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HISTORIES before 1923

"History of the Presbyterian Church in the state of Illinois" by A.T. Norton; pub. St. Louis: W.S. Bryan, 1879, 752 pgs. (LH8106, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.3 K2na and film 1,697,882 item 8)
      Pg.280-281: Central Church ... the following elders have been chosen: Robert Brown and James M. Duncan, Feb. 12, 1842; ...
      Pg.299: The Presbytery of Sangamon, o.s., met at Springfield, April 2, 1841. ... John G. Bergen, minister, and James M. Duncan, elder, were appointed to the Assembly.

1876 "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois : centennial record" by John Carroll Power, pub. Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book; FHL book 977.356 D3p and film 1,000,513 item 4; also from Carolyn Jensen, Sue Monaghan, Donald Neal Duncan)
      No Pemberton biography
      Pg.270: DUNCAN, MOSES, no relation to John, Rice, Marshall, etc. He was born in South Carolina, was a soldier in the war of 1812, was married in South Carolina, moved to Tennessee, had several children there, and the family moved to Sangamon county, Ill., arriving in 1826 or 1827, and settled on Spring creek.
            HIRAM, JOHN, MARY, MARGARET and WILLIAM married in Tennessee, and came to Sangamon county with their father. MOSES, Jun., JOSEPH, DAVID and ARCHIBALD, the four latter unmarried, came with their parents also. JOSEPH and DAVID married in Sangamon county. In 1833 the whole family except two moved to Missouri. In 1835 the other two, WILLIAM and JOSEPH, went there also.
            JOSEPH was a preacher in the M.E. church, and when the division took place he preferred remaining with the real Methodist Episcopal church, and returned to Sangamon county in 1844. In order to give his life in detail it may be said he was born May 21, 1808, in Franklin county, Tenn., came to Sangamon county in 1826 or 7, was a soldier in the Black Hawk war of 1831-2, and was married in Sangamon county, Oct. 18, 1832, to Nancy Lanterman. Rev. Joseph Duncan died May 10, 1854. His widow married Harrison Bishop. He died, and she resides with her son, David C. Duncan, in Williamsville. Rev. Joseph Duncan was a regular traveling preacher from the time he returned from Missouri until his death. They had two living children. DAVID C., born Oct. 6, 1833, in Sangamon county, married Nov. 23, 1856 to Deborah Mills. They had four living children, Sarah B., Dora M., Nancy E., and Mary E., and resided in Williamsville. SOLOMON H., born June 6, 1835, died April 11, 1860.
      Pg.270: DUNCAN, RICE, was born Mar. 5, 1781, in North Carolina. He was brother to Marshal and John. When young his father's family moved to Cumberland county, Ky. He was there married to Barbara Antle. They had four children, and Mrs. D. died. He married Luranah Rutherford. They brought one child from Kentucky to St. Clair county, where they had five children, and moved to Morgan, and then to Sangamon county, arriving Oct., 1837, in what is now Salisbury. Mrs. Luranah Duncan, died May 29, 1862, and Rice Duncan died Oct. 7, 1863, both in Salisbury township. Of their children --
            DELILAH, born Nov. 20, 1805, in Kentucky, married A. Buchanan, had twelve children, moved to Texas in 1845, and Mr. B. died soon after.
            MATILDA, born Nov. 29, 1807, in Kentucky, married Levi Scott, had twelve children, Mr. S. died, and the family reside at Carthage, Ill.
            WILLIAM T., born April 23, 1809, in Kentucky, married Clemantine French. They had six children, and he died. The family reside in Macoupin county.
            SIDNEY S., born Dec. 18, 1810, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county to Mary Rogers. They had three children. He was Judge of Morgan county court, and died Aug., 1872, in Jacksonville. His widow resides in Chicago.
            SUSANNAH, born July 13, 1816, in Kentucky, married Andrew P. Tannehill. They have six children, and live in Bates county, Mo.
            NANCY, born Jan. 25, 1820, married Henry Antle. See his name.
            SARAH B., born Feb. 21, 1823, married George Goodman, have seven children and live in Keokuk, Iowa.
            BETSY F., born July 3, 1825, married William Dorrell, and live in Menard county.
            ELLA A., born June 1, 1827, married Samuel Coleman, and both died, leaving one child, in Salisbury township.
            AVARILLA, born Feb. 8, 1831, married Lemuel Miller, had two children, and died.
      Pg.270-1: DUNCAN, MARSHAL, was born in 1783 or 4, in North Carolina. He was brother to Rice and John. He went, when young, with his parents to Cumberland county, Kentucky. He left Kentucky with three children and came to Sangamon county, Ill., arrived in 1820 or 21 in Salisbury township. He was there married to Hannah Miller, a daughter of John Miller. Marshall Duncan died in Sangamon county, in the fall of 1858, and his widow resides with her children in Iowa. They had eight children. Of all his children --
            JAMES T. and WILLIAM T.H., twins, born May 10, 1807, in Cumberland county, Ky.
            JAMES T., married in Sangamon county, Aug. 27, 1829, to Mary Penny, who was born Dec. 6, 1809, in Pope county, Ill. James T. Duncan, died July 9, 1856, and his widow resides in Salisbury. They had nine living children, HESTER A., married John Gramlish, and resides in Salisbury township. FRANCIS M., born Dec. 30, 1852 (MAD: b. 1832), married Martha J. Yoakum. They have eight children, CHARLES N., LAURA A., WM. R. and JAMES T., twins, JEANETTE A., GEORGE G., LOUISA E. and MARY J., and live in Salisbury township, northeast of Sangamon river. JANE, married John C. Berry, have six children, and live in DeWitt county. JOHN W., died in Iowa in 1869, aged thirty-two years. FRANKLIN W., married Martha Irwin, have five children, and live in Menard county. JAMES T., Jun., married Olive Douglas, who died leaving one child; he and his child live in Salisbury township. SYLVESTER T., unmarried, resides at Salisbury. MATILDA, married James Potter, have four children, and live in Menard county. WILLIAM P., lives with his mother.
            WILLIAM T.H., married in Sangamon county, in 1831, to Eve Miller. William T.H. Duncan died Oct. 20, 1862, and his widow resides in Salisbury - 1874. They had twelve children, MARION M., married Martha McMurphy, have five children, LUCY C., LAUR A., MARGARET N., OMER L., and LENA E., and live in Salisbury. POLLY A., married O.R. Baker. See his name. JAMES T., and SIMEON S., live with their mother. SARAH J., married Hamilton Combs, has four children, and live in Salisbury township. MARTHA, married Richard Gaines, and lives with her mother. MARGARET, married Dr. A.F. Purvines. See his name. NANCY E., married Napoleon Connor, have two children, and live in Macoupin county. GEORGE W., is west. FARINDA, married Elisha Batterton. See his name. ALICE, married Turner Yoakum, and resides in Avoca, Iowa. THOMAS S., lives with his mother.
            MARSHAL T., born Dec. 27, 1809, in Cumberland county, Ky., married in Tennessee, Aug. 22, 1830, to Anna Sharp. They had three children, and Mrs. Duncan died in 1836 or 7, and Mr. Duncan, with his children, came soon after to Sangamon county. Marshal T. Duncan died Aug. 23, 1840, in Sangamon county. Of his children -- WILLIAM T., born Sept. 19, 1832, in Tenn., raised in Sangamon county, and enlisted for three years, Aug. 13, 1862, in Co. B, 114 Ill. Inf., served until Aug. 3, 1865, when he was honorably discharged. He was married March 20, 1866, to Jane Grady. They have four children, MARY A., JASPER C., ANNA M., and WILLIAM H., and live seven miles northwest of Springfield. RACHEL M., born Aug. 11, 1834, in Tennessee, married in Sangamon county to Enos Campbell. See his name. MARY A., born Sept. 7, 1836, in Tennessee, married in Sangamon county to Solomon Penny, and died.
            By the second marriage -- MINERVA, born Sept. 15, 1822, in Sangamon county, married John C. Irwin. See his name. ARTAMESIA, born Nov. 30, 1828, in Sangamon county, married May 5, 1832, to Nathan Hartley, have six children, and live in Menard county. The remainder of the children are in Iowa and Kansas.
      Pg.271-2: DUNCAN, JOHN, was born in 1789, in Cumberland county, Ky. He was married there to Sally Miller, and had six children there, and moved to Sangamon county, Ill, about 1827, in what is now Salisbury township, where they had six children. Mrs. Sally Duncan died Nov., 1850, and John Duncan died in 1863, both near Salisbury. Three only of their children reside in Sangamon county.
            POLLY married John Davies. See his name.
            JOHN married Nancy Kane, have three children, and reside in Salisbury.
            ARMINDA, born Feb. 14, 1828, in Sangamon county, married Jan. 8, 1849, to Frederick Luchsinger, who was born April 2, 1824, in Canton Glarus, Switzerland. They have six living children. HESTER A., married John Danenberger, and resides in Sangamon county. SARAH E., married Silas Danenberger, and resides in Salisbury township. JANE M., HARRIET E., JANETTA and ELIZA O. reside with their parents, near Salisbury.
      Pg.84: ANTLE, REV. JOHN, was born April 15, 1789, in Cumberland county, Ky. Elizabeth Buchanan was born in Cumberland county, Pa. Her parents moved to Lincoln County, Ky., when she was seven years old. Her father died in that county, and she went to live with a married sister in Cumberland county. John Antle and Elizabeth Buchanan were there married. They had five children. The family then moved to Morgan county, Ill., in 1829, and from there to Sangamon county, arriving Jan. 9, 1830, in what is now Salisbury township. Mrs. Elizabeth Antle died Sept., 1844, and John Antle died August 30, 1864, she in Menard county and he in Salisbury. .... Of their children --
            POLLY, born in 1810, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county to Henry Hadley, and she died.
            SALLY, born Jan., 1811, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county, Sept., 1833, to Marshall Bragg. Mr. Bragg died, and his widow and three children reside in Keokuk county, Iowa. A married daughter resides in Logan county, Illinois.
            HENRY, born Sept. 12, 1813, in Cumberland county, Ky., married in Sangamon county, Jan. 18, 1837, to Nancy Duncan. They have eight living children, SARAH A. married Charles Bottroff, and resides in Cartwright township, SIDNEY D., ELY ANN, JAMES S., NATHAN McC., LURANA, MARTHA F. and MARSHAL B., reside with their parents, adjoining Salisbury on the west.
            ANDREW F., born in 1815, in Cumberland county, Kentucky, married in Sangamon county to Ann Dardon, Oct., 1840. They have one child, and reside near Scio, Linn county, Oregon.
            MARTHA, born August 8, 1818, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county, March, 1839, to Simon Stevens. They had five children, one died young. JOHN enlisted August, 1862, in Co. H., 114 Ill. Inf., for three years, and died in the army in 1863. MARSHALL A., GEO. S. and WILLARD T., reside with their mother. Mr. Stevens died in 1863, and his widow resides in Salisbury township.

1876 "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois : centennial record" by John Carroll Power, pub. Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book; FHL book 977.356 D3p and film 1,000,513 item 4; also from Carolyn Jensen, Sue Monaghan, Donald Neal Duncan; mostly extracts, additional information available in complete book)
      Pg.101: LEVI BATTERTON, b. 20 Aug. 1804 Adair Co. KY (son of Amor Batterton 1772-1835 and Nancy Guthrie 1776-1835) was mar. 3 March 1831 in Sangamon Co. IL to Dorcas Sackett. Of their 6 children:
            Thomas S. Batterton mar. Lucy Duncan, and had five children - Jasper N., Allie J., Francis M., George W., and Anderson D. and resided in Salisbury, IL.
            Elias Batterton mar. Ellen Duncan, had 2 children - Harvey and Annie, and resided 5 miles north of Salisbury, IL.
            William H. Batterton mar. Mary E. Duncan, had a child, Nora, and resided 2 miles north of Salisbury.
      Pg.102: E. George Batterton, b. 26 June 1814 in Adair Co. KY (another son of Amor Batterton) mar. 19 Jan. 1843 in Menard Co. IL to Huberty Clark. Of their 10 children, Elisha C. Batterton married Farinda Duncan. They had 3 children - Emma J., Edward L., and Sylvan V. and resided 1 mile southeast of Salisbury, IL.
      Pg.141: Rebecca Britton, born in Franklin Co. OH, a daughter of Benjamin Britton 1797-1868 and Elizabeth Brunk of Cotton Hill Twp., Sangamon Co. IL, married in Sangamon Co. to Nathaniel Duncan. Mr. Duncan died and his widow married Joel Vandever and resided in Pana, IL.
      Pg.157: BUCHANAN, REUBEN, was born March 20, 1809, in Woodford county, Ky. His father moved, in 1819 or '20, to Morgan county, Ill. Reuben remained there until 1834, when he came to Sangamon county, settling at Salisbury, where he was married to Barbara Duncan, a step-daughter of Solomon MILLER. She was born March 15, 1812, in Cumberland county, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan had four children, three of whom died young. The only one living -- Mr. Buchanan moved from Salisbury to Springfield in April, 1847, and was engaged in the grocery business until his death, which occurred Nov. 14, 1861. His widow resides with her son-in-law, Lafayette Smith, in Springfield. (MAD: Barbara Duncan mar. Reuben Buchanan in Sangamon Co. IL; but wife of Solomon Miller was Nancy A. Antle, dau. of Mary or Molly Antle, mar. 13 Aug. 1813 in Adair Co. KY)
            HARRIET A., born Dec. 3, 1838, at Salisbury, married Jan. 1, 1857, in Springfield, to Lafayette Smith. See his name.
      Pg.170: CAMPBELL, ENOS, born about 1758, ... Revolutionary Army, .... Enos Campbell and Damaris Nowee were married in New Jersey, and moved to Uniontown, Fayette county, Penn., where they had nine children, and moved, about 1806, to Butler county, O., where they had one child, and the family moved to Sangamon county, Ill., arriving in the fall of 1835, in what is now Gardner township. Some of the children had arrived before, and some never came. Of their children - ....
            JOHN N., born April 10, 1794, in Uniontown, Fayette county, Pa., married Oct. 12, 1818, in Butler county, Ohio, to Phoebe Clarke, who was born April 30, 1791, in Uniontown, Pa., also. They had five children in Ohio, and moved to Sangamon county, arriving Oct. 3, 1824, in what is now Salisbury township, where they had four children. Of their children ..., ENOS, born Nov. 22, 1822, in Ohio, married in Sangamon county, Feb. 12, 1851, to Rachel Duncan. They have two children, both married, and live near Clinton.
      Pg.179: ZEBULON G. CANTRALL, b. 29 June 1773 in Botetourt Co. VA, mar. 31 Aug. 1797 in Bath Co. KY to Sarah McCallum. Of their 14 children, Eliza, born 4 July 1816 in Clark Co. OH, married 5 Oct 1834 to Jeremiah Duncan. Eliza died 29 Jan. 1854, leaving 7 children: Mary L.; Helen A., b. 1840 in Logan county [MAD: IL], mar. to George Whiteman, resided at Waynesville [DeWitt Co.], IL; Amy L. married Mr. Condell, and he died; William W. married Roxanna Cushman and had two children; Rebecca S. married Mortimer Sampson, had one child and lived in Waynesville; Jeremiah P. lived in Waynesville. (SM Note: No data on 7th child.)
      Pg.245-6: DAVIES, JOHN, was born in Wales, and came to America when a young man. He was married in Adair county, Ky., to Catharine Antle. They had ten children in Kentucky, and Mr. Davies died there about 1810. His widow moved to Sangamon county about 1826, and settled near Salisbury. (page 246) Mrs. Catharine Davies died in 1846, in Salisbury. (page 245) Of her children - GEORGE married in Kentucky ... to Sangamon county before his mother ... POLLY married in Kentucky to Richard Walker, came to Sangamon county in 1826, ... MICHAEL, born in Kentucky, married twice in Sangamon county, ... HENRY, born Oct. 30, 1805, in Cumberland county, Ky., came to Salisbury, Sangamon county, in 1828 ... NANCY married in Kentucky ... WILLIAM, born in Kentucky, married Elizabeth Duncan, and both died, leaving two married children in Salisbury. SALLY, born in Kentucky, married ... JOHN, born July 23, 1815, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county, November, 1834, to Polly Duncan. They have five children; two of them married, and all live in Salisbury. MILTON, born in Kentucky in 1817 ...
      Pg.303: WILLIAM FLORVILLE's granddaughter, Julia C. Chaverous, born 28 April 1852 (daughter of Alseen Florville b. Dec. 1833 in Springfield, IL who married 10 March 1851 to Mahlon Chaverous). Julia C. Chaverous married 27 April 1871 to Clark Duncan who was born 5 Oct. 1850 near Russelville [Logan Co.], KY. They had 2 children: Alseen Duncan and Otis B. Duncan and lived in Springfield, IL.
            SM Note: "IL State Journal," Springfield, IL, 9 April 1929, page 14. DUNCAN - Funeral services for Clark Duncan will be conducted at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the residence of a daughter, Mrs. S.A. Ware, 152 East Washington street. Rev. S.C. Maunel officiating. Interment will be made in Oak Ridge cemetery. R.L. Carpenter in charge.
            Note: "History & Biography of Sangamon Co. IL" 1881, in a section called The Colored People of Springfield p 741-742 has a biography of Clark Duncan. It states he was born in Logan Co. IL 15 Oct. 1848. In 1862, he enlisted in the 115th Colored Infantry, and was soon made first Sergeant in Co. B, Sixth Cavalry (col'd). He served about 2 years and was mustered out at Helena, Arkansas. He returned to Russelville, KY for 3 years. He came to
Springfield, IL and worked at the Leland Hotel, then married Julia Chavious ... Clark Duncan was the son of George Duncan who was born in Logan Co. KY and Louisa Orendoff, born in KY. Clark & Julia Duncan had 3 children: Alsee M., Otis B. & Ada L. Clark Duncan was a member of: the M.E. Church, a Knight Templar, Mason, and Senior Warden in Lodge No.3, Springfield, IL. His wife was Grand Treasurer of the Grand Court of IL. He cast his first vote for U.S. Grant, for President.
      Pg.316: ALLEN FRANCIS, b. 12 April 1815 in Wethersfield, CT, lived in St. Louis until the death of his brother, Edwin, in 1834. He then came to Springfield, IL with his two sisters. He married there on 25 Dec. 1838 to Cecilia B. Duncan, of Glasgow, Scotland. Her brother, David Duncan drowned in 1837 while attempting to cross the Sangamon River on horseback. Allen and Cecilia had 6 children, all born in Springfield, IL: Cecilia J. mar. in OR to Hermon Hofferkamp and resided in Washington Territory; Marietta mar. in Victoria, Vancouver Island to David A. Edgar of Staten Island, NY; Huldah G. mar. Byron Z. Holmes of Portland OR and resided there; Eliza E. mar. William T. Gillihan of Portland, OR; Allen Bunn b. 1849 and worked in the Alaskan Territory; and Edwin H. b. 1851 and resided in Sitka, Alaska.
      Pg.321: JOHN GARDNER, b. 21 June 1805, in that part of Gallatin that is now Trimble Co. KY. He married 13 June 1830 to Mary C. Duncan, who was b. 27 March 1810 in the same county. They had one child in KY and moved to Sangamon Co. IL, arriving 17 April 1833. They had 9 children: Hiram E. (born KY), Sarah A., Nannie C., John P., Cranmer, James, Mary E., Lucy M., and William P. (MAD: Mary Curd Duncan, dau. of James Duncan & Lucy Pryor)
      Pg.378: WILLIAM HIGGINS, 1774-? married ca 1817 in St. Clair Co. IL to Rosanna Duncan, his third wife. They had 4 children and resided in the northern part of IL after 1823.
      Pg.404-5: IRWIN, WILLIAM, was born March 31, 1789, in Cabarras county, N.C. ... was married, Oct. 2, 1811, in his native county, to Margaret Purviance. They had five children born in North Carolina, one died in infancy, and Mr. Irwin, with his wife and son, came to Sangamon county, Ill., arriving in the fall of 1827 on Richland creek, in what is now Cartwright township. He returned to North Carolina the next spring, and brought out the remainder of the family, arriving in the fall of 1828. ... Three children were born in Sangamon county. Of their children- Mrs. Margaret Irwin died Oct. 25, 1852, and William Irwin died June 13, 1871, and both were buried at the Baptist church, in Cartwright township, where they settled in 1828. ...
            ROBERT S., born Nov. 14, 1813, in Cabarras county, N.C. was married in Sangamon county, Jan. 19, 1837, to Cynthia Duncan, who was born Aug. 18, 1818, in Adair county, Ky. They had ten children - Mrs. Cynthia Irwin died April 6, 1872, and Robert S. Irwin died May 3, 1874, both in Salisbury township, east of the Sangamon river, and near the Iron Bridge. (Children: ...) MARTHA J., born Dec. 15, 1839, was married, Jan. 14, 1864, to Franklin W. Duncan. They have four children living, Mary M., Jasper N., Cynthia and Green, and live in Menard county, Ill.
            JOHN C., born June 16, 1816, in North Carolina, was married, June 12, 1842, in Sangamon county, to Minerva Duncan. They have eight children, EWIN, VIRGINIA and HARRIET died under four years. AUSTIN F., born Aug. 12, 1845, married Ann Brown, and live near Ft. Scott, Kansas. TARLETON, SILAS, JANE, CHARLES and LUELLA reside with their parents, two miles northwest of Salisbury, in Sangamon county.
      Pg.439+: LANGSTON, JECHONIAH, born 1769 SC; his father was a Whig and Jechoniah was often sent by his father to convey information to Whigs of the whereabouts and doings of the Tories. On one occasion the Tories were about to kill his father, and he informed the Whig soldiers in time to save his life. He was then about ten years old ... He was married in SC and after the birth of one child, his wife died. He left the child there, and went to Wayne Co. KY, where he was married to Nancy Dodson; they had three children in KY and moved to Champaign Co. OH where two children were born; and then moved to Sangamon Co. IL, arriving Feb. 1820 in what is now Fancy Creek Twp, where they had four children. Of their children: Joseph D. born Dec. 25, 1805 in Wayne Co. KY ... (MAD: apparently the source of most of the article, more info on children of Jechoniah Sr. not copied here); James W. born June 15, 1808 in Wayne Co. KY; Zechoniah Jr. born (MAD: no date) in Wayne Co. KY; Martha, born April 20, 1816 in Champaign Co. OH; Mary G. born OH; Margaret born Sangamon Co.; Nancy H. born Sangamon County; Elizabeth born Sangamon Co.; Jane born Sangamon Co. (MAD: see Spartanburg & Greenville Cos. SC)
      Pg.442: Nancy LANTERMAN, b. 30 March 1815 in Fleming Co. KY, daughter of John Lanterman 1784-1842 and Elizabeth McKinnie 1793-1857 (and granddau. of Peter Lanterman 1749-1821 and Alletta Applegate). Nancy Lanterman mar. 18 Oct. 1832 in Sangamon Co. IL to Joseph W. Duncan, a son of Moses Duncan b. SC. After Joseph W. Duncan died 10 May 1854, Nancy married Harrison Bishop. Following the death of Mr. Bishop, Nancy resided with her son, David Duncan at Williamsville, IL.
      Pg.448: William B. LAWLEY, b. 24 June 1811, a son of Stephen Lawley 1777-1861 and Mrs. Abigail Wilson, married 28 Nov. 1839 in Sangamon Co. IL to Sarah M. Duncan, his 2nd wife. They had 9 children: Ruth J., Elijah D., James P., Amanda E., Sarah M., Leonard W., Frances J., Jerome F., and Prudence A. They live in Ball Twp., Sangamon Co. IL.
      Pg.449: William P. LAWSON, b. 19 Nov. 1794, married 3 Feb. 1820 to Priscilla Duncan who was born in Bath Co. KY. They had two children: Margaret and Sarah J. Mrs. Priscilla Lawson died 20 Oct. 1824 in Fleming Co. KY.
      Pg.456: LILLARD, THOMAS, born in NC, married there to Temperance Duncan; they moved to TN with her father, and from there to Sangamon Co. IL, arriving in 1830 in what is now Woodside Twp. Mrs. Lillard died, and he married again, and moved to MO, taking all except two of his children: Martha A. married William Jones Jr. (MAD: more reference to the Jones family not copied); the other is the wife of Burril McKinney, and lives in Wisconsin.
      Pg.502-3: McKINNIE, LEWIS, born Oct. 11, 1767, in VA; it is believed that it was in Culpeper Co. ... Nancy Saunders was born Oct. 12, 1771, in Loudon Co. VA; Lewis McKinnie and Nancy Saunders were married in Fayette Co. KY; they had nine living children there; some of their children married in KY and preceded him to Sangamon Co. He came to visit two of them in 1820, and moved his own family, arriving Nov. 15, 1826, near Springfield. He commenced at once to build a house, and moved into it Feb. 1827. ... Lewis McKinnie died Oct. 7, 1841, and Mrs. Nancy McKinnie died Oct. 8, 1843, both near Springfield, IL. Of their nine children, (1) Elizabeth b. June 30, 1793, mar. in Fayette Co. KY to John Lanterman; (2) Andrew, b. Feb. 2, 1795, mar. in Fayette Co. KY to Martha Tomlinson ..., d. June 1855; (3) "Gunnnell" S., b. March 26, "1897", mar. in Sangamon Co. April 25, 1824, to Elizabeth Little, ... d. Oct. 14, 1875; (4) Eleanor, born Feb. 22, 1799, mar. Uriah Callerman; (5) Sarah, b. Jan. 16, 1801, mar. in Fleming Co. KY to Jonathan R. Saunders; (6) Nancy, b. June 15, 1803 in Fleming Co. KY, mar. Sangamon Co. to Hiram Duncan; they moved to southwest MO [MAD: Jasper Co.] where three children were born, then moved to the vicinity of Stockton [San Joaquin Co.], CA, and reside there.--1876. (7) Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1806, mar. in Sangamon Co. to John Humphrey, he died and she mar. John Branson; (8) Thomas L., b. Feb. 4, 1808 in Fleming Co. KY, mar. in Sangamon Co. Aug. 27, 1840, to Sarah A.M. Jones; (9) William P., b. May 20, 1810 in Fleming Co. KY, mar. May 12, 1839 to Sarah J. Threlkeld.
      Pg.511: Under the biographical sketch of Thomas MATHER b. 24 April 1795 CT, died 28 March 1853, moved to Springfield, IL in 1835: "The Northern Cross Railroad, from Meredosia, through Jacksonville, to Springfield, having run down so as to be prachcally useless, it was purchased of the State by Thomas Mather, N.H. Ridgely, James Duncan and others. They put it in good running order, and extended it to the Indiana State line. It is now part of the Toledo, Wabash & Western Railroad."
      Pg.523: MILLER, SOLOMON, was born about 1796, in Adair county, Ky. He was married there to Nancy A. ANTLE. They had four children in Kentucky, and moved to St. Clair county, Ill., and from there to Sangamon county, arriving in the spring of 1820, at what is now Salisbury, where five children were born. Of their children -- Mrs. Nancy A. Miller died April, 1854, and Solomon Miller married Lucinda Gard. He died in 1858, near where he settled in 1820, at Salisbury, Illinois. (MAD: mar. 8/13/1813, her mother Mary or Molly Antle)
            BARBARA, born March 15, 1812, in Cumberland county, Ky., married Reuben Buchanan. See his name. (MAD: mar. as Barbara Duncan on 3 Dec. 1833 per IGI)
            EVE, born Dec. 11, 1813, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon County to Wm. T.H. Duncan. See his name.
            MELINDA, born in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county to William C. Hoag. See his name.
            SARAH, born in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county to Morris Lindsay. See his name.
            JASON, born Nov. 6, 1819, in Kentucky, married in Sangamon county, Feb. 10, 1853, to Sarah E. Willis. They have five children, FRANCIS M., MARY E., HARRIET A., THOMAS W., and SARAH IDA, and reside at Salisbury, Illinois.
            JOHN A., born April 8, 1822, in Sangamon county, married in 1847 to Hannah J. Jackson, a native of Massachusetts. ...
            DOCIA, born in Sangamon county, married Rev. Tilford Clarke, have nine children, and live in Gardner township, Sangamon county, Illinois.
            ALLEN, born in Sangamon county, married Clarissa Keys. They have seven children, and live in Springfield.
            NANCY A., born in Sangamon county, married George McMurphy. See his name.
            GEORGE W., born May 18, 1833, in Sangamon county, married June 8, 1854, to Abigail Baker. ...
      Pg.524: Deborah Mills, b. 30 Sept. 1834 in OH, mar. in Sangamon Co. IL to David C. Duncan (See his name.). Deborah was the daughter of James Mills 1794-1867 and Elizabeth Mitts 1793-1870.
      Pg.563: Solomon A. Penny, b. 15 Sept. 1824 in Sangamon Co. IL, a son of Hiram Penny 1790-1852 and Catharine McHenry (and grandson of William Penny 1751-1821). Solomon A. Penny married Polly Duncan, had one child, and Mrs. Penny died. Mr. Penny moved to KS, married again and died there.
      Pg.588-9: PURVINES, JOHN G., born July 8, 1796, in Cabarras county, N.C., came to Sangamon county, ... married, Jan. 1, 1823, to Elizabeth Coleman. They had ten children in Sangamon county, namely - ... ALEXANDER F., born June 11, 1839, in Sangamon county, married, May 7, 1868, to Margaret S. Duncan, and have one child, GILBERT C. Dr. A.F. Purvines is a practicing physician, at Salisbury, Sangamon county, Illinois.
      Pg.672: Nancy E. SOUTHWICK, was born 1 May 1833, daughter of William Southwick b. 1807 and Louvicy Proctor b. 1811 (and granddaughter of Jesse Southwick 1762-1826 and Nancy Moore 1770-1845). Nancy E. Southwick married 7 Feb. 1851 to Jerome Duncan and had three children: Mary, William D., and Charles and lived in Taylorville, Christian Co. IL.
      Pg.739: Aaron VANDEVER, b. 7 Feb. 1785 in VA, mar. June 1805 in Henry Co. KY to Nancy French, b. 19 Nov 1789 in NC. Of their 11 children, Zipporah, born in May 1827, married 25 Mar 1847 to William T. Duncan. Mrs. Zipporah Duncan died 31 Dec 1849, leaving one daughter, Amanda Duncan, who lives in Montgomery Co. IL. (MAD: 1850 Mortality Schedule shows Zipporan Duncan, age 22, died in Christian Co. IL)
      Pg.749: Isaac WALL, 1790- still living in 1876, married in NC to Nancy Duncan. They moved to Rockingham Co. TN (MAD: should be Rockingham Co. NC) and then to Auburn, Sangamon Co. IL in 1830. They had 4 children: Elijah, William, Johnson C., and Richard C. Mrs. Nancy Wall died in 1833/1834. Isaac Wall married again and went to MO.
      Pg.791: Martha J. YOAKUM, was b. 30 Dec. 1852, a daughter of William Yoakum 1791- and Sarah Simmons. Martha J. Yoakum mar. Francis M. Duncan (see his name).

1881 "History of Sangamon County, Illinois : together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens, history of Illinois" pub. by Inter-State Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.356 H2h and films 896,960 and 1,000,514 item 1; also from Vivian Biddle and Sue Monaghan)
      Pg.1017: JOHN A. MILLER was born in Salisbury township, April 8, 1823, where he remained on a farm until his marriage to Miss Hannah J. Jackson, February 10, 1848. She was born in Wareham, Massachusetts, Februry 25, 1829; she was a daughter of Hosea Jackson, he was born in Massachusetts, in 1800, and a descendant of the old Puritan stock; he came to Illinois and settled in Gardner township, Sangamon county, in 1839; he was a miller and machinist; he died January 15, 1849; his wife, Silence Harvey, born in Massachusetts, she was the mother of one child, Mrs. J.A. Miller, she died February 12, 1865. After Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Miller were married they moved to Salisbury, Sangamon county, where he now resides. They are both members of the Christian Church, and have had a family of six children, four living, vis: Allen A., Reuben M., Harvey J., and Calista A. Miller. The father of J.A. Miller, Solomon Miller, was born in Kentucky, he was a farmer and a member of the Baptist Church. His wife was Nancy Antle, born in Kentucky; she was a member of the Baptist Church, and the mother of twelve children.
            John A. Miller has one hundred and twenty acres of land, one half mile north of Salisbury, Illinois, where he resides, and owns two hundred acres in Gardner township; he owns and runs a saw and grist-mill on Richland creek, in Salisbury township. In politics Mr. Miller is a Democrat.
      Pg.1020: GEORGE SHARP, was born in Ogdensburg, New York, December 29, 1830. He remained here on his father's farm, and attended school until seventeen years of age, when he came with his parents to IL, and settled in Salisbury township. He was married to Miss Ellen Duncan, December 9, 1854; she was born in Sangamon County, IL, and was a daughter of John Duncan, Sr., who was a farmer, and died in 1864 or '65. His wife, Sallie Miller, was born in Kentucky; she was a member of the Baptist Church, and the mother of twelve children; she died in 1850. In the spring of 1851, Mr. Sharp moved to California, where he remained until the fall of 1866, when he returned with his family to Salisbury. In April 17, 1874, he bought a farm of thirty acres in Salisbury township, west of the village, where he now resides; when he moved on this farm it was covered with timber; he selected a spot, built a house and moved his family into it; he now has it all cleared and under good cultivation and well stocked. His father, George Sharp, Sr., was born in Scotland and was taken to Canada when small, where he remained until 1827, when he went to New York State; he settled in Sangamon county, in 1848, and died in 1852, with cholera, at Beardstown, IL, on his way from Cincinnati, Ohio; his wife, Mary A. Woods, was born in England, and was raised in Canada; she was a member of the Episcopal Church, and was the mother of eleven children, seven living. Mr. and Mrs. George Sharp, Jr, are members of the M.E. Church, and have had six children, four living, viz: Wm. A., George R., Kate and Daisy. In politics, he is a Republican.

1891 "Portrait and biographical album of Sangamon County, Illinois : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens; together with portraits and biographies of all the presidents of the United States, and governors of the state" pub. by Chapman Bros. (FHL book 977.356 D3ps and films 896,362 item 1 and 1,000,514 item 2; from Sue Monaghan and Vivian Biddle)
      Pg.758-60: T.S. DUNCAN is one of the leading business men of Salisbury. He has been prominently connected with the mercantile interests of that village, and also devotes considerable attention to farming and stock-raising. Being widely and favorably known throughout the community his many friends will receive this sketch with interest, and we are pleassed to record it in the history of his native county. He was born in Salisbury, May 31, 1854, and is a son of William T.H. Duncan, a native of Adair Co. KY. His grandfather, Marshall Duncan, also a native of that State, was a hatter by trade and with his wife and two children, W.T.H. and James, who were twin brothers, emigrated to Illinois, locating in what was then Menard Co., but is now part of Sangamon County. He entered land and engaged in farming in connection with his trade, and by the pursual of the two occupations became a well-to-do citizen. He was accompanied to his new home in the West by his father, James Duncan, who was a representative of one of the first families of Virginia. Both gentlemen died in Salisbury Township.
            William T.H. Duncan, father of our subject, was a young man when his parents came to Illinois. In his youth he had learned the hatter's trade and for some years worked with his father in that line. Trouble with the Indians arising, he responded to a call for troops to bring the red men under subjection, in 1829, and served until the close of the Black Hawk War. In 1831 he married Eve Miller and then turned his attention to farming, clearing, developing and improving a small tract of land. He also engaged in the grocery business for some years with good success. .... He was honored with a number of local offices, the duties of which .... He died in Salisbury in 1861, at the age of fifty-five years, and the country lost one of its best citizens.
            The wife of William T.H. Duncan, and the mother of our subject, was born in Adair Co. KY, December 11, 1813, and was a daughter of Solomon Miller, who was also a native of Kentucky, where his boyhood days were spent. He married in that State and with his family came to Illinois in 1820, ... He gave forty acres for the town site of Salisbury, which was named in his honor, Sol'sbury, which was changed to Salisbury, its present mode of spelling. .... In the Miller family there are ten children, of whom the youngest is fifty-eight years of age. Only one death has occurred among the number. The eldest Barbara, is now Mrs. Buchanan, of Springfield; Eve, mother of our subject, is the second in order of birth; Mrs. Melinda Hoag died in Salisbury Township in 1888. She was followed by Mrs. Sarah Lynch, of Springfield; Docia, wife of Rev. Tilfor J. Clark of Salisbury; Jason, of Salisbury; John, who is living in Louisiana; Allen, a resident of Petersburg, Menard County; Mrs. Nancy McMurphy, of Springfield; and G. Washington, of Salisbury. The members of this family met in a reunion in 1887 in our subject's pasture, where all were present and where a most enjoyable day was spent.
            The children of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, twelve in number, are: Marion M., a fruit farmer and Justice of the Peace of Salisbury; James T., a farmer of Salisbury Township; Polly A., wife of O.R. Baker, of Salisbury; Simeon S., station agent and grain dealer of Atterberry, Menard County; Sarah J., now Mrs. Combs, of Shelby Co. IL; Mrs. Martha M. Cogdall, of Salisbury Township; Margaret, wife of Dr. Purvines, of Salisbury; Mrs. Nancy E. Conner, of Macoupin Co. IL; George W., a farmer of Menard County; Fairinda, now Mrs. Batterton, of Athens; Mrs. Alice E. Yoakum, residing in Washington; and T.S., of this sketch.
            Our subject was reared in his native village ... his cousin S.T. Duncan. ... In 1874, in Menard County, Mr. Duncan was united in marriage with Miss Mattie Hodgin, who was born in Texas but was reared in Menard County. She survived her marriage only about a year. .... About 1885 Mr. Duncan purchased the old Miller homestead ... on section 28, Salisbury Township. .... Since the above was written our subject has taken a life partner in the person of Miss Hattie E. Rhodes, daughter of William and Annie Rhodes, the wedding taking place at the bride's home, October 22, 1896.
      Pg.251-2: NATHAN C. ANTLE. One of the most attractive farms in Salisbury Township is that owned and operated by the gentlemen above named. ... Our subject is of German descent and the family name was originally spelled Andle, but changed after the great-grandfather of our subject came to America. The ancestral home was in Kentucky, and there the Rev. John Antle, grandfather of our subject, was born and lived for many years. ... In 1829 he came with his family to this State, ... He served in the home church until his death, which occurred when he was seventy-five years, four months and fifteen days old ....
            Henry Antle, father of our subject, was born in Cumberland Co. KY, September 11, 1813. He came to this State when sixteen years old ... When the Black Hawk War began he wished to enter the service, but his father was not willing that he should do so. He was married in Salisbury Township January 18, 1837, and continued tilling the soil here until the spring of 1846. He then removed by teams to Iowa, ... Jefferson County, ... until 1859. His wife's family wished him to return hither and in 1861 he came back and took charge of his father-in-law's place. After the death of the owner he bought one hundred and twenty acres of the estate, which he afterward sold ...
            The mother of our subject was born in St. Clair County, this State, January 25, 1820, and bore the maiden name of Nancy Duncan. She is a devoted member of the Christian Church and even at her advanced age finds ways in which to make herself useful. Her father, Rice Duncan, a native of South Carolina and a schoolteacher in his earlier years, was one of the early settlers in St. Clair County, this State. Thence he removed to Morgan County, where he farmed for some years, then located near Salisbury on the county line, where he improved and became the owner of one hundred and seventy acres. He was never idle, and having a wonderful constitution lived to be eighty-three years old, and during his entire life was probably unexcelled in industry. He reared a family of ten daughters and two sons, one of the latter, Sidney Duncan, having been Judge of Morgan County several years.
            Our subject is the third of the eight children whom his parents reared. His brothers and sisters are: Sidney D., who lives in Salisbury; James S., a farmer in that township; Marshall B., a resident of Salisbury; Mrs. Sarah A. Bottorff, now of Richland Station; Ella A., Lurania and Martha F., who are with their parents. The natal day of Nathan C. Antle was February 6, 1850, and his birthplace the neighborhood of Iuka, Jefferson County, Iowa. ....

1912 "Historical Encyclopedia of IL & History of Sangamon Co." 2 vols., ed. by Newton Bateman & Paul Selby; Sangamon Co. ed. by "special authors"; pub. by Munsell Pub. Co. (SUTRO film 292 reel 1-2, 76 book 1, 286, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 977.356 H2sc and film 1,000,515 item 1-3)
      Pg.1192-3: DUNCAN, Elizabeth -- One of the oldest, if not the oldest citizen, of Sangamon County, is Miss Elizabeth Duncan, a native of Kentucky, who has now passed her hundredth birthday. Miss Duncan was born August 8, 1811, and in 1829 emigrated from Bourbon County, KY, riding on horsesback most of the way. Other members of the party who emigrated to Sangamon County at the same time were Ivins Foster, who settled in what is now Curran Township; Montreville Dunn, who settled in Chatham Township, and Mrs. Rebecca McKee, who located in Loami Township. Mrs. McKee had a family of four sons - Samuel, John, James and William - and one daughter, Mrs. Martha Duncan, who was a widow and mother of Elizabeth Duncan, the subject of this sketch. Elizabeth - or "Aunt Betty," as she is affectionately called by her most intimate friends, was never married, but for some thirty years followed the vocation of a tailoress, making men's fine suits with the skill of the experienced tailor. In her advanced years she retains her mental and physical energies in a remarkable degree, and is accustomed to visit the city of Springfield two or three times every year where she is cordially welcomed by a number of ardent friends who remember her long life and who have always held her in high esteem. Miss Duncan was present at the annual meeting of the Old Settlers Society of Sangamon County, held at New Berlin, August 2, 1911, and was awarded the prize as the oldest citizen in attendance.
      Pg.1192/3: DUNCAN, Milton ... a well-known and highly esteemed citizen of Springfield, spent many years in farming and then retired from farm work. He was born on a farm in Gibson Co. IN, in 1848, a son of Josiah and Caroline (Farriss) Duncan, farming people and natives of PA and Indiana, respectively.
            The educational advantages of Milton Duncan were secured in the country schools of Gibson County, and his youth was spent on his father's farm, ... On reaching his majority he secured a farm of his own and operated it until 1885, when he brought his family to Springfield, ....
            On November 10, 1871, near Oakland City, Ind., Mr. Duncan was united in marriage with Mary Richardson, daughter of George W. and Joanna (May) Richardson, the former of whom came from North Carolina and settled on a farm near Princeton, Ind.
            Mrs. Duncan has two children living: L.G., of Riverton, and Mrs. Lillie Todd, a widow, residing at No. 1912 East Edwards Street, Springfield. Mrs. Todd has two children, Arthur and May. L.G. Duncan is a carpenter and contractor at Riverton, and has one child, a daughter Chloe.

"Illinois legislative manual for 30th General Assembly : 1877 and 1878." (Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL) by Jos Wallace, Wm. P. Emery, Frank E. Tousley; pub. Springfield, Ill.: M.G. Tousley & Co., 1877, 473 pgs. (LH7331, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 934,966 item 2)
      "With: Springfield city directory and Sangamon County record, biographical and statistical, 1877-78"
      (MAD: did not find list of abbreviations)
      Pg.32, Springfield City Directory: Duncan, Clark (m5) porter, r.312 N. 13th-C.
            Duncan, J.C. (s) teas, &c, bds. Chenery House. Born in Va.; resident of the State 16 years: of the city over three years; wholesale dealer in choice brands of teas, spices, ...; manufacturer of Duncan's Baking Powder; store, Conkling's block, 409 Monroe. (MAD: also listed in business directory, not copied)
            Duncan, Sarah (w) *r. es 8th, 3 s Madison-A
            Duncans, Jas. (s) lab., bds. nw cor. 15th & Madison-C
      Pg.143, Village of Loami, 18 miles southwest of Springfield: Duncan, Elizabeth (s) capitalist, r. Main-A
      Pg.154, Salisbury: Duncan, Geo. (s) farmer-A. Duncan, Mrs. Eva (w)-A. Duncan, Mrs. Polly (w2)-A. Duncan, S.S. (m3) farmer-A. Duncan, S.T. (s) merchant-A. Duncan, Thomas S. (m2) clerk-A. Duncan, W.P. (s) farmer*-A.
      Pg.178: Sketches of Elected Officers of the House. WILLIAM DUNCAN, 3d Assistant Doorkeeper, was born in Clark county, Illinois, in 1842; commenced to attend college, but left it to enter the army in 1861; served three years in 30th Illinois Infantry; then three years in 19th U.S. Infantry; was seriously wounded and crippled for life at Fort Jackson, La.; has held various local offices and positions; is a druggist at Marshall, Ill., and was chosen to present position in January, 1877.

1905 "Past and Present of Menard County, Illinois" by Rev. R.D. Miller, pub. by S.J. Clarke Pub. Co. (FHL book 977.3555 H2m and film 908,934 item 2; and from Sue Monaghan 3/1996)
      Pg.407: Freeman O.R. Baker, a member of the Menard county bar, practicing in Petersburg, was born in Salisbury, IL, Jan. 26, 1875, his parents being O.R. and Polly Ann (Duncan) Baker. His paternal grandfather was John Baker of OH and the maternal grandfather was William Duncan, a native of KY. Both were farmers and were prominent in their day and locality. O.R. Baker was also a farmer by occupation, and was a man of influence ... twice served as county treasurer of Sangamon Co. IL. Freeman O.R. Baker ... mar. 1 June 1898 Miss Lura M. Primm of Athens, IL ...

"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Tazewell Co." by G.W. Patten; ed. by Newton Bateman & Paul Selby, Tazewell Hist. ed. by Ben C. Allensworth; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1905, 1123 pgs. (LH5470, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL fiche 6,078,647)
      Pg.1038: D. FRANK LAWLEY, lawyer, was born in Ball Township, Sangamon County, Ill., June 26, 1863. He comes of good Southern stock, his paternal grandparents, William and Mary (Duncan) Lawley, being born in Virginia, while his maternal grandparents, Jonathan R. and Minerva E. (Barnard) Peddicord, were natives of Kentucky. His parents were D.W. and Cassandra P. (Peddicord) Lawley, the father's place of birth being Sangamon County, Ill., in the year 1828. His mother was born in Kentucky in 1836. ...

1919 "History of Fresno County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present" by Paul E. Vandor, pub. by Historic Record (book qc979.482 V2, Vol.I; CA State Library, Sacramento; also FHL book 979.482 H2v and film 1,000,104 items 2-3 and Vol.2 on FHL film 1,036,806 item 1)
      Pg.672: DUNCAN, Thomas Jefferson. b. near Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, 30 Nov. 1835; when he age 6 his parents to Lawrence Co., MO. His father and mother Hiram and Nancy (McKinley) Duncan natives of TN and KY respectively. Thomas J. to CA 1853 with his parents and 5 brothers; to Linden, near Stockton; parents d. there. Thomas J. mar. 18 Sept. 1870 at Stockton, Martha Miller.

1883 "The History of Jasper County, Missouri : including a condensed history of the state, a complete history of Carthage and Joplin, other towns and townships" ed. by F.A. North (FHL book 977.872 H2h V.1)
      Pg.680; Sarcoxie Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN. Prominent among the pioneer settlers of Jasper Co. is the subject of this sketch. Mr. Duncan was born in Sumner Co. TN, March 4, 1806. His parents, Moses and Sarah Duncan, were natives of South Carolina. Our subject grew to manhood in his native state, ... In 1828 he moved to Sangamon Co. IL, and engaged in farming near Springfield. He came to Missouri in 1836, locating in what was then Barry Co., near the noted Cave Springs where he now resides. ...

1893 "History of Texas, together with a biographical history of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and Burleson counties : containing a concise history of the state, with portraits and biographies of prominent citizens of the above named counties, and personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families" pub. by Lewis Publ. Co. (FHL film 1,000,605 item 2; from Jean Walker 7/1984)
      Pg.812-5: JUDGE THOMAS P. HUGHES, a retired lawyer of Georgetown [Williamson Co.] was born in Washington Co. KY, December 18, 1826, ... arriving in Georgetown, TX, in February, 1851. ... Judge Hughes was first married in November, 1856, to Miss Susan Doxey, a daughter of John and Rebecca Doxey, of Missouri. To that union were born three children ... The wife and mother died in June, 1871. November 22, 1877, our subject was married at the residence of Mrs. William Short, at Louisville, Kentucky, by Rev. M. Conn, of the Presbyterian Church, to Miss Jennie Lowrie Duncan, a daughter of David and Henrietta (Spence) Duncan, natives of Illinois. The mother was the youngest daughter of Dr. Andrew Spence, of Philadelphia. (gives children of Andrew Spence) Mrs. Duncan's parents died at an early age ... After returning to Philadelphia, she met and married David Duncan, a son of Gardner Duncan, a native of Glasgow, Scotland. Mr. Gardner Duncan had the following children: James, David, John, Lowrie; Mrs. Jane Rickards, Mrs. Marion Stevens, Grace and Mrs. Cecilian B. Francis. Mr. Francis was United States Consul to Victoria, under Lincoln, of whom he was a great friend. Mr. David Duncan was drowned while crossing the Sangamon river, in Illinois, in an early day. His wife died of cholera in Louisville, KY. Their daughter, Henrietta Spence, resides with her sister, Mrs. Hughes, in Georgetown.

"Portland, Oregon, its history and builders : in connection with the antecedent explorations, discoveries, and movements of the pioneers that selected the site for the great city of the Pacific" (Multnomah Co.) by Joseph Gaston; pub. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1911, 2448 pgs. (LH10477, HeritageQuest images 2/2007 & 5/2007; FHL book 979.549/P1 H2g v.1-3 and film 924,446-924,448 and 1,000,364)
      Vol.III, pg.129-131: ALLEN FRANCIS, his daughter Mrs. Walter E. Dyer of Portland ... Simeon Francis Jr. was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut, May 14, 1796, learned the printer's trade in New Haven, Connecticut, newspaper publication at New London, Connecticut, in 1824, while residing there he was married. ... In 1831 Simeon Francis and his wife removed to Springfield, Illinois, in 1859 to Portland. Died October 25, 1872. Allen Francis, brother of Simeon Francis and father of Mrs. Dyer, was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut, April 12, 1815, and resided in St.Louis until the death of his brother Edwin in 1834, when he and two sisters removed to Springfield, Illinois. Printing office ... While a resident of Springfield, Mr. Francis was married on Christmas day of 1838 to Cecelia B. Duncan, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and they became the parents of six children. Cecelia F. was married in Oregon to Herman Hofferkamp. Marietta was married in Vancouver, British Columbia, to David A. Edgar, of Staten Island, New York. Hulda G. first became the wife of Byron Z. Holmes and since his deth has married Walter E. Dyer. Eliza E. is the wife of William F. Gillihan, of Portland. Allen Bunn, who was born in Springfield in 1849, came with his father to the Pacific Coast ... Edwin H., the youngest of the family, went to Alaska soon after the purchase of that country, ... died March 25, 1902. (MAD: Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL)

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