duncan, Henry W. from John Stuckey
      G-129: Duncan, Henry & wife to Isaac Wooden
      H-140: Duncan, Henry from John Baines
      J-257: Duncan, Henry & wife to Charles B. Dickinson (Bk.J 1857-58)
      M-598: Duncan, Henry & wife to James Duncan (Bks.M-N 1860-64)
      N-578: Duncan, Henry & wife to James B. Morris
      W-427: Duncan, George A. from H & NI RR (Bks.V-W 1864-1868)
      X-72: Duncan, Henry to Sarah A. & Robt. J. Rutherford (Bks.X-Z 1868-69)
      Z-846: Duncan, Wm. M. to Luce Patrick
      26-279: Duncan, Martha E. from Edward A. Bradley (Bk.26 1869)
      26-360: Duncan, Martha E. to A.J. Crigler

Livingston Co. MO Deeds
      F-159: 6 July 1852, Martha Ann Leaton of Livingston Co. to Nancy Duncan, $375, land starting 20 rods south of NW corner of SW 1/4 Sec. 20 Twp 56 R21 to incl. 20 acres. (FHL film 964,663; typed)
      F-736: 6 Jan. 1854, Nancy Duncan of Livingston Co. to William Leaton of same, $600, above land. (FHL film 964,663; typed)
      F-768: 13 Feb. 1854, John Stucky and wife Julia Ann of Livingston Co. to Henry M. Duncan of same, $275, SW 1/4 NE /4 Sec. 25 Twp 56 R22, 41+ acres. (FHL film 964,663; typed)
      G-129: 2 March 1855, Henry (X) Duncan and wife Eda (X) of Livingston Co. to Isaac Wooden of Carroll Co., $1600, W 1/2 SE 1/4 and NE 1/4 of SW 1/2 and SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec. 17, Twp 56N, R22W, 160 acres. (FHL film 964,664)
      H-140: 12 Aug. 1856, John Barnes and wife Cyrene to Henry Duncan, both Livingston Co., $180, SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 6 T56 R23, 35 acres. (FHL film 964,664)
      J-257: 26 March 1857, Henry M. Duncan and wife Nancy of Livingston Co. MO to Charles B. Dickinson of same, quit claim, $50, 80 acres off N part of N 1/2 W. of Grand River of Sec. 20 T56 R21 and the use of the coal bank. No wit. (FHL film 964,665)
      M-598: 23 May 1862, Henry (X) Duncan and wife Edy of Livingston Co. MO to James Duncan of same, $100, 40 acres, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 12 T56 R24. Wit. John Barnes. (FHL film 964,668)
      N-578: 5 Dec. 1861, Henry (X) Duncan and wife Eady of Livingston Co. MO to James B. Morris, $6.50, one acre at SE corner of NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 6 T56 R23. (FHL film 964,668)


Anderson Co. KY Deed (from Nancy Young 11/1987)
      F-389: 8 Feb. 1847, Trevis Sterling and wife Chloe late Chloe Duncan of Livingston Co. MO by attorney James D. Parker, sell to Mark Duncan of Anderson Co. KY, 11 acres 3 rods, $70.50, being 1/2 undivided interest which Chloe Duncan now Sterling holds in real estate of said Benjamin Duncan, decd. in Anderson Co. KY. (The part sold is 1/2 of 1/9 part of an interest which said Chloe Sterling holds in the real estate of Benjamin Duncan decd.) (MAD: Travis Sterling mar. Cloe Dunkin, 30 Jan. 1833, Livingston Co. MO)

Shelby Co. KY Deed (FHL film 259,241)
      G2-83: 27 June 1839, Joseph & Lucy Duncan of Livingston Co. MO as heirs and legatees of estate of Evan Thompson decd, are seized in fee of one portion of land in Shelby Co. KY; appoint Clor Thompson of Shelby Co. our attorney to convey it in fee simple as she shall see fit. Reg. in Livingston Co. MO; his wife Lucy examined separately.

HISTORIES before 1923

1883 "The History of Jasper County, Missouri : including a condensed history of the state, a complete history of Carthage and Joplin, other towns and townships" ed. by F.A. North (FHL book 977.872 H2h V.1)
      Pg.994; Preston Township: EMORY F. DUNCAN was the son of Henry Duncan, who was one of the very first settlers of MO, and was born in Allen Co. KY, Feb. 14, 1801, and came to Howard Co. MO, in 1823. He was married to Edna Morgan in 1829, who was born in Virginia and raised in Missouri. Our subject was reared on a farm until nineteen years of age, and then learned the cabinet-making business. After that he went to New Mexico in 1855, and drove a team of six mules .... He returned to Missouri in 1856, and was married to Charity Hunt, who was born in Ray Co. MO, Oct. 18, 1838. By this union they had six children; three are living: Allie V., who married Thos. Brady in 1876; their post-office is Newport, MO; Amanda E., and Jessie H. Mrs. Duncan died May 1, 1872. Mr. Duncan moved to Texas, and remained there three years. He was then married to Mrs. Mary Jenkins, a widow, of Dallas, Texas, Aug. 30, 1874, who was born Oct. 15, 1849. Her husband, R.H. Jenkins, was all through the war, and at its close was killed, supposed to have been murdered. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan moved to Kansas in 1876; then to Jasper Co. MO; from there he moved to Pittsburgh, KS, ... He came to Jasper MO in 1878. .... Himself and wife are members of the M.E. Church ....


Some early Duncans in Livingston Co. MO:
      Cloe Dunkin, 30 Jan. 1833, mar. Travis Sterling. (MAD: Chloe Sterling was heir of Benjamin Duncan to land in Anderson Co. KY)
      Susan Duncan, 4 Nov. 1851, mar. E.D. Carter.
      John M. Duncan, 14 Feb. 1860, mar. Cacila Pherris.


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