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Formed 1811 from Montgomery
Morgan formed 1822 from Floyd, Bath
Menifee formed 1869 from Powell, Wolfe, Bath, Morgan, Montgomery


1820 Bath Co. KY Census
Pg.156  Nancy Duncan?      Free Colored
        Harvey Duncan      230010 - 11110
          (MAD: Henry Duncan; 1810 Madison Co. KY census;
            1830 Montgomery Co. KY census;
            1840 Cooper Co. MO census)

1830-1840 Bath Co. KY
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Bath Co. KY Census
(checked page by page pg.1-27, pg.90-112, and near any indexed Caldwell family, no Duncan; checked Danson, Puctnan, Dumansy names indexed, not Duncan)
Division 2
Pg.3, #37, Berry SHULTZ 31 Kenton KY blacksmith
                  Nancy 31 Kenton $350
                  Virginia C. 7, Sarah H. 5 Kenton
                  Elizabeth MARKWILL 19 Kenton
                  Elizabeth COOPER 75 VA
                  Joseph STEPHENS 22 Kenton blacksmith
                  Caroline DUNCAN 24 Kenton "C" (in Color column)
                  Mary 1 Kenton "C"

1860 Bath Co. KY Census
P.O. Owingsville
Pg.77, #568, James DUNCAN 35 KY farm hand $0-$0
                  Susan 32 KY
                  Minerva 14, John 12 KY
                  James 10, Sarah 7 KY
                  Mary 5, Allen 4 KY
                  Nannie (f) 2, Fanny (f) 2/12 KY
                  Margaret CALDWELL 32 KY house domestic
                  John H. 6 KY
                  (MAD: not identified in 1850 census)

1870 Bath Co. KY Census
Owingsville Corp.
Pg.63, #4-4, KIMBRO, George 29 KY BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Julia 26 KY BLACK keeping house
                  George 2 KY BLACK
                  DUNKEN, John 4 KY BLACK
Pg.65, #30-30, RICHART, J.H. (m) 55 KY dry goods merchant $10,000-$10,000
                  Mary 49 KY keeping house
                  POWELL, Alexander 21 KY MULATTO domestic
                  WILLSON, Arte (f) 20 KY BLACK domestic
                  DUNCAN, Carrie (f) 11 KY BLACK domestic
Pg.66, #40-40, BUNDEVANT?, J.B. (m) 33 KY BLACK black smith $0-$0
                  HART? (HANT?), Phebe 28 KY BLACK house keeper
                  DUNCAN, Caroline 22 KY BLACK works
                  George 4 KY BLACK
Sharpsburg Prct.
Pg.88, #211-211, BASCOM, J.R. (m) 26 KY farmer $68,500-$5,960
                  Elizabeth E. 21 KY
                  George (Yrege?) Ann (f) 1 KY
                  BUNDRANT, J. (f) 32 KY BLACK domestic
                  Fannie 13 KY BLACK domestic
                  DUNKIN, Jon (Jno?) (m) 35 KY BLACK farm labor
                  Elizabeth 8 KY BLACK
White Sulphur Precinct
Pg.104, #167-167, DUNKEN, Henry H. 25 VA (white) farmer $1000-$0
                  Eliza 22 KY
                  Jno. 6, Joseph 4, Susannah 2 KY


Bath Co. KY Marriage Records (FHL film 273,003)
      James Duncan and Coleman Covington, 19 Nov. 1829, bond for marriage of James Duncan to Miss Ann H?. Proctor; consent 18 Nov. 1829 by James B. Proctor for Anna Proctor, wit. Coleman Covington, A?. Duncan. (1829 bonds, frame 68) (MAD: I had varying years of 1821, 1827, 1829; marriages in Bath Co. KY have been published by several authors)


Bath Co. KY Wills (FHL film 272,994)
      A-206: Isaac Duncan, weak of body; to my beloved mother Margaret Duncan, three shares of land, one bay horse, 25 head of hogs, one axe, one shovel ...; to my sister Priscilla Duncan one bay filly, one cow & calf; to John Bailey Junr one man saddle, one broad cloth coat, one $12.25 note on Lee Lynam due 1 May 1818. P.S. The before mentioned three shares of land which I willed to my mother my desire is that at the decease of my mother it shall fall to my sister Priscilla. I also will and bequeath to my sister Priscilla four and a quarter yards of broad cloath and one jacket pattern. I also appoint or ordain John Kincaid and George Route my sole execs ... 1 April 1819. Wit. Joseph Kincaid, Daniel Goodwin, Robert Kincaid. Proved 12 July 1819. (MAD: son of Isaac & Margaret Duncan of Montgomery Co. KY)
      A-216: (court ca Oct. 1819), Inventory of estate of Isaac Duncan Jr. appraised by Andrew Lyman, Joel (X) Thomas, Daniel Goodwin; report filed by executors John Kinkead and George Routt (no date).
      A-241: Margaret Duncan, executrix of Isaac Duncan decd; to the heirs of said decd, debit, inventory $741.66; specific legacies: black woman to Margaret Duncan, $250; 10s to Sarah Davis $1.69-3/4; by due bill to Robert Anderson $6.00, by receipt to John Kincaid $6.00. Debts paid include horse season to Dennis Burris pract?; smith work to Thomas Lancaster, clerk's fees, surveyors fees to John Hawkins; paid June 5, 1805 to Mary Duncan $49.27-3/4, Feb. 1, 1815 to Isaac Duncan $49.27-3/4, June 7, 1816 to Elizabeth Duncan $49.27-3/4, Nov. 18, 1817 to Mordica Williams $49.27-3/4, April 21, 1818 to Tarlton R?. Taney $49.27-3/4, Oct. 8, 1819 to Priscilda Duncan $49.27-3/4, Nov. 8, 1819, by receipt to William Duncan in full for his part of the personal estate but no sum stated (blank); by 2 years schooling Wm. Q? (I?) Duncan, doctors charges for same, funeral charges for same; 2 years schooling James Duncan, doctors charges for same, funeral charges for same; 2 years schooling Nancy Duncan, doctor's charges for same, funeral charges for same; 2 years schooling Malinda Duncan; 2 years schooling Priscilla Duncan; 17?.9 months schooling Elizabeth Duncan; extra troubles as executrix; balance overpaid $7.23. Commissioners William Morgan, Andrew Lynam and John Kincaid proceeded to settle the accounts with Margaret Duncan, exec. of Isaac Duncan decd, 1 Jan. 1820; produced and ordered recorded, January court 1820.
            (MAD: KY Court of Appeals, Vol.18, 1825, pg.20, Bath Co., case of Bailey vs. Duncan's Exx; John Bailey mar. Mary Duncan, dau. of Isaac (dec'd) and Margaret Duncan, Isaac's Ex. Isaac's heirs were: Isaac Jr., Priscilla (mar. Wm. Lawson), dau. Nancy (apparently died single), Jas. & Wm. Ireland. Jas., Wm. Ireland, 3 infant children, and probably Nancy, all d. without issue. Isaac Sr. d. 1803. (from pg.96, "KY Misc. Records" by KY DAR, FHL film 854,852 item 2.) MAD: Priscilla mar. Wm. Lawson 1/22/1820 in Fleming Co. KY; See will of Margaret in Fleming Co. KY 1837; Isaac d. 1803 Montgomery Co. KY)
      A-243: January 17, 1820, estate of Isaac Duncan Jr. decd. settled as follows: John Kincaid & George Rout executors, to the legatees &c; assets in their hands as per inventory, $271.772. Paid July 14, 1819, by legacies to Margaret Duncan per receipt, $115.91; by legacies to Priscilla Duncan as per receipt, $97.61; by legacies to John Bailey Junr. as per receipt, $28.25, total $271.77. Agreeable to an order of the court made Jan. term 1820, the commissioners have settled the account with John Kincaid and George Rout, exec. of said Isaac Duncan Junr, /s/ 17 Jan. 1820, by Andrew Lynam, John English, John Ralston; produced in Feb. Court 1820 and ordered recorded.
      A-260: Commissioners, in Obedience to an order from Justices of County Court of Bath County, met on the premises on 8 Dec. 1819 and laid off and assigned to Margaret Duncan, widow and relict of Isaac Duncan deceased, her dower right in 93 acres of land adj. L.B. Conner and John Kincaid, being 31 acres. January Court, 1820.


Bath Co. KY Deeds (index 1811-1869 on FHL film 272,981)
      B-307: 18 April 1818, Allexander McIntire and wife Margarett to Henry Duncan, all Bath Co. KY, $500, 50 acres, part of 1000 acre patent and survey in name of Nicholas McIntire, on Flat Creek, adj. original survey line. No wit. (FHL film 272,982)
      C-306: 14 Dec. 1819, William Duncan to Margaret Duncan, both Bath Co., $27, 9 acres, a part of 93 acres purchased out of John Fowler's claim by Isaac Duncan Senr. decd whereon said William Duncan now resides, on Flat Creek, land is undivided. That at the decease of said Margaret Duncan, the 9 acres, "Prescilly Duncan, daughter of Margaret Duncan, is to heir the same." Wit. Baily Routt, Andrew Kincaid. No wife. Note in margin: "Delivered to Preston Duncan by verbal order 26 March 1826" (FHL film 272,982)
      C-368: 30 Dec. 1819, Tarlton W. Toney and wife Malinda to William Duncan, both Bath Co. KY, $75, their interest in estate of Isaac Duncan Senr. decd. Wit. George Kinkead, Daniel Goodwin. (FHL film 272,982)
      C-370: 20 Feb. 1820, Lee Lynam and wife Elizabeth (X) to William Duncan, both Bath Co. KY, $70, their share in estate of Isaac Duncan Sr. Wit. A. Urel?, Wm. McBee, Tarlton W. Tony, Isaac Jaurback, Joseph McBee. (FHL film 272,982)
      E-112: 12 Oct. 1824, Thomas Duncan of Barren Co. KY to David Bunch of Bath Co., for $200 in notes on Bank of KY equal in value to $100 in gold and silver coin of US, 56-3/4 acres on Slate Creek, part of 573 acres divided between heirs of Abijah Brooks decd by order of Clarke Co. court, land allotted in division aforesaid to "Abijah Duncan (senr. deceased)" as one of heirs of afsd. Abijah Brooks decd "& to which the said Thomas is entitled as heir at law to his said deceased senr." (sic) adj. Butlers branch. /s/ M. Lane, attorney (later "Micha" Lane) (FHL film 272,983)
      E-389: 25 Feb. 1826, Henry Duncan and wife Polly to Elizabeth Galloway, all Bath Co. KY, $730, 50 acres on Flat Creek, part of Nicholas McIntire's 1000 acre survey, corner Alexander McIntire's 500 acre survey. No wit. (FHL film 272,983)
      E-413: 27 March 1826, William Duncan and wife Nancy (+) to Ignatius Davis and John Bailey Jr., all Bath Co. KY, $207, as much of tract of 88-3/4 acres formerly owned by heirs of Isaac Duncan Sr. decd as was allotted to said William, one of heirs afsd., by decree of Bath Co. circuit court on a division thereof, lot #7, adj. original line, lot 6, John Kinkead; 33-3/4 acres, being the shares of Limon & wife, Toney & wife, and Williams & wife as conveyed to said William Duncan before the division. Wit. Warren Bailey Jr., Robert Bailey. (FHL film 272,983)
      E-420: 2 March 1820, Mordecai Williams and wife Margaret (+) of Fleming Co. KY to William Duncan of Bath Co., $75, their interest in 93 acres left by will to heirs of "Josiah Duncan Sr." decd on Flat Creek. Wit. George Kincead, F.W. Young. (FHL film 272,983)
      F-176: 15 Dec. 1826, Ignatious Davis and wife Sarah F., and John Bailey Junr. and wife Mary, to William Duncan, all Bath Co., $20, land on Flat Creek, part of 88-3/4 acres formerly owned by heirs of Isaac Duncan Sr. decd allotted to said William, one of heirs, on the division thereof, as lot 7, adj. the original line, John Kinkead, corner to lot 6, stake between Wm. Lawson and said Jno. Bailey, including a moiety of one acre and some poles belonging to said Bailey, 35 acres and some poles being the shares of Lynam & wife, Toney & wife, and Williams & wife, as conveyed to said William Duncan and conveyed to said Jno. Bailey and Ignatious Davis by said Duncan. Wit. Jno. Bailey Senr, Charles C. Bailey, Preston (X his mark) Duncan. (FHL film 272,984) (MAD: ? see Clark Co. IN)
      F-258: 5 June 1827, William Duncan and wife Nancy to Robert Kinkead, all Bath Co., $147.50, land on Flat Creek, so much of 88-3/4 acres allotted to William Duncan as heir of Isaac Duncan Senr. decd, lot 7, 35-1/2 acres & 7 poles. Wit. John English, John Kinkead. (FHL film 272,984)
      I-505: 28 Oct. 1834, Jeremiah Prather and wife Leah (+) to Hiram Duncan, both Bath Co. KY, $450, 76 acres on Hinkston Creek, adj. Tabbs line, middle of creek, Peyton's corner. Wit. Moses Ryan, William W. Sharp. (FHL film 272,985)
      J-347: 18 April 1836, Jacob Copher to William B. Duncan, both Bath Co. KY, mortgage of horse and colt for $31.25 loaned by Duncan to Copher, due 15 Sept. 1836. (FHL film 272,986)
      K-82: 25 Aug. 1837, Hiram Duncan of Shelby Co. KY to Uriah M. Wilson of Bath Co. KY, $1200, 76 acres on Hingston Creek, Tabb's line. Also signed by wife Martha Duncan. (FHL film 272,986)
      M-81: 5 Jan. 1842, Thomas Kelley of Bourbon Co. KY to Henry T. Duncan of Fayette Co. KY, mortgage (not copied more) (FHL film 272,987)
      N-25: 13 June 1843, Thomas Duncan of Barren Co. KY to David Bunch (no location), whereas said Duncan by attorney 12 Oct. 1824 conveyed to Bunch the land, deed was recorded but power of attorney has not been there recorded, and Duncan not desiring any difficulty should arise, now for $1 deed to said David Bunch the land in said deed. Rec. Barren Co. KY. (FHL film 272,988)
      No others to 1858; quit


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Montgomery Co. KY Deeds
      12-310: 1 March 1826, Leven Luckett and Townshend D. Peyton of Loudon Co. VA to Henry Duncan of Bath Co. KY, $1169, 167 acres on west side of Hinkston's Fork of Licking, part of 2 surveys in the name of Frances Peyton, lines of Gillaspie and Chrisley, on Peyton's Lick branch, corner John Gillespie; Leven Luckett by attorney in fact Andw. Simpson, money payable in installments. /s/ Leven Luckett and Townshend D. Peyton.
            N.B. The purchase money is payable as followeth: $600 is paid down; in 12 months from this date $225; in 2 years after date $222; and 3 years after date $133; all in gold and silver, and the said land is bound for said sum of money; 1 March 1826, /s/ Henry Duncan. (FHL film 252,352)
      19-416: 8 June 1841, Hiram Duncan of Bath Co. KY to George W. Gillaspie of Montgomery Co. KY, $400, mortgage 4 horses, farm animals, 3 beds & bedding, furniture; Gillaspie is security for Duncan to three persons (unnamed) amounting to above amount, which have been sued upon, paid by Gillaspie. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. (FHL film 252,354)
      22-74: 2 Feb. 1846, Francis M. Wilson and wife Eliza Ann of Bath Co. KY to James A. Duncan of Montgomery Co. KY, $250, their rights as heirs of Traverse Duncan decd. to land belonging to the widow and heirs of said decedent, being 1/7 part, on waters of Grassy Lick and Hinkston Creeks adj. land of Stith and Leggett, land of Dalls widow and heirs, land of John Smally, being where widow and heirs now live, the interest of Francis M. Wilson and wife Eliza Ann to land supposed to contain between 80 and 90 acres, their interest being 1/7 part. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. (FHL film 252,355)

Bartholomew Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,301,775 item 2; SLC 10/4/2011)
      A-566/567: 26 Nov. 1825, Newton C. Jones and wife Peggy of Bartholomew Co. IN to William Duncan of Bath Co. KY, for $100 paid, sell a tract or parcel of land in said Bartholomew Co., being the Letter "B" fractional Sec.25 Twp.(blank, but indexed as Twp.9), North of Range 5 East containing 55 acres more or less except 15 acres of said Sec., and of said 15 acres to run across said Section, warrant title. /s/ Newton C. Jones, Peggy (X) Jones. They appeared 26 Nov. 1825 before Joseph McKinney, Recorder, Bartholomew Co. Recorded 26 Nov. 1825. (Indexed as consideration of $566, Book A, pg.452, transcribed pg.566) (FHL film 1,301,775 item 2, SLC 10/4/2011)

VA State Land Office Surveys, Book 9, 1784-1787 (FHL film 29,552)
      9-529: Jan. 27, 1783, surveyed for Nimrod Dunken, assignee of Geo. Slaughter, 325 acres (indexed 335a) by virtue of a Treasury Warrant entered #1605 in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of Hinkstons fork; chainmen John Sellers, John Bushong; marker Mathew Jeffries. This land assd by Nimrod Duncan to Christopher Summit. Rec. 9 Jan. 1784, Grant issd. (no date) (MAD: later Bourbon or Bath or Montgomery Co. KY; see Shelby Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1876 "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon Co. IL" by John Carroll Power (Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co.) (extracts from Sue Monaghan 10/1995)
      SM: Note: Additional information is available for most of the families that married with the Duncans listed below.
      Pg.449: William P. Lawson, b. 19 Nov. 1794, married 3 Feb. 1820 to Priscilla Duncan who was born in Bath Co. KY. They had two children: Margaret and Sarah J. Mrs. Priscilla Lawson died 20 Oct. 1824 in Fleming Co. KY. (MAD: mar. 1/22/1820 Fleming Co. KY)

1901 "History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas : illustrated : embellished with portraits of well known people of these counties, with biographies of our representative citizens, cuts of public buildings and a map of each county" by L. Wallace Duncan and Chas. F. Scott, Iola, Kan. Pub. by Iola Register 1901. (from Kathy Cawley 8/2004 and FHL film 1,000,033 item 2)
      Pg.127-130: DUNCAN -- Among the settlers of Allen County who located along the Neosho River in the early seventies and who maintained his home here since is James P. Duncan, ex-register of Deeds of his adopted county. In November, 1870, he drove his teams and a small bunch of cattle onto the premises of Wm. L. Zink, three miles northwest of Humboldt, where he made his first but temporary home. He resided in this portion of old Humboldt township till 1881, serving one-half of this time as Trustee of the township, when he removed to Humboldt and it was from this latter point that he was appointed, by the Board of County Commissioners, Register of Deeds to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Jesse Fast. In this position he served nearly seven years, or until January, 1890.
      The subject of this review left the wooded country of Indiana in 1865 and made his residence respectively in Cooper County, Missouri, Douglas County, Kansas, and in Grundy County, Missouri, before his arrival in Allen County, as above stated. He was born in Putnam County, Indiana, March 22, 1840, was reared "in the clearing," and "niggering off logs" and burning brush formed a goodly share of his youthful occupation. He was three times enlisted in the Civil war, first in the 78th Indiana Volunteers; second, in the 115th Indiana Volunteers, Colonel Hahn, and third, in the 11th Indiana Volunteers, Colonel Lew Wallace. He served in an humble capacity "with the boys" and when his services were no longer needed he was discharged and returned home.
      October 24, 1858, occurred the marriage of the subject of this review. His wife was nee Mary Ellen Bailey, a notice of whose ancestry will appear farther on in this article. Eight children resulted from this union, viz: Annie, who died at one year old; Lew Wallace; Nora C. and Dora C., twins, born November 3, 1863. The former married Orlando P. Rose at Humboldt, Kansas, June 19, 1883, died October 29, 1884, leaving a son, Ora D. Rose, of Kansas City, Missouri; Dora C. married the husband of her sister, Orlando P. Rose, and resides in Kansas City, Missouri; Horace Otho, who died October 30, 1886, at nineteen years of age; J. Edgar, who died in April, 1873 at four years of age; Harry Evert, born December 24, 1871, is practicing dentistry in Humboldt, Kansas, and M. Agnes, born February 28, 1874, married Ernest L. Brown and died July 22, 1898, leaving two daughters, Nato and Lois.
      In an effort to trace up the Duncan genealogy, as in every other like effort, it will be necessary to bring in the names of heads of families remote from the subject hereof, but as this volume is devoted in a measure to the preserving of records along these lines, for the satisfaction and enlightenment of their posterity, none of the family names will be omitted from this record whose strain can be shown to have effected the subject hereof or his posterity.
      The earliest record of the Duncans of this strain, finds them located in the counties of Culpepper and Fauquier, Virginia. Our subject's great grandfather was one of two men, Charles or William Duncan, whose father, it is believed, was the Scotch ancestor who was responsible for the establishment of one branch of this American family. Three children of this doubtful ancestor referred to above are known to have survived, as follows: Henry, the grandfather of James P. Duncan, Charles, who reared a family in Missouri, and a daughter who married a Covington, after whom the city of Covington, Kentucky, was named. Henry Duncan was born about 1780, and during the last decade of the 18th century migrated to Bath County, Kentucky, where, about 1803 he married Polly Combs. Their children were: Matilda, who married Coleman Covington, her cousin, and a woolen manufacturer; James, father of our subject, born in 1806; Margaret; Miranda, who became the wife of William Barnett; Hiram, Jeptha, Granvil and George. Henry Duncan died in Cooper County, Missouri, where some of his sons reared families.
      James Duncan, father of our subject, was married in Kentucky to Annie Proctor, a daughter of James B. and Elizabeth Proctor. The last named married a daughter of an old well-to-do planter, Valentine and Elizabeth (Hicks) Tudor, of Madison County, Kentucky, and went up into Indiana about 1830, and settled in Boone County. His sons-in-law James Duncan, David Hedge and John Blackburn all passed their lives between North Salem and Lebanon and in that section the venerable couple lived honorable Christian lives and died. The children of James and Annie (Proctor) Duncan were: Mary, who married William Woodard, left two children at death, Leonidas E.A., and Froncy; Coleman C., who resides in Clay City, Indiana, married Lizzie Glenn and reared Dr. Walter C.; William, May and Franka; Dr. William, who died without heirs just after the war; Annie, wife of Champ C. Yeager, of Allen County, Kansas, is the mother of three surviving children, James L., of Oregon, Mary E., wife of E.W. Trego, of Allen County, Kansas, and Francis M., of St. Joseph, Missouri; James P. Duncan, our subject; Miranda, wife of Andrew J. Stephens of Rich Hill, Missouri, with issue as follows: James, Dillon, Annie L. and William; George W. Duncan, who married Nan Davis, has two children, Elmer, of Colorado, and Mrs. Lulu Davis, of North Salem, Indiana; John W., who married Betty Owen and died near Humboldt, Kansas, February, 1898, leaving Pheres, Mrs. Frelia Stewart, Emmert, of the Indiana Territory, Mrs. Thella Booe, of Indiana, Bertha, Buhlon and Olin; Almanda (Duncan) Ray, deceased, left five children in Indiana; Nancy Duncan, who married John Gosnold, of Kansas City, has four children: Laura, Bessie, Edna, and Nina; Kittie Duncan, deceased, wife of William Long, left four children near Holden, Missouri. James Duncan's first wife died in 1855 and a few years later he married Mrs. Amanda Dean, who bore him Ruth, Belle, Elmer and Della, twins, Charles and Minerva. James Duncan and his sons were in the main, farmers. He was one of the old line Whigs of Putnam County, Indiana, and became a Republican upon the organization of that party. His sons were all patriots during the Rebellion and three of them rendered active service in the army. He passed away in 1885 in North Salem and is buried at Maysville, Indiana.
      Lew Wallace Duncan, second child of our subject, was born near North Salem, Indiana, June 22, 1861. His mother was a daughter of Zachariah Bailey, who was born in Kentucky in 1812 and was married to Eliza Frame. The father was a son of William Bailey, who was born March 6, 1784, and who married Margaret Green, born in 1790. Their children were: Lucretia, born in 1810, married to Hiram Mitchell, and spent her life in Indiana; Zachariah, born January 5, 1812, and died in Topeka, Kansas, July 7, 1889; John T., born Dec. 14, 1813, and died at Augusta, Kansas, and Chas. W., born January 24, 1816. William Bailey died about 1816, and his widow married Moses Vice, four years his wife's junior. The children of the latter union were: Mahala, Winey, Sallie Ann, Moses, Alafair and Nancy G. Matilda J. Zachariah Bailey reared his family in Indiana and in Johnson and Butler counties, Kansas. His twelve children were: John W.; killed at Winchester, Virginia; Mary E. who married our subject and died in Iola, Kansas, January 25, 1893, was born April 14, 1841; Sallie Ann (Bailey) Welch, born August 2, 1843, died Lawrence, Kansas, September 11, 1870; William F., born August 24, 1845, served three years in the 11th Indiana Volunteers during the Rebellion, resides in Topeka; Ashbury H., born August 27, 1847, resides in Topeka; James M., born March 25, 1850, lives in Topeka, was married to Emma Clark and has a son Arthur; Lucretia M., deceased, married Chris Pickerell and left children: Hattie Fellows of Griswold, Iowa and George. Lorenzo A. Bailey married Mary McCartney. He was born June 21, 1854. Matilda J. (Bailey) Nordine, born November 3, 1856, has two sons and resides in Topeka; Zachariah C. Bailey, deceased, born May 17, 1859, was married to Florence Hart and left six children in Oklahoma; Eliza Charlotte (Bailey) Simcock, born January 20, 1862, resides in Topeka and has four children, and Phebe Alice, who died single. L.W. Duncan of this sketch, was reared in Allen County, was with a surveying party on the resurvey of the Utah Central Railway in the spring of 1890, spent the fall of the same year on the flax inspection force of the Chicago Board of Trade and in August 1891, joined the Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago, and was in their employ in various parts of the United States for nine years. In 1900 he was engaged in the business of publishing histories. June 22, 1887, he was married to Annie M., a daughter of Benjamin and Fredrica (Zeigler) Keyser, Maryland settlers who came into Allen County in 1881. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan's children are: Edna L., born May 25, 1888; Alfa I., born May 29, 1889; Lue W., born July 14, 1890, and Clifford Morril, born Nov. 8, 1894.
      September 20, 1893, James P. Duncan married Mrs. Margaret Swearingen, widow of the late well known old soldier, Joseph Swearingen, of Iola. The latter left two children, Fuller Swearingen, who served in the 20th Kansas in the Philippine Insurrection, and Miss Josie Swearingen.


JOSEPH DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-30389 (FHL film 970,864)
      Applied 29 Jan. 1836, age 83, in Greenup Co. KY; b. 1 Jan. 1752 in Fauquier Co. VA; age was recorded by his father; drafted Aug. 1776 under Capt. Joseph James of MD for 3 months; drafted 1777? (or 1780-81?) in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Benj. Harrison, Maj. ? Samuel Black, Col. Armisted Churchill, Gen. D. Muhlenburg, for 3 months; in 1806 moved to Scioto Co. OH; in 1810 to Greenup Co. KY; wit. Wm. Cers?; witnesses George W. Ward JP that Joseph age ca 86; statement of William Kearns, age 86, of Bath Co. KY, who knew Joseph Duncan of Carter Co. KY who lived in same neighborhood in Fauquier Co. VA, Joseph 5-6 years older. Deposition of Joseph Duncan, 30 June 1842, taken at Marshall Duncan's house, Carter Co. KY. See letter 18 Jan. 1839 re Joseph Duncan in file for Archibald Duncan, W-8679, Harrison Co. KY.
      Click here for a more extensive extract from the pension file.


Adrian Journal [Bates Co. MO] obituary (typed copy from Charley Wilcox 6/1992)
      August 30, 1901. An Aged Lady at Rest.
      On Wednesday night at 12 O'clock the death messenger came and carried away the spirit of Grandma Wilcox who was stopping with her daughter Mrs. Sarah Scott at Foster.
      Sarah Duncan was born in Bath Co. KY, June 6, 1811, and died August 29, 1901, aged 90 years 2 months and 23 days. When quite young, she moved with her parents to Mooresville [Morgan Co.], IN. There she was united in marriage with Isaac Wilcox, Dec. 16, 1828. To this union 15 children were born, 12 of whom are living, James Wilcox of Everett, Richard Wilcox of Passaic, Mrs. Charles Garrison of near Adrian, and Mrs. Scott of Foster are among the living.
      In 1866 the family moved from IN to this state, locating near Crescent Hill and resided there until the 80's when they moved to Butler [Bates Co.], there the husband died Jan. 29, 1886, since which time the aged wife has resided near Butler during the last three of which she lived with her children. Mrs. Wilcox was converted and united with the Baptist Church at Stilesville, IN, in 1842, and remained a faithful member of that denomination until death. Grandma Wilcox was more vigorous than persons of her age usually are. She retained her mental faculties to the end. In her prime Mrs. Wilcox was an active figure in the community all of the earliest settlers in this locality remember her as an amiable and kind hearted woman ready at all times to relieve the suffering and comfort the sorrowing.
      Her ninety years of life were made up of kindly deeds and comforting words. Truly Grandma Wilcox has passed to a rich reward after a long life which has been and will continue to be a benediction to her children and associate Peace to her ashes.
      (CW: This is one of two obits for Sarah; the other is from the "Butler Lines" and both give her birth date and place as Bath Co. KY on June 6, 1811.)


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