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Formed 1798 from Franklin, Shelby
Owen formed 1819 from Scott, Franklin, Gallatin, Pendleton
Trimble formed 1837 from Henry, Oldham, Gallatin
Carroll formed 1838 from Gallatin, Henry, Trimble


1810 Gallatin Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Pg.132  William Duncan     220001      - 32010
        James Duncan       311110      - 21010
          (MAD: mar. Polly Wells 11/7/1798 Bourbon Co. KY;
            1810-1818 Harrison Co. KY; to Vermilion Co. IL)

1830 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Pg.167  James Duncan       1000,1      - 2000,1
          (MAD: mar. Margaret Knox 11/21/1826; 1840 Carroll Co.
            KY or Owen Co. IN census; 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)
   168  Caleb Duncan       0000,1      - 0000,1
          (MAD: Carol or Cargil Duncan; Cargal Duncan mar. Eliz.
            Gardner 10/13/1829 Madison Co. KY)
   169  William Duncan     0020,0001   - 0121,1001
          (MAD: 1840 Owen Co. IN census; 1850 Morgan Co.
            IN census with James Duncan)
   196  John Dankins       1100,1      - 1000,2
   197  George Dankins     0000,1      - 1000,1

1840 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Pg. 17  Benjamin Dunkin    2110,01     - 1100,01
          (MAD: mar. Morning Ellis 1828)

1850 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Pg.155, #45, Samuel J. WAGGONER 30 PA laborer
                  Francis (f) 41 PA
                  Sarah F. 14 PA
                  Lewis DUNCAN 6 KY
                  (MAD: Lewis in 1860 Owen Co. KY census)
Pg.182, #428, Benjamin DUNCAN 43 KY farmer $1700
                  Mourning (f) 41 VA
                  James A. 20, Martha A. 17, Oscar 15 KY
                  Mary 13, William 11, Lucy J. 9, Sydney E. 7 KY
                  Paschal (m) 5, Benjamin J. 2 KY
                  (MAD: Benjamin the son of James from Harrison Co. KY to Vermilion Co. IL; James A. in 1860 Owen Co. KY census; Oscar d. 4/1/1852 age 18 per "KY Vital Statistics 1852-1862")
Pg.184, #460, Alfred ARROSMITH 32 KY farmer $1000
                  Mary A. 30 KY
                  Joseph J. HOLBERT 14 KY
                  Eliza A. ARROSMITH 13 KY
                  George W. NOLL 12 KY
                  Susanna DUNCAN 60 VA
Pg.185, #462, Joseph DUNCAN 25 KY cooper
                  Mary 20 KY
                  Mary H. 7/12 KY
                  Nancy NOEL 33 KY
                  (MAD: Joseph S. Duncan mar. Mary Miller 1/5/1849; one Joseph S. Duncan was a private, June 9, in the Mexican War in L'ville, KY, for 1 year in Co.B, 1st Regt., mustered out June 7 '47 (1847), N.Orleans, from Report of Adjutant Generaly of State of KY, Mexican War Veterans)
Pg.195, #609, John G. MATTHEWS 44 KY farmer $800
                  Mary 43 KY
                  Martha 21, Margarett 20, Malvina (f) 17 KY
                  James 13, America (f) 11 KY
                  Joseph 9, Benjamin 5 KY
                  George DUNCAN 24 KY laborer

1860 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Pg.587, #455, J.S. DUNCAN (m) 35 KY farmer $0-$800
                  Mary 30 KY
                  Mary F. 10, Amey Jane 9 KY
                  Sarah Ann 7, Alpharetta (f) 3 KY
                  Martha A. 2, Eliza S. 1 KY
                  George W. NOELL 21 KY laborer
Pg.588, #460, Benjamin DUNCAN 52 KY farmer $2000-$1250
                  Moring (f) 51 VA
                  William 20 KY farmer $0-$75
                  Lucy Jane 19, Cidney E. (f) 17 KY
                  Pascal (m) 14, Benjamin F. 11? KY

1870 Gallatin Co. KY Census
Dist. 2, P.O. Warsaw
Pg.305, #16-16, DUNCAN, Joseph 44 KY (white) farmer $1500-$500
                  Mary P. 40 KY keeping house
                  Emma J. 18, Sarah A. 16 KY house keeper
                  Alpharata (f) 14 KY house keeper
                  Martha A. 12, Eliza S. 10 KY house keeper
                  Susan A. 8, Isadora (f) 6 KY
                  Joanna 4, James S. 1 KY
                  MILLER, William 40 KY (white) farm hand
Pg.307, #51-51, DUNCAN, Benjn. 62 KY (white) farmer $2000-$1000
                  Mourning (f) 61 VA keeping house
                  Louisa (f) 29 KY school teacher
                  Paschal (m) 24 KY school teacher
                  Ben F. 21 KY farm hand
Pg.307, #52-52, DUNCAN, William 31 KY (white) farmer $0-$500
                  Prudence 27 KY keeping house
                  Edward DUNCAN 2 KY


Gallatin Co. KY Marriage Index (FHL film 509,030; and from Georgia Helderlein 10/1988)
      No bride index; did not check page by page
      Duncan, Elisha to Knox, Angelina, 9 Feb. 1836, 2-153 (MAD: Angelina Duncan mar. Duncan Fuller 1846, Book 2, pg.196; from "Blue Grass Roots" Vol.11 & 12#1 1984-1985)
      Duncan, Francis to Coleman, Patience, 4 April 1836, 2-158 (MAD: 1850 Gentry Co. MO census)
      Duncan, James to Davis, Cynthia, 17 Dec. 1843, 2-184
      Duncan, Joseph S. to Miller, Mary, 5 Jan. 1849, 2-207
      Dunkin, Benjamin to Ellis, Morning, (no date; returned about Dec. 1828), 2-98
      (FHL film 509,036; Reg.2, was not bride index)
      Connel, William, to Smith, Polly, 1816, 2-28
      Duncan, Benjamin F., to Norman, Mollie D., 1877, 3-25
      Duncan, F. M., to Henry, Clarrissa, 1883, 3-25
      Duncan, Francis Marion, to Reed, Hester, 1894, 3-162
      Duncan, Hawey, to Noel, Alice, 1875, 3-25
      Duncan, Henry, to Wright, Sallie, 1898, 3-163
      Duncan, J. W., to Mefford, Mollie, 1874, 3-24
      Duncan, Jesse, to Cayton, Alice, 1911, 4-116
      Duncan, Marion, to Daniel, Lydia E., 1905, 3-164
      Duncan, Samuel, to West, Elizabeth, 1874, 3-24
      Duncan, Sidney S., to Johnston, Jennie, 1910, 4-102
      Duncan, William, to Hostetler, Prudence Amelia, 1860, 3-22
      Dunkin, James, to Knox, Margaret, 1825, 2-84
      Warren, Joseph, to Duncan, Mary F., 1869, 3-24
      Eades, James D., to Duncan, Frankie, 1885, 3-28
      Craig, Joseph, to Tandy, Emily, 1836, 2-152
      Cox, John M., to Duncan, Eliza S., 1876, 3-19
      Courtney, John Thomas, to Duncan, Eliza Jane, 1874, 3-18
      Coleman, Jesse, to Connell, Sally, 1823, 4-15
      Coleman, Jesse, to Connell, Sally, 1824, 2-75

Gallatin Co. KY Marriage Records (from Georgia Helderlein 10/1988)
      Marriage bond, William Duncan and Polly Connell: Bond of William Duncan & Jesse Connel 16 Jany 1805; for marriage between above bound William Duncan & Polly Connell, daughter of Jesse Connel, Senr. of Gallatin Co. Wit. ??? Butler, Clk, GC. /s/ William Duncan, Jesse Connell.
      Bond, Francis Duncan and Patience Coleman: Bond of Francis Duncan & Wyatt F. Coleman, 8 April 1836, for marriage between the above bound Francis Duncan and Patience Coleman of Gallatin Co. Wit. Rich ?. Butler? Clk, G.C.C. /s/ Frances Dunan (sic), Wyatt F. Coleman. (GDH: Typewritten form, with pertinent info handwritten)
      Marriage return, Francis Duncan & Patience Coleman: By virtue of a license to me directed by the Clerk of said County, I did on this day, Join in Marriage, Fracis (sic) Duncan and Patience Coleman as the law directs ... 14 April, 1836. /s/ George Strother.


Gallatin Co. KY Will Books (extracts also from Marilyn Michaels 6/1982)
      Book C, 1823-1833 (FHL film 509,025) - no William Duncan
            C-281: This 3 Nov. 1825, will of Elisha Duncan of Gallatin Co. KY, in bad state of health, revoking all former wills, the whole of my estate real or personal and all my stock in trade and (everything) to my wife Elizabeth Duncan and for her to act on and do as she may think proper. Set my hand ... 5 Nov. 1825, Elisha (X) Duncan. Wit. William Hamilton, Thos. Furnish, James (X) Furnish. Proved Oct. 13, 1828, by "Thos. & James Furnish." (MAD: 3 Nov. and 5 Nov. as written.) (MAD: mar. Elizabeth Reed 10/16/1822 Clark Co. KY)
            C-640: 1 June 1833, will of Carel Dunkin of Gallatin Co. KY, much debilitated in health. All my perishable property except a 2-year-old filly which I leave to my wife Elizabeth with two feather beds and furniture, one flax wheel and one desk, all the balance to be sold and my debts paid. My land be sold on credit of one, two and three years on equal payments that my wife shall have her thirds of all my "rale" estate. My wife to keep my 2 children Judea and James Madison and raise them, James not to be bound to no trade, Judea and James must be schooled what is necessary for a farmer. My wife Elizabeth and John Gardner my wife's brother be my execs. /s/ Carel (X) Duncan. Wit. John Shirley, Mason Thompson. Proved July term 1833. (MAD: Cargal Duncan mar. Eliz. Gardner 10/13/1829 Madison Co. KY; Elizabeth in 1850 Monroe Co. MO)
            C-642: Inventory of Carol C. Duncan, $88.97-1/2, produced by execs. John Gardner and Elizabeth "Gardner" July 30, 1833; /s/ Jas. Hoggins, Wm. Hoggins, Thomas Hopkins (sic). 30 July 1833. Inventory and appraisal presented in court Sept. term 1833.
            C-644: Sale Bill estate of Carol Duncan, purchasers include George Gardner, Zachariah Gardner, John Gardner, Moses Furnish, Hoggins men, Wm. Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan. Enos McDaniel bought 70-1/2 acres of land. /s/ 30 July 1833, John Gardner, Elizabeth Duncan. Presented to court Sept. term 1833.
      Book D, 1833-1837 (FHL film 509,025)
            D-80: Inventory (for pigs, $8.25) for Carrol Duncan decd, produced 20 Nov. 1833, /s/ John Gardner, Elizabeth Duncan (as execs.) /s/ James Hoggins, Thomas Hoggins (sic), Wm. Hoggins; produced in court March term 1834.
      Book E, 1838-1840 (FHL film 509,026) - index complete, no D names
      Book F, 1840-1860 (FHL film 509,026) - no William Duncan


Gallatin Co. KY Court Order Book, 1829-1840 (FHL film 509,016, complete text from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001)
      Pg.270: July term, 1833, The last will and testament of Carel Dunkin, dec'd, was presented in court and proven by the oathes of John Shirley & Mason Thompson, witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
      Pg.276: (MAD: ? September term, 1833), A list of sales of the estate of Carrell C. Duncan, dec'd, was presented in Court by the Exors John Gardner & Elizabeth Duncan, received and ordered to be recorded.
            An Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Carrel C. Duncan, dec'd, was presented in Court by the Exors John Gardner & Elizabeth Duncan, received and ordered to be recorded.
      Pg.333: (MAD: ? March term, 1834), An additional Inventory & appraisement of the Estate of Carel Duncan was presented in Court, etc., and ordered to be recorded.
      (MAD: According to the will books, the will was proved in July 1833; the list of sales and inventory & appraisement were dated July 30, 1833, and presented to Court in Sept. 1833; an additional inventory was produced in court March 1834.)


Gallatin Co. KY Deeds (grantee index on FHL film 500,456; grantor on FHL film 500,458)
      G-137: 14 April 1829, Mordicai Jackson to Caleb Duncan, both Gallatin Co. KY, $175, 50 acres on Big Lick fork of Eagle Creek, part of James French survey of 15915a. No wit. (FHL film 500,446)
      G-172: 3 Sept. 1828, James Prentice and Thomas T. Bouldin, surviving trustees as hereinafter named by Robert Triplett, the attorney in fact, to James Duncan; whereas by deed between Robert R. Jones, Kinnah? Jones and William Harell Jones, heirs of Kinner Jones decd, John Munroe Banister and Thoderick Blair Banister, devisees of John Banister deceased, Hector M. Niell, bargainer of same John Munroe and Theodrick Blair, Robert H. Jones trustee as therein mentioned; George May, Thomas F. Bouldin exec. of David Ross decd and trustee for his devisees John L. May and Daniel Eppes and Mary P. his wife, which John L. and Mary P. are devisees of John May decd, and of Ann Lewis formerly May their mother, William Prentiss, John Wilder and John Munroe Banister purchasers under the said Daniel Eppes and Mary P. his wife of first part and said James Prentiss, Robert H. Jones and Thomas F. Bouldin of second part, dated 23 July 1821; the parties of first part who are owners of lands herein in the several proportions, conveyed to parties of second part and the survivors of them, all the lands patented to or in other manner acquired by John May, John Banister, Kennor Jones, Thomas Shore and Christopher M. Conico, and they with George May forming a company known as May Banister & Co., in trust that James Prentiss, Robert H. Jones, and Thomas F. Boulder should have power to settle things; James Prentiss, Robert H. Jones and Thomas F. Boulder by their attorney Robert Triplett have agreed to sell to James Duncan for $600, 200 acres on waters of the Ohio, part of lot #54 in May Banister & Cos. survey of 22,283 acres, adj. lots 46, 45, and 53. (FHL film 500,446)
      G-175: 3 Sept. 1828, same to Ivan Foster. (FHL film 500,446)
      G-254: 26 Jan. 1830, George Strother, the sole exec. of James Duncan decd, and Sally Duncan the only heir & devisee of said James Duncan who has as yet arrived at the age of 21, appoint our friend David Lain of Oldham Co. KY our attorney; whereas a negro man belonging to heirs & devisees of said James Duncan ... is in the province of Upper Canada ... power to apprehend the slave. No wit. Sally Duncan appeared in Gallatin Co. court. (FHL film 500,446) (MAD: see 1814 will of James in Henry Co. KY)
      H-67: (blank) May 1831, Mordecai Jackson to James Duncan, both Gallatin Co. KY, $235, 91 acres 2 rods 21 poles on waters of Lick Creek, part of James French's survey of 15,913 acres, adj. Scott's old land, Rushert's line, William Duncan's line. Wit. Richard C. Lindsay, Josiah Buchanan. (FHL film 500,447; complete text also from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001)
      H-130: 18 Oct. 1828, James Duncan and wife Polly to James H. Sayre, both Gallatin Co., $650, 150 acres on Sugar & Craig Creek, part of Lot #54 in May Banisters & Co. old survey of 22,283 acres, corner Arnold's 50 acres. Wit. Robt. Guinea, D. Gibson. (FHL film 500,447; complete text also from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001)
      H-297: 24 Oct. 1832, John Scott to Benjamin Duncan, both Gallatin Co., $150, 150 acres on Craigs Creek, part of May Banister & Co's 22,283 acre survey, corner Jno. Jackson's land, Hamilton & Henry Britt's line. Wit. James A. Ellis, William L. Cox. (FHL film 500,447; complete text also from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001)
      H-461: 1 July 1833, William Hoggins to Caryel Duncan, both Gallatin Co., $40, 20-1/2 acres between said Duncan's other land & John Gardners in a slip that belongs to the same survey of said Hoggins and Duncans other land, part of James French's 15,913 acre survey. No wit. (FHL film 500,447; complete text also from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001)
      H-574: 31 July 1833, John Gardner executor and Elizabeth (+) Duncan executrix of Carial Duncan decd of Gallatin Co. KY to Enos McDaniel of same, for $229, 70-1/2 acres on waters of Lick Creek, part of James French's 15,913 acre survey. Wit. William Hoggins, Ibzan Jackson; proven on oath of wit. (FHL film 500,447)
      H-579: 15 Oct. 1834, James Duncan and wife Peggy to Thomas Hopkins, both Gallatin Co. KY, $350, 91 acres on head waters of Middle Fork of Lick Creek, part of James French's 15,913 acre survey, adj. Scott's land, Guinan's sold corner, Rockett's line, William Duncan's line. /s/ James (X) Duncan, Margaret (X) Duncan. No wit. (complete text from Georgia Helderlein 5/28/2001 from FHL film 500,447)
      J-657: 1 April 1837, Joseph Graves and wife Nelly to Benjamin Duncan, both Gallatin Co., $100, 22 acres on Craig's Creek, part of May Banister & Co. survey 22,283 acres, corner Benjamin Duncan, Henry Britt. Wit. B. Tiller, James Hoggins (JP). (FHL film 500,459)
      L-420: 23 Feb. 1844, Elizabeth Duncan of Shelby Co. KY to John Squires of Gallatin Co., $812, 125 acres on Eagle Creek, adj. land of Wm. Kendall, Francis Surry's line; ref. to court of appeals claim by Elizabeth Duncan to the area of James Prentis and Thomas T. Bowlin by R. Triplett, atty. in fact. (FHL film 500,460) (MAD: probably Elizabeth Reed, widow of Elisha; not Eliz. Gardner, widow of Cargil)
            KY Court of Appeals Deed Book X-454: Indenture, 27 Aug. 1828, James Prentis and Thomas T. Bouldin of VA, surviving Trustees, by Robert Triplett, their attorney in fact, to Elizabeth Duncan. ... 125 acres in Gallatin Co. KY, on the waters of Eagle Creek, beg. at corner to William Kendall's land in the line of French's survey; wit. George Reed and Thomas Furnish; Rec. by the KY Court of Appeals, Aug. 27, 1828. (p.277, "KY Court of Appeals Deed Books V-Z, 1821-1835, and Supreme Court for Dist. of KY, State of VA, 1783-1792" Vol.IV, by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cook; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1986 and FHL book 976.9 R2c)
      M-331: 21 June 1847, James Ellis Jr. and wife Julia Ann to Benjamin Duncan, both Gallatin Co., $279, 52 acres corner said Duncan's land, Britt's line. No wit. (FHL film 500,460)
      M-515: 30 June 1834, Benjamin Duncan and wife Moaning to Gabriel Bledsoe, both Gallatin Co., $190, 50 acres on Craig Creek, part of May Bannister & Co's. old survey, adj. George Jackson's line, Solomon Ellis' line. Wit. Benjamin Tiller, John O. Hamilton.
      N-32: 13 Aug. 1849, Benjamin Duncan and wife Moaning to William Britt, both Gallatin Co., $155, 23 acres on Craig Creek, west side of Dry Creek. No wit. (FHL film 500,461)
      N-97: 19 Dec. 1850, William Wells to Benjamin Duncan, both Gallatin Co., mortgage horse etc., Wells owes Duncan $75 for purchase of horse. Wit. H.J. Abbett, A. Ritchey. (FHL film 500,461)
      O-118: 25 July 1853; James F. Blanton complainant agst. Robert Furnish & others, deft, in chancery; suit was instituted to subject the interest of Robert Furnish in lands of his decd. father, Capt. James Furnish, late of Gallatin Co., to sale to satisfy a claim by complainant against Robert Furnish; the following heirs of Robert Furnish were named defendants: Robert Furnish, Fayette Webber, John Furnish, heirs of Ben Furnish decd, William Furnish, Thomas Furnish, Franklin Reeder, Timothy Duncan, Matilda Duncan, William Minten, Sarah Minten, Thomas Minten, the heirs of Nancy Reeder decd, Jack Cox, Nancy Jane Cox, Loetta? Cox, James Furnish, Garrett Furnish, Jacob Furnish, Noah Furnish, Samuel Furnish, William Gilbert, Elisabeth Gilbert, Hallison Furnish, Elisa Furnish, Lucy Furnish and Nancy Furnish, all of whom are heirs of said James Furnish decd; at April term 1853 court decreed the entire interest of Robert Furnish in the lands of his deceased father lying in Gallatin Co. be sold; James F. Blanton was highest bidder; land on turnpike road leading south from Warsaw and about two miles from said town, being the land on Craig Creek whereon Captain James Furnish decd. lived and died, (blank) acres. Deed shows names of all heirs, by commissioner. (FHL film 500,461) (MAD: see Owen Co. KY 1850 census)


Gallatin Co. KY Tax List (from Georgia Helderlein 9/1988)
1806: James Duncan, 1w 21+, 2w 16-21, 3b, 4h
1807: James Duncan, 1w 21+, 2w 16-21, 3b, 3h
      Willis Duncan, 1w, 1h
1808: James Duncan, 1w 21+, 2w 16-21, 3b, 3h
      Willis Duncan, 1w, 1b, 2h


Jefferson Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,310,264)
      A-106: 20 Dec. 1814, Jesse Connel Sr. and wife Nancy (X) of Gallaton? (MAD: tight binding, faded) Co. KY to William Duncan of Henry Co. KY, $1000, part of the land being part of NE 1/4 of "lot or section" 6 Twp.2N Range 10E, and a part in a fraction adj. said quarter, adj. George Monroe's lower corner on Ohio River, adj. Thomas Nicholson, Hiram Spear, Samuel Arnet, the River; 120 acres. Wit. George Strother, William Connel, Cyntha Connel.

Harrison Co. KY Deed (FHL film 216,851)
      6-62: 26 Dec. 1818, James Duncan and wife Polly of Gallatin Co. KY to John Laughlin of Harrison Co. KY, $300, 100 acres on Twin Fork, branch of S. fork of Licking, corner George Rogers. No wit.

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "KY, a History of the State" 7th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt and Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.54 (pg.788). PROF. PASCHEL HICKMAN DUNCAN, of Glencoe, native of Gallatin Co. KY, born Nov. 13, 1845. His father, Benjamin Duncan, native of Harrison Co. KY, was born in 1807, and was well-to-do farmer; he settled on farm in Gallatin Co. in 1818, near Warsaw, KY, until his death on April 27, 1887. Baptist Church for many years, but at death was prominent member of the Christian Church. He married Miss M. Ellis, born near Richmond, Henrico Co. VA, a dau. of James Adams Ellis, also a native of Henrico Co. VA. Six sons and four daughters were born to their union, of whom the subject of this sketch is the 9th child. James Duncan, the paternal grandfather of P.H. Duncan, a native of Harrison Co. KY and a farmer, removed to farm near Danville, Vermilion Co. IL, where he died. The maternal grandfather of our subject, a native of VA, came to KY early in the present century, and settled near Warsaw, Gallatin Co., where he died; he took an active part in the war of 1812. Prof. Paschal Hickman Duncan lived on the farm until age 19, when he entered college; taught for several years; in 1880 he was appointed State Sunday-school evangelist by KY Christian Sunday-school Assn ... July 25, 1883, he married Sallie Orr, of Columbia, Adair Co. KY, a graduate of Ghent College, Ghent, KY, and a dau. of Vernon and Mary C. (Botts) Orr. Mrs. Duncan died Oct. 3, 1887, at Corinth, KY. Democrat, Christian Church. He owns property in Wichita [Sedgwick Co.], KS.

1874 "History of KY" by Lewis Collins, Vol.II (TN Gen. Society Library #3233 from Evelyn Sigler 10/1982)
      Gallatin Co. House of Rep. 1855-57: James A. Duncan.

1879 "History of Vermilion County [IL]: together with historic notes on the Northwest, gleaned from early authors, old maps and manuscripts, private and official correspondence and other authentic, though, for the most part, out-of-the-way sources" by Hiram Williams Beckwith (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.31 V52Be)
   Middle Fork Township
      Pg.815: James H. Duncan, Potomac, farmer, born Gallatin Co. KY, Feb. 12, 1818, married April 4, 1839 to Elisabeth Crabbe, ten children: Sarah J. m. David Partlow, Mary E. m. B.F. Marple of State Line City, Margarett E., John J., Asbury, Charles M., William H. The deceased are Asa, Emaline and Frank.
      Pg.821: John W. Duncan, Potomac, farmer, sec. 25, was born in Vermilion City, Ill. June 16, 1846. Mother died when he was two, lived with aunt and part of time with father until 21. Married Nancy A. Price Sept. 5, 1865. She was born in Vermilion Co. IL, June 30, 1849. Six children, Robert W., Samuel, Albert, Harry, Maggie, and Nellie. His parents were natives of Kentucky. His wife's parents of Ohio.
   Newell Township
      Pg.928: Arriving from Kentucky in 1828 were James Duncan and his sons Asa, Alpha, Darius, and James.
      (MAD: see also Harrison Co. KY)

1876 "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon Co. IL" by John Carroll Power (Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co.) (extracts from Sue Monaghan 10/1995)
      SM: Note: Additional information is available for most of the families that married with the Duncans listed below.
      Pg.321: John Gardner, b. 21 June 1805, in that part of Gallatin that is now Trimble Co. KY. He married 13 June 1830 to Mary C. Duncan, who was b. 27 March 1810 in the same county. They had one child in KY and moved to Sangamon Co. IL, arriving 17 April 1833. They had 9 children: Hiram E. (born KY), Sarah A., Nannie C., John P., Cranmer, James, Mary E., Lucy M., and William P. (MAD: Mary Curd Duncan, dau. of James Duncan & Lucy Pryor)

1886 "Biographical and historical record of Clarke County, Iowa : containing engraving of prominent citizens in Clarke County, with personal histories of many of the leading families, and a concise history of Clarke County and its cities and villages" by Lewis Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.7856 D3b)
      Pg.392-3: CAPTAIN WILLIAM M. DUNCAN, deceased, was a gallant and faithful soldier during the war of the Rebellion. He enlisted in the defense of his country July 26, 1862, and was unanimously elected Captain of Company C. ... He served his country 3 years .... The subject of this sketch was a native of "Kent" Co. KY, born August 14, 1828, a son of James and Margaret Duncan. When six years of age he was taken by his parents to Monroe Co. IN, where he was reared to manhood, his youth being spent on a farm. His education was received in the common schools, and after leaving school he taught several terms in Indiana. He was united in marriage to Mary J. Morgan, of Morgan Co. IN, April 10, 1851, and in 1855 he removed with his wife and two children to Iowa, locating in Warren County, where he was engaged in teaching school for 18 months. In 1857 he came to Clarke Co. IA, where he followed the teacher's profession and worked at the carpenter's trade alternately. He was an earnest and consistent Christian, being a member of the Missionary Baptist Church till his death, which occurred May 3, 1879. He left a wife and two children to mourn the loss of a kind husband and affectionate father. His widow still resides with her family in Knox Township. (MAD: James Duncan from Pulaski Co. KY, mar. Margaret Elizabeth Knox 11/21/1826 Gallatin Co. KY; 1830 Gallatin Co. KY census; 1840 Lawrence Co. IN census; 1850 Morgan Co. IN census; Warren Co. IA cemetery stone says d.2/14/1863-1865)


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